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Earlene Rentz
From Concepts to Concerts

Foreword by Andre J. Thomas
About Earlene Rentz
Section I. Pitches and Intervals
Half Steps
Whole Steps
Half Steps and Whole Steps
Minor Second
Major Second
Minor Third
Major Third
Perfect Fourth
Perfect Fifth
Minor Sixth
Major Sixth
Minor Seventh
Major Seventh
Perfect Octave
Intervals in Repertoire No. 1
Intervals in Repertoire No. 2
Finding Pitches No. 1
Finding Pitches No. 2
Finding Pitches No. 3
Finding Pitches No. 4
Finding Pitches No. 5
Section II. Tempo and Meter
Tempo in Repertoire
Tempo Change No. 1
Tempo Change No. 2
24Meter No. 1
24 Meter No.2
Singing in 24
34 Meter No. 1
34 Meter No. 2
Singing in 34
44 Meter No. 1
44 Meter No. 2
Singing in 44
68 Meter
Singing in 68
22 Meter
Singing in 22
Syncopation No. 1
Syncopation No. 2
Mixed Meter
Section III. Symbols and Structure
Dynamics No. 1
Dynamics No. 2
Symbols and Styles No. 1
Symbols and Styles No. 2
"Road Maps" No. 1
"Road Maps" No. 2
Stem Directions No. 1
Stem Directions No. 2
Stem Directions No. 3
Section IV. Text and Phrasing
Vowel Unity No. 1
Vowel Unity No. 2
Vowel Unity No. 3
Dipthongs in Repertoire
Final Consonants No. 1
Final Consonants No. 2
Middle Consonants No. 1
Middle Consonants No. 2
Consonants GALORE!
The Consonant "S"
Singing Consonants in Repertoire No. 1
Singing Consonants in Repertoire No. 2
The Breath No. 1
The Breath No. 2
Singing Softly No. 1
Singing Softly No. 2
Singing Softly No. 3
Singing Phrases No. 1 (Dynamics)
Singing Phrases No. 2 (Syllabic Inflection)
Singing Phrases No. 3 (Endings)

From Concepts to Concerts by Dr. Earlene Rentz is intended to be used as a supplementary text for the choral rehearsal, providing exercises that teach concepts to choral singers. The exercises are arranged in a simple-to-complex order that will allow for success through all grade levels, providing challenges for young singers as well as more advanced students. Of course, teachers have the freedom to use these exercises in any way that is most helpful to them. To be fully used as the resource they were intended, this includes permission to copy for classroom use. Dr. Rentz has prepared this supplement based on her own experience in choral clinics and workshops. Presented here are a great collection of exercises and drills that will assist your students in improving musicianship. One book to use in all your classes!

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