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Bulgarian Choral Music

The rich, musical history of Bulgaria has a tradition of heartfelt, passionate vocal music, and what better way to express it than in a choral ensemble? For a small nation that doesn't appear on the world stage often, Bulgaria is rich in what counts the most - the arts. Both their traditional cultural music and that which celebrates their Christian faiths appears in the repertoire of Bulgaria's amazing choirs. You've heard of them, you know you have. Now why not actually hear them?

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Bulgarian National Radio Children's Choir : 40 Years

Review: A celebration of 40 years of existence for the world-famous, 33-strong, mixed BNRCC makes us look at the founder of this amazing group, and at their present director and conductor. Hristo Nedyalkov, Professor in choral conducting at Sofia University, "a happy combination of great artistic talent and keen sense of teaching" is both founder and director. The popularity, renown, creative achievements and awards won by the choir over the years border on the incredible. The young Bulgarian singers have performed to acclaim in the famous concert halls in the capitals of the world. "The children sing like ange..." "Their voices are as crystal clear as a mountain spring..." Absolutely. A full hour of lightly accompanied, exuberant music is here, including an original by the director, "Winter Song." Some classical music (Cesar Franck's "Panis Angelicus," Schubert's "Serenade," Mozart's "Regina coeli K. 276), some folk (Nicolas Kaufmann's "Two Humorous Folk Songs" and "Melodies from the Shoppe Region," and Milko Kolarov's "Why is the Spout Dripping), a Christmas song ("O Holy Night") and even a spiritual, ("I Want to Go to Heaven"). Mostly sung in Bulgarian, but with voices like these, who cares?

Songlist: Winter Song, Panis Angelicus, Two Humorous Folk Songs, Our Father, Why Is the Spout Dripping?, Feelin' Groovy (The 59th Street Bridge Song), O Holy Night, Pizzicati, Serenade, A Ludicrous Dance, Motor-Car Race, The Little Nightingale, Tempo di Valse, I Want to Go to Heaven, Regina coeli K. 276, Melodies from the Shoppe Region

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6872c | 1 CD | $15.98 |

Bulgarian Voices : Chants de Noel : 1 CD : Ludmila Dimova :  : 406

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Bulgarian Voices : Chants de Noel

Review: The Choir of Sofia, conducted by Ludmila Dimova, interprets the songs of Christmas in the tradition of the Bulgarian polyphonies. Between classical music and folk-world music of the eastern countries; like the successful Mysteries of the Bulgarian Voice with its antique, pre-Christian and Hellenistic roots, the Choir interprets with grace the songs of Western heritage: Silent Night, Tino Rossi's Petit Papa Noel, Jingle Bells, Schubert's Ave Maria and more. A new discovery of these Christmas songs' heritage for every age.

Songlist: Silent Night, Hey Maiden, A Virgin Is Bearing Today, Get Up, Host, Jingle Bells, Foom, Foom, Le Petit Papa Noel, It Will Snow, Ostinato, Dignity, Glorify, Ave Maria, In Suffers is Bearing Mother Mary, Many Years, The First Noel, Deck The Halls, We Wish You A Merry Christmas

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9913c | 1 CD | $15.95 | A Cappella || World Christmas

Bulgarian Voices - Angelite : Angels Christmas

Review: Singing is an important tradition in Bulgaria, especially at Christmas, whether at church or caroling in people's homes. There is a unique sonority specific to Christmas within the incredibly rich musical palette. This recording contains Bulgarian folk carols, Orthodox Church music and more familiar Christmas tunes, such as "Silent Night." The simple melodies and sincere lyrics of these songs will bring joy and peace to your Christmas celebration.

Songlist: Rozhdestveni kambani (Christmas bells) - Petar Liondev, Koledna nosht (Christmas night) - Petar Liondev, Koledna pesen (Christmas song) - Gentcho Gentchev, Momata s chudna riza (The lass with a spended dress) - Georgy Petkov, Divnitza (Wonderful star) - Gerogy Petkov, Koledna zvezda (Christmas star) - Stefan Dragostinov, Bogorodize Devo (Holy Virgin) - Orthodox / arr. Priest Kiril Popov, Sveti Petar (Saint Peter) - Petar Liondev, Hei pastiri (Hey, shepherds) - trad. Arr. Georgy Petkov, La Notte Di Natale (Christmas night) - Silvio Pedrotti/ arr. Ivan Spassov, Vitleemska zvezda (Ihr Kinderlein, kommet) - arr. Alexander Josiffov, Koledna prilazka (A Christmas tale) - Georgy Petkov, Tiha nosht, svjata nosht (Silent night, Holy night) - Franz Gruber / arr. Alexander Josiffov, Rozhdestvo Hristovo (Christmas) - Dobri Hristov / arr. Georgy Petkov

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7291c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella || Female Choral Christmas CDs

Bulgarian Voices - Angelite : Balkan Passions

Review: An old Balkan proverb goes, "There are no limits to a song." "Balkan Passions" combines the talents of 20-woman Angelite and their conductor Georgi Petkov with guest musicians Maria Farantouri of Greece, percussionist Okay Temiz and pop star Sezen Aksu, both from Turkey, and Romanian brass band Fanfare Ciocarlia to create a powerful recording that touches and effects us across international boundaries. "Sadba" (Our Destiny), the driving "Damba," the rhythmic dance tune "Dilele," the joyous "Mi ideme preko pole" (We Are Coming Across the Field," the Albanian folk song "I Went to Elbasan," "Makedonsko devoiche" (A Macedonian Girl), "Devoiche belo, tsurveno" (Hey, You Girl, All White and Red), "Krai rekata" (by the river) and "Sasedi" (in the neighborhood) are particularly fine. All songs are accompanied; most only lightly. Beautiful, full-color liner notes tell us about the groups and the music. "Balkan Passions" is excellent - a spirited, romantic collection of music from another world.

Songlist: Sadba, Damba, Dilele, Mi ideme preko pole, Barisha, barisha, I Went to Elbasan, Vila sei gora, Bulgarian Pastorale, Jenala e Dyulber Jana, Makedonsko devoiche, Devoiche belo, tsurveno, Povdigni si milo libe, Vassilke, mlada nevesto, Zemiata na Orfei, An Ohrid Legen about Bilyana, Bouzuki taqsim, Krai rekata, Sasedi

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7801c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella |

Bulgarian Voices - Angelite : Mercy For The Living

Review: When Bulgarians, at the end of the 20th century, look back to find their national history, they saw the Bulgarian orthodox church with its canonic ritual and religious traditions that few people had access to under the socialist regime in Bulgaria. "Mercy for the Living," for a "man's voice and a women's Folk Choir, places us in a seat in the early church, with beautiful music from the orthodox services, beginning with the lovely "Great Litany," "Rejoice, Mother of God," "Great Song of Praise," and "Is It Honorable." The four final pieces, "Small Litany," "The Mystical Sacrifice, "Holy God," and "Our Father," are all very fine. Throughout, however, the sound is that of angels in this rarely-heard collection of Bulgarian orthodox church music. Beautiful and touching.

Songlist: Great Litany, Rejoice, Mother of God, Unto Thee We Sing, Kyrie Eleison, Great Song of Peace, It Is Honourable, Praise The Name of the Lord, Lord, Have Mercy, Blessed Be the Lord, Small Litany, The Mystical Sacrifice, Holy God, Our Father

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9893c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella |

Bulgarian Voices Angelite & Moscow Art Trio : Mountain Tale

Review: The 19-strong Bulgarian Voices combine with two smaller instrumental groups, the Moscow Art Trio and Huun-Huur-Tu to create an authentic, eclectic collection of folk tunes that explore the similarities and differences between Russian, Bulgarian and Tuvan folk music. The 28 musicians create a surprising, spirited, energetic, all-accompanied sound on 10 songs: "Midnight Tale," "Sunrise," "Early Morning With My Horse," "New Skomorohi," "Sad Harvest," "Mountain Fairy-Tale," "Dancing Voices," "Grand Finale," "Epilog" and "300 Pushki." Often the all-women Bulgarian Voices reminds us of Solstice, who did a great set recently at the Bay Area Sweeps Regionals. Particularly nice is "Dancing Voices," when the soprano and tenor solos soar above the rhythmic bass chanting, the sweet, sensual "Epilog," and the lovely lament, "300 Pushki," the story of the death of a hero. Some great pix of the group(s) in the liner notes, in authentic costumes.

Songlist: Midnight Tale, Sunrise, Early Morning With My Horse, New Skomorohi, Sad Harvest, Mountain Fairy-Tale, Daning Voices, Grand Finale, Epilog, 300 Pushki

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9815c | 1 CD | $13.98 |

Bulgarian Women's Choir : Melody Rhythm & Harmony

Review: Melody Rhythm & Harmony was recorded live by the Bulgarian Women's Choir during their 1993 tour in Norway. The songs presented here encompass the wide variety of styles from the various Bulgarian regions. Many of the arrangements include those of Philip Koutev, who was largely responsible for preserving the folk tradition. These songs are largely a cappella with a few accompanied by traditional Bulgarian instruments. The diverse history of the country has lent itself to produce music which requires great skill and feeling. And its rich culture continues to be preserved by this group.

Songlist: Polegnala e Toudora (Todora's dream) (Philip Koutev), Grozda Moma (Young Groda) (Dimitar Dinev), Dragana i slavei (Dragana and the nighingale) (Philip Koutev), Bre Ivane (Hey, Ivan) (Anastas Naumov), Jano, hubavo Jano, Listni se goro (Green Forrest) (Stefan Moutafchiev), Tapan bie (Beating the drum) (Zdravko Manalov), Kazhi, kazhi, Angio (Tell me, Angio) (Philip Koutev), S'gaida na horo (Dancing to the bagpipe) (Peter Lyondev), Ozdole Ide devoitche (A young maiden is arriving) (trad arr. Dimitar Dinev), Tin vjater vee (The wind is blowing) (trad. arr. Stehan Kanev), Sestro Dobriano (Sister Dobrjana) (Krassimir Kroumov), Tri biulbiui pejat (Three birds are singing), Dimjaninka (Philip Koutev), Pilentze pee (A bird is singing) (Krassimir Kyurkchiyski), Lale li si (Are you a tulip) (Philip Koutev), Kalugerine (The monk) (Nikolai Staikov), Mechmetio (Ivan Spasov), Dyulmano, dyulbero (Krassimir Kyurkchiyski), Kalimanko Denko (Godmother Denka) (Krassimir Kyurkchiyski), Polegnala e Toudora (Todora's dream) (Philip Koutev), Vetchera I Rado

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9834c | 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella |

Sofia Boys' Choir : Britten & Pergolesi

Review: Founded in 1968 for boys ages 7 to 15, about 40 of which appear in concert, Bulgaria's SBC has been directed since 1989 by the talented Adriana Blagoeva. They released their first CD in 1981, "Britten" was recorded in 1993. The group has toured internationally, gaining a worldwide reputation for excellence performing a varied repertoire which includes Renaissance, Baroque, and Contemporary compositions by Bulgarian authors as well as large-scope cantata and oratorio works. This CD includes 5 works by Benjamin Britten (1913-76) and 17 by Giovanni Pergolesi (1710-36)-the Britten pieces have some organ accompaniment and feature two female sopranos, and the Pergolesi ones are orchestrally accompanied and feature a mezzo-soprano. The voices of the boys soar clear and sweet, and the adult soloists are wonderful. Heavenly sacred music, beautifully performed!

Songlist: Missa Brevis in D, Op. 63, Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus, Benedictus, Agnus Dei, Stabat Mater, Stabat Mater dolorosa, Cujus animam gementem, O quam tristis, Quae moerebat, Quis est homo, Vidit suum dulcem natum, Eja Mater fons amoris, Fac ut ardeat cor meum, Sanctus Mater, istud agas, Fac ut portem Christi mortem, Inflammatus et accensus, Quando corpus morietur

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6932c | 1 CD | $15.98 || Benjamin BrittenPergolesi, 

Sofia Boys' Choir : Hosanna in Exelsis

Review: The Sofia Boys' Choir is one of the most prestigious Bulgarian choirs of its kind, winner of many awards at international and national competitions. Under the guidance of the talented Adriana Blagoeva, during the past few years the choir has widened the range of its repertoire by including masterpieces of sacred music - both Catholic and Orthodox. The performances are distinguished by the unique beauty of sounds of the boys' voices led by the conductor with great skill. Each song features not only the professionalism of the great choirs, but also precision of dynamics, accents and gradation, typical of religious singing. The singers and their musicality, the perfectly performed tunes, the crystal sounds, as well as the characteristic reverberation of the recordings that recreates the atmosphere in Alexander Nevsky Cathedral leave a deep impression.

Songlist: Voskresenya Den, Slava Otsu, Dostoino Est, Vozlyublyu, Tya, Gospodi, Voskresenie Tvoe, Svyatii Boje, Da Ispravitsya Molitva Moya, Angel Vopiashe, Tebe Poem, Hervimska Pesen, Otche Nash, Edin Svyat, Razboinika Blagoaznumnago, Sei Narechnii I Svyatii Den, Dostoino Est, Vo Tsarstvii Tvoem, Elitsi Vo Hrista, Heruvimska Pesen, Mnogaya Leta

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6933c | 1 CD | $15.98 |

Sofia Boys' Choir : Laudate Dominum Omnes Gentes

Review: The first boys' choir in Bulgaria, founded in 1968, the Sofia Boys' Choir has been conducted by Adrian Blagoeva since 1989, who has led them in an active touring and recording schedule, and to numerous awards in international competitions. All sacred music and all organ accompanied, "Laudate" features two works by Mozart, "Ave Maria" and "Ave verum corpus," 5 works by Charles Gounod (1818-93), including "Kyrie," "Gloria," "Sanctus," and others, and 9 works by Giuseppe Zelioli (1880-1949), including the title song, "Regina coeli," "Agnus Dei" and others. The clear, bell-like voices of the boys (ages 7 to 15) make "Laudate" a treat throughout. The Sofia Boys' Choir has gained a reputation as one of the best in the world, and it is a reputation that is well deserved. They truly sing like angels!

Songlist: Ave Maria, Ave verum corpus, Messe No. 4 in C Major, Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus, O salutaris hostia, Agnus Dei, Laudate Dominum omnes gentes, Regina coeli, Agnus Dei, Messa facile e melodica, Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, Benedictus, Agnus Dei

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6931c | 1 CD | $15.98 |

Sofia Boys' Choir : Magnificat

Review: On Magnificat by the Sofia Boys Choir, led by Adriana Blagoeva, the Bulgarian choir sings rarely performed works from the late Baroque and early Classical periods. The CD begins with the Magnificat by Czech composer _imon Brixi. This engaging piece is for four voice choir, SATB soloists and chamber orchestra. Also included on this release is the German Mass by Michael Haydn for four voice choir with Soprano and Tenor soloists and organ accompaniment.

Songlist: Magnificat, Quia respexit, Ecce enim ex hoc, Quia fesit, Et misericordia, Fecit potentiam, Deposuit potentes, Esurientes, Sicut locutus, Gloria, Zwei Italienische Canzonetten Op. 4, Gia la notte, Che ciascun per te sospiri, Ave Maria, Ave verum corpus, Deutsche Messe (Michael Haydn):, Zum Eingang, Zum Gloria, Zum Evangelium, Zum Credo, Zum Offertorium, Zum Sanctus, Nach der Wandlung, Zum Agnus Dei, Zur Kommunion, Zum Segen, Zum Schluss

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7164c | 1 CD | $15.98 |

Sofia Chamber Choir : Bulgarian Composers

Review: The conductor Vassil Arnaudov is an example of high musical culture and mastership in the development of Bulgarian conductor art. Even today, 12 years after his death, we still remember his top achievements. During his creative art he visited many places in Bulgaria so as to help a lot of conductors and choirs. He passed his knowledge with deep love to his students, and a number of them have become famous choir conductors. His greatest achievement is with the Sofia Chamber Choir and the "Rodina" Choir in Rousse. Part of the magnificent performances of the Sofia Chamber Choir have been included in the present release, which is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Vassil Arnaudov's birth. The programme features Bulgarian composers, whom the conductor had a great respect for. His collaboration with different composers has often provoked the creation of works specially written for the Sofia Chamber Choir. Admirers of choral singing will find some of them in the present release.

Songlist: Dragana and the Nightingale, A Gun Went Off, A Little Bird is Singing, Hushaby, Damyancho, May this Girl Be Mine, Two Drums Are Beaten, Northern Song, The White Ship, Solveig's Song, The Quiet Spring Rain, I Know A Dearly Cherished Place, Bright Morning, A Drop Fell from the Sky, You, Who are Looking for a Ford, My Mouth Will not Sing and Argue Forever, To Grandma, The Holy One, An Autumn Song, The Bright Rain, Autumn was Coming, Grozdanka and the Little Blackamoor

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4219c | 1 CD | $14.95 |

Sofia Women's Chamber Choir : Nightingales

Review: Conductor Vassil Arnaudov, who died in 1991, was a huge influence on the 40-strong women's choir, helping it build a broad repertoire, from European renaissance-baroque polyphony to 20th century music, and turning many Bulgarian choral works into masterpieces. There is light piano accompaniment on a few of these 23 pieces, but the emphasis is on the lilting, soaring soprano voices with their crystal-clear diction, that dance over difficult passages with grace and polished ease. Some of our favorites are the title tune, Schubert's "Die Nachtigall," Thomas Morley's "Good morrow, fair ladies of the May," Beethoven's "Ich liebe dich," Philip Koutev's "Draguna and the nightingale," Verdi's "Laudi alla Vergine Maria" and Mozart's "Ave verum corpus," but each piece is beautifully realized. A special collection of choral music by one of the best choirs in Europe, directed by the brilliant conductor who brought them to that place.

Songlist: Wohlauf, ihr Gaste gut, Ce moys de May, Good Morrow, fair ladies of the May, Ich liebe dich, Die Machtigall, In Meeres, Meerfe, Der Wasserman, Angel, Chorus from the Opera "Tsar Kaloyan", Dragana and the nightingale, Lyulyai, Done, Winter, Sumna v sunnite gradini, Tebe poem, Havalite imya Gospodne, Dostoino est, Ave Maria, Ave Maria, Ave verum corpus, Laudi all Vergine Maria, Are verum corpus, Salve Regina

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6934c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella |

Sofia Women's Chamber Choir : Quiet Songs

Review: The CD includes several, now cherished as a valuable archive, recordings of the great Bulgarian choral conductor Prof. Vassil ARNAUDOV, director of long standing of the Sofia Chamber Women's Choir. These are the enchanting "Winter Reflections" by Todor Popov, a composer closely associated with Arnaudov, just like the other authors in the CD - Lyubomir Pipkov, Konstantin Iliev, Alexander Tekeliev, Alexander Tanev and Ivan Spassov. With the exception of the latter's "Triptych", all the songs were created for and first performed by the choir, on the initiative of Vassil Arnaudov who was an invaluable promoter and friend of Bulgarian vocal music. After his death the choir not only took his name bur also carried on his ideas and trends championed by his pupil Theodora Pavlovitch (who is presently the choir's conductor) and choir-master, pianist and vocal pedagogue Irina Shtiglich. The superb sound and emotional expressiveness make this CD of tenderly nostalgic and intimately lyrical songs a precious collection for music lovers.

Songlist: A drop fell from the sky, You, who are looking for a for, My mouth will not sing and argue forver, To Grandma, I know a dearly cherished place, Bright morning, Triptych, Quiet evening, White, white snow, Dawn came in the sleep gardens, Reverie (lyrics by Elissaveta Bagryana), Meet it is (Dostoino est), We sing Thee (Tebe poem), Our Father (Otche nash), Let the maiden be mine), Autumn was coming (lyrics by Ivan Davidkov), Winter (lyrics by Vatyo Rakovski), Winter Reflections, It's snowing, it's snowing, Snow is falling like a memory, The snow is so cold, Like snow, like snow, indeed

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7166c | 1 CD | $15.98 |

Sofia Women's Chamber Choir : Schumann - Choral Works For Womans' Voice

Review: The release features a selection of songs by Schumann, performed by the well-known Bulgarian female chamber choir VASSIL ARNAUDOV conducted by Irina Stiglich and Theodora Pavlovich. Almost all songs were composed in the forties of the 19th century, a time of elation for Schumann, who had finally found real happiness in life. His lyrical songs are an expression of his innermost feelings of joy, sorrow, delight and inspirations connected with the poetry of his beloved Moerike, Ruekert, Eichendorff, Elisabeth Kulmann and other German poets who have been a source of inspiration for many composers of romantic music. Some of the shorter songs like Rosmarien, Mailied, Fruehlingslied, Spinnelied, as well as the chorus from the oratory "Das Paradies und die Peri" are real musical jewels. Selected with much precision, the lyrical songs reveal Schumann's talent in shaping the small, always exquisitely woven musical form, his musical gift to create images, metaphors, characters, and natural scenery. The interpretation of singers and choir-masters alike is magnificent with its sincere emotion, subtle nuances of sound and colour, keen feeling for ensemble and perfect intonation.

Songlist: Tamburinschlagerin, Waldmadchen, Klosterfraulein, Soldatenbraut, Meerfey, Die Capelle, Rosmarien, Jager Wohlgemuth, Der Wassermann, Das verlassene Magdlein, Der Bleicherin Nachtlied, In Meeres Mitten, Mailied, Fruhlingslied, An die Nachtigall, An den Abendstern, Nanie, Triolett, Spruch, Mailied, Spinnelied, Sommerruh, Chor der houris as "Das Paradies und die Peri", Landliches Lied, Lied

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7051c | 1 CD | $15.98 || Robert Schumann

Various Artists : Bulgarian Choral Art Vol 1

Review: This recording features some of the finest artists practising the academic choral art in Bulgaria. The release contains a compilation of performances of Bulgarian choirs, starting with the children's, through the female, chamber, mixed, and ending with the male choirs. The earliest recording in the release is of the song "I'm leading a Horse, Mother" by Georgi Dimitrov. It is performed by one of the earliest children's choirs - Bodra Smyana Choir. Then follow a number of children's choirs, all with acknowledged international prestige: Bulgaria National Radio Children's Choir, Sofia Boys' Choir, etc. Then come the female choirs: Hristina Morfova Female Choir, Polyphonia Chamber Choir, Vassil Arnaudov Sofia Chamber Choir, and the mixed and male choirs: Dobrudjanski Zvutsi Mixed Choir, Morski Zvutsi Mixed Choir, Kaval Male Choir, Gusla Male Choir, etc. A wonderful selection from a country that produces world class choral music.

Songlist: Native Song, I'm Leading a Horse, Mother, A Cuckoo Called Out, Aquarelle, Devilish Song, The Port of El Granny, Pizzicati, A Nightingale Is Singing, Zara, You Maiden, Reverie, Like Snow, Like Snow, Indeed, Mehmetyo, My Woe, Hey, Yana, Evening Dusk, A Love Night, A Morning by the Sea, Get Up, Mother, Sechenata, A Young Lad Has Fallen Asleep, My Native Land, Divertimento, Dafina, You Wine, How Dear It Is To Me

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7049c | 1 CD | $15.98 |

Various Artists : Bulgarian Choral Art Vol 2

Review: This CD is the second of the Bulgarian Choral Art Series. It presents some of the best samples of choral music in Bulgaria. All of the pieces are arrangements by Bulgarian composers of original folk melodies. The recording includes performances by a variety of choirs: mixed, male, female and children's. The singing heard on this CD is in a Western classical style rather than the very pointed sound often associated with Bulgarian singing. The liner notes give translations of the songs.

Songlist: Rachenitsa (Dobri Hristov), Hey, Maiden (Dobri Hristov), A Madcap (Marin Golminov), Fisherman's Toast (Georgi Dimitrov), A Snowdrop Has Blossomed (Georgi Dimitrov), Bagpipe Player (Svetoslav Obretenov), Swings (Philip Koutev), Dragana and the Nightingale (Philip Koutev), You Do Not Lie to Your Old Mother (Todor Popov), Dilmano, Dilbero (Zdravko Manalov), A Drum Is Drumming (Zdravkno Manolov), Delyu the Haiduk (Dimitar Petkov), Night Has Overtaken Lalitsa (Jules Levy), I Have a Big Care (Alexander Tanev), Yova, You Little Girl (Alexander Tanev), Two Drums Are Beaten (Ivan Spassov), Hey Rada, Beautiful Rada (Ivan Spassov), Yana (Kiril Stefanov), Hey, Petrunka (Krassimir Kyurkchiiski), Gyore Sat Down (Stefan Mutafchiev), A Lesson in Gadulka (Nikolai Stoikov), The Miraculous Horo (Georgi Kostov), Winter (Milko Kolarov), At the Horo Dancing (Petar Lyondev)

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7167c | 1 CD | $15.98 |

Various Artists : Bulgarian Choral Art Vol 3

Review: Bulgarian choral art is known the world over. On their tours abroad, Bulgarian choirs are always met with the approval of the audience. The third CD of the series BULGARIAN CHORAL ART features performances of choirs which are laureates of international competitions. These are studio and live recordings made within a period of 30 years, thus presenting a review of choral art development in Bulgaria. The program includes mainly 20th-century songs, composed chiefly by Bulgarian authors. Many of the pieces were written specially for the choir which performs them.

Songlist: Let There Always be a Song, Chorale, Three Miniatures, The Little Stork, Buzzy Beetle, Mancho-Ancho, Horo-leader, Dilmano, Dilberto, Refrains from Western Bulgaria, If I Leave in the Morning, Sleep, Sleep, My Damiancho, You Beautiful Liliana, May the Maiden be Mind, Look at the Fog, The Evening Watch, Longing, Politempy, Praise the Lord in Heaven, Dry Bones

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4221c | 1 CD | $14.95 |

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