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Vocal Arrangements For Treble Voices

Only some voices can reach the high notes however many children's and female choirs are most comfortable in this range. Here is a collection of primarily a cappella arrangements for these upper voice choirs

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Allison Street and Linda Bance : Voiceplay - 22 Songs for 3-5 year-olds

Review: Voiceplay is an inspired collection of songs which can be used by all practitioners, whether or not they are music specialists, in all Early Years settings. Voiceplay is for practitioners working in Early Years settings and also for parents and carers at home. Whether you are running a session with thirty children or sitting in a corner with three, Voiceplay shows you how you can use your voice to lead others and help young children develop their singing.

Songlist: Songs To Help Things Happen, Songs With Movement, Songs To Help Singing Voices, Songs For Play, Songs That Tell Stories

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9556b | Songbook & 1 CD | $35.95 | Treble || Voiceworks

Audrey Snyder : Sing on Sight - A Practical Choral Sight-Singing Course (for Unison / 2 - Part Treble Voices)

Review: 'Sing on Sight' is a comprehensive sight-singing method by Audrey Snyder. Volume One assumes no previous experience and begins with simple rhythm practice, and then proceeds step-by-step to full, choral sight-singing. Exercises are written so that two or more lines may be sung simultaneously, so students gain sight-singing independence and develop their part-singing skills. With just a few minutes a day, 'Sing on Sight' can help your choirs learn to read music and have fun in the process

Songlist: How to Use this Book and CD, Rhythm and Pitch Concepts, Teaching Sequences, Checklist for Success, Options for Enrichment and Motivation, The Beat: Quarter Note and Quarter Rest, Barline and Measure / Repeat Sign, Half Note and Half Rest, Time Signature: 4/4 Meter, The Staff / Treble Clef and Bass Clef / The Grand Staff, Introducing and Practicing with Do Re Mi, Ritard, Song: Daydream, Eighth Notes, Introducing and Practicing with Fa and Sol, Beginning on Pitches other than Do, Sight-Singing in Parts, Song: Come on Everybody, Introducing and Practicing with La Ti and high Do, Dotted Half Note, Time Signature: 3/4 Meter, Down the Scale from Do - Lower Neighbors, Sight-singing in Two Parts, The F Major Tonic Chord / Sight-singing skips with the F Major Tonic Chord, The Scale / The Key / Key Signature, Mixing it Up - Sight-singing Skips and Steps in F Major, Song: In the Distance, Intervals: Whole and Half Step / Major and Minor Scale Patterns, Sight-singing in D Minor / D Minor Tonic Chord / Sight-singing Skips in D Minor, Song: This Winter Night, and more

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6594b | Songbook | $24.95 | Treble || Sightsinging Material

Barry Rose : High Praise II For Upper-Voice Choirs

Review: A useful resource for Upper Voice choirs. It includes thirty-one pieces, several compositions and new arrangements published for the first time, a set of Preces and Responses and a setting of the Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis. The music is drawn from the eighteenth to the twenty-first centuries and has been carefully selected to embrace a wide range of musical and vocal abilities from unison to four-part writing.

Songlist: Ave Maria, Ave Verum, The Bringer Of Life, A Christmas Carol, Come, My Way, My Truth, My Life, God Be In My Head, God Be With You Till We Meet Again, A Grateful Heart, Here I Am, Lord, Here, O My Lord, Hills of the North, How Like An Angel I Came Down, How Lovely Are Thy Dwellings Fair, A Hymn To The Virgin, I Sing Of Maiden, Lift Thine Eyes, The Lord Is My Shepherd, Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis, A New Year Carol, Notre Pere, Nunc Dimittis, Pie Jesu, Praise, A Prayer, Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi, The Preces and Responses, Psalm 150, Through The Day, The Virgin's Slumber Song, Who Can Express the Noble Acts of the Lord?

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5116b | Songbook | $17.95 | Treble |

Barry Rose : High Praise: A Book Of Anthems For Upper-Voice Choirs

Review: A splendid collection of Anthems, edited for upper-voices by Barry Rose. In total there are twenty-eight pieces - eight published for the first time - including a set of Preces and Responses and a setting of the Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis. This is a really useful resource for choirs that sing Services.

Songlist: The Blessed Virgin's Cradle Song, Praise The Lord, Exult, And Now Another Day Is Gone, Give Us The Wings Of Faith, Examine Me, O Lord, A Cradle Song, My Song Is In Sighing, Light of the World, Preces and Responses, O Bone Jesu, I Will Worship, Ave Verum Corpus - Jesu, Word Of God Incarnate, Behold, Now, Praise The Lord, As I Outrode This Enderes Night, Prevent Us, O Lord, Risen Lord, Christ, Whose Glory Fills The Skies, O Magnum Mysterium, The Lamb, Make Me A Light, Mater Ora Filium, Magnificat and Nunc Domittis

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5115b | Songbook | $17.95 | SA Treble |

Barry Rose : Merrily On High - For Upper Voice Choirs

Review: Merrily On High is an exciting compilation of Advent, Christmas and Epiphany music for church, cathedral, school, youth and community choirs of 'upper voices' - trebles or sopranos and altos. Thirty pieces are included, eleven published for the first time. Contents include new settings and arrangements of familiar and lesser known carols, a 3-part Advent Responsory and Mark Blatchly's setting of the Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis in B flat. Lyrics are in English, French, German, Latin and Polish. Includes invaluable historical and performance notes for each piece by Barry Rose.

Songlist: Adam Lay Ybounden, An Advent Responsory: I Look From Afar, Come, Thou Redeemer of Earth, Brightest and Best, A Child Is Born, Come, Watch With Us This Christmas Night, Down In Yon Forest, Fum, Fum, Fum, Gabriel's Message, Go, Tell It On The Mountain, When Christ Was Born of Mary Free, The Holly and the Ivy, How Far is it to Bethlehem?, Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis, Myn Lynking, No Room at the Inn, Now the Most High Is Born, O This Night is Born Noel, People, Look East, Two Polish Carols, Rejoice and be Merry, The Shepherd's Farewell, Say, Where is He Born?, Silent Night, Still, Still, Still, Sweet Was The Song, Tomorrow Shall be My Dancing Day, Torches!, Watts's Cradle Hymn, Whence is that Goodly Fragrance Flowing?

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5117b | Songbook | $17.95 | Treble || Christmas Arrangements for Female Voices

Bela Bartok : Choral Works for Children's and Female Choirs

Review: A collection from the great Hungarian composer for upper voices. Twenty seven arrangements ranging from easy to difficult.

Songlist: Tavasz, Ne hagyj itt!, Joszag-igezo, Level az otthoniakhoz, Jatek, Leanynezo, Hejja, hejja, karahejja!, Ne menj el!, Van egy gyurum, karika, Senkim a vilagon, Ciposutes, Huszarnota, Resteknek notaja, Bolyongas, Leanycsufolo, Legenycsufolo, Mihalynapi koszonto, Leanykero, Keserves, Madardal, Csujogato, Banat, Ne lattalak volna, Elment a madarka, Parnas tancdal, Kanon, Isten veled!

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7366b | Songbook | $16.95 | Treble SSAA || Eastern European Choral Arrangements | Bela Bartok

Bela Bartok : Six Songs for Children's Choruses

Review: The original version of these choruses was an a cappella version; later an orchestral accompaniment was added. The piano reduction of the latter has merely been added to the present edition for rehearsal purposes when preparing the choir for a performance with orchestra. it is the composer's intention that performances should talk place either a cappella or with orchestra, but not with piano.

Songlist: Hussar, Only Tell Me, Loafer, Bread Baking, Don't Leave Me!, Teasing Song

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9075b | Songbook | $9.95 | Treble || Hungarian Choral Music | Bela Bartok

Betty Bertaux : Music for Treble Voices

Review: Betty Bertaux, founder/director of the Children's Chorus of Maryland, is regarded as an authority on vocal and musical development in children. A former faculty member of the Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore and Holy Names College in Oakland, California, she has been professionally active for over 40 years, working with music students of all ages. Dr. Bertaux is internationally recognized and often engaged as a guest conductor and workshop clinician with children's choruses and choral conferences. Currently serving as an adjunct professor for VanderCook College of Music in Chicago, Dr. Bertaux is also internationally established and frequently commissioned as a composer and arranger of music for treble choirs.

Songlist: I'll Give My Love An Apple, Nachtlied, Before Rain, Shady Grove, Wondrous Love, A Cloud

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8077b | Sheet Music | $9.95 | 3 Part Treble | A Cappella |

Bob Chilcott : 5 Songs For Upper Voice

Review: This exciting and accessible collection for upper voices (scored for SA choir and piano) features five brand-new songs by celebrated choral composer Bob Chilcott. Drawing on five very different texts, Chilcott guides the voices through a number of styles and moods; the songs include the rousing 'All for Love of One', gentle 'The Truth is Great', and thought-provoking 'All things pass'. The central song, 'Circles of Motion', is a fervent and positive setting of Joy Harjo's well-known 'Eagle Poem', and the collection is completed by the funky 'Red Boots On', which uses jazzy rhythms and harmonies to bring Kit Wright's text alive. This is Chilcott at his very best - a welcome addition to the repertoire of any upper-voice choir.

Songlist: All For Love of One, The Truth Is Great, Circles of Motion, All Things Pass, Red Boots On

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7070b | Songbook | $6.95 | SA Treble || Bob Chilcott

Cheryl Lavender : See, Sing and Play

Review: See, Sing and Play is a collection of short rhythm and melody pieces, designed just for your elementary music students! Each Practice Page is reproducible for your students' needs. By supplementing your regular music lessons with fun and stimulating sight reading Practice Pages, you encourage a consistent development of fluent reading and playing - an essential ingredient in your sound program of musicianship! See your students read - Hear your musicians grow!

Songlist: Sequence of Rhythmic and Melodic Elements, Rhythmic Elements, Time Signatures, Melodic Elements, Techniques for Teaching Sight Reading, Techniques for Teaching Performances, Body Percussion Ensemble, Kodaly Hand Signs

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6578b | Songbook | $9.95 | Treble || Teaching Kids To Sing

David Del Tredici : Heartfelt Anthems

Review: Generally recognized as the father of the Neo-Romantic movement in music, David Del Tredici has received numerous awards (including the Pulitzer Prize) and has been commissioned and performed by nearly every major American and European orchestral ensemble. "Del Tredici," said Aaron Copland, "is that rare find among composers - a creator with a truly original gift. I venture to say that his music is certain to make a lasting impression on the American musical scene. I know of no other composer of his generation who composes music of greater freshness and daring, or with more personality." From Del Tredici's Program notes: "In this traumatic post-9/11 world, I felt an urge to connect with, and even comfort, the youngest generation of budding musicians. Heart and felt are two words that directed my choice of texts: I wanted to tell something about myself, as well as about the joys of childhood ... Stevenson's "The Little Land" re-creates the imaginitive world that to daydreaming children seems so natural." David Del Tredici writes: "My setting of the 1727 New England Primer's "Alphabet" might horrify its Puritan author by transforming its simple text into an exuberant tour de force. Its 26 couplets tumble upon one another in tight three-part counterpoint, testing the young performers' range and endurance alike."

Songlist: Alphabet (Fuga), Sabbath's Child, The Little Land

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8079b | Sheet Music | $5.95 | 3 Part Treble | A Cappella |

Einojuhani Rautavaara : The First Runo

Review: The First Runo is unusual in that it is a setting of part of the Kalevala, the Finnish national epic, in an English translation rather than the original Finnish. Rautavaara has chosen the very first poem of the Kalevala, which describes the creation of the world according to Finnish mythology. Rautavaara uses a shimmering vocal texture to paint an image of the primeval lake. Duration: 8 minutes.

Songlist: The First Runo

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7444b | Songbook | $7.25 | Treble SSAA | A Cappella || Northern European Choral Arrangements | Einojuhani Rautavaara

Emily Crocker : Essential Sight-Singing - Treble Voices

Review: Based on the successful Essential Elements for Choir series, this new choral sight-singing method will allow you to build skills in all your choral ensembles in a handy octavo-sized volume! Featuring a step-by-step approach, unison and combinable exercises, and motivating short songs, these volumes provide a basis for developing music literacy within the choral rehearsal, allowing your singers to develop their full individual potential.

Songlist: Beat And Rhythm; Basic Notation, Measures, Meters, And Barlines, Pitch, Scale And Key Of C, Whole Steps And Half Steps, Sharps And Flats; Key Of G, Accidental And Key Signature; Rests, Melodic Intervals; Harmonic Intervals, Tonic Chord, Key Of F Major, Eighth Notes And Rests, Changing Meters, Solfege; Numbers; Counting Systems; Simple Meter; Compound Meter

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6373b | Songbook | $4.50 | Treble || Sightsinging Material | Accompaniment CD Available

Emily Crocker : Essential Sight-Singing Vol. 2 for Treble Voices

Review: Based on the successful 'Essential Elements for Choir series, this second volume in our choral sight-singing method will allow you to continue to build skills in your choral ensembles with a handy octavo-sized volume! Continuing where Volume 1 finished, this step-by-step approach uses unison and combinable exercises along with motivating songs to provide a basis for developing music literacy within the choral rehearsal. The Accompaniment CDs provide light accompaniment for the combinable pitch builders, speech choruses and songs. In keeping with the spirit of sight-reading, there is no singing on the CDs.

Songlist: Beat and Rhythm; Basic Notation; Measure, Meters & Barlines, Pitch, Scale & Key of C, Whole Steps and Half Steps; Ledger Lines, Sharps and Flats; Key of G Major; Accidentals and Key Signature, Melodic Intervals; Harmonic Intervals, Tonic Chord; Rests, Changing Meters, Eighth Notes and Rests; Dominant chord, Key of F Major, Subdominant Chord, Key of D Major, Sixteenth Notes and Rests, Key of Bb Major, Natural Minor Scale; Relative Minor Scales, Ties and Slurs; Dotted Notes and Thythms, Appendix: Solfege; Numbers; Counting Systems; Simple Meter; Compound Meter

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6598b | Songbook | $4.95 | Treble || Sightsinging Material

Emily Crocker : Patterns Of Sound Vol 1

Review: Don't read notes, read patterns of sound! This unique sight reading course for treble voices in elementary and early middle school does just that! PATTERNS OF SOUND uses excellent voice leading, careful sequencing and musically interesting exercises that can be combined to strengthen part singing, pitch relationships and to develop rhythmic independence. Volume 1 starts from square one, assuming no previous training, with exercises that are so carefully sequenced that the students are quickly singing four-measure phrases and eight measure songs in two parts and finding it easy! Students are introduced to notes, rests, meter, pitch and unison/2-part songs in Vol. 1, and continue in Vol. 2 with dotted rhythms & syncopation, keys & key changes and more 2-part songs. Use it every day and watch your students' confidence level grow!

Songlist: Rhythm - Let's Begin!, Adding Pitch to Rhythm, Let's Harmonize, Finding Your Starting Pitch, New Patterns, New Notes, New Combinations, Bigger Jumps (Intervals), Songs In Two Parts

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7261b | Songbook | $14.95 | Treble || Ear Training

Emily Crocker / John Leavitt : A Cappella Songs For Treble Voices

Review: This collection of original songs and arrangements of folk tunes provides a long-needed source of a cappella contest literature for the developing choir. Quality texts, careful attention to range, tessitura, and thoughtful limits on melodic and harmonic complexity make these settings an ideal first a cappella experience.

Songlist: All Join Hands, Au Clair De La Lune, Indian Summer, Long, Long Ago, Love In Thy Youth, Spring Quiet

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9281b | Sheet Music | $2.50 | Treble | A Cappella |

Evy Lucio : Music & Method for Children's Choir

Review: This songbook, featuring arrangments by the Director and Founder of the San Juan Children's Choir, comes complete with performance notes in both English and Spanish, and is perfect for any Children's Choir director looking to incorporate ear training exercises into the rehearsal of repertoire.

Songlist: Prologue, Foreword, Introduction, The Preliminary Exercises, Let It Rain, Saint Sereni, La Parguera, Sugar Cane, Tecolote, Oh, Shenandoah!, I'm a Poor Lad, O Come Away Ye Shepherds, Bells On Bells, Tonight Is Christmas Eve, Song of the Shephers, The Little Tiny Babe, Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful, Silent Night, Arrangement A, Arrangement B

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6314b | Songbook | $6.95 | Treble || Children's Choir Development

Francisco J. Nunez : Transient Glory

Review: Launched in the year 2000, Transient Glory began as a concert performance series of the Young People's Chorus of New York City conducted by Francisco J. Nunez to advance the art of children's choirs throughout the world. The Transient Glory choral series is designed and developed by its editor as a commitment to young voices singing glorious music during that short, transient period of childhood.

Songlist: Colors (AKA Soundpainting 41402), Orpheus, The Nervous Family, Un-Labelled, The Smiling Eyes

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8080b | Sheet Music | $11.95 | 3 Part Treble | A Cappella |

Gabriela Montoya-Stier : El Patio de Mi Casa

Review: This endearing collection of folksongs from Mexico is perfect for any teacher looking to broaden the multicultural dimensions of their elementary or preschool music class with time-tested authentic music. Each song and rhyme includes teaching suggestions, English translations, game directions, and background information. Songs are categorized as rhymes, chants, singing games, song tales (romances), or lullabies, and there is even a pinata song.

Songlist: Rhymes , Chants, Singing Games, Song Tales (Romances), Lullabies, Pinata Song, Rhythm And Melodic Analysis Charts, References, About The Author

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6868b | Songbook & 1 CD | $14.95 | Treble || Teaching Kids To Sing

Gyorgy Ligeti : Songs from Matraszentimr Dalok

Review: A collection of Hungarian folk songs for unaccompanied upper voice choir.

Songlist: Harom hordo, Igaz szerelem, Gomb, gomb, Erdobe, erdobe

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7376b | Songbook | $4.95 | SA treble | A Cappella || Eastern European Choral Arrangements | Gyorgy Ligeti

Jack Beeson : 12 Rounds for Treble Voices

Review: Ranging from Unison to SSAA, these a cappella rounds could serve as wonderful warm-ups or an entertaining concert set.

Songlist: Teeth and Gums, Sir Eachknight, Long Song, An Egg, A Well, A Walnut, The Man, The Stool, The Mutton, and the og, The One-Eyed Man, A Thorn, Wishful Thinking, A Bed, Homer's Woe

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9651b | Songbook | $3.95 | Treble | A Cappella || Rounds for Singing

Judith Blezzard (Editor) : 30 Sacred Masterworks for Upper Voices

Review: 30 Sacred Masterworks presents a wealth of invaluable, original repertoire for upper voice choirs. Many of the pieces collected in this volume are published here for the first time or have not enjoyed the same exposure as much of the mixed voice repertoire. IT builds on the success of Faber music's Choral Programme Series, from which some of the pieces have been drawn. The collection encompasses many eras and offers both accompanied and unaccompanied pieces and is suitable for a variety of services and concerts through the year. This volume is an invaluable resource, both for upper voice choirs seeking new and inspiring repertoire as well as for mixed voice choirs who want to showcase the talent of their female singers.

Songlist: Adoramus te Christe, Die Ehre Gottes aus der Natur, Adoramus te Christe, The Oxen, Sing ye to our Lord a new song, O Salutaris Hostia, O vos omnes, Tantum ergo, O Salutaris Hostia, Love divine, O lovely peace, Ex ore innocentium, In pace idipsum, Tantum ergo, Ave maris stella, Lift thine eyes, O Domine Jesu Christe, Alleluia, Be still, and know I am with you, Hodie Christus natus est , Quando corpus morietur, Danksaget dem Vater, A Celtic Prayer, Ave Maria, Der 23. Psalm, Ave Maria, Have mercy upon me, O God , Laudi alla Vergine Maria, O vos omnes, The First Mercy

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7286b | Songbook | $16.95 | Treble | A Cappella || Sacred Choral Arrangements

Lajos Bardos : Musica Sacra Vol 1

Review: This volume contains works for female, children's or upper voices.

Songlist: Aranyszarnyu angya, A szep Szuz Maria, Betlehem, Betlehem!, Csengo-bongo karacsony, Fenyessegen e mai napnak, Kirie elejszon!, Megvaltonk Szuloje, Mostan kinyilt, Bunos lelkek, Dicsoseg, szent aldas, En nemzetem (Popule meus), Gyaszba borult Isten csillagvara, Krisztus a mennyve folmene (Ascendit Christus), Megfeszitett Jezus, Megjelentunk hajlekodban, O rvendjetek, angyalok, Sir a szent Szuz, Terra tremuit, Vilagmegvalto Jezus, A szeretet himnusza, Confirma hoc, Deus, Edes Urunk, Tarkanyi Bela: Egybegyultunk, o, nagy Isten, Hozsannaszo, Isten hozta, Jubilate Deo, O, egeknek Kiralyneja!, O, szentseges, o, kegyelmes, Tordai Anyos: Szentsegi Jezus, Teged kerunk, Atyaisten, and more

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7368b | Songbook | $25.95 | SSA. Treble | A Cappella || Lajos Bardos

Lajos Bardos : Musica Sacra Vol 2

Review: This volume contains works for female, children's or upper voices.

Songlist: Bajusz Beda: Amig elek, remelek, Virag Ferenc: Edes Jezus, Jezus, aldlak mindennap, Mily igen jo, Aquinoi Szent Tamas: Pange lingua, Szent Szivedbe, Jezus, Harangi Laszlo: Zeng a harang, Angyaloknak Kiralyneja, Ave Maria (Udvozlegy, Maria), Egi szuz virag, Jertek, Jezus hivei, Mentes Mihaly: Keseru gondok, Maria, Maria, kinyilt rozsa, Mentes Mihaly: Maria, Szuzanya, O, dicsoult szep kincs, O, ekes szep virag, Udvozlegy, Maria, tengernek csillagja, Vilagnak Kiralyne Asszonya, Zengj, szivem, dalt, Ah, hol vagy, magyarok tundoklo csillaga (Szent Istvan kir, Alldott Szent Istvan (I), Aldott Szent Istvan (II), Igaz hitnek plantaloja (Szent Istvan kiralyhoz), Isten, hazankert terdelunk elodbe, Kihez az Ur elkulde angyalat, Szedo Denes: Kis Terez, Magyarok fenye, Megvaltonknak ore (Szent Jozsefhez), O, Szent Jozsef, Pannoniaban nott, teljes szep viola , and more

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7371b | Songbook | $25.95 | SSA. Treble | A Cappella || Hungarian Choral Music | Lajos Bardos

Lajos Bardos : Musica Sacra Vol 3

Review: This volume contains canons and choral pieces for female, children's or upper voices.

Songlist: Adoremus, Aki magat felmagasztalja, Aron vetettetek, Ave maris stella, Boldogasszony anyank, Buntetesunk hordozta, Ekes nap, Fel, fel, dalra fel, Halljatok meg az Ur hangjat, Hallod-e Jezus hivasat?, Istene az aldas, Krisztusban dicseked, Legy hiv mindhalalig, Mas nev nincs, Mennyorszag ajtaja, Nagybojti kanon (Konyorulj rajtam), O, en edes Jezusom, Szalljon a dal, Szent karacsony ejjel (O, gyonyoruszep, titokzatos ej!, Szolj, Uram, szolj, Teljes szivemmel, Zsoltar-kanon, Mennyorszagnak kiralyneja, O, edes Jezus

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7369b | Songbook | $19.95 | SSA. Treble | A Cappella || Eastern European Choral Arrangements | Lajos Bardos

Libby Larsen : Music For Upper Voices

Review: As one of the most active and successful composers working today, Libby Larsen has produced a substantial body of important works for orchestra, dance, opera, choral, chamber and solo performance. Recognized for "her subtle and sophisticated harmony, revealing an extraordinary capacity for combining seemingly dissimilar elements with great ease" her works are widely performed and recorded. This is a fine collection of her arrangements that are challenging, rewarding and lots of fun to sing.

Songlist: Day Song, Eine kleine Snailmusik , A Young Nun, Singing , Psalm 121

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9618b | Sheet Music | $12.95 | SSAA Treble | A Cappella || Modern Choral Arrangements | Libby Larsen

Linda Spevacek : Accompanied Christmas Gems for 2 Part Treble Choirs

Review: The new voicings of this best-selling arrangement of the Spanish Carol, 'Riu, Riu, Chiu,' include text options for English or Spanish. Tambourine and hand claps lend a festive, colorful flair. Whether performed with or without piano accompaniment, the limited ranges, repetitious form, and opportunities for solos yield built-in success for holiday programs. The vibrant, festive original, 'Merrily Sing Noel!' is a marvelous opener or change-of-pace selection. Its fanfare-like style and bright mood also offer nice, effective dynamic contrasts. Superb treble writing! 'Christmas Madrigal Roundezvous' is a sparkling, festive, and extremely clever original madrigal, sung in a round, with a contrasting, lilting middle section. The uplifting lyrics of 'A Festive Madrigal' begin that bright, jovial original madrigal, which 'sings in' the holiday season. A marvelous, accessible choice which also works well for smaller ensembles.

Songlist: Christmas Madrigal Roundezvous , A Festive Madrigal , Merrily Sing Noel!, Riu, Riu, Chiu

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9507b | Sheet Music | $6.95 | Treble 2 part | A Cappella || Christmas 2 part arrangements

Mark Paterson : Can't Wait to Sing! Vol 2

Review: Designed especially for middle and upper elementary choirs (ages 8-12), this song collection provides many resources to successfully lead your children's choir throughout the church year. In addition to a variety of general and seasonal songs, this resource features teaching activities, reproducible pages for singers and instrumentalists and a CD containing both demonstration and accompaniment tracks. The teaching activities are designed to help teach the anthem or a specific musical concept within that anthem. Directors can choose among the activities depending on the age and experience of the singers and the demands of the rehearsal time

Songlist: Shout with Joy! , Light of Hope, Light of Peace, Joy to the World, All Things Bright and Beautiful , The Fruit of the Vine, All Glory, Laud and Honor , This Little Light of Mine

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7925b | Songbook & 1 CD | $34.95 | Treble |

Mary Goetze : Simply Sung

Review: 'Simply Sung' is a collection of a cappella arrangements for classroom use through which young singers can develop the ability to maintain a vocal part in a texture of two or more voices. Suitable for the classroom and for beginning treble choirs. It is a supplement to "Music for Children". The author is a Professor of Music at the Indiana University School of Music where she teaches music education courses and directs a vocal ensemble.

Songlist: Wade in the Water, My Good Old Man, Kol Dodi, There's a little wheel a-turnin' in my heart, Dodi Li, Shoo Fly, Shenandoah, The Ole Ark's a-moverin', Shine like a Star in the Morning, The Boll Weevil

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9438b | Songbook | $12.95 | Treble | A Cappella |

Mary Goetze : Spirituals for Children's Choruses

Review: "I'm Goin' Home" - Arranged with a simple and accessible vocal accompaniment that enhances the intense hope expressed in the text and melody. Stepwise contrapuntal melodic phrases and repeated harmonic patterns provide a carpet of vocal sounds for the inspiring melody. Builds to an effective climax in the coda with an unexpected harmonic turn. "Great Getting' Up Morning" - Choirs of all ages will enjoy this joyful melody, which expresses great optimism and anticpiation. The range of the lower countermelody is narrow enough to accommodate the early phases of boys changing voices or those with a narrow range. This song will be appropiate for older choirs of treble voices. "Give Way Jordan" - An imitative part and a lively counter-melody accompany the simple refrain of this spiritual, contrasted by the verse in which singing in parallel thirds is practiced.

Songlist: Give Way, Jordan, Sing Alleluia, Allelu, Great Gettin' Up Mornin'!, I'm Goin' Home on a Cloud

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9083b | Sheet Music | $6.95 | Treble | A Cappella || Spirituals Arrangements

Mollie Stone & Patty Cuyler : Music From the Republic of Georgia

Review: Twelve traditional 3-part folk songs from the Republic of Georgia, for mixed, youth and adult choirs. Book with scores, pronunciation guide, performance guidelines and background information, and accompanying DVD with performance and pronunciation video. In addition to the book and teaching DVD is access to an online resource site with source recording downloads and video links.

Songlist: Aragvisp'iruli Lashkruli, Bail-betkil, Chela, Deda Mogik'vdesa, Imeruli Mgzavruli, Lemchil, Megruli Alilo, Rachuli Nana, Shari-shuri, Tselo Mousvi Balakhsa, Ts'mindeo Ghmerto, Uts'inares Mas Vadidebt

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7894b | Songbook & 1 DVD | $34.95 | Treble | A Cappella || Eastern European Choral Arrangements

Peggy D. Bennett : Song Play

Review: This book is ideal for all teachers of young children, both classroom teachers an music specialists. Each songplay section includes a detailed step-by-step teaching process, opportunities for cross-curricular connections and a listing of recommended literature readings. The well-designed layout makes lesson planning a breeze! The book includes a 'coaching' CD with helpful musical prompts and song demonstrations in various keys by an adult solo voice for use in preparing each lesson. Over 40 fun songs!

Songlist: A Hunting We Will Go, Surprise Game, Bumpity Bumpty Yellow Bus, Name Game, Charlie Holds the Bear, Invitation Game, Idea Game, Come and Follow Me, Freeze Game, Statue Game, The Farmer in the Deli, The Story of the Farmer in the Deli, Family Game, Name Game, Fly Away Little robin, Nest Game, Flying Game, Hot Cross Buns, Hand Sign Game, Jenny Put Your Hand Up, Direction Game, Johnny Get Your Hair Cut, Finger Scissor Game, Role Play Game, Look Look Look at Me, Imitation Game, Mary's Wearing Her Red Dress, Color Game, Guessing Game, The More We Get Together, and more

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6579b | Songbook & 1 CD | $24.95 | Treble || Teaching Kids To Sing

Rosephanye Powell (editor) : Spirituals for Upper Voices

Review: This in an outstanding collection of twelve African American spirituals arranged for upper voices in two, three, or four parts. Rosephanye and William Powell have collaborated with some of the most talented and respected spiritual specialists in the US to deliver specially commissioned, authentic arrangements.

Songlist: Somebody's Knockin' At Yo' Do', Deep River, I Got a Robe, In Dat Great Gettin' Up Mornin', Let Me Fly, Lit'l David Play On Yo' Harp, There Is a Balm In Gilead, I'm Gonna Sing, Scandalize My Name, Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel?, I Got a Home In-a Dat Rock, This Joy I Have

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7256b | Songbook | $14.95 | SSAA Treble || Spirituals Arrangements

Stephen Hatfield : Folk Songs for 3 Part Treble

Review: The "Apple-Tree Wassail" comes from the cider country of Devon and Somerset, where it might be sung in the orchards or at the farmer's door. Wassail comes from the Anglo-Saxon wes hael - to be healthy. "The Green Shores of Fogo" bears marks of Irish provenance, although its musical origins were lost before Kenneth Peacock collected the song from Mrs. John Fogarty in 1952. The tune, which Peacock considered one of the most beautiful modal melodies he had ever heard, has attracted more than one set of lyrics, and is also known in Newfoundland as "The Blooming Bright Star of Belle Isle." Colcannon, made from various combinations of cabbage, kale, onions, scallions and potatoes mashed with butter and milk, is one of Ireland's most famous traditional dishes. Although this piece at first seems like a tribute to food, it's really a tribute to memory, and to times gone. The verses take us from the home, to the school, to courting on a country lane, with the narrator a little older in every verse, and a little more aware of the magic of the moment. "Girl of the Branches" emulates the long phrases and finely developed breath control that is a hallmark of Gaelic singing. Also included is the Jutland folk song "When The Star Falls".

Songlist: Girl of the Branches (Nighean nan Geug), When the Stars Fall, Colcannon, The Green Shores of Fogo, Apple-Tree Wassail

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9234b | Sheet Music | $9.95 | SSA. Treble | A Cappella || Three Part Arrangements | Stephen Hatfield

Stephen Hatfield : Folk Songs for 4 Part Treble

Review: Battant Son Plein is French slang, literally "hitting his fill," the equivalent of the English "in full swing." Written for Scala, a children's choir from Bruxelles, the title refers to what these children sound like when they sing, and the piece is a salute to their confidence and daring. Duration: ca. 5:10. Nukapianguaq presents Inuit music in a choral setting that remains as faithful as possible to the aesthetics of the original tradition. "Rosebud in June" is drawn from the English tradition that brought blessings to crops and flocks, this Somerset melody is rousingly arranged for full chorus. Also included in this package is "Sida Rudaia," a traditional Ukranian song arranged by Stephen Hatfield 4-pt treble a cappella, and "Double Shot" as performed by Sweet Honey In The Rock.

Songlist: Nukapianguaq, Rosebud In June, Sida Rudaia, Battant Son Plein, Double Shot (Honey in the Rock)

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9235b | Sheet Music | $10.95 | Treble | A Cappella || World Music Arrangements | Stephen Hatfield

Stephen Hatfield : Three Ways To Vacuum Your House

Review: These original pieces incorporates a multiplicity of multicultural influences, from Peru to Scotland. The text is a sequence of nonsense syllables, imitating the humming and muttering one does during housework. The first movement explores various hemiola patterns culminating in vocalized drum patterns modeled on Arabic and Indian traditions. The second movement, whose slow groove is derived from Reggae, incorporates tonalities and scale structures from Brazil and Lebanon. The final movement starts in Peru, and works upward through Latin America only to discover a hitherto unexplored Mexican/Scottish border. Lots of fun to both teach and sing!

Songlist: Three Ways To Vacuum Your House - Part I, Three Ways To Vacuum Your House - Part II, Three Ways To Vacuum Your House - Part III

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9081b | Sheet Music | $5.95 | SSA. Treble | A Cappella || Wordless A Cappella Arrangements | Stephen Hatfield | CME Advanced Repertoire

Stephen Hatfield : Treble Voice Fun! - Vol 1

Review: Stephen Hatfield is noted for his exciting arrangements of world music, and for his original works which weave influences from diverse cultures into a fresh and distinctive idiom. His choirs have earned gold medals in national festivals, and he has received various awards for his work in education and music. With "For Elizabeth:.." Hatfield uses the old Italian technique of matching the vowels of her name to the corresponding sol-fa syllables to create an ostinato that metaphorically translates her into music. The piece combines poignancy with lots of sparkle, lots of interlocking ostinati. The mix of tenderness and energy has effected audiences strongly. "Glettur" is an Icelandic word that signifies a mischievous but ultimately good-hearted sense of humour. Launching itself from a snatch of an old fiddle jig, "Glettur" lives up to its name with crafty changes of style and key, and with ironic allusions to a couple of other famous pieces of music that have something to do with high spirit. With "Fashion Victim, Drama Queen" we have a slangy de profundis about trying to placate your peer group. The soli section acts as the Drama Queen, while the rest of the choir takes the part of the peer group, commenting on the outsider in a mixture of English and Tex-Mex Spanish slang. Each movement of Missa Brevis incorporates folk melodies from a different country. The moods and the tempi of the originals have been altered; melodies have been unraveled, spliced together and persuaded to modulate.

Songlist: For Elizabeth: Gold, Frank Innocence, and Mirth, Glettur, Fashion Victim, Drama Queen, Missa Brevis

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8078b | Sheet Music | $7.95 | 3 Part Treble | A Cappella || Three Part Arrangements | Stephen Hatfield

Various Arrangers : Christmas Carols for Treble Voices

Review: The traditional round, "Christmas is coming" is set over a charmingly goofy three-part scat choral accompaniment. Soprano I section, or a guest children's chorus, can sing the round. In 'A Christmas Alleluia,' Antiphonal choirs and a small unison chant group exchange alleluias, while the soloist sings the melody of this spiritual written for the Spelman College Choir in 1971. 'Ave Maria' has drones, chant fragments, and overlapping "ora pro nobis" figures which evoke the sounds of a medieval convent. Within the deceptively simple three-part texture of the 'Three Noels,' the composer has marked the subtleties of speech rhythms with sophisticated melodies and harmonies. These understated settings will ask your singers to "listen loudly." The first and third movements feature alto solos.

Songlist: Christmas Is Coming, A Christmas Alleluia ( Mary, What You Going to Name that Pretty Little Baby? ), Ave Maria, Tryste Noel

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9561b | Sheet Music | $7.95 | Treble | A Cappella || Christmas Arrangements for Female Voices

Various Arrangers : Christmas Carols for Treble Voices Vol. 2

Review: The gentle arrangement of the Basque traditional tune, 'O Bethlehem,' uses subtly deployed drones to mark it as a shepherds' carol. The paraphrased text is suitable for general Christmas use, especially on Christmas Eve. The medieval English carol, 'What Tidings Bringest Tho, Messenger?' has question-and-answer dialogue between refrain and verses, making it very effective for pageant performance, as well as for church or concert use. Thie full, yet gentle setting of the beloved Christmas hymn, 'Silent Night' is perfect for a candlelight service or quiet concert closer. The low, rocking chords of the background choral parts are the same for all three stanzas. Interest is built by the addition of a second-stanza solo and third-stanza descants. Experiment with assigning the descants to instruments, or with supporting or replacing the lower voices with organ.

Songlist: O Bethlehem, What Tidings Bringest Thou, Messenger?, Silent Night, Hodie, I Sing of a Maiden, Lullay! Lullay! Lytel Child

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9562b | Sheet Music | $7.95 | Treble | A Cappella || Christmas Arrangements for Female Voices

Various Arrangers : Intermediate Repertoire for Treble Voices

Review: The text of "Wind Song" is derived from the names for different types and characters of winds found all over the globe. Each wind is presented in its own language, and the mood of each is reflected in the music. Written to excite and intrigue, the creative and improvisatory work for women's choir "'s No Wonder" highlights the double meaning of the title. It's no wonder that winter itself creates snow wonder. The musical structure of "How Can I Keep From Singing?" is similar to the well known American folk hymn, Amazing Grace. A verse of Amazing Grace is included in the last section of this arrangement. "Songs From Gahu is a recreational piece of the Ewe (eh-weh), who live in Ghana and Togo, West Africa. Gahu" is a rich texture of singing, dancing, drumming, drama and the visual impact of colorful costumes. It originated in Nigeria and was brought to Ghana in the 1950's by Ewes who had travelled there, "Gahu" means "expensive dance" and refers to the elaborate nature of the costumes. These four songs (among many others) accompany the dancing and drumming of Gahu.

Songlist: Songs From Gahu, How Can I Keep From Singing?, 's No Wonder, Wind Song

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8075b | Sheet Music | $7.95 | SSA. Treble | A Cappella || CME Intermediate Repertoire

Various Arrangers : Madrigals for Treble Voices

Review: "Oh, Follow, Follow On" (France) & "Spring, Now Spring" (Germany) add lightness to any women's choir repertoire - one of new love, the other of Spring's new birth. In French and German respectively with English translations. In three sections, "O Lovely Dove" employs overlapping legato entries marked by mild dissonance. This piece is a model of expressive writing and sung sensitively, will be moving both to audiences and performers. Let music fill your heart with joy in this delightful madrigal style piece of "With The Sound Of Singing". Easily learned and a great concert change of pace! The short piece "Kikkehihi" was written early in Schein's life and is typical of the Italian madrigal. The polyphonic writing offers each voice a melodic line to shape, and imitation to listen for the other voices. Kikkehihi is a rousing way to begin a program and to introduce the choir and audience to the charm of madrigals.

Songlist: O Lovely Dove, Two European Madrigals, Now Is The Month Of Maying, Kikkehihif

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8083b | Sheet Music | $6.95 | Treble | A Cappella || Madrigal Arrangements

Various Arrangers : Medieval Songs for Upper Voices

Review: Our fascination with the music of the medieval era continues to grow and grow. This collection with contemporary notation and helpful performance options offers the modern choir an opportunity to celebrate the music of the past. "If Ye Love Me" is one of the most recognized anthems from the English Renaissance, in a new adaptation specifically geared to the limits of younger voices and middle school choirs. Intimate and expressive, this would work well in both concert and worship settings, and provides a great way to introduce young singers to historical choral works. "Domine Fili Unigenite" features canonic imitation, vocal ostinati, and delicately intertwining melodies, this a cappella setting is stunning. "Gloria Patri" has powerful antiphonal effect provides a dramatic vehicle for the English or Latin text! An appealing Renaissance work for both your mixed and treble ensembles! "Exultate Justi" is the famous Psalm 33 motet by Lodovico Grossi da Viadana adapted for younger ensembles. This composition is written in the typical Renaissance style of motets (a cappella sacred works) and madrigals (a cappella secular works). "Celebrate This Day Together" - energetic and rhythmic 16th-century piece is an excellent introduction to the music of the Renaissance. Includes secular or Christmas lyrics and optional hand drum.

Songlist: Domine Fili Unigenite, Exultate Justi, Gaudete Christus est natus, Celebrate This Day Together, There is no rose, Alleluia

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8016b | Sheet Music | $7.45 | SSA. Treble | A Cappella || Early Music Vocal Arrangements

Various Arrangers : Songs Around the World for Treble Voices

Review: Several variants of the famous English folk ballad "Barb'ry Ellen" are incorporated into this evocative setting for women's voices. First performed by the Varsity Women's Choir of Appleton North High School, James Heiks, conductor. "Ya Faraoule" is a combination of Christian Lebanese songs of romantic longing with Muslim Egyptian songs of romantic joy. There are plenty of sensuous, serpentine Middle Eastern lines for singers. The gentle and expressive arrangement of "Danny Boy" works equally well highlighting a solo or small ensemble. A music that celebrates the Australian continent and its peoples. "Kungala" is a typically energetic and inventive piece, using gesture and stage movement as well as vocalisation to create an atmosphere of energy and joy. "Queen Jane" - A slow melody of breathtaking beauty of an old ballad on Jane Seymour, third wife of Henry VIII. Lots of opportunity for storytelling - the sopranos are Jane, 2nd sopranos the Narrator and the altos are Henry. Moving and sad.

Songlist: Barb'ry Ellen, Queen Jane, Ya Faraoule, Danny Boy, Kungala, Three Chinese Songs

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9295b | Sheet Music | $10.95 | Treble | A Cappella || World Music Arrangements

Various Arrangers : Toronto Children's Chorus Choral Series Vol. 1

Review: 'In Remembrance' an a cappella piece for 4-part women's voices. from Eleanor Daley's 'Requiem' was awarded the 1994 National Choral Award for Outstanding Choral Composition of the Year by the Association of Canadian Choral Conductors (ACCC), in May, 1994. 'When Music Sounds' was commissioned by the Alliance for Canadian New Music Projects in reconition of its 25th Anniversary. This four part treble voice piece has a beautiful piano accompaniment and fairly simple harmonies. 'She's like the Swallow' and 'Sing Me a Song' were written for unison voices and piano. 'Songs of the Nativity' includes 6 christmas carols for women's voices - Chanticleer (SSAA), Before the Paling of the Stars (SA), The Kings of the East (SSA), The Lamb (SSAA), Peach (SSAA), Christ is Here (SSA). All have piano accompaniment.

Songlist: In Remembrance, She's Like the Swallow, Sing Me a Song, Songs of the Nativity, When Music Sounds

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9579b | Sheet Music | $13.95 | SSAA Treble || Canadian Choral Arrangements

Various Arrangers : World Carols for Upper Voices

Review: The arrangement of "The Virgin Mary Had A Baby Boy" explores the Caribbean style known as "Afro-Cuban": independent melodic lines with strong rhythmic pulses are superimposed to build up textures that are both rich and translucent. Every section of the choir is spot-lit; every section gets its turn to lead. The piece would especially suit a choir in search of something seasonal but upbeat which is not a "novelty number." The Basque carol "The Angel Gabriel" in an exuberant setting by Audrey Snyder can be performed a cappella or accompanied. A wonderful showcase for SSA voices. These a cappella works are a nice addition to the repertoire for women's chorus and includes "Jetzt ist die rechte Freudenzeit" and" Ecce Maria" (Praetorius) with German and English texts.

Songlist: The Virgin Mary Had A Baby Boy, Two Baroque Christmas Classics, The Angel Gabriel

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8076b | Sheet Music | $4.95 | 3 Part Treble | A Cappella || Christmas World Music Arrangements

Various Composers : Madrigals for Treble Voices

Review: This collection attempts to provide repertoire for treble-voice groups who desire to sing madrigals. Although a great wealth of madrigal literature exists for mixed voices, some attention has therefore been given to the text of each selection in order to make it more appropriate for feminine choruses.

Songlist: It Was a Lover and His Lass, Let All Who Sing Be Merry, Maidens Fair of Mantua's City, The Messenger of Love, Now Is the Month of Maying, The Silver Swan

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7294b | Songbook | $5.95 | Treble || Madrigal Arrangements

Zoltan Kodaly : Choral Works for Children's and Female Choirs

Review: A collection of 75 pieces by noted composer and educator. Suitable for upper voices. Some are quite challenging while other pieces are simple and delightful.

Songlist: Hegyi ejszakak I-V, Jankovich Ferenc: Jelige, Nagyszalontai koszonto (konnyu letet), Nagyszalontai koszonto, Angyalkert - Kecskejatek, Angyalkert - Tyukozas, Angyalkert - Gyertyajatek, Angyalkert - Bent a barany, Angyalkert - Vasarosdi, Hat trefas kanon - Lencse, borso, kasa, Hat trefas kanon - Madarak voltunk, Hat trefas kanon - A leanyka szotalan, Hat trefas kanon - Tyukkergeto, Hat trefas kanon - Furdo utan, Hat trefas kanon - Mikor mentem misere, Szolmizalo kanon, A juhasz, Het konnyu gyeremekkar - Eva, szivem Eva, Het konnyu gyeremekkar - Falu vegen, Het konnyu gyeremekkar - Heja, Het konnyu gyeremekkar - Versenges, Het konnyu gyeremekkar - Ciroka, Het konnyu gyeremekkar - Jo gazd'asszony, Het konnyu gyeremekkar - Zolderdoben, Weores Sandor: Bekedal, Vargha Karoly dr: Az eneklo ifjusaghoz, Nyulacska, Katalinka, A csiko, Cu fol, lovam, and more

More details
7365b | Songbook | $23.95 | Treble || Eastern European Choral Arrangements | Zoltan Kodaly

Zoltan Kodaly : Hungarian Folk Songs for Children's Chorus

Review: The Hungarian composer, Zoltan Kodaly, an ethnomusicologist and educationalist, pioneered the reintegration of folk material into 20th century choral music. All four songs in this packages are arrangements based on Hungarian folk songs for children, with english translations by Georffy Russell-Smith.

Songlist: Hippity, Hoppity, Ladybird, 'Mid The Oak Trees, Evening Song

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9080b | Sheet Music | $8.98 | Treble | A Cappella || Hungarian Choral Music | Zoltan Kodaly

Bobbie Douglass / Brad White / Glenda Casey / Jan Juneau : Essential Repertoire for the Concert Choir - Level 3 Treble, Teacher

Review: Essential Repertoire is a core library of time-tested choral works which provide a framework for teaching style and history, all through performance. The graded series includes Masterworks (Renaissance through Contemporary), Folksongs (American and Multicultural), Spirituals, A Cappella and Accompanied works. The series is available for beginning through advanced choirs, and for mixed, treble and tenor bass ensembles.

Songlist: Ah, Dear Heart, Ave Maria n, Cantate!, Carols Three, El Mariner (The Sailor), In monte Oliveti, The Lark Ascending, The Lass From the Low Countree (Niles), Lift Thine Eyes To The Mountains, Longing, Magnificat (Magnify the Lord), Song Of The Prairie, Tristis est anima mea, Von dem Rosenbusch (From the Red Rose Bush)

More details
1821b | Songbook | $19.95 | Treble || Essential Elements Choir

Bobbie Douglass / Brad White / Glenda Casey / Jan Juneau : Essential Repertoire for the Concert Choir - Treble/Student

Review: Essential Repertoire is a core library of time-tested choral works which provide a framework for teaching style and history, all through performance. The graded series includes Masterworks (Renaissance through Contemporary), Folksongs (American and Multicultural), Spirituals, A Cappella and Accompanied works. The series is available for beginning through advanced choirs, and for mixed, treble and tenor bass ensembles.

Songlist: Ah, Dear Heart, Ave Maria n, Cantate!, Carols Three, El Mariner (The Sailor), In monte Oliveti, The Lark Ascending, The Lass From the Low Countree (Niles), Lift Thine Eyes To The Mountains, Longing, Magnificat (Magnify the Lord), Song Of The Prairie, Tristis est anima mea, Von dem Rosenbusch (From the Red Rose Bush)

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1811b | Songbook | $12.95 | Treble || Essential Elements Choir

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