May 27, 2011

Young People's Chorus of New York City - Dreamer

New York City's YPC, under the acclaimed direction of Francisco J. Nunez, now involving over 1,300 boys and girls ages 7 to 18 in its after school programs, has been generating a lot of buzz in the children's chorus world. They have done this by commissioning new works for children's chorus, performing and winning gold medals internationally and recording acclaimed albums like "Dreamer," which features the Concert Chorus and Young Men's Chorus. Let us also not forget their full-color liner notes filled with beautiful pix of the kids in concert! There are 12 well-arranged, spirited, mostly accompanied tunes here, our favorites are the traditional Ghana song "Tue Tue," Faraualla's "Riki Tiki Tavi," the traditional Zulu song "Tshotsholoza," the powerful, percussion-accompanied Brazilian song "Tres Cantos Nativos dos Indios Krao," Stephen Foster's Folk classic "Beautiful Dreamer," Billy Joel's "Uptown Girl/Boy from New York City" medley, Paul Simon's "Bridge Over Troubled Water," Jim Papoulis and Director Nunez' "We Will Lift You Up" and John Lennon's "Imagine." We rarely hear children's choruses perform and record with such poise, power and chutzpa, but YPC has it. Buy and enjoy "Dreamer," and remember to remind yourself that these are kids! 6509 CD 15.95

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May 21, 2011

Musica Intima

12-strong, mixed-voice Canadian a cappella ensemble Musica Intima was inspired to record "into light" after performing at the Pollyfollia festival in France in 2006, where, to their delight, the Canadian choral works they had always performed and commissioned were very well received and admired. The album is a 14 song celebration of original compositions by Canadian composers, some favorites are Imant Raminsh's "Ave Verum Corpus," R. Murray Schafer's 3-part "Three Hymns (from The Fall Into Light)," Rupert Lang's "Agneau de Dieu," Claude Vivier's "Jesus Erbarme Dich," Rupert Lang's "Earth Teach Me," a pair of folk songs by Derek Healey, "Salish Song" and "Inuit Hunting Song;" Bruce Sled's "Ice," Rodney Sharman's "Love" (from "Love, Beauty, Desire") and Lionel Daunais' "Le Pont Mirabeau." "Into light" is a lovely, surprising collection, much of it new to our ears, from a brilliant and talented ensemble, Canada's Musica Intima! 6516 CD 15.95

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May 14, 2011

Choir of Trinity College, Cambridge - Beyond All Mortal Dreams

On Beyond All Mortal Dreams, Stephen Layton and his acclaimed Trinity College Choir perform a magnificent selection of American a cappella choral works. The recording is a showcase of little-known American composers unearthed by Layton during his travels. These distinctive and luminous compositions illustrate the context in which better-known composers such as Lauridsen and Whitacre — already championed by Layton — learned their craft. The choir is in perfect voice here, and their purity of tone, flawless intonation and depth of feeling are truly exceptional. This wonderful disc is a must for all choral music fans. 5985 CD 16.95

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