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Henry Leck

Living in: United States

An internationally recognized choral director, Henry Leck is an associate professor and Director of Choral Activities at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana. In 1986 he became Founder and Artistic Director of the Indianapolis Children's Choir, one of the largest children's choir programs in the world. The Touring Choirs of the Indianapolis Children's Choir have performed regularly for National ACDA, MENC, OAKE and AOSA Conferences. Additionally, ICC tours internationally every year, having sung in prestigious concert sites throughout Great Britain, Greece, Scandinavia, Europe, South America, North America, Mexico, Guatemala , Australia, New Zealand and China. Mr. Leck is a frequent conductor of regional and national honor choirs, including the ACDA Southern, Southwest, North Central, Central and Northwest Divisional Honors Choirs. In the spring of 2003, he conducted the ACDA National Junior High/Middle School Honor Choir in New York City and on three occasions has conducted National Honor Choirs for OAKE. In 2010 he will conduct the ACDA National Children's Honor Choir.


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Henry Leck : The Boy's Changing Voice (Take The High Road) : DVD : Henry Leck : 073999420944 : 0634009567 : 08742094

Henry Leck : The Boy's Changing Voice (Take The High Road)

Join Henry Leck and a choir made up of young male singers from the Indianapolis Children's Choir and the Indianapolis Youth Chorale. They explore the historical, physical, emotional, and individual musical perspective of the boy's changing voice as well as how the process affects the choral ensemble as a whole. This video offers choir directors, studio voice teachers and young singers the opportunity to examine the process of vocal maturation and how that process might be approached within the choral ensemble. Includes warmups and vocal exercises, ranges and guidelines for vocal classification, technical data, interviews with several young singers, and several excerpts of solo and choral repertoire in performance.

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6228dvd | DVD | $29.95

Henry Leck : Creating Artistry Through Movement in the Choral Setting : DVD : Henry Leck : 073999853360 : 0634098381 : 08744511

Henry Leck : Creating Artistry Through Movement in the Choral Setting

Dalcroze Eurhythmics is a unique approach to the study of music. Based on rhythm as the primary factor that bridges what we hear with what we do, Eurhythmics can be used in the choral setting to develop rhythmic independence in the singers, inner hearing, and the nuances in music. Through Dalcroze Eurhrythmics, singers can enjoy the benefits of purposeful expressive movement to enhance choral rehearsals and performances. This 1-hour DVD provides detailed approaches to the use of Eurhythmics within the classroom or rehearsal setting and offers a guide to building choral artistry through movement.

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6366dvd | DVD | $34.95

Henry Leck : Vocal Techniques For the Young Singers : DVD : Henry Leck : 21-24100

Henry Leck : Vocal Techniques For the Young Singers

An approach to teaching vocal technique utilizing the advantages of visualization, movement and aural modeling. The purpose of this DVD is to demonstrate the basic vocal techniques taught by Mr. Leck to the students of the Indianapolis Children's Choir. It includes mental focus, breathing, posture, and vowel forming exercises. The DVD includes a written description of each exercise with accompaniment. The teaching on this DVD is unique in its approach to the use of the primary learning anchors: Aural, Visual, Kinesthetic Movement and Physical. As guest artist and vocal model, Steve Rickards, a world-known countertenor, demonstrates vocal technique through the use of his voice, a frisbee and a slinky! The DVD also includes exercises and vocalises to improve choral intonation and tone.

Songlist: Mental Focus, Singers' Posture, Relaxation Exercises, Breathing, Pitch Memory, Vowel Formation, Vowel Uniformity, Vowel Modification, Vocal Modeling, Learning Anchors, Choral Tuning, Variety of Choral Timbre, Stylistic Artistry

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6431dvd | DVD | $39.95

Henry Leck and Randy Stetson : Creating Artistry Through Movement in the Choral Setting for Male Voices : 01 Book & DVD : Henry Leck : 884088573416 : 1458403602 : 08753287

Henry Leck and Randy Stetson : Creating Artistry Through Movement in the Choral Setting for Male Voices

Here is an amazing choral resource that demonstrates how movement while singing helps to harness the natural kinesthetic learning processes in males. Featuring the acclaimed St. Mary's International School Varsity Ensemble, conducted by Randy Stenson, the DVD includes warm-ups and exercises to improve tone, intonation, phrasing, articulation, special vocal effects, head voice and vocal agility. Through these exercises, the singer develops his own individualized shaping gesture, which leads to improved musicality during rehearsal, versatility and expressiveness. The companion book includes the notated exercises, additional instructional material, suggested seating charts, learning strategies and much more.

Songlist: Introductioon, Tonal Warm-ups and Vocal Modeling, Interview with Rodney Eichenberger, Activating the Head Voice, Movement and Gesture for Pitch, Color and Part- Singing, Musicality With and Without Movement, Rehearsals, Ranges and Voice Arrangements, Choreographed and Expressed Movement

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6396dvd | Book & DVD | $34.95

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