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Naturally 7: Sit Back (Relax)

A live TV show performance in Berlin from Harmony Sweepstakes National champions. (4.16)
M-Pact: Meet the Band

A promotional video from one of our favorite a cappella groups with interviews and several performance clips. (7.57)
Riltons Vanner:
Rosa mannen

This young group from Finland are fabulous (3.20)
Toxic Audio:
Promotional Video

Fun promo video from one of our favorite Harmony Sweepstakes Champions. (3.23)
Vocal Sampling:

Cuba's a cappella sensations Vocal Sampling in a music video for their realese "Akapelleando" (4.03.
Vocal Sampling:
Hotel California

A music video of Cuba's Vocal Sampling of their biggest hit so far "Hotel California" (2.34)
American Idol
How Deep Is Your Love

Finalists Blake Lewis, Rudy Cardenas, Thomas Lowe and Chris Sligh sing a cappella (1.00)
The Edlos:
A Cappella Broadway

A veritable tour-de-force from the bad boys of a cappella. (7.51)
The Idea of North
For You

Australia's leading a cappella group and winners of the Harmony Sweepstakes A Cappella Festival sings in Korean. (2.36)
Return 2 Zero:
Promotional Video

A collection of clips from this funny and talented a cappella group (6.19)
Put A Little Love In Your Heart

One of the nation's most popular Christian a cappella groups sing a classic. (3.03)
Bobby McFerrin:
Wanna Be

A 1990's music video for the TV show Square One (2.21)
Kivinen tie

A music video from their release "Kevat". (3.43)
Acappella Company:
Lord Save Me

A music video from their latest release "Radiance" (4.41)
Real Group:
Sprakande Julmedley

A medley of Christmas songs in Swedish. (2.21)
Ladysmith Black Mambazo
In Outer Space
The Robert Smigal TV Funhouse cartoon from Saturday Night Live (1.16)
Neri Per Caso:
Sentimento Pentimento

Humorous music video from Italy's most popular a cappella group.(3.22)
Neri Per Caso:

Italian a cappella greats sing their hit song(3.37)
Without Your Love

An early music video from these contemporary a cappella pioneers. (2.36)
Dark Creature

The very funny and talented singing group Moosebutter perform live. (2.46)
Take 6:
Biggest Part Of Me

Cool music video for the track "Biggest Part of Me" from Join The Band (4.11)
A Cappella Rehabilitation

A short informercial on the long term harmful effects of singing a cappella in college (3.37)
Bobby McFerrin:
Siamese Song

Groovy,fabulous and almost psychedelic early music video from the vocal maestro. (2.21)
The Real Group:
Substitute For Life

The music video from this classic Real Group song (2.58)
Knudsen Brothers:
Promotional Video

Harmony Sweepstakes National Champs these six brothers always put on a high energy show. (7.04)
Jack Black:
Nickelodeon Ad

Jack Blacks sings a way cool a cappella promotional video for the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards (0.45)
The Meaning of FRED

FRED being FRED about FRED as only FRED can be. (3.23)
Mighty Echoes:
Promotional Video

One of the West Coast's few professional doo wop groups The Mighty Echoes are great entertainers. (2.35)
Da Vinci's Notebook: The Penis Song

The lads sing their infamous song during an in studio radio interview (4.12)
Lady Madonna

The great Finnish vocal group in concert
The Bobs:
White Room

Everybody's favorite a cappella group sing their all-voice rendition of the Cream classic (3.56)
Chapter 6:
What a Wonderful World

A music video from 2004 Harmony Sweepstakes National champions Chapter 6 (2.21)
The Persuasions:
Oh Heavenly Salvation

Great production values from this video from September Songs. (3.35)

King's Singers:
Creole Love Call

The King's Singers circa 1987 have lots of fun with this song. (2.56)

The Nylons:
Ain't No Sunshine

We actually produced this video ourselves back in 1997 (3.50)

Naturally 7:
What Is It?

A high-energy performance by one of the top a cappella groups performing today. (7.38)
Bobby McFerrin:
Good Love

So this is how he does it. He somehow multiplies himself and sings all the parts at the same time. Now I'm even more impressed. (3.16)

The Monkeys:
Sing Rui, Chiu

The Monkees sing an a cappella rendition of the Old Spanish Christmas Carol, "Ríu, Chíu"

Tonic Sol-fa:
Promotional Video

Get a taste of one of the busiest most talented a cappella groups performing today (3.01)

Voices of Lee:
Lord's Prayer

One of America's finest Christian a cappella vocal ensembles in performance (3.15)
The Magnets:
Promotional Video

Here's a promotional video from one of England's most successful vocal harmony groups (5.37)
Acapella (Korea):
My Little Princess

Great music video from this talented contemporary a cappella group from Korea (2.29)
Toxic Audio:
One Night Only

Toxic Audio performs "One Night Only" from Dreamgirls at Standing Ovations 2 (2.28).
Baby I Need Your Lovin'

American Idol finalist and M-Pact member Rudy Cardenas sings lead on "Baby I Need Your Lovin'" (3.51)

Rockapella sings live on an offical video release. (3.21)

Real Group:
We're Five

A music video from the One For All recording

Take 6:
Star Spangled Banner

Take 6 singing the American national anthem. (2.14)

Take 6:
At the 1996 Oscars

Take 6 sins the nominations for the Best Song in a Movie.
Bobby McFerrin:
Don't Worry, Be Happy

Original video of the classic song featuring Robin Willliams and Bill Irwin.

Promotional video

Live performance from these vocal jazz masters. (5.16)

Manhattan Transfer:
Embracable You

A live performance video with a string quartet

Manhattan Transfer:
Soul Food To Go

Lost in the jungle in this 80's music video from the "Brazil
Flying Pickets:
Only You

This song was a number one pop hit for the Flying Pickets.

Promotional Video

Meet the talent mixed vocal group from Boulder, Colorado (7.22)

Folgers Commercial

The Folger's coffee national ad that ran forever it seemed..

Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares:
On The Tonight Show

Famed women's choir on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson (1.27)
Manhattan Transfer:
Twilight Zone

This all-time classic music video is campy all the way!

Beach Boys:
Their Hearts Were Full of Spring

The Beach Boys talk about the influence of the Four Freshmen on their music. First aired October 2, 1980 - Performance filmed in 1965

Spring of Dreams

Performed by Chanticleer February 10, 2006 at the Estonia Concert Hall, Vilnius, Lithuania. Music Director: Joseph Jennings


Performed by Chanticleer February 10, 2006 at the Estonia Concert Hall, Vilnius, Lithuania. Music Director: Joseph Jennings
Ted's Band (The Blanks):
From Scrubs

A Complilation of Clips of Ted's Band from Scrubs. (6.20)

The Nylons:
Take Me Yo Your Heart

The guys look groovy in this 80's music video (3.34)

The Nylons:
Busy Tonight

They really do seem to be very busy.. (3.50)
Ladysmith Black Mambazo
TV appearance

As colorful as ever on this African TV appearance (3.38)
The Real Group"
Telephone Talking

Take 6 talk about starting their own record label and performs music from their new album "Feels Good" (6.36)

The Real Group:
Walking Down The Street

The fabulous Real Group in concert (5.39)

The Real Group:
Dancing Queen

The Real Group in concert with Swedish star Frida (3.56)

The Real Group:
In Taiwan

The Boys meet a girl and all is well in the end (2.18)
Kid Beyond:
An improv

Up close and personal with the incredible mouth made percusions of Kid Beyond (6.40)

The Choir:
Honda Civic commercial

Perhaps one of the most creative and entertaining ads of them all! (2.09)

Take 6:
Christmas Medley

Take 6 on a 1999 A&E Christmas special (4.25)

Take 6:
Bless This House

One of our favorite Take 6 songs on TV in 1991 (5.01)
The Bobs:
Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens

The Bobs apply their usually hilarity to a comedy classic (2.28).

The Difference

Christian a cappella artists Rescue perform one of their signature songs live in concert. (2.42)
The Blenders:
Interview on Studio One

Minnesota a cappella greats The Blenders are interviewed on the TV show Studio One about their release "From The Mouth" (3.37)

The Swingle Singers:
The 1812 Overture

This voices only rendition of a piece written for full orchestra is an a cappella classic. Cannons included! (6.26)
Kings Singers:

Acclaimed British vocal ensemble have some fun with the bees! Buzz (2.49)

The Swingle Singers: Promotional Video

Enjoy this montage of video clips from over the years (9.17)
Ward Swingle:
Pastime in Good Company

Ward Swingle, founder of the multiple Grammy-winning vocal group The Swingle Singers in a lecture / demonstration. (9.21)

Voices Of Lee:
All Rise

Tennessee's Lee University boasts one of the finest mixed Contemporary Christian choruses (4.59)
Takes 6
Feels Good

Take 6 talk about starting their own record label and performs music from their new album "Feels Good" (6.36)

Mills Brothers:

Here's a clip from one of the earliest vocal harmony groups the Mills Brothers sing their classic all voice Caravan (2.21)

The Four Freshmen:
Crazy Bones

The Boys meet a girl and all is well in the end (2.18)

Boswell Sisters:
Crazy People

Martha, Vet and Connee perform one of their hits in 1932. (2.24)
Take 6:
Too Much 2 Say

This is an excellent clip of the guys getting in to some vocal jammin' (5.00)

The Chordettes:

Sing along with The Chordettes with their big hit song! (2.14)

Andrews Sisters:
On The Dean Martin Show

Memories are made of this medley with the "girls" - wonderful!!! (3.34)

Andrews Sisters:
Gettin' Corns For My Country

A fun clip from Hollywood Canteen with Peter Lorre and Sidney Greenstreet (4.39)
The Hi-Lo's:
My Sugar Is So Refined

This great quartet sings and has lots of fun on the Nat "King" Cole TV show in 1957. (2.24)
Lennon Sisters:
Something Stupid

TFrom 1967, here's America's Sweethearts, with their rendition of "Something Stupid" (2.42)

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