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Arranging for Vocal Harmony Groups

Here we offer a selection of books for beginner thru experienced arrangers.

Songbooks, Arrangements and/or Media

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Various : Arranging Barbershop Vol 1 (Getting Started) : Book & Online Audio & Video : 196288128892 : 1705191797 : 01185785

Various : Arranging Barbershop Vol 1 (Getting Started)new

Barbershop singing is often thought of as a genre of music when, in fact, it is a style of arranging. Any song can be arranged in the barbershop style, provided that the arranger be familiar with the tenets of this originally American--though now global--art form. Arranging Barbershop provides this framework. It follows in the footsteps of arranging legends, both from the early days of barbershop and those since the preservationist movement, including our modern, living arrangers. All of these artists shaped barbershop to what it is today: a vibrant, unique musical experience that has the capacity to be compelling both for the singers and the eager listeners. This book is intended to empower current and future generations of barbershop arrangers of all skill levels, providing them the tools and knowledge they need to bring their creations to life. Arranging Barbershop is divided into four volumes: 1) Getting Started, 2) The Arranging Journey, 3) Visions of Excellence, and 4) Learn from the Experts. Each volume is meant to be standalone but also a part of the greater whole. Volume 1, Getting Started, provides foundational tools and approaches for the budding arranger. Filled with case studies, specific examples (with audio and video clips) and lessons learned, each volume aims to unlock new skills and expertise for everyone interested in arranging in the barbershop style.

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12425b | Book & Online Audio & Video | $39.95

Barbershop Harmony Society : Barbershop  Manual : Book : 4031

Barbershop Harmony Society : Barbershop Manual

The 80,000 men and women barbershoppers around the world are the largest consumers and generators of new a cappella arrangements today. To help train arrangers to meet these enormous needs, SPEBSQSA amassed this humongous manual, which likely contains everything you'll need to arrange in the barbershop style. For those interested in other styles, this manual includes many fundamentals and techniques that are critical, like ballet is to a dancer. There's all the basics on harmony theory and many examples of chord progressions and voice leading. The manual details the definition and evolution of the barbershop style, which is elaborated on in sections covering embellishments, tags, swipes and much more.

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9573b | Book | $49.95 | A Cappella

Blake R. Henson & Gerald Custer : Arranging: A Beginner's Guide : Book : G-9124

Blake R. Henson & Gerald Custer : Arranging: A Beginner's Guide

Need to adapt an SATB work for your small SAB choir? Have sopranos who can't sing divisi...but know a great trumpet player who is happy to help out? Need to simplify a viola part for a beginner? In straightforward, step-by-step fashion, authors Blake Henson and Gerald Custer show how to take a piece of existing music and craft a workable, polished arrangement that meets the needs of your ensemble in the real world.

Arranging: A Beginner's Guide is full of ideas, examples, and exercises to try out and adapt, grounded in the belief that arranging is not only a necessary skill, it is one that is relatively easy to learn and master. This book is written for conductors, church musicians, teachers, and students at all levels. With numerous examples and helpful tips-plus humor and insight-this engaging and practical workbook is designed to make the arranging process simple and fun.

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4348b | Book | $28.95

Dan Fox : Write It Right - Workbook : Book : 00-16601

Dan Fox : Write It Right - Workbook

A companian workbook to the Write It Right manual. By working through the exercises in this workbook in conjunction with the manual, the aspiring arranger, composer, songwriter or music student will learn how to set up a manuscrpit properly. Featuring pages of typical musical exampls to be filled in, problems to be solved, questions to be answered and arrangements to be completed, this workbook offers a unique opportunity for any student of music to learn how to prepare music properly and professionally.

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6062b | Book | $7.95

Daryl Runswick : Rock, Jazz & Pop Arranging : Book : 9780571511082 : 12-0571511082

Daryl Runswick : Rock, Jazz & Pop Arranging

A practical comprehensive guide to rock, jazz and pop arranged by one of Britain's most gifted and versatile musicians. Written in lively, accessible and entertaining style, this book contains everything the professional arranger or aspiring amateur needs to know, from setting out a lead sheet to scoring a full arrangement. The problems and pitfalls of writing for every group of instrument are discussed, from keyboards, drums and bass to brass strings, woodwind, percussion, guitar and a 'cappella' vocal writing. Packed with vital tips and hints, and presented in easy-to-use reference format, Rock, Jazz and Pop Arranging also includes two valuable appendices - on time saving shortcuts and chord symbols - and indispensable glossary.

Songlist: The Routine, The Lead Sheet, Vocals, The Rhythm Section, Drums, Bass, Keyboards, Guitar, Percussion, Electronics, Brass and Reeds, Strings, Orchestral, A Cappella, The Jazz Arrangement, The Full Score, Time Saving Sortcutsd

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7319b | Book | $21.95

Deke Sharon and Dylan Bell : A Cappella Arranging : Book : 884088608989 : 1458416577 : 00333442

Deke Sharon and Dylan Bell : A Cappella Arranging

At the heart of every vocal group is the music it performs. This often means writing its own arrangements of popular or traditional songs. This book is the long-awaited definitive work on the subject, wide ranging both in its scope and in its target audience - which spans beginners, music students, and community groups to professional and semi-professional performers, vocal/instrumental songwriters, composers, and producers - providing genre-specific insight on a cappella writng. The tone of the book is instructive and informative, yet conversational: it is intended to stand alongside any academic publication while remaining interesting and fun. Dubbed "the Father of Contemporary A Cappella" author Deke Sharon has firmly established himself as one of the leading vocal harmony talents today having arranged over 2,000 songs which are published worldwide. Deke was vocal producer on NBC's "The Sing-Off" and served as arranger, on-site music director and vocal producer for Universal's "Pitch Perfect" movie. A Cappella Arranging is a good textbook - and a "good read" - for every vocal arranger, whether amateur or professional; every vocal music classroom, and any professional recording studio. We highly recommend this book.

Songlist: Basic Arranging in 10 Steps, Principals in Arranging, What is Arranging?, The Arranging Sprectrum, Discovering Your Toolkit, Transcription, Five Myths About Music Making, Vocal Conventions, Song Selection, Listening to the Original, Listening to Other Versions, Form and Conceptualization, Preparing Your Materials, Melody and Lyrics, The Bass Line, Background Vocals, Final Touches, Record / Rehearse, In Depth Analyses, Change Up and Clever Bits, Arranging For Other Vocal Formats, Vocal Percusion, Specific A Cappella Styles, Writing For Your Own Group, Writing Medleys, Breaking the Block, Final Thoughts

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7809b | Book | $29.95 | A Cappella

Frank Pooler : New Choral Notation : Book : 073999464542 : WB500

Frank Pooler : New Choral Notation

Choral music appears to be in a state of transition. Previous periods of transition placed a premium on originality, and often the commonly held melodic-harmonic vocabulary was temporarily abandoned. The same sort of thing is happening now. Today and increasing number of choral composers are more or less inventing their own musical language and the means of notating i. This "new" notation is usually defined, often in a great detail, in a preface to each composition. e have examined a body of this material and extracted the notational symbols which appears with greatest frequency. To clarify some of the illustration we added phonemes where none existed in the original or replaced the composers' phonemic notation with letters from English alphabet. While the symbols included here are only sample of those in current use, we hope that the collection may help bring choral conductors an increased awareness of what is happening in their profession. Young composers may also find it helpful. Hopefully their use of this collection may serve as part of an initial step in the standardization of an expanded choral national system.

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6218b | Book | $5.95

Hawley Ades : Choral Arranging : Book : 747510010272 : 1423499875 : 35003432

Hawley Ades : Choral Arranging

A unique book that authoritatively discusses how to create effective vocal arrangements and techniques in virtually every major kind of vocal ensemble; sacred, secular and Baroque to Jazz. Contains more than 270 illustrated examples, plus an index, study suggestions and a comprehensive bibliography. Hawley Ades had many years experience arranging for choral groups and is particularly known as the long-time arranger for Fred Waring and his Pennslyvanians. As a standard text in the field, Choral Arranging is a must for home or class study and a valued reference source for every music library.

Songlist: Principles of Part Writing for Voices, Four Part Writing, Accompaniments, Three Part Writing, Two Part Writing, Unison Writing, Special Techniques, Contrapuntal Techniques, Special Mixed Voice Groupings, Treble Voice Choruses, Male Choruses, Key and Tempo Changes, Introductions and Endings, Resources in Combination, Planning Arrangements, Scoring Arrangements, Chorus with Instrumental Groups, Recent Trends in Choral Writing, Recent Trends in Accompaniment Styles

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6517b | Book | $22.95

Jimmy Joyce : Scoring For Voice : Book : 00-3401

Jimmy Joyce : Scoring For Voice

Jimmy Joyce's A Cappella Choir was featured on the Alfred Burt Christmas Carols CD, considered by some to be the finest recording of carols ever. This intermediate level instructional manual covers a variety of topics, including voice leading, intros and outros, scoring and rehearsal techniques, and has an accompanying CD featuring 50 examples. Also included is an appendix of Dick Groves' Harmony and Theory Charts, which detail which scale is appropriate for each chord in a harmonic progression. This book presupposes a fundamental grasp of notation and harmonic structure and is an excellent way to progress in sophistication after the basics are learned.

Songlist: Philosophy and Approach, Where and How Voices Sound, Children's Voices, What is Good Singing?, Know Your Singers, Doubling, Voice Leading, Intros and Endings, Vocal Background, Rhythmic Concepts, Scoring Techniques, Rehearsal Techniques, Creative Discipline, A Summary, Appendix A - "Tell Me" (arr. D. Joyce), Appendix B - Charts from Basic Harmony and Theory Applied to Improvisation

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4171b | Book | $24.95

Ken Pullig, Ted Pease : Modern Jazz Voicings : Book & 1 CD : 073999996715 : 0634014439 : 50449485

Ken Pullig, Ted Pease : Modern Jazz Voicings

The definitive text used for the time-honored Chord Scales course at Berklee College of Music, this book concentrates on scoring for every possible ensemble combination and teaches performers and arrangers how to add color, character and sophistication to chord voicings. Topics covered include: selecting appropriate harmonic tensions, understanding jazz harmony, overcoming harmonic ambiguity, experimenting with unusual combinations and non-traditional alignments, and many more. The accompanying CD includes performance examples of several different arranging techniques.

Songlist: Transposition, Ranges and Sound Characteristics, Fundamentals and Techniques, Basic Voicings, Chord Scales, Voicings in Fourths, Voices in Seconds (Clusters), Voicing with Upper Structure Triads, Writing fo Six Parts

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6282b | Book & 1 CD | $24.95

Linda Lusk / Tom Gerou : The Essential Dictionary of Music Notation : Book : 00-16638

Linda Lusk / Tom Gerou : The Essential Dictionary of Music Notation

348 page guide will clearly explain and illustrate notation, for the amateur or professional! This pocket-sized dictionary presents current and correct notation practices in an easy-to-use format. Generously illustrated and concise, this book is essential to any musician looking for a handy reference for the correct notation of music. A most welcome and beneficial source for every musician, whether using a pencil or a computer.

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5852b | Book | $6.95

Mark McGrain : Berklee Guide to Music Notation : Book : 073999493993 : 0793508479 : 50449399

Mark McGrain : Berklee Guide to Music Notation

Learn the essentials of music notation, from fundamental pitch and rhythm placement to intricate meter and voicing alignments. This book also covers the correct way to subdivide rhythms and notate complex articulations and dynamics. This guide will teach you how to create professional manuscrpits and is an excellent resource for both written and computer notation software!

Songlist: Sound Envelopes and the Notational Grid, Fundamental Rhythmic Description, Fundamental Pitch Description, The Notational Grid: Conclusion, Time Signatures, Meter, and Tempo, Rhythmic Subdivision of the Pulse, Rhythmic Subdivision of the Pulse: Continued, Rhythmic Subdivision of the PulseL Concluded, Holds, Pauses and Repeats, Chords, Voiceings and Divisi Parts, Dynamics, Articulation, Ornaments, Appendix I: Names of Instruments with Abbreviations, Appendix II: Score Layout, Appendix III: Instrumental Transpositions, Appendix IV: Glossary of European Musical Terms

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6203b | Book | $19.95

Various : Sweet Adeline Arrangers Guide : Book : MB0015

Various : Sweet Adeline Arrangers Guide

This is a great resource for any quartet who would like to have the satisfaction of creating their own arrangements. All the fundamentals are here including sections on barbershop chord voicing, harmonic progressions, alternative harmonies and embellishments (swipes, echos, patter, slides).

Songlist: The Basic Language Of Music, Intervals, Chords, Barbershop Chord Voicings, Harmonic Progressions, Alternative Harmonies, Selecting The Song, Writing It Down, Creating The Manuscript, Voice Leading, Embellishments, In Conclusion, The Music Category, Index

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5858b | Book | $29.95

Various Arrangers : Arranging for Vocal Groups Video : Video : 602437481539

Various Arrangers : Arranging for Vocal Groups Video

In this video, some of the best and most renowned vocal arrangers share their special techniques for developing vocal group charts. You will learn how vocal charts differ from instrumental arrangements, and how to optimize the potential of an a cappella arrangement regardless of the "style." Other featured topics include chord voicings, writing for specific ensembles, how to make charts "sing-able," and the unique requirements of singers. Presented in an informal and conversational tone, "Arranging for Vocal Groups" is a valuable instructional resource for a cappella singers and arrangers, from beginning to advanced. Interviews with: Andrew Chaiken - The House Jacks, Members of The Swingle Singers, Larry Detweiler - High School A Cappella, Derric Johnson - The Liberty Voices, Britt Quentin - M-Pact, Gary Rosen - Sixth Wave, Richard Bob Greene - The Bobs, Deke Sharon - The House Jacks, The CASA Songbooks, Vybe (Walt Disney), Gabe Rutman-Spiralmouth, Michelle Weir. Director: Richard Bob Greene is a Grammy nominated arranger, songwriter, recording artist and producer. As the co-founder and creator of the nu-wave a cappella super group The Bobs, Greene "fractured and reconstructed the rules for popular music." As a composer and songwriter/librettist, Greene has received commissions from Lincoln Center, the Los Angeles Theater Center, ABC and many others. He has written music for the feature films "Breaking the Rules," "For Better or Worse" and "Man in the Moon." He has recently produced CDs for other a cappella groups including "Throat Culture," "Toxic Audio" and "Da Vinci's Notebook." Running Time: 56 minutes

Songlist: The Message of the Song, Making Arrangements, "Sing-able", The Rhythm Section, "Instrumental" Arrangements, Variety, Chord Voicing, Learning to Arrange, Rehearsing Arrangements

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4815v | Video | $12.98

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