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Shawnee Press Christmas

Since 1939 Shawnee Press has led the way in providing music of the highest quality to schools, churches, choirs and vocal ensembles. Here is a collection of their most popular Christmas music perfect for beginning to intermediate choirs.

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Brian Tate: Java Jazz

Review: Coffee keeps me buzzin' all day long. Gotta have a cup of coffee! Sound familiar? These and other java phrases are the basis for this jazzy swing number. Fun vocal rhythms, jazzy harmonies, and individual part-singing help your choir make the scene with the bean and create a wonderfully jittery performance! Available: SAB; StudioTrax CD.

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4687p | Showtrax CD | $26.95 | Add to shopping cart| Vocal Jazz Showtrax CDs

Catherine DeLanoy: Li'l Liza Jane

Review: Spirited and fun for young voices, this folksong favorite sparkles with rhythmic energy! Individual part-singing as well as chordal and polyphonic passages fill the work, creating teaching moments for your rehearsal and ultimately an entertaining performance. Your guys will love it too!

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5305p | Studiotrax CD | $26.95 | Add to shopping cart

Catherine DeLanoy: The Skater's Waltz

Review: This arrangement is based on ...mile Waldteufel's famous composition Les Patineurs, which means the skaters. The infectious 3/4 meter and new lyric depict a beautiful ice skating scene reflecting the skaters' movement and dance. An outstanding 2-part selection for winter or holiday. Available: 2-Part; StudioTrax CD.

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5292p | Studiotrax CD | $26.95 | Add to shopping cart

David Angerman: What a Glorious Night

Review: Uses: Christmas, Christmas Eve, Praise Team, Youth Choir Scripture: Matthew 2:1-11; Luke 2:8-19 Pure joy announces the birth of Jesus in this festive song from the contemporary group Sidewalk Prophets. There is almost a little country-folk vibe in this setting of this joyful call to praise. Lots of repetition makes this a quickly learned piece, and the ranges are rich and fulfilling. This is so singable you can even ask the congregation to join in on the chorus. Don't miss this one!

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8202p | Showtrax CD | $26.95 | Add to shopping cart

Douglas Wagner: Jingle-Bell Rock

Review: Douglas Wagner cleverly pairs Jingle-Bell Rock, first released in 1957, with Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree, written by Johnny Marks and made famous by Brenda Lee. Available with an optional band accompaniment that can also be played as an independent band piece; this choral gem generates holiday magic for kids and adults. Available separately: SATB, 3-part mixed, 2-part, Digital Band Arrangement, StudioTrax CD. Duration: ca. 2:10.

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5269p | Studiotrax CD | $26.95 | Add to shopping cart

Greg Gilpin: A Holly Jolly Christmas

Review: What a fun song to add to your holiday program! This Johnny Marks favorite and made popular by Burl Ives will add sparkle, fun and maybe a bit of humor when adding the optional kazoos, all in a hip 50's style that invites choreography.

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5316p | Studiotrax CD | $26.95 | Add to shopping cart

Greg Gilpin: I'll Be Home for Christmas

Review: This holiday standard can be performed either a cappella or with the rich, contemporary piano accompaniment. Beginning with thick vocal harmonies, a solo appears on top of vocal oos that lead into the chorus we all know and love. Musically exquisite for both mixed and women's voices with lots of room for musical interpretation. Available: SATB; SSAA; StudioTrax CD.

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5284p | Studiotrax CD | $26.95 | A Cappella | Add to shopping cart

Greg Gilpin: Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Review: This is not your typical arrangement of the well-known classic! A 60's groove transforms this to appeal to singers of all ages, adding a bit of novel flair. Easy vocals and harmonies in a straight eighth feel with a grooving bass line will make this Jule Styne and Sammy Cahn favorite stand out this holiday season.

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7979p | Showtrax CD | $26.95 | Add to shopping cart| Christmas Showtrax CDs

Greg Gilpin: Marshmallow World

Review: Greg Gilpin's arrangement of this popular tune from the 1940s is unique in its voicing. This bouncy swing number for the holidays can be performed as a 2-part choral or expanded with the optional part if you have boys with changed voices in your choir. Two chorals in one and so useful year after year when your needs change! A wonderfully familiar novelty number to set the holiday mood. Available Separately: 2-part (opt. 3-part mixed); StudioTrax CD.

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5264p | Studiotrax CD | $26.95 | Add to shopping cart

Greg Gilpin: O Come and Sing of Christmas

Review: Celebrate the season with this delightful medley using some of our favorite Christmas melodies. Unique in its spiritedness in a minor key, the piece builds to a majestic finish in a major key for the final carol, making this a wonderful opening selection or grand finale for your concert. The optional brass quintet accompaniment will add extra Christmas joy to your performance. Duration: ca. 4:00

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5308p | Studiotrax CD | $26.95 | Add to shopping cart

Greg Gilpin: Oh, What a Wonderful Child

Review: This original gospel work is filled with musical energy and sound. Whether you use the piano accompaniment alone, add the instruments, or use the hot track, this will surely bring down the house for your Christmas or holiday program.

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7970p | Showtrax CD | $26.95 | Add to shopping cart

Greg Gilpin: Parade of the Wooden Soldiers

Review: A holiday classic all wrapped in a delightful 2-part arrangement that marches and dances with ease and includes the opportunity to play kazoos! A novel setting that sparkles with fun for the season.

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2514p | Showtrax CD | $26.95 | Add to shopping cart| Christmas Showtrax CDs

Greg Gilpin: Skatin' and Sleighin'

Review: This novel and up-tempo choral sings of skating on an icy pond in circles, with lots of slipping and sliding, followed by a verse of sleigh-riding through snowy fields of white. Put them together and you have a bright and festive winter or holiday partner song for your young singers! Available separately: 2-Part, StudioTrax CD. Duration: ca. 2:01.

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2508p | Showtrax CD | $26.95 | Add to shopping cart| Christmas Showtrax CDs

Greg Gilpin: The Holiday Tango

Review: The sleigh bells jingle, the shoppers mingle, I get a tingle from watching such a show! This holiday novelty will be the hit of your concert! The tango-style music set with smart and fun lyrics will create a standout selection for your program. Add some costumes and movement for a real showstopper!

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20301p | $26.95 | Add to shopping cart

Jay Rouse: Go Tell It!

Review: Soulful energy fills this arrangement of Go Tell It On the Mountain based on the recording by Sandi Patty on her CD Yuletide Joy. Starting with a heartfelt and moving solo, the choir enters in a slow gospel swing that develops into powerful, jazz-filled harmonies leading to a triumphant ending. A Christmas showstopper for mixed choirs!

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7976p | Showtrax CD | $26.95 | Add to shopping cart| Christmas Showtrax CDs

Jill Gallina: Dominick, the Donkey

Review: A little donkey helps Santa Claus bring presents to children in Italy in this delightful novelty arrangement. Various Italian words and expressions are used throughout with easy part writing and plenty of hee-haws for all!

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5310p | Studiotrax CD | $26.95 | Add to shopping cart

Jill Gallina: I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

Review: This novelty pop tune is perfect for providing that humorous moment in your concert. Bouncing with musical fun, the entertaining lyrics will delight your audiences.

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2510p | Showtrax CD | $26.95 | Studiotrax CD | Add to shopping cart| Christmas Showtrax CDs

Jill Gallina: Mister Santa

Review: A Christmas nod to Mister Sandman, this Pat Ballard song is a must for the holidays. Perfect for either your 2-part choir or women's ensemble. Complete with bum bum bums, this letter to Santa is sure to entice your listeners - even Scrooge! Available: SSA; 2-Part; StudioTrax CD.

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5286p | Studiotrax CD | $26.95 | Add to shopping cart

Jill Gallina: Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

Review: How about a little rock-n-roll this holiday? For mixed ensembles, women's groups, or children's voices, this Johnny Marks favorite will have your audience in a '50s rockin' mood! Everyone dancin' merrily in the new, old-fashioned way! Available: 3-Part Mixed; SSA; 2-Part; StudioTrax CD.

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5285p | Studiotrax CD | $26.95 | Add to shopping cart

Jill Gallina: The Holly and the Ivy

Review: The cherished English carol has been united here with an original melody and lyric by the arranger. Sublime and elegant with simple harmonies and vocal play between parts, this choral will sparkle amid your holiday concert. Available: SAB; 2-Part; StudioTrax CD.

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5288p | Studiotrax CD | $26.95 | Add to shopping cart

Jon Paige: Fanfare and Concertato on It Is Well with My Soul

Review: From our successful Fanfare and Concertato choral series comes this arrangement of a cherished hymn intended to build confidence in congregational worship. The singular middle verse in minor is unexpected and lends great meaning to the presentation of the heartfelt words that have meant so much to so many through the years. Score and Parts (tpt 1-2, tbn 1-2, timp) available as a digital download. Handbell part (3 oct.) also available as a digital download.

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8484p | Showtrax CD | $26.95 | Add to shopping cart

Kirby Shaw: Got to Get You into My Life

Review: Recorded by the Beatles; Blood, Sweat & Tears and Earth, Wind & Fire, this creative arrangement is an exciting fusion of jazz, pop and show for a super choral showcase!

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5533p | Showtrax CD | $26.95 | Add to shopping cart| Vocal Jazz Showtrax CDs

Kirby Shaw: Misty

Review: Jazz and pop groups will enjoy bringing this jazzy samba setting of this standard to their audiences. A fresh treatment and excellent change of pace!

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5509p | Showtrax CD | $26.95 | Add to shopping cart| Vocal Jazz Showtrax CDs

Mark Hayes: It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas

Review: Meredith Willson's famous song is wonderfully arranged for choirs by Mark Hayes and has a terrific piano accompaniment, as well as optional orchestral parts. The introduction is captivating and paints the magic of the holidays while the heart of the song ends with a big and broad finish. A NEW choral classic for all ages! Available separately: SATB, SAB, 2-part, Digital Orchestration, StudioTrax CD. Duration: ca. 3:20.

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4027p | Showtrax CD | $26.95 | Add to shopping cart| Christmas Showtrax CDs

Mark Hayes: Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Review: Sparkling, bright, happy, and simply gorgeous are a few words to describe this new, orchestrated arrangement by Mark Hayes. With an introduction that would surely thrill writers Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne, Mark leads into a jazz waltz that dances into an ending any Hollywood movie would dream of using and performing! Available separately: SATB, SAB, 2-Part, Orchestration Parts and Score, StudioTrax CD. Duration: ca. 3:20.

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4028p | Showtrax CD | $26.95 | Add to shopping cart| Christmas Showtrax CDs

Mark Hayes: Somewhere in My Memory

Review: This contemporary musical treasure is from the Home Alone movies we all adore and have enjoyed throughout the recent years. John Williams' famous music is set here with a simpler orchestration, capturing the innocence and magic of childhood at Christmas with gentle vocal writing, surprising musical turns building to home, and ending in harmonic wonder.

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7977p | Showtrax CD | $26.95 | Add to shopping cart| Christmas Showtrax CDs

Mark Hayes: The Christmas Song

Review: A classic by Mel Torme and a signature song for Nat King Cole, this is simply one of the most famous and favorite Christmas songs of all time! The lush orchestration wraps every gorgeous voicing in a beautiful musical package to be opened at your next holiday or Christmas concert.

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5320p | Studiotrax CD | $26.95 | Add to shopping cart

Mark Hayes: We Need a Little Christmas

Review: Originating from Jerry Herman's Broadway musical ŚMameŚ, the popular Christmas song is thrilling in this newly orchestrated choral work. Children to adults will love this holiday gem, which is available in multiples vocings, including for men's and women's choirs.

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5297p | Studiotrax CD | $26.95 | Add to shopping cart

Marti Lunn Lantz: Jingle Those Bells

Review: Jingle Bells takes on a funky '70s/'80s-feel complete with the choir playing sleigh bells! A fun new take on a favorite holiday tune. Add some choreography for a great finish to your concert or encore selection. Available: 3-Part Mixed; 2-Part; StudioTrax CD.

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5290p | Studiotrax CD | $26.95 | Add to shopping cart

Paris Rutherford: One Note Samba

Review: This samba standard absolutely sparkles with cheerful rhythm! Perfect for high school singers and up with plenty of solo opportunities, you'll work your diction skills and dazzle your audience.

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5347p | Showtrax CD | $26.95 | Add to shopping cart| Vocal Jazz Showtrax CDs

Paul Langford: Don't Save It All For Christmas Day

Review: Covered by many artists, this song was co-written and first recorded by Celine Dion on her first English-language holiday album, These Are the Special Times. Gospel style, rich harmonies and contemporary rhythms fill this pop arrangement and with its stunning track, will make a sparkling selection for your holiday program.

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5323p | Studiotrax CD | $26.95 | Add to shopping cart

Paul Langford: Feliz Navidad

Review: Add some spice to your holiday concert this year! Driving with Latin/pop energy and a touch of jazz harmonies throughout, this new arrangement is alive and kicking with the instrumental parts or accompaniment CD. Famous for generations and covered by a host of top performers, now's your chance to also create a hit for your holiday performance.

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2512p | Showtrax CD | $26.95 | Studiotrax CD | Add to shopping cart| Vocal Jazz Showtrax CDs

Paul Langford: Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Review: This Robert May and Johnny Marks' Christmas favorite is reborn in this bright arrangement by Paul Langford. The track makes you smile and Paul's thoughtful arrangement makes it easy to learn and sing. Available separately: SATB, SAB, SSA, Digital Instrument Pack (trumpet, t.sax, trombone, drums, bass, guitar/rhythm), StudioTrax CD. Duration: ca. 3:09.

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5282p | Studiotrax CD | $26.95 | Add to shopping cart

Paul Langford: That's What I Want For Christmas

Review: This jazzy Christmas standard has been recorded by such artists as Ella Fitzerald, Nancy Wilson, and SheDaisy, just to name a few! With a gentle swing feel, romantic lyrics, and rich, accessible vocal harmonies, choirs of all kinds will love performing this arrangement. It's especially nice for the ladies!

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5296p | Studiotrax CD | $26.95 | Add to shopping cart

Paul Langford: The Man With The Bag And Santa Baby

Review: These two holiday favorites are a perfect match! Add some swing to your performance with Kris Kringle and sing about that luxury gift list as well. This selection is pure fun with fantastic jazz arranging for mixed choirs and will be a blast for your women too!

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2511p | Showtrax CD | $26.95 | Studiotrax CD | Add to shopping cart| Christmas Showtrax CDs

Phillip Brooks: Everywhere Christmas Tonight

Review: Begin your holiday concert with this uplifting and joyful choral - a Christmas card of sound. The 6/8 meter has a fresh and moving feel; paired with a familiar text and additional words creating a choral that is timeless and appealing for the singer and listener. Full orchestration is available, or use the StudioTrax CD to add amazing color to your performance. Available separately: SATB, SAB, 2-part, Orchestration Score and Parts; StudioTrax CD.

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5265p | Studiotrax CD | $26.95 | Add to shopping cart

Ruth Morris Gray: Christmas Shopping Blues

Review: This jazzy number is perfect for your women as a novelty piece. Strong thee-part harmony, sassy vocal slides, and an optional trumpet set the mood for Christmas shopping and all the craziness of the gift-giving season. Available separately: SSA, Trumpet; StudioTrax CD. Duration: ca. 2:53.

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2509p | Showtrax CD | $26.95 | SSA | Add to shopping cart| Vocal Jazz Showtrax CDs

Ryan O'Connell: Santa, Bring My Baby Back (To Me)

Review: Put some Elvis into your concert with this hit from 1957. Complete with combo parts and voiced for mixed, women and male choirs, this arrangement rocks the stage and makes a great novelty number with movement, costumes and staging, too.

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2392p | Showtrax CD | $26.95 | SSA | Add to shopping cart| Christmas Showtrax CDs

Spiral Starecase: More Today Than Yesterday

Review: The 1969 pop hit by Spiral Starecase in a straight-ahead vocal jazz will showcase jazz and show choirs at their best. Great for developing swing style, jazz intonation and improvisation skills in a tune that singers and audiences will love!

More details
5494p | Showtrax CD | $26.95 | Add to shopping cart| Vocal Jazz Showtrax CDs

Stan Pethel: Jesus Is Coming Soon

Review: Uses: Gospel, Revival, Second Advent, Senior Choir Scripture: Matthew 25:13; Luke 21:36; Hebrews 9:29 From the southern gospel Hall of Fame comes a true evergreen. The title says it all: the Lord is returning and we are to be ready! Though there is a holy admonition in the text, the music is nothing but celebrative, and this arrangement showcases each vocal section in wonderful display. Take a walk down memory lane with this nostalgic selection!

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8197p | Showtrax CD | $26.95 | Add to shopping cart

Steve Kupferschmid: Bile Them Cabbage Down

Review: This lively, rhythmic, and humorous arrangement is pure fun from start to finish, not to mention easy to learn! Hand-clappin', hootin' and hollerin', and even some barking and howling fill the verses and choruses key change after key change. Add some foot-stompin' and a fiddle and you're ready to bile them cabbage down! Available separately: SAB, 2-Part, StudioTrax CD. Duration: ca. 2:10

More details
5304p | Studiotrax CD | $26.95 | Add to shopping cart

Steve Zegree: The Christmas Waltz

Review: The classic holiday hit by Jule Styne and Sammy Cahn is crafted into a lovely arrangement for mixed and women's voices. Optional moments of a cappella singing and simple yet elegant harmonies keep the traditional sound of this holiday favorite while adding freshness for your singers and audience.

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2513p | Showtrax CD | $26.95 | Studiotrax CD | Add to shopping cart| Vocal Jazz Showtrax CDs

Tom Fettke: Adoramus Te

Review: Bach's famous instrumental arioso is set here with a simple Latin text. The expressive piano accompaniment can be used alone or with the optional string parts, richly enhancing this choral work. A beautiful way to introduce your singers to important works of the master composers.

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5321p | Showtrax CD | $26.95 | Add to shopping cart| Christmas Showtrax CDs

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