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Henry Purcell

Born: 1659. Died: 1695. Lived in: England

Born in 1659, Henry Purcell was the finest and most original composer of his day. Though he was to live a very short life (he died in 1695) he was able to enjoy and make full use of the renewed flowering of music after the Restoration of the Monarchy.

As the son of a musician at Court, a chorister at the Chapel Royal, and the holder of continuing royal appointments until his death, Purcell worked in Westminster for three different Kings over twenty-five years.

In the Chapel Royal young Purcell studied with Dr. John Blow. Dr. Burney, the eighteenth century historian, is amusingly skeptical on this point: "..... he had a few lessons from Dr. Blow, which were sufficient to cancel all the instructions he had received from other masters, and to occasion the boast inscribed on the tomb-stone of Blow, that he had been 'Master to the famous Mr. Henry Purcell'." Legend has it that when, in 1679, Purcell succeeded Dr. Blow as organist of Westminster Abbey, the elder musician stepped aside in recognition of the greater genius, and it is true that on Purcell's death in 1695 Blow returned to the post, and would write a noble Ode on the Death of Purcell.


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Chanticleer : Purcell - Evening Prayer : 00  1 CD : Joseph Jennings : 60290

Chanticleer : Purcell - Evening Prayer

The Bay Area's acclaimed 12-man vocal ensemble celebrates the release of their 27th recording, collaborating with the dynamic instrument ensemble Capriccio Stravagante, directed by Skip Sempe. Henry Purcell (1659-95), son of a Royal musician, wrote beautiful, expressive church music, from the ecstatic to the sublime. Eight songs, from a lovely 8-minute opening cut, "Rejoice in the Lord alway" and the jubilant "I was glad," written for James II's coronation, to the short, deeply moving "Hear My Prayer, O Lord" and the 16-minute final cut, "My heart is inditing," Purcell's grandest composition for the church. The perfect accompaniment of Capriccio fits perfectly with Chanticleer's flawless singing. "Evening" is inspirational and pleasing on many levels. Beautiful, extensive liner notes.

Songlist: Rejoice in the Lord alway ('The Bell Anthem') , Remember not, Lord, our offences, I was glad, O Lord, rebuke me not, Praise the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me, Now that the sun hath veiled his light ('An Evening Hymn')-, Hear my prayer, O Lord, My heart is inditing

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6939c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella

Choir of Clare College : Purcell Choral Works : 00  1 CD : Timothy Brown : RRC 1029

Choir of Clare College : Purcell Choral Works

The choral works of Henry Purcell (1659 -95) are sung here with near perfection under the direction of Timothy Brown.

Songlist: Te Deum, Jubilate Deo, My Beloved Spake, O God, Thou Art My God, Lord, How Long Wilt Thou Be Angry, Remember Not, Lord Our Offences, Here My Prayer Oh Lord, Thou Knowest Lord, Funeral March , Man That Is Born Of Women, In The MIdst Of Life, Canzona

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8435c | 1 CD | $15.95

Oxford New College Choir : Sacred Music of Henry Purcell : 00  1 CD : Edward Higginbottom : 84432

Oxford New College Choir : Sacred Music of Henry Purcell

For such transcendent music to succeed, it has to be performed with sufficient technical prowess. This the Choir commands, and they add to it under Higginbottom's direction, a full realisation of the unparalled range of expression at Pucell's command.

Songlist: Blow Up The Trumpet In Sion , The Lord Is King, Be The People , Lord, What Is Man, Lost Man , Let Mine Eyes Run Down With Tears , Jehova, Quam Multi Sunt Hostes Mei , Oh Dive Custos , Beati Omnes Qui Timent Dominum , Out Of The Deep , Blow Up The Trumpet In Sion

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7847c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella

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