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Allison Street and Linda Bance: Voiceplay - 22 Songs for 3-5 year-olds

Review: Voiceplay is an inspired collection of songs which can be used by all practitioners, whether or not they are music specialists, in all Early Years settings. Voiceplay is for practitioners working in Early Years settings and also for parents and carers at home. Whether you are running a session with thirty children or sitting in a corner with three, Voiceplay shows you how you can use your voice to lead others and help young children develop their singing.

Songlist: Songs To Help Things Happen, Songs With Movement, Songs To Help Singing Voices, Songs For Play, Songs That Tell Stories

Voicing: Children

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9556b | Songbook & 1 CD | $35.95 | Treble | Add to shopping cart

Charles Beale: Popular Voiceworks 2

Review: Following the outstanding success of book 1, Popular Voiceworks 2 is a second collection of jazzy and popular songs in the highly practical Voiceworks format. Packed with songs in a huge range of styles, the collection provides exciting new material written by the authors as well as choral arrangements of favourites such as 'Ain't no stoppin' us now', 'Feelin' good', and 'Bang the drum all day'. The accompanying CDs include stylish performances of all the songs, together with backings for most. This all adds up to a fabulous resource for all young and young-at-heart singing groups!

Songlist: Goin' up the ladder, Shallow Brown, We shall not be moved, Sing Love, Not when lights are low, City Lights, What they say, Good news, the chariot's comin', I'm Walkin, Harvest Rain, Bang the Drum All Day, Ner Li, Contagious, Scarborough Fair, Hard times come again no more, and more

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2718b | Songbook & 2 CDs | $59.95 | SATB | Add to shopping cart

Charles Beale and Steve Milloy: Popular Voiceworks

Review: Popular Voiceworks is a fabulous collection of jazzy and popular songs in the practical Voiceworks format, with scorings from unison to four parts. Including new arrangements of popular favourites, as well as exciting new songs in a range of styles, this is a fantastic resource for singing groups of all ages.

Songlist: SECTION 1: GETTING MOVING, Swing Time!, You Gotta Move, Take Me To The Water, My Man's Gone Now, People Get Ready, 'Deed I Do, Me Ol' Bamboo, Little One, Take Me to the Funk, This Little Light of Mine, Gitika, SECTION 2: MOVING ON, Introduction and Practical Exercises, He's Gone Away, and more

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6869b | Songbook & 1 CD | $49.95 | Add to shopping cart| Teaching Kids To Sing

Gitika Partington: Community Voiceworks

Review: Community Voiceworks is an unrivalled collection of fun, reflective, empowering, and moving songs in the practical Voiceworks format. With five sections covering a variety of life's key themes, there is something for everyone - from classic hits such as 'Sitting on the Dock of the Bay', 'If I had a hammer', 'Walking on Sunshine', and 'Something Inside So Strong' to well-known traditional songs and new works by acclaimed choir leaders. The CD provides recordings of individual parts, allowing non-readers to learn aurally, and song sheets are photocopiable. A truly inclusive collection for all groups who love singing together, regardless of experience!

Songlist: I open my arms wide, I am not thinking about you, Spring Song, A cat meditating, A Twist in the Air, Deep Down in my Soul, All will be well, Nickomo: E malama, Caballos galopando, Amazing grace, How Sweet the Sound, Down in the River to Pray, There is silence in my heart tonight, Keep me, Peace white dove, and more

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2716b | Songbook & CD | $59.95 | Add to shopping cart

Jo McNally: Young Voiceworks 32 Songs for Young Singers

Review: Young Voiceworks is an exciting collection of songs to help young singers and their leaders grow together musically and develop healthy voices for a lifetime of singing and pleasurable music-making. The songs teach basic musical concepts for primary-aged children and make up a 'working repertoire' that can be revisited throughout the primary school years. The songs are short, fun to sing, and accessible. Teachers and singing leaders at all stages will find these songs a useful addition to their concert programmes and music curriculum.

Songlist: Section 1: Move that Voice, Mr Wiggly and Mr Waggly, Miss Mary Mack, Naughty Pussy Cat, The Mill Wheel and the Snail, Squirrel Songs, Bobby Shafto, Old King Glory, Chicken on a Fencepost, Section 2: Keep the Beat, Warm Up and Stomp Canon, Indian Drum and Grinding Corn, On a Log, Fun Mje Alafia and Canoe Song, I Got A Letter this Morning, and more

Voicing: Children

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9557b | Songbook & 2 CDs | $47.95 | Kids | Add to shopping cart| Teaching Kids To Sing

Kevin Stannard: Junior Voiceworks 1 - 33 Songs for Children

Review: Junior Voiceworks 1 is a wonderful collection of songs for children. Presenting 33 singable songs, from simple unison to 2 and 3 part, this is a fabulous and accessible resource to motivate and energize young singers. With a CD and supporting teaching notes, Junior Voiceworks 1 is a complete handbook for singing for all teachers and choir leaders.

Songlist: Chant It And Sing, Exploring Two-Part Harmony, Around And Around, Unison Songs, Challenging Songs

Voicing: Children

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9558b | Songbook & 1 CD | $49.95 | Unison | Add to shopping cart| Teaching Kids To Sing

Kevin Stannard: Junior Voiceworks 2 - 33 More Songs for Children

Review: Junior Voiceworks 2 is a second dazzling collection of songs for all choirs at or around KS2 level (ages 7-11). Presenting 33 singable songs, from simple unison to 2 and 3 parts and more, this is a fabulous singing resource which will inspire choirs everywhere. With 2 CDs and supporting teaching notes, Junior Voiceworks 2 is a complete handbook for singing for all teachers and choir leaders. For children, singing comes most naturally when it is part of their everyday routine, when it is associated with their everyday activities; they enjoy singing about what they are doing, thinking, and experiencing. A singing child is clearly a happy child, and one of the aims of this book is to provide children with songs that they want to sing, again and again.

Songlist: Section I: Rhythm And Language, We All Love to Sing, The Basketball Rap, Pulse 8, Mexican Counting Song, Sarasponda, At Last, Section II: Rounds, Our Dustbin!, School Dinners, Everybody Loves Saturday Night, We Do Jazz!, Section III: Around the World, Tongo, Wondering, and more

Voicing: Children

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9559b | Songbook & 2 CDs | $49.95 | Unison | Add to shopping cart| Teaching Kids To Sing

Peter Hunt: Jamaican Voiceworks

Review: Jamaican Voiceworks is an outstanding collection of fun and appealing Jamaican songs presented in the practical Voiceworks format. Including little-known gems and traditional favourites alongside classic pop hits, these arrangements cover a wide range of Jamaican styles and genres. With practical teaching and rehearsal notes, and 2 CDs containing performances and backings, Jamaican Voiceworks is a fantastic resource for singing groups of all ages.

Songlist: You walk an' talk, Run, Moses, run, Mister Potter, Mango Walk, Fan me soldier man, Jackass with the long tail, Run go a Kingston, Jane an' Louisa, Breadfruit an' jerk pork, Brown Girl in the Ring, Day da light, Wash an' be clean, Christmas a come, Keyman, Born to rule, and more

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2717b | Songbook & 2 CDs | $49.95 | Add to shopping cart

Peter Hunt: Voicelinks

Review: Voicelinks is an innovative teaching resource for music in early years and primary education. It embraces singing as a means of accessing all areas of the curriculum, to develop the whole child, with natural progression and links between age groups and subject matter. At the heart of the book are 24 carefully written songs covering popular school topics. Each song is tailored to Early Years (3-5), Key Stage 1: Year 1 (5-6), or Key Stage 1: Year 2 (6-7), and comes equipped with a host of activity ideas designed for classroom use. Suitable for specialists and non-specialists alike, Voicelinks guarantees successful learning outcomes across the curriculum.

Songlist: What's on my face?, Busy Day!, Clever Clogs, Easy Peasy!, Ring-a-ding dee!, Chamniamo gogo, Choose a Colour, Changing Colours, Paintbox, Feel the snowflakes, Weather-boy, weather-girl, Extreme Weather, The king is in the castle, Pirates!, The Gingerbread Man, and more

Voicing: Children

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5693b | Songbook & 1 CD | $47.95 | Add to shopping cart| Teaching Kids To Sing

Peter Hunt: Voiceworks - Young Choirs: A Handbook for Singing

Review: Choir directors will be delighted with Voiceworks, a superb resource for leaders of choral groups aged 11 to 14 ... This handbook covers all the areas a leader needs to know about. A detailed introduction is followed by sections on how to warm up the voice and rehearse. The section on boys' changing voices is particularly useful. The undoubted triumph of the publication is the very approachable material: 60 songs, from unison to four-part harmony.

Songlist: Abeeyo, Adio mama, Allunde, Amazing grace, Amen siakudumisa, Away in a manger, Azikatale, Baby one, Certainly, Lord, Chan mali chan, Da doo ron ron, Didn't my Lord deliver Danuel?, Doubletalk, Drumkit, Drunken sailor, and more

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5565b | Songbook & 2 CDs | Add to shopping cart

Peter Hunt: Voiceworks 2 - A Further Handbook for Singing

Review: Voiceworks is a magnificent resource for promoting good singing in pre-schools, schools, community choirs, adult choirs and everywhere that people sing. The Voiceworks books (complete with CDs) are packed with songs and ideas which are practical, motivating, and accessible. Voiceworks 2 is a complete guide and support for anyone who encourages or teaches other people to sing well. Singing is learned behaviour, and Voiceworks 2 aims to help singers of all ages and experience improve their capability, to develop some techniques, and get pleasure from using their voices. It is claimed that the better people feel about their voices, the better they feel about themselves, so this book is more influential than just a singing book. The music is eclectic, chosen for its accessibility, and can be used progressively as laid out in the book to build confidence and develop vocal technique, or as a 'dip in' resource to suit particular needs.

Songlist: Section I: Warm Ups And Rounds, Boom Chicka Boom, Eighteen Hammers Standin', Everywhere We Go, Chicka Hanka, Sarana, Sonagwaza, Banuwa, Banaha, Janie Mama, Freedom Train, Sto Me, Yenamanoa, Oliver Cromwell, The Hand Jive, and more

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9554b | Songbook & 2 CDs | $79.95 ON SALE $69.95 | Kids | Add to shopping cart| Teaching Kids To Sing

Peter Hunt: Voiceworks at Christmas - 30 Seasonal Songs

Review: Voiceworks at Christmas is an inspired new collection of 30 seasonal songs from unison to 4-part harmony and beyond. It's invaluable to all choral groups and overflows with festive cheer. The songs range from plainsong to jazz carols, gospel songs and folk pieces to well-known carols in sparkling new arrangements, and brand new carols by living composers. Voiceworks at Christmas features songs and carols suitable for singing at Advent, Christmas and secular occasions during the winter. Every type of voice at all stages of development can be accommodated, and, apart from the songs that specifically demand tenor and bass voices, they can be taken by anyone who can comfortably manage the range. The music is grouped loosely in themes, and each section contains a range of challenges from simple unison or two parts to fuller choral arrangements.

Songlist: Section I: Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque, Creator of the Stars of Night, Gaudete!, En! Natus Est Emanuel, Zion Hears the Watchmen's Voices, Section II: Sacred Harp and West Gallery, Ye Nations all, On You I Call, Radiance, While Sheperds Watched, While Sheperds Watched, Section III: New Takes on Old Carols, I Saw Three Ships, Ding Dong! Merrily On High, Silent Night, Sans Day Carol, and more

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9555b | Songbook & 1 CD | $49.50 ON SALE $39.50 | Kids | Add to shopping cart| Choral Christmas Arrangements

Peter Hunt and David Oliver: Folk Voiceworks - 30 Traditional Songs

Review: Folk Voiceworks is an outstanding collection of traditional songs following the Voiceworks model for children of around KS2 level (ages 7-11) upwards. Presenting 30 fantastic traditional songs, from unison to 4-part harmony, this is a rich resource for choirs everywhere. With a CD and supporting teaching notes, Folk Voiceworks is a complete handbook for singing for all teachers and choir leaders. The Voiceworks handbooks for singing are now firmly established as a resource that encourages and supports those who help other people to sing well and with confidence. Their hallmark is a wide range of accessible material, with teaching notes to guide the leader/conductor in promoting good practice and technique for enjoyable and healthy singing. The repertoire and arrangements are flexible to cater for unison and part-singing, by voices at all stages of development, and varying levels of experience.

Songlist: Section I: Work, Roll the Old Chariot Along, Paddy on the Railway, Byker Hill, Rap Her to Bank, Section II: Of the Land, Mow Me Down My Meadow, The Barley Mow, Follow the Heron, John Barleycorn, Sumer is icumen in, Section III: Protest and Politics, The Blackleg Miner, Union Miner, The Spinner's Wedding, and more

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9560b | Songbook & 2 CDs | $49.95 | Kids | Add to shopping cart| Teaching Kids To Sing

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