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Contemporary A Cappella Performance DVDs

Many a cappella groups are noted for their live performance and an evening at an a cappella concert is most often very entertaining. These DVDs of popular contemporary a cappella groups are sure to please and entertain you for years to come.

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Four Shadow : Live in Bemidji!

Review: Minneapolis, MN's hot a cappella male Contemporary quartet Four Shadow brings us their 5th excellent recording, a CD/DVD combination of their live concert at Bemidji High School, recorded in March, 2006. There are 15 songs on the CD, 14 on the DVD, and it's quite interesting comparing some of the same songs, performed on the CD and the DVD where you can see the show and the interaction with the audience. The Doobie's "Joy To The World," "Wendy," Stevie Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely," and the group's feature "Trip Through Time!" which musically takes us through the decades, beginning with the Four Tops' "Can't Help Myself," the BeeGees' "Stayin' Alive," Mister Mister's "Kyrie," "Giraffe Nightengale" from the 90s and "The Time is Now" from "Da Oh's." "Breathin'," the pop hit "Barbara Ann," Simon & Garfunkel's "Me and Julio Down By The Schoolyard," and "Can't Get Next To You" finish up the program, to the delight of the screaming crowd. These four are born entertainers with great voices, harmonies and senses of humor-and we love the whole CD/DVD combo idea. See and hear why Four Shadow has been rising fast in the a cappella world!

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1215c | CD & DVD | $24.95 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Blenders : Christmas With

Review: The Blenders have been performing a series of very successful Christmas concerts for many years and now we finally have a chance to see for ourselves what makes the shows so popular. Neither all a cappella nor just Christmas songs the concert is nevertheless a real treat for Blenders fans who enjoy their wonderful harmonies and a blend that can only come after many years of singing together. The all a cappella "Hark The Herald Angel Sings" and "I Wonder As I Wander" are particular treats on this enjoyable live performance footage.

Songlist: Opening Credits, Put a Little Love In Your Heart, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, When it Snows, Audience Greetings, Hark! The Herald Angels Sing, Walkin' In A Winter Wonderland, I Wonder As I Wander, Do You Hear What I Hear, One Small Child / We 3 Kings, Frosty The Snowman, Audience Greeting 2, I Bought You a Plastic Star (For Your Aluminum Tree), Pure Imagination / White Christmas, Lean On Me, All Wrapped Up, Love Train, End Credits

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2409dvd | DVD | $29.95 || Christmas DVDs

Bobs : The Bobs Sing, and other Love Songs

Review: Feel the love in the room ignite when you play "The Bobs Sing! (and Other Love Songs)" available now on VHS or DVD! Celebrating The Bobs' 20th Anniversary year this is a must for music lovers, audiophiles and fans alike. On VHS you get a one hour PBS TV special, recorded in Cincinnati on February, 2001, followed by a hilarious behind-the-scenes featurette revealing Amy, Joe, Richard and Matthew's wacky spontaneity and the true history behind their 20 years of presenting "a cappella worth singing about!" On the DVD you get all that with both a Stereo or Dolby 5.1 mix of the PBS concert plus nine, new and vintage Bobs songs from performances taped around the world, including: "My I'm Large," "Spray," "Druid Song," "Signs On The Line" and more!

Songlist: Concert Selections (60:00), Unchain My Heart, Mess Me Up Again, Searchin', Fever, You Really Got A Hold on Me, My Husband Was A Weatherman, Banana Love, Bach to Bach, Drive By Love, Johnny's Room, A Cappella Choir in the Sky, Bonus Videos in Chronological Order (32:00), My, I'm Large, 1987, Excerpt from Up'nswutch, 1992, Excerpt from Multiple Choice -- With the Klaus Koenig Jazz Orchestra, 1995, Slow Down Kristina, 1995, Excerpt from Chickens, 1998, The Druid Song, 2000, Spray, 2001, Signs on the Line, 2001, Share a Load, 2001

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2723dvd | DVD | $29.95 | A Cappella |

Chapter 6 : In Concert

Review: We feel like we know these 7 personable young men from the Chicago area very well. 3-time winners of the Chicago Harmony Sweeps Regional beginning in 2000, they have been onstage regularly at the National Finals, finally winning the whole enchilada in 2004. The liner notes for "In Concert" are about as minimal as they can be-some nice small stills from the DVD on the front, and then a listing of the songs on the back. This seemed curious until we realized that the DVD is aimed at people who have seen Chapter 6 in concert or heard one of their 4 excellent CDs, people like us. We don't need breathless prose to convince us about how wonderful the group is, we know that-let's just get this packaging open, and-cool, there's 2 DVDs, one with 17 hits, and the other with behind the scenes footage. It's all here, Stevie's "Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing," Freddie's "Bohemian Rhapsody," "Theme and Variations on It Don't Mean A Thing if It Ain't Got That Swing" (which won Best Arrangement in 2004), "Ode to Krispy Kreme" and the hilarious, brilliant 5-minute "Wizard of Oz" that absolutely won them the Finals and drew them another standing O at the A Cappella Summit that year. Great stuff all the way through, and we have to say, stardom couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of guys!

Songlist: It's About Time, Don't Worry 'Bout A Thing, What A Wondeful World, Pick Up The Pieces, Bohemian Rhapsody, Ode To Krispy Kreme, And They Praised God, And I Raised Cod, It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing), God's Love, The 7th Wheel, How Deep Is Your Love, Lost In Canada, Sweet, Sweet Spirit, Wizard Of Oz, The Rootbeer Song

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2855dvd | DVD | $19.98 | A Cappella || Performance DVDs

Go Fish : Showtime

Review: Go Fish, one of our favorite Contemporary Christian groups, is an a cappella trio comprised of 3 young men, 2 of them fathers, who have toured across the country and sold over 500,000 albums. Jamie, Jason and Andy, those "Go Fish Guys," possibly because of their experiences with parenthood, have directed their ministry at children and their parents, with joyous results. Their CDs "Splash," "Superstar, the recently released "Snooze" and this new DVD, "Showtime" are all winners. "Showtime" features songs from "Splash" and "Superstar," and it is performed before (and with) an adoring, excited audience of kids and their parents. Interspersed with songs and silliness at the local county fair, the guys perform "Superstar," "I've Got the Joy," "The Crazy Dance," "The Ten Commandment Boogie," "This Little Light of Mine" and "That Acappella Sound." "Showtime" is advertised as "Great music for kids that won't drive their parents bonkers!"-indeed, far from it, people of all ages in the audience are up, dancing and singing along. Learning about Jesus and the teachings of the Bible becomes a celebration here, and everybody's included. Go, Fish!

Songlist: Go Fish Theme, Superstar, The Fair!, Jason's Pigs, I've Got The Joy, Jamie's Cow, Crazy Dance, Ten Commandments Boogie, Andy's Sheep, Dr. Atom, Why The Name, This Little Light, See You Next Time!, Bonus Material, Go Fish Bloopers, Promo video

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2856dvd | DVD | $14.98 | A Cappella || Kids Music

ISO/BOBS : The Lonesome Pine Special

Review: Finally released on DVD the award-winning PBS "Lonesome Pine Special" (part of the Great Performances Series) pairing modern dance company ISO with the Bobs. This well-produced show, filmed and edited in a creative, imaginative, and certainly highly entertaining way. Originaly broadcast in 1990 the DVD features the original Bobs line up and is a must for all Bobs fans. Includes "Pounded On A Rock," "My Shoes," "Welcome To My Fog," "Psychokiller" (with amazing choreography), "Temptation," more.

Songlist: The Lonesome Pine, Psychokiller, Pounded on a Rock, I Scare Myself, Through The Wall, Temptation, You Can't Do That, Rug Dance, Welcome to My Fog, Purple Haze, Share A Load, My Shoes

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2463dvd | DVD | $19.98 | A Cappella |

King's Heralds : Jerry's Farewell

Review: Join the King's Heralds as they celebrate second tenor Jerry Patton's exceptional thirty-seven year career. Special guests include first tenors Bob Edwards and John Ramsey; baritones Wayne Hooper, Jack Veazy and Steve Laing; and Basses Jerry Dill and Jim McClintock. Also included is a rare special appearance by contralto Del Deker. Enjoy not only the regular repertoire of rousing spirituals, hymn classics of the faith and the latest contemporary Christian sounds, but also renditions from former members of the quartet along with Don Scroggs, Russell Hosepedales and Jim Ayars; as the King's Heralds honor Jerry and his legendary career in Gospel music.

Songlist: Lord Of All, Take A Little Time To Talk To The Lord, On The Jericho Road, Kum Ba Ya, Sit Down Servant, Cooperation, Only A Boy Named David, Dry Bones, City Of Light, Sweet, Sweet Spirit, Lift Up The Trumpet (Ndebele), Master Designer , Milky White Way, New Life, Calm of the Drum, Daystar (Shine Down On Me), The Wonder Of It All, Good News, Chariots a Comin'

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3021dvd | DVD | $24.98 | A Cappella || Performance DVDs

Kinsey Sicks : I Wanna Be A Republican

Review: In their first live concert film The Kinsey Sicks reveal the shocking news: they have gone Republican. In this mock GOP fundraiser, Rachel, Winnie, Trixie and Trampolina, the four gifted singers and comedians who comprise the quartet, defend their conversion to conservatism. They sing - literally! - the praises of corruption, tokenism, greed and all things nuclear (both families and bombs). The film, shot over two nights with five high definition cameras at the Broadway Studios in San Francisco, captures the final performances of the live, touring version of the Kinseys' I WANNA BE A REPUBLICAN stage show which they developed during the 2004 election season. Touring for over a year nationally, as well as in Canada and Mexico, "Republican" was performed not only in major cities, but also in small towns and red states -- to wildly appreciative audiences. A cappella has rarely been funnier!

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2407dvd | DVD | $24.95 |

Lingonberries : ABBsolut Berries

Review: ABBsolut Berries is a unique, high-energy musical show by Swedish-Canadian a cappella quartet The Ligonberries. The group performs four-part arrangements of popular ABBA songs like Dancing Queen, Waterloo and Mamma Mia in front of an enthusiastic live audience. The unique four-part arrangements captures the complex instrumentation of ABBA's original recordings.

Songlist: Super Trouper, Waterloo, Lay All Your Love, Knowing Me, Knowing You, Under Attack, Mamma Mia!, Does Your Mother Know, Money, Money, Money, One Of Us, Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, S.O.S, Dancing Queen, Thank You For The Music, Varmlandsvisan

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7425dvd | DVD | $15.98 |

Naturally 7 : Live at Montreux

Review: Naturally 7 brought their unique style of Vocal Play to Montreux in 2007. These seven incredibly talented singers from New York manage to sound like a full band without the use of any instruments other than their voices and have been wowing audiences around the world. This concert marked Naturally 7's first appearance at the festival and their distinctive arrangements of tracks such as :In The Air Tonight", "Broken Wings", and "Sounds Of Silence" marked a new chapter in their ongoing success story.

Songlist: Fly Baby, Can Ya Feel It?, Broken Wings, Another You, What Is It? (Excuse Me), Say You Love Me, Simon & Garfunkel Medley, Back to The Essence / Solos, Feel It (In The Air Tonight), Open Your Eyes

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2874dvd | DVD | $15.95 | A Cappella |

Naturally 7 : Live In Berlin

Review: When we last saw and heard Naturally 7 live, they were called "Seven," dressed in matching dark suits and confidently blowing away the Harmony Sweeps Finals competition on a San Rafael stage in 1999. "Live In Berlin" was recorded live at the "Meilenwerk" concert hall in Berlin, March 13th, 2004, and the guys are looking fine, dressed like rap stars at a music awards show, but the story here is the amazing talent of these men, and their music. 12 songs: "Sit Back, Relax" welcomes us in, and Jamal Reed's guitar solo on "BMG (Be My Guest)" is one of the best we've heard. Their opening number at the Finals, "Bless This House," is even better than we remember, as is "Amazing Grace," and a stunning "Simon and Garfunkel Medley" reminds us of their show-stopper "Bridge Over Troubled Water." The good stuff keeps coming with "Say You Love Me," "Back To The Essence," a stunning arrangement of "Another You," the title tune of their second CD, "What Is It," "Have I Ever Told You" and "Music Is The Key." Throughout there is great camera work, close-ups of the group and the appreciative audience. There is some very cool bonus material: "First Time in Japan," "At Telecom," an interview with Nat7 at the hotel lobby, "Photo Gallery" and "Biography." The guys are stars, and this amazing DVD leaves no doubt of that! In Dolby Digital 5.1

Songlist: Sit Back - Relax, BMG (Be My Guest), Bless This House, Broken Wings, Say You Love Me, Back To The Essence, Another You, What Is It?, Simon & Garfunkel Medley, Amazing Grace, Have I Ever Told You?, Music Is The Key

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2873dvd | DVD | $19.98 | A Cappella || Contemporary Christian CDs

Nylons : Live In Tokyo and more..

Review: Of all the contemporary a cappella groups The Nylons have always put on one of the best shows, in great part because of their background in live theater. So this DVD of a historic concert shot in Japan in 1986 is a real treat and a must for all Nylons fans. The high production values shows the guys at their high-energy best and features Marc Connors, Claude Morrison, Paul Cooper and Arnold Robinson. As well as the thirteen song concert footage there are six bonus music videos that the group has shot over the years which helps makes this a most enjoyable watch!

Songlist: Me And The Boys, Bop 'Til You Drop, Stepping Stone, One Fine Day, Please, Romance (If I Can Get It), Heavenly Bodies, Silhuoettes, Up On The Roof, Prince Of Darkness, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Up The Ladder To The Roof, Fire, That Kind Of Man, Take Me To Your Heart, Combat Zone, Happy Together, Wild Fire, Busy Tonight

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1205dvd | DVD | $24.98 | A Cappella |

Pentatonix : On My Way Home

Review: 2016 documentary on Grammy Award winning and platinum selling recording artists Pentatonix. After wrapping their sold-out On My Way Home World Tour, the group continued their whirlwind year with this release of their first ever documentary. The concert film follows the quintet throughout their sold out 2015 North American tour featuring behind-the-scenes footage, live performances and the making of their debut album. That self-titled debut album landed at #1 on Billboard's Top 200 Albums and Current Albums Charts in its first week; making this release the first time in history that an A Cappella album debuts at #1 on the chart. Since bursting onto the scene in 2011, Pentatonix have sold more than three million albums in the U.S. alone and has amassed over 1.4 billion views on their YouTube channel with over 10 million subscribers.

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6111dvd | DVD | $11.95 |

Tonic Sol-fa : Christmas

Review: Recorded live from Minneapolis's Orchestra Hall at the culmination of one of their always-sold-out Christmas concerts this DVD finds the award-winning a cappella group returning to its musical roots to deliver what the Pioneer Press calls .. an event as much a party as a concert." "A fine blend, a driving sense of rhythm, and a pitch that's right on target", this DVD puts you front row at the holiday event where Tonic Sol-fa, "...filled the air with a marvelous variety of musical textures."

Songlist: Joy To The World, Come To Save The World, Baby King, Adeste Fideles, Ay Ay Ay It's Christmas, We Owe Them More Than That, On This Christmas Night, King Of Glory, Santa Bring Me My Baby Back To Me, Up On The Housetop, Chances, Long Black Train, 29 Ways To My Baby's Door, Nuttin' For Christmas, Silent Night, God Rest Ye Merry Genltmen, Little Drummer Boy, Grace

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1220dvd | DVD | $19.95 | A Cappella |

Tonic Sol-fa : Greatest Time of the Year

Review: The boys are back for their second, nationwide holiday telecast! Filmed over two nights in an intimate Midwestern setting, Tonic Sol-fa channels the halcyon days of the "Rat Pack" with a mix of spontaneity and contemporary flair. Catch the camaraderie, high jinx and, of course, the masterful harmonies of America's premiere all vocal band..

Songlist: Hark! The Herald Angels Sing, Holiday Road, Angels We Have Heard on High, Holiday Medley, Greatest Time of Year, O Come All Ye Faithful, I Saw Three Ships, Cactus Christmas, Miss You Most (at Christmastime), Rockin' On Top of the World, The First Noel, Do You Hear What I Hear

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5790dvd | DVD | $19.95 | A Cappella || Christmas DVDs

Straight No Chaser : All I Want For Christmas

Review: The perfect gift for everyone on your list! This special edition 2 CD + DVD box set includes the best selling albums Christmas Cheers and Holiday Spirits, plus a DVD of the group's Live in New York Holiday Edition Concert Special. Included a 14-page booklet featuring childhood photos of all group members.

Songlist: Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Jingle Bell Rock, The Christmas Song, This Christmas, Christmas Wish, Hark! The Herald Angels Sing/Angels We Have Heard on High, Little Saint Nick, The Twelve Days Of Christmas, Indiana Christmas, Sweet Little Jesus Boy, Christmas (Baby Please Come Home), Carol of the Bells, Silent Night, Auld Lang Syne, The Christmas Can-Can, We Three Kings, Christmastime is Here, Let It Snow, Donde Esta Santa Claus, I'll Be Home For Christmas, Hey Santa!, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch, O Holy Night, Santa Claus is Back in Town, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Jingle Bells, Who Spiked the Eggnog?, The Twelve Days Of Christmas, Intro: Bohemian Rhapsody, and more

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6032dvd | DVD 00 2 CDs | $37.95 | A Cappella || Christmas DVDs