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Joseph Reiser
Poly-Phonics II - Vocal Etudes for Grades 3-8 (Teacher's Edition)

Missippi Mud



I Once Knew A Man

There Once Was A Bunny

Do, Do Re Mi

Sometimes We Rest


How Many Times Can You Sing One Note

I Just Want To Tell You

I'm Gonna Sing A Lotta Do

I Had A Dog

Sail With Me

The Bells

6/8 + 3/4

Fresh on the heels of Poly-Phonics is this new collection of vocal etudes, especially suited to the younger student. These 15 delightful and creative pieces will help you teach concepts of meter, rhythm, solfege, syncopation, and more. Songs such as "I Just Want to Tell You," "I'm Gonna Sing a Lotta Do," "How Many Times Can You Sing One Note?" and "Sail with Me" provide a context for music learning and fun at the same time. These etudes can be an integral part of early musical training and lead to a lifetime of musical enjoyment. This is the spiral bound Teacher's Edition.

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Instructional | 71 Pages | Softcover | 8 x 11

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