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Sight Singing for Singers

Have you ever seen someone pick up a chart and deliver an almost flawless performance on their first reading? Sometimes it's talent, but you did know that it's also a learned skill, right? And here's your chance to learn it. We've got books for teachers of primary and secondary-school singers, as well as those written for the adult singer. You wouldn't think sight-singing could be made easy, but that's because you haven't read these books (or listened to the accompanying CDs & tapes) yet.

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Nancy Telfer : Successful Sight-Singing Book 2 - Conductor's Edition

Review: This well-organized method can be used with church or school groups, private students or voice classes Book 1 is written for grade four through adult singers while Book 2 reviews skills and progress into more difficult sight-singing for advanced high school to University level (or anyone who has completed Book 1). These books gives singers the skills needed to sight-sing by themselves, away from the piano or other singers. Designed for two-part and three-part harmony they present a variety of creative activities to introduce and reinforce new musical elements and skills such as how to find cues.

Songlist: Introduction, Color Coding, Posture, Sight-Seeing Lessons, Teaching Activities

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6863b | Book | $24.95 || Sightsinging Material

Stan McGill : Sight Reading Success

Review: This choral sight-reading resource is designed to help secondary choir students improve their music literacy skills. With 180 SATB exercises divided into 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32 measure sets, even beginning groups can develop advanced skills over a relatively short period of time. The exercises are included in the book and as a free download for projecting to a screen or distributing to students via print or tablet.

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4301b | Songbook & Online Audio | $39.95 | SATB || Sightsinging Material

Stan McGill & H. Morris Stevens Jr. : 18 Lessons to Sight Reading Success

Review: This handy one volume Book/CD is designed to prepare the entry level singer in sharpening their sight reading skills by providing them with materials for individual study. Depending upon musical ability, these lessons may be mastered in one day, one week or more. The included CD contains over 100 MP3 files for student-friendly practice on the computer or MP3 player. Helpful hints from over sixty years of successful choral teaching are included throughout.

Songlist: Introduction, How to use this book & CD, The Treble Clef, The Bass Clef, Key Signatures Used in this Book, Meter and Rhythm, Solfege and Handsigns, Lessons: 18 Lessons, Practice to Independence Exercises: 40 Exercises

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6593b | Book & 1 CD | $19.95 || Sightsinging Material

Stanley Arkis / Herman Schuckman : The Choral Sight Singer

Review: It is the purpose of this book to further the development of sight singing skills and to increase the knowlede of music theory as begun in 'An Introduction to Sight Singing.' While this book uses the principles of the 'movable do' system, the teacher may wish to use another system such as the 'fixed do,' numbers, or a neutral syllable. The Choral Sight Singer is systematically structured!

Songlist: The Bass Clef, Duets in the Treble and Bass Clefs, The Key of A Major, The Key of A Minor, The Key of D Minor, Five Quarter Time, Modulation to the Dominant, Alla breve, The Key of E Major, The Key of E Minor, Syncopation, The Key of G Minor, Modulation to the Subdominant, Transient Modulation of the Subdominant in the Minor, The Key of B Major, Modulation to the Relative Minor, Modulation to the Relative Major, Chromaticism

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6398b | Book | $6.95 || Sightsinging Material

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