May 18, 2007

Moira Smiley & VOCO - Blink

Los Angeles quartet Moira and VOCO treated all of us to a National Championship performance at the 2007 Harmony Sweeps Finals in San Rafael in May, and "Blink" only expands and deepens our appreciation for this all-woman group. Moira's sure songwriting and arranging touch is everywhere on this gem of a recording, which features her original tunes "Deep Blue," "I Live in California," "Stand in that River" (which also won for "Best Original Song"), "Our time/Shout," and "How Can I Cry." Another winner from their Finals set is "Dying Californian," a beautiful, haunting folk song from "the Sacred Harp" (1859). Other winners are "Katie Cruel," here lightly accompanied by percussion, cello and accordion, "Dance s'loyfn, s'yogn," with Moira's words given to a Yiddish dance song, the surprising "Firecracker Girl," "al' procia" and "esik eso," Croatian and Hungarian folksongs. And, unique to this group, which they showed off at the Finals, are a pair of fun, short "body percussion" songs, "the Boat BP" and "Tryptophan Hand Jive." Moira and VOCO are fast-rising stars, and "Blink," like their Finals set, touches and moves us. 9907 CD 15.95
Listen to "I Live In California"

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Renaissance - Meet Me On The Corner

"Meet Me" is an all a cappella Doo-Wop album that recreates the street corner experience of the 50s and early 60s and pays homage to the genius of Sam Cooke, Clyde McPhatter, Harvey Fuqua & the Moonglows along with other Doo-Wop pioneers. It was the brainchild of Maurice Kitchen, an award-winning Chicago musical playwright and producer who assembled an all-star group in Los Angeles, Torre Reese of New Orleans, Kwame Alexander from Memphis, Charles (Sonny) Banks from San Antonio and Anthony Snead from Newark. These 24 songs, songs like "It Don't Have to Change," the lone contemporary song on the album, "Feeling the Blow," "Sincerely," "This Magic Moment," "Money Honey," "Chain Gang," "So Much in Love," "Speedo," "Blue Moon" and the title tune, use the group's comments and recollections to create a feeling in us what it was like to harmonize great music on the street back then. Authentic early Doo-Wop harmonies from these finger-snapping, sweet-singing veterans, who are having big fun recording this, and very shortly, so are we! 8808 CD 14.95
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May 17, 2007

Sweet Adelines - Top Quartets 2006

Another great Sweet Adelines International convention took place this year, and this one was especially exciting as it was held in Las Vegas, Nevada! The Bay Area favorite, the Razzcals did quite well this year, taking 3rd Place. Four Betty's, who also put on a great show at our 2005 Harmony Sweepstakes, Chicago Regional, grabbed 2nd place. This year's Queens, SALT, stole the show, reminding us once again, so many great performers/musicians have come out of Sweden. This CD features two tracks from the quartets placing 4th - 10th, three tracks from Four Bettys and the Razzcals, and we get to hear four tracks from SALT! If you're looking for the best in Sweet Adelines' recordings, this collection definitely delivers! 5658 CD 14.95
Listen to "SALT sing "I Love Jazz""

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Sweet Adelines - Top Choruses 2006

Once again, another fine year for the Sweet Adelines International Chorus competition, not to mention the fact that it was held in Las Vegas, Nevada. This year we have North Metro Chorus in 3rd place, the Melodeers in 2nd, and champions this year were the Rich Tone Chorus, of Richardson, Texas. Some of today's, and yesterday's, finest songs were transformed into tight barbershop arrangements and sung with gusto by these choruses, who were all very deserving of their spot in the top 10. 5659 CD 14.95

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May 16, 2007

Kitka - The Rusalka Cycle

In Slavic folklore, Rusalki are the restless spirits of women who have died unjust, untimely or unnatural deaths. They inhabit the waters, forests, and fields, luring people to them with their mesmerizing songs and wild laughter. Performed by the eight powerful vocalists of Kitka, The Rusalka Cycle is a riveting dream-like journey that weaves traditional Eastern European folk song together with original music by Mariana Sadovska. This CD features Kitka singing as you�ve never heard them sing before. With stirring accompaniment by cellists Moses Sedler and Elaine Kreston, and percussionist Kevin Mummey, this CD captures the highly dramatic and risk-taking performance piece that has wowed audiences and critics alike. 9905 CD 15.95
Listen to "Lamentation"

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