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Traditional Russian Folk Song

Kalinka is about a young man sitting under a red berry bush (Kalinka), singing of his feelings for his sweetheart. The expressiveness of the song is achieved through the contrast between a lively and rhythmic chorus and the more legato and subdued verses.

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Various Arrangers : Russian Folk Songs : SSA : Sheet Music Collection

Various Arrangers : Russian Folk Songs

"Kalinka" is about a young man sitting under a red berry bush (Kalinka), singing of his feelings for his sweetheart. The expressiveness of the song is achieved through the contrast between a lively and rhythmic chorus and the more legato and subdued verses. The Russian folk song "One Day By The River A Young Cossack Roamed" is transcribed and arranged here based on a version sung by Olga and Kristina Bashirin in Irkutsk, Russia, in July of 1993. Includes both English and Russian text with pronunciation guide for the Russian. "The Birch Tree" Arranged by Stanislav Gribkov, the artistic director and chief conductor of the St. Petersburg TV and Radio Choir, this intricate setting sounds harder than it is.

Songlist: Kalinka, One Day By The River A Young Cossack Roamed, Birch Tree

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Voicing: SSA | 8021b | Sheet Music Collection | $5.45 | A Cappella

Academy of Choral Art : Pearls of Traditional Music : 1 CD : Victor Popov

Academy of Choral Art : Pearls of Traditional Music

This superb chorus sings a multiplicity of folk masterpieces: Russian, Gregorian, and Ukrainian. The authentic Russian songs offered generously on this program cover a wide range of genre and character, from love songs and coach tunes to peasant dances. The emotional range is broad as well, from subtle lyrics to boisterous joy. Each region represented reveals in its music an enriched experience of the uniqueness of its own culture. Sumptuous sound from top to bottom, pinpoint accuracy, electrifying virtuosity and great expressiveness. Selections range from old favourites like "Dark Eyes," the "Volga Boatman's Song," and "Kalinka," to much less familiar gems like "There is Birch in the Field" (Tchaikovsky Uses this theme in his Fourth Symphony.) The true joy in singing is everywhere evident.

Songlist: The Ural Rowan, Red Sarafan, Nightingale, Amur Waves, Dark Eyes, Down the Volga River, Dubinushka, the Volga, Boatman's Song, There was a Birch in a Field, On a Hill, Suliko (Georgian), Oh Oak, My Oak (Ukranian), Sing Martlet, Sing, One Hears the Sound of a Distant Lone Bell, Twelve Robbers, Brooms, Peddlers, The Evening Chime, Kalinka

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8834c | 1 CD | $15.95 | A Cappella

Choir of S. Krivobokov : Along The Street : 1 CD

Choir of S. Krivobokov : Along The Street

The unfortunate limitation of people only slightly familiar with Russian folk songs to assume that the male choir or chorus is the only vocal vehicle, can now have their horizons expanded with this mixed choir directed by S. Krivobokov. Recorded live at Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory, you will have the glory of hearing some of the finest voices in all of Russia. You will be regaled with a smattering of familiar tunes in the robust male vocal tradition such as "The Wild Steppe" and "Dense Unknown Taiga" on which the women's voices will be relegated to creating the sweetness which typically tenor's provided in the all male ensembles. However you will also find women's voices in leads of unparalleled beauty and at other times the lead is shared by men and women duets before the entire chorus is brought into the songs to create the robust fullness that is unique to Russian music. If you have only one recording of Russian Folk Songs in your library, let it be this one!

Songlist: The WIld Steppe, In Dark Woods, Dense Unknown Taiga, A Handbell, I wish I Hadn't Known You, My Love, Evening Bells, Along the Street, It's Foggy, Do Pass Over, Storm, A Girl In the Pine-Forest, Twelve Robbers, In the Smithy, Steppe Around, Not the Wind Bends the Branch, Don't Reproach Me, Kalinka

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6597c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella

Lawrence Children's Choir : Here's To Song : 1 CD : Janeal Crabb Krehbiel

Lawrence Children's Choir : Here's To Song

"Here's To Song" is The Lawrence Children's Choir's second CD, once again directed by founder Janeal Krehbiel and accompanied by co-founder Marilyn Epp. There are 30 songs here, all but a couple are accompanied by piano or piano and clarinet or oboe. The 70-voice choir takes more chances on their second CD, in the form of more solos and more adventuresome arrangements. The song selection continues to be all over the map, from Gabriel Faure's "Pie Jesu from Requiem Mass" to Joan Varner's wonderful "When I Am Silent." These kids don't hold anything back, and can hit the high notes with ease and skill. Here's to the children, Ms. Krehbiel , Ms. Epp, and To Song!

Songlist: Stars, Down in the Forest, Two German Folk Songs:, -Spinnerliedchen, -Abscheid, Pie Jesu from Requiem Mass, Fare Ye Well, Kyrie from Missa Brevis in C minor, Kalinka, Linden Lea, Five Little Chickens from Country Scenes, She Shall Have Music, Hey Nonny No!, If Music Be the Food of Love, O filii et filiae, Poor Lonesome Cowboy, Mary Had A Little Blues, Spring Morning, Bel Tempo che vola, When I Am Silent, Let the Merry Bells Ring Out, My Beloved, Holy, Holy, Holy, Dance on My Heart, Still wie die Nacht, Tebe poem, Away from the Roll of the Sea, On the Sunny Side of the Street, The Nightingale, Chindia, and more

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6593c | 1 CD | $15.98

Les Petits Chanteurs : Etition du Centenaire : 2 CDs : 3017445

Les Petits Chanteurs : Etition du Centenaire

After Emmanuel Descombes' December 2006 documentary of this famous children's chorus, RYM Musique & Buda Records now make available a beautiful box set celebrating 100 years of the choir. The 2XCD set includes some of the best of the legendary interpretations and recent recordings of the PCCB, accompanied by a twelve-page booklet including photos, history, and more.

Songlist: Ils etaient trois petits enfants, Dors, ma colombe, Guillo, prends ton tambourin, Pour les enfants de choeur et de maitrise, Sem pospeste, Hymne de Serapion, Tengo de subir al puerto, La nuit, Quand mon mari vient de dehors, Tutu maramba, Les deux cites, Le chant des adieux, Trois beaux oiseaux de paradis, Madre en la puerta, Les voisins, Entre le boeuf et l'ane gris, Chanson joyeuse de noel, Noel savoyard, Stille nacht, Noel Yougoslave, Noel Polonais, O Come, All Ye Faithful, La joie de vivre de monseigneur maillet, Un enfant est ne, Chanson de solveig, Little David, La rose rouge, Maman me permets-tu?, Yamaderano, Kalinka, and more

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8854c | 2 CDs | $18.95

Moscow Boys Choir : Crescendo! : 1 CD : Leonid Baklushin

Moscow Boys Choir : Crescendo!

Founded in 1957, the MBC is one of the most prestigious all-male choirs, directed by Leonid Baklushin. Members are selected for the touring company from over 400 students, the group has earned an reputation on tours of Russia, Europe, Canada and South Korea. The Choir's distinctly Russian sound blends soaring soprano voices with rich bass and baritone. "Crescendo!" has 13 varied tunes, combining Christmas songs ("All the Angels in the Sky Rejoiceth," "O! Holy Night," Handel's immortal "Hallelujah Chorus" and "Twelve Days of Christmas" with Russian folk songs "The Mountains," "Dushechka," "Calm Down Wild Winds," "Evening Bells," "Ochi Tchiornye" and "Kalinka." The group adds "America the Beautiful," and the pop tune "Swing"-a varied, incongruous repertoire, but it all works-great stuff!

Songlist: All The Angles In The Sky Rejoiceth, O! Holy Night, Domine, Ad Adjuvandum Me Festina, Hallelujah Chorus, Twelve Days Of Christmas, The Mountains, Swing, Dushechka, Calm Down, Wild Winds, Evening Bells, Ochi Tchiornye, America, The Beautiful, Kalinka

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7817c | 1 CD | $15.98 | Some a cappella

Red Army Choir : Most Beautiful Folk Songs of Russia : 1 CD : 743037221726 : ARM2217.2

Red Army Choir : Most Beautiful Folk Songs of Russia

The internationally renowned and hugely popular Red Army Choir and Orchestra present Russian favourites. Popular songs such as Hey, Ukhem! (Volga Boatmen), Stenka Razin, Poliushko Polye, The Story of the Twelve Robbers, Kolokolchik (Ring The Bell), Kalinka, Vecernij Zvon (Evening Bells) and others.

Songlist: Hey, Iamscik Gonica Kiary (Hey Cabman), Hey, Ukhem! (Song of the Volga Boatmen), Kalitka (Open the Gate Gently), Stenka Razin, Amur's Waves, Poliushko Polye, Suliko, Vuidou Na Oulitsou (I Go Out Into The Street), The Story Of The Twelve Robbers, Kolokolchik (Ring The Bell), Za Dunaem, Radujsa Russko Zemle (Be Happy, Russian Lands, Be Happy, Russian People), All Around The Steppe, Russian Mosaic, Kalinka, Vecernij Zvon (Evening Bells)

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6168c | 1 CD | $16.95

Red Army Choir : Best of - Definitive Collection : 2 CDs : I. Agafonnikov / B. Alexandrov / A. Maltsev / Y. Petrov / N. : 6034

Red Army Choir : Best of - Definitive Collection

Spirited, committed, manly singing. Soul-shaking stuff! The ensemble is incisive; soloists are marvelous. The folk melodies are enchanting. The songs - and the singers - are bound up in the cultural fabric of the Cossacks, Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Chekhov, Trotsky, Nabakov... This music conveys the great romantic, dignified, boisterous soul of the Russian People.

Songlist: Kalinka, Partisan's Song, Souliko, Korobelniki, On the Road, My Country, The Red Army is the Srongest, Moscow Nights, Along Peterskaia Street, Smuglianka, Troika Group, Ah Nastassia, Echelon's Song, My Army, Civil War Songs: The Red Cavalry, Beyond the River, Hello On the Way, Bella Ciao, National Anthem of the USSR, Oh Fields, My Fields, The Cliff, The Cossacks, In the Central Steppes, Gandzia, Cossacks's Song, The Roads, Song of the Volga Boatman, Dark Eyes, Let's Go, The Birch Tree, The Road Song, The Samovars, and more

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8689c | 2 CDs | $19.95 | Some a cappella

Red Army Choir : Best of The Original Chorus : 1 CD : 22002

Red Army Choir : Best of The Original Chorus

A collection of 20 songs celebrating the first 20 years of this amazing chorus.

Songlist: Riders March, Troika, Little Field, When The Soldiers Sing, Nightingales, Dark Eyes, Kossack's Song, "Let's Drink!", Song Of The Volga Boat Men, Russian Song, Kalinka, Farewell Song, Escamillo Couplets, Dear Soul, Ukrainian Folk Song, Moscow Nights, May Nights, I Got Plenty Of Nothing, Granada, National Anthem Of The USSR

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8953c | 1 CD | $11.95

Red Star Red Army Chorus : <span style="color:red;">Kalinka</span>! Russian Folk Music : 1 CD : 77307

Red Star Red Army Chorus : Kalinka! Russian Folk Music

The Red Star Red Army Chorus and Dance Ensemble was created in 1978 in Moscow, mostly to raise the cultural level and maintain the battle-readiness of the strategic rocket forces and other elements of the Red Army. A Russian proverb says "A fairy tale is a lie, but a song tells the truth." Fairy tales have become rare in present-day Russia, but folk tunes still form an integral part of daily life. Accompanied by the balalaika and the bayan (a large button-key accordion), these songs tell of love and loss, of sadness and solace, of brave deeds and everyday problems. Humor and dance can be found here, as well as melancholic longing and heroic pathos. Some favorites of the 18 songs: "Regimental Polka," "Kalinka," "Volga Boat Song," "The Swallow," "The Brave Don Cossacks," "Wait For Your Soldier," "Ochi Chornye-Dark Eyes," "In The Sunny Meadow," "The Cliff," and "On The March." All accompanied. "Kalinka" beautifully captures the brash power and deep emotions of the Red Star Red Army Chorus.

Songlist: Regimental Polka, Meadowland, Kalinka, Volga Boat Song, The Sun Set Behind a Mountain, The swallow, The Pine Trees Are Rustling, Kamarinskaya, The Brave Don Cossacks, Wait For Your Soldier, Ochi Chornye - Dark Eyes, Someone's Horse Is Standing There, In the Sunny Meadow, Flight of the Bumblebee, The Cliff, Dark Eyebrows, Dubinushka, On the March

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7522c | 1 CD | $15.98 | Primarily a cappella

Seattle Children's Chorus : Songs From the Heart : 1 CD : Kris Mason

Seattle Children's Chorus : Songs From the Heart

The Seattle Children's Chorus was founded in 1988 by artistic director Kris Mason; whose purpose was to promote a high level of vocal and choral training for young musicians in the Seattle area. The approximately 175 choristers perform formal concerts throughout the year, and the Performing Chorus has toured annually throughout the Northwest, Canada and the West Coast. Other tours have taken them to Britain, and they have appeared at Carnegie Hall. These 21 songs mostly feature the Performing Chorus, with the exception of "The Little Birch Tree," "Simple Gifts" and "This Old Man," which features the Advanced Ensemble, who also sing "All That Hath Life and Breath Praise Ye the Lord." Some other favorites are "Festival Sanctus," "Bist du bei mir," "The Father's Love," "Who Can Sail," "Jabberwocky," the poignant "In Flanders Fields," "Psalm 100," "Agnus Dei," "Dance With Me," "Kalinka" and "The Rhythm of Life." There is light piano accompaniment on most tunes, but the soaring, innocent voices of the children are what "Songs from the Heart" is all about. Beautiful and moving, from first cut to the last!

Songlist: Festival Sanctus, Over My Head, Bist du bei mir, Duet From Cantata #15, The Father's Love, Who Can Sail, Jabberwocky, In Flanders Fields, Cantate Domino, The Little Birch Tree, Simple Gifts, This Old Man, Jesus Christ, the Apple Tree, All That Hath Life and Breath Praise Ye the Lord, Psalm 100, Art Thou Troubled, Agnus Dei, Dance With Me, Kalinka, The Storm is Passing Over, The Rhythm of Life

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8978c | 1 CD | $15.95 | Some a cappella

Various Artists : Take Me Home - The Male Choirs of Wales : 1 CD : 2353

Various Artists : Take Me Home - The Male Choirs of Wales

A beautiful collection of favourite songs by the Welsh Male Voice choirs from Porth Tywyn, Godre'r Aran, Bangor, Llangwm, Dyffryn Tywi, Caernarfon, Lleisiau'r Frogwy, Dyffryn Tywi, Hogia'r Ddwylan, Llanelli, Cwmbach, Brythoniaid, Dyffryn Peris, Pendyrus & Maesteg Gleemen.

Songlist: Take Me Home, Dawnsio'r Ffandango, Lily Of The Valley, Bytholwyrdd, Hen Fenyw Fach Cydweli, When The Saints Go Marching In, Gwenno Penygelli, Un Dydd Ar Y Tro, The Rhythm Of Life, Gweddi Dros Gymru (Finlandia), Cwm Rhondda, Pan Fo'r Nos Yn Hir, La Vergine, Dyffryn Peris, Morte Criste, The Lonely Steppe, Kalinka, Myfanwy, Llongau Caernarfon, You'll Never Walk Alon

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2036c | 1 CD | $12.95

Moscow Boys Choir : Christmas Around The World : DVD

Moscow Boys Choir : Christmas Around The World

The Moscow Boys Choir is a careful blending of heavenly soprano voices with the rich resonance of bass, tenor, and baritone sound that brings a distinct Russian flavor to an all new choral experience. Founded in 1957, this choral ensemble is among Russia's most prestigious all-boy choirs, which is currently under the direction of Mr. Leonid Baklushin. Now for the first time ever, the Moscow Boys Choir is available in the crystal clarity of DVD! This very special performance was recorded in high definition by HDNet TV. Their work with HDNet exemplifies the Moscow Boys Choir's innovative spirit and displays their hallmark cutting-edge style. The significance of becoming amount the very first boys choir's to be broadcast in this new and exciting medium is a tribute to their tremendous talents and will no doubt bring more awareness of and accolades for this truly 21st century ensemble.

Songlist: A Quiet Melody, Angels We Have Heard On High, Ave Maria, Gloria / Kyrie, Hallelujah, We Wish You A Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Fum! Fum! Fum!, Silent Night, Jingle Bells, L'Allelujah, Ochi Tchiornye, Evening Bells, The Twelve Days of Christmas, Kalinka

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7801dvd | DVD | $9.95 | Some a cappella

Red Army Chorus : Red Star : DVD : KUL4051DVD

Red Army Chorus : Red Star

This concert, given by the magnificent Russian troupe, The Red Red Army Chorus And Dance Ensemble, was recorded at the Tchaikovsky Hall in Moscow prior to a nationwide tour of the United States in the autumn of 1992. The 100-strong Ensemble was first formed within the USSR armed forces in 1977, performing concerts primarily for the army. Their repertoire ranges from popular folk tunes and songs of battle from all corners of the former Soviet Union to spectacular Cossack dancing and includes Glinka's Patriotic Song and Kamarinskaya, Rimsky-Korsakov's Flight Of The Bumblebee, and folk songs Kalinka, Dark Eyes, A Birch Tree Stood In The Meadow, Happy Girl and Seven Sons-In-Law. All are performed with energy, enthusiasm and patriotic fervor.

Songlist: Patriotic Song, Meadowland, Regimental Polka, Cossack's Dance, Paganni Variations, The Swallow, Dark Eyes, Russian Dance, Volga Boat Song, Kamarinskaya, A Birch Tree Stood in the Meadow, The Sun Set Behind a Mountain, Sailor's Dance, The Flight of the Bumble Bee, Song of a Flea, Happy Girl, Seven Sons-in-Law, Hopak Dance, Moscow Nights, Kalinka, On The March

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7532dvd | DVD | $19.95

Soviet Army Chorus : Soviet Army Chorus : DVD : Boris Alexandrov : D1106

Soviet Army Chorus : Soviet Army Chorus

This rare and historic program was filmed on location in the former Soviet Union The brilliant ensemble consisted of about 200 entertainers including a choir and choreographic troupe, who traveled the front lines, entertaining Soviet troops by performing more than 1500 concerts during World War II. This entertaining DVD brings to life the essence of Russian music and performance with spectacular singing, dancing and acrobatics.

Songlist: Forward, on the Way, The Birch Tree, Under the Elm Tree, Under the Oak, Kamarinskaya, The Golden Rye, Dance of the Soldiers, Listen, Stenka Razin, Meadowland, Down the Peterskaya Road, The Gray Cuckoo, Dance of the Cossacks, Song of the Volga Boatmen, The Girl Next Door, Kalinka, Lovely Moonlit Night, Dance of the Zaporozhye Cossacks, Forward, on the Way (Reprise)

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7533dvd | DVD | $19.95

Individual Folios

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Kalinka : SSA : Joan Gregoryk : DVD : 48004536 : 073999331363

Joan Gregoryk : Kalinka

Kalinka is about a young man sitting under a red berry bush (Kalinka), singing of his feelings for his sweetheart. The expressiveness of the song is achieved through the contrast between a lively and rhythmic chorus and the more legato and subdued verses.

Arranger: Joan Gregoryk | Country: Russia

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Voicing: SSA | Sheet Music | $2.15 | A Cappella |
(Minimum order 4 copies)
| 48004536

Kalinka : SAB : Audrey Snyder : Sheet Music : 00116795 : 884088882884

Audrey Snyder : Kalinka

Audiences and singers will thrill to this famous Russian folk favorite in an accessible setting for younger and developing choirs. Exciting tempo changes and dynamic contrasts will be tremendously fun to rehearse and perform! Available separately: 3-Part Mixed, 2-Part, VoiceTrax CD. Duration: ca. 2:30.

Arranger: Audrey Snyder | Country: Russia

More details
Voicing: SAB | Sheet Music | $2.10 | With Piano |
(Minimum order 4 copies)
| 00116795 | Digital Version Available| Showtrax CD Available
Other Voicings: 2-Part, 2-Part

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