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Niska Banja

Traditional Serbian Folk Song

Now available in several voicings, Niska Banja is a Serbian Roma dance popular throughout the Balkans. To Central Europeans, the 9/8 rhythm of 2-2-2-3 is as natural as a 4/4 rock beat is in North America, and rapidly becomes both infectious and quite natural.

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American Boychoir : Sing : 1 CD : James Litton

American Boychoir : Sing

The American Boychoir showcases its vocal versatility with world music, Americana and rare classical works.

Songlist: Dixit Dominus (Vespers), Kyrie Eleison (Missa St. Leopoldi), Gloria in Excelsis Deo (Missa St. Leopoldi), When Children Sing, O Sing Joyfully (Psalm 81 vv. 1-4), Oh, Had I Jubal's Lyre (Joshua), Hosanna to the Son of David, Hej, Igazitsad!, Fyer, Fyer!, The Willow Song, Still Wie Die Nacht (Calm as the Night), Niska Banja, Alister Mcalpine's Lament, The Paint Box, Four African Songs: Tshotsholoza / Siyahamba / Sivela / Farewell Song, Orange Colored Sky, George Gershwin Medley, Wade in the Water, Elijah Rock, When the Saints Go Marching In, America, The Beautiful

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8734c | 1 CD | $15.95 | Primarily a cappella

Ames Children's Choir : All Things Pass : 1 CD : Sylvia Munsen

Ames Children's Choir : All Things Pass    onsale

The Concert Choir is one of three choirs in the Ames Children's Choirs (ACC) program founded by Artistic Director Munsen in Ames, Iowa in 1995. The Concert Choir has performed at John Rutter's Mass of the Children at Carnegie Hall, with the Des Moines Symphony for the World Food Prize, performed solo concerts in St. Patrick's Cathedral (NYC) and Washington's National Cathedral and performed at many conferences and festivals throughout the U.S. and Canada. Favorites among the 14 tunes (all accompanied on piano by Sue Lekwa) are: Bob Chilcott's title tune and "Can You Hear Me?," John Rutter's "For the Beauty of the Earth," E. Amiran's "Mayim," the Spiritual "Hand Me Down My Silver Trumpet," Stephen Paulus' "Winter Song," Libby Larsen's "Ring the Bells," Bach's "Wir eilen doch emsigen Schritten," James Mulholland's "Come Let's Be Merry" and the Serbian Gypsy Dance "Niska Banja." The lovely voices of the children perfectly complement these beautiful, well-chosen songs!

Songlist: For the Beauty of the Earth, All Things Pass, Can You Hear Me?, Evening Song, America, The Beautiful, Hand Me Down My Silver Trumpet, Mayim, Hanarot Halalu, Winter Song, Ring the Bells, The Alphabet, Wir eilen doch emsigen Schritten, Come Let's Be Merry, Niska Banja

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2324c | 1 CD | $9.95 ON SALE $4.95 | Some a cappella

Bach Children's Chorus : Land of Tomorrow : 1 CD : Linda Beaupre

Bach Children's Chorus : Land of Tomorrow

We have always loved Toronto's Bach Children's Chorus, founded in 1987 and comprised of 185 singers aged 6 and up in four choirs. Conductor Linda Beaupre directs these wonderfully trained choirs in 21 tunes in "Land of Tomorrow," all accompanied by light piano and sometimes percussion. Some favorites are "Psalm 100," "The Little Sandman," "Skylark and Nightingale," "Somewhere a Child is Singing," "Ballerine du Vent," "The Grey Donkey," "Give Ear Unto Me" and "Niska Banja" by Choir III, "Gentle Jesus, Meek and Mild" by Choir II, "Hark the Tiny Cowslip Bell" by Choir I, "Blessing" by the Bach Chamber Youth Choir and "Song for Canada" by All Choirs. These sweet, innocent voices are a joy to listen to on every well-chosen, finely-crafted cut. Treat yourself to "Land of Tomorrow" by one of Canada's finest children's choruses! PS, the extensive liner notes have all the lyrics and some great photos.

Songlist: Psalm 100, The Little Sandman, Yo le Canto Todo el Dia, Skylark and Nightingale, Cantate Domino, Gentle Jesus, Meek and Mild, Hark the Tiny Cowslip Bell, Sing a Song, Come, Let Us All This Day, Dirait-On, Somewhere A Child Is Singing, I Waited For The Lord, Ballerine du Vent, The Grey Donkey, O Rest In The Lord, Give Ear Unto Me, Niska Banja, A Croon, Laus Deo, Blessing, Song For Canada

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8972c | 1 CD | $16.95

Calgary Girls Choir : Collection : 1 CD : Elaine Quilichini

Calgary Girls Choir : Collection

The award-winning Calgary Girls Choir, formed of students attending the Canadian Choral Music School and members of the Calgary community, includes girls and young women from 5 to 19 years old. "Collection" is a lively group of 25 songs, from the masters (Bach's "Come Let Us All This Day," "Schafe Konnen Sicher Weiden" and "Jesu Meine Freude;" Schubert's "The Lord Is My Shepherd" and Brahms' "Guten Abend"), and contemporary composers (Randall Thompson's "Velvet Shoes," Eleanor Daley's "Os Justi" and "Rise Up My Love," and Daniel Pinkham's "Angels are Everywhere") to folk tunes (Canadian folksong "She's Like the Swallow," "The Blooming Bright Star of Belle Isle," the Irish folktunes "Shule Agra" and "Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye!", and the Appalachian folktune "I Am In Love, I Dare Not Own It"), gospel ("Feel Good") and even jazz ("When I Sing"). A lovely, mostly lightly accompanied Collection by the spirited, talented CGC.

Songlist: Je Ne L'O Se Dire, Come Let Us All This Day, Schafe Konnen, Jesu Meine Freude, The Lord Is My Shepherd, Guten Abend, Velvet Shoes, A litany, Os Justi, Rise Up my Love, And God Shall Wipe Away All Tears, Angels Are Everywhere, The Blooming Bright Star Of Belle Isle, She's Like The Swallow / Three Irish Songs, Shule Agra, The Drinaun Donn, Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye!, I Am In Love, I Dare Not Own It, O can Ye Sew Cushions?, Vem Kan Segla Forutan Vind?, Are You Sleeping, Brother John?, Niska banja, Old MacDoodle Had A Band, Feel Good, When I Sing

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7719c | 1 CD | $15.98 | Primarily a cappella

Calgary Girls Choir : Christmas Creche : 1 CD : Elaine Quilichini

Calgary Girls Choir : Christmas Creche

The Calgary Girls Choir presents a unique musical gift to its audiences everywhere. Recorded by Brava, the main performing, recording and touring ensemble of the Calgary Girls Choir, Christmas Creche is the first of many promising accomplishments by these talented singers.

Songlist: Je Ne L'O Se Dire, Come Let Us All This Day, Schafe Konnen Sicher Weiden, Jesu Meme Freude, The Lord Is My Shepherd, Guten Abend, Velvet Shoes, A Litany, Os Justi, Rise Up My Love, And God Shall Wipe Away All Tears, Angels Are Everywhere, The Blooming Bright Star Of Belle Isle, She's Like The Swallow, Shule Agra, The Drinaun Donn, Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye!, I Am In Love I Dare Not Own It, O Can Ye Sew Cushions?, Vem Kan Segla Forutan Vind?, Are You Sleeping, Brother John?, Niska Banja, Old Macdoodle Had A Band, Feel Good, When I Sing

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8985c | 1 CD | $15.95 | Some a cappella

Chicago Children's Choir : 40 Years Of Harmony : 1 CD

Chicago Children's Choir : 40 Years Of Harmony

Christopher Moore founded the Chicago Children's Choir in 1956, and this CD is a compilation of the best of their recordings over their 40-year history. There are 27 songs here, ranging from traditional spirituals like "Behold That Star," and "Mamelani," a traditional Zulu song, to Haydn's "Magnificat," Gabriel Faure's "Sanctus" and "Mi Go Zatvorile," a Macedonian song. The material is all over the globe, but the quality and enthusiasm of the various incarnations of the CCC remain high thoughout.

Songlist: Now Let Us Sing, Sound the Trumpet, Cantate Domino, Magnificat, On Saint's Day in Chigisakh, Froschquartett, Yo las noches, Prende la vela, Marching to Pretoria, Liyashizwa, Mamelani, Mi Go Zatvorile, Niska Banja, Behold that Star, Mary Had a Baby, Mi Y'Malel, Sh'ma Koleynu, Atsay Zaytim, Sanctus Canon, Sanctus (from Requiem), Sanctus (from Mass), Sanctus (from Missa Luba), Great Day, I've Been 'Buked, Soon Ah Will Be Done

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6614c | 1 CD | $15.98 | Primarily a cappella

Chorus Angelicus : Untraveled Worlds : 1 CD : Paul Halley : PEL1004

Chorus Angelicus : Untraveled Worlds

The well-known children's choir Chorus Angelicus (the Angelic Choir), founded in 1991 by three-time Grammy Award-winning composer, Paul Halley, is administered by the unique and inspiring choral organization, Torrington, CT's Joyful Noise. They transform the lives of 90 children from more than 15 towns in Northwest Connecticut and the Berkshires. The 45 mixed-voice Chorus members, ages 8-15, travel twice weekly to receive training in the art of singing, reading and understanding music and music theory, and adhere to a rigorous schedule of rehearsals and concerts. "Untraveled Worlds" is a musical world tour, beginning with the US and a Halley original, the title tune, and later we hear another Halley original, "God Be Merciful Unto Us." England's "Drop, Drop Slow Tears," Finland's "Who Can Sail," Russia's "Gladsome Light," South Africa's "Mbiri Kuna Mwari" and Scotland's "The Grey Selchie" are particularly nice, as is Serbia's lilting "Niska Banja." Ireland's "The Song of Wandering Aengus," Lithuania's "Nepusk, vejeli" and Canada's heart-tugging folk tune "Away From the Roll of the Sea" round out the collection of 20 songs. Through hard work and dedication these young singers learn to blend their voices to create the unique sound that is Chorus Angelicus, one of the best children's choruses in the world! Some light accompaniment.

Songlist: Untraveled Worlds, Drop, Drop Slow Tears, Who Can Sail?, Gladsome Light, Mbiri Kuna Mwari, Ave Maria, The Grey Selchie, Pie Jesu, The Cherubic Hymn, Improperium, The Song of Wandering Aengus, Niska Banja, Nepusk, vejeli, God Be Merciful Unto Us, Misa Pequena Suite, Away from the Roll of the Sea

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6759c | 1 CD | $15.98

Land of Lakes Choirboys : Let Us All Be Grateful : 1 CD : Francis Stockwell

Land of Lakes Choirboys : Let Us All Be Grateful

"Let Us All Be Grateful" is another stellar collection from Elk River, MN's famous Land of Lakes Choirboys Viking Choir. One of the best boys' choirs in the world, the Choirboys are known nationally and internationally for their perfect intonation and pure, clear sound. "Let Us" is a mix of patriotic tunes, "The Star Spangled Banner," "America the Beautiful" and "God Bless America;" traditional folk songs like "Der Almsee is trueab," "Der Dui-Dui," Australia's "The Wild Colonial Boy" and the Serbian Gypsy Dance "Niska Banja;" spiritual tunes (Purcell's "Rejoice in the Lord Always," Maierhofer's "Mater Dei" and Bestor's "The Prayer of the Children); and other favorites such as Rossini's "The Carnovale" and the Beatles' "Here Comes the Sun." There is some piano accompaniment. Beautiful!

Songlist: The Star Spangled Banner, Rejoice in the Lord Alway, Mater Dei, Willow, Show me the Wind, Prayer of the Children, Caro mio ben, Der "Dui-Dui", Der Almsee is trueab, Tally-Ho, The Carnovale, The Mighty Monarch, Niska Banja, The Wild Colonial Boy, Here Comes The Sun, America, The Beautiful, God Bless America

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8682c | 1 CD | $15.95 | Some a cappella

Madison Boy Choir : Five Fragments of Jade : 1 CD : 2289

Madison Boy Choir : Five Fragments of Jade

Established in 1994 The Madison Boy Choir has earned an excellent reputation and should be considered one of the top boychoir in the country. An earlier recording of theirs "Yonnondio" hit the top 10 on the national Billboard charts where it remained for an amazing 37 consecutive weeks. Director Dan Krunnfusz does a great job with the voices and arrangements on this fine recording.

Songlist: Bound From The Promised Land, Adoramus te, Strike It Up, Tabor, Domine Fili Unigenite from Missa Prima Toni, Wir Eilen Mit Schwachen Doch Emsigen Schritten, Magnificat, Messe Breve, Maria Mater Gratiae, Tantum Ergo, Five Fragments of Jade, Sound Of The Sea, Five Haiku on Rain, Ocean from Gift from the Sea, River in Judea, Niska Banja

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8885c | 1 CD | $14.95

Madrigaia : Viva Voca : 1 CD

Madrigaia : Viva Voca

Manitoba, Canada-based 6-woman World/Folk group Madrigaia's repertoire reflects their love for the many cultures of the world while giving special attention to their French-Canadian roots. On "Viva Voce" they sing wonderful versions of ancient and modern folk songs in French, Spanish, Hungarian, Yugoslavian, Mic mac, Croatian, Hebrew, Yiddish, and more, both a cappella and lightly accompanied by bass, viola, drums and percussion. Some favorites: "Niska Banja," "Odi, odi," "Vus vet zayn," "En filant ma quenouille," "Vichten" and "Grain de mil." A fresh, spirited sound from the north country!

Songlist: Niska Banja, Elibama, Odi odi, Tabortuznel, Ritournelle, Vus vet zayn, En filant ma quenouille, Moja Diridika, Mon arbre, Yedid Nefesh, Vuprem Oci, Fendez le boisVichten, Grain de mil, Niska Banja (reprise)

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9818c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella

Minnesota Boychoir : Until We Meet Again : 1 CD : Mark S. Johnson

Minnesota Boychoir : Until We Meet Again    onsale

Until We Meet Again, by the Minnesota Boychoir, contains folk songs from around the world, including many from South Africa. Also included are several hymns such as "And Did Those Feet in Ancient Time" and Beautiful Savoir. This highly regarded group is led by Mark Johnson.

Songlist: Siyahamba, Thuma Mina, Niska Banja, Bashana Haba-A, from Three Hungarian Folk Songs:, The Handsome Butcher, The Old Woman, Freedom is Coming, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Non Nobis, Domine, Da Pacem, Domine, And Did Those Feet in Ancient Time, Sound the Trumpet, Al HaNissim, Revelations, Beautiful Savior, Haleluya!Pelo Tsa Rona, I Hear America Singing, Who Can Sail, O Sifuni Mungu, Blessing

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7194c | 1 CD | $14.95 ON SALE $9.95 | Some a cappella

Minnesota Boychoir : Look To This Day : 1 CD : Mark S. Johnson

Minnesota Boychoir : Look To This Day

The first and oldest choir in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, the Minnesota Boychoir brings us a spirited, exuberant collection of 17 songs, beginning with the inspirational title tune by Bob Chilcott and three selections from Karl Jenkins' "Songs of Sanctuary," "Adiemus," "Kayama" and "Hymn." The Serbian Gypsy Dance "Niska Banja," the Canadian Indian folk song "Land of the Silver Birch," Susan Brumfield's "The Wind," Eleanor Daley's "The Lake Isle of Innisfree," the Spanish folk song "Vive la Quince Brigada," and Allister MacGillivray's "Away from the Roll of the Sea" are particularly fine. But although there's some light accompaniment, there are no weak cuts here. Another winner from one of our favorite ensembles, the talented Minnesota Boychoir!

Songlist: Look To This Day, Adiemus, Hymn From Songs Of Sanctuary, Niska Banja, O Colored Earth, Land Of The Silver Birch, Reel a'Bouche, The Wind - Susan Brumfield, J'entend Le Moulin, The Lake Of The Isle Of Innisfree, Mi Yitneni Of Who Will Give Me Wings, Vive La Quince Brigada, Away From The Roll Of The Sea, I Cannot Count The Stars, The Violet, Come Travel With Me

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8579c | 1 CD | $15.98 | Some a cappella

Ragazzi Boys Chorus : Good News : 1 CD : Joyce Keil

Ragazzi Boys Chorus : Good News

Since its founding in San Mateo, CA in1987, Ragazzi, The Peninsula Boys Chorus has grown to be one of the largest and most successful boy choirs in the San Francisco Bay area. Under the direction of Musical Director and and Co-founder, Joyce Keil, the chorus has toured Canada, Russia and Eastern Europe. "Good News" is live recordings from concerts given in the 1995 and 1996 seasons. The 20 songs are in 3 categories: sacred repertory, such as Cesar Franck's "Panis Angelicus," Bach's "Ave Maria," Gabriel Faure's "Sanctus (from Requiem)," and Elizabeth Poston's "Jesus Christ, the apple tree;" solos, duets and trios, like Antonio Caldera's "Alma del core," Handel's "Ombra mai fu," and Bach's "Wir eilen (from Cantata 78);" and secular repertory, Bedrich Smetana's "Ma Hvezda," the Serbian folk song "Niska Banja," Zoltan Kodaly's "Evening Song," the Slovak folk song "To ta Hel' pa," the Greek folk song, "The Kalanta of the New Year," and the spiritual "Ain-a that good news." Piano, flute and percussion accompaniment on some cuts. A beautiful collection by the talented boys of Ragazzi!

Songlist: Panis Angelicus, O gracious light, Ave maria, Ave verum, Sanctus, Der Herr ist Gross, Jesus Christ, the apple tree, Alma del core, Danza, danza fanciulla gentile, Lasst Lautenspiel und Becherklang, Ombra mai fu, Wir eilen, Ma Hvezda, Water under snow is weary, Niska Banja, Evening Song, To ta Hel' pa, The Kalanta of the New Year, Ain-a that good news, What a Wonderful World

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7566c | 1 CD | $15.98 | Some a cappella

San Francisco Girls Chorus : Crossroads : 1 CD : Sharon J. Paul

San Francisco Girls Chorus : Crossroads

Founded in 1978, the San Francisco Girls Chorus, for girls 11-16, conducted by Sharon J. Paul, has established an international reputation through appearances at concerts,festivals and competitions, and radio programs such as NPR. Technically, this CD is by Chorissima, the 41-strong acclaimed concert and touring ensemble of the SFGC. This is a powerful, impressive, internationally-flavored CD of 17 songs most lightly accompanied, from David Brunner's "Yo Le Canto Todo El Dia," and Pablo Casals' "Nigra Sum," to the Mexican folk song "Las Amarillas." The beautiful, extensive liner notes have all the words. Marvelous!

Songlist: Yo Le Canto Todo El Dia, Nigra Sum, Como Tu, Schlof Main Kind, Heaven Bound Train, Deep River, J'entend Le Moulin, My Lagan Love, Bellbird, Rainbird, Niska Banja, Taivas On Sininen, Picking The Seedpods Of Lotus, The Cataract Of Mount Lu, Queen Jane, Sachaki, Sachaki, Las Amarillas

More details
6643c | 1 CD | $15.98 | Some a cappella

Seattle Children's Chorus : How Can I Keep From Singing? : 1 CD : Kris Mason

Seattle Children's Chorus : How Can I Keep From Singing?

A 22 song "best of" collection from this top-notch children's choir spanning the years since their formation in 1989 by artistic director Kris Mason. Approximately 200 choristers ages 7 - 20 benefit from the program's vocal and choral training offered in four progressive choirs. The wide repertoire of the chorus is well represented with selections of classical, historic, sacred, folk and world pieces.

Songlist: Ecco Mormorar L'onda, Dome Epais, Path To The Moon, Can You Hear Me, Marienwurmchen, Ubi Caritas Et Amor, Caelos Ascendit Hodie, Niska Banja, Shake The Papaya Down, Metsa Telegramm, Achat Shoalti, Ezekiel Saw De Wheel, Soldier Soldier Won't You Marry Me, Shady Grove, Loch Lomond, No Time

More details
8666c | 1 CD | $15.95 | Some a cappella

Vox Femina : Simply : 1 CD : Iris S Levine

Vox Femina : Simply    Out of Print

The 30 talented women of Vox Femina LA, directed by Dr. Iris S. Levine, went into the recording studio in July, 2002 to record repertoire from their first 5 seasons, showcasing two new commissions: "The Tolerance Project" and "Alarcon Madrigals, Book II." Founded in 1997, VFLA is a women's choral ensemble dedicated to the performance of quality choral literature with an emphasis on music by women composers. They are a family of diverse women who are lesbian, bisexual and heterosexual. This CD is in 3 parts, 8 songs from "Miniatures of Kin," 11 songs in "Alarcon Madrigals, Book II, and 3 from "The Tolerance Project," based on the poetry of LA high school students. All songs are lightly piano accompanied. Particularly nice are the opening cut, "The Gathering," the traditional "The Water is Wide," the Serbian folk tune "Niska Banja," "Wood River," "Both Page and Pen," "Another Language," "Totally Exposed," "Warrior," Holly Near's "Simply Love," "I Come From Good People," and "I Love A Rainbow." The extensive liner notes include all the touching, poignant and joyous lyrics. "Simply..." is a gift.

Songlist: (Miniatures of Kin), The Gathering , Sisters, Cousins, Parting, The Water is Wide, Niska Banja, The 23rd Psalm, Wood River, (Alarcon Madrigals, Book II), I Want to Stop Being an Endless Night, Wind, Bird, Both Page and Pen, Matriarch, Another Language, I Thank You God, Totally Exposed, Warrior, Simply Love, I Come from Good People, (The Tolerance Proect), Pendulum, Afraid, I Love a Rainbow

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7004c | 1 CD | $9.95 ON SALE $ | A Cappella

Individual Folios

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Niska Banja : TB : Nick Page : 1 CD : 48020833 : 884088507985 : 1423477022

Nick Page : Niska Banja

Niska Banja is a folksong and dance popular throughout Yugoslavia and Central Europe. The vocal parts are arranged almost exactly as they would be sung authentically. Piano 4-hands, optional clarinet and tambourine parts included in the vocal score. Duration: ca. 1:20.

Arranger: Nick Page | Country: Yugoslavia

More details
Voicing: TB | Sheet Music | $2.35 | With Piano |
(Minimum order 4 copies)
| 48020833 | Digital Version Available
Other Voicings: 2-Part, SSAA, SATB, 2-Part, SSAA, SATB

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