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Mixed Voice Choral Recordings

We have over the many years been able to collect some of the best mixed-voice choir CD recordings from around the world. Many of the CD recordings are not available thru the usual distributors and in many cases we are the sole distributor of the titles.

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Gloriae Dei Cantores : Prism

Review: Prism features a diverse selection of works handpicked by the artists for the spirit of authenticity that Gloriae Dei Cantores imparts: whether in modern American styles, sacred Russian music, or the magnificence of Palestrina. An anthology of some of the choir's finest recordings with works of Palestrina, Brahms, Mathias, Argento, and others.

Songlist: Let All the World in Every Corner Sing, Super Flumina Babylonis, Hark, I Hear the Harps Eternal, Tristis est anima mea, I Will Set His Dominion in the Sea, The Eyes of All Wait Upon Thee, Missa Bervis: Gloria, Mass in E-Flat Major: Angus Dei, Psalms of Woe and Joy: Hodu, Heilig, Rex Gloriae: Victimae paschali, Rorate Caeli, Bogoroditse Devo, Foundation, My Shepherd Will Supply My Need, Liubov Sviataya, Es ist das heil uns Kommen her Op. 29, Eternal Light

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8867c | 1 CD | $15.95 |

Gloriae Dei Cantores : Sacred Songs of Russia

Review: Over the past thousand years, Russian composers have created an immensely rich and varied body of choral music and chant to express the sacred texts of the liturgy. Sacred Songs of Russia portrays the musical legacy of the Russian people, which comes as a response to the depth of their faith. Among the noteworthy works on this recording, which contains previously released material, are two stirring works by Rachmaninoff including Bogoroditse Devo (Rejoice, O Virgin) from his All Night Vigil, opus 37, and V molitvah (The Mother of God, ever-vigilant in prayer). Perhaps most significant are the Three Choruses of Georgy Sviridov (1915-1998), composed during a time when sacred music was still actively suppressed by the Soviet regime. The three works by Peter Tchaikovsky, Milost' mira (A Mercy of Peace), Angel Vopiyashe (The Angel cried), and Hymn in Honor of SS. Cyril and Methodius, are also strong statements of the Russian faith and expression through music.

Songlist: Hristos Voskrese, Blagoslovi, Dushe, Bogoroditse Devo, Three Choruses: Bogoroditse Devo, Three Choruses: Liubov' Sviataya, Three Choruses: Pkayanniy Stih, Ghospodi Vozzvah/Tsar' Nebesniy, Beznevestanya Devo, Slava Vo Vishnih Bogu, Chrubic Hymn, Milost' Mira, Angel Vopiyashe, Hymn in Honor of SS. Cyril and Methodius, O Tebe Raduyetsia, Svete Tihiy, Hvalite Imia Ghospodne, V Molitvah Neusipayushchuyu Bogoroditsu, Litany of Supplication, Otche Nash

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8563c | 1 CD | $15.95 || Russian a cappella

Gloriae Dei Cantores : The Coming of Christ

Review: The Coming of Christ is the first of a series of three CDs using the exquisite music of Gregorian chant to describe and illuminate the life of Christ. Sung by the Gloriae Dei Cantores Schola and conducted by Dr. Mary Berry, CBE, these reknowned experts bring a wealth of experience to the interpretation of the chant. Well-known pieces alternate with numerous antiphons to bring us closer to the time of Christ's birth and early childhood. The prophetic announcements, the longing and anticipation of Christ's birth as well as the joy of the angels' message are all vividly portrayed in the chant. Chant-based organ works by French composers Alexandre Guilmant and Charles-Marie Widor frame this program celebrating the life of Christ. These are the first recordings to be made in the superb acoustics of the Church of the Transfiguration, a basilican church made of limestone, in a modern-day abbey.

Songlist: Offertoire Sur l'hymne, Responsory: Aspicens a longe, Rorate Caeli desuper, Antiphon: O Emmanuel, Communion: Ecce Virgo, Antiphon: Missus est Gabriel, Offertory: Ave Maria, Antiphon and Solemn Benedictus: Puer qui natus est, Invitatory: Christus natus est, Intoroit: Puer Natus est nobis, Alleluia: Dies sanctificatus, Antiphon: Quem vidistis, Antiphon: Genuit puerpera, Antiphon:Angelus ad pastores, Antiphon:Parvulus Filius, Hymn: Christe Redemptor, Verbum caro factum est, Hodie Christus natus est, Mirabile Mysterium, Responsum, Lumen ad revelationem gentium, Omnes de saba venient, Vidimus stellam, Admoniti Magi, Herodes iratus, Tolle Puerum, Ex AEgypto, Ibant parentes jesu, Non invenientes, Symphonie Gothique IV: Final

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8887c | 1 CD | $15.95 |

Gloriae Dei Cantores : The Lord Is My Shepherd

Review: The Lord is My Shepherd is the third volume in the American Psalmody series, a distinguished series devoted to musical interpretations of the psalms by American composers. Of a previous recording in this series, Fanfare magazine raved, "This interesting collection of sacred music, American style, can hardly miss: God Himself seems to have placed His seal of approval on it." "The choir has a full, vibrant sound and sings with great fervor. . . Ned Rorem's Two Psalms and a Proverb is absolutely gorgeous. . . Bruce Neswick's stirring anthem I Will Set His Dominion in the Sea is also first-rate." Gramophone Magazine

Songlist: The God of Love My Shepherd Is, Psalm 100, Behold, how good and how pleasant it is, Wounds without Cause, How long wilt Thou forget me, O Lord?, Make Haste, The House of the Lord, Proverbs for a Son, The Twenty-Third Psalm, Who crieth: "Woe"?, The Women of Valour, By the Waters of Babylon, I Will Set His Dominion in the Sea

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8568c | 1 CD | $15.95 |

Gloriae Dei Cantores : Unto Ages of Ages

Review: Gloriae Dei Cantores releases a new Russian CD featuring the recorded premiere of Georgy Sviridov's Ineffable Mystery, a gorgeous sacred choral suite. In his memory, the choir sang this set of pieces in Moscow and the Golden Ring on their third tour of Russia in 1998. Georgy Sviridov was one of Shostakovich's favorite students, wrote the music for Moscow's leading television news program and became one of the leading composers during the Soviet regime. His vocal music has been championed by Dmitri Hvorostovsky, the great Russian baritone. Gloriae Dei Cantores, having already recorded "the best anthology of Russian music" (American Record Guide for Sacred Songs of Russia), now adds this rich collection of Russian sacred music to their discography. Also included are excerpts from the Tchaikovsky's Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom and the Rachmaninoff All-Night Vigil.

Songlist: Posle pervovo antifona, Heruvimskaya pesn, Molitva Ghospodnia, Prichastniy Stih, Priidite, poklonismsia, Blagoslovi, dushe moya, Nine otpushchayeshi, Blagosloven yesi, Slava v vishnih Bogu, i na zemli mir, Ghospodi spasi Blagochestiviye, Svyati Bozhe, Dostoyno yest, Rodestvenskaya pesn, Slava i Alliluya, Niezrechennoe Chudo

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4242c | 1 CD | $15.95 || Russian a cappella

Gothic Voices : A Feather on the Breath of God

Review: This is the record that started the Hildegard craze back in 1982--and you need only listen to Emma Kirkby glide and soar through Columba aspexit (the opening hymn) to understand why. Gothic Voices performs the music very simply, either alternating soloists and unison choir over a drone or using a single unaccompanied voice. The singers render Hildegard's extravagant poetic imagery and melody not with the rhythmically fluid, ecstatic approach favoured by Sequentia, but with equalist rhythm and a calm, meditative quality. Gothic Voices' straightforward approach is less likely to send you into a rapturous trance than is Sequentia's, but in the hands of such fine singers as Kirkby, Margaret Philpot, and Emily van Evera, Hildegard's extraordinary texts and melodies are captivating--and clear enough to linger in the memory as melodies rather than just sensations. This record is still a bestselling title - try it and find out why.

Songlist: Columba aspexit, Ave, generosa, O ignis spiritus, O Ierusalem, O Euchari, O viridissima virga, O presul vere civitatis, O Ecclesia

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8828c | 1 CD | $19.95 | A Cappella || Early Music CDs | Hildegard von Bingen

Gothic Voices : A Laurel for Landini

Review: The award winning and worldwide famous vocal ensemble Gothic Voices travel to Italy and the origins of its impressive polyphonic music: A Laurel for Landini - 14th Century Italy's Greatest Composer. This disc presents the group performing music by the Italian composer Francesco Landini, one of the most prominent and influential composers of that time and one of the most important for the development of later forms of close harmonic chanting - the forerunner of the famous Madrigal that would flourish later in the 16th century. This disc not only sets out the panorama of the time and the genius of Landini himself but also works by his contemporaries. Here Gothic Voices collaborate with the worldwide acclaimed harpist Andrew Lawrence-King. This is an important release that will appeal to those interested in singing and early choral music to discover a whole new set and experiments from a composer that helped create the choral forms that later revolutionized the whole of western music.

Songlist: Sia laudato san Francesco, O sommo specchio, Creata fusti, o vergine Maria, Questa fanciull' Amor, Batista da Dio amato, Deh, dinmi tu, De sospirar sovente, Vaga fanciulla, Ave Maria, stella Diana, Ne la piu cara parte, Guarda una volta, Per Pallegrezza del nostro Signore, Cosi penoso, Donna, perche mi spregi, Musica son/ Gia furon/ Ciascun Vuol, Peccatrice nominata, Conviens' a fede, Lasso! di donna, Mein herz das ist versert, Ne la mia vita, Muort' oramai, Che pena e quest' al cor, Piu bella donn' al mondo, Questa fanciull' Amor, Vergine donzella imperadrice, Questa fanciull' Amor

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8993c | 1 CD | $17.95 | A Cappella || Early Music CDs

Gothic Voices : Music for the Lion-Hearted King

Review: This CD commemorates the eight hundreth anniversary of King Richard the First's coronation in Westminster Abbey. Soloists or groups of two to four singers perform each piece a cappella, sometimes overlapping melodies and harmonies with dazzling technicality. Each track glows with vocal virtuosity. The effect heightens with each successive listen. During Richard's lifetime the principal forms of secular court music were the conductus and the chanson. A conductus was an accentual Latin poem set to music for one, two, three or even four voices. The number of parts in a conductus governs not only its sound but also its style in performance, for the addition of voices usually increases the drive and aggressiveness of the work.

Songlist: Mundus vergens, Novus miles sequitur, A la doucour de la bele seson, Sol sub nube latuit, Hac in anni ianua, Anglia, planctus itera, Etas auri reditur, Vetus abit littera, In occasu sideris, L'amours dont sui espris, Purgator criminum, Li nouviauz tanz, Pange melos lacrimosum, Ma joie me semont, Ver pacis apperit, Latex silice

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8748c | 1 CD | $11.95 | A Cappella || Early Music CDs

Gothic Voices : The Castle of Fair Welcome

Review: This Gothic Voices offering covers most of the material found in a songbook (a manuscript collection of favoured songs) dating from around AD 1200. It was only rediscovered by chance, the original manuscript having been disassembled for use as flyleaves for another book. Precious little information is given in the sleeve note about the circumstances of that rediscovery, which is a shame, and we read that it can only be guessed that the songbook had its origins within some kind of religious foundation. Just over half the songs are monophonic and most relate to Christian feasts, especially Christmas. But as in many such collections from across the centuries, the fun comes in discovering the more eclectic choices of music for inclusion. Here, for example, there are songs bewailing the sale of ecclesiastical offices, the need to use flattery to get on in life and the prevalence of greed and disrespect for the law, plus a marvellous love song featuring a young man's agonising choice between the charms of "little Flora" and his studies. The tasteful, sensitive Gothic Voices performances are everything we have come to expect.

Songlist: Le souvenir de vous me tue, Puisque ma damme / Je m'en voy, Las je ne puis plus nullement durer, Que pourroit plus, Myn hertis lust, Dueil angoisseux, Ne je ne dors, En amours n'a si non bien, La pena sin ser sabida, Mi ut re ut (Venise), Plus j'ay le monde regarde, So ys emprinted, Ma dame, trop vous mesprenes, Pues servicio vos desplaze

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8827c | 1 CD | $13.95 || Early Music CDs

Gothic Voices : The Marriage of Heaven & Hell

Review: An essential document of 13th-century music and of vocal performance of three- and four-voice motets. 'A wonderful collection. Lusciously sung sensuous music...remarkable addition to the distinguished sereis of records from Gothic Voices' (Gramophone)

Songlist: Je ne chant pas / Talens m'est pris, Trois sereurs / Trois sereurs / Trois sereurs, En tous tans que vente bise, Plus bele que flors / Quant revient / L'autrier jouer, Par un matinet / He, sire! / He bergier!, De la virge Katerine / Quant froidure / Agmina milicie, Trop volentiers chanteroie, Ave parens / Ad gratie, Super te Jerusalem / Sed fulsit virginitas, A vous douce debonnaire, Mout souvent / Mout ai este en dolour, Can vei la lauzeta mover, Quant voi l'aloete / Diex! je ne m'en partire ja, En non Dieu / Quant voi la rose, Autres que je ne sueill fas, Je m'en vois / Tels a mout, Festa januaria

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8826c | 1 CD | $13.95 || Early Music CDs

Gregg Smith Singers : Jove's Nectar - Music of Edwin London

Review: Founded in 1955 by Gregg Smith, The Gregg Smith Singers have made over 35 US and a dozen European tours, and their recordings have won 3 Grammys and two Montreux Awards. Here the Singers perform the eclectic work of American composer Edwin London. Belonging to no particular school, Edwin's music is alternatively experimental and traditional, it is invariably deeply musical and beautiful. Often theatrical, sometimes literary, occasionally humorous (for instance the composed-out hiccups in the second movement of Jove's Nectar), London's music follows his own path. The surrealistic song titles give us a taste of the composer's unconventional mindset: "Celia's Hiccups," "Canon for Dizzy," "Dr. Lassus," "Fanfaronnada" and "Bach (Again)." There is some orchestra accompaniment on "Dirge with Bells," strings on "Moon Sound Zone," and kazoo and strings on "Psalm of These Days I." All in all, "Jove's Nectar" is some of the most out-there, and interesting, choral music we've heard!

Songlist: Estampie, Celia's Hiccups, Canon for Dizzy, Dr. Lassus, Strangers from the East, Fanfaronnada, Dirge with Bells, Moon Sound Zone, Psalm of these Days I, Psalm of these Days V, Bach (again)

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6762c | 1 CD | $15.98 |

Gregg Smith Singers : La Noche


Songlist: Me gustas guando , Dos Caroazones, La Fraternidad, Corazon disperso, Voy a caballo, Sobre el arrozal, Pongo a la luna, Un murcielago, Veloz la rana, Niebla del alba, Vuelan hermosas, La Orilla del Mar, La Tarde, Pescador de Luna, Cantata een la Tumba de Garcia Lorca, Adonde vais, zagales, Aquella flor del campo, Villancico de los pastorcillos, Villancico de los negritos, Villancico de las zagalas, La Noche, Testimonial, Totcuic

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7526c | 1 CD | $15.98 || Latin American Choral

Gregg Smith Singers : William Duckworth - Southern Harmony

Review: The 17 men and women of the Gregg Smith Singers, directed by Gregg, perform a piece written by New York City composer Wm. Duckworth, who was affected by "shaped note" (helping the congregation learn the tune by making the notes square, round, triangular and diamond-shaped) singing in rural churches. "Southern" is based on an 1854 hymn collection of the same name, and it is a parody in the ancient sense, not humorous, but a rewriting, paraphrase and commentary on the material. There are 20 songs here, divided into four books: "Consolation," "Wondrous Love," "Hebrew Children," "Solemn Thought," "Rock of Ages," "Cheerful," "War Department," Condescension," "Holy Manna," "Bozrah," "The Mouldering Vine," "Mear," "Leander," "Sardina," "Windham," "Distress," "Nashville, "Turtle Dove," "Primrose" and "Social Band." An intriguing choral piece, with orchestral use of voices, that goes off into surprising, theatrical melodic directions.

Songlist: Consolation, Wondrous Love, Hebrew Children, Solemn Thought, Rock of Ages, Cheerful, War Department, Condescension, Holy Manna, Bozrah, The Mouldering Vine, Mear, Leander, Sardina, Windham, Distress, Nashville, Turtle Dove, Primrose, Social Band

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6783c | 1 CD | $15.98 || Shapenote Music

Gregg Smith Singers / Texas Boys Choir : Gabrieli in San Marco

Review: These analog recordings were made in San Marco in Venice in the spring of 1967, and were legendary in their time. They introduced a large public to the great Renaissance master, in stunning sound. The digital remastering makes them even more spectacular sounding than their original LP release, revealing the rich acoustic in which they were recorded, which was the space for which this music was originally composed.

Songlist: Deus, In Nomine Tuo, Beata Es, Virgo Maria, Jubilemus Singuli, Deus, Deus Meus, Ad Te De Luce Viglio, O Quam Suavis Est, Kyrie, Sanctus, Benedictus, Cantate Domino, Domine, Exaudi Orationem Meam, Hodie Completi Sunt, Magnificat, Surrexit Chirstus, Nunc Dimittis, Jubilate Deo a 10, Intonatio - Jubilate Deo a 8

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8964c | 1 CD | $9.95 || Early Music CDs | Giovanni Gabrielle

Handel and Haydn Society : Peace

Review: Under the leadership of grant Llewellyn and conductor laureate Christopher Hogwood, the Society, in its 189th season, has maintained its long tradition of musical excellence. Handel and Haydn gave the American premieres of Handel's "Messiah" in 1818, Haydn's "The Creation (1819)," Verdi's "Requiem (1878)," and Bach's "St. Matthew Passion (1889); and the Society won a 2002 Grammy for its recording of Sir John Tavener's "Lamentations and Praises." The 32 mixed-voice Chorus bring us 10 songs on the appropriately named "Peace:" de Victoria's "O magnum mysterium," Randall Thompson's lovely "Alleluia," Rachmaninov's "Blazen muzh, Op.37," Lauridsen's "O magnum mysterium," Samuel Barber's "Agnus Dei," Tavener's "Song for Athene," Schoenberg's "Friede auf Erden Op.13," Gorecki's "Tous Tuus," Frederick Delius' "To be sung of a summer night on the water," and Edward Elgar's "Lux Aeterna" (Nimrod). These are songs of great depth and beauty, as befitting songs sung with the intention of bringing peace to a world desperately in need of it.

Songlist: O Magnum Mysterium, Alleluia , Blazen muzh, Op. 37 , O Magnum Mysterium, Agnus Dei , Song for Athene , Friede auf Erden Op. 13 , Totus Tuus , To be sung of a summer night on the water , Lux Aeterna ('Nimrod')

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7722c | 1 CD | $15.98 || George Frideric Handel

Heinavanker : Songs of Olden Times - Estonian Folk Hymns and Runic Songs

Review: On Songs of Olden Times, the vocal ensemble Heinavanker (Estonian for "hay wagon"), led by composer Margo Kolar since 1996, delves into Estonia's early sacred music and folklore through the prism of contemporary imagination. This evocative program of ancient runic songs and folk hymns, which sometimes features overtone singing, ranges from joyful to reflective.

Songlist: Mu suda, arka ules (Awake, my heart), Veni Creator Spiritus , Natse Jummal, siin ma rummal (Here behold me as I cast me), Oh Aadam, sino essitus (Oh Adam, your guilt), Ammuste aegade laulud (The Songs of Olden Times), Haned kadunud (Missing Geese) , Imeline koda (Wondrous House) , Loomine (Creation), Oh Jeesus, Sinu valu (O Jesus, your suffering), Jeesukest ei jata ma (I won't forsake sweet Jesus), Ma tanan sind, et oled mind (Thank you, O Lord, for sheltering me), Kas sureb nii mu koige armsam elu?, Mu mano tulge latse (Come, children, unto me), Koik tulge minu juurde nuud, Nuud hingvad inimesed (Now rest beneath night's shadow)

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22153c | 1 CD | $18.95 | A Cappella |

His Majestie's Clerkes : Early American Choral Music Vol 2

Review: A fascinating survey of almost three centuries of communal singing, performed with sweetness, devotion and even a touch of earthy enthusiasm where required.

Songlist: Colchester, The Humble Suit of a Sinner, The Lamentation of a Sinner, The Humble Complaint of a Sinner, Brevity, Cambridge Short/Southwell, Watford, The beauty of Isr'el is slain, Thomas-Town, Chester, Chesterfield, Who is this that cometh from Edom?, Worcester, Amanda, Montgomery, Windham, Ode on Music, All Saints, Rainbow, Schenectady, Greenwich, Decay, Evening Hymn

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6925c | 1 CD | $11.98 | A Cappella |

Holst Singers : Ikon II

Review: In 1997, the Holst Singers and Stephen Layton produced a disc that immediately became a cult classic and a best-seller. 'Ikon', a selection of great Russian choral music from the 19th century, dazzled with its grand, opulent beauty. Now the same forces return with Ikon II. Many of the works recorded here are by composers whose names will not be familiar - but the extraordinary quality of the music is unmistakable and immediately enthralling. This recording centres on music produced by a group of composers linked to the Moscow Synodal School of Church Singing, famous for its choir (comprising men and boys) at the beginning of the twentieth century. These composers made, up to the time of the momentous events of 1917, a significant contribution to the future of Russian choral music, one that, while never forgotten in Russia, is now also coming to be appreciated in the West. That their work did not emerge from a vacuum is made evident here by the inclusion of music by earlier composers: Pyotr Tchaikovsky (1840-1893), Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov (1844-1908), Mili Balakirev (1837-1910) and Cesar Cui (1835-1918).

Songlist: Our Father, Salvation is created, Of thy mystical supper, Let my prayer arise, Let thy good spirit, Bless the Lord, O my soul, The Cherubic Hymn, Come, let us worship, Come, let us worship, We hymn thee, Rejoice, O Virgin, Bless the Lord, O my sold, Our Father, Rejoice, O Virgin, We hymn thee, Rejoice in the Lord, O you righteous, Let all mortal flesh keep silence, We have no other help, All of creation rejoices in you, The Thrice-Holy

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6164c | 1 CD | $19.95 | A Cappella || English Choral CDs

Holst Singers : Over Hill, Over Dale

Review: Vaughan Williams's small-scale choral works are a comparatively lesser-known aspect of his art. The majority of these compositions arose from his folksong-collecting activities at the turn of the century; this recording brings some of his finest folksong arrangements together with other a cappella works. They cover the whole of the composer's long career. The Holst Singers are the foremost amateur choir in London. Under their musical director Stephen Layton they regularly perform on Radio 3 and Classic FM and in the major concert venues. The choir is joined for several songs by the renowned soloists Ian Bostridge and Michael George.

Songlist: Loch Lomond, Full Fathom Five, The Cloud-Capp'd Towers, Over Hill, Over Dale, Alister McAlphine's Lament, An Acre Of Land, The Seeds Of Love, Ca' The Yowes, The Dark-Eyed Sailor, The Spring Time Of The Year, Just The Tide Was Flowing, The Lover's Ghost, Wassail Song, The Winter Is Gone, Mannin Veen, Bushes And Briars, Down Among The Dead Men, Sweet Day, O Mistress Mine, The Willow Song

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6185c | 1 CD | $19.95 | A Cappella || English Choral CDs | Ralph Vaughan Williams

Holst Singers : Pierre Villette

Review: This pioneering new recording - a showcase for the virtuoso talents of the Holst Singers - presents all fifteen of Villette's unaccompanied choral works and his two motets for choir and organ. Pierre Villette might best be regarded as a stylistic bridge between Debussy and Faure on the one hand and Poulenc and Messiaen on the other. A world rich in the familiarities of Gregorian chant infuses much of his choral output, while ambitious chromaticisms and textural gestures create effects which are at once spiritual and sensuous. This is the music of private prayer set in the context of an incense-filled Gothic Uber-Cathedral. Under their long-standing director of music Stephen Layton, the Holst Singers have established themselves firmly at the top of the country's league of chamber choirs. This new programme can only enhance their justly deserved reputation.

Songlist: O Sacrum Convivium Op. 27, Hymne A La Vierge Op. 24, Attende, Domine Op. 45 , Notre Pere D'Aix Op. 75, Inviolata Op. 66, Tu Es Petrus Op. 29, O Quam Suavis Est Op. 76, Strophes Polyphoniques Pour Le Veni Creator Op. 28, Panis Angelicus Op. 80 , O Salutaris Hostia Op. 21 , Ave Verum Op. 3, Salve Regina Op. 5 , O Quam Amabilis Es Op. 71, Jesu, Dulcis Memoria Op. 78, Adoro Te Op. 31, O Magnum Misterium Op. 53

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6186c | 1 CD | $19.95 | A Cappella || English Choral CDs | Pierre Villette

Holst Singers : The Evening Watch

Review: This is a welcome reissue of a fine release, including several gems, performed with spirit and more than mere competence by the Holst Singers and Orchestra under Hilary Davan Wetton. The program starts out with the Two Psalms from 1912, scored for choir, string orchestra and organ, fine but not particularly memorable works. The Six Choruses for male voices and string orchestra op. 53 belong to a different league, but these complex pieces aren't exactly easy listening. The Seven Part Songs op. 44 are very fine works as well - they belong to the period of Egdon Heath and more or less to the same style; and they do indeed exhibit many of the same qualities; they really display Holst's ear for sonorities and delicate but interesting textures. At first listening they might come across as a little austere, but closer attention is rewarded by almost shimmering, subtle beauty. The Evening Watch op. 43 also belongs to the same group, but is in the end a less memorable work. The Nunc Dimittis is lovely.

Songlist: Two Psalms, Psalm 86, Good Friday, How Mighty are the Sabbaths, Drinking Song, The Evening Watch, Say Who Is This?, Angel Spirits of Sleep, Sorrow and Joy, Assemble, All Ye Maidens

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6165c | 1 CD | $11.95 | A Cappella || English Choral CDs | Gustav Holst

Holst Singers : Vespers - Grechaninov

Review: Grechaninov was initially taught by Anton Arensky in Moscow, and then later, in 1890, he went to St Petersburg to study with Rimsky-Korsakov. It was he who influenced his style and helped him launch his professional career. After the Revolution, Grechaninov became increasingly uneasy in Soviet Russia, and in 1925 left for ever. In 1946 he took American citizenship. An unusually versatile and prolific composer, he wrote operas, symphonies, chamber music, over 250 songs, and a great deal of music for children. He has been described as the most representative composer of his generation writing for the Orthodox service. Vespers is part of the All-Night Vigil service, and Grechaninov's setting was composed, premiered, and published in 1912. This precedes Rachmaninov's setting by three years. It appears to have lain dormant for some eighty years until it was revived in America for its first performance of modern times in 1995.

Songlist: Now the Powers of Heaven, In Thy Kingdom, Lord, now Lettest Now Thy Servant, All Night Vigil

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6174c | 1 CD | $11.95 | A Cappella || Alexander Gretchaninov

Hopewell Valley Central High School : Floating Upstream - Sings Hatfield onsale

Review: Floating Upstream is the first studio recording of Canadian choral composer Stephen Hatfield's music in several years, and showcases much of the eclectic composer's newest and best work. It is also the first such CD ever made by a public school choral music program in collaboration with and at the invitation of the composer. Music educators (as well as fans of Hatfield's music) will be particularly interested in this recording because the performing choirs range the gamut from grades six through twelve and the CD features both auditioned and non-auditioned groups. The beauty of Stephen's music shines through in the performances of both the advanced and younger ensembles. The physical package includes a 32-page booklet of texts, translations, and in-depth liner notes by the composer. Of this CD, Stephen Hatfield writes, "Floating Upstream turned out to be my most varied and eclectic CD yet, a real magic carpet ride through a cosmos of interconnecting musical worlds. I know that sounds a bit much, but that's how I feel when I listen to this CD."

Songlist: Living in a Holy City, Ojos Azules, Mayn Rue Platz, J'ai vu le loup, Two Minutes Before Sleep, Beacon Hill Carol, Koka, Labour of Love, Takeda No Komoriuta, Vus Vet Zayn, Floating Upstream, Jabula Jesu, The Green Shores of Fogo, First To Know, The Ballad of Skipper Knight, Cafe de Chinitas, On The Horizon (From Ann & Seamus), Construction Ahead, Oolichan

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9027c | 1 CD | $9.95 || Mixed Childrens Choirs | Stephen Hatfield

Hover Chamber Choir : Armenian Voices onsale

Review: In Armenian, Hover (Hoh-ver) evokes the image on song soaring on the wind, and it's also the name of one of the most beautiful Armenian folk songs by Komitas vardapet, a revered name in Armenian folk and sacred music, also part of Hover's repertoire. The 24-strong mixed-voice Choir came together in Yerevan in 1992 as a volunteer performing arts group, mostly students and graduates of the Komitas National Conservatory; led by founder and artistic director Sona Hovhannisyan. There are 21 folk and sacred songs here, particularly nice are Kodaly's "Esti Dal" (Evening Song), Britten's "Carol" and "Ye that Pasen By," Poulenc's "Timor et Tremor," Ravel's "Nicolette," and a number of wonderful tunes by Armenia's Komitas: "Ode," "Threshing Song," "Ploughing Song of Lori," "A Pumpkin Grows on the Garden Wall," and "Greeting The Morning," Gershwin's "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" and Lennon/McCartney's "Michelle." A joyful, well-chosen mix, beautifully performed by this fine mixed Choir. The extensive, colorful liner notes tell us about the music and lyrics.

Songlist: Esti Dal (Evening Song) , Carol, Ye that Pasen by, Remember not, Lord, Our Offences , Crucifixus , Timor et Tremor , Nicolette , Lenten is Come , A Hymn to the Virgin , Ode (Sirt im sasani) , Threshing Song , Ploughing Song of Lori , A Pumpkin Grows on the Garden Wall (Baghi pate ddum a) (Komitas), Greeting the Morning (Aravotun bari luys), Cloudy Skies (Ampel a kamar-kamar) (Komitas), Dance-songs , Secretary to God, A Quiet Place , Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, Michelle , Scherzo

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7116c | 1 CD | $9.95 | A Cappella |

Hover Chamber Choir : Vardan Aigektsi - Six Fables

Review: Hover performs the Choral Mystery, a work based on the fables of the The Armenian Renaissance fabulist and monk Vardan Aigektsi (1170-1235). The fables were adapted for the stage by Yuri Sahakyan, and set to music specially for Hover by Stepan Babatorosyan, and performed under the direction of Mikayel Vatinyan and Arthur Manukyan at the Io-Theatre, Although thoroughly modern and innovative, the Choral Mystery springs from the traditions of ancient theater and contemporary opera. Like its predecessors, including the Christian mystery plays, classical cantata, comedia della arte, this work is morality theater in the manner of an oratorio. The Aigektsi fables with their varied themes and colorful characters provide the perfect material for fusing the dramatic, graphic, kinetic and musical capabilities of Hover. Although 700 years old, the Aigektsi Fables are as relevant today as when they were written. They combine modern and traditional Armenian musical elements with dramatic device dating to early Greek drama.

Songlist: Prologue, The Healing Bird, The Hermit And The Sheepdog, Interlude, The Eagle And The Arrow, The Ailing Lion And The Fox, The Camel, The Donkey, And The Pigs, The Fox And The Armor, Epilogue

More details
7131c | 1 CD | $15.98 |

Huddersfield Choral Society : The Hymns Album

Review: The Huddersfield Choral Society has an international reputation as the UK's leading choral society producing a unique and full-bodied 'Huddersfield Sound'. This disc features some of the nation's most loved hymns and we hope that you'll agree that no better expression of the joy engendered by a goodly number of voices singing these hymns may be found than in the grand forces of the Huddersfield Choral Society. Their range covers an unaffected, pure lyricism through to a vast, full-throated sound that might shake the rafters of the sturdiest church.

Songlist: And Did Those Feet, For All The Saints, Dear Lord And Father Of Mankind, Jesus Christ Is Risen Today, We Have A Gospel To Proclaim, Be Thou My Vision, O For A Thousand Tongues, Tell Out, My Soul, Crown Him With Many Crowns, And Can It Be, Now Thank We All Our God, Morning Has Broken, Hills Of The North, Love Divine, All Loves Excelling, Thine Be The Glory, Lord For The Years, O Jesus I Have Promised, The Joyful Easteride, Be Still For The Prescence Of The Lord, Glorious Things Of Thee Are Spoken, Praise To The Holiest, O Lord My God, How Shall I Sing That Majesty, O Thou Who Camest From above, Christ Is Made The Sure Foundation

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8350c | 1 CD | $15.95 || Mixed Choirs CDs

Hungarian National Chorus : Hungarian Contemporary Choral Works

Review: With the professional guidance of Matyas Antal, the HNC has made it a priority to present contemporary and 20th century Hungarian choral music. The ensemble appears every year in concerts of the Contemporary Music and Mini Festivals, presenting new Hungarian choral works, mainly premieres. Included on this CD are 21 pieces, all written between 1984 and 1997. There are some nice sacred songs, such as M. Paszti's "Puer natus est nobis," two motets by M. Csemeiczky, "Hodie Christus natus est" and "Ave Regina caelorum, L. Huszar's "Agnus Dei" and two by J. Sari, "Benedictus es Domine" and "Alleluia." The secular material is also interesting, such as A. Bozay's "Siralmas nekem (Woeful It Is)," on the trials of an immigrant; M. Hollos' "Among the Crowd, at Koday's Catafalque," "Altato" and "Dal" (Lullaby and Song), L. Kiraly's "Shalom, Israel," M. Kocsar's "O dawn, dawn" and "Split up, Cataract!," and Zs. Durko's eclectic "Snapshots from Kalevala" and his dramatic "Ilmarinen." All a cappella, complex, difficult material beautifully performed by Hungary's finest chorus.

Songlist: Puer natus , Two Motets , Agnus Dei , Benedictus es Domine , Alleluia , The Meditation of Altades , Woeful It Is, Shalom Israel , Among the Crowd at Kodaly's Catafalque , Lullaby & Song , Oh dawn, dawn , Split up, Cataract!, Snapshots from Kalevala , Ilmarinen

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7551c | 1 CD | $15.98 || Hungarian Choral Music

I Fagiolini : Monteverdi - Fire & Ashes

Review: Monteverdi's madrigals are a theatre of the senses: touches, glances, scents, the textures of fabrics, of lips and skin, the shining gold of hair, the deep blue of eyes, the sounds and vistas of nature, the coolness of water, the sun's warmth, the ecstatic agony of fire and ice. The second volume in I Fagiolini's Monteverdi conspectus allows us to trace this evolution from the early Mantuan a cappella madrigals that made his reputation to the late concerted madrigals of the 1630s written for the Viennese court - styles seemingly worlds apart, yet both forged by the same desire, to confront and master afresh in each new work the ever-present tension between mere art and real life.

Songlist: Sinfonia from "Ballo Delle Ingrate", Ardo, Avvampo, Rimanti in Pace, Ogni Amante E guerrier, Si Ch'io Vorrei Morire, Che Dar Piu Vi Poss'io, E Cosi, A Poco A Poco, Vorrei Baciarti, O Filli, Chiome D'oro, Batto, Qui Pianse Ergasto, Entrata from "Ballo Delle Ingrate", Lagrime D'amante al Sepolcro Dell'amata, Tirsi e Clori

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8913c | 1 CD | $18.95 || Madrigals CDs | Claudio Monteverdi

I Fagiolini : Monteverdi - Flaming Heart

Review: Monteverdi: Flaming Heart' offers works from Book IV to VIII, a selection that demonstrates both the extraordinary compass of his art and the unprecedented depth and subtlety of response to a text. In recent years we have settled for a certain lack of danger in our search for an 'ideal' Monteverdi. I Fagiolini's 'The Full Monteverdi', revealed a new side to this music a Monteverdi of both beauty and horror, colourful, vivid, sometimes chaste, sometimes dirty, and always completely alive.

Songlist: Prologo: La Musica, Luci Serene E Chiare, Anima Mia, Perdona, Tempro La Cetra, Ahi, Come A Un Vago Sol Cotese Giro, Con Che Soavita, Sinfonia, Ch'io T'ami, Partenza Amorosa, Parlo Miser'o Taccio, Volgendo Il Ciel, Longe Da Te, Cor Mio, Piagn'e Sospira

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8914c | 1 CD | $18.95 || Madrigals CDs | Claudio Monteverdi

Iowa State Singers : Choral Spectrum 1

Review: Iowa State's most select choral ensemble, the undergraduate Iowa State Singers chooses its membership from about 400 active choristers on campus. Ably directed by Dr. James Rodde, the choir annually presents a 5-concert season, with a repertoire emphasizing the a cappella tradition. "Choral Spectrum I" is a generous collection of 20 songs, from the choir's repertoire from 2001 to 2004, many of them with classical Christian themes, such as Jan P. Sweelinck's "Pseaume 43, Chris Nielsen's Benedictus Dominus, John Tavener's "The Lamb," Emile Desamours' "Alelouya,"Anthony Bruckner's "Locus Iste," Zdenek Lukas' "Magna Est Vis Veritatis," Heinrich Schutz' "Cantate Domino," Josef Swider's "Cantus Gloriosus" and others. Also wonderful are the Moses Hogan-arranged spirituals "Hold On!," "My Soul's Been Anchored" and "The Battle of Jericho," the Alice Parker-arranged "He's the Lily of the Valley," Rene Clausen's "Quicksand Years," Eric Whitacre's "Sleep" and David Dichau's "If Music Be the Food of Love." This is stunningly beautiful material, with perfect leads that soar above the rich harmonies, touching and moving us. Exquisite!

Songlist: Pseaume 43, Benedictus Dominus, The Lamb, Alelouya, A Boy and a Girl, Hold On!, Locus Iste, Oculus non vidit, There Is No Rose, Cantante Domino, Quicksand Years, Mata del Anima Sola, Sleep, My Soul's Been Anchored, Cantus Gloriosus, Ave Maris Stella, If Music Be the Food of Love, He's the Lily of the Valley, The Battle of Jericho

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9031c | 1 CD | $15.95 |

Iowa State Singers : Choral Spectrum 2

Review: "Choral Spectrum II" is the second of an amazing series by this talented collegiate a cappella ensemble, a collection of 18 songs from the choir's 2005-2006 repertoire. Dr. Rodde directs his hand-picked mixed-voice singers through difficult classical Christian material like J.S. Bach's soaring "Der Geist hilft unsrer Schwachheit auf," Pierre Villette's "Jesu, Dulcis Memoria," Felix Mendelssohn's "Im Advent, op 79" and "Weihnachten, op. 79," Roberto Caamano's "Psalm CXVI," William Hawley's "O Maria Maris Stella," Georg Schumann's "Und ob ich schon wanderte" and Vytautas Miskinis' "O Sacrum Convivium" with effortless ease and grace. Other winners are the Moses Hogan-arranged "I'm Gonna Sing 'til the Spirit Moves in My Heart," the Craig Johnson-arranged "Motherless Child," Eric Whitacre's stunning "Leonardo Dreams of His Flying Machine," and Mark Sirett's lovely "Balulalow." Each one of these 18 cuts is as beautiful and perfect as we could have imagined!

Songlist: Der Geist hilft unsrer Schwachheit auf, Jesu, Dulcis Memoria, Im Advent, op. 79, Weihnachten, op. 79, Psalm CXVI, Leonardo Dreams of His Flying Machine, Balulalow, I'm Gonna Sing 'til the Spirit Moves in My Heart , Motherless Child, Rotala (from Neslegtais Gredzens), O Maria Maris Stella, Cloudburst, Canamus, amici, canamus, Und ob ich schon wanderte, Haec Dies, O Sacrum Convivium, McKay, With a Lily in Your Hand

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9032c | 1 CD | $15.95 |

Iowa State Singers : Choral Spectrum 3

Review: "Choral Spectrum III" is the last in a remarkable choral trilogy by Iowa State's most select undergraduate choral ensemble, 19 songs from the Singers' repertoire from 2007-2008. The group's emphasis on a cappella renditions of classical Christian pieces is well-represented by "Si ch'io vorrei morire" by Monteverdi, Heinrich Schutz' "Ich bin die Auferstehung," Hans Leo Hassler's "Dixit Maria," Igor Stravinsky's "Ave Maria," Herbert Howells' "Requiem aeternam I," Peter Warlock's "Benedicamus Domino," Frank Martin's "Sanctus Benedictus" and others. A pair of Moses Hogan-arranged spirituals number among our favorites, "Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel" and "Ezekiel Saw de Wheel," as well as the lovely John Rutter-arranged "Black Sheep," Eric Whitacre's lovely "Lux Aurumque," a pair by Johannes Brahms, "Warum ist das Licht gegeben" and "Tafellied," Gyogy Ligeti's stunning, manic "Reggel," and Guido Lopez-Gavilan's spirited "El Guayaboso." This is difficult, demanding material, but the Singers handle it with effortless grace. An impressive, beautiful collection by one of the best choral ensembles we have heard!

Songlist: Si ch'io vorrei morire, Ich bin die Auferstehung, Dixit Maria, Ave Maria, Requiem aeternam I, Reggel, Warum ist das Licht gegeben, Tafellied, All this Night My Heart Rejoices, El Guayaboso, Black Sheep, Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel, Quem vidistis pastores, Lux Aurumque, Benedicamus Domino, Sanctus-Benedictus, The Sweetheart of the Sun, Seek Not Afar for Beauty, Ezekiel Saw de Wheel

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9033c | 1 CD | $15.95 |

Isthmus Vocal Ensemble : Andrew Rindfleisch - Choral Works

Review: Andrew Rindfleisch (b. 1963) is an internationally active composer, conductor, and pianist whose work continues to gain consistent critical and popular acclaim. A leading composer of his generation, he has produced dozens of works for the concert hall, including solo, chamber, vocal, choral, orchestral, and wind music. His committed interest in other forms of music-making have also led him to the composition and performance of jazz and related forms of improvisation. As a composer, Mr. Rindfleisch has been awarded many prestigious honors in recognition of his work. He is the 1997-98 recipient of the coveted Rome Prize and in 1996 received a John Simon Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship. Most recently, he received the 2002 Cleveland Arts Prize, the 2001 Aaron Copland Award, and the 2000 Koussevitzky Foundation Commission from the Library of Congress. He has also been the recipient of over thirty-five other prizes and awards, including those from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, the Fromm Foundation, ASCAP, and the League of Composers-ISCM. He has participated in dozens of renowned music festivals and has received residency fellowships from the Charles Ives Center for American Music, the Czech-American Music Institute in Prague, the June in Buffalo Contemporary Music Festival, the MacDowell Colony, and the Pierre Boulez Workshop at Carnegie Hall, among others. Mr. Rindfleisch holds degrees from the University of Wisconsin at Madison (Bachelor of Music), the New England Conservatory of Music (Master of Music), and Harvard University (PhD)

Songlist: To His Music, In Manus Tuas, Gebet, Dixit Dominus, Me! Come! My Dazzled Face!, Sweet Rose, Fair Flower, Psalm

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8660c | 1 CD | $15.95 || Andrew Rindfleisch

Javier Busto (Kanta Cantemus Korua) : Hondarriba : 00  1 CD : Javier Busto : Javier Busto

Listen to
Esta Tierra

Javier Busto (Kanta Cantemus Korua) : Hondarriba

Review: Renowned composer and conductor Javier Busto Sagrado, creator and founder, in 1995 of the women's choir Kanta Cantemus Korua, was born in the city of Hondarribia in the Basque country of Spain. For "Hondarribia, Ametsetan," an eclectic collection of 16 largely sacred works, most sung in Spanish, Busto directs a mixed-voice a cappella ensemble of 32 voices. "Himno a la virgen," "Ave Maria," "Laudate Dominum," "Laudate Pueri," the lovely "Soinuen itsasoa," "O Sacrum Convivium," "Ametsetan," "Porrusalda," "Esta tierra," "O Magnum Mysterium" and "Hodie Christus natus est" are some of our favorites, but it's hard to choose. Busto's nod to his hometown in the title in this fine collection is apropos, as all sacred music strives to bring us home. Lovely and touching choral works, by Javier Busto, one of the world's best conductor/composers.

Songlist: Himno A La Virgen, Ave Maria, Laudate Dominum, O Sacrum Convivium, Jubilate Deo, Ave Verum, Laudate Pueri, Soinuen Itsasoa, Sagastipean, Ametsetan, Porrusalda, A Tu Lado, Esta Tierra, Paso, O Magnum Mysterium, Hodie Christus Natus Est

More details
8479c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella || Modern Choral Arrangements | Javier Busto

Jay Rouse : More Hymns A Cappella CD

Review: Jay Rouse has established himself as one of the leading a cappella arrangers of sacred music. His a cappella hymns have consistently appeared on the best seller lists over the past decade. This is a collection of his latest offerings that are exquisitely arranged for choirs looking for something very special, unique, and at the same time very familiar...Jay Rouse's More Hymns A Cappella. Companion Songbook.

Songlist: All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name, Be Still, My Soul, Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing, I Am His and He Is Mine, I Sing the Mighty Power of God, Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us, I Surrender All, The Lord's My Shepherd, My Jesus, I Love Thee, Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus, Nearer, Still Nearer, Doxology

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70301c | 1 CD | $14.95 | SATB | A Cappella || Companion Songbook Available

John Alexander Singers : Shenandoah: Songs of the American Spirit

Review: John Alexander takes the listener on a musical tour of American historical touchstones, celebrating the diverse folk culture of the United States, as well as the emotions and experiences of pioneer life. The John Alexander Singers, one of America's rising professional chamber choirs, captures the essence of the American spirit in this inspirational recording. The history of our country is written in our song, and what a variety of song it is! War songs, tunes from Appalachia, gospel-all have been mined over the years by composers and arrangers of every era. This recording offers a varied program of these American works, from the well known (Shenandoah, Buffalo Gals) to the less familiar, expertly arranged for choir and sung by this nationally acclaimed American choir.

Songlist: Shenandoah, Sourwood Mountain, She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain, Down to the River to Pray, Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child, Johnny Has Gone For a Soldier, Aura Lee, Goober Peas, He's Gone Away, Cindy, Billy Boy, Buffalo Gals, The Erie Canal, Home On The Range, Colorado Trail, Sacramento ~ Sis Joe, How Can I Keep From Singing

More details
9004c | 1 CD | $16.95 | A Cappella |

Joyful Company Of Singers : A Garland For Linda

Review: In every way imaginable, this is an extraordinarily moving recording. A Garland for Linda arose from Paul McCartney's desire to help find a cure for cancer while creating that support by composition of life enhancing music. His goal found precedent in "a Garland for the Queen" from 1953 when ten leading British composers, including Vaughan Williams, contributed new works as a musical celebration of the coronation. This celebration is of the life of Linda McCartney. The recording opens with one piece from the earlier "Garland," "Silence and Music" by Ralph Vaughan Williams. This remarkable recording then has new works by John Tavener, Judith Bingham, John Rutter, David Matthews, Paul McCartney, Roxanna Panufnik, Michael Berkeley, Giles Swayne, and Sir Richard Rodney Bennett. It is a glorious 'Who's Who' of contemporary British composers.

Songlist: Silence & Music, Prayer For the Healing Of the Sick, Water lilies, Musica Dei Donum, The Doorway of the Dawn, Nova, I Dream'd, Farewell, The Filght Of the Swan, A Good-Night

More details
6539c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella || English Choral CDs

Joyful Company Of Singers : Francis Poulenc

Review: A gloriously beautiful choral offering for the Poulenc Centenary year; the perfect introduction to his music and one that truly celebrates the human voice. While no other CD duplicates the programme exactly, all the music is justly familiar. The earliest works are the Sept Chansons of 1936, hailed as comparable to the finest madrigals of Monteverdi. His masterpiece is perhaps the wartime Figure Humaine, written in preparation of when liberation could be celebrated with the majestic climax of the final Liberte. Contemporary with this is the chamber cantata Un Soir de Neige, contrasting the bleak coldness with the peace of Christmas. Among the many delights of this beautiful programme are Poulenc's most popular choral pieces, the four Christmas Motets, tranquil and joyful by turn, and the Four Little Prayers of St. Francis of Assisi, written for monks to sing. His last motet, for female voices, was the exquisite Ave verum corpus of 1952.

Songlist: La Blanche Neige, A Peine Defiguree, Par Une Nuit Nouvelle, Tous Les Droits, Belle Et Ressemblante, Marie, Lurie, Ave Verum Corpus, Salve Regina, Exultate Deo, De Tous Les Printemps Du Monde, En Chantant Les Servants S'elancent, Aussie Bas Que Le Silence, Toi Ma Patiente, Riante Du Ciel Et Des Planetes, Le Jour M'etonne Et La Nuit Me Fait Peur, La Menace Sous Le Ciel Rouge, Liberte, Salut, Dame Sainte, Tout Puissant Dieu, Seigneur, Je Vous En Prie, O Mes Tres Chers Freres, La Blanche Neige (De Grandes Cuillers De Neige), La Bonne Neige, Bois Meurtri, La Nuit, Le Froid, La Solitude, O Magnum Mysterium, Quem Vidistis Pastores, Videntes Stellam, Hodie Christus Natus Est

More details
6538c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella || Francis Poulenc

Joyful Company Of Singers : Samuel Barber / William Schuman

Review: A unique all-American program from the amazing Joyful Company of Singers that contains some of that country's most beautiful choral works of our time, including Barber's own choral version of his Adagio. The dozen choral pieces chosen by Peter Broadbent superbly demonstrate Barber's melodic genius. They include the only recording available of his radiantly intense God's Grandeur. Offering stimulating contrast are contemporary William Schuman's Perceptions and the hilariously entertaining Mail-Order Madrigals, the words taken straight out of an 1897 catalogue.

Songlist: Twelfth Night, To Be Sung On the Water, Reincarnations:, i) Mary Hynes, ii) Anthony O'Daly, iii) The Coolin', Agnus Dei , Heaven-Haven, Sure On This Shining Night, The Monk and His Cat, The Virgin Martyrs, Let Down the Bars, O Death, God's Grandeur, Perceptions:, i) Thought, ii) Beautiful Women, iii) To Old Age, iv) Each Of Us, v) To the States, vi) A Farm Picture, vii) Whoever You Are, viii) To You, Mail Order Madrigals:, i) Attention, Ladies!, ii) Superfluous Hair, iii) Sweet Refreshing Sleep, iv) Dr Worden's Pills

More details
6541c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella || English Choral CDs | Samuel BarberSchuman, William 

Jubilate Choir : Jean Sibelius - Mixed Choir

Review: Astrid Riska founded Jubilate as a children's choir in 1967; it has since grown to a mixed-voice 35-strong adult choir, performing a repertoire from the sacred to the avant-garde. The group has been particularly interested in performing works by Finnish composers, both at home and internationally, and Jean Sibelius (1865-1957), was one of the best. Included are 24 songs, beginning with "Rakastava, Op. 14," the world premiere recording of "Soitapas, soria likka;" and two school songs from the mid-1920s, "Koulutie" and "Skolsang;" to the beautiful, familiar "Finlandia Hymn," finishing with the lovely "Six Songs from Op. 18." Perfectly performed, wonderfully composed choral music from one of Finland's best! Extensive liner notes with all lyrics translated.

Songlist: Rakastava, Op. 14, Soitapas, soria likka, Ensam i dunkla skogarnas famn, Aamusumussa, Till Therese Hahl, Den 25 Oktober 1902: Till Therese Hahl, Two Songs, Op. 65:, Man fran slatten och havet, Kellosavel Kallion kirkossa, Drommarna, Koulutie, Skolsang, Den hoga himlen, Op. 107, Joululaulu, Juhlamarssi, Tyokansan marssi, Uusmaalaisen laulu, Finlandia Hymn, Six Songs from Op. 18:, Isanmaalle, Saarella palaa, Min rastas raataa, Sydameni laulu, Sortunut aani, Venematka

More details
7028c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella || Finnish Choral Music | Jean Sibelius

Jubilate Choir : Nils-Eric Fougstedt

Review: Jubilate was founded as a children's choir by its conductor Astrid Riska in 1967. Developing rapidly, it is now a chamber choir of some 35 mixed adult voices, with a repertoire ranging from Gregorian chant to the avant-garde. It has always striven to perform Finnish music to both domestic and international audiences. Nils-Eric Fougstedt (1910-61), founded the Finnish Radio Choir in 1940 and conducted the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra. Here are 32 of Fougstedt's works, from "Bjorkarnas Valv" and "Three Songs to texts by Nils Ferlin," to "Two Traditional Songs" and "Silmien laulu." Lovely, soaring music, beautifully sung by one of Finland's finest choirs. Extensive liner notes with translated lyrics.

Songlist: Bjorkanas valv (Text: Kerstin Soderholm), Three Songs to texts by Nils Ferlin, Six Songs to texts by Arvid Morne, Two Songs to texts by Karin Mandelstam, Three Songs to texts by Bertel Gripenberg, Hjartats sommar (Text: Hjalmar Krokfors), Smultronbacken (Text: Karin Hofman), Sommarvisa (Jacob Tenengren), Skyn, blomman och n larka (Text: Hjalmar Gullberg), Three Songs to texts by Jarl Hemmer, Sanctus, Mot loftets strand (Text: Lina Sandell-Berg, I jorden gar dolda adror (Text: Ole Torvalds), Djaknevisa (arr. Nils Ferlin), Two Traditional Songs, Folj oss sang (Text: Joel Rundt), Silmien laulu (Text: Yrjo Kaijarvi)

More details
7029c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella || Finnish Choral Music | Johan Jean Julius Christian Sibelius

Jubilate Choir : Sibelius - Music for Mixed and Female Choir


Songlist: Kor av vindarna, Sonens brud, Blomman, Ballad, Hoskvallen, Taanken, Carminalia, Kotikaipaus, Terve ruhtinarar, Nejden andas, Carmilalia, Kansakoululaisten marssi, Kantat till ord av W. von Konow, Giv mig ej glans, ej guld, ej prakt, Tree Songs for American Schools, Carminalia, Aamusumussa, Giv mig ej glans, ej guld, ej prakt, Soi kunniaksi Luojan, Partiolaisten marssi, The World Song of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, Lauluja sekakoorille vuoden 1897 promotioonikantaatista, Findlandia-hymni

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7544c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella || Finnish Choral Music | Jean Sibelius

Kammerchor Stuttgart : A Cappella

Review: Although it's hard to tell from the cover, this is a compilation of music from six discs by Germany's Kammerchor Stuttgart, under longtime conductor Frieder Bernius. It's a good pick for those interested in this 18-member a cappella group, or in unaccompanied choral music generally; the Stuttgarters must rank among the world's best mixed-gender adult choirs in the sheer consistency and suppleness of their vocal blend. The seven Mendelssohn psalm settings and small vocal works included here are drawn from the group's multi-disc complete recording of Mendelssohn's sacred music, and the works performed here are fine samples that illuminate a largely forgotten repertory and may inspire many buyers to go in search of the original recordings. Beyond Mendelssohn you get good examples of other aspects of the group's work: music by an unfamiliar composer (Gottfried August Homilius), some favorites of the later nineteenth century by Brahms, and some black-belt pieces from the end of the century: hear the tonal consistency at a punishingly high pitch of the Sanctus from Rheinberger's Cantus Missae, Op. 109 (track 13), and marvel. No original recording dates are given, but the recordings must span a considerable length of time; the choir has been in existence since the mid-'80s, and the Mendelssohn project alone involved 12 CDs. Given this, the remastering job is impressive; the sonic ambience is consistent and never less than clear and warm.

Songlist: Psalm 2 ("Warum toben die Heiden"), Denn er hat seinen Engeln Coro SSAATTBB, Trauergesang (Op. 116) Coro SATB, Beati mortui (Op. 115, 1) Coro TTBB, Psalm 43: Richte mich Gott (Op. 78, 2), Hebe Deine Augen auf (aus Elias, op. 70) Coro SSA, Aus tiefer Not schrei ich zu Dir (op. 23, 1) Soli ATB, Coro SATB, Organo, Da es nun Abend war Coro SATB/ SATB, Herr, wenn Trubsal da ist, Die richtig fur sich gewandelt haben Coro SATB, Ave Maria (op. 12) Coro SSAA, Organo, Warum ist das Licht gegeben (op. 74, 1) Soli SATB e Coro SSATBB, Sanctus (aus Cantus Missae, op. 109) Due Cori SATB/ SATB, Abendlied (op. 69, 3) Coro SSATBB

More details
2317c | 1 CD | $18.95 | A Cappella || German Choral Music

Kansas City Chorale : Alleluia - An American Hymnal

Review: In this their fifth recording for Nimbus, the Kansas City Chorale are very much on their home turf, with a programme of American sacred music, which includes Randall Thompson's famous Alleluia.

Songlist: Southern Harmony, Hark, I Hear the Harps Eternal, Come Away to the Skies, Precious Lord, Take My Hand, Shaker Songs, I Want to Shake with Indignation, I've Set My Face for Zion's Kingdom, The Precious Way of Go, Encouragement, The Sacred Harp, Wondrous Love, Saints Bound for Heaven, Sunday Morning, Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing, Alleluia, E'en So, Lord Jesus, Quickly Come, All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name, Sing Me to Heaven, Spirituals, I Wanna Be Ready, We Will March Thro' the Valley, I Want Two Wings, Is There Anybody Here, My God is a Rock, Give Me Jesus

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6583c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella || Mixed Choirs CDs

Kansas City Chorale : Brahms Choral Works

Review: This collection opens with a group of four songs scored for three-part women's chorus and the unusual combination of two horns and harp. They are settings of an interesting spread of poems including one by Ossian and the Clown's song from the thrid act of Twelfth Night. Other items include Three Songs Op. 42, Two Motets, Op. 29 and, to finish with, one of the songs from Brahms much loved "Neue Liebeslieder Waltzes", Op. 65.

Songlist: Four Songs for Women's Chorus, 2 Horns and Harp, Op. 17, Three Songs, Op. 42, Four Quartet, Op.92, Two Motets, Op. 29, Op. 112, Nos. 1 and 2, Five Songs, Op. 104, Neue Liebeslieder, Walzer, Op. 65, No. 15

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6582c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella || Johannes Brahms

Kansas City Chorale : Fern Hill

Review: Listening to this new CD was a sublime pleasure, I was immediately struck by the beauty of the choral tone, at once warm and pure. The repertoire is a magnificent blending of the familiar... with previously unrecorded works of John Corigliano, Conrad Susa, and Jean Belmont. This recording is a necessity for all choral conductors. It represents the best of choral singing and introduces some fine new works. Choral Journal

Songlist: At the Round Earth's Imagined Corners, L'Invitation au Voyage, The Passionate Shepherd to His Love, The Roadside Fire, A Red, Red Rose, Reincarnations, Op. 16, Fern Hill, Shenandoah, Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier, Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye, I'm Goin' Away, Deep River

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6581c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella |

Kantorei : Pillars Of Light

Review: Pillars of Light is a collection of pieces by Rene Clausen, Morten Lauridsen and Eric Whitacre. Lauridsen's "Ave Maria" is absolutely gorgeous with its indulgent harmonies. "Veni" was written by Clausen for Kantorei and is premiered here. Whitacre's "i thank you god for most this amazing day" is a very tranquil setting of the e.e. cummings poem. All of these pieces are great examples of the beauty that can come from modern choral compositions. The warm rich often dissonant sounds envelop the listener.

Songlist: Les Chansons des Roses:, En Une Seule Dleur, Contri Qui, Rose, Do To Reve Trop Plein, La Rose Complete, Dirait-On, Three Whitman Settings (from "Leaves of Grass"):, A Noiseless Patient Spider, Quicksand Years, The Last Invocation, Lux Aeterna: III. O Nata Lux , Veni, Ave Maria, O Vos Omnes, In Pace, I Thank You God For Most This Amazing Day

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6967c | 1 CD | $15.98 || Morten Lauridsen

Kantorei : Small Blue Marble

Review: Richard Larsen and his choir Kantorei have been garnering great acclaim in recent years and their latest release shows why. The lovely name of the recording "Small Blue Marble" refers to the world as it showcases choral music from around the globe including songs from Thailand, South Africa, Nigeria, Spain, Scotland, Cuba, Israel and many others. Larsen has selected some intriguing compositions that celebrates the unity and diversity of cultures thru choral music and the choir singing is top-notch even when challenged to imitate a variety of Latin American percussions instruments while navigating dense choral structures.

Songlist: Betelehemu , Cuncti Simus, Sugismaastikud, On Hilissuvi, Ule Taeva Jooksevad Pilvad, Kanarbik, Keine Feuer Keine Kohle Kann Brennen So Heiss , The Fields Of Corn Are Gone , Past Life Melodies , Ngam Sang Duan , Diu Diu Deng , La Villanella , Himne - Temmingh, Horizons, Vamuvamba, Loch Lomond, Barbara Allen, El Guayboso , Sim Shalom (Prayer For Peace)erg, Zum Gali, This Little Light Of Mine

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8430c | 1 CD | $15.98 |

Kantorei : The Road Home - Folk Songs and Spirituals

Review: Denver-based 36 mixed-voice semiprofessional choir Kantorei has grown from a group of six friends singing carols in 1997 to a respected group that has appeared at Carnegie Hall for the National ACDA Conference, and been conducted by Rene Clausen in a premiere performance of his work. Esteemed director Richard Larson has been a major factor in the group's rise. "Home" is the group's fifth very good CD, and is a collection of 21 folk songs and spirituals. Picking favorites is not easy, there are excellent solos on "Let Me Fly ," "Dere's No Hidin' Place," "Ezekiel Saw de Wheel " and "City Called Heaven." Folk tunes "Black is the Color," "Danny Boy," and "Wearing of the Green " are wonderful. And we can't forget the four tunes arranged by the late Moses Hogan, "The Battle of Jericho" "You Better Min' How You Talk ," "I Can Tell the World" and "My Soul's Been Anchored." Another winner for Kantorei! Recommended.

Songlist: Let Me Fly, Dere's No Hidin' Place, Oh, Shenandoah, Ezekiel Saw de Wheel, Black is the Color, If I Got My Ticket, My Lord, What A Morning', The Battle of Jericho, You Better Mi' How You Talk, I Can Tell the World, Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child, City Called Heaven, I Got Shoes, I Believe This Is Jesus, Danny Boy, Wearing of the Green, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, Amazing Grace, God Is Seen, Wade in the Water, My Soul's Been Anchored

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6963c | 1 CD | $15.98 || Spirituals CDs

King's Singers / Cambridge Singers : Three Musical Fables

Review: This is a delightful CD for children (and eavesdropping adults), gathering together three "musical fables" that John Rutter wrote for Christmas concerts given by the King's Singers and the COL Sinfonia; "The Reluctant Dragon" and "The Wind in the Willows" based on Kenneth Grahame stories, adapted by David Grant. "Brother Heinrich's Christmas" was written for a Christmas TV special from Salisbury Cathedral, with Rutter writing the story as well as the music. This is like the sound track to a musical, with Richard Baker narrating "Dragon" and "Willows," and Brian Kay narrating "Brother," and Anthony Holt, for instance, playing St. George in "Dragon" and Toad in "Willows." The King'Singers and the Cambridge Singers give sweet and entertaining performances, and we can only say that we would have loved to have seen the concerts and the TV special!

Songlist: The Reluctant Dragon, Brother Heinrich's Christmas, The Wind In The Willow

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6657c | 1 CD | $15.98 || Kids Music

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