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Choral Rehearsal Books and DVDs

Practice makes perfect! So the expression goes and of course we all know that to get the best from your choir one really does need to rehearse a great deal. To help encourage singers to reach their potential we offer here several techniques and methods to get the most from the rehearsal time and to make it as enjoyable and productive as possible

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Daniel Gregerman : Rehearsing the Vocal Jazz Ensemble : Book : G-10833

Daniel Gregerman : Rehearsing the Vocal Jazz Ensemblenew

From philosophy, auditions, and lesson planning to improvisation and literature selection, this diverse group of nationally recognized educators at all levels discuss these topics and more. Each director practically walks you through a rehearsal! Whether you are a seasoned vocal jazz director or someone looking to get started, the authors' concepts on running an outstanding vocal jazz program has something for everyone.

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12429b | Book | $19.95

Micheal Houlahan and Philip Tacka : Choral Artistry : Book : 9780197550496

Micheal Houlahan and Philip Tacka : Choral Artistrynew

Offers a new understanding of the connection between performance, repertoire, music theory, sight-reading, improvisation, and musicological knowledge. Uses a Performance to Notation model for teaching music theory in the context of the choral rehearsal. Provides choral directors with a curriculum and rehearsal models that place performance, audiation, partwork, music theory, and sight-signing skills at the heart of the choral experience

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2104b | Book | $49.95

Christine Bass : Front-Loading Your Choral Rehearsal : Book : 888680696658 : 1495097145 : 00237007

Christine Bass : Front-Loading Your Choral Rehearsal

Front-Loading Your Choral Rehearsal: Constructing for Success is a creative rehearsal approach designed to aid conductors of all experience levels. Using the building blocks of musical concepts, style, and delivery, Front-Loading offers invaluable tools to help conductors scaffold their singers' learning toward a collective goal of transformative performances. Concepts come alive in real time through the video clips of working rehearsals embedded in the narrative. Practical in application yet sophisticated in approach, Christine Bass condenses decades of experience into Front-Loading, a comprehensive rehearsal technique guide for conductors striving to reach the next level of excellence in their work.

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7739b | Book | $29.95

Cristi Cary Mille : Quick Starts for Young Choirs : Book : 884088907105 : 1480342262 : 00119268

Cristi Cary Mille : Quick Starts for Young Choirs

Get your singers' attention with Quick Starts! Begin each class period or rehearsal with five minutes of creative, singer-tested activities to help focus and develop musicianship. Warm-up the body and voice with muscle movement activities, moving while you sing, and vocal exercises. Sharpen your singers' focus with games, tension breakers and ear training. Develop music skills with sight-singing, music dictation, music writing, theory and more. As educators and directors, Cristi Miller and Angie McKenna share the ideas they have used in their classrooms and rehearsals with great success. Complete with graphics and music examples, Quick Starts will get each rehearsal off to a great start!

Songlist: Warm-Ups, Tension Breakers, Sight Singing, Ear Training, Games, Teaching the Song, Tricks for Better Singing, Music Writing and Theory Fun

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8777b | Book | $12.95

Dr. Leslie Guelker-Cone : The Collaborative Choral Rehearsal : DVD : Leslie Guelker-Cone : 964807009447 : SBMP944

Dr. Leslie Guelker-Cone : The Collaborative Choral Rehearsal

Multi-sensory, student-centered rehearsal techniques that encourage the development of critical thinking and musical problem-solving skills are featured on this DVD. Incorporating a combination of kinesthetic, cognitive, and affective approaches, students make musical decisions about topics including choral tone, musical phrasing, thematic balance, dramatic intent, and poetic meaning. Using a variety of learning modalities results in more fully engaged students and also produces stronger, more creative musicians who will be better prepared if their goal is to become tomorrow's conductors and teachers. Leslie Guelker-Cone is director of Choral Activities and Coordinator of Vocal Studies at Western Washington University. In addition to conducting the Concert Choir and the Western Voices chamber ensemble, she teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in choral conducting and choral music education.

Songlist: The Big Picture, Color and Character, Motive and Textual Structure, Pulse and Meter, Telling the Story, Phrase Length and Shape, Formal Hierarchy and Macroshape, Physicalizing the Score, Utilizing the Kinesphere, Exploring Emotion-based Imagery, Digging More Deeply into the Text, Applying Effort Elements to the Score, Connecting Effort Actions to Sectional Structure, Making Metric Choices, Exploring Duple and Triple Groupings, Charting Formal Structure, Layering Structural Elements, Balancing Thematic Material

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6463dvd | DVD | $29.95

Duane Richard Karna : The Use of the International Phonetic Alphabet in the Choral Rehearsal : Book : 978-0-8108-8169-3

Duane Richard Karna : The Use of the International Phonetic Alphabet in the Choral Rehearsal

"The fusion of text with music is one of the most powerful methods by which a composer can express emotion to an audience, yet, all too often, the diction of choral groups is lacking to such a degree as to make the text unintelligible." So argues Duane R. Karna, who in The Use of the International Phonetic Alphabet in the Choral Rehearsal brings together 30 essays by experts from around the world to describe how the character symbols of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) can be used by singers in the choral rehearsal. In an effort to conquer one of the greatest challenges facing choral directors and their choirs, contributors explore the use of the IPA system in a vast range of languages. Readers will find essays devoted to the use of IPA on matters of lyric diction for the following tongues: Baltic Languages, Basque, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Dutch, Ecclesiastical Latin, English, Finnish, French, Georgian, German, Germanic Latin, Greek, Hawaiian, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, and Swedish. Holding firmly to the belief that basic instruction in IPA character is part of a choir's training, Karna and his contributors see enormous potential for choirs to expand considerably their foreign-language repertoire and save considerable rehearsal time. The Use of the International Phonetic Alphabet in the Choral Rehearsal is the ideal primer for choral directors and choirmasters as well as choir members.

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8216b | Book | $59.95

Earlene Rentz : From Concepts to Concerts : Book : 825868610 : CMF0004

Earlene Rentz : From Concepts to Concerts

From Concepts to Concerts by Dr. Earlene Rentz is intended to be used as a supplementary text for the choral rehearsal, providing exercises that teach concepts to choral singers. The exercises are arranged in a simple-to-complex order that will allow for success through all grade levels, providing challenges for young singers as well as more advanced students. Of course, teachers have the freedom to use these exercises in any way that is most helpful to them. To be fully used as the resource they were intended, this includes permission to copy for classroom use. Dr. Rentz has prepared this supplement based on her own experience in choral clinics and workshops. Presented here are a great collection of exercises and drills that will assist your students in improving musicianship. One book to use in all your classes!

Songlist: Foreword by Andre J. Thomas, Introduction, About Earlene Rentz, Section I. Pitches and Intervals, Half Steps, Whole Steps, Half Steps and Whole Steps, Minor Second, Major Second, Minor Third, Major Third, Perfect Fourth, Perfect Fifth, Minor Sixth, Major Sixth, Minor Seventh, Major Seventh, Perfect Octave, Intervals in Repertoire No. 1, Intervals in Repertoire No. 2, Finding Pitches No. 1, Finding Pitches No. 2, Finding Pitches No. 3, Finding Pitches No. 4, Finding Pitches No. 5, Section II. Tempo and Meter, Tempo, Tempo in Repertoire, Tempo Change No. 1, Tempo Change No. 2, and more

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5486b | Book | $34.95

Giner G. Wyrick : 52 Arrival Activities for Children's Choir  : Kids : Book : 9780687073139 : 9780687073139

Giner G. Wyrick : 52 Arrival Activities for Children's Choir

A collection of reproducible activities designed for use by children's choir directors in the pre-rehearsal time when children are coming into choir rehearsal. Includes paper-and-pencil activities such as music word searches, music mazes, "find the picture," musical symbols matching games, and other similar activities.

Songlist: Reproducible Worksheets, Easy To Follow Instructions, Music Word Searches, Music Mazes, Music Symbols Matching Games, Music Theory, Hymn Knowledge, Age-appropiate Activities, Seasonal Activities

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Voicing: Kids | 6202b | Book | $14.95

James Jordan : Evoking Sound: The Choral Rehearsal Vol. 1 Techniques and Procedures : Book : James Jordan : G-7128

James Jordan : Evoking Sound: The Choral Rehearsal Vol. 1 Techniques and Procedures

In This ambitious yet practical text, the author and a team of expert contributors give preactical insights drawn from many decades of experience int he rehearsal room. Just a few of the topics covered in this volume include: approaches to teaching rhythm, using recording tehnology as part of the rehearsal process, introducing your choir to IPA, incorporating Dalcroze and Laban into the rehearsal, and the count singing system of Robert Shaw. This book is destined to become a trusted companion to anyone seeking to make the most of the choral rehearsal.

Songlist: Estabilishing the Spirit of the Rehearsal, Planning and Preparing For Rehearsal, Teaching Listening, Conducting Gesture As A Rehearsal Technique, The Accompanist and the Rehearsal, Philosophy of Skill Teaching Within The Rehearsal, Teaching Rhythm In All Its Dimensions, Teaching Artistic Phrasing Through Movement, Rehearsal Accountabiity, Inward Bound

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6470b | Book | $39.95

James Jordan : Evoking Sound: The Choral Rehearsal Vol 2 : Book : James Jordan : G-7129

James Jordan : Evoking Sound: The Choral Rehearsal Vol 2

For the first time in a single volume, this book provides choral directors with a comprehensive guide to score analysis techniques used by the world's leading choral conductors and innovators. Together with the companion Volume I: The Choral Rehearsal-Techniques and Procedures (and DVD), this series is an essential guide to productive and musical choral rehearsals written by a leading voice in choral pedagogy. This volume deals with the preparation of both the psychological and spiritual aspects of the choral rehearsal. Designed for use by all conductors, this text is a valuable and groundbreaking resource for choral conductors at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Songlist: The Spiritual/Human Alchemy of the Choral Rehearsal, The Tethered Rehearsal, Encouraging the Inner Journey: Choirs on the Edge, Contextualizing the Choral Experience, Teaching Ensemble Silence, The Perceiving Choir, Selecting Literature for your Ensemble, The Rehearsal Atmosphere, The "It" of Rehearsal: Setting the Mimetic of the Room, The Willful Choir, The Rehearsal Room as a Secret Place for Musicians, The Energy Dynamic of the Rehearsal: Pacing and Energy, The Door Into Musical Style: Timbre Preferences, Breathing New Life Into Renaissance Choral Music, Determining Tempos for Performance and Rehearsal, A Voice Teacher's View of the Rehearsal, Score Preparation: A Kaleidoscopic Process, The Quantum Conductor, Begin with Aural Study: Ear Before Eye, Analysis of Tune and Text, Vocal Score Study, The Rite, Passage, and Necessity of Score Marking for Conductor and Choir, Deciphering the "code" of Renaissance Composers: Cadential Analysis and Application to the Performance of Renaissance Music, Breaking the Renaissance Code, Understanding the Journey of Texts, The Historical and Structural Analyses of Choral Works, Schenkerian Analysis as an Analytical Tool For Performance Preparation, Using the Principles of Laban Movement Score Analysis, Audiation and Imaging: The Key "Practicing" Conducting, Rehearsal Planning Checklists: Covering all steps, and more

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6824b | Book | $39.95

James Jordan : The Choral Rehearsal DVD : DVD : James Jordan : DVD-720

James Jordan : The Choral Rehearsal DVD

This companion DVD to Evoking Sound: The Choral Rehearsal is a personal master class on conducting and rehearsal technique with James Jordan. Using the Pennsbury High School Chamber Choir as a model, Dr. Jordan illustrates the major points found in The Choral Rehearsal text. The DVD cross-references The Choral Rehearsal (Volumes 1 and 2), so those who study this DVD can read further about the highlighted points demonstrated in the books. James Jordan is recognized and praised from many quarters in the musical world as one of the nation's preeminent conductors, writers, and innovators in choral music. Marilyn Shenenberger, collaborative accompanist and arranger, works with James Jordan at Westminster Choir College.

Songlist: Effects of alignment on sound, Proper use of the arm to obtain the best choral sound, Conductor listening skills, Effects of breath and breathing, velocity of gesture, and hand position on sound, Obtaining internal phrasing through gesture, Effective accompaniment techniques, Approaches to teaching rhythm, Demonstrations of unique rehearsal techniques

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6123dvd | DVD | $24.95

James Jordan & Jason Vodicka : Inside the Choral Rehearsal : Book : G-9063

James Jordan & Jason Vodicka : Inside the Choral Rehearsal

For the first time, Jason Vodicka and James Jordan have assembled a vast and practical application of the Music Learning Theory of Edwin Gordon for the choral rehearsal. Using Eric Whitacre's Lux Aurumque, the authors guide teacher/conductors through a re-imagined rehearsal process with important supporting pedagogies that help teachers reach new levels of musicianship with ensembles at all levels. Along with seven contributors, this volume contains rich suggestions for infusing Music Learning Theory into an exciting and newly imagined rehearsal process. Conductor and music educator Jason Vodicka, a graduate of Westminster Choir College and The University of Georgia, is Assistant Professor of Music and Coordinator of Music Education at Susquehanna University and Music Director of the Harrisburg Choral Society. Dr. Vodicka brings to this collaboration a wealth of practical experience from ten years of public school teaching and his working knowledge of Critical Pedagogy. He has been a member of the Westminster Choir College Summer Session Faculty for the last ten years.

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4362b | Book | $29.95

Mark Patterson : The Joy of Part Singing : Book : 749193017760 : CGBK67

Mark Patterson : The Joy of Part Singing

The Joy of Part Singing is a resource that will help children's choirs experience greater success in part-singing through short, accessible warm-ups, vocal exercises, rhythm chants, echo songs, mini-descants, and rounds. While some of these exercises are for rehearsal only, others may be shared in worship or in concert settings. Everything presented in the book was born out of the author's own need as a conductor of children's choirs. Even if your choir is currently working towards solidifying a beautiful, unison sound, these activities will help singers build the foundation for singing in multiple parts in the future.

Songlist: Warm Ups / Vocalises, Unison Alleluia / Two Parts, Two / Three-part Chords, Rhythm Rumbles, Echo Songs, The Lord is My Shepherd, Come Into God's Presence, Mini-Descants, Come Christians Join to Sing, Away In a manger, Rounds, Share God's Love, Clap Your Hands and Sing Hallelujah, Come Lord Jesus, Sing Unto God, Sing Allelujah, Gloria Deo

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7914b | Book | $12.95

Michael Jothen : Master Strategies for Choir : Book : 073999258363 : 1423444698 : 08744737

Michael Jothen : Master Strategies for Choir

Master Strategies for Choir presents over 70 ready-to-use reproducible rubrics and activities for the choral rehearsal, grades 6-12. It is organized into three areas: 1) choir as a sound laboratory covering choral techniques; 2) choir as a rehearsal-classroom addressing history, style and theory; and 3) choir as a concert venue addressing concert etiquette and assessment. Add variety to your choral rehearsal with this new resource.

Songlist: Rehearsal As Sound Laboratory, Rehearsal As "Rehearsal-Classroom", Rehearsal As "Concert Venues", Supplemental Resources

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6308b | Book | $24.95

Michael Kemp : Igniting Choral Rehearsals : Book : G-9379

Michael Kemp : Igniting Choral Rehearsals

Let an internationally respected choral clinician take you beyond the analytical study of anthems. Using his innovative concept of Unique Musical Focuses, Michael Kemp lays out a sequential set of pedagogical steps in teaching a score and incorporating stylistic, historical, and analytical information to shape the work in terms of vocal tone and rhythmic articulation. His Unique Motivational Flashes are creative templates for analyzing scores that provide techniques to pace and engage singers fully in the rehearsal process.

Kemp has included 17 carefully annotated choral scores selected from GIA's best-selling works, including works by Praetorius, Handel, Luboff, and Alonso. Kemp gives a vast toolbox with which to solve almost every problem that director's will encounter with their choirs, and help their singers grow in vocal skill and musical understanding.

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9572b | Book | $29.95 ON SALE $

Molto Music : Musician's Practice Planner : Book : 884088103538 : 0967401208 : 00311358

Molto Music : Musician's Practice Planner

An innovative weekly lesson planner custom tailored for the practicing musician! Use this spiral bound planner to meet goals and speed progress in the practice room. Students will practice more, learn more, and remember more! All styles. Any level.

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6330b | Book | $9.95

Richard Devinney : The Wednesday Workout : Book : 9780687443123

Richard Devinney : The Wednesday Workout

By the Way- You Start Tomorrow Night". The recruiting of a less-than-fully-trained person is usually done at the last minute, since the search for a fully trained person will continue as long as there is either time or hope. Our last-minute, inexperienced director, then will be starting immediately. This first chapter is the most light-hearted, the most general, and the most basic of the book. It is pep talk and a look at the thing to do the first night for the first Sunday. The remainder of the book covers the other ongoing aspects of planning and directing effective choral rehearsals.

Songlist: By the Way - You Start Tomorrow Night, Plan on Having a Good Time, Here's How: The Technical Stuff, Diction: It's More Than Just Being Understood, The Voice: Know Your Instruments, Rhythm: Is Your Music Alive?, Choice Matters, But People Always Come First, Tomorrow You Must Get Organized, What's a Choir For?, Now Do It - Week After Week After Week

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6805b | Book | $11.95

Russell Robinson : Creative Rehearsal Techniques : DVD : Russell L. Robinson : 038081261836  : 00-24075

Russell Robinson : Creative Rehearsal Techniques

An exceptional DVD showing practical and innovative rehearsal techniques for your choral classroom. Suited for choirs of all levels. There are helpful hints and ideas for every choral director and is geared for maintaining student interest and maximizing their musicianship. This program is a first-class presentation showing actual footage of Dr. Robinson in workshop events as he teaches directors creative rehearsal techniques. You will see him discuss the challenges of today's choral classroom with candor and humor, while addressing the real problems directors face and presenting practical solutions. This is a video designed for the director, not the student, and is instructional in nature. About 45 minutes in length, this piece provides a "workshop in a box," which directors and teachers can watch at home, in seminar situations, or in college methods classes. Finally a practical help for conductors of all levels!

Songlist: Live Demonstrations, Warm-ups that work, Effective Discipline, Meaningful Conducting, Humor in Rehearsal

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6256dvd | DVD | $34.95

Sandra Willetts : Beyond the Downbeat - Choral Rehearsal Skills and Techniques : Book : 9780687074846

Sandra Willetts : Beyond the Downbeat - Choral Rehearsal Skills and Techniques

Easy to read, understand, and apply, the material in 'Beyond the Downbeat' covers many important aspects of choral leadership beyond conducting. The material is practical for choirs of any size and leaders at any level of training.

Songlist: Vocal Choral Warmup, Diction, Singing Latin, Intonation Problems And Solutions, Count Singing How And Why, Voicing Your Choir, Seating Formations, Score Study And Score Preparation, Rehearsal Planning, Instrumental Accompianment

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6443b | Book | $11.95

Sharon J. Paul : Art & Science in the Choral Rehearsal : Book : 9780190863777

Sharon J. Paul : Art & Science in the Choral Rehearsal

Art and Science in the Choral Rehearsal draws from a range of scientific studies to suggest and encourage effective, evidence-based techniques, and can help serve to reset and inspire new approaches toward teaching. Each chapter outlines exercises and creative ideas for conductors and music teachers, including the importance of embedding problem solving into rehearsal, the use of multiple entry points for newly acquired information, techniques to encourage an emotional connection to the music, and ways to incorporate writing exercises into rehearsal. Additional topics include brain-compatible teaching strategies to complement thorough score study, the science behind motivation, the role imagination plays in teaching, the psychology of rehearsal, and conducting tips and advice. All of these brain-friendly strategies serve to encourage singers' active participation in rehearsals, with the goal of motivating beautiful, inspired, and memorable performances.

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2191b | Book | $29.95

Simon Carrington : The Empowered Choral Rehearsal : DVD : Simon Carrington : DVD-828

Simon Carrington : The Empowered Choral Rehearsal

Simon Carrington spent 25 years with The King's Singers, the internationally acclaimed choral ensemble celebrated throughout the world for achieving the highest levels of excellence in singing. Now he brings his wealth of experience as a choral conductor to the mechanics of directing vocal ensembles in this phenomenal DVD. Carrington's overriding passion for engaging every singer in the ensemble is revealed in detail as visionary choral educator James Jordan gives Carrington the reins of The Westminster Williamson Voices of Rider University's Westminster Choir College. Always inspirational, Carrington is both kind and demanding as he navigates the challenges contained in the journey of any choral score. The DVD comes with a detailed printed outline of the content as well as a discussion between Simon Carrington and James Jordan regarding choral rehearsal procedure. Whether used for private study by conductors or for viewing by choral ensembles to deepen their understanding of the choral rehearsal process, Simon Carrington's The Empowered Choral Rehearsal will show you how to empower your rehearsals-and your singers.

Songlist: Complete choral warm-ups, Exercises for ear development via the warm-up, Rehearsal procedures for Renaissance music, Rehearsal procedures for Romantic music, Essentials of choral diction, Techniques for improving choral intonation, Achieving subtlety of text nuance, Balancing suspensions, Achieving choral balance within the ensemble, Listening techniques for choirs

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6462dvd | DVD | $24.95

Stephen Sieck : Rehearsing the Choir : Book : 888680948740 : 1574635018 : 00295712

Stephen Sieck : Rehearsing the Choir

If we could sit down with some of the best choral conductors of our time, what might we learn? In this book, directors at Iowa State University, University of Kentucky, University of Louisville, University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Penn State University, St. Olaf College, and University of Southern California are interviewed. The book shares these directors approaches to: recruitment, auditions, and singer placement in ensembles; selection auditions, and singer placement in ensembles; rehearsal planning; choral timbres and vocal pedagogy; intonation; kinesthetic learning and choreography; traditions and choral culture. Interviews with students and observations of live rehearsals complement these director interviews to provide readers with a comprehensive look at how these choral programs consistently achieve success.

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7763b | Book | $19.95

Timothy Seelig : The Perfect Rehearsal : Book : Timothy Seelig : 747510178477 : 1592351522 : 35022835

Timothy Seelig : The Perfect Rehearsal

If it seems like you never have enough time for rehearsal, maybe what you really need is a different rehearsal style. The Perfect Rehearsal is a resource that will help maximize your rehearsal time to the fullest .. and lead to more efficient, effective, productive rehearsals... and to a better choir. This sequel to Dr. Seelig's The Perfect Blend takes you on an entertaining journey through the ins and outs of rehearsing your choir. You will never look at rehearsals the same way again. We promise.

Songlist: Part One: Planning the Trip - Before the First Rehearsal, 1. Why Are You Embarking on This Choral Journey, 2. What Kind of Conductor/Tour Guide Are You?, 3. Selecting the Destination, 4. Who Will Help You Along the Way?, 5. Mapping Out the Trip/Rehearsals, 6. Packing for the Trip - Physically and Emotionally, 7. Timing Is Everything, 8. Recruitment and Motivation for Those Traveling, Part Two: Hitting the Road - Rehearsals Begin, 9. Buckle Your Seatbelts, 10. Start Your Engines, 11. TMI and TLC in Rehearsal, 12. Vocal Health in Rehearsal, 13. Expect Detours!, 14. Maintaining Control, 15. What Happens If You Don't Arrive on Time?, 16. The Warm-up Before the Performance, Part Three: The Trip Home, 17. Saying 'Thank You' With Grace, 18. Evaluating the Trip and the Tour Guide, Part Four: Souvenirs - the Kitchen Sing(k), 19. Rehearsal Technique (Dr. Jo-Michael Scheibe), 20. To Memorize or Not to Memorize, 21. The Perfect Blend, 22. Not Your '50s Family Vacation

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6461b | Book | $24.95

Timothy Seelig : The Perfect Blend : DVD : Timothy Seelig : 747510072362 : 35022830

Timothy Seelig : The Perfect Blend

It will make you think. It will make you laugh. It may change the way you approach your job as a choral director. The Perfect Blend provides an entertaining, yet practical approach to the voice and to the choir. Over 100 exercises, including photos to explain them, rehearsal and programming tips, vocal health and the aging voice, plus "things they didn't teach you in school." It all adds up to the perfect blend for any choral director. This 2 Hour DVD features the Turtle Creek Chorale and One Achord, of the TCC.

Songlist: Appetizer: Posture, Soup: Breathing, Salad: Phonation, Entree: Resonance, Dessert: Blend, See Actual Vocal Folds in Action, The Things They Didn't Teach You In School, The Quest Unending (Performance by Turtle Creek Chorale), Mary Sat a Rockin' (Performance by Turtle Creek Chorale)

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6285dvd | DVD | $34.95

Valerie Lippoldt Mack : Ice Breakers - 60 Fun Activities to Build a Better Choir! : 01 Book Vocal Warm Ups : 747510179368 : 1592351662 : 35010427

Valerie Lippoldt Mack : Ice Breakers - 60 Fun Activities to Build a Better Choir!

For any choir, team, or class to work together in a positive manner, the members must be comfortable with each other. Long-time educator, Valerie Lippoldt Mack, gives us some of her favorite teambuilding activities she calls Ice Breakers. Tried and true, these 60 Ice Breaker activities come directly from her classroom and teach life lessons of respect, tolerance and patience. The book is divided into sections that include communication, energizers, problem solving, trust building, goal setting and building respect. Using Ice Breakers will change how you and your students approach rehearsals. The music will come alive, the group will become focused and your students will become more positive-minded musicians. This simple and affordable book packs the punch you need for dynamic success with your choir, ensemble and classroom!

Songlist: Icebreakers - Just for Fun, Communication Builders - Getting to Know You, Energizers - Stress Reducers and Let's Get Physical, Problem Solving - Achieving Group Goals, Trust Building - Establishing Leadership, Goal Setting - Developing Group Dynamics, Building Respect - Valuing Every Person in the Room

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6623b | Book Vocal Warm Ups | $12.95

Various : One Rehearsal Wonders - Volume 2 : SATB : Songbook : 747510183549 : 1592351832 : 35016271

Various : One Rehearsal Wonders - Volume 2

Here are more great anthems with that "one-rehearsal singability!" Church music directors coast-to-coast found success with the first volume of One Rehearsal Wonders and once again, this second volume delivers joyful songs of worship and soaring anthems of adoration all highly accessible to choirs of all sizes. These two-part, SAB, and easy SATB chorals can be sung any time and are guaranteed winners with a minimum of rehearsal time. From some of today's leading writers - Joseph M. Martin, Patti Drennan, Pepper Choplin, Stan Pethel, Ruth Elaine Schram, Don Besig and Nancy Price, and others. Includes: He Lifted Me; The Old Rugged Cross; Alleluia, Praise His Name; The Everlasting Arms; My Savior and more.

Songlist: Be Strong in the Lord (Linda Lee Johnson), He Lifted Me, My Savior, The Old Rugged Cross, The Everlasting Arms, Tender Shepherd, Gentle Lamb, I Will Give Jubilant Thank, I Was Glad When They Said Unto Me, O Lord, Our Lord, How Excellent Thy Name, Alleluia, Praise His Name

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Voicing: SATB | 7848b | Songbook | $9.95 ON SALE $7.99

Various : One Rehearsal Wonders - Volume 3 : SAB : Songbook : 884088455613 : 1423488172 : 35026767

Various : One Rehearsal Wonders - Volume 3

These best sellers are ready when you need them. After One-Rehearsal Wonders, Volumes 1 and 2 were such runaway hits; we felt we had to continue these helpful compilations featuring some of our best sellers adapted for churches with limited rehearsal time. This cavalcade of chorals will provide a steady procession of favorites for your choir and congregation and a great value for your music budget. Don't miss this treasury of 11 proven winners scored for SAB and two-part choirs. This collection is ideal for summer choir repertoire when numbers are lower or for small ensembles any time.

Songlist: Clap Your Hands And Sing Hallelujah!, Come And See, Down By The Riverside, For Such A Time As This, Give It To Jesus, I Surrender, Lord, In Your House, O Lord, Peace Go With You, The Time For Singing Has Come, Truly God Is Good, We Come Together Here

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Voicing: SAB | 7850b | Songbook | $9.95 ON SALE $7.95

Various : One Rehearsal Wonders : Book & 1 CD : 747510180418 : 35016265

Various : One Rehearsal Wonders

Every choir needs a cache of anthems that are easy to learn for those "slim" Sundays. One Rehearsal Wonders will be an essential for directors who are looking for quality SAB, two-part, and simple SATB anthems. From contemporary chorals for worship, to expressive songs of devotion and praise, this compilation of eight anthems plus bonus benediction is ideal for smaller adult and youth choirs. One Rehearsal Wonders will meet many needs for easily learned anthems, and will prove to be a valuable budgetstretcher as well.

Songlist: I Will Rejoice, He Will Carry You Through, One Step He Leads, Praise God, Delight Yourself in the Lord, Awaken Me to Pray, O Give Thanks, At the Cross, Go in Love

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7857b | Book & 1 CD | $16.95

Various : One Rehearsal Wonders, Volume 5 : 2 Part Mixed : Songbook : 888680957384 : 154006073X : 00299582

Various : One Rehearsal Wonders, Volume 5

We are pleased to present another volume in this popular series! Volume 5 provides more great anthems with that one-rehearsal, quick-learning recipe! Rich with stylistic diversity and subject variety, these super songs are perfect for slim Sundays. This current collection offers jubilant songs of worship and inspiring anthems of devotion, all highly accessible to choirs of all sizes. In two-part, SAB, and easy SATB voicings, these pieces can be sung at any time with a minimum of preparation. Guaranteed winners! Songs include: This Is the Day!; God Is!; All Good Gifts; Sing Out, Children of God; At the Table of the Lord; Wonderful Light!; O For a Heart; Come to Me, You Weary; Let Us Give Thanks to the Lord; Grace and Peace to You.

Songlist: All Good Gifts, This Is The Day, Sing Out, Children Of God, At The Table Of The Lord, God Is!, Let Us Give Thanks To The Lord, Come To Me, You Weary, Grace And Peace To You, O For A Heart, Wonderful Light!

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Voicing: 2 Part Mixed | 9986b | Songbook | $8.95

Various Arrangers : One Rehearsal Wonders : SATB : Songbook : 747510178545 : 1592351565 : 35016264

Various Arrangers : One Rehearsal Wonders

Every choir needs a cache of anthems that are easy to learn for those "slim" Sundays. One Rehearsal Wonders will be an essential for directors who are looking for quality SAB, two-part, and simple SATB anthems. From contemporary chorals for worship, to expressive songs of devotion and praise, this compilation of eight anthems plus bonus benediction is ideal for smaller adult and youth choirs. One Rehearsal Wonders will meet many needs for easily learned anthems, and will prove to be a valuable budgetstretcher as well.

Songlist: I Will Rejoice, He Will Carry You Through, One Step He Leads, Praise God, Delight Yourself in the Lord, Awaken Me to Pray, O Give Thanks, At the Cross, Go In Love

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Voicing: SATB | 5013b | Songbook | $9.95 ON SALE $7.95

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