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O Nata Lux

Music by Morten Lauridsen

from Lux Aeterna

O Nata Lux

O Nata Lux

Inspired by the astonishing Thomas Tallis setting of the same text and using Tallis's original melody in the final refrain, this work from Swiss composer Ivo Antognini is full of shimmering chords and surprising harmonic inventions. Highly recommended for accomplished choirs and ensembles.

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Julian Elloway (editor) : The Oxford Book of Tudor Anthems : SATB : Songbook : 9780193533257 : 9780193533257

Julian Elloway (editor) : The Oxford Book of Tudor Anthems

A definitive collection of 100 anthems from Tudor times to the present, this book includes favorites as well as lesser-known pieces. The anthems were selected for their practical usefulness for church choirs today, bearing in mind the needs of smaller choirs: the anthems are mostly for SATB with or without keyboard accompaniments.

Songlist: Ave verum Corpus, Haec dies, Justorum animae, Laetentur coeli, Miserere mei, O quam gloriosum, Sing joyfully, Teach me O Lord, This day Christ was born, Factum est silentium, Call to remembrance, Hide not thou thy face, Lord for they tender mercy's sake, Almighty and everlasting God, Hosanna to the Son of David, O clap your hands, O Lord in thy wrath, This is the record of John, Let thy merciful ears, O Lord the maker, Ave Maria, Ascendit Deus, If Ye Love Me, O nata lux, Salvator mundi, With all our hearts, I heard a voice, When David heard, Give almes of thy goods, Alleluia. I heard a voice, and more

More details
Voicing: SATB | 9693b | Songbook | $23.95 | A Cappella

Mack Wilberg : Requiem : SATB : Songbook : 9780193804548 : 9780193804548

Mack Wilberg : Requiem

In a style influenced by Vaughan Williams and Finzi, this work evokes a reflective and sometimes other-worldly atmosphere. The seven movements may be sung as individual pieces. The text is in Latin for some movements and English in others.

Songlist: Requiem aeternam, Kyrie, I will lift up mine eyes, How lovely is thy dwelling place, O nata lux, The Lord is my shepherd, I am the resurrection and the life

More details
Voicing: SATB | 40525b | Songbook | $15.50

Morten Lauridsen : A Cappella Choral Compositions : SATB : Sheet Music Collection

Morten Lauridsen : A Cappella Choral Compositions

This collection of Lauridensen's aural artisanship contains hits such as "O Nata Lux," a serene a cappella motet celebrating the Redeemer, "Ubi Caritas Et Amor," a motet composed "in celebration and gratitude for the glorious and enduring service to God," as well as a setting of "Ave Maria" specially composed as a seventieth birthday gift to Maestro Salamunovich.

Songlist: O Nata Lux, Ave Maria, Ubi Caritas et Amor, Soneto de la Noche

More details
Voicing: SATB | 9231b | Sheet Music Collection | $8.95 | A Cappella

Thomas Tallis : A Tallis Anthology : SATB : Songbook : 9780193534100

Thomas Tallis : A Tallis Anthology

This anthology comprises 17 of Tallis's shorter choral pieces, and is designed to provide choirs and students with a pratical and interesting cross-section of the composer's smaller-scale ourput. These are pratical perfoming editions, transposed where necessary, supplemented by a full critical apparatus for each peice and a general introduction to the anthology.

Songlist: Audivi vocem de caelo, Derelinquit impius, Hear the voice and prayer, If Ye Love Me, In ieiunio et fletu, In manus tuas, Laudate Dominum, Mihi autem nimis, O Lord, give thy Holy Spirit, O Lord, in thee is all my trust, O nata lux, O Sacrum Convivium, O salutaris hostia, Purge me, O Lord, Salvator mundi, Te lucis ante terminum, Verily, verily, I say unto you

More details
Voicing: SATB | 6605b | Songbook | $23.95 | A Cappella

Various Arrangers : A Baltic Anthology  : SATB : Songbook : 98-EP72671

Various Arrangers : A Baltic Anthology

Baltic choral music has undergone a massive resurgence in recent years. Sacred choral music, in particular, has flourished since the end of the Soviet era, with composers such as Eriks Esenvalds and Rihards Dubra achieving international recognition. This collection of choral music brings together a number of works by Esenvalds and Dubra, and a varied selection of Christmas music, some to standard Latin texts, some to Latvian poetry, others drawing both words and melody from the older pagan tradition of masked singers and dancers.

Songlist: Kas vins? (Who is He?), Lielupe, O Salutaris Hostia, A Drop in the Ocean, Evening (Vakars), This is my Father's World, Amazing Grace, Stars, Only in Sleep, In my Little Picture Frame, Long Road, Miserere mei, Eripe me, Rosa vernans caritatis, Duo seraphi, Puer Natus in Bethlehem, Hodie Christus natus est, Florete flores, Ave Maria, Dominus regit me, Stetit Angelus, Hail, Queen of Heaven, O Emmanuel, At Christmas, Hodie Christus Natus Est, O Radix Jesse Dubra, Verbum Caro Dubra, A Child's Prayer, The Candles Glow, O Nata Lux, and more

More details
Voicing: SATB | 2720b | Songbook | $39.95 | A Cappella

Vytautas Miskinis : Choral Anthology 1 : SATB : Songbook : 9790577010199 : 98-EP72684

Vytautas Miskinis : Choral Anthology 1

Vytautas Miskinis (b.1954) is a Lithuanian music composer, conductor and professor, who has been Choir Director of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre conservatory since 1985. His output encompasses over 400 secular, and around 150 sacred, works; in addition to over 100 folk song arrangements. Miskinis was Artistic Director of Azuoliukas youth choir, and music for children constitutes a large part of his work. His music is characterised by polyphonic and melodic material, as well as aleatoric and sonoristic effects. His works have become popular both in Lithuania and abroad. Textbin English

Songlist: At this Time of My Parting, I Am Here, Jubilate, O Nata Lux, Omnis Terra Adoret Te, The Night

More details
Voicing: SATB | 4411b | Songbook | $17.50 | A Cappella

BYU Singers : Songs Of The Soul : 1 CD : Ronald Staheli : JCO30

BYU Singers : Songs Of The Soul

Founder/arranger Ronald Staheli directs his 47-strong mixed choir in some lovely, rarely-performed Christian choral pieces by such master composers as Eric Whitacre (the 14 _-minute "When David Heard That Absalom Was Slain," and "Water Night"), Morten Lauridsen ("O nata lux,"), Edward Elgar ("Light Eternal (Lux aeterna)"), and John Tanner/Jean Sibelius' ("I Love The Lord"). 13 songs, with some light piano and organ accompaniment. A couple of other favorites: Reynolds/Greene/Belafonte's inspirational "Turn Around," Mary Ann Morton/Alfred Durham's "Sweet Is The Peace," and the final cut, "Give Me Jesus." Another winning recording from this veteran choir.

Songlist: I Love The Lord, Behold the Wounds in Jesus' Hands, O Nata Lux, Light Eternal (Lux aeterna), When David Heard, I Know that My Redeemer Lives, Bring Forth my Zion, Turn Around, Hold On, A'Soalin', Water Night, Sweet Is the Peace, Give Me Jesus

More details
7513c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella

Cambridge Singers : Hail, Gladdening Light : 1 CD : John Rutter : 113

Cambridge Singers : Hail, Gladdening Light

John Rutter directs the 28-strong Cambridge Singers in the inspiring setting of the Lady Chapel of Ely Cathedral, gathering together 23 examples of English sacred a cappella choral music drawn from several centuries. Some pieces, such as the Taverner "Christe Jesu, pastor bone," or the Howells' "Nunc dimittis," were written for the Catholic liturgy; most of the English anthems were for the Anglican rite; but such pieces as Tomkins' "When David heard," Morley's "Nolo mortem peccatoris" and Amner's "Come, let's rejoice" were probably intended for domestic performance. In all cases, the beauty of the music transcends ancient politics and the years themselves, as it always must!

Songlist: Rejoice In The Lord, Remember Not, Lord, Our Offences, Come, Let's Rejoice, When David Heard, I Sat Down Under His Shadow, These Are They That Follow The Lamb, Christe Jesu, Pastor Bone, O Beatum Et Sacrosanctum Diem, Nunc Dimittis, O Vos Omnes, Factum Est Silentium, Justorum Animae, Hail, Gladdening Light, A Hymn To The Mother Of God, Hymn For The Dormition Of The Mother Of God, They Are At Rest, A Litany, Nolo Mortem Peccatoris, O Nata Lux, Loving Sheperd Of Thy Sheep, The Lord's Prayer, In Manus Tuas, Bring Us, O Lord God

More details
7110c | 1 CD | $15.98

Cambridge Singers : Treasures of English Church Music : 2 CDs : John Rutter : 302

Cambridge Singers : Treasures of English Church Music

Whether you have a couple dozen albums of English choral music or whether you're looking for an introduction to English choral music, this two CD collection is a must. This is all unaccompanied music, sung in a cathedral chapel acoustically suited for such music. The first disc has four primary sections: Music of the Latin Rite; Music of the Reformation; Music of the Restoration; and Anglican Revival and the twentieth century. The most famous composers in English music history -- Tallis, Byrd, Gibbons -- combine with later masters such as Purcell, Stanford, Howells, Walton, Britten and Vaughan Williams to form a truly masterful collection. On the second disc, there are six Latin motets, set by composers such as Taverner, Howells, Stanford, Vaughan Williams, Philips and Dering. Anthens and Introits include notables Tomkins and Purcell, and lesser-known composers such as Amner, Bairstow and Goss. Hymns span the range from old to modern, including a hymn by John Rutter himself. The disc ends with three prayer settings, including one by the underappreciated John Sheppard, and another from William Harris, whose hymn serves as the title to the companion disc. These anthems and hymns show a powerful range of music, yet show a consistent tone also that makes it rather distinctive of the music of the English church. The group's power and grace is second to none, particularly when singing this kind of music in a place such as Ely Cathedral, arguably the most natural of settings possible.

Songlist: Ave Maria, Loquebantur variis linguis, Miserere mei, Haec dies, Ave verum corpus, If Ye Love Me, Hide not thou thy face, Lord, for thy tender mercy's sake, O clap your hands, Bow thine ear, Hosanna to the Son of David, Lord, how long wilt thou be angry, Tho knowest, lord, Hear my prayer, O Lord, Beati quorum via, This joyful Eastertide, Sing Lullaby, A Spotless Rose, What cheer?, O taste and see, A Hymn to the Virgin, Jesus Christ the apple tree, Faire is the heaven, Rejoice in the Lord, Remember not, Lord, our offences, Come, let's rejoice, When David heard, I say down under his shadow, These are they that follow the Lamb, Christe Jesu, pastor bone, and more

More details
8694c | 2 CDs | $29.95 | A Cappella

Choir of King's College, Cambridge : Music For Holy Week : 1 CD : Philip Ledger : EMC65103.2

Choir of King's College, Cambridge : Music For Holy Week

Superb ensemble singing from simply one of the finest choirs in the world. Philip Ledger's tenure at King's was relatively short but he produced a sublime sound from the choir. Then are many jewels on this disc from Lotti's 'Crucifixus' to the simply beautiful interpretation of Orlando Gibbon's 'Drop, drop slow tears'. Perfection in delivery and hauntingly beautiful tone quality mark this performance of some glorious holy week music. "The Lamentations of Jeremiah" are usually transmitted as a single piece in most contemporary manuscripts, but they are really two separate compositions in different modes. Tallis and his contemporary John Sheppard were the only 2 English composers of the time to compose hymn settings of any quality. It has been suggested that they had it in mind to compose a cycle of settings for Mary Tudor's chapel. "O Nata lux" may belong to this Marian set. It is almost entirely homophonic, and relies rhetorically upon a flexible declamatory style. " Salvator Mundi" is one of Tallis's best-known motets. The masterly treatment of imitative writing is combined with a fine sense of structure and balance, achieved through repetition, to give a sense of large-scale design, a feature characteristic of Tallis's best large-scale compositions. And the most beautiful anthem on the disc: Tallis's "If Ye Love Me". So much wonderful music, exquisitely sung; a delcious Easter treat!

Songlist: Lamentations Of Jeremiah, O Nata Lux, Salvator Mundi, If Ye Love Me, Crucifixus, There Is A Green Hill Far Away, O Vos Omnes, Nolo Mortem Peccatoris, Tristis Est Anima Mea, Crux Fidelis, Videte Omnes Populi, Drop Drop Slow Tears, When I Survey The Wondrous Cross, Dum Transisset Sabbatum, Jesus Christ Is Risen Today, The Joyful Eastertide, Haec Dies, Let All The World In Every Corner Sing

More details
8598c | 1 CD | $15.95 | Some a cappella

Elora Festival Singers : Morton Lauridsen: O Magnum Mysterium O Natu Lux : 1 CD : Noel Edison : 8.559304

Elora Festival Singers : Morton Lauridsen: O Magnum Mysterium O Natu Lux

Morten Lauridsen is America's preeminent composer of choral music. Characterized by long, arching and highly expressive lines, his works are enjoyed by performers and audiences worldwide. O nata lux, perhaps Lauridsen's most popular work, is a serene evocation of heavenly light, while the searingly intense and technically demanding Madrigali inhabit a more feverish and earthy realm. The refined Les Chansons des Roses employ a design reminiscent of the formal gardens, filled with roses, found in the grounds of the great French chateaux. The unforgettable final movement is the now-famous Dirait-on. The Mid-Winter Songs for chorus and piano are a stunning example of compositional virtuosity. O magnum mysterium, for a cappella chorus, is a setting of a Christmas text that has inspired composers from Victoria to Poulenc.

Songlist: O nata lux, Ov'e, lass', il bel viso, Quando son piu lontan, Amor, lo sento l'alma, Io piango, Luci serene e chiare, Se per havervi, oime, En une seul fleur, Contre qui, rose, De ton reve trop plein, La rose complete/ Dirait-on, Lament for Pasiphae, Like Snow, She Tells Her Love While Half Asleep, Mid-Winter Waking, Intercession in late October, O magnum mysterium

More details
4223c | 1 CD | $9.95 | Primarily a cappella

Hilliard Ensemble : Sacred & Secular Music from 6 Centuries : 1 CD : Paul Hiller : 55148

Hilliard Ensemble : Sacred & Secular Music from 6 Centuries

Whereas most of Hilliard Ensemble's recordings have been designed around a particular composer or collection of music, this disc is content simply to offer The Hilliard Ensemble 'in recital', and presents a mixed programme of early vocal music - including many of the group's favourite pieces.

Songlist: Salve Regina, Planctus Ante Nescia, Quant Je Sui MIs, Vergene Bella, Gloria Ad Modem Tubae, Most Clear Of Color, O Nata lux, Ne Irascaris Domine / Civitas Sancti Tui, Dezi, Flor rresplandeciante, Sancta Mater, El Jubilate, Tota Pulcra Es, Bon Jour Mon Coeur, Le Chant Des Oiseaulx

More details
7882c | 1 CD | $11.98 | A Cappella

King's Singers : High Flight : 1 CD : 262

King's Singers : High Flight

A must-have for choral-aficionados everywhere! Perhaps the world's finest a cappella ensemble The King's Singers join forces with The Concordia Choir - one of the USA's best collegiate choirs - to perform works by by some of the best composers of the day Eric Whitacre, Bob Chilcott and Morten Lauridsen. One would have high expectations of such a stellar combination and this recordings amply fills those expectations and more. Included here is The King's Singers' more considered interpretation of ""Lux Aurumque", alongside their witty version of Chilcott's settings of poems by cummings, Joyce, Larkin and Raleigh in "Even Such Is Time". A standout is The Concordia Choir's rendition of Whitacre's "Cloudburst" which thrills.

Songlist: Oculi Omnium, O Nata Lux, Lux Aurumque, Even such is time, Anyone lived in a pretty how town, A flower given to my daughter, Days, Even such is time, Cloudburst, High Flight, This Marriage, O Magnum Mysterium, Alone, The Stolen Child, A Thanksgiving

More details
Performed by King's Singers | 2018c | 1 CD | $16.95 | A Cappella

Luther College Nordic Choir : I Love The Lord : 1 CD : Weston Noble

Luther College Nordic Choir : I Love The Lord

Nordic Choir tours annually throughout the United States, appearing in Lincoln Center, New York; Kennedy Center in DC, Orchestra Hall, Chicago; Crystal Cathedral, L.A.; the Mormon Tabernacle and many others. Here are 13 cuts from the mixed-voice, 74 strong choir from their Southwest Tour 1999. Some of our favorites are the title tune, James T. Fritschel's "I Sing As I Arise Today," Herbert Howells' "A Spotless Rose," the traditional "Jesus, Jesus, Rest Your Head," Moses Hogan's "I'm Gonna Sing Til The Spirit Moves," Paul Tschesnokoff's "O Lord God," and the traditional "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross." Another truly beautiful winner from one of America's oldest and finest choirs.

Songlist: Sing Joyfully Unto God, I Love The Lord, The Lord is the Everlasting God, I Sing As I Arise Today, A Spotless Rose, O nata Lux, Benedicamus Domino, Song for Athene, Jesus, Jesus Rest Your Head, I'm Gonna Sing Til The Spirit Moves, Jesus Loves Me, O Lord God, When I Survey The Wondrous Cross

More details
7707c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella

Santa Fe Desert Chorale : Passion : 1 CD : Linda Mack : 923

Santa Fe Desert Chorale : Passion

Throughout history, the singing voice has been a vehicle for the expression of intense emotion. In Passion, the Santa Fe Desert Chorale performs a cappella settings that reflect the heart of human existence: passion for God, country, love and life itself. Although this recording of repertoire selected from the Chorale's 2005 summer season is focused on music of the 20th and 21st centuries, it encompasses a wide variety of harmonic rhythmic and stylistic elements.

Songlist: Laetentur Coeli, O Nata Lux, Chorale, Ave Maris Stella, Ye Shall Go Out With, Mary Speaks, Salve Regina, Soneto de la Noche, A Boy And A Girl, La Rosa, Puncha Puncha, Kpanlongo, Reggel, Beautiful River, My Soul's Been Anchored in the Lord, Demos Gracias Al Senor Golijov, The Lark, Overture To Candide

More details
7979c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella

Sixteen : Tallis - Sacred Choral Works - Spem in alium : 1 CD : Harry Christophers : 513

Sixteen : Tallis - Sacred Choral Works - Spem in alium

Songlist: Spem in alium, Te lucis ante terminum, O nata lux, The Lamentations ofJeremiah:, I Incipit lamentatio Jeremiae prophetae, II De lamentatione Jeremiae phophetae, O Sacrum Convivium, Jesu salvator saeculi, Salvator mundi, salva nos, Loquenbantur variis linguis, Gaude glorioa Dei Mater

More details
6921c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella

Voces8 : Lux : SACD : 028947880530 : UCLB002260102.2

Voces8 : Lux

This recording features a selection of pieces spanning over 400 years: from Thomas Tallis and Gregorio Allegri to Massive Attack (Teardrop) and Ben Folds (The Luckiest - which appeared on the soundtrack for Richard Curtis's film About Time). The album title 'Lux' refers to the Latin word 'light,' which has inspired composers throughout history with the meaning of hope, banishing darkness, and nurturing both the body and the spirit. Voces8's celestial performances on the album prove how few can better evoke the power of light in all its physical, spiritual and mystical guises than the timeless sound of a choir.

Songlist: Ubi Caritas, O Nata Lux, Lux Aeterna (Nimrod), Teardrop, Mother of God, Here I Stand, Miserere, Stars, Ave Maria 1, Prayer to a Guardian Angel, Bogoroditse Devo, O Nata Lux (from Lux aeterna), The Luckiest, Corde Natus Ex Parentis, My Lord Has Come, Ubi Caritas

More details
Performed by Voces8 | 22246c | SACD | $13.95 | A Cappella

Darwin Sanders : Choral Singing In Latin : DVD : 884088068752 : 08745480

Darwin Sanders : Choral Singing In Latin

Darwin Sanders, nationally recognized language and diction specialist,teaches pronunciation for over 35 of the most common Latin texts used in choral singing. Each text is spoken by Sanders and is echoed by an onscreen ensemble. A helpful reference DVD for choral singers and conductors.

Songlist: The Roman MAsss, The Requiem MAss, Adoramus, Alma, Redemptoris, Ave Dulcissima, Ave Maria, Ave Regina, Coelorum, Ave Verum Corpus, Beatus Vir, Cantate Domino, Christus Factus Est, Confitemini Domino, De Profundis, Dixit Maria, Exsulate Deo, Exsulate Justi, Gloria PAtri, Haec Dies, Hodie, In Dulci Jubilo, Locus Iste, Magnificat, Non Nobis, Nunc Dimittis, O Bone Jesus, O Fili, O Magnum, O Nata Lux, and more

More details
3024dvd | DVD | $19.95

Individual Folios

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O nata lux : SATB divisi : Rene Clausen : Rene Clausen : DVD : 8187

Rene Clausen : O nata lux

This masterful setting is appropriately luminous and lush. For advanced SATB divisi choirs, (SSAATTBB but with a few measures of even more divisi.) This is Rene Clausen at his finest, evoking lyrical and sensitive singing.

Composer: Rene Clausen

More details
Voicing: SATB divisi | Sheet Music | $1.95 |
(Minimum order 4 copies)
| 8187

O Nata Lux : SATB : Morten Lauridsen : Sheet Music : 00228860

Morten Lauridsen : O Nata Lux

from Lux Aeterna

Arranger: Morten Lauridsen

More details
Voicing: SATB | Sheet Music | $2.10 | A Cappella |
(Minimum order 4 copies)
| 00228860

O nata lux : SATB divisi : David N Childs : David N Childs : Sheet Music : SBMP562 : 964807005623

David N Childs : O nata lux

Another fabulous motet by David Childs, this one includes a dramatic fugue and soaring melodies. For the advanced choir.

Composer: David N Childs

More details
Voicing: SATB divisi | Sheet Music | $2.05 | A Cappella |
(Minimum order 4 copies)
| SBMP562

O Nata Lux : SSAATTBB : Guy Forbes : Guy Forbes : Sheet Music : 08301844 : 884088220167

Guy Forbes : O Nata Lux

Winner of the 2006 Vanguard Premiers Choral Competion Contest, this setting of O Nata Lux has already been selected for performance at numerous ACDA venues. Dr. Forbes, professor at Millikin University, demonstrates his fine understanding of the choral art form with the elegant choral writing in this piece.

Composer: Guy Forbes

More details
Voicing: SSAATTBB | Sheet Music | $2.75 | A Cappella |
(Minimum order 4 copies)
| 08301844

O Nata Lux : SATB divisi : 0 : Sheet Music : WJMS1063 : 884088140854

O Nata Lux

This straightforward, accessible setting of a Latin hymn text ("O born light of light") works well for festival, concert, and worship functions and would be especially appropriate during the advent season. Contained ranges, limited divisi, and no key changes make this suitable for high school choirs. Jo-Michael Scheibe Choral Series.

More details
Voicing: SATB divisi | Sheet Music | $1.90 | A Cappella |
(Minimum order 4 copies)
| WJMS1063

O Nata Lux : SATB divisi : Ivo Antognini : Ivo Antognini : Sheet Music : 50600460 : 888680103507 : 1495054829

Ivo Antognini : O Nata Lux

Inspired by the astonishing Thomas Tallis setting of the same text and using Tallis's original melody in the final refrain, this work from Swiss composer Ivo Antognini is full of shimmering chords and surprising harmonic inventions. Highly recommended for accomplished choirs and ensembles.

Composer: Ivo Antognini

More details
Voicing: SATB divisi | Sheet Music | $1.95 | A Cappella |
(Minimum order 4 copies)
| 50600460

O Nata Lux : SA : Patti Drennan : Patti Drennan : Sheet Music : 08754130 : 884088628185

Patti Drennan : O Nata Lux

From a 10th century Latin hymn, O Light born of light, this soaring work for treble voices and violin (or other C instrument) will add elegance and beauty to Christmas and other concerts. Recommended for high school and up, or better children's choirs.

Composer: Patti Drennan

More details
Voicing: SA | Sheet Music | $2.65 | With Piano |
(Minimum order 4 copies)
| 08754130 | Digital Version Available

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