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Mixed Voice Choral Recordings

We have over the many years been able to collect some of the best mixed-voice choir CD recordings from around the world. Many of the CD recordings are not available thru the usual distributors and in many cases we are the sole distributor of the titles.

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La Venexiana : Claudio Monteverdi

Review: La Venexiana presents its latest recording achievement, a set of madrigal interpretations of a work that is a jewel and a success by any standard: the Third Book of Claudio Monteverdi, undoubtedly the greatest composer of the genre. The reason why this book of madrigals enjoyed such success is soon told. The Third Book is a colourful sequence of styles and forms. We find virtuosic works (with two or three soprano voices), works in chromatic style, madrigals in concitato, declamatory style and courtly madrigals. Briefly put, it is the summa of what at that period one would have understood by the word "madrigal" and its most representative forms. Moreover, Monteverdi's choice of poets in this book is typical of those of the nuovo stile, including Torquato Tasso and Battista Guarini, ideal to display "serious" emotions and feelings.

Songlist: La giovinetta pianta, O come e gran martire, Sovra tenere erbette, O dolce anima mia, Stracciami pur il core, O rossignol, Se per estremo ardore, Vattene pur crudel, O Primavera, Perfidissimo volto, Ch'io non t'ami cor mio, Occhi un tempo mia vita, Vivro fra i miei tormenti, Lumi miei cari, Rimanti in pace

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7048c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella || Madrigals CDs | Claudio Monteverdi

La Venexiana : Luca Marenzio

Review: This Gramophone award-winning group continues their invaluable series devoted to the Italian madrigal school. With this volume they perform this book, published by Luca Marenzio in 1594. It signaled a turning point in Marenzio's musical creativity as his work became more internally connected with a selection of poetic texts dwelling on intimate reflections about love, remembrance, sorrow, and death.

Songlist: S'io parto, I' moro e pur partir conviene, Clori nel mio partire, Donna de l'alma mia, de la mia vita, Udite, lagrimosi, Stillo l'anima in pianto, Ah, dolente partita!, Ben'ho del car'oggetto I sensi privi, Amor, se giusto sei, Hor chi, clori beata, Deh Tirsi, Tiri, anima mia, perdona, Clori mia, Clori dolce, oh sempre nuove, Mntre qual vive pietra, Voi bramate ch' io moia, (Rimanti in pace) a la dolente e bella, Ecco Maggio seren, chi l'hha vestito, Cantiam la bella Clori

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7848c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella || Early Music CDs | Luca Marenzio

Latvian Radio Choir : Accentus - Strauss a cappella

Review: Richard Strauss, though better known as a composer of operas and tone poems, wrote significantly in other genres as well. One of those mediums that fascinated him throughout his entire life was the a cappella choral work. The earliest pieces recorded here-the Zwei Gesange - come from 1897, the year of Ein Heldenleben; the latest piece-Traumlicht, the second of the Drei Mannerchore - from 1935-36, those years in which Strauss was occupied with the operas Friedenstag and Daphne. The most extensive work here, and perhaps the most difficult to perform, is the Deutsche Motette. Written in 1913, between his work on the operas Ariadne auf Naxos and Die Frau ohne Schatten, it is a one-movement tone poem for voices. There are moments of incredible difficulty, requiring the basses to perform notes more than two octaves below middle C for passages at a time. The sopranos, on the other hand, are asked to sing passages requiring high Cs, more than two octaves above middle C. The singers here are up to the challenge. This is no small feat for a piece that contains at its highest number 23 individual parts! The earlier Zwei Gesange are also given very fine performances. The ensemble work here is much better in terms of blend. In the beginning of Der Abend (the first of the two Gesange) the singers are very good at overlapping and matching, creating a seamless wall of sound as they transfer from one section to the next. Each entry proceeds smoothly, through the odd chromatic wandering, until the very end when the ensemble creates an almost organ-like sonority. The two remaining pieces are equally thrilling and well done.

Songlist: Deutsche Mottette, op 62, Trumlicht, op 123, Zwei Gesange, op 34, Der Abend / Hymne

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2326c | 1 CD | $16.95 | A Cappella || Latvian Choral Music | Richard Strauss

Latvian Radio Choir : Glorious Hill

Review: In recent years Gavin Bryars has concentrated to a great extent on writing for the human voice - and a great deal of this is choral music. He has a close relationship with ensembles from the Baltic, especially the Latvian Radio Choir, now without doubt one of the world's greatest choirs. His first collaboration with them on GB Records was the superb On 'Photography', which was an Editor's Choice in Gramophone and extensively played on BBC Radio 3. This very fine choir is at home in all forms of contemporary music, but also in music from the baroque as well as early music. Many of Gavin Bryars' works on this recording take forms from early music, and some pieces originate in collaborations with early music ensembles - such as the Hilliard Ensemble and Trio Mediaeval. Here we have the stunning female voices of the Latvian Radio Choir in 9 and 11 part laude; the whole choir a capella in Glorious Hill and, in Cadman Requiem, accompanied by Riga Cathedral's magnificent organ in the cathedral's stunning acoustic. As on the first recording with the Latvian Radio Choir, Gavin Bryars has included works by Latvian composers close to his heart. Eriks Esenvalds is a young composer whose work recorded here was awarded first place at the 2006 International Rostrum for Composers. Peteris Vasks is perhaps the best known of all living Latvian composers. The work of both composers has a profound concern for the spiritual, which has led it to be linked with the music of composers such as Arvo Part or Giya Kancheli.

Songlist: Lauda 22, Fammi cantar l'amor, Lauda 23, Glorious Hill, Legende de la femme emmuree, Dammi conforto Dio, Lauda 24, Ziles zina, Cadman Requiem, -Kyrie/Requiem, -Creation Hymn Paraphrase (Bede), -Agnus Dei, -Creation Hymn, -In Paradisum

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8751c | 1 CD | $15.95 || Latvian Choral Music | Gavin Bryars

Latvian Radio Choir : Jonathan Harvey

Review: Jonathan Harvey is Britain's foremost composer of electronic music and has developed a complex and personal musical language for which he is globally recognized. His catalogue of works explores unique sound worlds and imaginative ensembles. The works on this disc, composed within seven years of each other during one of the most productive periods of Harvey's career, demonstrate the stylistic range of his choral writing and his unique approach to the combination of live performance and electronic sound, as well as his innate sympathy for the voice. The Latvian Radio Choir have been labelled as the creators of a new choral paradigm: a testament to their diverse range of voices and skilful performances of challenging experimental works. The choir champions the works of many leading Latvian composers and much focus is placed on exploring the capabilities of the human voice. The singers explore their skills by turning to the mysteries of traditional singing, as well as every other vocal utterance, from speech to breath. They make their Hyperion debut with thrilling performances of Jonathan Harvey's The Angels, Ashes Dances Back, Marahi and The Summer Cloud's Awakening.

Songlist: The Angels, Ashes Dance Back , Marahi, The Summer Cloud's Awakening

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6182c | 1 CD | $16.95 || Latvian Choral Music | Jonathan Harvey

Latvian Radio Choir : On Photography

Review: This all a cappella recording features some most interesting and talented composers. Gavin Bryars's numerous recordings have been among the bestselling CDs by any contemporary composer. Two of his albums, "The Sinking of the Titanic" and "Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet", have sold more than 250,000 copies. This recording is notable for the extraordinary beauty of its choral sound, the precision of its ensemble, the perfection of its intonation, the subtlety of its phrasing, and the striking individuality of its soloists.

Songlist: And so ended Kant's Travelling in this World (Gavin Bryars), Three Poems of Cecco Angiolieri, Da ispravitsa molitva moja (Arturs Maskata), Expessa Solis, Resonare Fibris, Diptychon (Silvestrov), The Lord's Prayer, Testament

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7836c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella || Latvian Choral Music

Latvian Radio Choir : Peteris Vasks - Pater Noster

Review: Peteris Vasks (1946), Latvia's most prominent composer, was the son of a Baptist minister, and while he always felt a strong affinity for sacred music, he didn't feel free to express it through vocal music since it would never have been allowed to be performed under the Communist regime. Since the early '90s, he has turned his attention more and more to religious texts, and this CD includes three of his most significant sacred choral works, including a setting of the Mass. Vasks' style of choral writing links him to the composers who have come to be described as "holy minimalists," a group that includes Part, Gorecki, Kancheli, and Tavener, whose music, while stylistically diverse, tends to rely on tonal and modal harmonies, is frequently harmonically static or slow-moving and is often linked to plainchant and ancient liturgical traditions. Vasks' choral music is firmly rooted in Western polyphony and is for the most part traditional-sounding; there is little in it apart from certain unconventional harmonic progressions that would make it immediately identifiable as a product of the late twentieth century. Among the other holy minimalists, the sound of his music is most closely related to that of Gorecki in its harmonic textures and the somber earnestness of its moods. The three works recorded here are polyphonically and harmonically sensual, in spite of their serious tone. An exception to the sober tone is the Mass' Sanctus, which, while not exactly lighthearted, is lively; the composer imagines it "sung by happy, little angels." The Latvian Radio Choir sings with warmth and passion and with excellent control in the composer's extended, sustained vocal lines. Sigvards Klava, conducting Sinfonietta Riga, leads them in deeply felt performances. The CD should be of interest both to fans of choral music and of new trends in minimalism tinged with Romanticism.

Songlist: Pater noster, Dona Nobis Pacem, Missa

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8684c | 1 CD | $16.95 || Latvian Choral Music | Peteris Vasks

Latvian Radio Choir : Peteris Vasks: Mate Saule

Review: Peteris Vasks' songs for mixed choir, like all of his compositions, provide a look at events, a portrait of the times. Quality, not quantity, is the keyword. This recording contains those compositions which the composer feels to be his best contributions to a genre which he has approached relatively sparingly.

Songlist: Three Poems By Czeslaw Milosz, Window, So Little, Encounter, Zemgale , Mate Saule (Mother Sun), Madrigals (Madrigal)#, Litene# (Ballad for 12-voiced chorus to a text by Uldis Berzins ), I, II, Dona nobis pacem

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7837c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella || Latvian Choral Music | Peteris Vasks

Latvian Radio Choir : Rachmaninov: Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom

Review: Sergei Rachmaninov's setting of the Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom - Eastern Christianity's common Eucharistic service liturgy - is regarded as one of the great cornerstones of 20th-century sacred music. This work of symphonic proportions was composed in the summer of 1910, in less than three weeks. After its completion, Rachmaninov wrote to a friend that he had been carried away by the project and that it had been a long time since he had written music with such pleasure. The outcome was judged by contemporary church officials as "...absolutely wonderful, even too beautiful... it is not church music." This a cappella choral work is performed by one of the foremost choruses in the world, the Latvian Radio Choir, under the direction of Sigvards Klava. The soloist roles are sung by K rlis R tent ls (tenor; celebrant priest) and Gundrars Dzi ums (bass; deacon). The recording was made at the Riga Dome Cathedral.

Songlist: Blessing, Bless the Lord, o my soul, Glory to the Father ? Only begotten Son of God, In Thy Kingdom, Come, let us worship, O Lord, Save - Holy God, Cherubic Hymn, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Creed, A Mercy of Peace, We hymn Thee, Hymn to the Mother of God, The Lord's Prayer, Communion Verse, We have seen the true light, Let our mouths be filled, Blessed be the name of the Lord, Many years

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6190c | 1 CD | $15.95 || Latvian Choral Music | Sergey Rachmaninov

Latvian Radio Choir : Rautavaara - Missa A Cappella

Review: Ondine continues its long-term collaboration with Einojuhani Rautavaara, the Latvian Radio Choir and Sigvards Klava by presenting the world premiere recording of Rautavaara's Missa a cappella. Being praised by Gramophone as an outstanding body of singers, the Latvian Radio Choir is one of the top chamber choirs in Europe. This is choir's follow-up disc to their highly successful recording of Rachmaninov's All-Night Vigil, which was Gramophone's Recording of the Month in February 2013. For the Missa A Cappella alone, this album will likely become a seminal recording of Rautavaara's sacred choral repertoire. Those wishing to become more familiar with this challenging, nuanced literature would do well to add this CD to their collection. --John Guarente, Choral Journal, Nov 2014

Songlist: MIissa A Cappella, Psalm Of Invocation, Evening Hymn, Missa Duodecinica, Ave Maria Gratia Plena, Canticum Mariar Virginmis, Our Joyful Feast, Die Erste Eligie

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22257c | 1 CD | $17.95 || Choral Arrangements from The Baltics

Latvian Radio Choir : Rytis Mazulis - Cum Essum Parvulus

Review: Conductor Kaspars Putni s leads this wonderful choir on the works by Rytis Mazulis.

Songlist: Canon Solus, Sybilla, Cum Essem Parvulus, Ajapajapam

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8380c | 1 CD | $15.98 || Latvian Choral Music | Rytis Mazulis

Laudibus : Ralph Vaughn Williams - A Cappella

Review: Mike Brewer and his award-winning chamber choir Laudibus have unearthed some rare and precious gems in this recording of a cappella choral music by one of England's best-loved composers. Little-known works both early and late nestle alongside repertory staples such as the glorious Mass in G minor in a program that puts Vaughan Williams' indebtedness to both the sacred and secular instincts of his Elizabethan predecessors on display.

Songlist: The Souls of the Righteous, Greensleeves, Three Shakespeare Songs , Prayer to the Father of Heaven, Mass in G minor , O Vos Omnes, Ca' the yowes, Love Is a Sickness, Three Elizabethan Part Songs, Silence and Music, Hearts Music

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2064c | 1 CD | $15.95 | A Cappella || English Choral CDs | Ralph Vaughan Williams

Lege Artis Chamber Choir : Medieval Russian Vocal Art

Review: The legend of adoption of Christianity in Russia as stated in the Chronicle of Years and Times has it that the unprecedented beauty of divine service was the main reason for choosing the Byzantine model of Christian faith. Church singing heard by Prince Vladimir's ambassadors in Constantinople amazed them with its delightful beauty. The Byzantine aesthetics inheriting the Platonic doctrine of identity of beauty, truth, and deity proved to be very close to the heart of ancient Slavs, and had a tremendous impact on generation of a new professional singing culture in Russia. Znamenny chant, a greatest achievement of medieval culture, was the core chant in singers' repertoire over the whole history of sacred singing in Ancient Russia. New styles of singing, Putevoy and Demestvenny chants, appear in the second half of the 15th century. The Putevoy chant competed with the Znamenny in popularity, and was a nationwide model along with it. The demestvenny chant is one of the most beautiful melismatic chants in the vocal heritage of Old Russia. Another impressive branch of the ancient Russian art of singing is professional polyphony. The sound of early Russian polyphonic chants is unusual for today's audience. Their line compositions are based on a protracted putevoy chant "braided" with background voices. Added to demestvenny polyphony was a striking, rhythmically active "demestvo" part. Russian Tsar Alexey Mikhailovich, father of Peter the Great, was taught line singing as a child, and afterwards collected a remarkable music library.

Songlist: A Great and Marvelous Wonder, All Creation Rejoices In Thee, Thou That Full Of Grace, The Three-Lamped Light, Shine, Shine, O New Jerusalem., Adorn Thy Bridal Chamber, O Zion, This Is The Day Of The Lord: Rejoice Ye People , Gabriel Announces The Good Tidings , The Angel Cried Out To Her Who Is Full Of Grace, With All Peoples Let Us Honor and Glorify , It Is Meet, We Bless Thee, Virgin Birthgiver Of God, Standing Today At The Cross, Thy Nativity, O Virgin Birthgiver Of God, To Rest In Thee Arms Of The Elder, Beholding Thee Hanging Upon The Cross, Weep Not For Me, O Mother, To Behold, O Virgin, The Resurrection Of Thy Son , Today The Virgin Gives Birth To Him Who Is Above All Being, The Angel Cried Out To Her Who Is Full Of Joy, Glorious Are Thy Mysteries, O Pure Lady, Magnify, O My Soul, Shine, Shine, O New Jerusalem, Today The Temple That Is To Hold God

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6038c | 1 CD | $16.95 || Russian a cappella

London Sinfonietta Voices : Gyorgy Ligeti - A Cappella Choral Works

Review: Terry Edwards conducts the London Sinfonietta Voices in 37 striking a cappella choral works by noted Hungarian composer Gyorgy Ligeti. Influenced by Bartok and Kodaly, and by Hungarian and Romanian folk music, Ligeti experienced censorship of his work by the Soviets, finally fleeing with his wife to Austria after the crushing of the Hungarian uprising in 1956. Since then his work has found a much wider audience in Germany, Sweden and California. All songs are a cappella and sung in Hungarian, but the extensive liner notes have English translations of all the lyrics. Some of our favorites are the folk tunes "Haj, Ifjusag!" (Heigh, Youth!) which sings lustily of the battle of the sexes, "Hortobagy," which sings of life on the farm, and "Kallai Kettos," (Double Dance from Kallo), which sings of love in Autumn, and the fact that all the singers' relatives and in-laws are still alive and kicking. "Choral Works" is a complex, powerful, poetic choral work by a gifted composer and a wonderful choral group.

Songlist: Night, Morning, Far from Home, Solitude, Two Canons, Kings of Bethlehem, The Fugitive, Wedding Song, Songs from Inaktelke, Songs from Matraszentimre, Widow Papai, Three Fantasies after Holderlin, Hungarian Etudes, Heigh, Youth!, Easter, Hortobagy, From A High Mountain Rock, Double-Dance from Kallo

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6871c | 1 CD | $14.97 | A Cappella || Gyorgy Ligeti

London Welsh Chorale : A Century of Welsh Music

Review: The London Welsh Chorale's second CD: Cennin Aur - A Century of Welsh Music charts the progress of choral music in Wales over the last hundred years. The most recent work being In My Craft by Geraint Lewis, a commission to celebrate the life of Dylan Thomas whose daughter Aeronwy was one of the Chorale's vice presidents for many years.

Songlist: Efe A Ddaw, Gweddi Y Pechadur, Yr Arglwydd Yw Fy Mugail, Dyn A Aned O Wraig, Gwel Uwchlaw Cymylau Amser, Dyrchafaf Fy Llygaid, Laudamus, Molwch Yr Arglwydd, Y Mae Afon, Cennin Aur, Cadwyn, Magnificat & Numc Dimittis, In My Craft Or Sullen Art

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6207c | 1 CD | $12.95 || Welsh Choral Music

Los Angeles Chamber Singers : Evening Wind

Review: Evening Wind is a new collection of Choral Music by J.A.C. Redford. With texts by E.E.Cummings and William Wordsworth, this music weaves starswept skies and sunflecked seas around the theme of love. J.A.C Redford is an accomplished composer of concert, chamber and choral music, whose works have been performed by Cantus, The Debussy Trio, Los Angeles Chamber Singers, Los Angeles Master Choral, St. Martin's Chamber Choir, Utah Chamber Artists and Utah Symphony. In Films, Redford is best known for scores to The Trip to Bountiful, Oliver & Company, and Newsies, as well as the television series Coach and St. Elsewhere for which he received Emmy nominations.The Los Angeles Chamber Singers have been one of L.A.'s premier ensembles for 16 years. This brilliant choral organization guided by Peter Rutenberg, specializes in contemporary choral literature and works closely with Los Angeles composers to develop and encourage new repertoire.

Songlist: Evening Wind, Napili Bay, 2PM, Love Is The Every Only God, Night Pieces, Love Never Fails

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8650c | 1 CD | $15.95 |

Los Angeles Chamber Singers : Padilla - Music of the Mexican Baroque

Review: Los Angeles Chamber Singers' Cappella was founded by director Peter Rutenberg in 1993 and performs a cappella musical literature from the 15th, 16th and early 17th centuries, in period vocal style. Many of the 19 mixed-voice singers are accomplished soloists, studio musicians, composers and choral directors in their own right. In addition to standard masterworks of the period by Lassus, Palestrina, Byrd, Victoria, Tallis, Josquin and others, the ensemble enjoys seeking out and performing significant but rarely heard, or recently rediscovered works. There are 13 pieces here by Juan Gutierrez de Padilla (1590-1664), who is rightly remembered as a master polychoralist, intense contrapuntalist and richly colorful harmonist. His work is seen as the first flowerings of Mexico's Golden Age, which reached full bloom with the music of Zumaya and Jerusalem 100 years later. "Deus in adiutorium meum intende," the five wonderfully harmonic movements ("Kyrie," "Gloria," "Credo," "Sanctus" and "Agnus Dei") of "Missa Ego flos campi," "Versa est in luctum," "Lamentations for Maundy Thursday," "Velum templi scissum est" and "Mirabilia testimonia tua" - these are soaring harmonic poems, designed to be sung in a cathedral's vast acoustics, to allow the worshippers to close their eyes and hear the sounds of angels. Extensive liner notes translate the lyrics and include a comprehensive history of the composer. Stunningly beautiful!

Songlist: Deus in adiutorium meum intende, Missa Ego flos campi:, Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, Agnus Dei , Circumdederunt me dolores mortis, Versa est in luctum, Transfige, dulcissime Domine, Lamentations for Maundy Thursday, Velum templi scissum est, Vidi turbam magnam, Mirabilia testimonia tua

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7569c | 1 CD | $15.98 || Latin American Choral

Los Angeles Chamber Singers : Padilla - Sun of Justice

Review: Over the past few years, listeners have been treated to a number of excellent recordings of the music of Juan Gutierrez de Padilla (c.1590-1664)... As many now know, Padilla was maestro de capilla at Cadiz Cathedral before sailing for the New World, where he became the musical chief at Puebla Cathedral in Mexico. This recording by the Los Angeles Chamber Singers' Cappella (their second Padilla disc) features the composer's sacred works for double choir. As on their earlier Padilla disc, the Los Angeles Chamber Singers' Cappella show themselves to be a precision instrument, and they sing this music with big-voiced power, rhythmic security, and tonal beauty. There are some terrific works on this recording. While Padilla's Missa Ave Regina is the largest-scale work on the disc, it's the motets that leave the biggest impression. His Dixit Dominus is wonderfully sonorous, the Exsultate iusti features voices imitating the sounds of instruments, and the Ave Regina shifts harmonies in a challenging manner. Perhaps the out-and- out masterpiece is his Salve Regina, characterized by beautiful long phrases that give way to rhythmic fireworks, a piece that features, as well, some interesting word painting. In sum, this is a terrific recording by a top-notch ensemble.

Songlist: Felix Namque, Exsultate Iusti In Domino, Dixit Dominus, Salve Regina, Sancta Et Immaculata, Ave Regina Caelorum, Missa Ave Regina, Pater Peccavi, Domine Dominus Noster

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8653c | 1 CD | $15.98 |

Los Angeles Chamber Singers : Romancero Gitano onsale

Review: The Castelnuovo-Tedesco work comes as one of my bigger surprises of recent times: written in 1951 upon powerful and emotional texts by Garcia Lorca (translations included in the CD booklet) Romancero Gitano, op. 152 proves to be genuinely attractive work, its wide guitaristic range well essayed by Gregory Newton, whose style suits well the composer's familiar refinement and musical craftsmanship. Is this song accompaniment? Or is it a concerto with voices instead of instruments? Whichever way you look at it, here is an interesting and substantial piece by one of the guitar's 20th century luminaries. Newton is to be congratulated on this revelation (for me, at least), his accomplished playing complementing a fine choir and thus providing a most listenable and substantial item with a real difference. A fascinating timelessness pervades Morten Lauridsen's purely vocal Chansons based on poems by Rilke: simply put, they are quite beautiful in both construction and execution, the eventual arrival of the piano in the fifth (and last) a miniature masterstroke. The Samuel Barber work is as rich as it is brief, while the set of madrigals by Halsey Stevens reveals a fine sonority, as does the group of odes by Randall Thompson: the notes mention that he felt that "a composer's first responsibility is... to write music that will reach and move the hearts of his listeners in his own day." A not unworthy aspiration, and with composition of this ilk it is easy to see how he could justifiably have had the confidence to utter such words. John Chorbajian's Bitter for Sweet, a setting of a Christina Rossetti poem, concludes and - like the music throughout this disc - was all the more touching for its stringency, quite delightful. So, there's only guitar on the Castelnuovo-Tedesco, but that in itself is worth the admission fee: elsewhere the felicitous blend of fine music and equally fine singing makes this CD a pleasing surprise, one to recommend wholeheartedly.

Songlist: Baladilla de los tres rios, La Guitarra, Punal, Procesion - Paso - Saeta, Memento, Baile, Crotalo, En Une Seule Fleur, Contre Qui, Rose, De Ton Reve Trop Plein, La Rose Complete, Dirait-On, Sure On this Shinging Night Op. 12, No. 3, Weepe, o mine eyes, Like as the culver on the bared bough, Go. Lovely rose, Vitas hinnuleo, Felices ter, O fons bandusia, Bitter for Sweet

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7568c | 1 CD | $9.95 |

Los Angeles Master Chorale : Argento - Durufle

Review: Maestro Salamunovich conducts the Master Chorale and Sinfonia Orchestra in two true masterworks of the late 20th century choral literature. Of his work "Te Deum, (Verba Domini cum verbis populi)" Minnesota based composer Dominick Argento has written that the words are, as the subtitle implies, written in a manner which associates six sections of Middle English lyrics with the six Latin texts. It was composed thus to present a sense of the learned "church style" justaposed with more musical elements found in the populace of the day. Maurice Durufle's Messe (Mass) "Cum Jublio" written in 1966 was scored for a unison choir of men's voices and organ or orchestra. While having five movements they are not usual and throughout there permeates plainchant melodies from the Gregorian Mass IX, "Cum Jubilo." Glorious!

Songlist: Te Deum, Te Deum Iaudamus, Te gloriosus Apostolorum, Patrem immensae majestasis, Tu Rex gloriae, Christie, Tu ad dexteram Dei sedes, Salvum fac populum tuum, Messe "Cum Jubilo," Op.11, Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus, Benedictus, Agnus Dei

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6599c | 1 CD | $15.98 || Maurice Durufle

Los Angeles Master Chorale : Glass / Salonen onsale

Review: The acclaimed Los Angeles Master Chorale, conducted by Grant Gershon, brings us the music of Phillip Glass and Esa-Pekka Salonen. Featured is Itaipu by Glass, an ecstatic piece framing the ancient folklore of South America's Guarani Indians against a massive hydroelectric dam at Itaipu on the Brazil/Paraguay border. "Itaipu" is divided into four parts, "Mato Grosso," "The Lake," "The Dam" and "To The Sea." Also featured is the world premiere recording of Salonen's "Two Songs to Poems of Ann Jaderlund." The composer's vision of love as described in these poems is dynamic, richly romantic and enthralling - a tour de force of the sonic capabilities of the 111-strong chorus. Cutting-edge choral music, orchestrally accompanied, stunning and magnificent.

Songlist: Itaipu (1989):, Mato Grosso, The Lake, The Dam, To the Sea, Two Songs to Poems of Ann Jaderlund (2000), -Djupt i rummet, -Kyss min mun

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6772c | 1 CD | $9.95 || Philip Glass

Los Angeles Master Chorale : Lauridsen: Lux Aeterna

Review: Morton Lauridsen is Composer-in-Residence for the Master Chorale and Chair of the Dept. of Composition at USC. These original works are performed by the Chorale under the direction of Paul Salamunovich. Accompanied by the Sinfonia Orchestra, this recording was Grammy nominated, and has been in high demand since its release. Containing works written in the past decade as well as three world premiere recordings (seventeen tracks in all) it begins with the self-titled "Lux Aeterna," a five movement work that draws upon Latin texts, each containing references to Light. Next are the exquisite "Chansons Des Roses," set to poems of Rainier Maria Rilke. "Ave Maria" is an a cappella motet, and "Mid-Winter Songs" is a choral cycle using winter as its unifying motif. The result is ethereal, inspiring and above all, flawless.

Songlist: Introitus, In Te, Domine, Speravi, O Nata Lux, Veni, Sacte Spiritus, Agnus Die- Lux Eterna, En Une Seule Fleur, Contre Qui, Rose, De Ton Reve Trop Plein, La Rose Complete, Dirait-On, Ave Maria, Lament For Pasiphae, Like Snow, She Tells Her Love While Half Asleep, Mid-Winter Walking, Intercesson In Late October, O Magnum Mysterium

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6518c | 1 CD | $15.98 || Morten Lauridsen

Los Angeles Master Chorale : Nico Muhly: A Good Understanding

Review: Nico Muhly is one of the brightest and most promising American composers to emerge in the early 21st century. He was born in 1981 and wrote the choral pieces recorded here in his early to mid-twenties. As a child he sang in men and boys choirs, so the classics of the English choral repertoire from the Renaissance to the present had a formative impact on his musical thinking, and that deep familiarity is demonstrated in the fluency of his choral writing. These are exceptionally appealing new settings of texts that are mostly familiar -- the Mass, Magnificat, and Nunc dimittis -- as well as several more obscure texts and a secular set using Whitman. Bright Mass with Canons is one of Muhly's most frequently performed works, and rightly so. The piece shows his mastery of both contemporary choral writing and the tight canonic procedures of composers like Tallis and Taverner. It is bright in its clarity and the mood of openness and vitality that it emanates, and in the inventive sparkle of the quirky organ accompaniment. The motet Senex puerem portabat is hugely impressive, with an urgently yearning opening that builds to a wildly ecstatic climax. The remaining works are also appealing and expertly crafted, but for the most part lack the distinctiveness and focus of the mass or the motet. The text setting is always exemplary, but some of the pieces sound like the music is driven only by the text, without meaningful larger musical structures holding them coherently together. Like so many American composers who came after the ascendency of minimalism and who write in an essentially tonal idiom, Muhly grapples (but perhaps doesn't grapple forcefully enough) with the long shadows of Steve Reich and John Adams. It's too easy to hear the sonorities and figurations of Reich's The Desert Music and Adams' Klinghoffer choruses in some of these pieces. Nonetheless, Muhly's achievement is impressive and he has plenty of time to develop a distinctive individual voice. The Los Angeles Master Chorale, led by Grant Gershon and joined on one track by the Los Angeles Children's Chorus, sings passionately and with great commitment. The fresh youthfulness of their sound is an ideal match for the energy of Muhly's music. The pieces are accompanied by various forces, including organ, percussion, brass, and strings. Decca's sound is clean, clear, and warm, with excellent balance.

Songlist: Bright Mass With Canons- Part I, Bright Mass With Canons - Part II, Bright Mass With Canons - Part III, Bright Mass With Canons - Part IV, First Service (Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis), Senex Puerum Portabat, A Good Understanding, Expecting The Main Things From You

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6111c | 1 CD | $17.95 |

Los Angeles Master Chorale : Philip Glass: Itaipu and Songs A Cappella

Review: Itaipu is a large-scale work for chorus and orchestra set to a Guarani text. Itaipu is the world's largest dam located on the border between Paraguay and Brazil. The piece is cast in four movements: Mato Grosso, The Lake, The Dam, To the Sea. The piece is part of the composer's interest Brazil, but also in indigenous cultures of the Americas which continues to this day. Commissioned and written for the Quebec Festival 1534-1984, Three Songs for Chorus a Cappella presents three pieces set to poems by three different North American poets. The first song, There are Some Men, is by singer-songwriter and poet Leonard Cohen (whose poetry was later the basis of an evening length song-cycle by Glass titled Book of Longing.) The second song, Quand les Hommes vivront d'Amour, by singer-songwriter/poet/artist Raymond Levesque is a wish for peace and happiness through love. The third song, Pierre de Soleil, by poet Octavio Paz is mediation on existential selflessness ("les autres qui me donnent l'existence.")

Songlist: Mato Grosso, The Lake, The Dam, To The Sea, There Are Some Men, Quand Les Hommes Vivront d'Amour, Pieere de Soleil

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2311c | 1 CD | $18.95 || Philip Glass

Los Angeles Master Chorale : Steve Reich

Review: Steve Reich recalls the approach and sound of some of his most celebrated early work - groundbreaking repertoire like The Desert Music, Tehillim,, and Music For 18 Musicians - while creating vital, spiritually stirring new music for right now. The four-movement title piece, written for voices and live instruments and performed by the Los Angeles Master Chorale, premiered at the Walt Disney Concert Hall to extraordinary reviews. Steve Reich recently was hailed as "America's greatest living composer." (The Village Voice), "the most original musical thinker of our time" (The New Yorker), and "among the great composers of the century" (The New York Times).

Songlist: You are wherever your thoughts are, Shiviti Hashem L'negdi (I Place the Eternal Before Me), Explanations Come To An End Somewhere, Ehmor m'aht, v'ahsay harbay (Say little and do much), Cello Counterpoint

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8102c | 1 CD | $17.98 || Men's Choirs CDs

Louis Halsey Singers : John Joubert Choral Music

Review: Hurray for the British Music Society! I say that with unabashed partisanship. Over many years their promotion and support of British music has been without equal and because of their sterling efforts it is possible to hear and study music of real quality that might otherwise be overlooked. A perfect example of that is this disc of Choral Music by John Joubert. It is my strong belief that Joubert's music is still grossly undervalued. I think he has the dubious honour of being one of the most under-appreciated of living British composers. One of the great delights of the reanimation of the Lyrita label was the discovery of Joubert's 1st Symphony and that combination of melodic flair, tonal beauty and formal control is much in evidence in his choral writing too. The more I listen to this disc the more individual his voice becomes - for any collector interested in British 20th century choral writing this is obligatory listening. This is a reissue of a recording originally made in 1975 - the BMS have labelled it "historic" which it is purely in a documentary sense - the quality of performance and recording is first rate. The value of this disc is much enhanced by the presence of an autobiographical note by the composer (updated in 2006) as well as his own descriptions of the chosen works. The music divides fairly evenly into works for unaccompanied choir and those accompanied with organ. Joubert favours the straight four-part SATB which gives the music a spiritual simplicity and clarity of utterance that I find most powerful.

Songlist: O Praise God in His Holiness, Libera Plebem, O Tristia Secla Priorum, Solus ad Victimam, Sleep Canticle, Three Hymns to St Oswald, Nowell, How are my Foes Increased, Lord!

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5989c | 1 CD | $15.95 || English Choral CDs | John Joubert

Luther College Nordic Choir : A New Hosanna

Review: Decorah, Iowa's Luther College can boast 7 choirs (and 8 bands and orchestras) among its nearly 1,000 student musicians, but none older or more famous than the Nordic Choir, founded in 1946. Directed by Weston Noble from 1948 to 2005, when Dr. Craig Arnold picked up the baton, the Choir won international acclaim as a premier collegiate choral group and a national choral treasure. "A New Hosanna" contains 17 Classical and Contemporary Christian songs, many with organ accompaniment. Some of our favorites are Alessandro Scarlatti's "Exsultate Deo," Jeffrey Van's "Child of Peace," Craig Courtney's "Carol of the Birds," Francis Poulenc's "Vinea mea electra," Hal N. Hopson's "Beneath the Cross of Jesus, founder of Luther's Music Program F. Melius Christiansen's "Glorification" (No. 4 from "Celestial Spring"), Healey Willan's "An Apostrophe to the Heavenly Hosts," Stephen Foster's classic folk song "Laura Lee," the spiritual "Ezekiel Saw the Wheel" and Gustof Nordqvist's "Wonderful Peace." An inspiring, finely-crafted collection from one of the oldest and finest American choirs!

Songlist: Exultate Deo, Child of Peace, Ave Maria, Thine the Amen, Thine the Praise, Carol of the Birds, Mary Hynes, Viena Mea Electa, Beneath the Cross of Jesus, Glorification, Kyrie Eleison, Hymn to the Eternal Flame, The Priceless Grace, An Apostrophe to the Heavenly Hosts, Laura Lee, Ezekiel Saw the Wheel, O Lord God, Wonderful Peace

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4264c | 1 CD | $15.95 || Mixed Choirs CDs

Luther College Nordic Choir : Everlasting God

Review: Following in the very large footsteps, and the 57-year tenure of Weston Noble at Decorah, IA's Luther College, Dr. Craig Arnold returned to serve as director of choral activities, conductor of the Nordic Choir, and professor of music at Luther. "Everlasting God" is a spirited collection of 20 songs, which highlight the rich, powerful sound of this great choir. Rene Clausen's "Laudate," two selections from Herbert Howells' "Requiem," the wonderful 6-part "Liebeslieder Walzer, op. 52" by Brahms, the Stephen Paulus-arranged traditional hymn, "We Gather Together," the 2-part "The Lord is the Everlasting God" by Kenneth Jennings, Ola Gjeilo's haunting "Ubi Caritas," the heart-tugging "Danny Boy" and the spiritual "Wade in the Water" are favorites. There is some light piano and organ accompaniment. Luther College places a focus and emphasis on music instruction and performance found in few other institutions, and that's why we consistently hear recordings of the highest quality-the Nordic Choir is simply one of the best in the world!

Songlist: Laudate, If Ye Love Me, Psalm 23, Requiem aeternam, My Spirit Sang All Day, Liebeslieder Waltzer, op. 52, Rede Madchen, Am Gesteine rauscht die Flut, Wie des Abends schone Rote, Nein, es ist nicht auszukommen, Sieh', wie ist die Welle klar, Es bebet das Gestrauche, We Gather Together, The Lord is The Everlasting God, Movement I, Movement II, O Day Full of Grace, In Paradisum, Ubi Caritas, Danny Boy, Wade in the Water, O Lord God

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8697c | 1 CD | $15.95 |

Luther College Nordic Choir : Everlasting Light

Review: In his 57th year as conductor of Luther College's Nordic Choir, elder statesman Weston Noble has served as guest conductor for more than 775 music festivals in the U.S. and abroad. The 68 mixed voices of the Nordic Choir tour annually through the US in such venues as the Lincoln Center in New York, Kennedy Center, and the Mormon Tabernacle. "Light" has 11 sacred songs from a variety of classic sources: Bach's lovely "Lobet Den Herrn," Mendelssohn's "Denn Er Hat Seinen Engeln Befohlen," Hovland's "Saul," Poulenc's "Gloria" Tschesnokoff's "O Lord God" and two traditionals, "Jesus, Jesus Rest Your Head" and "When I Survey The Wondrous Cross. The Nordic is one of the finest choirs we've heard, and "Light" joins a group of excellent CDs.

Songlist: Verbum Caro Factum Est , Lobet Den Herrn, Chichester Mass, Qui Sedes, Gloria , Denn Er Hat Seinen Engelm Befohlen , Saul, Credo, Jesus, Jesus Rest Your Head, Usuli Boat Song , O Lord God , When I Survey the Wondrous Cross

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7093c | 1 CD | $15.98 |

Luther College Nordic Choir : I Love The Lord

Review: Nordic Choir tours annually throughout the United States, appearing in Lincoln Center, New York; Kennedy Center in DC, Orchestra Hall, Chicago; Crystal Cathedral, L.A.; the Mormon Tabernacle and many others. Here are 13 cuts from the mixed-voice, 74 strong choir from their Southwest Tour 1999. Some of our favorites are the title tune, James T. Fritschel's "I Sing As I Arise Today," Herbert Howells' "A Spotless Rose," the traditional "Jesus, Jesus, Rest Your Head," Moses Hogan's "I'm Gonna Sing Til The Spirit Moves," Paul Tschesnokoff's "O Lord God," and the traditional "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross." Another truly beautiful winner from one of America's oldest and finest choirs.

Songlist: Sing Joyfully Unto God, I Love The Lord, The Lord is the Everlasting God, I Sing As I Arise Today, A Spotless Rose, O nata Lux, Benedicamus Domino, Song for Athene, Jesus, Jesus Rest Your Head, I'm Gonna Sing Til The Spirit Moves, Jesus Loves Me, O Lord God, When I Survey The Wondrous Cross

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7707c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella |

Luther College Nordic Choir : I Sing As I Arise Today

Review: Weston Noble directs his versatile 74 mixed-voice Choir in this 2004 tour of Texas and the Midwest. A lot of our favorites are among the 14 songs, including the title tune, Bach's soaring "Singet Dem Herrn," Paul Weber's "Arise, Shine," Frank Ticheli's "There Will Be Rest," Smith and Kirkpatrick's "All Is Well," Wilbur Chenoweth's "Vocalise," and the traditional "Let Me Fly," "The Battle of Jericho" (arranged by Moses Hogan), and "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross." Some organ accompaniment. The Nordic Choir has been, thanks to Noble, one of America's finest for decades, and every cut is a finely-crafted joy.

Songlist: I sing As I arise Today, Singet Dem Herrn, Vere languores, Arise! Shine!, There Will Be Rest, Cantos Sagrado (Ill Sun Stone), Sleep, Fum, Fum, Fum, All Is Well, Vocalise, Let Me Fly, The Battle of Kericho, O Lord God, When I Survey The Wondrous Cross

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7709c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella |

Luther College Nordic Choir : I Will Sing To The Lord onsale

Review: Westin Noble, director of music activities at Luther College, is an internationally known conductor and clinician. He has served as guest conductor for more than 775 music festivals in the U.S. and abroad. The 68-strong, mixed voice Nordic Choir tours annually through the US in such venues as the Lincoln Center in New York, Kennedy Center, Washington DC, and the Mormon Tabernacle. "I Will Sing" is a joyous collection of Christian sacred music (with the exception of "Eight Chestnut Horses," a Mongolian song). 13 songs, all dramatically and beautifully performed: "Song of Praise," "Sicut Cervus," "Lobet Den Herrn, Alle Heiden," "Christus Natus Est," "Our Father," "Lullaby On Christmas Eve," "Why Rage Fiercely the Heathen," "Dona Nobis Pacem, "Song for Athene,""Done Written Down My Name," "O Lord God" and "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross." Inspirational, powerful and lovely.

Songlist: Song of Praise, Sicut Servis, Lobet den Herrn, Alle Heiden, Cristus Natus Est, Our Father, Lullaby on Christmas Eve, Why Rage Fiercly the Heathen, Dona Nobis Pacem, Song for Athene, Eight Chestnut Horses, Done Written Down My Name, O Lord God, When I Survey the Wondrous Cross

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6936c | 1 CD | $9.95 |

Luther College Nordic Choir : In The Beginning : 00  1 CD : Dr. Craig Arnold :  : LCRNC08-1

Listen to
I Will Arise

Luther College Nordic Choir : In The Beginning

Review: Of all the dynamic music programs (seven choirs, three bands, three orchestras, two jazz bands and nearly 1,000 student musicians) that have flourished at Decorah, Iowa's Luther College, the very first, the flagship choral ensemble, is the 70-strong, mixed-voice Nordic Choir. In 1948 Weston Noble began a 57-year tenure that would bring the choir into national and international acclaim as one of the best Collegiate choral ensembles. In 2005 Dr. Craig Arnold became the director of choral activities and conductor of the Nordic Choir. "In the Beginning" is a collection of 15 contemporary Christian pieces, beginning with Alice Parker and Robert Shaw's arrangement of "I Will Arise," John Rutter's "Hymn to the Creator of Light," the lovely, 15-minute long title tune by Aaron Copland, Stephen Paulus' "The Old Church," the premiere of Brooke Joyce's "The Revelation of St. Julian," F. Melius Christiansen's "Psalm 50," the premiere of student Patrick Burzlaff's "Psalm 50," "Rise Up, Shepherd, and Follow," Paul Tschesnokoff's "O Lord God," and Carl Orff's 5-part, piano-accompanied "Carmina Burana." Beautiful solos and harmonies on this often difficult material by one of the oldest and most respected Collegiate choirs!

Songlist: I Will Arise, Hymn to the Creator of Light, In the Beginning, The Old Church, The Revelation of St. Julian (premiere), Psalm50 , Movement II, Movement III, Psalm 46 (premiere), Rise Up, Shepherd, and Follow, O Lord God, Carmina Burana, Veni, veni, venias, Swaz hie gat umbe, Chum, chum geselle min, Swaz hie gat umbe, Were diu werlt alle min

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9014c | 1 CD | $15.95 |

Luther College Nordic Choir : Norway / England Tour 2000

Review: The Nordic Choir frequently leaves its home, the campus of Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, to tour the US, Europe, and the rest of the world. "Norway/England Tour" chronicles their 2000 visit to the UK and Norway with 14 live sacred songs, some lightly accompanied. Bach's "Der Gueist Hilft Unsrer Schwachheit Auf," Barstow's "Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence," Eric Whitacre's "Water Night," Samuel Barber's "Agnus Dei," the Moses Hogan-arranged "Elijah Rock," and Paul Tschesnokoff's "O Lord God" are standouts in a fine collection by this great choir, conducted by Weston Noble.

Songlist: Ascendit Deus, Ave Maria, Der Geist Hilft Unsrer Schwachheit Auf, Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence, O Crux, Water Night, Advent Motet, Be Not Afraid, Sometimes I Feel, Agnus Dei , Vocalise, Elijah Rock, O Lord God, When I Survey the Wondrous Cross

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7962c | 1 CD | $15.98 |

Luther College Nordic Choir : The Culmination of an Extraordianary Career onsale

Review: Certainly considered to be one of the great American choral conductors Weston Noble last concert tour is represented on this fine recording. After 57 years at the helm of this top-notch choir Weston Noble certainly knows how to get the very best out of both the material and the singers and this recording is a cumulation of those many years of talent and ability. Eric Whitacre's "Lux Aurumque" is performed to perfection as are all these a cappella pieces.

Songlist: Be Not Fraid, Gloria A 7 Voci, Who Is This?, Hodie, Christus Natus Est, Drop Drop Slow Tears, Alelouya (Haitian Easter), I Heard A Great A Great Voice, O Clap Your Handds All Ye People, Amore De Mi Alma, Gloria , Lux Aurumque, He'll Make A Way, O Lord God, When I Survey The Wondrous Cross

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8667c | 1 CD | $14.95 |

Luther College Nordic Choir : The Eight Chestnut Horses

Review: Not surprisingly, on most of their excellent CDs the Nordic Choir focuses on selections of Christian sacred and spiritual music. In a dramatic change of direction that highlights the Choir's versatility, "Horses" is a collection of World music, beginning with the thundering drums of David Fanshawe's "African Sanctus" and the gentle guitar riffs of "A La Nanita Nana" by Roger Folstrom, the CD continually surprises us. The powerful "Betelehemu" is a "bring the house down" piece in concert, "Prayer of the Children," brings tears remembering children caught in bloodshed and ethnic conflict in the former Yugoslavia in the 1970, and the Chinese "Usuli Boat Song," celebrates finding ways to be happy. The final cut, the title tune, a Mongolian song actually called "Naiman Sharag," gives the feeling of horses running, the song ends quietly, as if the horses are in the far distance. Some strong percussion and light accompaniment. A wonderful, powerful CD!

Songlist: African Sanctus, A La Nanita nana, Betelehemu, Riu Riu Chiu, Prayer of the Children, Hacia Belen va un borrico, Cantos Sagrados, African Noel, Song of Cherubim, Usuli Boat Song, Noel Ayisyen (Haitian Noel), Shut de Do, Naiman Sharag (The Eight Chestnut Horses)

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7708c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella |

Luther College Nordic Choir : We Sing With Joy

Review: The oldest, most famous choir at Decorah, IA's Luther College, founded in 1946, The 68-strong, mixed voice Nordic Choir brings us another beautiful, inspirational album, conducted by Craig Arnold. Nordic is now under the direction of Allen Hightower, who picked up the baton from Arnold, who directed the Choir for five years after receiving it from Weston Noble, who greatly enhanced the group's international reputation during his 57 years of leadership. Nordic Choir records at least one CD per year and tours extensively in the United States and internationally. "We Sing with Joy" is a 17-song collection, many of them accompanied by piano, violin, trumpet and organ. Some favorites are "Praise to the Lord" arranged by F. Melius Christiansen, Ola Gjeilo's "Unicornis Captivatur," Frank Martin's "Sanctus (from Mass)," Benjamin Britten's "Hymn to St. Cecelia" movements 1 and 2, Paul Tschesnokoff's "O Lord God," an American Folk song "The Dying Soldier," David Childs' "Where Your Barefoot Walks," Z. Randall Stroope's "All My Heart This Night Rejoices," Dan Forrest's "You Are the Music" and the William Dawson-arranged spiritual, "Ev'ry Time I Feel The Spirit." But each of these cuts is masterfully done, the rich soaring harmonies rising and intertwining above us. "We Sing with Joy" is simply wonderful!

Songlist: Praise to the Lord, Unicornis Captivatur, How Great Are Thy Wonders, Sanctus (from Mass), Serenade to Music, Hymn to St. Cecilia, movement 1, Hymn to St. Cecilia, movement 2, O Lord God, Immortal, Invisible (with audience) , The Dying Soldier (American Folk Song), Where Your Barefoot Walks, Awake O North Wind (from Wedding Cantata) , All My Heart This Night Rejoices , How Can I Keep From Singing, You Are The Music, Hermandad, Ev'ry Time I Feel The Spirit (spiritual)

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6036c | 1 CD | $15.95 |

Luther College Nordic Choir : West Coast Tour 2001

Review: Renowned Conductor Weston Noble directs his talented, mixed-voice Nordic Choir on these 18 live cuts from their 2001 West Coast Tour. Knut Nystedt's "Be Not Afraid," Greg Knauf's "Gloria," Se Enkhbayar's "The Eight Chestnut Horses," the Moses Hogan-arranged "Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel?" and the 8 movements of Mozart's dramatic "Requiem" are standouts in a strong collection of mostly sacred music.

Songlist: Be Not Afraid, Ovos Omnes, Gloria, Praise the Lord, O My Soul, Water Night, The Eight Chestnut Horses, Hacia Be'n Va Un Borrico, Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel?, O Lord God, When I Survey the Wondrous Cross, Excerpts from "Requiem" Composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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2964c | 1 CD | $15.98 |

Luther College Nordic Choir : Weston Noble Conducts

Review: Weston Noble has taught at Luther College since 1948, the year the Nordic Choir was founded, becoming its first director as well as director of the Luther College Concert Band. Noble and the Choir have received a host of awards. "Weston Noble Conducts" contains some of the Choir's best recordings, 16 sacred songs. Favorites include a pair by William Byrd, "Haec Dies" and "Sing Joyfully Unto God," Bach's "Singet Dem Herrn Ein Neues Lied" and "Komm, Jesu, Komm," the Jester Hairston-arranged spiritual "In Dat Great Getting' Up Mornin'" and a pair by Paul Tschesnokoff, "Let the Holy Spirit" and "O Lord God." A beautiful, impressive collection.

Songlist: Laudate (Choral Fanfare), Haec Dies, God Is With Us, Praise The Name Of The Lord, Singet Dem Herrn Ein Neues Lied, Exultation, Psalm 50, Sing Joyfully Unto God, Credo, Kom, Jesu, Komm, Let Thy Holy Spirit, Arma Lucis, African Sanctus, In Dat Great Gittin' Up Mornin', Shut De Do', O Lord God

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2966c | 1 CD | $15.98 |

Marcus Creed : Transcriptions For Choir A Cappella

Review: The singing on this disc is exemplary, as is the case with the other Gottwald recordings on CARUS by the Saar-brucken Chamber Choir. The new CD features instead the South West German Vocal Ensemble, based in Stuttgart, clearly a center of choral excellence; consider also the Gachinger Kantorei and Freider Bernius's Stuttgart Chamber Choir... This is clearly a recording to treasure. --Choral Journal, Nov 2014

Songlist: Erinnerung, Wo Die Schonen Trompeten Blasen, Um Mitternacht , Die Zwei Blauen Augen, Urlicht, Ich Bin Der Welt Abhanden Gekommen, Scheiden Und Meiden, Die Stille Stadt, Laue Sommernacht, Bei Dir Ist Es Traut, Es Sungen Drei Engel, Im Abendrot

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22258c | 1 CD | $18.95 | A Cappella |

Mary Lynn Lightfoot (editor) : Masterworks and Madrigals for Middle School Choirs

Review: These eleven masterwork and madrigal selections have been carefully selected to meet the needs of developing choirs and the changing voice. Encompassing a broad spectrum of composers, styles and periods, and in a variety of voicings, this exciting new offering is a practical and versatile resource for the middle school/junior high choral classroom. Also featured, where applicable, are both English and original language text options, as well as interesting composer/performance notes. All available in this outstanding collection for less than half the cost than if purchased separately - a welcome budget stretcher!

Songlist: Sing For Joy!, Today We Shall Be Merry, Cantate Domino, The Sound of Pipe and Drum, Jubilate Deo, Sing Joyfully, Gloria in Excelsis, O Bella Fusa, Life's Joy, Gloria In Excelsis Deo, Music, Most Beauteous Art, Masterworks and Madrigals: A Brief History

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81099c | 1 CD | $34.95 | 3 Parts || Three Part Arrangements | Companion Songbook Available

Mary Queen of the Universe Shrine Choir : Hail Holy Queen

Review: From Latin classics of Jacobus Gallus and Cesar Franck to the Russian a cappella romanticism of Pavel Chenokov, to Handel, Durufle and Wilby as well as fresh and original pop choral a cappella arrangements of "Ave Maria" and "Danny Boy", the Choir of the National Shrine of Mary, Queen of the Universe in Orlando sets a new standard for musical diversity in Catholic Church liturgical repertoire. The Shrine Choir is the resident professional choir-in-residence at Mary, Queen of the Universe Shrine and was formed to minister to the many thousands of tourists who travel to Central Florida's Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, and other attractions. The Choir's members come from all parts of the United States, and all have extensive choral experience. Dr. William Picher, director of the Shrine Choir, is an accomplished organist, trumpeter, conductor, composer and arranger. Three of his compositions appear of this CD, displaying a fresh harmonic approach to vocal writing.

Songlist: Hail Holy Queen Enthroned Above, Alleluia! In Your Resurrection, He Shall Feed His Flock, Panis Angelicus, Lord of the Dance, Ave Maria for solo voice and piano, Ave Verum Corpus, Ave Maria for Tremble Choir, Angel Vopiyashe, Awake the Trumpets' Lofty Sound from "Samson", Ubi Caritas, If Ye Love Me, Mary's Lullaby, When I Survey the Wonderous Cross, Danny Boy, How Great Thou Art

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8731c | 1 CD | $15.95 |

Melodious Accord - Alice Parker : Listen, Lord

Review: Alice Parker and Melodious Accord dig deep into the rich history of the black tradition. This recording contains a cantata, two suites and eight spirituals in choral settings by Parker. Interspersed between the suites and cantata are sets of spiritual arrangements. "I want Jesus to walk with me" is especially beautiful. The title piece "Listen Lord," a cantata for solo contralto, chorus and jazz combo, uses the text of the opening prayer in James Weldon Johnson's God's Trombones in combination with two spirituals. This jazzy-blues set features contralto Pamela Warrick-Smith. The first suite, "Dem Bells," was composed for choir and handbells. The first and last movements are light almost-rags with a slow somber movement in the middle. The performance on the recording uses piano. The last set, "Street Corner Spirituals," is a suite combining fragments of spirituals for chorus, and an informal street corner band of trumpet, drums and keyboard. These catchy tunes and varied rhythms make a fun toe-tapping piece. This CD is a great example of Alice Parker's unique view on the black spiritual as a melodic resource.

Songlist: Three Spirituals:, - When Jesus Comes, - Tell 'em I'm Gone, - You Can Tell the World, Listen, Lord:, - This Morning, - I, It May Be, - This Man of God, - When I've Done, Two Spirituals:, - I Want Jesus to Walk With Me, - He's Got the Whole World, A Suite: Dem Bells:, - Mary and Martha Have Just Gone 'long, - Please Don't Let This Harvest Pass, - I'm A-Rollin', Three Spirituals:, - God Loves All His Many People, - Welcome Table, - Father's Got a Home, A Suite: Street Corner Spirituals, - Come and Go with Me, - Blow Yo' Gospel Trumpet, - Can't You Hear, - Holy, Holy, - Let the Church Roll On, - Glory, Hallelujah

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7149c | 1 CD | $15.98 |

Melodious Accord - Alice Parker : O Sing The Glories

Review: Renowned composer and arranger Alice Parker has compiled a collection of her most beloved commissioned works. Presented here in four suites and performed by The Musicians of Melodious Accord, Parker sweeps us away on a roller coaster of symphonic movement. This group of choral anthems written over the last 25 years celebrates, reflects, and exalts the praises of our Lord. Music collection in preparation.

Songlist: God of Grace and God of Laughter, A Mountain Psalm, Come, O Come , Easterdays, In All My Vast Concerns with Thee, Ye Followers of the Prince of Peace, Bright Morning Stars, The Promised Land, Now Brethren, Though We Part, Rejoice, the Lord Is King, For the Fruit of All Creation, O Sing the Glories, Destructive Sword, God Is Love, Lord, Enthron, In Heav'nly Speldor, Look unto Abraham, Know That the Lord Is God

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7783c | 1 CD | $15.98 |

Melodious Accord - Alice Parker : Sweet Manna

Review: The 17 varied early American songs of praise found in songbooks published between 1790 and 1830 in "Sweet Manna" give us a glimpse of the musical life of the early settlers and the changing modes of Christian worship as the country developed. The rich variety of lyrics and tunes include cheerful gathering songs like "My God, the Spring of All My Joy;" slow, reflective moods as in "Deep Distress and Troubled Thoughts;" sprightly dances: "When Some Kind Shepherd from His Fold;" and joyous marches: "My Soul, Triumphant in the Lord." Fuguing tunes like "How Pleased and Blessed Was I" and "Through Every Age, Eternal God" release their energies; while more modal melodies like "Return, O God of Love, Return" shed a quiet grace. The mixed a cappella voices of MMA are strong and soaring, and these powerful songs are sung with spirit and feeling, and it is easy to imagine being in the congregations where they were first sung, joining in wonderful choruses of praise.

Songlist: Almighty Maker, God, My Thoughts, That Often Mount the Skies, When Some Kind Shepherd from His Fold, Ye Boundless Realms of Joy, How Pleased and Blessed Was I, From Deep Distress and Troubled Thoughts, What Is Our God, or What His Name, My Soul, Triumphant in the Lord, To God, in Whom I Trust, Hear Me, O Lord, nor Hide Thy Face, My Soul, the Great Creator Praise, How Short and Hasty Is Our Life, How Soft the Words My Savior Speaks, Through Every Age, Eternal God, Return, O God of Love, Return, My God! The Spring of All My Joys, Brethren, We Have Met to Worship

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6867c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella || Shapenote Music | Parker, Alice 

Melodious Accord - Alice Parker : Take Me To The Water onsale

Review: The Musicians of Melodious Accord are a 16-voice professional chorus in New York City, offering recordings and concerts of many styles. Their conductor, Alice Parker, is internationally known as a composer, arranger, conductor and teacher, with a passion for true folksongs. "Take Me to the Water" is the command, request and plea (founded on John 4:14) made by those who seek the "well of water springing up into everlasting life." It serves as a unifying phrase for the powerful African-American spiritual songs in this collection, which come from the mid-19th century and earlier, from such sources as "Slave Songs," published in NY in 1867. 13 a cappella songs, sung with tremendous feeling, strength and sweetness by the MMA, from "I Know the Lord," "Come On Up to Bright Glory" and "Hush! Hush!" to "Free at Last," the title tune, and "Who'll Be a Witness." "Take Me" is a beautiful, inspirational collection!

Songlist: I Know the Lord, Stayed on Jesus, Come On Up to Bright Glory, Don't Be Weary, Traveler, Hush! Hush!, We WIll March Through the Valley, He Is King of Kings, Let Us Break Bread Together, Is There Anybody Here, Free At Last, Take Me to the Water, Cert'nly, Lord, Who'll Be A Witness

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6866c | 1 CD | $9.95 | A Cappella || Parker, Alice 

Millikin University Choirs : From The Heart

Review: The choir is an auditioned mixed ensemble of 36-42 voices. The choir was created in 2000 for the study, performance, and recording of "gems" from the standard choral repertoire. This CD is a sampling of the repertoire the choir has performed over the last five years. Chamber Chorale is one of two touring choirs at Millikin. The group conducts an annual tour of the Midwest in January with occasional travel to other parts of the country. The Chorale, together with five other traditional choirs forms the core of the Millikin choral program - a program with over 300 singers, 3 vocal jazz groups, two early music consorts, and a plethora of student-created ensembles.

Songlist: Alleluia, Silent Devotion and Response, Magnificat, Ave Maria, Pilgrims Hymn, Caritas, There Is No Rose, Witness, Set Me As A Seal, Six Dickinson Miniatures - Heart, we will forget him!, Six Dickinson Miniatures - I took my power in my hand, Six Dickinson Miniatures - I died for beauty , Come to Me, My Love, O Shenandoah, Light Hearted Lovers, Wade in the Water, If Music be the Food of Love, Peace I Leave with You

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6072c | 1 CD | $14.95 |

Millikin University Choirs : Hearts All Whole onsale

Review: This beautifully recorded studio album from Millikin's flagship mixed choir covers a stunning diversity of moods and landscapes. The challenging program and virtuosic performance make for a compelling and rewarding listening experience.

Songlist: A Choral Fanfare, Cantus Gloriosus, Kyrie (from Mass in G Minor), O Lord God, Lucis Creator Optime, Sanctus (from Mass in E Major), Christus Vincit, Praise to the Lord, Verbum Caro Factum Est, Sure On This Shining Night, See Dat Babe, Idumea, Till Minne, Wade in de Water, Abide With Me

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6069c | 1 CD | $9.95 |

Millikin University Choirs : On Tour

Review: Millikin University Choir tour performances have a special atmosphere, one that is difficult to duplicate in a recording session. A spirited performance is certainly evident in this CD. Prepare yourself to travel with the University Choir as they offer a unique glimpse into their most recent tour on CD. Recordings of "Praise to the Lord", "Sleep", and "Ubi Caritas" highlight this University Choir album, directed by Dr. Brad Holmes. Happy traveling.

Songlist: Christus est natus, Prayer of the Middle Ages, Salvator Mundi, Sanctus (from Mass), Evening Song (Opus 69, No.3), Ihr aber seid nicht Fleishlich (from BWV 227), Ubi Caritas , Praise to the Lord, Sleep, Pseudo-Yoik , Steal Away, Noel, In Dat Great Getting' Up Mornin', Song In the Night

More details
6070c | 1 CD | $14.95 |

Millikin University Choirs : Vespers 2009 - This Wondrous Day...This Shining Night

Review: Another great addition to a decades-long holiday tradition at Millikin University, this recording captures the spirit and unique listening experience of the annual Vespers choral concert. Celebrate the season with this diverse collection of Christmas music performed by these various (and wonderful!) choral ensembles.

Songlist: Hodie Christus Natus Est, Hodie, Kyrie, Dona Nobis Pacem, Lo How A Rose, Canticle Of Mary, Verbum Caro Factum Est, Gloria, Hail, Gladdening Light, Spaseniye Sodelal, Sure On This Shining Night, Hodie, Christus Vincit, Ring Out Wild Bells, See Dat Babe, All My Heart This Night Rejoices, Cantemos A Maria, And Suddenly, A Christmas Fantasy

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6074c | 1 CD | $15.95 |

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