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Valerie Lippoldt Mack
Ice Breakers - 60 Fun Activities to Build a Better Choir!

Icebreakers - Just for Fun

Communication Builders - Getting to Know You

Energizers - Stress Reducers and Let's Get Physical

Problem Solving - Achieving Group Goals

Trust Building - Establishing Leadership

Goal Setting - Developing Group Dynamics

Building Respect - Valuing Every Person in the Room

For any choir, team, or class to work together in a positive manner, the members must be comfortable with each other. Long-time educator, Valerie Lippoldt Mack, gives us some of her favorite teambuilding activities she calls Ice Breakers. Tried and true, these 60 Ice Breaker activities come directly from her classroom and teach life lessons of respect, tolerance and patience. The book is divided into sections that include communication, energizers, problem solving, trust building, goal setting and building respect. Using Ice Breakers will change how you and your students approach rehearsals. The music will come alive, the group will become focused and your students will become more positive-minded musicians. This simple and affordable book packs the punch you need for dynamic success with your choir, ensemble and classroom!

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