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Lisa DeSpain

Living in: United States

Lisa DeSpain is a New York City based composer of jazz and theater. Her awards include the 2000 ASCAP/IAJE Commission Honoring Duke Ellington, an NEA Jazz Fellowship, and an Aaron Copland Fellowship. She studied jazz piano under Eliane Elias and Ellis Marsalis and jazz composition under Manny Album. She currently serves as Music Director for 60's pop icon, Lesley Gore. Ms. DeSpain specializes in training young voices for the theater. She serves as vocal coach for the Harlem School for the Arts and at Professional Performing Arts School. Her students appear in Broadway productions such as Mary Poppins, The Lion King, and Hairspray. She is the editor and creator of Alfred Music Publishing's new series of Broadway Anthologies for the teen and young voice titled Broadway Presents!


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Lisa DeSpain : Wonderful Life : Showtrax CD : 038081543574  : 00-47664

Lisa DeSpain : Wonderful Life

In Smallfoot, a group of Yetis discover there's more to their world than they believed. "Meechee" (voiced by Disney star turned Hollywood performer, Zendaya) delivers the message that "a life that's full of wonder is a wonderful life." This powerful ballad encourages us all to be curious about the unknown.

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1300p | Showtrax CD | $29.95

Lisa DeSpain : Johnny One Note : Showtrax CD : 038081339221  : 00-31150

Lisa DeSpain : Johnny One Note

This swing-style Broadway classic from the Rodgers & Hart musical Babes in Arms features the most clever music lyrics about poor Johnny, who could only successfully sing one note! Appropriate for choirs of all ages.

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5755p | Showtrax CD | $24.95

Lisa DeSpain : Don't Rain on My Parade : Showtrax CD : 038081358048  : 00-32896

Lisa DeSpain : Don't Rain on My Parade

This dynamic song from the musical Funny Girl is one of Barbra Streisand's signature tunes. Its upbeat lyrics and rhythmic drive make it a concert favorite. Also performed by Rachel on the TV show Glee.

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Performed by Barbra Streisand | 5767p | Showtrax CD | $24.95

Lisa DeSpain : Next to Normal: A Choral Medley : Showtrax CD : 038081360430  : 00-33135

Lisa DeSpain : Next to Normal: A Choral Medley

Next to Normal is a thrilling, groundbreaking, Tony award-winning musical, and definitely one of the most talked about Broadway productions of our time. This 5-minute medley captures the inventive spirit and powerhouse music of the show.

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5787p | Showtrax CD | $49.95

Lisa DeSpain : Green Day on Stage: Selections from <i>American Idiot</i> : Showtrax CD : 038081400266  : 00-35830

Lisa DeSpain : Green Day on Stage: Selections from American Idiot

Music by one of the most popular performing groups of our era is tearing up the Broadway stage in the groundbreaking production of American Idiot. Four songs from this Grammy-winning musical are featured in this six-minute medley.

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5827p | Showtrax CD | $49.95

Lisa DeSpain : Once : Showtrax CD : 038081446721  : 00-40013

Lisa DeSpain : Once

Based on the Academy Award-winning film featuring the music of Glen Hansard, this musical was also a multiple Tony winner. An artistic five-minute medley.

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5866p | Showtrax CD | $27.95

Lisa DeSpain : Pippin : Showtrax CD : 038081468938  : 00-41813

Lisa DeSpain : Pippin

From the original Broadway opening in 1972 to the 2013 Tony for Best Musical Revival, the story of the young prince Pippin has delighted audiences around the world. Based on the recent revival, this five-minute medley captures all the joy, wonder, and excitement of the stage.

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5877p | Showtrax CD | $39.95

Lisa DeSpain : Tommy : Showtrax CD : 038081490465  : 00-43506

Lisa DeSpain : Tommy

This fast-paced, energy-filled, six-minute medley really captures the excitement of the groundbreaking musical. Based on The Who's 1969 double album Tommy, the show took home multiple Tony Awards when it opened. Still cutting-edge after all these years!

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Performed by The Who | 5898p | Showtrax CD | $34.95

Lisa DeSpain : Broadway, Here I Come! : Showtrax CD : 038081512778  : 00-45538

Lisa DeSpain : Broadway, Here I Come!

Originally written for the television series "Smash," this showstopper is perfect as a concert or cabaret theme. The underlying rhythmic pulse reflects the drive one feels when headed toward the goal of many performers: "I'll pull myself together, I'm focused on the prize . . . Broadway, here I come!"

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5915p | Showtrax CD | $27.95

Lisa DeSpain : I Got You : Showtrax CD : 038081513164  : 00-45577

Lisa DeSpain : I Got You

Co-written by the composer of Broadway's smash hit Hamilton, this funky, positive finale from 2012's cheerleading-themed musical is chock full of fun. Energetic call-and-response writing propels the song forward, while a super-singable hook grows each time it returns until the brilliant and boisterous end. Fresh!

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5917p | Showtrax CD | $27.95

Lisa DeSpain : Hamilton : Showtrax CD : 038081527017  : 00-46322

Lisa DeSpain : Hamilton

Critics are calling the Pulitzer Prize, Tony Awardae, and GRAMMYae Award-winning musical Hamilton "the most exciting and significant musical of the decade." This nine-minute medley is the perfect introduction to the amazing music of Lin-Manuel Miranda and the fascinating life of Alexander Hamilton. Titles: Alexander Hamilton * My Shot * The Schuyler Sisters * The Room Where It Happens * Helpless * Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down).

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5922p | Showtrax CD | $49.95

Lisa DeSpain : Light : Showtrax CD : 038081530185  : 00-46484

Lisa DeSpain : Light

This moving ballad from the groundbreaking musical Next to Normal is perfect as that show-stopping moment in any concert. Strong lyrics and soaring vocals make this a real powerhouse!

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5932p | Showtrax CD | $29.95

Lisa DeSpain : Crossing a Bridge : Showtrax CD : 038081536422  : 00-46993

Lisa DeSpain : Crossing a Bridge

The animated movie musical Anastasia made its debut on Broadway in 2017 with a score by the songwriting team that gave us Ragtime and Seussical. As Anya comes to terms with her mysterious memories, will she discover her true identity? A captivating choral arrangement on a coming-of-age theme.

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7699p | Showtrax CD | $27.95

Lisa DeSpain : You'll Be Back : Showtrax CD : 038081538761  : 00-47105

Lisa DeSpain : You'll Be Back

King George laments England's "breakup" with a young America in one of the most charismatic and surprising numbers from smash Broadway hit Hamilton. Fans note that this song is a departure from the mostly hip-hop and R&B style of the score, taking its inspiration more from breezy Britpop tunes. Lisa DeSpain's choral arrangement preserves the playful, coy spirit of the original, with its infectious "Da da da dat da" chorus. Not to be missed!

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9921p | Showtrax CD | $29.95

Lisa DeSpain : Hamilton Highlights : Showtrax CD : 038081548364  : 00-47863

Lisa DeSpain : Hamilton Highlights

Donit mistake this one for Hamilton: A Choral Medley---our new ihighlights” medley is designed for developing groups and those who desire a more concise concert selection. Only five minutes in length but includes seven popular songs from Lin-Manuel Mirandais groundbreaking show, which has been called ithe most important musical of our time.” Rhythmic notation has been augmented for ease of teaching/reading, keys have been adapted to the best vocal ranges, choral parts reconfigured for intuitive harmonization, and still this fast-paced showpiece delivers all the impact of the original score!

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9935p | Showtrax CD | $39.95

Lisa DeSpain : Carly Simon's Greatest Hits: A Choral Medley : Showtrax CD : 888680904982 : 1540043436 : 35032614

Lisa DeSpain : Carly Simon's Greatest Hits: A Choral Medley

American singer-songwriter Carly Simon began her fame in the 1970s with a string of hit records. This medley captures three of those iconic hits: You're So Vain, Haven't Got Time for the Pain and Anticipation. Women's choirs and ensembles will love these strong lyrics, singing her famous melodies and celebrating this American artist.

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Performed by Carly Simon | 9971p | Showtrax CD | $26.95

Lisa DeSpain : Hamilton Men : Showtrax : 038081551197  : 00-48296

Lisa DeSpain : Hamilton Men

By turns stirring, sentimental, and hilarious, this dynamic 4-minute medley lets your changed-voice singers explore the many emotional and musical sides of Hamilton: launching a revolutionary movement, navigating political hazards, discovering fatherhood, and figuring out how to say goodbye. A robust feature for guys.

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20058p | Showtrax | $34.95 | Recorded Acc. Available

Lisa DeSpain : Hamilton Women : Showtrax : 038081553108  : 00-48487

Lisa DeSpain : Hamilton Women

This fast-paced mini-medley (only 4.5 minutes in length) pays homage to the strong female characters in Lin-Maunuel Miranda's Hamilton! The powerful arrangement includes a few opportunities to showcase outstanding soloists and more than enough SSA writing for all of your singers to shine!

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20072p | Showtrax | $34.95 | Recorded Acc. Available

Lisa DeSpain : Helpless : Showtrax : 038081562698  : 00-48945

Lisa DeSpain : Helpless

Attention all Hamilfans! This act one favorite recounts the correspondence, courtship, and romance between Alexander Hamilton and Eliza Schuyler. The blended pop/R&B style shines brightly in this choral setting that allows entire sections to perform those half-rapped, half-sung phrases that made the musical so famous. A couple of brief solos are easy to assign, with more character than range required. Fun fact: repetitive "I do's" foreshadow the wedding to come.

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20098p | Showtrax | $29.95

Lisa DeSpain : In the Heights (Choral Highlights) : Showtrax : 038081562933  : 00-48969

Lisa DeSpain : In the Heights (Choral Highlights)

An incredible celebration of community, culture, diversity, and self-discovery! This high energy 4-minute medley anticipates the film adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda's breakout Broadway hit, which won four Tony Awards including Best Musical. The hopeful and relevant story involves characters from the largely Latino Washington Heights neighborhood in NYC. This combination of Latin musical styles and Miranda's world-famous hip-hop and rap scoring is irresistible. Publication includes a phonetic and IPA guide for a few empowering lyrics in Spanish. Don't miss the voicings created with smaller and younger groups in mind.

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20105p | Showtrax | $39.95 | Recorded Acc. Available

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