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The rich history of both sacred and secular vocal music has seen many diverse styles emerge, including Early Music, Renaissance, Russian and English sacred music, and 20th Century compositions that push the boundaries of harmony, vocal technique and composition. We carry a wide selection of choral CDs from the finest ensembles and choirs from around the world.

the Choral Development Material

A good choral group makes it all sound so easy, as they sweep you away with their music. With these instructional and developmental works, your choir, too, can fool the audience into thinking it's a breeze. From the basic beginnings of forming the choir, up to the complexity of gaining that world-class sound, in every genre of choral music, it's all here, in book, video & DVD format.

the A Cappella Choral Arrangements

If you’re a fan or performer of choral music, you know that many of the amateur ensembles tend to lean towards the same repertoire. We all know that it’s not their fault – it’s just hard to find a broad range of pieces of sheet music to perform, right? Er… well, actually, no. Look no further! Whether four-century-old folk music, liturgical pieces, or even a choral take on 1980’s pop, we’ve got everything a choral fan and performer needs to expand their repertoire and make their singing the freshest experience it’s ever been, including songbooks and sheet music from some of the top choral arrangers and ensembles of the last half-century.

the Mixed Voice Choirs

A good mixed choral ensemble has the strengths of both male voice and female voice groups – and the mixed choral ensembles we carry are very good. With repertoires that run most of the way through the last 10 centuries, performing the works of some of the best choral composers throughout the ages, you’ll lose yourself in the sonorous, frequently haunting beauty of these international-caliber mixed-voice choirs from Denmark, the UK, Argentina, Cuba and Armenia and elsewhere, including a number of college-based choirs from right here in the U.S.

the Mixed Voice Choral CDs

We have over the many years been able to collect some of the best mixed-voice choir recordings from around the world. Many of the recordings are not available thru the usual distributors and in many cases we are the sole distributor of the titles.

the Men's Choral Groups

“Choral” is a broad umbrella term that covers a wide variety of groups singing a wide variety of music. “Excellent” is another broad umbrella term that covers this wide variety of male groups singing a wide variety of music. Whether it’s classical choral ensembles from the UK singing early Christian music, Americans singing Spirituals or Germans performing the works of Schubert, these groups bring a purity of sound, tone and spirit that makes the music a sheer pleasure to listen to. Surround yourself with the sound, drink it in, and see why some of these groups are known world-wide for their incredible music!

the Men's Choral CDs

Men’s choral music spans the centuries, and well-sung choral music brings a lush joy to the ear, whether it is sacred or secular, plainsong, vocal chamber music, chant, madrigals, folk songs or even the music of U2! Many strong composers have written for the male ensemble over the centuries, and choirs today are singing the work of talents as diverse as Rutter and Henry VIII. Men’s ensembles around the world – and we carry recordings from such diverse nations as Estonia, Finland, Canada and Russia, to name just a few – deliver glorious, powerful work.

the Female Choral Groups

Bulgaria. Slovenia. The UK. Canada. The U.S. Latvia. Spain. Finland. Norway. Women’s choirs come from all over the planet, and they sing music from around the world, too. Some of the groups are more traditional in their raison d’etre – simply to sing wonderful music – while others are a bit more specific, dedicated only to the works of women, to raising awareness of issues, or simply to celebrate their cultural origins. The diversity is great to see, and shows how much more there is to music than the sound of it – when paired with this lovely sound, it’s a two-fer you shouldn’t pass up!

the Female Choral CDs

Chants, rounds, liturgical work, secular or sacred, folk from around the world - the one constant is the beauty of their harmony. Women’s choirs today disprove, over and over, the out-of-date myth that only men’s voices can deliver choral music with any true authenticity. Some of the ensembles we carry sing work written for the male voice, some music written for women’s voices – some even sing music originally written as instrumental. Whatever they’re singing, they all do it with passion and a purity of sound that will please even the most discerning of choral music fans.

index.php the Childrens Choirs

Nothing sounds quite like the pure, bell-like tones of a children’s choir. Their bright, clear voices soar through the music, and the talents these kids display is both inspiring and encouraging. Some of the children’s choirs we carry are some of the best-known choral groups on the planet, no matter their ages, and you’ve heard them in movies, TV commercials and on CNN. They sing in English, Japanese, Latin – even Cherokee! This is a great way to inspire curiosity and creativity in your own kids, or your kid at heart.

the Early Music Ensembles

The very definition of music, and particularly, a cappella, has changed throughout the centuries. Here, with these groups, you can hear what a cappella sounded like in the days when it really was written to be performed in the chapel. Whether women’s groups from the U.S. or Norway, men’s ensembles from the UK or mixed-voice ones from Belgium or America, there are talented groups around the planet who are bringing new life to centuries-old music, exploring history and making it come alive to fans everywhere. If you like a cappella, you should know where it comes from – and with these groups, you’ll learn exactly that.

the Early Music CDs

Much of the earliest music was composed for the unaccompanied voice reaching a peak during the Renaissance when there was flowering of talented European composers.  Many of these composers were true musical geniuses and whose work is still vibrant and relevant today. We offer here a far ranging collection of these works performed by the top vocal ensembles from both Europe and the US.

the Choral Performance DVDs

How often do you get to see world-class choral groups from Africa or Europe in your hometown? With these terrific choral DVDs, the answer is "any time you want!" Better yet, not only can you take these international-caliber performances in world-famous concert halls home to your own living room, you can buy the DVD that teaches you how they do it. Excellent for the classroom also.

the Choral Directors

There are many elements necessary to create a great choral sound from the quality of the singers to the intricacies of an arrangement but none are more important than the director. Directing the choir, choosing repertoire, auditioning singers are just some of the talents needed to be a successful director. Fortunately many directors have created many fine recordings and many have shared their knowledge with a wide variety of choral development books and DVDs.  Here we have bios and photos of some of the top directors from around the world.

the Choral Composers

So much of what many of us would think of as choral music is traditional, centuries-old works, things our parent and grandparents grew up with, but that’s really not the be-all and end-all of choral works. There are many talented, genius composers of the last century and a bit, who have created some beautiful, stellar works that are being sung by choirs around the world today. Why not check out some of these brilliant men and women’s work? If you’ve never tried modern choral work, you’re in for a lovely surprise. Why not treat yourself to that surprise today?

the Madrigals

Madrigal, in music, secular composition for two or more voices, introduced in Italy in the 14th century and revived in a different form during the 16th century, at which time it also became popular with English, French, German, and Spanish composers. The word madrigal is thought to have been derived from mandriali (a short pastoral poem) or from matricale (a rustic song or poem in the mother tongue), or perhaps madriale (a hymn to the Virgin Mary).

the Spirituals

Spirituals are the Southern sacred "folk" songs created and first sung by African Americans during slavery. Their original composers are unknown, and they have assumed a position of collective ownership by the whole community. They lend themselves easily to communal singing. Many are in a call-and-response structure, with back-and-forth exchanges between the leader and the group. A formal concert tradition has evolved from the original spirituals, with solo and choral arrangements based on original slave melodies, employed for performance by amateur and professional artists.

the Choral Christmas

Christmas music is some of the most fun choral music out there, both to sing and simply to drink in. Whether the choir is singing centuries’ old pieces by Tavener and Britten, or modern and light-hearted work like Rudolph and Frosty, it’s heartwarming, spirit-raising music that just makes you want to gather with loved ones around a well-lit tree, enjoying a roaring fire. Even in the heart of Summer.

the Choral Music for Easter

As one of the most important times in the Christian calander there is a rich tradition of music for Easter including for Ash Wednesday and Lent, Passiontide, Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday. We offer here a selection of both recordings and arrangements which celebrate this special period.

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