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Choral Warm Ups and Exercises

Any good choral director or singer knows that there’s more to choral work than just singing – you need to know how to warm-up properly, and what exercises to do to improve your vocal quality, tonality, breathing and all the other things that go into making you a good singer. Isn’t it nice, then, that there’s so many different books and CDs on the subject? Books with favourite warm-up exercises from dozens of choral directors around the U.S. and the world, from people who are respected experts in their fields, books that will teach you all the insider tricks & techniques that will make all the difference in your choir.

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Tijs Krammer : Harmonic Warm-Upsnew

Review: Does this sound familiar? "I'm bored with the warm-ups. We always sing the same exercises." Yes, many singers regard warm-ups as a monotonous requirement, a trivial exercise, or an unnecessary delay before the actual rehearsal starts. But it doesn't have to be this way! Reinvent your routine with this innovative approach that leads the way to more meaningful and diversified warm-ups. This book is filled with uncomplicated melodies that are quickly learned, and then turned into multiple-part exercises by singing in canon or stacked parallels. An exemplary practice that invites developed groups to focus on higher listening and ensemble skills. Online access to MP3 demos of every exercise is included.

Songlist: Walking, Jumping, Stacking, Crawling, Old and New, Happy and Sad, Together and Apart, Hand in Hand, Taking Turns

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9937b | Songbook & Online Audio | $29.95 | Choir |

Chris and Carole Beatty : Ultimate Choir Warm Ups Vol 1

Review: Ultimate Choir Warm-Ups are systematic, fun, challenging and easy to use exercises for individuals and groups of any kind. From rock to Bach and everything in between, all styles of music and singing get better when youre warmed up. The fully orchestrated accompaniments lead the studio singers and YOU through dozens of fun and challenging exercises in eight different styles of music. They range in style from the traditional classical to pop, jazz, Latin, and Gospel. And they vary in arrangements from unison to two, three and four parts, all clearly demonstrated by the studio singers. This allows individuals as well as groups to work on blend, harmonizing and tuning while you warm-up, workout and prepare to sing. Larry - 318-564-8311

Songlist: Intro, General, Diction, Ear Training, Rhythm, Blend, Breathing, Agility, Style, Staccati, Surprises

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6243c | 1 CD Vocal Warm Up Exercises | $16.98 |

Chris and Carole Beatty : Ultimate Choir Warm Ups Vol 2

Review: Heres the perfect way to workout and warm-up your voice with fun, orchestrated exercises.

Songlist: Preparation for Effective, Imitation, Ear Training, Rhythm, Blend, Ear Training, Diction, Phrasing, Duple & Triple Rhythm, Rhythm, Staccato, Breathing, Ear Training, Tuning, Diction, Phrasing, Breathing, Rhythm, Parts, Tuning, Easy Warm-Up, Imitation, Ear Training, Blend, Phrasing, Agility, Breath Control, Full Range, Parts, Everything!

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6254c | 1 CD Vocal Warm Up Exercises | $16.98 |

Barbara Conable : The Structures and Movement of Breathing

Review: This enlightening handbook is designed to provide choir members clear and concise information about their breathing so that they may sing with optimal enjoyment and beauty. Featuring dozens of detailed illustrations and explanations, this book is a crucial tool to anyone on a quest for phenomenal sound. Crucial to this quest is understanding how our own bodies work to produce sound through a technique known as Body Mapping. This handbook is perfect for use during choir warm-ups and rehearsals. Foreword by James Jordan.

Songlist: The Structure and Movement of Breathing, Skeletal Balance, Nasal Passages, Mouth , Tongue, Temporo-mandibular Joints, Facial Muscles, Lips, Muscles of Pharynx, Trachea and Esophagus, Lungs, Ribs, Lungs in Context, Diaphragm in Context, Exursion of the Diaphragm, Abdominal and Pelvic Viscera, Abdominal Wall, Pelvic Floor / Pelvic Viscera, Coordination of Movement of the Two Diaphragms, Spine, Gathering / Lengthening of the Spine, Head-Spine Relationship, Up and Over, Superficial Muscles of the Neck, Deep Muscles of the Neck

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6250b | Book | $6.50 || Vocal Technique

Barham & Nelson : The Boy's Changing Voice

Review: For the middle school/junior high choral teacher. This text takes out much of the guesswork of teaching boys whose voices are changing . Includes testing methods, extensive warm-up and voice development exercises, self-image concepts, an extensive list of appropriate choral works, and other welcome information.

Songlist: Voice Placement, Recognizing Change, Testing Prodecures, Time-Savers, Variables With Change, Good Strokes For Your Singing Folks, Putting The Pieces Together - The Puzzle of Selecting, Life With Chameleons, Tips for Training The Tigers, Teacher Prescriptions For Sanity, Scores That Don't Bore, Breathing and Posture, Tone Quality, Range Development and Flexibilty, Ear Training

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6244b | Book | $14.95 || Children's Choir Development

Dean Luethi : Aligning Voices

Review: This book of versatile, pedagogically based choral warm-ups helps conductors take full advantage of important time in every rehearsal, providing tools for assessment, musicianship, and ensemble unity at the same time singers are warming up their voices.

The exercises in Aligning Voices are organized into nine chapters, each focusing on a different area of choral technique. Each warm-up contains two or more parts, allowing the director to work toward improving choral sound in a texture similar to that of the repertoire. Moreover, author Dean Luethi provides every warm-up in three voicings-SATB, SSAA, and TTBB-and sequentially organizes them by difficulty level.

These exercises go well beyond simply warming up the voice. This resource is a must-have for all choral directors looking to make the most of their warm-up time.

Songlist: Rhythm, Brilliance, Intonation, Balance, Dynamics, Consonants, Beginning Consonants, Diphthongs and Ending Consonants, Vowels

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7736b | Book | $17.95 |

Earlene Rentz : From Concepts to Concerts

Review: From Concepts to Concerts by Dr. Earlene Rentz is intended to be used as a supplementary text for the choral rehearsal, providing exercises that teach concepts to choral singers. The exercises are arranged in a simple-to-complex order that will allow for success through all grade levels, providing challenges for young singers as well as more advanced students. Of course, teachers have the freedom to use these exercises in any way that is most helpful to them. To be fully used as the resource they were intended, this includes permission to copy for classroom use. Dr. Rentz has prepared this supplement based on her own experience in choral clinics and workshops. Presented here are a great collection of exercises and drills that will assist your students in improving musicianship. One book to use in all your classes!

Songlist: Foreword by Andre J. Thomas, Introduction, About Earlene Rentz, Section I. Pitches and Intervals, Half Steps, Whole Steps, Half Steps and Whole Steps, Minor Second, Major Second, Minor Third, Major Third, Perfect Fourth, Perfect Fifth, Minor Sixth, Major Sixth, Minor Seventh, Major Seventh, Perfect Octave, Intervals in Repertoire No. 1, Intervals in Repertoire No. 2, Finding Pitches No. 1, Finding Pitches No. 2, Finding Pitches No. 3, Finding Pitches No. 4, Finding Pitches No. 5, Section II. Tempo and Meter, Tempo, Tempo in Repertoire, Tempo Change No. 1, Tempo Change No. 2, and more

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5486b | Book | $34.95 || Rehearsal Material

James Jordan : The Ensemble Movement Warm-Up

Review: James Jordan's The Ensemble Movement Warm-Up explores how to organize and sequence movement activities in a choral setting to increase artistry and help raise the performance level of any ensemble, regardless of age. Building on the ideas of Rudolf von Laban and Edwin E. Gordon's Music Learning Theory, James Jordan creates an exciting new rhythm/movement pedagogy. Introduces simple movements-stepping and clapping-to help the ensemble explore kinesthetic feeling connected to harmonic rhythm, not meter. Teaches fundamental principles of artistic phrasing. Revolutionizes ensemble teaching to focus on how sound moves forward, and not on rhythm notation. Teaches the important distinction between rhythm and tempo, and harmonic rhythm. Builds legato and sense of line. Introduces the new concept of "projection" to teach and conceptualize phrase shape. The Ensemble Movement Warm-Up is the culmination of 40 years of experimentation, thought, and study using the wealth of ideas provided by Laban and is a major contribution to the choral art.

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7761b | Book | $21.95 |

Joseph Reiser : Poly-Phonics - Vocal Etudes for the Development of Ensemble Singing

Review: Have a blast with these fun vocal etudes and at the same time build your choir's musicianship. Your choir will never believe that it could be such a thrill to deal with issues like balance, blend, and rhythm. Once you pick this collection up, you'll find it very difficult to put down. Also great for warm-ups!

Songlist: First We Sang In Major, Long And Short, Rhythmically United, The One Chord, The Walking Bass Line, Double Trios, Canon At One Beat, Passacaglia, Down And Up, Arpeggios, C. Bell Chords, Minor Sounds So Blue, Parallel Motion, Duet, Holding One Tone, Early On The Beat, Late On The Beat, Contrary Motion, Oblique Motion

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6383b | Book | $5.95 |

Joseph Reiser : Poly-Phonics II - Vocal Etudes for Grades 3-8 (Student Edition)

Review: Fresh on the heels of Poly-Phonics is this new collection of vocal etudes, especially suited to the younger student. These 15 delightful and creative pieces will help you teach concepts of meter, rhythm, solfege, syncopation, and more. Songs such as "I Just Want to Tell You," "I'm Gonna Sing a Lotta Do," "How Many Times Can You Sing One Note?" and "Sail with Me" provide a context for music learning and fun at the same time. These etudes can be an integral part of early musical training and lead to a lifetime of musical enjoyment. This is the Student Edition

Songlist: Counterpoint, Do, Do Re Mi, How Many Times Can You Sing One Note, I Had A Dog, I Just Want To Tell you, I Once Knew A Man, I'm Gonna Sing A Lotta Do, Mississippi Mud, Sail With Me, 6/8 + 3/4, Sometimes We Rest, The Bells, There Once Was A Bunny, 3/4, 2/4

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6385b | Book | $4.00 |

Joseph Reiser : Poly-Phonics II - Vocal Etudes for Grades 3-8 (Teacher's Edition)

Review: Fresh on the heels of Poly-Phonics is this new collection of vocal etudes, especially suited to the younger student. These 15 delightful and creative pieces will help you teach concepts of meter, rhythm, solfege, syncopation, and more. Songs such as "I Just Want to Tell You," "I'm Gonna Sing a Lotta Do," "How Many Times Can You Sing One Note?" and "Sail with Me" provide a context for music learning and fun at the same time. These etudes can be an integral part of early musical training and lead to a lifetime of musical enjoyment. This is the spiral bound Teacher's Edition.

Songlist: Missippi Mud, Counterpoint, 2/4, I Once Knew A Man, There Once Was A Bunny, Do, Do Re Mi, Sometimes We Rest, 3/4, How Many Times Can You Sing One Note, I Just Want To Tell You, I'm Gonna Sing A Lotta Do, I Had A Dog, Sail With Me, The Bells, 6/8 + 3/4

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6384b | Book | $14.95 |

Mike Brewer : Warm-Ups!

Review: This is an indispensable handbook for singers and choral directors. Warm-Ups are a series of activities that get the body and brain into gear, reinforce healthy and effective singing practice and are above all - fun! With over 200 warm-up ideas, including seventy musical examples, you will find an abundance of ideas in Mike Brewer's characteristically lively and innovative style. Divided into 36 practical sessions, arranged progressively, each is packed full with physical and mental activities to tackle all aspects of vocal technique.

Songlist: Introduction, Sessions 1-36, Tips and Terms

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7315b | Book | $13.75 |

Nancy Telfer : Successful Warmups Vol 1

Review: Improve the quality of your choir's sound with this systematic method which uses choral warmups to develop good vocal production. Each warmup activity covers a different aspect of vocal production and the purpose behind every warmup is explained. Step-by-step instruction, tips and clear illustrations help singers to develop good habits through voice care. The weekly plans can be adapted to every teaching situation and Progress Charts help with evaluation at each stage during the year.

Songlist: First Year Warmups, Second Year Warmups, Tips to make the most of every warmup, Singers in Position, Precision in Diction, Shaping the Phrase, Extending Your Range Up, Emphasizing the right syllable, Warming up the upper range, Terraced dynamics, Tuning with the harmony of the choir, Tuning sustained notes, Syncopation, Changing tempo suddenly

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6232b | Book | $8.95 |

Sabine Horstmann : Choral Vocal Technique

Review: Frauke Haasemann and her teachings regarding vocal technique have become legendary. Thousands of choral conductors have benefited from her books and workshops. Now for the first time, her primary student in Europe, Sabine Horstmann, has published her creative exercises based on the teachings of Frauke Haasemann. Written in a straightforward and direct manner, this volume provides an overview of choral vocal technique for choirs at any level of development. There are 94 sequential exercises that can serve as the central part of vocal training for any choir developed by this master teacher. Sabine Horstmann, instructor of Group Vocal Technique and voice at the Robert-Schumann Music University in Dusseldorf, has extensive experience working with singers of all ages. The focal point of her career is her intense work with a variety of choral groups, from children's choirs through adult choirs, and the further education of young conductors through her teaching of Group Vocal Technique and Conducting in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the United States. Horstmann studied voice at Folkwang Music University of Essen with Professor Jakob Stampfli.

Songlist: Relaxation, Alignment and Body Awareness, Relaxation of the Vocal Tract, Creating Spaciousness, Breathing, Exhalation and Inhalation, Support, Resonance, General Resonance, Specific Resonance, Vowel Development Hierarchy, Register Consistency, Dynamics, Crescendo/Decrescendo, Range Extension Upward, Range Extension Downward, Leaps, Legato, Staccato, Martellato, Diction Teaching Principles

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6662b | Book | $24.95 |

Timothy Seelig : The Perfect Blend

Review: From the basics of posture and breathing to the final bow of your concert, The Perfect Blend takes you on an entertaining ride through vocal and choral technique. The book is full of warm-ups, old and new. It is organized in two parts: The Voice and The Choir. Its fresh, physical approach to singing focuses on vocal and choral tone; vocal and choral technique. The author asks, "Who should read this book? Anyone who sings; anyone who conducts; anyone whose warm-ups need a B-12 shot; anyone who is interested in new ways to approach vocal study; anyone looking for rehearsal tips; anyone who is open to new programming ideas; my Mom." Timothy Seelig's humorous writing style is an absolute delight to read!

Songlist: Warm 'er Up (or down) - There Is A Difference, Posture - Holding Your Musical Instrument, Motor - Rev Your Engines, Vibrator - The Most Powerful 3/4 Inch in the World, Registers - Head, Chest, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, Resonators - Woofers and Tweeters, Choral Singing - Electric Blender, TMI - Rehearsal Tips, Your Conducting Profile - Physician, Heal Thyself, TLC - Thing's They Didn't Teach You, Vocal Health - Soups to Nuts, The Aging Voice - It's Gonna Happen

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6285b | Book | $24.95 |

Gary Walth : Warm-Up!

Review: Here's a perfect set of warm-ups for the choral ensemble that's designed to enhance and stimulate the growth of each member's vocal and choral ability. Thinking of the warm-up as a mini voice lesson, you can reinforce concepts with consistent encouragement, criticism, problem-solving and praise. This practical volume will help the conductor provide purposeful leadership and develop artistry in each individual through exercises for breath support, open tone, flexibility, vowel uniformity, balance, intonation and much more. Each exercise includes a notated keyboard accompaniment with multiple modulations and professional recordings of a rhythm section and singers performing each drill on the enclosed CD.

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9910b | Book & 1 CD | $34.95 |

James Jordan : Core Vocal Exercises for Children's Choir and Treble Voices

Review: The Choral Warm-Up contains teaching techniques and methodologies developed by James Jordan from over 25 years of experience conducting choirs at all levels. This convenient supplement (with CD), a collaborative effort, includes Marilyn Shenenberger's masterfully written accompaniments and modulations for the 25 vocalises. This book is designed to help conductors plan and implement efficient choral warm-ups build healthy voices within the choral rehearsal, provide vocalises that have accompaniments completed with modulations upward and downward and categorize vocalises according to specific vocal objectives.

Songlist: Introduction, Pedagogical Reminders, Basic Rules for Accompanists, Choral Warm-Up Exercises 1-24

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7451b | Book & 1 CD | $12.95 |

Janet Day : Church Choir Warm-Ups

Review: This valuable resource is essential for every church choir director. These warm-ups and activities will help prepare voices, bodies and spirits to share the Word through song. The opening prayers and meditations will help center your rehearsals. The vocal exercises will guide singers to produce a free and open tone, develop clean articulation and diction, improve resonance and intonation - all while singing inspirational words and passages. The group activities will develop a camaraderie that every church choir should know. The enclosed enhanced audio CD provides a demonstration recording of each vocal exercise to use with full choir, small group or individual practice, plus printable, reproducible, projectable PDFs of each singer exercise. Use these meaningful exercises, prayers and activities to enhance your music ministry at any level.

Songlist: Warming Up The Soul, Warming Up the Body, Breathe in the Support, Feel the Spirit, Warming Up The Voice, Let Your Voices Sing Praise, Let Us Grow Up in the Lord, Sing God's Word Clearly, Warming Up to Each Other

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4098b | Book & 1 CD | $19.95 |

Marylyn Shenenberger & James Jordan : Listen! Introductory Harmonic Immersion Solfege

Review: Gain improved listening skills, ease in improvisation, and increased facility with notation with this foundational aural training method designed for individual and ensemble use. Repetition of these exercises lays the groundwork for the use of solfege in the choral ensemble rehearsal. Take the next step-sharpen your aural skills with Listen!

Songlist: Tonic Chord Inversions And Patterns, Dominant Chord Inversions And Patterns, SubDominant Chord Inversions And Patterns, Chord Progressions With Tonic, Dominant, Subdominant, Accompianiment Supplement For Use In The Choral Ensemble Setting

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6416b | Book & 1 CD | $24.95 |

Rollo Dilworth : Choir Builders - Fundamental Vocal Techniques

Review: Have fun with your choral warm-ups! With this collection of fifty-four inventive and educational songs and exercises, your choir will beg for more. Start out with the unison pieces and "build" to the more challenging exercises for 2-part, 3-part or 4-part treble or mixed voices. Use the demonstration CD for quick learning or sing along with the recording to have hands-free, portable warm-ups at your fingertips every day. Developed and composed by the award-winning choral composer and master teacher, Rollo Dilworth, Choir Builders will prove to be a "fun"damental way of improving and sustaining a quality choral sound with your performance groups.

Songlist: Preparation, Posture Perfect, Rhythm Calisthenics, Unison Building Songs and Exercises, Syncopation sound, Long Phrases, Unison (Opt. 2 Part) Exercises, 2 Part Treble Building Songs and Exercises, The Growing Phrase, Intervallic Expansion, 3 or 4 Part Building Songs and Exercises, Scale into Harmony, Scale with pedal points

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6435b | Book & 1 CD | $29.95 || Vocal Technique

Swingle Singers : Loop Songs - Warm-Ups and Performance Studies

Review: Originally conceived as warm-ups or to break up the routine of repertoire rehearsals, many loop songs are also suitable as concert songs. Divided into four levels of difficulty. Contains two and a half hours of music, including: Swing, Latin, Afro, Gospel, R&B, Funk, Pop, Rock and World music. CD includes performances by The Swingle Singers.

Songlist: Diggeching Samba, Lah-lah on H-Day, Basses First, African Call

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7380b | Book & 1 CD | $29.95 |

James Jordan : The Choral Warm-Up

Review: The book is a comprehensive guide to teaching vocal technique through designing an efficient choral warm-up that gives the choir "tools" to sing and hear better. Among the topics presented are alignment (using Alexander Body Mapping principles), inhalation, exhalation, support, resonance, vowel colors, leaps, range extension, crescendo/decrescendo, martellato, staccato, teaching procedures for diction (plus general diction guidelines), teaching and reinforcing rhythm and consistent tempo, and strategies for teaching intonation. This is a comprehensive guide for choral directors that: - helps conductors plan and implement efficient choral warm-ups, builds healthy voices within the choral rehearsal, provides vocalises that have accompaniments complete with modulations upward and downward and categorizes vocalises according to specific vocal objectives.

Songlist: Music Aptitude and the Choral Ensemble, The Fourteen Pedagogical Cardinal Rules: A Brief Perview, Philosophy of the Choral Warm-Up: Is A Warm Up Necessary?, The Collective Mentality of the Choral Rehearsal: Abandonment of Vocal Responsibilty, Building Vocal Skill: A Pedagogical Hierarchy for Choirs, Philosophy of Teaching Techniques, Alignment and Body Awareness, Spaciousness and Proper Vocal Production through the Use of the Sigh: Relaxation of the Vocal Tract - Creating Space, Breathing: Inhalation and Exhalation, Building Resonance, Vocal Techniques "Recipes", Aural Immersion and Aural Preparation of the Choir, Blending Through Standings and Rehearsal Room Chair Arrangements , Energizing the Sound of the Choir: A Philosophical Challenge, Physical Gestures to Reinforce Choral Warm-Up Principles, An Application of the Work of Rudolph von Laban to Propel Musical Line, Strategies for Teaching Rhythm, Rehearsal Planning Template, Troubleshooting Chart, The Core Vocal Exercises

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6251b | Book & 1 CD Warm -Ups | $38.95 |

Emily Crocker : Voice Builders For Better Choirs

Review: This valuable resource is a must for every choral director. The 140 warmups and vocal exercises in a handy Book/CD format will help singers produce a free and open tone, develop clean articulation and diction, improve resonance, intonation and more. The enclosed CD includes demonstration for each accompanied exercise for full choir, small group or individual practice.

Songlist: Preparation, Quality Sound, Expanding the Voice, Pronunciation, Choral Singing, Problem Solving, Piano Accompaniements

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1156b | Book & 1 CD Warm Ups & Exercises | $29.95 |

Roger Emerson : Pop Warm-Ups & Work-Outs for Guys

Review: Unchanged, changing or changed male singers in middle school and high school may need a little extra help in "finding" their singing voices. Roger Emerson has developed a series of warm-ups that uses excerpts from classic rock and roll tunes that will provide the motivation and repetition they need to do just that. Each song features limited ranges starting moderately and gradually ascending into the tenor range and descending through the bass range as needed. The professionally-produced CD recording presents each exercise with vocals so your guys have a model to emulate.

Songlist: The Addams Family Theme, Theme From 'Jaws', Jump, Jive An' Wail, Land Of A Thousand Dances, Mission: Impossible Theme, Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye, Shake, Rattle And Roll, Smoke On The Water, We Will Rock You

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54760c | Book & CD Warm Up | $29.95 || Vocal Warm Ups

Henry Leck and Randy Stetson : Creating Artistry Through Movement in the Choral Setting for Male Voices

Review: Here is an amazing choral resource that demonstrates how movement while singing helps to harness the natural kinesthetic learning processes in males. Featuring the acclaimed St. Mary's International School Varsity Ensemble, conducted by Randy Stenson, the DVD includes warm-ups and exercises to improve tone, intonation, phrasing, articulation, special vocal effects, head voice and vocal agility. Through these exercises, the singer develops his own individualized shaping gesture, which leads to improved musicality during rehearsal, versatility and expressiveness. The companion book includes the notated exercises, additional instructional material, suggested seating charts, learning strategies and much more.

Songlist: Introductioon, Tonal Warm-ups and Vocal Modeling, Interview with Rodney Eichenberger, Activating the Head Voice, Movement and Gesture for Pitch, Color and Part- Singing, Musicality With and Without Movement, Rehearsals, Ranges and Voice Arrangements, Choreographed and Expressed Movement

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6396dvd | Book & DVD | $34.95 || Choreography and Movement

Ehmann / Haasemann : Voice Building For Choirs

Review: Improve tone production, artistic sensibilities, and musical understanding. This excellent book offers specific exercises for posture, breathing, voice building, and use of voice training in rehearsal.

Songlist: Posture, Breathing, Voice Building, Use of Voice Training in a Choir Rehearsal, Exercises For Specific Techniques, Warm-Up Exercises, Warm-Up Exercises for Special Problems In Specific Choral Works, Relaxation Exercises, Glossary of Terms

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6252b | Book Vocal Warm Up Exercises | $19.95 |

Lloyd Pfautsch : Choral Therapy - Vocal Techniques and Exercises for Church Choirs

Review: Many church choir directors are not formally trained in all disciplines needed to direct a music program. One area which intimidates many directors is that of vocal training and how to increase the ability of the choir. Choral Therapy features a basic, practical, "hands-on" approach to learning skills in this area of choir leadership. These include the following areas: 1. Basic principles of diction 2. Blending of vocal parts 3. Vocal exercises and warm-ups 4. Problem-solving 5. Other areas such as tuning and ensemble Choral Therapy presents its material in a conversational style with many concrete musical examples and exercises. *Written for new directors or the director wanting more training * Written by one of America's most respected choral directors and instructors * Easy-to-read and easy-to-use practical format and style * Contains examples and illustrations that convey key concepts * Helps music leaders become more comfortable with music leadership * Gives music leaders a higher level of confidence in directing

Songlist: The Choir Conductor, Producing Vocal Sound, Considering Diction, Achieving A Vital Chord Sound, Specific Choral Concerns, Problem Words, Wobble Trouble, No Vibrato, Addenda

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6437b | Book Vocal Warm Up Exercises | $11.95 || Church Choir Development

Nancy Telfer : Successful Warmups Vol 1 - Teacher's Edition

Review: Give your choir members the skills needed to sight-sing by themselves, away from a piano or other singers with Successful Sight-Singing. Organized into very short lessons, Successful Sight-Singing can be presented in five to ten minutes of each rehearsal. The Conductor's Edition provides a detailed plan for implementing a comprehensive program of vocal production through warm-ups. The large diagnostic chart lists vocal production problems, possible causes, and your choice of remedies.

Songlist: A Philosophy Of Learning, For Whom Is Successful Warmups Designed?, Where To Start, How Are The Warmups Organized, How Is The Conductor's Edition Structured, How Can I As A Conductor Make The Most Of Successful Warmups?, How Can Successful Warmups Be Used to Best Advantage In Different Situations, How Soon Should A Conductor Expect Results, Color Coding, Warmup Sessions, Appendix A, Appendix B, Appendix C, Appendix C, Appendix D, Appendix E, Appendix F, Index

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6860b | Book Vocal Warm Up Exercises | $24.95 |

Nancy Telfer : Successful Warmups Vol 2 - Teacher's Edition

Review: With Successful Warmups, your choir can learn every aspect of good vocal production while warming up for rehearsals or performance. Just a few minutes during each rehearsal is all it takes! The Conductor's Edition provides a detailed plan for implementing a comprehensive program of vocal production through warm-ups. The large diagnostic chart lists vocal production problems, possible causes, and your choice of remedies.

Songlist: Introduction, A Philosophy of Learning, Pedagogy, Being Prepared for Different Choral Situations, Vocal Production as a Springboard to the Future, Warmup Sessions, Appendix A - Profiles of Vocal Sections, Appendix B - Vowel Characteristics, Appendix C - Warmups for Music of Specific Time Periods, Appendix D - English and Other Languages , Appendix E - Acoustics, Appendix F - Rehearsal Tips , Appendix G - Choir and Orchestra, Appendix H - Pianos, Accompanists and Vocal Production, Appendix I - Solos within Choir, Appendix J - Checklists, Appendix K - Diagnostics Chart, Index

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6861b | Book Vocal Warm Up Exercises | $24.95 |

Valerie Lippoldt Mack : Ice Breakers - 60 Fun Activities to Build a Better Choir!

Review: For any choir, team, or class to work together in a positive manner, the members must be comfortable with each other. Long-time educator, Valerie Lippoldt Mack, gives us some of her favorite teambuilding activities she calls Ice Breakers. Tried and true, these 60 Ice Breaker activities come directly from her classroom and teach life lessons of respect, tolerance and patience. The book is divided into sections that include communication, energizers, problem solving, trust building, goal setting and building respect. Using Ice Breakers will change how you and your students approach rehearsals. The music will come alive, the group will become focused and your students will become more positive-minded musicians. This simple and affordable book packs the punch you need for dynamic success with your choir, ensemble and classroom!

Songlist: Icebreakers - Just for Fun, Communication Builders - Getting to Know You, Energizers - Stress Reducers and Let's Get Physical, Problem Solving - Achieving Group Goals, Trust Building - Establishing Leadership, Goal Setting - Developing Group Dynamics, Building Respect - Valuing Every Person in the Room

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6623b | Book Vocal Warm Ups | $12.95 || Rehearsal Material

Valerie Lippoldt Mack : Ice Breakers 2

Review: Here is the sequel to the wildly popular classroom resource book from celebrated educator Valerie Lippoldt Mack, a Kansas resident whose work has been featured at ACDA, MENC, Carnegie Hall and Disney World. Ice Breakers 2 includes 64 more games & activities (as well as numerous variations) designed to build teamwork skills, energize the classroom, and focus the kids. Many, but not all, of the suggestions also teach musical concepts.

Songlist: Icebreakers - remixed!, Stress Busters - solving problems as a Team, Creative Activities - Thinking Outside the Box, Retreat Makers - Building Relationships, life Lessons - Establishing Respect, Holiday Games - Celebrating Special Occasions

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6668b | Book Vocal Warm Ups | $12.95 || Rehearsal Material

Sally K Albrecht : Choral Warm-Up Collection

Review: The Choral Warm-Up Collection is a new sourcebook featuring 167 favorite warm-ups contributed by 51 choral directors from across the nation. These generous directors have agreed to donate their royalties to the ACDA Endowment Trust, to be used for student scholarships and conducting awards. This incredible resource consists of warm-ups for every situation and focusing on many different vocal areas. The text is organized into several categories: beginning warm-ups, breathing, vowels, diction, flexibility, scales, intervals, intonation, phrasing, blend, dynamics, minor, range, chords and rounds. Set the mood for a successful choral rehearsal while developing and reinforcing positive ensemble vocal techniques with The Choral Warm-Up Collection.

Songlist: Beginning Warm Ups, Breathing, Vowels, Diction, Flexibility, Scales, Intervals, Intonation, Phrasing, Blend, Dynamics, Minor, Range, Chords, Rounds

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6039b | Book Warm -Ups | $22.95 |

George Dodds : Voice Placing and Training Exercises - High Voice

Review: A series of carefully graded progressive exercises to improve singing technique, for both solo singers and choirs. Includes exercises focussing on breathing and breath control, the production of vowel-sounds and consonants, good singing technique, and ear-training.

Songlist: Vocal warm-ups and exercises

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6731b | Book Warm Up | $19.50 |

George Dodds : Voice Placing and Training Exercises - Low Voice

Review: A series of carefully graded progressive exercises to improve singing technique, for both solo singers and choirs. Includes exercises focussing on breathing and breath control, the production of vowel-sounds and consonants, good singing technique, and ear-training.

Songlist: Warm ups and exercises

Voicing: Low

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6732b | Book Warm Up | $19.50 || Vocal Warm Ups

Jay Althouse / Russell Robinson : Complete Choral Warm-Up Book

Review: A complete sourcebook for choral directors of all levels, as well as choral methods classes. Contains 211 warm-ups, enough for years of rehearsals, with information on usage, photos illustrating correct posture and vowel formation, and a well organized index to make finding the right warm-up a snap. Belongs in every choral director's library.

Songlist: Why Warm-up?, Warm-up Considerations for Different Age Groups, The Warm-up Before the Performance, Rest and the Voice, Physical Warm-ups, Vowel Formation, Warm-ups to Begin the Rehearsal, Transitional Warm-ups, Warm-ups with Fun Texts and Syllables, Chordal Warm-ups, Warm-ups Featuring Interval Training, Jazz/Pop/Swing Warm-ups, Just for Church Choirs, Rounds

More details
6038b | Book Warm Up | $22.95 |

Lynn Brinckmeyer : Wander the World with Warm-Ups

Review: The next time you use warm-ups, wander the world with your choir! This collection of forty simple folk songs from twenty different countries is the perfect resource for you. They can be easily memorized for immediate focus and the recommended strategies allow the warm-ups to work for both beginning and advanced singers. Help refine students' ability to listen to each other, unify vowels and tune chords all while experiencing beautiful and dynamic songs of other cultures. Suggested for grades 4-12.

Songlist: Sarasponda, S'vivon, Thula Thu' (Hush, Hush), In That Great Gettin' Up Mornin', Hevenu Shalom Alechem, Skip To My Lou, Artza Alinu, Shoo Fly, Don't Bother Me, Standin' In The Need Of Prayer, Cindy, Funga Alafia, Li'l Liza Jane (Go Li'l Liza), Boysie, Caballito Blanco, Clapping Land, Eh Soom Boo Kawaya, Epo I Tai Tai E, For Health And Strength, Fray Martin, Glockenjodler, Ifca's Castle, Ise Oluwa, Kaeru No Uta, Kagome, Kee-Chee, Kokoleoko, Mangoane Mpulele, Neesa, Neesa, Obwisana, Ritsch, Ratsch, and more

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4254b | Book Warm Up | $14.95 |

Valerie Lippoldt Mack : IceBreakers 3

Review: 67 No Prep, No Prop Activities! Students today need to feel they belong and to know they are an important and crucial part of the team. Long-time educator and author of IceBreakers and IceBreakers 2, Valerie Lippoldt Mack brings her brilliance in teaching, recruiting and inspiration with IceBreakers 3, clearing the way for learning by instantly bringing about conversation and making personal connections. These specific IceBreaker activities encourage the building of relationships as well as accepting and understanding differences. We all recognize that teachers seem to have less time and reduced budgets for planning and creating. IceBreakers 3 introduces simple as well as high-tech games with a purpose and minimal preparation. Use the games at the beginning of your classes and rehearsals, during rehearsal as a learning break, or perhaps at the end - while reinforcing current teaching goals. The games immediately involve the ensemble by shifting the focus from the teacher to the student from Day One. Your classes and rehearsals will never be the same! Life lessons are taught on a daily basis. Let IceBreakers 3 help you change hearts and lives forever! Sections include: Meet and Greet, Races and Relays, Listen and Learn, Celebrating Diversity, Problem Solving, Support and Appreciate, Additional Tech Support. Suggested for grades 6-12.

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4446b | Book Warm Up | $14.95 || Valerie Lippoldt Mack

Paul Nesheim / Weston Noble : Building Beautiful Voices

Review: Text for college classrooms, private voice studios and those who are currently in the choral classroom. A concise, yet comprehensive study of vocal technique along with an extensive collection of related vocalises. The vocalises are presented in a manner that is "user-friendly," complete with accompaniments and numerous transpositions. This book contains more than 60 different exercises each designed to address specific vocal concepts. Whether you are a student of choral/vocal pedagogy, a beginning director or a veteran of many years in the classroom in need of new and fresh warm-ups to begin your daily rehearsals, this is the text that you have been waiting for. There is an accompanying student book so that every student can see the exercises, making introduction of new material much easier and more efficient.

Songlist: Breathing Technique, Making the First Sounds, Freedom and Relaxation, Tone Quality, Legato, Sostenuto, Dynamics, Consonants, Flexibility, Synthesis, Variation, Aesthetic Qualities, Vocalises

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6625b | Book Warm Ups | $29.95 || Vocal Warm Ups

Bertrand Groger : Warm Up The Choir

Review: We can't do without it: every good rehearsal and successful concert begins with a warm-up. For this, you need motivation, variety, methods and imagination. And that s where this book comes in: Warm Up the Choir offers 22 complete warm-up routines, lively and compact in increasing difficulty. Whether it's a pop choir, church choir or professional training - Warm Up the Choir has physical, breathing and singing exercises suitable for everyone. And here's the best part: open it up and off you go!

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9906b | Songbook | $22.95 |

Catherine DeLanoy : Warming Up With Rounds

Review: Choral rounds have been used for recreational singing for hundreds of years and are effective tools for your students to understand harmony, expand their vocal ranges, and experience a choral sound that is easily accessible to them. Music educators can satisfy state and national music standards with a carefully crafted choral curriculum, bringing choir back into the daily classroom schedule. By using rounds as warm-ups, you can teach vocal technique, music theory, application, appreciation, and history, as well as increase your singers' understanding of scales, intervals, modes, dynamics, and terminology. Each round in this collection has instructions on the musical focus and implementation of each song. Additional comments from experienced author and music educator Catherine DeLanoy give insight into the historical background or practical tips for a successful performance. Several rounds were intentionally included for adolescent boys with a limited range. Warming Up with Rounds includes both familiar and rare rounds that are easy and challenging, as well as serious and fun. Music teachers and their students will enjoy discovering the secrets that choral rounds offer and ultimately feel a great sense of accomplishment when they make beautiful, harmonious music together.

Songlist: Mah, Keyla, Blip, One Bottle of Pop, Scotland's Burning, A Ram Sam Sam, Hey, Ho, Nobody at Home, Ah, Poor Bird, Alleluia, Amen, Are You Sleeping?, Flowers Are Dying, Sing and Rejoice, Why Shouldn't My Goose?, I Love The Mountains, Sing We Merrily, Jubilate Deo, Lets Us Sing Together, White Choral Bells, Chrsitmas is Comiong, Coffee, With Laughter and Singing, Come Follow, Oh, How Lovely Is The Evening, Shalom Chaverim, We Merry Minstrals, All Things Shall Perish, Now We Are Met, The Hunter, Be Welcome, By The Waters of Babylon, Dona Nobis Pacem, Hashivenu, and more

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7729b | Songbook | $12.95 || Rounds for Singing

Greg Gilpin : 115 Tang Tungling Tongue Twisters from A to Z

Review: This collection of enjoyable and challenging tongue twisters using every letter of the alphabet is set to fun music for all ages. Say them! Sing them! Use them to focus your choir's attention! These tongue twisters are effective tools to improve diction and enunciation, while offering some amusing "icebreaker" moments. Whether used as a warm-up, warm-down or focus moment, they will taunt even the most talented in town with a tang-tungling time! Greg Gilpin has written the piano accompaniment with chord symbols so your choir can move up and down the scale with ease.

Songlist: 155 tongue twisters from A to Z

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5712b | Songbook | $12.95 |

Kenneth Jennings : Sing Legato

Review: Sing Legato was written for the famed St. Olaf Choir, by their conductor, to develop good vocal production, breath control, dynamic contrast, flexibility and interval training. Original texts reinforce the learning process, inventive accompaniments keep things interesting and transpositions expand vocal range. An excellent choice for choirs of all ages.

Songlist: Sing Legato, Staccato Is Short, Marcato Is Strong, Rich Tone, Sing A Little Louder, Sigh the Tone, Flexibility, Whole Step, Half Step, The Third Comes In Two Sizes, Fourths and Fifths Go Up and Down, Gliding Along (Sixths), Seconds and Sevenths, The Octave Leap

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7102b | Songbook | $3.95 |

Omphemetse Chimbombi : Basic Tonic Solfa Concepts

Review: "Basic Tonic Solfa Concepts" is an illustrative guide that tries to simplify and smoothen the learning path for tonic solfa notation users. It brings under one package, the easiest methods and techniques of yielding the best choral performance through proper notes or music reading, interpretation and a well focused training program. The book acts as a guide for both lay and professional music instructors, as well as choristers, by drawing upon the basic components of the best choral performance. It is useful for both ensemble performances and solo singing.

Songlist: Foreword, Acknowledgements, What Is Music?, Music As An Art, The Scale, Notes And Time Measures, Chromatic Notes, Slurred Notes, Unison Versus Harmony, Modulation, Dynamics, Soli, Duets, Trios and Double Trios (Sextets), Quartets And Double Quartets, Revision Questions, Complete Songs, Artistic Discipline, A Typical Choir Training Schedule, Commonly Used Musical Terms And Expressions

More details
5061b | Songbook | $14.95 || Vocal Technique

Roger Emerson : Pop Warm-Ups & Work-Outs for Guys

Review: Unchanged, changing or changed male singers in middle school and high school may need a little extra help in "finding" their singing voices. Roger Emerson has developed a series of warm-ups that uses excerpts from classic rock and roll tunes that will provide the motivation and repetition they need to do just that. Each song features limited ranges starting moderately and gradually ascending into the tenor range and descending through the bass range as needed. The professionally-produced CD recording presents each exercise with vocals so your guys have a model to emulate.

Songlist: The Addams Family Theme, Theme From 'Jaws', Jump, Jive An' Wail, Land Of A Thousand Dances, Mission: Impossible Theme, Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye, Shake, Rattle And Roll, Smoke On The Water, We Will Rock You

More details
5476b | Songbook | $9.95 || Vocal Warm Ups

Russell Robinson : Quick Start Choral Warm-Ups - Director Edition

Review: Quick Start Choral Warm-Ups provides an easy and efficient way to begin each rehearsal. Twenty sequences, each consisting of four components (Warming Down, Warming Up, Diction, and Chordal), prepare the voice and the mind for producing a beautiful choral sound. The Director Edition contains all of the vocal parts and piano accompaniments, in addition to a detailed introduction and User's Guide. The Singer Edition, which includes the vocal parts, is octavo size, designed to fit comfortably in choral folders all year long.

Songlist: Warming Down, Warming Up, Diction, Chordal

More details
4412b | Songbook | $24.95 |

Stan McGill : Sight Reading Success for SA Voices

Review: This choral sight reading resource is designed to help the secondary choir students improve their music literacy skills. With 170 SA exercises divided into 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32 measure sets, even beginning groups can develop advanced skills over a relatively short period of time. The exercises are also available as a download for projecting to a screen or distributing to students via print or tablet as well as reference audio played on a keyboard.

More details
40459b | Songbook | $39.95 | SA |

Zolton Kodaly : 44 Two-Part Exercises

Review: The Kodaly Choral Method is a comprehensive series of progressive songs and sigh-singing exercises designed to promote a thorough understanding of interval and tonality. By incorporative a wide range of Hungarian folk music and poetry, Kodaly has produced a stimulating addition to the repertoire of school and amateur choirs. This collection presents 44 two-part exercises.

More details
4257b | Songbook | $16.95 | 2-Part |

Roger Ames : Accompanied Model Canons for Choirs

Review: This addition to the successful Choral Warm-Up series provides one of the most important tools in teaching elements of choral intonation: canons. By singing canons, the ensemble can develop listening skills that revolve around "listening to everyone but themselves." These modal canons by Roger Ames extend that listening skill even further by adding harmonically supportive and enriching accompaniments. The Conductor's Edition provides teaching objectives and simple piano accompaniments for the eleven exercises. The introduction by James Jordan includes valuable information on how to use this material to begin musicianship training. The included companion CD contains the piano accompaniments only, providing great flexibility in using these exercises in both group rehearsal and individual study. Choir directors who want to improve the musicianship, vocal skills, and tuning of their singers will find these modal canons to be an outstanding addition to their library of warm-ups. Roger Ames is music director of the Composer Librettist Studio at New Dramatists (New York City); director of composition, theory, and vocal music at Great Neck North High School (New York); and music director of Pantomonium, Inc. (also in New York City).

Songlist: Legato, High, forward singing in the lower register, Leaps, Register consistency, Upward leaps, Martellato, Learning to re-sing vowels, Central elements of diction, Shaping musical ideas, Maintaining a high second scale degree, Building round vocal sounds, Downward leaps, Exercises

More details
8741b | Songbook & 1 CD | $24.95 |

Roger Emerson : Pop Warm-ups & Work-outs for Choir

Review: Following the success of Pop Warm-ups & Work-outs for Guys collection, Roger Emerson has created this series of warm-ups for all choirs that use classic rock and pop melodies to build vocal skills while having fun! Each of the ten warm-ups provide a focus objective, suggested learning outcomes and related choral literature for younger and developing ensembles. Warm-ups may be used with changed or unchanged voices. Concepts covered include: vowel shapes, resonance, breath control, head voice and falsetto, articulation and diction and much more!

Songlist: At The Hop, Do-Re-Mi, Don't Stop Believin', Good Vibrations, Hound Dog, Lean On Me, The Longest Time, Spinning Wheel, Thriller, Witch Doctor

More details
7435b | Songbook & 1 CD | $29.95 |

Rollo Dilworth : Choir Builders for Growing Voices 2

Review: This second volume of the popular Choir Builders for Growing Voices series offers 24 MORE warm-ups and workouts for teaching proper vocal technique to young voices! These fun and original reproducible exercises will continue to get your students' growing voices on the right track to producing a quality sound. Strengthen phrasing and breath control, use dynamic expression, enhance independent and harmonic singing, perform accurate articulations, head voice "sighs," swing eighths and syncopation patterns, proper diction and rhythm accuracy, and much more with these wonderful exercises for young voices. Sing along with the demonstration tracks on the enclosed CD for quick learning, or use the accompaniment-only tracks for ear training and assessment options. Twelve of the exercises also offer optional Orff and percussion accompaniment parts. Get ready for more of a workout to a better sounding choir!

Songlist: Autumn Breeze, Celebrate Peace!, Chimes In Three Quarter Time, Hide And Seek, Hurry Up!, Jazzin' It Up!, Let's Rock And Roll, A Little Latin Scattin', Music In The Air, Nature Sings, Off The Beaten Path, A Patriot's March, Raindrops, A Seasonal Blues, Shine Your Light, Shining Stars, A Solfege Show, A Star In The Night, Time For Celebration!, Together As One, Walkin' In Blues Country, Watching The Sky, Winter Mix, A Winter's Dream

More details
4112b | Songbook & 1 CD | $19.95 |

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