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Choral Conducting

As any singer knows, a good conductor makes or breaks a choir. But if you don't have the time, money or skills to go to a university program to study to be a conductor, where can you learn those important skills that will help you lead your group to the excellence you know is buried within? We're glad you asked! You've come to the right place. Here you can learn how to conduct with feeling, how to encourage communications or evoke just that sound you're looking for, we've got the books for you. You can learn basic conducting skills or advanced techniques, so we are good for the beginners and the experienced!

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Tijs Krammer : Choral Conducting Technique : Book : 038081571584  : 00-49844

Tijs Krammer : Choral Conducting Techniquenew

Explore the art of gesture and how it shapes the music you get from your singers. Is it always necessary to beat the time? What should I do with my other hand? Are there strategies for connecting with larger groups? How can I develop my own conducting style? This clearly presented text answers these questions and many more with both theory and practice. Special features include carefully designed diagrams that illustrate beat patterns in a variety of meters, plus downloadable exercises for further study. A complete method for beginners, and a refresher course for experienced directors.

Songlist: Basic Movements, Indicating Cues, Endings, and Tempo, Posture, Beat Patterns, The Anchor Pattern, The Size of the Conducting Movements, Common Mistakes in Beat Patterns, Changes in Time, Choosing Alternative Beat Patterns, The Left Hand, Conducting Volume, Cueing Entrances, Cut-Offs, Eye Contact and Focus, Complex Time, Passive Conducting, Subdivision, Fermatas, Varied and Effective Conducting

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2177b | Book | $49.95

Alan Hommerding : Choral Conducting That Works for Worship : 641151172828 : G-017282

Alan Hommerding : Choral Conducting That Works for Worship

Get five choral conducting teachers for the price of one! Paul French leads through the church year's repertoire. Lee Gwozdz and Betty Bedsole offer vision for a children's choir program and ways to improve their sound. Rob Strusinski outlines ways that conductors can best prepare for rehearsals, and Alan Hommerding illustrates warm-ups for optimal vocal production.

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2066b | $5.00

Allan McMurray : Conducting From The Inside Out : DVD : Allan McMurray : DVD-613

Allan McMurray : Conducting From The Inside Out

Conducting work begins not with movement, but with the study of music. Before conducting students can pick up a baton and lead with confidence, they must know where they are going. Allan McMurray, a recognized authority on conducting pedagogy and wind repertoire, takes students through his innovative and music-centered approach to conducting technique. Each of the thirteen sections focuses on a specific movement that embodies an understanding of performance practices, style, music history, form, etc. McMurray expertly guides viewers through the basics of the preparatory ictus and eye contact to the more advanced concepts of use of space and "looking like the music." This DVD is the perfect resource for anyone learning to conduct or as a refresher course for directors at the middle school, high school, or college/university levels. The running time is 1 hr. 40 minutes. Allan McMurray is Chairman of the Conducting Faculty and Director of Bands at the University of Colorado, Boulder. He studied conducting with H. Robert Reynolds at the University of Wisconsin and went on to complete post-graduate work at the Advanced Institute of the Arts in Montreux, Switzerland.

Songlist: Preparatory Ictus Rebound, Baton, Eye contact, Plane, Posture, Score and energy, Entering into silence, The left hand, Use of space, Look like the music, Facial expression, Encourage collaboration, Looking ahead

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6453dvd | DVD | $34.95

Anthony Maiello : Conducting Nuances : Book : Anthony Maiello : 7183

Anthony Maiello : Conducting Nuances

Refining one's conducting technique is a never-ending process, and the efficient use of physical gestures on the podium is a must for every conductor. Conducting Nuances is for those who have studied basic technique and are now ready to bring their craft to the next level. This invaluable book focuses on those awkward and cumbersome moments of particular challenge to conductors. These challenges give conductors the means to grow, creating opportunities to refine and improve technique. Conducting Nuances includes extensive attention to left-hand development, independence, and expressive gestures. Other topics include: delicate transitions, fractional entrances and cutoffs, starts and stops, establishing new tempi without extraneous movements, and changing meters. Extremely helpful videos provide clear models of the major conducting techniques. Checklists and exercises throughout this book reinforce the major points. Anthony Maiello's concise explanations will move conductors from technique to artistry, demonstrating again and again that it is the little things that mean a lot.

Songlist: The Conductor's Role: Review of the Basics, The Preparatory Beat and the Focal Point of Attention, Fraction Entrances and Cutoffs, Developing Greater Left-Hand Independence, Conducting Transitions, Eliminating Extraneous Movements, When and When Not to Conduct, Conducting Asymmetrical Meters with Efficiency, Score Study and Preparation, Improving Conducting through Self-Assessment

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6622b | Book | $34.95

Anthony Maiello : Conducting: A Hands On Approach : DVD : Anthony Maiello : 038081355542  : 00-32707

Anthony Maiello : Conducting: A Hands On Approach

This comprehensive DVD on the art of conducting covers a wide variety of conducting issues and techniques, and is an excellent refresher course for all conductors at all levels of ability. Conducting: A Hands-On Approach features a variety of musical examples and styles utilizing a live ensemble, making this DVD a welcome resource for any conductor's library.

Songlist: Basic Conducting Concepts, Stance, Spatial Area and Planes, Ready Position, Hands, Basic Conducting Techniques, Preparatory Beat, Beat Patterns, Cueing, Dynamics, Fermatas, Anacrusis (Fractional Pickup), Asymmetrical Beat Patterns, Subdivisions, Segmented Conducting, Intensity Plane, In Conclusion

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5163dvd | DVD | $21.95

Barbershop Harmony Society : Directing a Barbershop Chorus Manual : Book : 4053

Barbershop Harmony Society : Directing a Barbershop Chorus Manual

A collection of essays on many subjects of importance to directors of all skill levels. You will find methods, techniques and philosophies of effective barbershop chorus directing - represented by the voices of several people, principal among them being Dr. Greg Lyne and Bill Rashleigh.

Songlist: Why are you directing?, Developing as a director, Chorus directors as leaders, Conducting skills, Running an effective rehearsal, Developing tone, Some basic considerations of pitch and intonation, Some thoughts about rhythm, Balancing voices, Developing an interpretive plan, Why you should know music theory, Learning styles / teaching methods, Teaching new music, The life of a song: from paper to performance, Auditioning singers, Arranging the chorus on the risers, Planning the rehearsal and the musical year, The music leadership team, Working with a coach, Planning for a successful performance, Leading your chorus, Why take chorus to contest?, Understanding the Judging system, Ten steps to a better singing and performing chorus, A short history of the barbershop style, Introducing barbershop to music educators

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6560b | Book | $19.95

Brock McElheran : Conducting Technique : Book : 0-19-386854-7

Brock McElheran : Conducting Technique

With over 70,000 copies in print, this is a classic textbook and companion for students and professionals at all levels. This edition starts at the very beginning to include the most basic conducting principles and ends with insightful advice on conducting subtleties. This latest edition takes into account avant-garde music and new music notation.

Songlist: Foreword, Preface to the Third Edition, Preface to the Revised Edition, Preface to the First Edition, Inspiration, Other Studies, Conducting Technique - General, The Baton, Odds and Ends, Beat Patterns - Theory, Beat Patterns - Specific, The Left Hand, Dynamics, Accents, Phrasing, Tempo, Character, Cues, Off-Beat Cues, Accents, and Syncopations, Conducting to Records, More Odds and Ends, Starts and Stops, Subdivision and "Merging", Moulding the Music, Fermatas, Ears, Nerves, Thoughts on Interpretation, Some Rehearsal Suggestions, Solos and Recitatives, Changing Beat Units, The Avant Garde, The Concert, Non-Musical Chores, and more

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5157b | Book | $23.95

Bruce Hangen : Conducting Music Today : Book & Online Video : 888680698522 : 1495097919 : 00237719

Bruce Hangen : Conducting Music Today

Learn the essential practices of contemporary conducting. This book will teach you to use the motions, cues, patterns and practices used to lead ensembles, whether for orchestra, band, musical theater, opera, film orchestra, or other type of ensemble. You will learn techniques for keeping time, signaling musicians, and crafting your unique interpretation of the score, as well as how to command the stage presence necessary to lead a large ensemble - whether for concert performances or synching live performers to other media, such as film, recordings, musical theater and dance. Video demonstrations and annotated scores of orchestral excerpts from Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, and others illustrate and let you practice various conducting challenges, such as cadenzas, rubato and quickly changing time signatures. Also included are interviews with some of the most accomplished conductors of your time, such as John Wiliams, Lalo Schifrin, JoAnn Falletta, John Morris Russell and others, providing perspective from the concert hall podium to the Broadway pit to the Hollywood sound stage.

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70820b | Book & Online Video | $24.95

Charlene Archibeque : How To Make A Good Choir Sound Great! : DVD : Charlene Archibeque : DVD-949

Charlene Archibeque : How To Make A Good Choir Sound Great!

This remarkable DVD presents a systematic approach to improving the sound of choirs of all ages, types, and stages of development. From vocal warm-ups to rehearsals to culminating performances, this DVD provides a step-by-step guide to help choral ensembles to reach their full potential. Many different standing positions are demonstrated and the numerous factors involved in deciding which position to use are discussed. Dr. Charlene Archibeque demonstrates unique placements that work in varied rehearsal situations, including standing, sitting, using risers, and dealing with a flat floor. She also explores the most effective positions for performance situations, taking into consideration the acoustics of the venue, the strengths and weaknesses of the choir, and the repertoire to be performed. A focal point of is the demonstration of the decision-making process involved in the place- ment of individual singers within a section. Blend, balance, intonation, musicianship, and aural skills- as well as strength of each voice and timbre of each singer-are factors that affect these decisions. Unique "before and after" comparisons, suitable for showing to singers, highlight the contrasts prior to and after voice matching and/or positioning of singers for specific repertoire. The powerful effects of capturing each singer's innate expressiveness and imagination are displayed via contrasting examples of engaged and unengaged singing. This DVD, with its unprecedented combination of explanations, graphics, and singer demonstrations, offers a unique and valuable resource for both conductor-teachers and singers.

Songlist: Rehearsal Formations, Performance Formations, Placement of Individual Singers, Visual Aspects of Impactful Performances, Developing Expressivness, Acoustics, Blend and Balance, Intonation, Aural Skills, Strength and Timbre of Each Voice, Includes:-, Graphics, Charts, Singer Demonstrations

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5915dvd | DVD | $24.95

Charles Bruffy, Bruce Chamberlain, Vance George, James Jordan, Weston Noble : Inside the Westminster Conducting Institute Masterclasses : DVD : DVD-972

Charles Bruffy, Bruce Chamberlain, Vance George, James Jordan, Weston Noble : Inside the Westminster Conducting Institute Masterclasses

Imagine being "inside"" masterclasses with some of the world's most respected and admired choral conductors! Now, for the first time, you can gain entrance into the world-renowned Westminster Conducting Institute held each summer on the campus of Westminster Choir College. Founded in 2001 through the vision of James Jordan, the Westminster Conducting Institute has established the standard for the training of conductors at all levels of development. In addition to conducting study, the Institute presents approaches to analysis, movement, new choral literature, and groundbreaking pedagogies.

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7892dvd | DVD | $24.95

David P. DeVenney : Conducting Choirs - Set : 3 Books & 1 CD : David P. DeVenney : 000308126464 : 30/2624R

David P. DeVenney : Conducting Choirs - Set

This three-volume series is a comprehensive tool for beginning conductors or more experienced conductors who are beginners in choral conducting. Volume 1 presents fundamental conducting patterns along with numerous practice exercises. Approaches to repertory, programming, score marking, rehearsal strategies, and singing techniques are also introduced. It is a concise guide that offers a wealth of practical information and can stand alone as resource. The more than thirty printed and recorded selections in Volume 2 complement the exercises in Volume 1. To further enhance study, each is accompanied by a brief note about the composer and the work, a translation of the text, and a short discussion of its conducting issues. Volume 3 addresses topics that any practicing conductor is likely to face, including working with an orchestra, conducting musicals, the psychology of conducting, and using movement in the choral rehearsal.

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5605b | 3 Books & 1 CD | $128.95

David P. DeVenney : Conducting Choirs Vol 1 - The Promising Conductor : Book : David P. DeVenney : 9781429117531 : 30/2558R

David P. DeVenney : Conducting Choirs Vol 1 - The Promising Conductor

Intended for beginning conductors, this volume offers a conceptual approach to conducting rather than an imitative one. Students begin by building right-hand and then left-hand gestures and are provided with exercises designed to increase independence and expressiveness. Approaches to repertory and programming are also introduced, as are score marking, rehearsal strategies and preparation, and singing technique. In total, it is a concise guide that offers a wealth of practical information and stands alone as a resource for even part-time choir directors.

Songlist: Exposition, Development, The Right Hand, Two Hands, Expressing Ideas, Repertory and Programming, The Score and the Rehearsal, Singers and Choirs, Recapulation

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5606b | Book | $48.95

David P. DeVenney : Conducting Choirs Vol 2 - Music For Classroom Use : Book & 1 CD : David P. DeVenney : 9781429117548 : 30/2559R

David P. DeVenney : Conducting Choirs Vol 2 - Music For Classroom Use

The second volume of the series provides a vast selection of repertoire, from plainchant to present-day works that will allow students to build a gestural technique that is responsive to the expressive needs and nuances of a wide range of choral music. Each of the more than thirty selections is accompanied by a brief note about the composer and the work, a translation of the text, and a short discussion of its conducting issues. To further enhance practice and study, a recording of each title is provided on the included CDs.

Songlist: Preface, Chant and Unison Music- General Characteristics, Chant and Unison Music - No. 1 Tantum ergo, Chant and Unison Music - No. 2 Veni Creator Spiritus, Chant and Unison Music - No. 3 Shenandoah, Chant and Unison Music - No. 4 I'm Goin' Away, Chant and Unison Music - No. 5 Alleluia, Renaissance Music - General Characteristics, Renaissance Music - No. 6 Tu pauperum refugium, Renaissance Music - No. 7 O magnum mysterium, Renaissance Music - No. 8 Regina caeli, Renaissance Music - No. 9 Adoramus te, Renaissance Music - No. 10 Il bianco e dolce cigno, Renaissance Music - No. 11 Sing We and Chant It, Baroque Music - General Characteristics, Baroque Music - No. 12 Ich dank' dir schon durch deinen Sohn, Baroque Music - No. 13 O Haupt voll Blut un Wunden, Baroque Music - No. 14 Sing, Sing, Ye Muses (Movement 1), Baroque Music - No. 15 /And the Glory of the Lord, from Messiah, Baroque Music - No. 16 Scene from Messiah, Baroque Music - No. 17 Nach dir, Herr, verlanget mich (BWV 150), Classical and Romantic Music - General Characteristics, Classical and Romantic Music - No. 18 A Virgin Unspotted, from The Singing Master's Assistant, Classical and Romantic Music - No. 19 Ave verum corpus, Classical and Romantic Music - No. 20 Lacrimosa, from Requiem, Classical and Romantic Music - No. 21 Kyrie, from Missa St. Joannis de Deo, Classical and Romantic Music - No. 22 Sancti Dei, Classical and Romantic Music - No. 23 Ach, arme Welt, Classical and Romantic Music - No. 24 Auf dem See, Classical and Romantic Music - No. 25 He, Watching over Israel, from Elijah, and more

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5607b | Book & 1 CD | $58.95

David P. DeVenney : Conducting Choirs Vol 3 - The Practicing Conductor : Book : David P. DeVenney : 9781429117555 : 30/2560R

David P. DeVenney : Conducting Choirs Vol 3 - The Practicing Conductor

The third volume of "Conducting Choirs" is written for the working conductor. One chapter addresses the concerns of those who wish to broaden their knowledge about conducting instrumentalists. Another focuses on conducting musicals and opera. Yet other chapters are directed at those conductors who wish to delve more deeply into the stylistic aspects of various performance practices, who wish to incorporate movement into the rehearsal process, or who are interested in commissioning new music for their ensembles, but who may be unsure of how to proceed.

Songlist: An Introduction to Performance Practice, Working with an Orchestra, Conducting Dramatic Music, Rehearsal Strategies - Beyond the Fundamentals, Using Movement in the Choral Rehearsal, Commissioning New Music

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5608b | Book | $48.95

Diane Wittry : Baton Basics - Communicating Music Through Gestures : Book : 9780199354160

Diane Wittry : Baton Basics - Communicating Music Through Gestures

Baton Basics is a unique approach to the teaching of conducting, based upon the concept of conveying weight, resistance, and energy, combined with size, beat placement, and speed, through gestures and motions that you already know, in order to communicate a better concept of musical sound to the musicians. Learn how to communicate music through gestures, by training the muscles of your fingers, hands, wrist, forearm, and full arm. Release body tension, improve your posture, and develop a deeper sense of calm on the podium through overall body and breathing exercises. Explore the concepts and diagrams of Max Rudolph, and the Ilya Musin and Hideo Saito conducting methods, and learn how to best incorporate these into your own technique, along with excercises for conducting cues, fermatas, recitative, controlling tempo, showing dynamics, and conducting crescendos and diminuendos. Learn which gestures are most effective in producing specific types of sounds, musical attacks, and releases. Baton Basics features over 60 video examples on a companion web site and 120 detailed illustrations to help you improve your conducting technique. Baton Basics can be used by a student just starting out, or by professional conductors who have been conducting for many years. It is a valuable took for anyone interested in expanding their vocabulary of conducting gestures.

Songlist: The Body, - The Feet, - Grounding the Lower Body, - The Waist and The Back, - Lifting the Ribcage and Opening the Chest, - The Head, - The Shoulders, - The Arms, - The Wrist and Fingers, - The Face and Eyes, Motion and Gestures, Connecting with the Sound, Applying and Combining Gestures, Controlling Tempo and Volume

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2702b | Book | $37.95

Diane Wittry : Beyond The Baton - What Every Conductor Needs To Know : Book : 9780195300932

Diane Wittry : Beyond The Baton - What Every Conductor Needs To Know

Seasoned conductor Diane Wittry draws a comprehensive roadmap to a successful career in Beyond the Baton. With first-hand understanding of how the role of the conductor has changed across the years, she expertly examines the new set of duties--both on and off of the podium--that now fall upon the shoulders of the music director. From getting a job to fundraising and educational outreach, Wittry's comprehensive tips and strategies guide students and professional conductors alike through the leadership and organizational skills necessary for success. Numerous real-life examples illustrate vital skills for artistic leadership such as programming subscription, pops, and educational concerts; understanding the budget and the music director's role in funding the artistic vision; and presenting speeches, and radio and televised interviews. In informative conversations with the author, successful conductors Leonard Slatkin, Robert Spano, and JoAnn Falletta offer tips from personal experience on how music directors can work successfully with orchestras, and what their roles are with the board and the community. With up-to-date information and extensive listings, the resource section provides valuable information that conductors use every day in a convenient and practical format. Wittry gives conductors easy access to contact information for national musical organizations, guest artist managers, music publishers, internet sources, conducting competitions, summer festivals, grants, and scholarships. Programming lists and sample contracts and resumes can also be found within these pages. A comprehensive, step-by-step guide to success in the conducting world, Beyond the Baton is an indispensable companion, and its advice will help all aspiring and practicing conductors make the most of their talent and training.

Songlist: Preparing For Success, Path To The Podium, Your First Job, Artistic Leadership, Artistic Programming, The People Factor, Funding The Artistic Vision, Closing Thoughts

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6456b | Book | $49.99

Donald Neuen : Artistic Musical Conducting 1 : DVD : Donald Neuen : 824890-1101-9

Donald Neuen : Artistic Musical Conducting 1

In this first volume of Donald Neuen's extraordinary series of video-based classes on conducting, this veteran choral conductor and teacher approaches conducting as a high art, to be mastered as any musical instrument. The baton itself is addressed as an instrument, with detailed commentary on different ways of holding it and using it most effectively to communicate with your ensemble. He also discusses when not to use a baton, and how to use your body language to maximum effect. If you take your conducting seriously and want to "sit at the feet of the master," this is what you've been looking for. Furthermore, the high quality of the audio and video production of these products is equal to their superb content!

Songlist: Introduction, The Baton, Beat Pattern, Patterns Demonstrations

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3026dvd | DVD | $17.95

Donald Neuen : Artistic Musical Conducting 2 : DVD : Donald Neuen : 824890-1102-9

Donald Neuen : Artistic Musical Conducting 2

Volume 2 of Artistic Musical Conducting continues the discussion of conducting beat patterns and styles, from the basics to more complex issues such as fermatas, preparatory beats, and cueing. Any musician who is ready to step onto the podium will be well served by Donald Neuen's clear, logical, natural examples and demonstrations. This and his other DVDs will prepare you to stand in front of any ensemble, whether instrumental or choral, and feel confident that your conducting is clear, effective, and in the best possible service to the music!

Songlist: Dynamics, Beat Styles, Using The Left Hand, Additional Techniques

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3027dvd | DVD | $17.95

Donald Neuen : Energy, Beauty, and Placement : DVD : Donald Neuen : 824890-1104-9

Donald Neuen : Energy, Beauty, and Placement

In the first DVD in the 'Choral Techniques and Methods Series,' Donald Neuen discusses sound and tone quality as well as vitality. In order to teach and lead a choir successfully you must know what to teach, how to teach it, and how to inspire people to learn what you have to offer. Here, Donald Neuen gives you the necessary foundation upon which your future teaching will rest.

Songlist: Sound, How do we develop our concept of fine singing?, How do we define our fine singing sound, Energy, The importance of energy in the choral setting, An exercise to teach energy, Developing energy in slow soft passages, How do we define and teach beauty?, Placement, The imagery of proper vocal placement, An exercise to teach placement

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3028dvd | DVD | $17.95

Donald Neuen : Individual Section Characteristics : DVD : Donald Neuen : 824890-1105-9

Donald Neuen : Individual Section Characteristics

Sopranos, Altos, Tenors and Bsses all have different needs and problems that must be carefully addressed. Volume two in the 'Choral Techniques and Methods Series' addresses these issues. This DVD helps you to understand the break in the female voice, nurture young tenors, correct vibrato problems and much more.

Songlist: Sopranos, A frosting on a rich cake of altos, tenors and basses, Rules for singing above the staff, Dealing with vibrato problems, Altos, Addressing the break in the female voice, An exercise for bringing the top voice down, Additional alto concepts, Tenors, The most fragile musical instrument, Developing head-tone from falsetto, Basses, Encouraging a lyrical bass sound

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3029dvd | DVD | $17.95

Donald Neuen : A Unified Approach to Vowel Formation : DVD : Donald Neuen : 824890-1106-9

Donald Neuen : A Unified Approach to Vowel Formation

In the third DVD in the 'Choral Techniques and Methods Series,' Donald Neuen starts a discussion of language and sound. He then continues with a series of concepts and exercises that will help your choir master the essential components of singing. You learn how to help your singers become partners in the pursuit of the highest standards of artistic excellence, the standards for which the greatest performing artists strive.

Songlist: Introduction, The color of language, Create a spectrum of sound with language, Vowel formation, A system any choir can master, Examples of vowel formations, The difference between dark and bright vowels, The warmth of "oo", Teaching dark and bright vowels, Vowel exercises, Adding warmth of "oo" to "ee", Dark vowel exercises one and two, Vowels and vocal sound

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3030dvd | DVD | $17.95

Donald Neuen : The Power of Words : DVD : Donald Neuen : 824890-1107-9

Donald Neuen : The Power of Words

While instrumentalists and singers must be solid technicians with an understanding of the methods required for their respective instruments, and both should have an understanding of theory, form, musicology and so forth, it is the singer who needs to be a dramatic actor because of the use of words. In the fourth DVD in the 'Choral Techniques and Methods Series,' you will learn how to teach your choir to deliver text with clear diction, meaning and color.

Songlist: Introduction, Words, What separates the singer from the other musicians, Diction, Understandability, meaning and color, Inflection, Natural syllable and word inflection, Consonants, Voiced and voiceless consonants, Percussive consonants, Dealing with "m" and "n", Of English diction, The power of words

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3031dvd | DVD | $17.95

Donald Neuen : Rhythmic Interest and Forward Motion : DVD : Donald Neuen : 824890-1108-9

Donald Neuen : Rhythmic Interest and Forward Motion

The focus is on bringing the rhythm of your music to life. Volume five of the 'Choral Techniques and Methods Series' will teach you and your choir how to find and mark instances of forward motion in your scores. You will learn how rhythmic interest and the textual emphasis taught in video four go hand in hand. Adiitionally you will learn how rhythmic interest and forward motion are common threads in all great performances. Your singers will find all of the shows in this series to be clarifying and insightful. By learning the valuable information peresented in them, the members of your chorus will share a common vocabulary.

Songlist: Forward motion, Bringing the rhythm of music to life, Phrasing, Establishing logical note-groupings, Off-beat emphasis, Using rhythm to move the music forward, Markings, Marking forward motion in our scores, Specific rhythms, The function of rhythms in context, Rhythmic interest, A common thread in all great performances

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3032dvd | DVD | $17.95

Donald Trott : Conducting Men's Choirs : Book : G-9890

Donald Trott : Conducting Men's Choirs

Inspired by Debra Spurgeon's pioneering book Conducting Women's Choirs, this companion resource, compiled and edited by Donald Trott, brings together the expertise of eighteen acknowledged authorities on men's choirs. Conducting Men's Choirs addresses the unique challenges, considerations, and joys of making music with male singers.

The book is organized into three major sections, the first of which contains historical essays on male choirs in the United States. The chapters in this section span a range of relevant topics, including glee clubs in colleges and universities, an examination of some of the nation's most esteemed and accomplished male choirs, and the role of male community choruses in America.

The second section explores key aspects of working with male singers that are vital to the success of any conductor of male choirs. A thorough discussion of repertoire for men's choirs rounds out this resource in the book's third and final section. Chapter authors explore men's choir repertoire from a variety of angles: Renaissance music, works by Schumann, Canadian repertoire, and the music of Veljo Tormis. Extensive repertoire listings with hundreds of titles for men's chorus are also provided for quick and easy reference.

Songlist: How to start a male choir and recruit male singers, Working with middle school boys, Developing adolescent voices, Pedagogical considerations for male voices, Procedures for improving intonation, Standing formations, Warm-ups, Women conductors of male choirs, How to arrange and compose for men's choirs

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9974b | Book | $34.95

Eichenberger / Thomas : What They See Is What You Get : DVD : Rodney Eichenberger : 08763059

Eichenberger / Thomas : What They See Is What You Get

The purpose of the DVD is to demonstrate ways to communicate musical intent non-verbally. The naturally human propensity to use body movement to emphasize ideas and to send clear and specific messages, with or without speech, is explored and clearly demonstrated, and conducting instruction on the video emphasizes the entire body as the vehicle of communication. The video includes some of the most common "mixed" or "blurred" messages that conductors can unintentionally send, immediately followed by motions consistent with intent. Dozens of unrehearsed demonstration with middle school, high school, and church choirs show the universal applicability of theses concepts. When properly and consistently applied, the techniques on this video will result in better communication between singers and conductor, and vastly more efficient use of rehearsal time.

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6253dvd | DVD | $29.95

Eric Ericson : Teaching : DVD : Eric Ericson : CAP21815

Eric Ericson : Teaching

The tenaciously active superstar Eric Ericson celebrated his 90th birthday on October 26 2008. His international celebrity status is exceptional, and people everywhere talk with reverence of the "Swedish Choral Miracle" - an expression that is very much synonymous with his life work. In this unique 14-part documentary film "Teaching", Birgitta Ohman and Swedish Television have captured Eric Ericson's playful yet inspirational style of teaching at the Royal College of Music. Caprice Records in collaboration with the Royal Swedish Academy of Music presents this TV series on one DVD along with a bonus interview with Ericson from 2008. Experience for yourself the process of interpreting and performing choral music from all eras. Appearing is Eric Ericson, Anne Sofie von Otter, Marianne Eklof, Thomas Jennefeldt, Stefan Parkman, among others.

Songlist: Conducting lesson with a. o. Anne Sofie von Otter, Conducting lesson: J.S. Bach & Sven-Erik Back, Conducting lesson: Arne Mellnas & Thomas Morley, Conducting lesson: David Wikander, Karl-Erik Welin & Bela Bartok, Thomas Morley & Orlando di Lasso, Lars Edlund, Kurt Lindgren & Bela Bartok, Warming up with Stefan Parkman, August Soderman, Alf Cranner, A.F. Lindblad & H.L Hassler, "Samtalssinfonietta": Georg Riedel, Sven-Erik Johanson & Johannes Brahms, En visa: Sven-Erik Back, No bird soars to high: Lars-Erik Larsson, Scherzo: Lars Edlund, Scherzo & "Femton finnar" arr. Lars Edlund, Bonus: Eric Ericson interview 2008

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6451dvd | DVD | $24.95

Eric Ericson, Gosta Ohlin, Lennart Spangberg : Choral Conducting : Book : Eric Ericson : 073999167351 : 1480341606 : WB502

Eric Ericson, Gosta Ohlin, Lennart Spangberg : Choral Conducting

From the foremost of Swedish choral conductors and editors, this complete and comprehensive manual for the training of choral conductors uses a rich variety of unusual repertoire for its conducting exercises.

Songlist: Techniques For Beating Time: Examples With Exercises, Rehearsing Methods, Other Books On Conducting, The Sound Of A Choir, Intonation, Improvising The Tone To Exersise The Reaction, Intonation Exercises, Playing The Score, Of Choirs And Instruments, Means Of Expression In Contemporary Choir Music, Music Publishers

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6359b | Book | $29.95

Guy Webb : Up Front! Becoming the Complete Choral Conductor : Book : 4638

Guy Webb : Up Front! Becoming the Complete Choral Conductor

While many fine volumes have already been written on Training to be a choir director it is evident that singing in a college choir, taking one or two courses in conducting and a choral techniques class is all too frequently the extent of a choral conductor's training. Also, the path to conducting a choir is often approached from different areas of expertise - from one's keyboard skills or instrumental background, leaving many conductors without a concept of diction or choral tone. So much is involved in the learning process to become an effective choral director. A publication which would articulate basic concepts would be an invaluable research tool in the training of choral musicians. The learning process is the sum total of many things - courses taken, books read, conventions attended, and most importantly, on-the-job training. Though this book is written for the student, it is written for every choral director who is still striving to grow in the profession. It is not limited to those who have yet to find their first choral position.

Songlist: The Challenge of Choral Leadership in the Twentieth-First Century, Choral Literature: Research References, Current Sources, and Future Directions, Score Selection, Study, and Interpretation, Coming to Terms with Historical Performance Practices, Mastery of Choral Ensemble, Conducting, Choral Tone, Diction, Rehearsal Technique: A Guide for Planning the Choral Rehearsal, The Tools of a Choral Musician, Effective Choral Programming, Resources for the Choral Conductor

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6334b | Book | $31.98

Harold A. Decker and Colleen J. Kirk : Choral Conducting - Focus on Communication : Book : 88133-876-1

Harold A. Decker and Colleen J. Kirk : Choral Conducting - Focus on Communication

From the nation's top choral master-teachers! Choral Conducting provides direction and guidance for beginning choral conductors and stimulates the practicing conductor who is receptive to alternative approaches to choral development and problem solving. A wealth of experience is revealed in this unique compendium. Virtually every topic is addressed. The cumulative effect is one of breadth and depth.

Songlist: Prologue: The Importance of Communication, The Conductor, Relating Gesture to Musical Expression, Preparing for Music Making: Score Study, Creating Music with the Choral Instrument, The Rehearsal: Aesthetic Performance, Developing the Choral Instrument, Developing Musical Skills and Responsiveness, Selecting Repertory and Building the Concert Program, Projects for Students of Conducting, Guides for Teachers of Conducting Classes, Capitalization of Titles and Pronunciation Guides, Selected Repertory, Glossary, Bibliography, Music for Class Study and Conducting

More details
6391b | Book | $45.95

Harold Farberman : The Art of Conducting Technique - A New Perspective : DVD : Harold Farberman : 00-33494

Harold Farberman : The Art of Conducting Technique - A New Perspective

The Art of Conducting Technique: a New Perspective by Harold Farberman focuses on devising a technique to convey knowledge of the score to the orchestra. Starting with the basics of "body technique" and baton technique, Farberman provides detailed analysis of conducting, including the three-dimensional system for charting baton movement called The Pattern Cube. The DVD enhances and further explains all of these techniques as detailed in The Art of Conducting Technique. Harold Farberman founded the Conductors Guild in 1976 and has conducted orchestras around the world. He also created the Conductors Institute, the premiere training ground for young conductors. This title presents a new approach to conducting for the young conductor, as well as for the more experienced conductor.

Songlist: 7 New Elements of Conducting Technique, The Conductor's Space, Body Technique, The Feet, The Torso, The Head, Basic Baton Grip, Tip of the Baton, The Elements of a New Technique, Visual Score Study - Baton Placement, The Pattern Cube, Pitch Registration, Dynamic Registration, Spatial Registration, Pitch Line, New Beat Patterns

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5164dvd | DVD | $24.95

Imogen Holst : Conducting a Choir - A Guide for Amateurs : Book : Imogen Holst : 9780193134072

Imogen Holst : Conducting a Choir - A Guide for Amateurs

Imogen Holst (1907-1984), the daughter of the composer Gustav Holst, was a much-loved source of inspiration for the many musicians and students who encountered her over the years at the Dartington Summer School of Music and the Aldeburgh Festival. In this book, originally published in 1973, she sets out clearly and concisely--and often amusingly--a wealth of practical information that will be of particular interest to the amateur conductor. She gives precise and detailed advice on the technique of conducting, how to form and train a choir, the presentation and rehearsal of music, and how to approach public performances and competitions. Her final chapter offers suggestions for the actual rehearsal of choruses from Purcell's Dido & Aeneas, Handel's l'Allegro, and Britten's Rejoice in the Lamb.

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6284b | Book | $34.95 | Primarily a cappella

James Jordan : Evoking Sound - Second Edition : 01 Book & DVD : James Jordan : G-7359

James Jordan : Evoking Sound - Second Edition

Evoking Sound set new standards for its vision of the choral conductor's role when it was published in 1998. Now significantly revised and expanded, James Jordan's groundbreaking book incorporates more than ten years of new conducting insights, pedagogy, and philosophy to create a resource that is not only informative but transformative. Unique to this edition is the inclusion of a revolutionary DVD with Dr. Jordan and Eugene Migliaro Corporon of the University of North Texas. For the first time, a conducting text contains visual examples of patterns that-with the help of state-of-the-art animation and multiple camera angles-guide you to a deeper understanding of how conducting gesture influences sound. You will come away from Evoking Sound with a renewed sense of the totality of the conducting experience and also an understanding of how to better evoke honest and meaningful sounds from your choir.

Songlist: Foreword by Morten Lauridsen, Preface to the Second Edition, Preface to the First Edition (1996), Introduction, Part I: The Foundations of Conducting, Beginnings, The Role of Self for Beginning Conductors, The Essences of Gesture: To Advocate and Connect, Allignment: Creating the Inner Space for Breath, Essential Understandings: Primal Building Blocks of Conducting Technique, Consistent Tempo: A Prerequisite and Essential Skill, Part II: The Mechanics and Architecture of Conducting, The Anticipatory Process: Readiness to Receive Sound and Breath, Breathing and Dropping In: Gesture Informed by Breath, The Architecture of Conducting Patterns, Initiating Sound through the Breath Impulse Gesture: Definition and Importance of the Ictus, Understanding the Saito Conducting Method, Pattern Mechanics and Geometry, Part III: Additional Understandings to Refine Conducting Technique, Skill, and Awareness, Your Movement Potential and Conducting: An Application of the Work of Rudolf von Laben, Teaching Body Awareness to Conductors: The Use of the Swiss Ball, Adding Weight to Conducting Gesture: Experiencing Kinesthetic Transfer, Creating Integrative Conducting Technique through Core Distal Connectivity, The Morphology of Sounds: Conducting Note Attacks, Releases, and Fermatas, Listening, The Left Hand, Receiving, Listening to, and Reacting to the Sound, Initiation of the Musical Line, Music Aptitude: Realizing Your Music Potential as A Conductor, Part IV: Score Analysis And Instrumental Conducting, and more

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5573b | Book & DVD | $49.95

James Jordan : The Choral Conductor's Aural Tutor : 01 Book & 2 CDs : James Jordan : g-6905

James Jordan : The Choral Conductor's Aural Tutor

In The Choral Conductor's Aural Tutor, James Jordan leads directors on a quest for aural mastery of vocal technique "error" detection through a program of guided listening using recorded examples from both a high school and a college choir. The included pretests and posttests encourage forward progress by testing the conductor's ability to hear and label problems, including too little head tone, off-the-breath singing, jowly placement, sluggish vowel movement, and more. The Core Vocal Exercises on the two CDs demonstrate good ensemble sound by showing both correct and incorrect examples-we learn what a desirable sound is by hearing what it is not. This book and two-CD resource, rooted in the principles of The Choral Warm-Up, is an essential resource for conductors of all experience levels, regardless of what age group they teach.

Songlist: Section I - Introduction And Purpose, Section 2 - Developing Analytical Listening Skills, Section 3 - How Do You Hear?, Section Four - Identifying Aspects Of Timbre, Section 5 - The Conductor's Aural Workbook, Section 6 - Pretests And Posttests, Section 7 - Snakes and Barrels

More details
6381b | Book & 2 CDs | $38.95

James Jordan : The Conductor's Gesture : Book : James Jordan : G-8096

James Jordan : The Conductor's Gesture

The culmination of almost thirty years of research, writing, and teaching, this important book by James Jordan presents a vision of conducting gesture and technique as a movement language. In this comprehensive resource, Jordan applies the theories of movement education icon Rudolf Laban, as inspired by the pedagogical insights of Jordan's mentor and teacher Gail B. Poch. Each section is detailed through research, extensive discussion, and suggestions for study. Dr. Jordan's pioneering research and writing on this subject will make this seminal volume an indispensible resource for the development of conducting technique and the foundation of many approaches to conducting pedagogy. Also in this volume are contributions by Giselle Wyers and Meade Andrews. Dr. Wyers explores in depth the application of States and Drives, and makes direct applications to specific works in the choral literature. Dr. Andrews details a sequential curriculum for the practice and development of expressive conducting technique, all demonstrated on the DVD included with this book.

Songlist: An Examination of the Perception of Movement, Laban as a Gestural Morphology, The Consequences of Gesture, A New Pedagogy and Theory for Conducting, An Overview of Psychological Research, Behaviorism, The Importance of the Body Map, How Movement and Conducting Affects Ensembles, Explanation of Morphology, Toward an Understanding of Effort, Overview of the Importance of Breath, Dimensional Architectures of Movement, Rhythm Impulse and Conducting, Teaching Architecture of Sound, The Sound Membrane, The Impulse to Move: Harmonic Rhythm, Harmonic Progression, States and Drives, Effort Elements, Movement Signatures, Modes of Shape Change, Developing a Kinesthetic Vocabulary, Acquiring Conducting Technique Using the Principles of Laban

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6734b | Book | $44.95

James Jordan : Conducting Technique Etudes : Book & 1 CD : James Jordan : G-8419

James Jordan : Conducting Technique Etudes

In this volume of etudes for conductors, James Jordan details a ground-breaking pedagogy for the development of conducting skills. This method is based on a sequential harmonic process to inform and define conducting gesture. This book is revolutionary because it employs a process of score study to develop what Dr. Jordan calls "kinesthetic/harmonic audiation." Conductors of all skill levels will profoundly benefit from these new ideas. While instrumentalists and keyboardists for decades have had books of daily "etudes" for the development of technique, conducting pedagogy has not had the benefit of such a rigorous technical course of study. This book teaches conductors to make gestural decisions based upon harmonic rhythm and uses the gestural vocabulary of Rudolf Laban as the beginning "vocabulary" from which a conductor can make decisions. This book of etudes differs from other approaches because it views harmonic progression as the primary vehicle by which to learn conducting technique.

Songlist: Knowledge and Awareness of your Architecture, Patterning, Respond Intuitively, Breathing within the Envelope, Root Analyis, Density Analysis, Developing Harmonic / Kinesthetic Audiation, Spatial Audiation, Audiational Assimilation, Breath as an Etude, Pedagogical Path of these Etudes, Foundation of Harmonic Rhythm, Does Gesture Influence Sound?, Use and Study of the Harmonic Etudes, Body mapping, The Labian Rudiments, Practices

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6893b | Book & 1 CD | $34.95

James Jordan : Evoking Sound: Body Mapping Principles & Basic Conducting Technique : DVD : James Jordan : DVD 530

James Jordan : Evoking Sound: Body Mapping Principles & Basic Conducting Technique

Taking James Jordan's choral conducting book Evoking Sound to the next level, this video is a self-tutorial that demonstrates and enhances the basic conducting principles discussed in the book. This insightful presentation includes an overview of fundamental Body Mapping based upon the Alexander Technique as applied to choral conducting, as well as tutorials on breathing and basic conducting patterns. Whether you're studying conducting for the first time or looking for a refresher course, this enlightening video provides invaluable insight into basic conducting technique.

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6246dvd | DVD | $24.95

James Jordan / Eugene Migliaro Corporon : The Anatomy of Conducting : DVD : James Jordan : DVD - 745

James Jordan / Eugene Migliaro Corporon : The Anatomy of Conducting

For the first time two of America's most respected conductors-instrumental and choral-enter into a collaboration, using cutting-edge technology to illustrate their teaching principles for learning the basics of conducting technique. Through insightful masterclass dialogue, unique multi-angle video demonstrations, and state-of-the-art motion capture animation, conductors will be able to study the gesture of both renowned conductors. Revolutionary graphics show the skeletal movement of each conductor in real-time to give conductors an in-depth and accurate picture of body mechanics and architecture. This DVD is a complete tutorial for basic conducting technique as taught and demonstrated by two of America's master teachers and conductors.

Songlist: Basic conducting patterns in legato and marcato for all basic meters, Conducting with and without a baton, Extensive demonstration of preparatory gestures, Explanation of the architecture of conducting, Body Mapping principles applied to conducting, Discussions on Sound Shaping and Sound Morphology, Unique interactive menu

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6620dvd | DVD | $34.95

Joan Conlon : Wisdom, Wit and Will - Women Choral Conductors on Their Art : Book : Joan Conlon : G-7590

Joan Conlon : Wisdom, Wit and Will - Women Choral Conductors on Their Art

Women have had a profound impact on the choral arts. This groundbreaking volume is a celebration and affirmation of this critical role, both through history and looking into the future, written by thirteen of the most significant voices in the choral profession. Wisdom, Wit, and Will is a refreshing perspective on the choral field, rebutting conventional attitudes toward conducting and gender, and including distinctive biographies of some of the pioneering female choral conductors. But even more importantly, this book is of tremendous value to anyone seeking fresh insights into the choral conducting profession. Divided into three sections-Our Music, Our Teaching, and Our Lives-this book is about creating the best possible experiences for choral conducting students and choral singe rs. Among just a few examples, Ann Howard Jones discusses "Analyzing the Choral-Orchestral Score," Doreen Rao focuses on "Feminine Perspectives on Conducting and Teaching Choral Music," and Hilary Apfelstadt enlightens us about "Finding Balance: Professional and Personal." This book also includes concise presentations of the score preparation techniques of Robert Shaw, Margaret Hillis, Nadia Boulanger, and many others. What do women want? They want the same things men want, or should want: exciting musical performances, sensitivity to text, attention to sound learning strategies in rehearsal, solid vocal technique, knowledge of the score, and more. Wisdom, Wit, and Will is a wonderful resource for anyone who aspires to develop his or her role as a professional and artistic choral conductor and teacher.

Songlist: Introduction, Analyzing the Choral-Orchestral Score, Must We Sing of Women Only as Men Have Sung?, Building Bridges: Choruses Engaging Communities, Conducting the Choral-Orchestral Work, Passion and Authenticity: A Conversation With Marin Alsop, Women Conductors as Leaders and Mentors, Women, Conductors, and the Tenure Process: What's Up In the Academy, Feminine Perspectives on Conducting and Teaching Choral Music, Teaching Graduate Conductors, Artistry Through Improvisation in the Choral Rehearsal, Finding Balance, Nadia and Me, Biographies of Selected American Women Choral Conductors, Charlene Archibeque, Tamara Brooks, Elaine Brown, Fiora Contino, Margaret Hawkins, Iva Dee Hiatt, Margaret Hillis, Eva Jessye, Colleen Kirk, Alice Parker, Lorna Cooke DeVaron, Jane Hardester

More details
5301b | Book | $39.95

John Eliot Gardiner : In Rehearsal with the English Baroque Soloists and Monteverdi Choir : DVD : D4576

John Eliot Gardiner : In Rehearsal with the English Baroque Soloists and Monteverdi Choir

Sir John Eliot Gardiner is one of the most versatile and exciting conductors of our time. Acknowleged as a key figure in the revival of early music, his concert performances and recordings are unmistakable for their zest and technical mastery. This fascinating film of Bach's Cantata No. 63 rehearsal at London's Abbey Road Studios is intercut with comments from the singers and an interview with Gardiner, giving a deeper appreciation of this festive work lavishly celebrating Christ's birth.

Songlist: Opening; Main Title, Gardiner on Bach, Choral Romp, Working with the Alto and Tenor, Cantata Structure, Coro. 'Christen, atzet diesen Tag', Recitativo. 'O selger Tag', Aria (Duetto). 'Gott, du has es wohl gefuget', Aria (Duetto). 'Ruft und feht den Himmel an', Recitativo. 'Verdopppelt euch demnach, ihr heissen Andachtsflammen', Coro. 'Hochster, schau in Gnaden an', End Credits

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6501dvd | DVD | $19.95

John Haberlen : Mastering Conducting Techniques : Book : John Haberlen : 747510181231 : 35013987

John Haberlen : Mastering Conducting Techniques

Mastering Conducting Techniques is a book of exercises intended for conducting students and conductors who wish to develop specific conducting skills. Haberlen has identified the fundamental skills that all competent conductors must master in order to conduct and interpret a score. The author states in his introduction that the skills set forth in his book will enable a conductor to apply solutions to technical conducting problems within a specific passage of a score. He asserts that to achieve efficient rehearsals and quality performances conductors need confident conducting patterns and clear gestures to communicate to the performers the score's music information.

Songlist: Familiar Meter Patterns, The Breath, Preparatory Motion, Changing Meter Patterns, Dynamics: Crescendo and Desrescendo, The Fermata, Cuing on the Pulse, Independence of the Hands, Less Familiar Meter Patterns, Divided Meter Patterns, Tempo Proportions, Final Constanants, Accelerando and Rallentando, Syncopation, Hermiola and Accents, Exercises (1-28)

More details
9819b | Book | $19.95

Jonathan Palant : Brothers, Sing On! : Book : 884088882808 : 148032843X : 00116787

Jonathan Palant : Brothers, Sing On!

Brothers, Sing On!: Conducting the Tenor-Bass Choir by Jonathan Palant is a welcome addition to the choral pedagogy literature addressing the training of male singers. An ideal resource for choral directors, teachers-in-training, singers and choral enthusiasts, this practical volume explores the challenges and rewards of working with evolving adolescent-through-adult male singer. In addition to his own valuable insights, Dr. Palant includes interviews with over two dozen seasoned vocal music educators.

Songlist: A History of Men's Choral Singing, Anatomy of the Male Voice, The Product: Choral Tone, Intonation, Parts and Placement, The Adolescent Male Voice, Categorization to Maturation, Programming and Repertoire Selection, Auditions, Warm-Ups, Sight-Singing, Recruiting, Fund-Raising, Travel, Sample Programs

More details
8400b | Book | $22.95

Lisa Billingham : The Complete Conductor's Guide to Laban Movement Theory  : Book : G-7184

Lisa Billingham : The Complete Conductor's Guide to Laban Movement Theory

Movement is at the core of conducting and Rudolf Laban (1879-1958) is considered perhaps the most influential scholar of human movement. His ideas have shaped the practice of dancers for generations but are significantly less known among conductors. This concise book is a thoughtful and practical introduction to Laban's life and theories, perfect for conductors seeking to better connect their understanding of a musical score to their actions on the podium. Dr. Billingham also designs a "kinesthetic toolbox" to further enable conductors at all levels to bring the most meaning to their musical expression. The joy of movement in conducting stems from the critical role conductors have in molding and shaping the sound of their ensembles. The Complete Conductor's Guide to Laban Movement Theory gives conductors a new vocabulary and palette for their work, helping achieve more expressive and musical performances. Dr. Lisa A. Billingham is Associate Professor of Choral Music Education and Director of Graduate Studies for the Department of Music at George Mason University. She also gives private instruction in conducting as well as Laban Movement Theory.

Songlist: History, Labanotation, Patterns of Total Body Connectivity, Core-Distal Patterning, Head-Tail Patterning, Upper-Lower Patterning, Body-Half Patterning, Cross-Lateral Patterning, Exercises for Total Body Connectivity, Exploration of the Effort Elements, Effect Actions and the Conducting Gesture, Shape, Space, Thematic Application, Exercises

More details
7674b | Book | $21.95

Paul Salamunovich : Choral Perspectives - Chant and Beyond : DVD : Paul Salamunovich : 884088069131 : 1423411161 : 08745498

Paul Salamunovich : Choral Perspectives - Chant and Beyond

Paul Salamunovich, Grammy-nominated Conductor Emeritus of the Los Angeles Master Chorale, discusses why his concepts of tone, style and musicianship are rooted in chant. In addition to sharing his expertise in interviews, the Maestro reheares Durufle and Lauridson with university singers. This DVD allows the viewer to experience his artistry from a choir member's perspective. For many years, Paul Salamunovich has been creating just about the lovliest choral singing this side of heaven. This DVD provides a look behind the scenes from which we can learn what drives his quest for choral excellence and how he achieves it. At the heart of his Vision of choral music lies the rich repertory of gregorgian chant which he first learned as a boy soprano, providing a true and solid foundation for good singing in a whole range of styles. A Salamunovich is always honest and true to the composer, but beyond that, transformed by the the light of the spirit and the warmth of inner beauty which Paul has the rare ability to reveal. Paul is an unforgettable man, musician, conductor, and teacher who enriches every life he touches. This very Welcome DVD will help to ensure that his legacy endures.

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6379dvd | DVD | $38.95

Ramona M. Wis : The Conductor as Leader : Book : 7071

Ramona M. Wis : The Conductor as Leader

How do you inspire the musicians in front of you, help them to catch the fire of your vision for the group, and learn to work together as people, instead of just learning to sing or play on the beat together? How do you lead them? The leadership role of conductors is, on the one hand, obvious. As leaders, conductors have the job of cueing entrances, holding fermati, and executing final cutoffs with a flourish. But there is so much more to musical leadership: Vision, Trust, Persuasion, and Character are just a few of the concepts explored in this remarkable volume that brings the wealth of leadership literature to bear on the business of running a musical ensemble. Think Stephen Covey (of 7 Habits fame) meets Benjamin Zander (of the Boston Philharmonic). At last there is a book that applies the principles business leaders have turned to for years to the task of leading a musical ensemble. Whether you stand before a fourth grade chorus or a philharmonic orchestra, The Conductor as Leader will inspire you to go beyond teaching notes and rhythms to learning how to build connections between people that enhance their quality of life - and their musical performance.

Songlist: Acknowledgments, Opening Our Eyes, Maestro or Bob?, The Journey Begins: A Look at Leadership, To the Skeptics, the Cynics and the Realists, Lead With Vision, Little School, Big Vision, Lead Upon Trust, Are Kids Artists?, Lead By Teaching, Zoom In / Zoom Out, Lead By Persuasion, The Bully Seed, Lead With Character, Not Superheroes, Just Super Willing, The Journey Continues: Leading for the Long Term, The Greatest Leader, A Clearer Vision for Influence, About the Author

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6621b | Book | $24.95

Richard Wagner : Wagner on Conducting : Book : 9780486259321 : 06-259323

Richard Wagner : Wagner on Conducting

Widely regarded as the most significant conductor of the 19th century, Wagner was probably most responsible for launching the cult of the conductor as an omnipotent, omniscient, near-divine leader of musicians. His performances on the podium and his writings on conducting helped shape a generation of conductors, just as his music shaped a generation of composers. This volume contains his most important essay on conducting.

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5604b | Book | $7.95

Royal Stanton : Dynamic Choral Conductor : Book : Royal Stanton : 35005661

Royal Stanton : Dynamic Choral Conductor

Based on Stanton's years of experience working in day-to-day conducting situations, this unrivalled book views the conductor's image, abilities, personal involvement and relationship with the singers. Full of successful rehearsal techniques, vocal exercises, programme suggestions and repertoire planning, plus practical assignments.

Songlist: Changing Conditions Of Choral Conducting, The Conductor's Communicative Techniques - Verbal, The Conductor's Communicative Techniques - Non-Verbal, The Conductor And Choral Tone, The Choral Conductor's Role In Voice Training, The Conductor And Group Musicianship, The Conductor's Many Jobs, The Conductor's Attitudes About Styles And Repertoire, The Impact Of The Conductor's Image

More details
9809b | Book | $19.95

Sandra Snow : Choral Conducting / Teaching : DVD : Sandra Snow : DVD-800

Sandra Snow : Choral Conducting / Teaching bestseller

On this extraordinary DVD, master conductor Sandra Snow outlines a new paradigm for choral teaching and rehearsing within performance-based classes. Through emphasizing how to develop teaching strategies from the podium, Dr. Snow presents a systematic, pragmatic approach. The heart of this DVD features 38 mini-rehearsal segments of Dr. Snow, Jonathan Reed, and colleagues teaching and leading a variety of mixed, women's, and men's choirs at the high school and college levels. These segments model how to continually analyze and respond to the sounds being produced by an ensemble. Extensive, full-color animated graphics support the score study and analysis sections of this DVD, as well as the helpful, step-by-step demonstrations of the process of improving keyboard and perceptive listening skills. For any practitioner of the choral arts, this DVD takes a groundbreaking approach to the role of the conductor/teacher, helping to bring true growth to the musicianship of choral singers. Sandra Snow is Associate Professor of Music Education and Choral Conducting at the Michigan State University College of Music. She is a nationally known choral clinician, conductor, and music

Songlist: Developing diagnostic rehearsal strategies, Capitalizing on teachable moments in rehearsal, Productive score study, Unlocking imagination in teaching, Formulating a personal yet authentic interpretation of a piece, Planning rehearsals based on one's individual musical interpretation, Increasing keyboard skills for rehearsal, Learning how to listen to one's choir with discriminating ears, Empowering a student's full musical potential, The Role of the Conductor, An Organic Approach to Musical Understanding, Unlocking Imagination, The Productive Rehearsal, Vocal Warm Ups, Rehearsal Techniques

More details
6666dvd | DVD | $29.95

Timothy  Mount : Fine Tune Your Conducting Skills : DVD : Timothy Mount : 964807006620 : SBMP662

Timothy Mount : Fine Tune Your Conducting Skills

In this fun one hour and fifteen minute video, Dr. Timothy Mount, working with his choir, demonstrates and talks about clear beats, well-defined conducting patterns, preparatory beats, cut-offs and the many challenges of fermatas. Dr. Mount offers numerous tips and warns about a few bad habits to avoid. The video includes a detailed booklet/manual with all exercises noted. The Choral Journal called the video "A superb contribution to the profession" and strongly recommended the title.

Songlist: Checklist for a Clear Beat, Checklist for a Clear Pattern, Checklist for a On-The-Beat Preps, Checklist for a After-The-Beat Preps, Fermata Checklist

More details
6267dvd | DVD | $29.95

Timothy Sharp : Precision Conducting: Seven Disciplines for Excellence in Conducting : Book : Tim Sharp : 000308072518 : 30/1836R

Timothy Sharp : Precision Conducting: Seven Disciplines for Excellence in Conducting

This text is a unique find for the aspiring conductor -- a sequenced approach to the many musical and extra-musical conducting skills that doesn't find itself mired in a complex presentation. Revised to include additional step-by-step exercises and examples, it remains rooted in its "Seven Disciplines for Excellence in Conducting." Promoting the kind of focused, dedicated study that conducting requires, these seven disciplines -- analyzing, internalizing, researching, marking and conducting the score, and planning and rehearsing the rehearsal -- build on each other to continually reinforce earlier disciplines. Well suited for both self study and use in a conducting course or seminar, Precision Conducting is also an excellent resource for those looking to refresh an existing skill set.

Songlist: Analyzing the Score, Internalizing the Score, Marking the Score, Planning the Rehearsal, Rehearsing the Rehearsal, Conducting the Score, The Drama of Conducting, The Meter/Tempo Function, The Interpretive Function, The Start/Entrance - Stop/Cutoff Function, Researching the Score, Conducting Checklist, Single-Movement Chart Exercise, Performer's Marking Sheet, Recommendations for Meter/Tempo Exercise, Resources for Researching Credible Sources, Suggestions for Further Reading

More details
6508b | Book | $19.95

Timothy Sharp : Precision Conducting: Achieving Choral Blend and Balance : Book : Tim Sharp : 000308102338 : 30/1837R

Timothy Sharp : Precision Conducting: Achieving Choral Blend and Balance

"Sound" is the chemistry of musical sounds intended to culminate in the potential of not just sound, but beautiful sound; not just expression, but enhanced and beautiful expression. In the case of a choral ensemble, this sound ideal is the result of many important factors. Precision Conducting: Achieving Choral Blend and Balance presents a thorough yet practical discussion of these factors, which include determining the vocal classification and the physical placement of singers; techniques to achieve rhythmic precision, vowel unification and good intonation; and performance practice in each of the major historical periods. Each major focus area also includes short, targeted lists of Guiding Principles, Common Tendencies, and Problems and Suggested Solutions, along with tips for Problem Solving. A reproducible IPA Chart as well as Audition and Evaluation Materials are included, as is "The Choral Singer's Guide to Good Vocal Production," a handout for your choir members.

Songlist: The Essential Choral Tone, Achieving Balance, Achieving Blend, Interpretive Issues, Glossary of Terms, The Choral Singer's Guide to Good Vocal Production, Audition and Evaluation Materials, International Phonetic Alphabet Chart

More details
6509b | Book | $14.95

Timothy Sharp : Mentoring in the Ensemble Arts : Book : Tim Sharp : G-7961

Timothy Sharp : Mentoring in the Ensemble Arts

Conductors are artists - but they also have a singular responsibility to go beyond the music to nurture the inner voices of their ensemble members. In Mentoring in the Ensemble Arts, author Tim Sharp examines the mentor/protege dynamic and its critical impact on the lives of ensembles and their conductors. Sharp draws from research, his own experience as a choir conductor, mentor, and protege, and his travels as Executive Director of the American Choral Directors Association. The result is a profound portrait of this rarely discussed aspect of a conductor's life. Coming full circle, Mentoring in the Ensemble Arts reinforces a conductor's own desire to develop his or her own personal learning community to continually strive for excellence by being a protege to other leaders. The goal of this book is to help the conductor realize the full potential of the mentor/protege relationship and to assist both mentor and protege in achieving the best possible benefits of these relationships. The result will be better music making and more fulfilled human beings for generations to come.

Songlist: Recititive, The Mentoring Environment of the Ensemble, Arioso, Mentoring Defined, Listening for the Voice, The Power of the Mentor, Are Mentors Born of Built?, The Mentor as Leader, The Ongoing Process, Hearing the Voice, The Imperative of Interconnectedness, Skill Set, What we Learn and What We Do, Refining the Voice, Locate Greatness, Mentoring to Greatness

More details
7453b | Book | $21.95

Various : The Music Director's Cookbook: Creative Recipes for a Successful Program : Book : 073999473353 : 1574630393 : 00317149

Various : The Music Director's Cookbook: Creative Recipes for a Successful Program

A stimulating collection of unique concepts on teaching and conducting by 57 of today's most outstanding music educators. Contains to-the-point, thought-provoking ideas proven successful by master teacher-conductors. Problem solving tips, philosophical concepts and ensemble-building skills all in one easy-to-read collection. An ideal source of exciting strategies for all levels of performance ensembles. Proceeds from the sale of this book go to The American Music Conference.

Songlist: Saliferous Silence - Mark Aldrich, All Music Begins With A Good Breath - Kenneth Amis, Enhancing Espressiveness Through Accurate Dynamic Placement - Terry Austin, Personal Growth/Development - Frank Battisti, How To Cook Your Favorite Meals Without The Exact Ingredients - Jay Bocook, Food For Thought: Does Your Band Sound Better From The Back - Peter Loel Boonshaft, Guidelines For Choral Music Selection - Lynn M. Brinckmeyer, Marking The Score For Better Eye Contact - Charles F. Campbell Jr., Educating Future Music Consumers - John E. Casagrande, A Healthy Serving - Reber Clark, Healthy Repertoire For Successful Band Programs - James Cochran, Teaching Creativity Through The Use Of Graphic Notation - Michel Colgrass, Linear Balance - Gary Corcoran, Creating Better Balance And Raising Student Awareness - Paula A. Crider, The Z Dimension In Performance - Thomas C. Duffy, Structuring Taped Assignments For Maximum Learning - Cheryl Floyd, For Wholesome Nutrtion, The Music Matters - Richard Flotd, Involving Teachers In The School Band Program - Eileen Fraedrich, Serve It Fresh - Rob Franzblau, Balanced Percussion Education -David C. Fullmer, Commissioning A New Work Of Music - David R. Gillingham, Program Planning - Steven Grimo, Well Rounded Teaching And Balanced Learning Outcomes - Alan Gumm, The Great Musical Adventure - Frederick Harris, Ensuring Success When Matching Beginners With Instruments - Samuel Hazo, Teaching Principles Of Melodic Interpretation - Leslie Hicken, Selecting Music And Methodology - Roy Holder, The Pitch Barometer - Shelley Jagow, Preserving Your Musicians - William Jastrow, First There Was Tone - Barry Kopetz, and more

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6356b | Book | $24.95

Walter Ehret : Choral Conductor's Handbook : Book : 073999086058 : 088188409X : 00008605

Walter Ehret : Choral Conductor's Handbook

The book is a collection of ideas, procedures, and devices which have been successfully used with choral groups of all ages. The chapters are organized to cover one problem area at a time, and succinctly state the suggested solutions. This digest of the fundamentals of the choral art is designed to be of help to all choral directors regardless of their experience and ability, or the skill of their groups. The veteran conductor may use it as a check list for his own work--the less experienced conductor will find the material of great value both in building a fine chorus as well as in developing an increased awareness and sensitivity on his own part. The handbook may well serve as a text for choral conducting classes as well as a source book of information for members of school, community, and church groups.

Songlist: Rehearsal Procedures, Presenting a New Choral Work, Flatting and Its Causes, Dynamics, Tempo, Rhythm, Blend and Balance, Diction, Vowels: Principles, Primary Vowels, and Related Sounds, Consonants: Principles and Considerations, Diphthongs: Principles and Basics, Tone Color, Staging, Criteria for Selection of Choral Music, Audio Aids, Program and Performance Suggestions and Considerations

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6591b | Book | $12.95

Weston Noble : Creating the Special World: A Collection of Lectures : Book : Weston Noble : G-6529

Weston Noble : Creating the Special World: A Collection of Lectures

Creating the Special World is a collection of lectures that epitomize the teachings of Weston Noble, on of the most influential leaders in choral music of the past 55 years. His enthusiasm emanates from the pages, providing insight into his artistry.

Songlist: The Special World Of Choral Music, Choral Pedgogy, Stylistic Awareness, Choral Music: A Retrospective

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6422b | Book | $19.95

Weston Noble : Choral Perspectives : DVD : Weston Noble : 884088069124 : 1423411153 : 08745497

Weston Noble : Choral Perspectives

For sixty years Weston Noble has been touching hearts, nurturing minds and changing the lives of musicians. By providing insight into what has sustained this legendary conductor as his legacy has grown, this DVD is a strong offering for the improvement of conductor preparation and the enlightenment of practicing conductors and singers. Marvel at the vitality that springs forth from this man, at age 82, as he motivates, educates and unifies a diverse group of volunteer singers. Whether interacting with the choir or speaking candidly during interviews, Weston Noble reveals his faith, vision, humor and joyful optimism.

Songlist: Extended Interviews with Weston Noble, Professionals vs. Amateurs, Realignment, The Challenge Of Discovery, A Point Of Reference, Archtypes And Symbols, A Home For The Spirit, The Football Player And Handel's Messiah, Beginnings, Influences, Choral Pedogogy, Positioning Singers To Achieve, The First Noel, Optimum Voice Matching, All Music Must Dance, Singers' Tributes, A Chorister's Point Of View, Luther College, Trailer

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6370dvd | DVD | $38.95

William Dehning : Chorus Confidential: Decoding the Secrets of the Choral Art : Book : 073999478952 : 0634058436 : 08301689

William Dehning : Chorus Confidential: Decoding the Secrets of the Choral Art

Dr. William Dehning has been the head of the Choral Department at University of Southern California since 1992. His choirs have wowed audiences worldwide and at the ACDA National Convention. Employing his no-nonsense tone, dry wit and deep passion, he tells all that is good and all that should be changed in the world of choral conducting. Never has so much valuable information been included with so much personality. Laugh and learn with this spectacular book!

Songlist: Who, The Score, The Craft, The Instrument, The Ensemble: Vocal Considerations, The Ensemble: Choral Considerations, The Ensemble: Sisters, The Process, Them, Us, Acknowledgements

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6354b | Book | $24.95

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