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How To Perform Vocal Percussion

One of the great things about the vocal band and contemporary a cappella movement is the advent of vocal percussion. Around for many years, vocal percussion is now an integral part of so many of the best groups out there. Even if you've never tried VP, you can imagine by watching your favorite percussionist that, wow, this stuff is hard - and amazing to listen to. And now, you can learn from the best out there. The House Jacks' Wes Carroll has brought his percussing to Canada, Japan, Singapore, Germany, Italy and elsewhere, as well as many corners of the U.S. Here's your chance to have a nice, private lesson with him in the comfort and privacy of your own home. And then when you've finished learning from Wes, try percussing along with Sam Rogers, a true "one-mouth band!"

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Kid Beyond : Amplivate

Review: Beginning his career as a singer and "San Francisco's Best Beatboxer," Kid Beyond, "Singer, Beatboxer, Live Looper, Songwriter and One Man Band" has put together a powerful solo a cappella show and a growing following. We personally caught a couple of Kid's first live shows at the A Cappella Summit, and were amazed, watching and hearing him loop and multitrack his voice onstage to create his own backing tracks-layering his impassioned, surreal lyrics over his own beatboxing and vocal instrumentation. The result is a riveting, mesmerizing, soulful brew of pop electronica. Included are 4 major pieces, "Wandering Star," "Mothership," "Deep Inside" and one of our favorite live tunes, "I Shall Be Free." Following that are some wonderful remixes, 2 of "Wandering Star," and one each of "Mothership" and "Deep Inside." With over a dozen live concerts across the country in the next month, Kid has become an a cappella phenomenon that needs to be experienced to be believed! Some of the remixes are remixed with some accompaniment, unless Kid can do the best imitation of several trumpets we've heard-but no matter, this is great stuff, and Kid is going to be a star!

Songlist: Wandering Star, Mothership, Deep Inside, I Shall Be Free, Remixes, Wandering Star, Mothership, Deep Inside, Wandering Star

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1206c | 1 CD | $9.95 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Sam Rogers : 100% Organic Human Voice

Review: How exactly does he do it? Sam Rogers has, over relatively a few years, developed an impressive reputation as being one of the top vocal percussionist/beatboxer in the country. His unique talent, plus many years studying with some of the top vocal jazz coaches such as Phil Mattson and Michelle Weir, has developed his own unique style. Sam creates all kinds of sounds using just his voice without much use of electronic effects (unlike many others) but rather from his ability to create a whole array of fascinating sounds which he uses to great effect in these songs. Much creativity is displayed in this most interesting recording.

Songlist: 100% One Mouth Band, Tuvintro, Foxey Lady, Meter-ific, Rock & Roll, Part Two, Night and Day, Night In Tunisia, Can't Stop The Rain, I Wanna Take You Higher, It Was A Lie, Drum While I Bass, Hear Here, Breath 2 Band, World Of Music, You Got A Voice, Straight No Chaser

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1218c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella |

Sam Rogers : One Mouth Band

Review: If Bobby McFerrin were to look over his shoulder, he'd probably see Sam Rogers, One Mouth Jazz Band. Forest Knolls, CA-based Sam stands up in front of a microphone provides vocal (and physical, as in slaps, snaps and thumps with his hands) percussion, background vocals, fake horns and scat singing for a surprising demonstration of the capabilities and possibilities of the human voice. 12 tracks, all recorded live before appreciative audiences, some at San Rafael, CA's Belrose Theater and some at Sebastopol, CA's Powerhouse Brewing Co.: 'One Mouth Band,' Steve Miller's 'Fly Like An Eagle,' 'Another Dollar' (an original by Sam), 'Autumn Leaves,' 'Till There Was You,' 'Use Me,' 'I Can't Love You For Much Longer' (another Sam original), 'Angel Eyes,' 'Improv: First Time' (original), 'Walking In Your Footsteps,' 'Improv: Mental Drift' (original), and 'Moody's Mood for Love.' Jazzman Sam and his great set of lungs are pushing the a cappella envelope!

Songlist: One Mouth Band, Fly Like An Eagle, Another Dollar, Autumn Leaves, Till There Was You, Use Me , I Can't Love You for Much Longer, Angel Eyes, Improv: First Time, Walking in your Footsteps, Improv: Mental Drift, Moody's Mood for Love

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7366c | 1 CD | $12.98 | A Cappella |

Wes Carroll : Mouth Drumming Vol 1

Review: The name of Wes Carroll is synonymous with vocal percussion, first as percussionist with Five O' Clock Shadow, and currently with the House Jacks. In this 65 minute tutorial, Wes demonstrates how he achieves his dynamic, energetic, yet highly musical sound. His emphasis is always on building a fundamental groove, the need for accuracy over speed, and development of solid technique. Covering all of the drum sounds with absolute detail - the use of certain key consonants, formation of patterns etc. - Wes makes sure that the novice percussionist is remembering to have fun, realizing that, without positive reinforcement, a student won't persist. His cheerful and knowledgeable approach shows why he is both a popular teacher and compelling performer - no one puts out more on stage than Wes! If you're a beginner or an advanced "mouth drummer," this is the video for bigbucks usepine order readmail bigbucks

Songlist: Intro, Getting Started, Getting the Mindset, Intro to Drum Sounds, Complex Grooves, More Drum Sounds, Tips and Tricks, Wrap-Up (and outtakes)

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