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Male Contemporary A Cappella Recordings

Rockin', rollin', soulful and sounding terrific; take a little pop, color it with doo-wop, add a jazzy taste, throw in rock, some R&B, maybe a little rap or country - we've got contemporary a cappella by some of the finest men's groups on the planet. Some of the amazing albums listed below have radio-ready work that will fool even the most discerning ear into asking "that's a cappella?!" Others have a more traditional, organic sound. Some have original work, others the covers we all know & love. But they have a few things in common - great voices, great arrangements, and a fun, appealing sound. This is the sound that drew so many of us into a cappella fandom in the first place!

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Straight No Chaser : Under The Infuence : 00  1 CD :  : 075678762185 : ATL532676.2

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Straight No Chaser : Under The Infuence

Review: Under The Influence sees the acclaimed a cappella group reimagining a selection of their all-time favorite songs alongside many of the superstar artists and undisputed music icons that made them famous. Produced by Mark Kibble, founding member of the legendary a cappella group Take 6 and one of Straight No Chaser's primary influences, the album includes unprecedented collaborations with some of popular music's best and brightest - including Phil Collins, Dolly Parton, Rob Thomas, Seal, and Jason Mraz - as Straight No Chaser put their distinctive and inimitable spin on songs known and loved the world over.

Songlist: I Want You Back, Rolling In The Deep, Against All Odds , Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours, Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me, Some Nights/We Are Young, I Won't Give Up, This Is How A Heart Breaks, Kiss From A Rose, Jolene

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2705c | 1 CD | $15.95 | A Cappella |

Straight No Chaser : With a Twist

Review: You all know SNC's story, about these 10 all male Indiana alums posting the vid "12 Days of Christmas" from their Collegiate career on YouTube, getting over 10 million hits, reuniting as an a cappella group, releasing two hot Christmas CDs, and doing live performances at major venues across the country. You know, the usual! Well, "With a Twist" adds some dynamic, cutting-edge arrangements and wonderful new covers to SNC's repertoire. With a smooth, polished sound and rock solid vocal percussion reminiscent of Rockapella, The House Jacks and The Blenders, Straight No Chaser is showing off some formidable vocal chops here! Twelve well-chosen cuts, beginning with a Reggae take on a medley that seamlessly and surprisingly segues J. Mraz's "I'm Yours" into Harold Arlen's classic "Somewhere Over the Rainbow;" an upbeat, rhythmic arrangement of Ed Cobb's Soft Cell hit "Tainted Love," another Reggae look at Crowded Houses' "Don't Dream It's Over," a rich, harmonic rendition of Coldplay's "Fix You," a big fun, swinging medley of S. Morris' "You & Me & The Bottle Makes Three" with a surprising segue into the Glee hit "Single Ladies;" a nice cover of Oasis's bluesy "Wonderwall," Queen's "You're My Best Friend," an amazingly arranged version of Three Dog Night's "Joy to the World," the Red Hot Chili Peppers' moody hit "Under the Bridge," and finally, Barry Manilow's "One Voice," featuring guest vocals by Barry himself! It's clear from "With a Twist" that SNC is playing with the big kids now, performing and recording on a level with some of the top groups in the a cappella world, and, as a favorite of ours in their Collegiate days, we couldn't be happier for them!

Songlist: I'm yours/Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Tainted Love, Don't Dream It's Over, Fix You, You're My Best Friend, The Living Years, You and Me and the Bottle Makes Three/Single Ladies, Wonderwall, Joy to the World, Under the Bridge, Can't Take My Eyes Off of You, One Voice (feat. Barry Manilow)

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1781c | 1 CD | $13.95 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

T Minus 5 : ... And Counting

Review: We had the pleasure of hearing the 6 male voices of T Minus 5 at the 2001 Harmony Sweeps Finals, where they performed as Rocky Mountain Regional Champs. The tight harmonies, country flavor and humor that wowed the crowd that night are present in spades on ...And Counting. In fact, "You Can Depend On Me," "Grow Old With You," the hilarious "Redneck Avenger," "Welcome To The Jungle" (which sounds suspiciously like "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"), and "Pie Jesu" were all part of their electric 12-minute performance. "Best Years of our Lives," from "Shrek," "I Love You," "Precious Lord," Paul Simon's "You Can Call Me Al," U2's "All I Want," John Fogerty's classic "Down On The Corner" and "Pie Jesu"-it's all good stuff. The guys are having fun up there, letting it all hang out with the confident spirit of born performers. One of the most impressive first CDs we've heard!

Songlist: Best Years Of Our Life, You Can Depend On Me, Radio Talk, Grow Old With You, I Love You, Welcome To The Jungle, Redneck Avenger, Precious Lord, You Can Call Me Al, All I Want, Down on the Corner, Pie Jesu

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2956c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

T Minus 5 : Alive

Review: The five young men of T Minus 5 got their first glimpse of fame in spring, 2000 in Ogden, Utah, winning a Weber State U. talent show. Having only been a group for one year, they entered and won the 2001 Harmony Sweepstakes Denver Regional against tough competition and went on to win "Audience Favorite" at the Finals in San Rafael. They have been on a performing rampage ever since, their energy and humor winning them new fans wherever they go. There are 16 live cuts on "Alive," some favorites: "Red Neck Avenger" (which wowed the crowd at the '01 Finals), Van Morrison's "Brown Eyed Girl," Paul Simon's "Cecilia," Bono's "All I Want," Sly Stone's "Dance to the Music," Ben E. King's "Stand By Me," "Best Years of Our Lives," "Lean On Me" and "Down to the River to Pray." T Minus 5's forte is live performance-just listen to the audience response on "Alive." Great stuff!

Songlist: Sold, Wrapped Up in You, Brown Eyed Girl, Cecilia, Folk Song Medley, All I Want, Dance to the Music, Red Neck Avenger, I Feel Good, Amen Revival, Krispy Kreme, American Woman, Stand By Me, Best Years of Our Lives, Lean on Me, Down to the River to Pray

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7387c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

T Minus 5 : Purity

Review: "Purity" is the third excellent CD by 2001 Rocky Mountain Harmony Sweeps finalists, all-male quintet T Minus 5, an 8-song collection. Six of the tunes are Gospel hymns: "Because I Have Been Given Much," "Precious Lord, Take My Hand," "Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee," "Once in Royal David's City," "I Need Thee Every Hour" and "A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief" (which is lightly piano accompanied) The final two cuts are the folk tune "Shenandoah" and "The Star Spangled Banner." Rich harmonies and deep feeling are present in each of these inspirational, beautiful selections.

Songlist: Because I Have Been Given Much, Precious Lord, Take My Hand, Jesus, The Very Thought Of Thee, Once In Royal David's City, I Need Thee Every Hour, A Poor Wayfaring Man Of Grief, Shenandoah, The Star Spangled Banner

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2433c | 1 CD | $12.95 | A Cappella |

T Minus 5 : Road Trip onsale

Review: We know we're in for a good time with the first rock-solid vocal percussion beats of War's "Low Rider" come on T-minus 5's "radio," which segues into Sly and the Family Stone's rock anthem "Dance to the Music," an electronic-funky, faux-horned masterpiece. Group member Shawn Satterthwaite contributes the sweet, romantic "Your Love," other nice originals are "Wrapped Up In You" by Wayne Kirkpatrick, and " Midnight Daze" by T Minus 5. Excellent covers of Lennon/McCartney's "When I'm Sixty-Four," "Mayberry," Barry Manilow's "One Voice," "He Still Loves Me" (arranged by our friend Richard "Bob" Green, and The Guess Who's "American Woman" add to the good feeling. We loved T-Minus 5 at the 2001 Harmony Sweeps Finals, and their great harmonies and down home song selection have only gotten better. Every song on "Road Trip" is a winner!

Songlist: Low Rider, Dance to the Music, I'll Still be Loving You, Your Love, Wrapped Up In You, One Voice, Midnight Daze, American Woman, When I'm Sixty-Four, Mayberry, He Still Loves Me, Show Me the Way

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2434c | 1 CD | $9.95 | A Cappella |

The Fault Line : Junkin' em Up : 00  1 CD : 

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The Fault Line : Junkin' em Up

Review: New York-based male a cappella quartet The Fault Line has jumped into the mainstream of Rock 'n Roll with no instruments, and they're rising fast! "Junkin' 'Em Up" is one of those albums that you find yourself looking incredulously for those ten little words-and then you find them: "No instruments were used in the making of this album." Adam, Jeff, Justin and Matt are pushing the a cappella envelope, testing the limits of the human voice, and we, of course, love bands that do that! "Maureen" has some very fine faux snare drum, "The Way You Make Me Feel" recalls The House Jacks and Rockapella at their finest, "My Girl" has Righteous Brothers searching for the drum kit and the guy who's playing the screaming guitar solo. "Stand By Me" has a bluesy, sassy attitude, "Believer" updates the Monkees in wonderful electronic ways, "Dance Dance" is as rich and delicious as Sting's original, , the powerful, dark "Sky" is a rhythmic gem, "Use Me" and "Some Kind of Wonderful" round out a stunningly good album. You can buy "Junkin'" to find out exactly what these New Yorkers have learned to do with their voices, or you can buy it because it seriously rocks. Your choice!

Songlist: Maureen , The Way You Make Me Feel, My Girl, Stand By Me, Beliver, Magic, Dance Dance, Sky, Use Me, Some Kind Of Wonderful

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2512c | 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella |

The Fault Line : The Fault Line : 00  1 CD : 

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The Fault Line : The Fault Line onsale

Review: Adam, Justin, Jeff and Matt, all former members of the nationally known a cappella group Sons of Pitches, invited a fifth man, Josh, to join them in their high-energy bid for national stardom. Listen to the crazed, manic cover of Jet's "Are You Gonna Be My Girl?" and get a taste of the startling, refreshing power and energy of New York-based The Fault Line, qualities we almost never hear in an a cappella recording. This tune appropriately segues into a juicy live rendition of Bill Haley's "Rock Around the Clock," which created a generation of British rockers before anyone in America took notice. Two other favorites, and live cuts, are a boogying arrangement of Ben E. King's "Stand By Me, and a crazed cover of Fall Out Boy's "Dance Dance." Powerful, driving, fun stuff throughout - a strong, beautifully arranged 7-song debut collection from these five talented guys!

Songlist: Buried Myself Alive, Maniac, True, Are You Gonna Be My Girl?, Rock Around The Clock, Stand By Me, Dance Dance

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2415c | 1 CD | $9.95 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Tone Rangers : Total Musical Services

Review: The Tone Rangers sound as though a group of barbershop singers felt that restrictions and formality of the style was too confining and collectively expanded their horizons first to seven singers and then to a wider variety of popular styles. Their tight, close harmony lends credence to this supposition. Additional clues are the beautiful version of "Loch Lomond" (beautiful tenor lead) and "Shenandoah." Then they go wacky with Al Yankovic's "One More Minute," "My Tzatzkele" and the live gag tune, "Rubber Duckie." Gospel and doo-wop arrangements round out the play list of familiar popular songs.

Songlist: She, One More Minute, Surrender, Loch Lomond, My Tzatzkele, Shenandoah, Heart, Precious Lord, Take My Hand, I Need You, Keep the Customer Satisfied, In My Life, Wild Thing, Rubber Duckie

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2359c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Tonic Sol-fa : Boston to Beijing

Review: As we listen to hot Contemporary quartet Tonic's wonderful cover of Willie Dixon's "29 Ways To My Baby's Door," it's clear that these four attractive, hard-working, personable young men (down from 5) have many more than 29 ways to please audiences! We'd havee to count their tour schedule of hundreds of energetic, live, sold-out shows in 32 states that feature pop hits, country songs, classic oldies, award-winning originals, parodies and audience interaction. Then we'd have to add some winning CDs like "By Request," "Red Vinyl," "Style," "Sugarue," "Left Turn In Cross Traffic" and others. And last, but far from least, we have to add the 12 songs of "Boston to Beijing," Mark, Shaun, Greg and Jared's latest and best. Nashville's powerful Vivaton Records, with their substantial backing, state of the art recording studio, have decided the boys are stars (which we have known all along), and "Boston" is getting serious mention in the mainstream media. Six originals, the very top-40 title tune, "Sleep On," "Who Wants to Go," "Oklahoma Wind" (which is a country hit waiting to happen), "So Easy" and "Other Side of Town." Add a poignant cover of "Chances," Wayne Kirkpatrick's "It's Me Again," a rock-solid, funky arrangement of the Doobie's "Takin' It To The Streets" and J.D. Crowley's song of faith, "Grace," which has the refrain, "It was Grace that brought me here." Yes, but the touring, recording and everything Tonic has done to turn themselves into some of most exciting, audience-pleasing a cappella singers on the planet also helped and we couldn't be happier for them! Some non-vocal percussion, but who cares-"Boston" is one of the best a cappella CDs of the year.

Songlist: Boston to Beijing, Chances, Sleep On, It's Me Again, Who Wants To Go?, Oklahoma Wind, So Easy, Twenty-Nine Ways To My Baby's Door, Rescued Me, Other Side Of Town, Takin' It To The Street

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7458c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Tonic Sol-fa : By Request onsale

Review: One of our favorite Contemporary groups, Greg, Shaun, Mark and Jared have been coming up with great CDs since 1996's "Left Turns"-particularly fine are 1997's Christmas album, "Carol," 2001's "Style," 2002's "Sugarue" and 2003's "Red Vinyl." We look at "By Request" as yet another showpiece of why Tonic is one of the most dynamic a cappella groups in the world, and why they need to be recognized as major stars! The 10-song songlist in the liner notes is presented as a Top 40 Radio Requests list, with five new songs, "Chances," Chips' "At The Dark End of the Street," "Until Forever's Gone," Josh Turner's "Long Black Train," and Willie Dixon's smoking "29 Ways to My Baby's Door." The guys simply nail "29," one of the best songs we've heard this year. The other five, Simon & Garfunkle's "Cecelia," Van Morrison's "Brown Eyed Girl," the manic country hit "Sold," Marty Robbins' western classic "El Paso," and "Scooby Doo, Where Are You?" have appeared on other CDs, but they are well-chosen hits, surely some of group's best stuff. Top-drawer arrangements, and a depth of sound amazing for a quartet-"By Request" is another impressive winner for Tonic Sol-Fa!

Songlist: 29 Ways to My Baby's Door, Cecilia, Brown Eyed Girl, Chances, At the Dark End of the Street, Sold (The Grundy County Auction Incident), El Paso, Until Forever's Gone, Scooby Doo, Where Are You? (remix), Long Black Train

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7421c | 1 CD | $3.95 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Tonic Sol-fa : Five

Review: The hard-working contemporary quintet, Tonic Sol-Fa, has recorded a little something to tide us over - a five song EP. It's two covers and three originals are tight and adept, with prominent vocal percussion, a smooth and relaxed feel, and songwriting reminiscent of the Blenders and Rockapella. "To Make You Feel My Love," a Bob Dylan cover, is downright pretty. "Hold Me Close" and "Under The Boardwalk" are straight from the pop doo-wop school (extra credit for the lush harmonies on "Boardwalk"). This is smart pop cappella.

Songlist: Dance Alone (Hold Me Close), Oklahoma Wind, Under the Boardwalk, To Make YOu Feel My Love, Without You

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2184c | 1 CD | $7.98 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Tonic Sol-fa : Just One Of Those Days

Review: Shaun, Greg, Mark and Jared of TSF, one of our favorite hard-working veteran Contemporary a cappella quartets, perform about 150 concerts each year across 48 states to a combined audience of 250,000 plus. Including "Just One of Those Days" they have released 8 excellent CDs and two DVDs, sold over a million albums and have toured nationally and internationally for 12 years. Tonic Sol-fa produces an annual, sold-out 20 city holiday tour in the Midwest as well as spring and summer concert tours throughout the U.S. Very impressive, but what really catches our attention is butter-smooth harmonies, spot-on vocal percussion, brilliant arrangements and sweet leads, and that's here in abundance on these 11 great cuts. The Everly Brothers' wonderful "Gone, Gone, Gone (Done Moved On)," Fred Wilhelm/Georgia Middleman's title track, a fine arrangement of Randy Newman's classic "Sail Away," John Shanks/Keith Urban's "Somebody Like You," and Walter Earl Brown's 1968 Elvis anthem "If I Can Dream" have to number among our favorites. The same for Fred Wilhelm and Lori McKenna's "Very Same Place," Wilhelm/busbee's "Something Beautiful," Wilhelm/Kevin Fisher's rhythmic gem "Where Does The Money Come From," Brad Paisley/Tim Owens' "Rainin' You," R.Simpson/D.Payne/R. Rush's down-home "Highway Patrol"...let's face it, there's not a weak cut here. If you're having Just One of Those Days, treat yourself to some top-drawer Contemporary a cappella from one of the best groups performing today!

Songlist: Gone, Gone, Gone, Just One Of Those Days, Sail Away, Very Same Place, Somebody Like You, Highway Patrol, Something Beautiful, Where Does the Money Come From, Rainin' You, That Old Pair Of Jeans, If I Can Dream

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2363c | 1 CD | $9.95 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Tonic Sol-fa : Red Vinyl : 00  1 CD : 

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Tonic Sol-fa : Red Vinyl

Review: Paving their rising career with excellent CDs, from 1996's "Left Turns," "Carol," ('97), 2001's "Style," 2002's Xmas CD "Sugarue" to "Red Vinyl," TSF, one of our favorite Contemporary groups, may have found their breakthrough CD. Ten songs, all originals by group member Shaun Johnson except for a strong cover of "A Little Less Conversation," "Red" features some of the best vocal percussion we've heard, smooth, rich harmonies-there's not a weak cut on the CD. Particular favorites are "Sleep On," "Apartment 204," the rap-flavored, sampled "Velvet Jefferson," "Boston to Beijing," "Sweet Time" and "Who Will Love Me." What's amazing is the fullness of the sound these four men can create together, and the feeling in the lyrics. This is great stuff!

Songlist: Sleep On, Virginia, A Little Less Conversation, Apartment, Take Me Away , Velvet Jefferson , Long Lonely While, Boston to Beijing, Sweet Time, Who Will Love Me

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7389c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Tonic Sol-fa : Twenty One : 00  1 CD : 

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99 Problems

Tonic Sol-fa : Twenty One

Review: Tonic Sol-fa's Greg, Shaun, Jared and Mark have been blowing us away with their sweet leads and buttery harmonies since 1996, when they released the first of many winners in the PAC catalog. Touring extensively and playing to sold-out audiences, TSF are high on our short list of most exciting Contemporary groups. Twenty one is a rich collection of 11 tunes, most of them beautifully arranged covers, but two of our favorites are originals written by group members Greg and Shaun, "Rest Your Head" and "Southern Guitars." "Other favorites include "99 Problems," "I Need a Dollar," the Killers' "Human," Rollins and Barton's lovely "Wrapped Around You," Dorff & Altman's "Butch Cassidy," Jen Foster's "Secondhand Love" Tom Petty's "Learning to Fly" and Dorff & Kaz' marriage song "Do You." We love Tonic's yummy background harmonies, solid vocal percussion and powerful leads. "Twenty one" is good stuff from first cut to the last by one of our longtime favorite veteran quartets!

Songlist: I Need A Dollar, Do You?, Rest Your Head, 99 Problems, Secondhand Love, Once Before I Go, Human, Southern Guitars, Wrapped Around You, Butch Cassidy, Learning To Fly

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2630c | 1 CD | $9.95 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Transit : Transit

Review: From transit's website: "Welcome to the home of transit: the hottest a cappella sensation to come out of North Carolina since...ever." Joseph, George, Dave, Brent and James are transit, and this is their CARA-nominated, self-titled debut EP, which opens with a miles-deep cover of Muse's "Supermassive Black Hole," and segues incongruously into a brilliantly subtle cover of "Hide and Seek." As we did whenever possible with the original "Blood, Sweat & Tears" tune, we ff'd past a fairly pedestrian "Vehicle" to be rewarded with the poignant, soft ballad "In The Graveyard." "Can't Get Next to You" is ok, not outstanding, but the final two cuts have the true flavor of greatness: the original tune of lost love, poetry and hurting, "Whispers," and then the CARA-nominated cover of "Home" by Marc Broussard, which kicks serious a cappella butt from the first nasty vocal percussion drumbeats-featuring a howling, foot-stomping, southern-fried solo that you won't believe. You'll listen to it and then quickly hit the "back" button just to make sure you really just heard something this hot. And all this is from a debut CD of 7 tunes-o, mah, god. As they say on the website's "News" page, there's much more to come, and we will be waiting, but savor transit now!

Songlist: Supermassive Black Hole, Hide And Seek, Can't Get Next To You, Whispers, Vehicle, In A Graveyard, Home

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2417c | 1 CD | $9.95 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Trinovox : Incanto

Review: Trinovox is an Italian trio who have been composing and performing together since 1991. All singers, they believe the voice to be one of the most direct means of communication we humans have. Literature to is the written voice. Thus they create a synthesis, musical interpretation of some of the world's greatest pieces of literature. On Incanto are Baudelaire's "The Albatross," King Solomon's "Song of Songs," Frederico Garcia Lorca's "Cancion De Jinette," Japanese Poets from the 17th-19th centuries and more! Their masterpiece on this release is interpreting 12 Verses of Dante's "Inferno." This is truly world culture on disc.

Songlist: L' Albantros, Shir Hashirim, Cancion De Jinete, Furu Ike Ya, The Waning Moon, Nei To Grandi Oci, Addio Monti, A Lyric, Vivamus, Mea Lesbia, INFERNO, Prologo, Inizio, I Vili, Caronte, Discesa negli Inferi, Minosse, Francesca da Rimini, Cerbero, Farinata degli Uberti, Diavlo nero, Odisseo, Maometto, Il Conte Ugolino, Conclusione

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2789c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Undivided Musical Group : Amor Verdadero onsale

Review: All male sextet Undivided draw their musical influences from Latin, Jazz, Contemporary Christian, Gospel, Reggae, Pop, R&B and Rock, and they showed off their powerful, rhythmic live show to us twice, at the 2003 and 2005 Harmony Sweeps Finals in San Rafael, CA. "Amor" is the group's second finely-crafted recording, their first being the excellent "A Cappella From The Soul." There are 10 cuts here, the salsa-flavored "Los Fariseos," and rhythmic gem "Amor Verdadero," both of which feature Undivided's trademark faux horns, and the soulful love song "Contigo Para Siempre;" "La Murga De Panama," "El Nazareno" (a song about Jesus), "Jala, Jala," "El Todopoderoso" and "Ahora Vengo Yo" (with more of those smokin' faux horns) will get you up dancing and ordering another round of Margaritas; while "Bello Amanecer" and "Amanda Mia" are slower, bluesy salsa-jazz. All songs, and the liner notes for that matter, are in Spanish. But don't let that stop you from enjoying this spirited, high-energy collection from one of SoCal's most dynamic a cappella groups!

Songlist: Los Fariseos, Amor Verdadero, Contigo Para Siempre, La Murga De Panama, El Nazareno , Bello Amanecer, Jala Jala, Amada Mia, El Todopoderoso, Ahora Vengo Yo

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1365c | 1 CD | $4.95 | A Cappella |

UR2Kam : A Cappella

Review: UR2KAM is Simo Breede, baritone, his brother Tanel Breede, bass, Markus Leppoja, 1st tenor, and Mart Loite, 2nd tenor, and they are young, good-looking barbershop-doo-woppers from Estonia (please no "Estonia when you're driving in your car" jokes!). The liner notes are in Estonian, so we don't know what UR2KAM means, only that the group does all their own very mellow arrangements. There are a number of western pop covers here, sung in cutely-accented English; among our favorites: Jimmy Buffett's "Kokomo," "Sloop John B," "Sealed With A Kiss," "Hooked On A Feeling," "Blue Moon," "Ave Maria," and "Amazing Grace"-which highlights Tanel's smooth, powerful bass. Not in English, but spirited and entertaining: "Paula, sul on poisipea," "Labi saju," Jahikoera armuulg," and "Rajalaul." The CD is fresh and sweet-the guys have a lot of talent, and this is an excellent first effort for them!

Songlist: Intro, K-K-K-Katy, Kokomo, Blue Moon, My Special Prayer, Sealed With A Kiss, Hooked on a Feeling, Paula, sul on poisipea, Ave Maria, Labi saju, Sloop John B, Amazing Grace, Jahikoera armuulg, Rahalaul

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2911c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

ViBaFemBa : Aventyr onsale

Review: A popular Swedish a cappella group, VibaFemba has released several CD's, of which "Aventyr" is their latest. Sweden, of course, has produced several commercially viable pop exports, notably Abba. Not having a clue about the language, we couldn't extrapolate much about the group themselves or the lyrics (their picture shows five guys). Most tracks have percussion, some of which may be an actual trap set, albeit mixed way back; most of the songs are originals, it seems (save for "Alskar Du Mig An," with music composed by Chaka Khan and Bruce Hornsby). Their harmonies suggest the Beach Boys as a significant influence, though one can detect the ghost of the Comedian Hamonists in arrangements such as "Troken Hoger" (with banjo), The group goes urban with "Jag Gillar Aventyr," a rap number.

Songlist: Under Palmer Och Blad, Klas, Finns det lite stolthet kvar (finns det ocksa hopp om battring), bland uteliggare och innevandrare, vargtimme, ja, de e lika bra a streaka, jag ar det fulaste som finns, bredvid, alskar du mig an, froken hoger, jag fillar aventyr, w.a.o., lyrisk sang

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2538c | 1 CD | $9.95 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

ViBaFemBa : Forsta onsale

Review: This is one of the notable Swedish a cappella groups.They were formed in 1985 and, to date, have four cds on their discography. On this one, F-rsta, we find covers of Sweden's popular music, several originals and one tune we all know, the Beatles "Blackbird". Though we speak no Swedish there continuously snatches of melody which are tantalizing in their familiarity. "Asfaltvisan" is an obvious comedic tune, funny without knowing the language!These are very accomplished singers and worth it if your interest is in either contemporary or international music.

Songlist: Krakbegravningen, Makten at Skogen, Har du Kvar din Roda Cykel, Asfaltvisan, Valles Drom, Somliga Gar Med Trasiga Skor, Jag Sag, Fa Farre Farst, A Ente Flottar Ja Te Sjoss, Blackbird, Sudda Sudda, Jag Vill Ha En Hund En Bla

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2773c | 1 CD | $3.95 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Vocal Sampling : Una Forma Mas

Review: When Vocal Sampling first became members of the a cappella scene everyone, simply everyone was blown away. Never before had we heard such complex rhythms made by vocally recreating a traditional Cuban dance band. Fabulous! This is their first album and an absolute must for a capellan literacy. It is full of the best known Cuban songs. Good notes give us understanding of the context of these songs in Cuban life, but the music is so rich as to carry us away with the horn sections, seeming endless varieties of percussion, and guitars. Styles include the bolero, comparsa, palo monte, rumba, salsa, son and trova. Wow!

Songlist: Montuno Sampling, La Negra Tomasa, Ojos Malignos, Dolor Y Perdon, Que Bueno Baila Usted (Castellano), Congo Yambumba, Una Forma Mas, Exclusiva, Soy Del Monte, Del Caribe Vengo, Canto Al Chango, Canto Al Beny More, Radio Reloj

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2350c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Vocal Six : International

Review: We aren't quite sure what it is - the long winter nights, something in the genes or perhaps the great Scandinavian beer but those Swedes sure know how to sing! While the Real Group is Sweden's leading vocal jazz group Vocal Six is probably the country's leading contemporary a cappella group which is clearly demonstrated on this fine new release. A collection of their English tracks from earlier albums plus several new cuts shows the wide range of the sextet as there is a dab of disco, a great Tom Jones medley, a Tony Bennett track, an unusual "Dancing Queen" and the very fun "Las Vegas". Vocal Six are also great performers with a dynamic and exciting stage presence and you will be thoroughly entertained by this recording.

Songlist: Good Vibrations, Tom Jones Contest, Second To None, Dancing Queen, Reet Petite, The Things We Do For Love, Who Wants To Live Forever, Halleljuah I Just Love Her So, Kiss From A Rose, Las Vegas, Wannabee Gees, Everytime We Say Goodbye, I Left My Heart In San Francisco, Bohemian Rhapsody

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1212c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Vocal Six : Vocal Six

Review: First CD by Swedish male sextet, Vocal Six, released in 1992. Though broadly classified as contemporary, in actuality their sound, and selection of material, leans heavily towards jazz. Compact close harmony, brilliant swipes and scat breaks characterize their style, as exemplified by "Music, Music, Music," "My Baby Just Cares For Me" and a deliciously understated arrangement of "I Left My Heart In San Francisco." A poignant, piano-accompanied "My Funny Valentine," wrings out every teardrop, as does the haunting Sting cover, "Sister Moon." Vocal Six plays the dance card with the "Bad/Thriller" medley and the group's own "Barberhouse Acid Rap," where they loosen their collars and grunt, James Brown style.

Songlist: Wake Up!, Lady Madonna, Tango, Bad/ Thriller, Sister Moon, Barberhouse Acid Rap, Music, Music, Music, My Baby Just Cares for Me, I Left My Heart In San Francisco, My Funny Valentine, Baby, Hooked on a Feeling, John Blund

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2843c | 1 CD | $12.95 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Vocal Six : Why Dance onsale

Review: This 1994 recording shows the Swedish sextet developing their own writing skills, and singing in Swedish on five tracks. Their sound is a forceful melding of both jazz and contemporary, with neither idiom gaining the upper hand. "Sensuella Isabella" features an explosive vocal guitar, while actual guitar guests, along with harmonica, on the ambling, roadhouse "Tomma Ramar Blues." "Bohemian Rhapsody," augmented by the "Bohemian Choir," duplicates the original vocal arrangement closely, and maintains the song's energy capably throughout, with plump, thickly-textured chordal backing. Close, vertical harmonies dominate "The Way You Look Tonight' and "Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring," allowing the tonalities to blossom with rich color.

Songlist: Why Dance, The Way You Look Tonight, Alf Beror Pa Mej, Walk Between The Raindrops, Tomma Ramar Blues, Sensuella Isabella, Ta Mef Til Havet, Tvalen (En Blyg Mans Bekannelser), For Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring, Bohemian Rhapsody

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2844c | 1 CD | $1.95 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Vocal Tonic : Chaser

Review: Five members, including alto singer Marya Grandy explain the five floors, though Monica remains unaccounted for. Almost entirely comprised of original songs, "Superwoman" is quirkily offbeat, and the group has a tight and punchy sound that will conjure up visions of the Bobs in some places. The sardonic intelligence and poetic imagery of lyrics such as "now he runs and she hides and they fill the phone with alibis" are intriguing. The standout arrangement is "Blackbird," where the bass and percussion rhythms establish a rolling countermotif to the familiar melody. This development of texture is also observed in "Sorry Susan," as the treble, bass and melody lines traverse countervailing patterns that gradually converge. Smartpop.With the production assistance of Rockapella's vocal percussionist Jeff Thacher, who also contributes vocal percussion to four tracks, Vocal Tonic's second CD is a dramatic step forward for the group. Current pop hits (the ubiquitous "Livin' La Vida Loca") and classic rock (Edgar Winter's "Free Ride"), along with six originals, are the vital ingredients; the formula, the solid arrangements. Vocal Tonic's easy rock style, as exemplified by "LightHouse" and "Whisper," is consonant and melodic, without becoming fatally trite. Clever touches such as their insertion of a verse of "Sunshine Of Your Love" into their own "Let It End," and the "instrumental" breakdown in "Free Ride" - which is super-tight and heavy - give this "Chaser" a flavor all its own.

Songlist: Let It End, Hot to Trot, Lighthouse, Whisper, Vox Humana, Free Ride, No Turning Back, Livin' La Vida Loca, Never There, Gove , Fly Away

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2534c | 1 CD | $12.95 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Vocaldente : Let's Misbehave : 00  1 CD : 

Listen to
Mamma Mia

Vocaldente : Let's Misbehave

Review: Surprise National Champs of the 2008 Harmony Sweepstakes Finals, all-male German quintet Vocaldente, appearing last after very strong sets by the previous seven Regionals winners, quickly got the crowd laughing and on their feet applauding at the end. They easily won Audience Favorite, and it was no surprise when the judges awarded them first place. The title tune of this excellent CD, Cole Porter's "Let's Misbehave," was their opening number, is beautifully done here, as is Kenny Loggins' "Footloose," the group's encore performance. Other winning covers are Vanessa Carlton's "A Thousand Miles," George Michaels' "Faith," the Rat Pack favorite "Everybody Loves Somebody" (here mimicking Dean Martin's rendition of the song), Freddie Mercury's "Don't Stop Me Now," a silly faux-ukelele version of Dion's "The Wanderer," and a tongue-in-cheek spoof of Abba's deathless "Mama Mia." Vocaldente sings all these songs (with the exception of "3-Tage Bart," which is in German) in very good English, but their strength is in their innocent, non self-conscious humor, which is not at all harmed by their unexpected and charming German accents. The sweet, pure falsettos, faux horns, strings and other instruments, comic asides and samples (like one from Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" at the end of "Mama Mia") combined with their totally deadpan posing and pretending to play their faux instruments, are all, quite simply, hilarious. While we're laughing at this, we're noticing that their stuff is amazingly arranged (by group members Tobias and Oliver) and that they are top-drawer professional singers and vocal percussionists. From seeing them live, it's also clear that they are having big fun up there, and so are we. Two kinds of genius come together here, comic and musical, to award-winning effect!

Songlist: A Thousand Miles, Faith, 3-Tage Bart, Everybody Loves Somebody, Another You, Don't Stop Me Now, Let's Misbehave, Perfect, The Wanderer, It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday, Mamma Mia!, Footloose

More details
2508c | 1 CD | $16.95 | A Cappella |

Voce : People Change

Review: The singers are Bruce Cable, Orville Cameron, Martin Murphy, Jeff Watt, and Trent Worthington. Together they are the notable Canadian group who have been awarded top honors at the 1998 Northern Harmony A Cappella Competition, sweeping the contest... Winner: Best Group, Winner: Best Original Song ("Let It Go"), and Winner: Audience Favorite. Now you are the winner with the smooth, rich harmonies which are so tight they might have been found in a barbershop quartet but the chords find more inspiration from popular, show tune, gospel, and doo-wop traditions. Almost all the tunes are original love songs which have been written by members of the group. The tempo's vary from ballad to doo-wop, light rock and there's even a blues tune with a great vocal harmonica break found on "You Won't Be Hurtin' Me (No More)." The notable covers are "Paper Moon" and James Taylor's "Your Smiling Face." This is a recording of lovely singing which exemplifies the world of contemporary a cappella which they just happen to define in the opening track, "A Cappella Music."

Songlist: A Cappella Music, It's Only A Paper Moon, Let It Go!, Together Again, People Change, Comfort In Love, Your Love, You Won't Be Hurtin' Me (No More), I'll Give My Life to You, Your Smiling Face, I Love Lovin' You, Spiderman

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2709c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Voce : So Many Ways

Review: Five music professionals from Edmonton, Alberta are classically trained members of Voce (pronounced Voh-che). They formed in 1993 to be able to share their interpretations of popular music from the tweedeledee of "Rockin' Robin" through a "Rocky Mountain High" which has "Rivers Of Dreams" flowing through it like "Tears In Heaven". Jazz, tight harmonies that take on a close harmony sound, almost, and touches of classical music are all incorporated in the covers found in the midst of three sweet original tunes, the title track "So Many Ways" and two spirit movers "The Light" and "Gift Of Song."

Songlist: So Many Ways, Rockin' Robin, River Of Dreams, Rocky Mountain High, Tears In Heaven, Big Yellow Taxi, Sweet Geargia Brown, Moondance, Fire, The Light, Gift Of Song

More details
2304c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Voice Male : Hooked : 00  1 CD : 

Listen to
Danny Boy

Voice Male : Hooked

Review: Six guys from West of the Rockies are keeping the Voice Male tradition alive and they are doing it incredibly well. In harmony, they take you to the movies to find the "Rainbow Connection", you find yourself floating in the Acapulco bay with a humorous rendition of the "Love Boat Theme", and you'll be "Walking on Sunshine". They pay tribute to tradition with a beautifully arranged "Danny Boy" and knock around a bit with James Taylor's "Only You". You're funny bone will tickle with "Farmer Tan" and "Send Me to Glory In A Glad Bag", and your desires inspired with "Give Them A Vision". Extra special mention goes to "You Lift Me Up", a Voice Male original. Appropriately titled "Hooked" because we believe you will be!

Songlist: Walkin' On Sunshine, Good Lovin', Only One, You Lift Me Up, Danny Boy, Love Boat Theme, Rainbow Connection, Light in Your Eyes, It's All Been Done, Farmer Tan, Send Me To Glory In A Glad Bag, Been There, Give Them A Vision

More details
2607c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Voice Male : Six

Review: The contemporary group Voice Male is Richard McAllister, tenor, Mike Bearden, tenor, John Huff, Baritone, Phil Kesler, baritone, Mike Willson, bass and John Luthy, vocal percussion and bass. "6" refers to the fact that this is their 6th CD, and probably also to the 6 years that these very talented men have been singing and performing together. We think this will be a breakthrough CD for them, for "6" is a joy from start to finish! Comparisons with Rockapella, the House Jacks and the Beach Boys come to mind as VM hands us one powerful cover after another, held together by John's rock-solid vocal percussion. Much of the excellent arranging is by group members, and the guys take turns singing lead, showing off their vocal talents. 14 well-chosen songs here: a fun "Brown Eyed Girl," "A Million Ways," U2's "Pride" (In the Name of Love), "It's so Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday," "My Maria," "The Shadow of Your Smile," great vocal "horns" on "The Lion Sleeps Tonight," "Sam, You Made the Pants Too Long," James Taylor's "That Lonesome Road" and "Sun on the Moon," "In The Still of the Night," "Loch Lomond," "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and "Celebration." Fun stuff-highly recommended!

Songlist: Brown Eyed Girl, A Million Ways, Pride (In The Name of Love), It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday, My Maria, The Shadow of Your Smile, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Sam You Made The Pants Too Long, That Lonesome Road, In The Still Of The Night, Sun On The Moon, Loch Lommond, Breakfast At Tiffany's, Celebration

More details
2953c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Voice Male : Up, Up & Away

Review: Review rending

Songlist: Breakfast At Tiffany's , Little Bitty Pretty One, My Maria, Mr. Bass Man, Celebration, Cultural Narrative With Traditonal Accompaniment, Loch Lomond, Me & Julio Down by the School Yard, Rubber Duckie, What's Wrong With Me?, Lean On Me, I Can See Clearly Now, Voice Male, The Shadow of Your Smile, Zombie Jamboree

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2309c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Voiceboys : Voiceboys

Review: Six talented young Swedish men bring us an exuberant, fun CD of well-chosen classic top-40 US covers, startlingly arranged, with innovative, powerful vocal percussion. 13 songs: Prince's 'Kiss' and 'Sign of the Times' ben e. king's 'Stand By Me,' Seals & Crofts' 'Summer Breeze,' the BeeGees' 'Stayin' Alive,' Tom Jones' (and it totally sounds like him)'It's Not Unusual,' Carole King's 'You've Got a Friend,' Wilson Pickett's 'In The Midnight Hour,' our favorite song on the album,'Does Your Mother Know,' Sting's 'Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic,' Smokey Robinson's 'My Girl,' 'Hooked on a Feeling' and 'The Great Pretender. There's nothing but Swedish on their website, (although the songs are in perfect English), and almost no info on the liner notes but 'Voiceboys' speaks for itself with the kind of vocal juice that made songs like 'Midnight Hour' and 'My Girl' instant classics when they first came out. These guys clearly loved this music when growing up, and love a cappella-the result is one of the best contemporary CDs we've heard this year!

Songlist: Kiss (Prince), Stand By Me (Elmo Glick, Ben E King), Summer Breeze (Dash Crofts, Jimmy Seals), Stayin' Alive (Barry, Robin, Maurice Gibb), It's Not Unusual (Gordon Mills, Les Reed), You're Got A Friend (Carole King), In the Midnight Hour (Steve Cropper, Wilson Pickett), Does Your Mother Know (Benny Andersson, Bjorn Ulvaeous), Sign of the Times (Prince), Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (Sting), My Girl (William Smokey Robinson, Ronald White), Hooked On A Feeling (Mark James), The Great Pretender (Buck Ram)

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7368c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Warblers : Glee Presents The Warblers

Review: We don't have to explain who The Warblers are to the millions of you who have been religiously DVRing Glee since this Prime Time a cappella (well, actually sometimes accompanied) phenomenon hit the airwaves a couple of years ago. McKinley High's charismatic, angst-ridden New Directions ensemble has to take on any number of challenges in their quest to (a) survive as a group against the anti-glee club forces at McKinley, and (b) win the regionals. The Warblers, from hoity-toity Dalton Academy are their nemesis, but this all-male, matching Ivy League blazered group are no slouches. The New Directions take them out at the regionals, but it's clear that rematches will be happening, and this 13-song Warblers CD shows just what the ND are up against! Some favorites are three with leads by Popular Glee star Darren Criss, Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream," Train's long-running hit "Hey Soul Sister" and Destiny's Child's "Bills, Bills, Bills;" Robin Thicke's "When I Get You Alone," Maroon 5's "Misery," a delicate cover of the Beatles' "Blackbird," a powerful take on Pink's "Raise Your Glass," Keane's poignant (accompanied) "Somewhere Only We Know," and tight vocal percussion and sweet backup harmonies on Barbra Streisand's "What Kind of Fool" and Rod Stewart's Disco hit "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy." But you don't have to be into Glee to recognize and dig a great a cappella CD-The Warblers have top-drawer arrangers and use the vocal chops of the Beelezbubs to absolutely nail every one of these songs. Just listen to songs like "Hey Soul Sister" and "Teenage Dream," and see why we love this CD, and are thrilled about what Glee is doing for a cappella!

Songlist: Teenage Dream, Hey, Soul Sister, Bills, Bills, Bills, Silly Love Songs, When I Get You Alone, Animal, Misery, Blackbird, Candles, Raise Your Glass, Somewhere Only We Know, What Kind of Fool, Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?

More details
2970c | 1 CD | $11.95 || Music from Glee

Who's Your Daddy! : Who's Your Daddy! : 00  1 CD : 

Listen to
Shining Star

Who's Your Daddy! : Who's Your Daddy!

Review: "They sing! They rock! They need a nap!" is the teaser for all male a cappella quartet Who's Your Daddy!, and might make you think they're a lightweight garage band; but you'd be mistaken. Freddy, Rick, Adam and Chris have some serious vocal chops, as well as long, extensive credits in the music business, as well as in film and television. This is the debut album for these four dads, and it's got 14 freshly-arranged Rock, Pop and Soul favorites, joyously and powerfully sung. From The Cars' "Let's Go," Stevie Wonder's "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" and "Livin' For The City," to the Sly and the Family Stone's "Hot Fun in the Summertime," Brian Wilson's poignant "In My Room," the Spencer Davis Group's 1967 hit "Gimme Some Lovin'," The Cream's "Sunshine of Your Love" and The Young Rascals' "Groovin'," these are great songs sung by guys who know how to do them justice. Two other favorites are medleys, "Time of the Season" segued with Prince's "When the Doves Cry" and Queen's anthem "Bohemian Rhapsody" segued into Queen's "Somebody to Love." But every cut is a stone, fun winner. Treat yourself to "Who's Your Daddy!"

Songlist: Let's Go, Signed Sealed Delivered, Livin' For The City, Fire And Rain, Shining Star, Long Train Runnin', Hot Fun in the Summertime, In My Room, Time of the Season / When Doves Cry, Gimme Some Lovin', Free Falling, Sunshine of Your Love, Groovin', Bohemian Rhapsody / Somebody to Love

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7593c | 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Audiofeels : Unfinished onsale

Review: Eight man Polish a cappella ensemble Audiofeels recently gave us a memorable taste of what they call "Vocal Play" at the Harmony Sweeps Finals in San Rafael, CA. Vocal Play uses the human voice as a source of multiple instruments to create a vocal orchestra on stage, and this unique, creative concept has taken them from the Adam Mickiewicz University Choir in Poznan, Poland, where they met to Poland's prestigious Grand Theatre, to the NYC Sweeps Regionals, to the Finals, where they got a big ovation, and where to next? Their chosen musical "direction" has led to international acclaim and awards, and 2 CD set (Side A and Side F) "Unfinished" can only lead to more of the same! Some of our favorites are "Kiss from a Rose," which we loved at the Finals, "Unfinished Symphony," "What Does It Mean?," "Seven Nation Army," "What Goes Around Comes Around," "Ten Dzien," "You Came Close" and "Still," but each of these 15 cuts is fresh and compelling. Audiofeels is heading off boldly in its musical "direction," and we, along with thousand of other lovers of a cappella, want to hear where they're going. Don't miss this hot collection!

Songlist: What Does It Mean?, On The Edge (Of the unknown), Ten Dzien, You Came Close, Still, Banal, I Found a Place, You Came Close, Unfinished Sympathy, Kiss From a Rose, What Goes Around Comes Around, Bittersweet Symphony, Seven Nation Army, Bittersweet, Something in the Way

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2920c | 2 CDs | $4.95 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

BaSix : Diversity : 00  2 CDs : 

Listen to

BaSix : Diversity

Review: The first thing that the (beautiful, multi-page, color, with cool pix and all the lyrics) liner notes of "Diversity" tells us is that this is the 5th album by Basix, "the first Basix album containing solely original songs straight from the minds and hearts of all the members of the group. Enjoy!" Easy for us, since these 6 talented Danish men first formed Basix in 1995 we have been watching this group get more amazing with every excellent CD, until we hold "Diversity" in our hot little hands, a tour-de-force 2 CD set that is world-class on every level. There's a total of 19 original tunes here, all sung in English, each one a gem. The fresh, clean sound, the confident, light background vocals and vocal percussion, the surprising, poetic lyrics, the sweet leads-what's not to enjoy? OK, I guess we'll have to pick some favorites at this point. "Super Natural Conversation" on disk 2, a wonderful reggae tune with an early Beatles flavor, "Tease" on disk 1 is a sexy, rhythmic romp, the title tune on disc 1 is a juicy foot-tapping suggestion against racism, and "So Much Better" is a marvelously arranged hit with the eye-opening opening line "I'm sorry, but I think you suck." "Change" on disk 1 simply needs to be listened to, as do "Let's Move On" and "Think Twice." On disk 2 "A Thousand Years," "It Won't Matter To Me," "High On Life (In The Slow Lane)," "Honesty" and "Without You" are all stone winners. There are certain groups (The Real Group, for instance) that push the a cappella envelope with every recording, every performance, and Basix is such a group. Don't miss this one!

Songlist: Why We Always Wait, So Much Better, Tease, Diversity, Said I Wanna Go My Way, Cry out for Muses, Change, Did a Little, Let's Move On, Think Twice, A Thousand Years, Super Natural Conversation, It Won't Matter To Me, High on Life (In the Slow Lane), The Truth Behind my Love, Infected with You, A Thought for You, Honesty, Without You

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5868c | 2 CDs | $16.95 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Persuasions : Persuasions of the Dead

Review: A re-invented, remixed, rearranged, updated, and expanded two-CD set from the sessions for The Persuasions long out-of-print Grateful Dead tribute album. Persuasions of the Dead (named by Tom Waits!), was conceived by Los Angeles writer/producer Rip Rense as a sweeping two-CD set, formatted like a Grateful Dead concert,with six new tracks, six new guest artists, and an entirely new feel. Guests include Country Joe McDonald, Mark Karan of Bob Weir's group, RatDog, saxophonist James King, Vince Welnick the Dead's last keyboard man, Jackie LaBranch and Gloria Jones of the Jerry Garcia Band, Grammy-winning bluegrass musician Peter Rowan, vocalist Alyn Kelley, and Dongming Qiao, Chinese erhu virtuoso.

Songlist: Ripple, Bertha, Sugaree, Brokedown Palace, Greatest Story Ever Told, Lazy River Road, New Speedway Boogie, Ship of Fools, Don't Ease Me In , Here Comes Sunshine 1, Might As Well , It Must Have Been the Roses, Loose Lucy, Liberty, Black Muddy River, Suite: Here Comes Sunshine 2/Drumz/Space , He's Gone, One More Saturday Night, And I Bid You Good Night

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2016c | 2 CDs | $19.95 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Ron Feingold : Back To Dirty onsale

Review: Ron, who we loved as the very funny MC of two West Coast Summit Saturday night shows, and whose debut, solo CD, featuring "The Home Depot Song," is a stone winner, brings us a 2-CD set, "Back to Dirty." The first CD is a live, 1-hour performance at Loonees Comedy Club in Ron's hometown, Colorado Springs, Colorado in June 2003. The second CD is an 11-song studio recording, featuring 11 Feingold originals, all sung with Ron accompanying himself singing 4-track, 4-part harmony. First, let us note that this is all very funny, get-down-and-dirty relationship stuff that had the live, mixed audience at Loonees absolutely cracking up. Second, let us bring up that these CDs are profanity-laced recordings that are not for the faint of heart or those who are shocked by the goings-on late at night in major city comedy clubs. If you come across Richard Pryor or Dave Chappelle on the Comedy Channel, blush and keep channel surfing, this might not be your cup of tea. That said, we will list some of our favorites of the 11 very funny songs on Disc 2: "Take Your Pants Off Please," "Yodel in the Canyon," "Better Off Gay," "Heckler Song," "Enema Countdown," "I Just Called...," "Hairy Back," "Enormous Penis," "F-k You Amen" and "Guest Rappers" in case we didn't make ourselves perfectly clear before. Again, hilarious stuff with great impressions!

Songlist: Live at Loonees, It's All Me Remix, Take Your Pants Off Please, Yodel in the Canyon, Better Off Gay, Heckler Song, Enema Countdown, I Just Called..., Hairy Back, Enormous Penis, Fuck You Amen, Guest Rappers

More details
2518c | 2 CDs | $1.95 | A Cappella |

Four Shadow : Live in Bemidji!

Review: Minneapolis, MN's hot a cappella male Contemporary quartet Four Shadow brings us their 5th excellent recording, a CD/DVD combination of their live concert at Bemidji High School, recorded in March, 2006. There are 15 songs on the CD, 14 on the DVD, and it's quite interesting comparing some of the same songs, performed on the CD and the DVD where you can see the show and the interaction with the audience. The Doobie's "Joy To The World," "Wendy," Stevie Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely," and the group's feature "Trip Through Time!" which musically takes us through the decades, beginning with the Four Tops' "Can't Help Myself," the BeeGees' "Stayin' Alive," Mister Mister's "Kyrie," "Giraffe Nightengale" from the 90s and "The Time is Now" from "Da Oh's." "Breathin'," the pop hit "Barbara Ann," Simon & Garfunkel's "Me and Julio Down By The Schoolyard," and "Can't Get Next To You" finish up the program, to the delight of the screaming crowd. These four are born entertainers with great voices, harmonies and senses of humor-and we love the whole CD/DVD combo idea. See and hear why Four Shadow has been rising fast in the a cappella world!


More details
1215c | CD & DVD | $24.95 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Alan Billingsley : Lil' Red Riding Hood

Review: Sam the Sham's novelty hit of 1966 is a natural for guys' groups with campy comedy that will bring down the house! Available: TTB, ShowTrax CD. Performance Time: Approx. 2:45.

Sheet Music Available: TTB

As Performed by: Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs

More details

4866p | Showtrax CD | $19.95 | TTB || Ronald Blackwell | TTB Showcase

Alan Billingsley : My Girl

Review: The top-rated 1998 TV movie about The Temptations brought their smooth vocal harmonies and unique style to a whole new generation of fans. This 1965 #1 hit will please singers, parents and grandparents! Available: TTB, ShowTrax CD. Performance Time: Approx. 2:45.

More details
2328p | Showtrax CD | $26.95 | TTB || TTB Showcase

Alan Billingsley : Runaway

Review: It's the unmistakable sound of early '60s rock at its best in this supercharged 1961 #1 hit by Del Shannon. Available: TBB, ShowTrax CD. Performance Time: Approx. 2:50.

Sheet Music Available: TBB

As Performed by: Del Shannon

More details

4910p | Showtrax CD | $19.95 || Max Crook | TTB Showcase

Alan Billingsley : Seventies Gold (Medley)

Review: This blast from the past is the perfect closer for any concert. Add some simple choreography and the ShowTrax CD to bring down the house. Songs include: Crocodile Rock, Joy to the World, and Your Mama Don't Dance.Available separately: TTB and ShowTrax CD. Performance Time: Approx. 6:00.

Sheet Music Available: TTB

More details
4299p | Showtrax CD | $35.00 | TTB || TTB Showcase

Alan Billingsley : Ticket to Ride

Review: From the movie HELP!, this was one of the incredible series of Number One hits by the Beatles. This arrangement for guys offers all the appeal of the original recording and well-written easy-to-learn parts for choirs of all levels.

Sheet Music Available: TTB

As Performed by: Beatles

More details

2914p | Showtrax CD | $19.95 || John Lennon and Paul McCartney | TTB Showcase

Audrey Snyder : Here, There and Everywhere

Review: Here is the Beatles classic song from 1966 in a well-crafted arrangement for men's voices, full of wonderful textures, solo lines and rich harmonic underlay.

Sheet Music Available: TTB

As Performed by: Beatles

More details

2925p | Showtrax CD | $26.95 || John Lennon and Paul McCartney | TTB Showcase

Audrey Snyder : Hey, Good Lookin'

Review: Your guys will have a blast singing this rockabilly classic by Hank Williams and more recently covered in a 2004 chart hit by Jimmy Buffett and his country cohorts Clint Black, Kenny Chesney, Alan Jackson, Toby Keith and George Strait. Optional tenor sax part included. Available separately: TTB, ShowTrax CD. Duration: ca. 2:15.

Sheet Music Available: TTB

As Performed by: Hank Williams

More details

2526p | Showtrax CD | $26.95 | TTB || TTB Showcase

Audrey Snyder : Takin' Care of Business

Review: The soul and power of the 1974 hit from the legendary Bachman-Turner Overdrive super group come through loud and strong in this dynamic arrangement that your guys will love to sing.Available separately: TTB and ShowTrax CD. Performance Time: Approx. 3:00.

Sheet Music Available: TTB

As Performed by: Bachman-Turner Overdrive

More details

4977p | Showtrax CD | $26.95 | TTB || Randy Bachman | TTB Showcase

Beach Boys : Good Vibrations

Review: Rated by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the top 500 rock songs of all times, Good Vibrations is a rock classic. This arrangement builds on the happy rock shuffle groove and the now legendary harmonic progressions of the Beach Boys music.

Sheet Music Available: SATB,   SAB,   2-Part,   TTBB

As Performed by: Beach Boys

More details

7794p | Showtrax CD | $26.95 || Mike Love

Beatles : The Beatles: Abbey Road (Medley)

Review: After the chaos of the recording sessions for the Beatles' last two late '60s records, Paul suggested to producer George Martin that they record an album like they used to earlier in their career, with all band members present. The result of this effort was one of the finest rock albums ever created. Celebrating the album's recent 50th anniversary, our medley includes Something, Here Comes the Sun, Come Together, Octopus's Garden, Maxwell's Silver Hammer, She Came Through the Bathroom Window and The End.

Sheet Music Available: SATB,   SAB,   2-Part

As Performed by: Beatles

More details

20024p | Showtrax CD | $54.95 |

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