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James Jordan
Evoking Sound - Second Edition

Foreword by Morten Lauridsen
Preface to the Second Edition
Preface to the First Edition (1996)
Part I: The Foundations of Conducting
The Role of Self for Beginning Conductors
The Essences of Gesture: To Advocate and Connect
Allignment: Creating the Inner Space for Breath
Essential Understandings: Primal Building Blocks of Conducting Technique
Consistent Tempo: A Prerequisite and Essential Skill
Part II: The Mechanics and Architecture of Conducting
The Anticipatory Process: Readiness to Receive Sound and Breath
Breathing and Dropping In: Gesture Informed by Breath
The Architecture of Conducting Patterns
Initiating Sound through the Breath Impulse Gesture: Definition and Importance of the Ictus
Understanding the Saito Conducting Method
Pattern Mechanics and Geometry
Part III: Additional Understandings to Refine Conducting Technique, Skill, and Awareness
Your Movement Potential and Conducting: An Application of the Work of Rudolf von Laben
Teaching Body Awareness to Conductors: The Use of the Swiss Ball
Adding Weight to Conducting Gesture: Experiencing Kinesthetic Transfer
Creating Integrative Conducting Technique through Core Distal Connectivity
The Morphology of Sounds: Conducting Note Attacks, Releases, and Fermatas
The Left Hand
Receiving, Listening to, and Reacting to the Sound
Initiation of the Musical Line
Music Aptitude: Realizing Your Music Potential as A Conductor
Part IV: Score Analysis And Instrumental Conducting
Preparing the Score: Allowing the Music to Speak
Preparing for the Kinesthetic of Conducting: The Principles of Laban Score Movement Analysis (LMSA)
Basics for Choral Conductors Working with Instrumentalists
Facing the Orchestra: A Choral Conductor's Guide to the Orchestra
Giving Meaning to the Music through the Text
Trust and Conducting: Interpreter or Transmitter?
Part V: Supporting Materials for Conducting Study
The Anatomy of Conducting DVD: A Companion to Evoking Sound
Music For Conducting Study: A Companion to Evoking Sound
Appendix 1: String Resource Guide
Appendix 2: Music For Basic Conducting Study and Self-Evaluation
Appendix 3: Inner Game of Music - Conducting
List of Additional Resources
List of Quoted Persons
About the Author

Evoking Sound set new standards for its vision of the choral conductor's role when it was published in 1998. Now significantly revised and expanded, James Jordan's groundbreaking book incorporates more than ten years of new conducting insights, pedagogy, and philosophy to create a resource that is not only informative but transformative. Unique to this edition is the inclusion of a revolutionary DVD with Dr. Jordan and Eugene Migliaro Corporon of the University of North Texas. For the first time, a conducting text contains visual examples of patterns that-with the help of state-of-the-art animation and multiple camera angles-guide you to a deeper understanding of how conducting gesture influences sound. You will come away from Evoking Sound with a renewed sense of the totality of the conducting experience and also an understanding of how to better evoke honest and meaningful sounds from your choir.

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Choral  | 498 Pages | Hardcover

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