October 28, 2010

Grupo Vocal Desandann - Descendants

Grupo Vocal Desandann is a10-voice Cuban vocal group of Haitian descent, composed mainly of 2nd and 3rd generation Haitians who were born and raised in in Cuba, particularly in Camaguey. The group sings the most beautiful folkloric and popular songs of Haiti's idyllic yesteryears, when Lumane Casimir, the country's most celebrated diva in the mid 1940s and early 1950s, was singing about the beauty of her country and charming tourists with her magnificent voice. It was a golden time for Haiti, when love and beauty reigned, and that feeling comes through strongly in these 14 spirited tunes. There is lively non-vocal percussion on songs like "Lawouze," the "hot" rhumba, "Cachita," "Guede Nibo," "La Mal de Travay," "Se Lavi," "Fey" and "Lumane." Other favorites are a pair of "slow meringues, "Choucoune" and "Haiti Cherie, " a love song to Haiti with the lyrics, "My beloved Haiti, I had to leave you in order to appreciate how much I love you." These are island songs that can break your heart as easily as get you on your feet dancing. Beautifu touching and enjoyable from first cut to last! 2399 CD 14.95
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October 26, 2010

New Tradition Quartet - Masterworks Series

Masterworks Series Association of International Champions brings us one of their popular, generous, "best-of" compilations of the work of a Barbershop Harmony Society Gold Medal winner, in this case, 29 songs by 1985 champs The New Tradition. They won the Gold in Marx Brothers costumes, and begin this collection with "Marx Brothers Opener" and "Lydia, the Tattooed Lady," continuing with favorites "Tuxedo Junction," "I Used To Call Her Baby," "Air Medley," "Anti-Marriage Medley," "World War I Medley," "Showbiz Medley," "That Charlie Chaplin Walk," "Star Trek Opener," "Enterprise Medley” and "Barbershoppers Parody." This is all very funny stuff, sung with the ringing harmonies and soaring leads we would expect from Barbershop Harmony Society champions. In short, this album is great entertainment from the first cut to the last, from The New Tradition, one of the most innovative and funniest Barbershop International Champions! 5736 CD 14.95
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American Spiritual Ensemble - Ole Time Religion

Director McCorvey has assembled a stellar group of 22 mixed voices, all soloists in their own right, to create his all-star touring ensemble. Favorites among these 15 live cuts, recorded on the group's 1998-2000 tours of Kentucky and Spain, include the live cut "Walk Together Children," the most dynamic arrangement of "The Battle of Jericho" we have heard, "Rock-A-My Soul," "Free At Last (From Big River)," "Amen," "Lord, How Come Me Here," "I Don’t Feel No Ways Tired," "You Can Tell The World" and "Come Sunday." There is some piano and drum accompaniment, but mostly rich, powerful harmonies, soaring leads and great arrangements. Some of the best spirituals we have heard in a long time, from national musical treasure ASE! 2296 CD 14.95
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October 15, 2010

Fleur-de-Lisa - The Unworn Necklace

The North Carolina-based a cappella quartet Fleur-de-Lisa, Sarah, Deborah, Andie and Sylvie, has been writing music based on poetry and poetic themes since 2008. The 20 ethereal songs in this collection, all written by Sarah Shunk and Sylvia Freeman, represent one complete life cycle, from its spring-like beginnings of the first flowers and budding romance all the way through to the winter of life. In the Spring/Summer group are "Crocuses," "Fireflies," "Me and Frog," "White Feather" and "Old Pond;" in Relationship Songs are "Slowly," "She Reads Her Letter," "Early Spring," "A Thousand Half Loves," "Wild Rose," "Unworn Necklace," "Wild Lupine," "Rainy Season," "Slicing" and "Sound of the Name;" and in Autumn/Winter are "Dog's Day Off," "One Leaf," "One Moon," "Rumors" and "Time to Go." These are sometimes playful, sometimes poignant vocal poems that touch and move us, leaving us always wanting to hear more. Just beautiful! 2342 CD 14.95
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October 14, 2010

The Martins - An A Cappella Hymn Collection

The Martins are a Southern Christian trio of one male and two female singers who have produced many accompanied recordings. This collection is their only a cappella CD, featuring spirituals such as 'Holy, Holy, Holy,' ''Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus' and 'Softly And Tenderly.' The Martins' sound is a pleasing hybrid of influences, including both the white Southern church tradition that was represented by shape note singing and the hymns of Ira Sankey, as well as the melodic inflections that are familiar to all who hear black gospel. One track, a medley of five songs, travels a similar orbit to Take 6, while others have the gently lulling melodies of the simplest folk tune. No matter, they are all rendered exquisitely, and their sincere emotion is amplified by the restraint of the production, which is present and immediate. After being out of print for many years this rerelease also includes an additional 12 tracks form an earlier live recording. The Martins have garnered six Dove awards and a Grammy nomination to become one of Christian music's most critically acclaimed and best-selling vocal groups. 2264 2CDs 14.95
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October 1, 2010

Cadence - Speak Easy

Ross, Aaron, Kurt and Carl, "Like four thieves who've been stealing the show for years", (Toronto Star) Cadence has played to sold-out concert halls and toured jazz festivals worldwide, sharing the stage with artists like Bobby McFerrin, Quincy Jones and Gordon Lightfoot. Both of their Juno-nominated albums have garnered wide critical acclaim, including CARAs for Best Jazz Song, Best Original Composition and Best Rock/Pop Album, and their 2005 release "Twenty for One" was nominated for the Best Vocal Jazz Album Juno Award alongside such established musical mainstays as Diana Krall and Paul Anka. A cool rat pack of musical misfits, Cadence thrills their audiences with infectious energy, wild stage antics, and by pushing a cappella music to amazing new heights! "Speak Easy" is a mellow, sublime collection of 12 innovatively arranged gems: classics like Cole Porter's "It's All Right with Me," Jimmy Van Heusen/Sammy Cahn's "Ain't That a Kick in the Head," and a bluenote/scattish take on Lerner & Loewe's "On the Street Where You Live," from "My Fair Lady." Then there are two sweet originals by group member Aaron Jensen, "Good Love" and "High and Drysville," smoky and hip with some killer faux horns, that you'll swear were written for a black & white Noir detective movie in the late 1940s. Several of our favorites are reinvented pop songs, such as Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides Now," Neil Young's "Harvest Moon" and Paul Simon's "Still Crazy After All These Years," all perfectly arranged—and the foursome's "Just a Gigolo/I Ain't Got Nobody" is simply big, silly fun. The bottom line is, we love "Speak Easy" and, well, everything else we've heard by Cadence, and we're betting that you will too! 7592 CD 15.95
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