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Male Contemporary A Cappella Recordings

Rockin', rollin', soulful and sounding terrific; take a little pop, color it with doo-wop, add a jazzy taste, throw in rock, some R&B, maybe a little rap or country - we've got contemporary a cappella by some of the finest men's groups on the planet. Some of the amazing albums listed below have radio-ready work that will fool even the most discerning ear into asking "that's a cappella?!" Others have a more traditional, organic sound. Some have original work, others the covers we all know & love. But they have a few things in common - great voices, great arrangements, and a fun, appealing sound. This is the sound that drew so many of us into a cappella fandom in the first place!

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Nylons : Best of onsale

Review: In 1993 Attic Records and Windham Hill Records put out their first collection, entitled Best Of..., which, like the later compilation Perfect Fit is a fine survey of the four Nylons whom most consider the originals, Marc Connors, Paul Cooper, Arnold Robinson and Claude Morrison. Many of the signature tunes are found on both releases but uniquely on Best Of... are "That Kind Of Man," "Up The Ladder To The Roof," "Please," "Stepping Stone," "Bop Till You Drop," "Combat Zone," "Wildfire" and "The Stars Are Ours."

Songlist: That Kind of Man, Kiss Him Goodbye, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Up the Ladder to the Roof, Please, Happy Together, Drift Away, Stepping Stone, Bop Till You Drop, Chain Gang, Up On The Roof, Prince of Darkness, Poison Ivy, Combat Zone, Wildfire, The Stars Are Ours

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2407c | 1 CD | $9.95 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Nylons : Happy Together

Review: Classic Nylons! Here we have the archetypical fabulous vocal harmony accompanied by rhythm tracks. As Happy Together was released in 1987 it can be said to be in the prime of the early Nylons. Though the best known tunes from this recording are "Happy Together" and "Kiss Him Goodbye," this reviewer finds "It's What They Call Magic," "This Island Earth" and the soaring falsetto on "Grown Man Cry" particularly memorable though perhaps less AM Radio worthy. Additional notable arrangements are "Chain Gang" and "A Touch Of Your Hand."

Songlist: Happy Together, Dance of Love, It's What They Call Magic, Chain Gang, This Island Earth, Face in the Crowd, Grown Man Cry, Crazy in Love (Morning Comes Early), A Touch of Your Hand, Kiss Him Goodbye

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2401c | 1 CD | $10.98 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Nylons : Hits of the 60's : 00  1 CD :  : 61422320752-0 : 61422320752

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Nylons : Hits of the 60's

Review: Scotti Brothers released this compilation of tunes in 1997. The Nylons had recorded them while on that label and all have been released on other cds. On it are arrangements which vary from live performance sung unaccompanied by even their patented percussion track ("One Fine Day," "Up On The Roof" and "Kiss Him Goodbye") to the instrumentally enhanced tracks found on the cd Because ("The Time Of The Season" and "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?"). If you aren't a collector this release gives you a fine survey of their mid-careeer period.

Songlist: Time Of The Season, God Only Knows, My Cherie Amour, A Change Is Gonna Come, One Fine Day, Up On The Roof, Kiss Him Goodbye, Lady Madonna, The Shoop Shoop Song (It's in Her Kiss), Will You Love Me Tomorrow?, Hey Girl, Because

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2413c | 1 CD | $11.95 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Nylons : Illustrious

Review: The Nylons have long been one of our favorite groups, most recently wowing the audience at the West Coast Summit. What we love about them is that they don't just cover a song, they "vocally sculpture" it, giving it a new dimension from the original. "Illustrious" is a "best of" collection from The Nylons' many CDs and huge number of live performances, and it's a treat! 13 songs: the live cuts "Duke of Earl" and "Chain Gang," "Love Potion #9/Spooky," the quintessential version of"The Lion Sleeps Tonight," "Up On The Roof," "Silhouettes," "Town Without Pity," "Remember," "Kiss Him Goodbye"...the hits just keep on coming. The Nylons simply sing and perform rings around most Doo-Wop groups, and never was this fact so evident as it is on "Illustrious." Great stuff!

Songlist: Duke Of Earl, Love Potion #9 / Spooky, Rock and Roll Lullaby, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Silhouettes, Town Without Pity, Up The Ladder To The Roof, Remember, Happy Together, Chain Gang, Kiss Him Goodbye, Drift Away

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6996c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Nylons : Perfect Fit

Review: Attic Records has been working with Windham Hill Records to rerelease the Nylons' "Attic years". Perfect Fit is a collection of favorites from the previous releases, The Nylons, One Size Fits All, Seamless, Happy Together, and Rockapella. This release is a grand survey of the early Nylons giving us, "The Lion Sleeps Tonight," "Happy Together," "Kiss Him Goodbye," "Love Potion #9/Spooky," "Silhouettes," "Chain Gang," "Poison Ivy," "Drift Away," "All I Have To Do Is Dream," "Up On The Roof," "This Boy" and three more.

Songlist: The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Happy Together, Kiss Him Goodbye, Love Potion #9/Spooky, Selhouettes, Chain Gang, Poison Ivy, Drift Away, All I Have To Do Is Dream, Up On The Roof, Oo Wee, Oh Me, Oh My, This Boy, Remember (Walking In The Sand), Duke Of Earl

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2412c | 1 CD | $11.95 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Nylons : Play On : 00  1 CD : 

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Only One

Nylons : Play On onsale

Review: The veteran male quartet the Nylons, who wowed the West Coast Summit audience not long ago, show us once again the innovative, driving arrangements, tight harmonies, soaring leads, rhythm and soul that has made them a favorite of ours for years! There's non-vocal percussion on just about every cut, but the emphasis remains on the amazing vocals. The song selection is typically well-chosen and fearless: Sting's "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic," Garth Mosbaugh's "Play" and "Wrong and Right," Kenny Loggins' "This Is It," the lovely Whitney Houston hit, "Feel Like Making Love," "Loving You," "Good Enough to Love," James Taylor's "Only One," "Could've Been You," "Hey There," Paul Simon's "Late in the Evening" and "One More Lonely Night." Every cut is excellent, and some, like "Late in the Evening," the guys just flat out nail! The Nylons are one of the best in the business, and "Play On" is their strongest, most soulful CD to date!

Songlist: Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic, Play, This Is It, Feel Like Making Love, Loving You, Good Enough (To Love), Only One, Wrong and Right, Could've Been You, Hey There, Late in the Evening, One More Lonely Night

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6992c | 1 CD | $9.95 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Nylons : Rockapella

Review: A high-energy recording that includes such popular songs as: "Love This is Love," "Drift Away," "(All I Have To Do Is) Dream," and "Poison Ivy."

Songlist: Love This is Love, Drift Away, Wildfire, Another Night Like This, No Stone Unturned, Count My Blessings, Poison Ivy, Busy Tonight, Rise Up, (All I Have To Do Is) Dream

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2402c | 1 CD | $9.95 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Nylons : Seamless : 00  1 CD :  : 1190

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This Boy

Nylons : Seamless

Review: The oft-imitated "Lion Sleeps Tonight" leads off this 1984 recording. Other memorable tunes include "This Boy," "Perpetual Emotion," and "Stepping Stone."

Songlist: The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Take Me To Your Heart, This Boy, Oo Wee, Oh Me, Oh My, Combat Zone, Up On The Roof, Perpetual Emotion, Stepping Stone, Remember (Walking In The Sand), The Stars Are Ours

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2404c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Nylons : Skin Tight

Review: We caught the Nylons' act of classic soul, Vocal Jazz and pop hits at a West Coast A Cappella Summit some years ago, and Tyrone, Gavin, Claude and Garth are as smooth as they come! There are 12 covers here, all accompanied by an unidentified jazz combo: "They Just Can't Stop It" ("Games People Play"), ""What A Fool Believes," the Jazz standards "Like Young" and "Orange Colored Sky," "Seven Day Fool," "All in Love is Fair," "Crybaby," "Spider-Man," "Teach Me Tonight" "Night Train," "Suddenly I See/Acqua De Beber" medley and "Gone Too Soon." "Skintight" has sweet, soaring leads, jazzy scats, rich background vocals, great arrangements-this is great stuff from veteran, quintessential entertainers the Nylons!

Songlist: They Just Can't Stop It, What A Fool Believes, Like Young, Orange Coloured Sky, Seven Day Fool, All In Love Is Fair, Crybaby, Spider Man, Teach Me Tonight, Night Train, Suddenly I See / Aqua De Beber, Gone To Soon

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5999c | 1 CD | $15.95 || Male Contemporary CDs

Nylons : Sterling

Review: A twenty five year retrospective featuring a collection of many of their hits plus unreleased tracks, rehearsal tapes and two new bonus tracks "Secret Part of Me" and "Eli's Coming".

Songlist: Scandalize My Name, Mirage, Some People, Me And The Boys, Romance if I Can Get It, Bumble Boogie, So Long, This Boy, This Island Earth, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Bang, You're Dead, Don't Look Any Further, Ain't No Stopping, Live TKO, Time Of The Season, Sign Your Name, I Can't Go For That, A Wish For You, Back On Track, Late In The Evening, Secret Part Of Me, Eli's Coming

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2427c | 1 CD | $15.95 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Nylons : The Fabric Of Life onsale

Review: After fifteen years with Scotti Brothers and Attic Records, the Nylons continued their recording career on Primarily A Cappella with a collection of tunes superbly produced by Ian Prince who also wrote six of the songs, three in collaboration with Garth Mosbaugh. The heavily R&B album even treats the covers of "Ruby Baby," "Let It Be," "Ain't No Sunshine" and Hall and Oates' "I Can't Go For That" to an R&B make over. Don't get caught by by the orchestration which sounds synthesized until a great fiddle break on "I Can't Go For That." Surprise! Canada's The Nylons cover the classic Bill Withers song and make it unmistakeably their own, showing the confidence and assurance that has brought them success since their formation in 1979. The arrangement, built upon an mesmerizing repeating bass figure, sets the pulse for one of the most satisfying cuts from their latest CD, "Fabric of Life."

Songlist: Ruby Baby, Ain't No Sunshine, I Can't Go For That, Nobody Knows, Comfort & Joy (I), Let It Be, Monkey, Go With It, Comfort & Joy (II), Back On Track, Al No Corrida, Consider

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2500c | 1 CD | $1.95 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Nylons : The Nylons

Review: This is the one that began the most enduring career of any modern vocal group. The self titled album went gold in Canada in two months with huge radio hits of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight," and "Up On The Roof" which are among their signature tunes to this day. "Duke Of Earl" was recorded live in Vancouver before a wildly cheering audience, the only live track. For the "purist" a cappella fan, "A Million Ways," "Somethin' Bout Cha," "Duke Of Earl," "Rock & Roll Lullaby" and "Up On The Roof" are accompanied by only finger snaps or hand claps.

Songlist: The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Love Potion #9/ Spooky, A Million Ways, Somethin' Bout Cha, Duke Of Earl, Rock & Roll Lullaby, Find The One I Love, Some People, Up On The Roof, Me And The Boys

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2400c | 1 CD | $10.95 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Octappella : Motion

Review: This is the second CD by the eight young men of the Contemporary group Octappella, and it includes some very impressive original material written by group members, notably "The Voice," "Awe," "When I First Saw You" and "With A Friend," and some wonderful covers, like Kurt Bestor's "Prayer of the Children," "Baldhemian Rhapsody," after Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson's "I Want You Back" and U2's "MLK." Also beautifully done are "Man in Motion," "In My Dreams" and "Standing Outside the Fire." Excellent vocal percussion, smooth, rich harmonies and what we can only refer to as a depth of feeling, make this CD impressive on many levels, and we can say that it is one of the best Contemporary CDs we've heard this year. Octappella is in "Motion!"

Songlist: Man in Motion, The Voice, In My Dreams, Standing Outside the Fire, Awe, Prayer of the Children, When I First Saw You, I Want You Back, With a Friend, Baldhemian Rhapsody, Come Sail Away, MLK

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6989c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Octappella : The Voice

Review: The eight young male members of Octappella, in the first year and a half since they got together, have worked to establish, of course, their own group character and image, but most of all their uniqueness as a group specializing in vocal instrumentation and complex, tight harmonies. Their first CD, "Motion,"and now "The Voice"are proof of how much they have succeeded. There are 14 surprising, harmonic gems on "The Voice,"covers of: "Make Me Lose Control,""Time of Your Life,""Earth Angel/Silhouettes,""Light In Your Eyes,""Greatest American Hero,""That Lonesome Road,""Oh, L'Amour,""Lobster,""Kiss The Girl,""Wildflowers,""Grow Old With Me,""That's What Friends Are For,"the title tune and "Trashin' The Camp."In the areas of artistic interpretation, vocal ability, arrangements and performance personality, Octappella is pushing the a cappella envelope. Listen to "The Voice"and see if you don't agree with us that these eight guys are going places-fast!

Songlist: Make Me Lose Control, Time Of Your Life, Earth Angel / Silhouettes, Light In Your Eyes, Greatest American Hero, That Lonesome Road, Oh L'Amour, Lobster, Kiss The Girl, Wildflowers, Grow Old With Me, That's What Friends Are For, The Voice, Trashin' The Camp

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6978c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Octappella : Worship

Review: The 8 members of Utah-based Octappella met while singing in a college musical ensemble, forming Octappella in the summer of 1999, and now work to promote the popular and growing genre of a cappella music. Specializing in vocal instrumentation and complex, tight harmonies, the group has 2 previous CDs, "The Voice" and "Motion." "Worship" has 17 songs that represent the group's belief in "uplifting, eternal principles." Group member Matt Cropper does most of the arranging, and contributes some nice originals, "Look to God and Live," "Anthem to My King" and "Gloria." "Come, Come Ye Saints," "Keeper of the Flame" "Jesu, the Very Thought is Sweet," "For Always" and traditionals "O Holy Night," "Nearer My God to Thee/Beautiful Savior" and Jean Sibelius' "Be Still My Soul" are favorites. The group has a rich, harmonic choral sound, and the finely-crafted "Worship" touches and moves us on many levels!

Songlist: Come Come Ye Saints, Look To God And Live, Anthem To Our King, If You Could Hie To Kolob, Praise To The Lord, The Almighty, Keeper Of The Flame, Redeemer Of Israel, O Holy Night, I Need Thee Every Hour, Gloria, Jesu, The Very Thought Is Sweet, My Country Tis Of Thee, The Spirit Of God, For Always, Nearer To My God/Beautiful Savior, The Spirit Lord Has Stirred Our Souls, Be Still My Soul

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7466c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella || Contemporary Christian CDs

Overboard : Help! : 00  1 CD : 

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Overboard : Help!

Review: Boston's all-male professional a cappella sextet Overboard put on an incredible show at the Harmony Sweepstakes Finals in San Rafael this month (in fact, it was the strongest field we have ever seen, and a tremendous show!). Group member, arranger, producer and tracker Nick Girard took on the massive task of rearranging 12 of Lennon & McCartney's most beloved hits from "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" and "The White Album," using only vocal percussion and faux instruments (yes, that includes faux harp at the beginning of "She's Leaving Home!). "In My Life," "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band," "Taxman" (which segues into "I Saw Her Standing There"), "Something," "She Came in Through the Bathroom Window," "Come Together," "Good Day Sunshine," "When I'm 64," "The Fool on the Hill" - Overboard nails every one of them, seemingly effortlessly. "Help!" is a tour de force, an a cappella masterpiece by a group fast on its way to stardom!

Songlist: In My Life, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Taxman, Something, Got to Get You Into My Life, She's Leaving Home, She Came In Through the Bathroom Window, Come Together, Good Day Sunshine, When I'm Sixty-Four, For No One, The Fool On The Hill, Hello Goodbye, I Saw Her Standing There (reprise), The Long and Winding Road, A Day In the Life, Eleanor Rigby, Good Night, Help!, Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight, Getting Better, Get Back, The End/In My Life (reprise)

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5996c | 1 CD | $9.95 | A Cappella |

Persuasions : Chirpin

Review: The middle of the 1970's was a period of change. The Persuasions tried a couple of albums for A&M Records which had bands backing them up. They received a lukewarm reception. For a period of several years, Jayotis Washington and it was during that period that the remaining quartet did one record for Elektra Records. Chirpin' was a definitive return to their a cappella roots from which they have seldom strayed, except occasionally as backup singers. It shares, once again, the joyousness and intimacy of four guys pouring their hearts out. Most of the songs are varieties of love songs except for one of the best a cappella tunes ever sung, "Looking For An Echo." It so captures the The Persuasions history, that even if the rest of the album weren't great we would still recommend it for any fan.

Songlist: Papa Oom Mow Mow, Willie and Laura Mae Jones, Moonlight and Music, Johnny Porter, Looking for an Echo, Women and Drinkin', Sixty Minute Man, Win Your Love (For Me), It's Gonna Rain Again, To Be Loved

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2106c | 1 CD | $13.98 | A Cappella |

Persuasions : Good News

Review: There was a period in the 1980's that second tenor "Sweet" Joe Russell retired and so the group proceeded as a quartet. Though you would suspect the sound might be a little thin, the balance of voices to which we have become so accustomed seem to go right on without missing a beat. Jerry Lawson is inspired endlessly by the work of Sam Cooke who started a gospel career with the Soul Stirrers before his meteoric R&B career, and David Ruffin who was the great lead singer of the Temptations. Six of the tunes on Good News were originally popularized by those singers. In fact Sam Cooke not only was the original singer, but also the writer of "Cupid" and the co author, with William Cooke, of "I'll Come Running Back To You." Were we to pick the most memorable piece of music on this recording, however, it would be the "Swanee River Medley" which combines "Swanee River," "Ol' Man River" and "Raise 'Em Up."

Songlist: Ain't that Good News, Cupid, Soothe Me, Swanee River/Ol' Man River/Raise 'Em Up, I'll Come Running Back to You, I Lost Everything (I Ever Had), Message From Maria, All I Have to Do Is Dream, I Won't Be the Fool Anymore

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2102c | 1 CD | $13.98 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Persuasions : Good Ship Lollipop

Review: One doesn't have to be under four feet tall to be charmed by this CD. In fact, adult listeners will be transported on the good ship to Rock Candy Mountain with as much enthusiasm as their younger companions. Songs such as "How Much Is That Doggie In the Window" and "Teddy Bears' Picnic" are sung with such sweetness, who could resist? By the way, the Persuasions have never been in better form musically (in all their 37 years as a group!) and their cohorts, the "Lollypop Kids Chorus," chime in for several songs. It's all a cappella and a great way to introduce the inexperienced ear to harmony - the Persuasions themselves encourage one and all to sing along!

Songlist: Persuasions' Nursery Rhyme Medley, Teddy Bears' Picnic, Good Morning To You, A Cappella Fellas, My Daddy Do, Too, On The Good Ship Lollipop, I'm So Glad (I've Got Skin), Big Rock Candy Mountain, How Much Is That Doggy In The Window?, On Top Of Spaghetti, Shoo Fly, Don't Bother Me, Train Song Medley, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, I Love You (There's No Doubt About It)

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2116c | 1 CD | $12.95 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Persuasions : Knockin' on Bob's Door

Review: Pioneering a cappella 5-man quintet The Persuasions, who have wowed us live at the West Coast A Cappella Summit, and with 18 beautiful albums on, bring us another winning tribute to a rock icon. Having so honored such groups as the Beatles, U2, Frank Zappa and the Grateful Dead, "Knockin' on Bob's Door" features (of course) the music of Bob Dylan. Two Doo-Woppy, rearranged versions of "Mr. Tambourine Man" and the anthem "Like a Rolling Stone" and a rhythmic, Africanized "All Along the Watchtower" gives us an immediate taste of what a treat we're in for. "Don't Think Twice It's All Right," "Positively 4th Street," "Lay Lady Lay," "Just Like A Woman"" and "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" are all Dylan masterworks that are reinvented and rearranged in the Persuasions inimitable trademark harmonies. Other favorites among the 14 sumptuous cuts are "Blowing in the Wind," "When I Paint My Masterpiece" and "Forever Young." Dylan's iconic material and the Persuasions' deep-harmonied, soulful a cappella sound make a winning combination that we're sure you'll want in your collection!

Songlist: Mr. Tambourine Man , All Along the Watchtower, Like a Rolling Stone, Don't Think Twice It's All Right , Quinn the Eskimo (the Mighty Quinn) , Blowing In the Wind , Positively 4th Street, You Ain't Going Nowhere, When I Paint My Masterpiece, Lay Lady Lay, Just Like a Woman, Things Have Changed, Forever Young, Knockin' On Heaven's Door

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7550c | 1 CD | $15.95 | A Cappella |

Persuasions : No Frills

Review: After his conspicuous absence on Good News, "Sweet" Joe Russell is back singing on four of the songs, "I Was Wrong," "I Woke Up In The Morning," "Sweet Was The Wine" and "Slip Sliding Away." But on this 1986 Rounder Records release we have an unique addition. Bev Rohlehr appears on the other seven songs, adding a sweet lightness on this recording that was never repeated. You really should hear it. The version of "Still Ain't Got No Band" is in the grand tradition. Overall it is a traditional Persuasions mix of some gospel mixed among oldies like Roy Hamilton's "You Can Have Her," Clyde McPhatter's "The Treasure Of Love" and a Drifters Medley of "Under The Boardwalk" combined with "Sand In My Shoes." The real rouser of the record is "Victim." Magnificent! 1986 recording from the acknowledged authorities of a cappella, whose sound is characterized by a significant blues and gospel influence. Intense performances and strong material distinguish this collection: "Slip Sliding Away," a rambunctious "Sweet Was The Wine," "I Was Wrong" (originally sung by the Moonglows), "Under The Boardwalk/Sand In My Shoes," and the a cappella mantra, "Still Ain't Got No Band," more.

Songlist: You Can Have Her, Under the Boardwalk / Sand in My Shoes, I Was Wrong, I Woke Up This Morning, I Wonder Do You Love The Lord Like I Do, Still Ain't Got No Band, Victim, Treasure of Love, Sweet Was the Wine, What Are You Doing New Year's Eve, Slip Sliding Away

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2103c | 1 CD | $13.98 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Persuasions : Right Around the Corner

Review: After an absence from the recording studio following the passing of Herbert "Toubo" Rhoad, the remaining quartet returned once again to share their unique musical sound with us. They sing a selection of songs from some of their old musical sources of inspiration such as Sam Cooke but extend into works the likes of which we haven't heard before such as the slightly odd "Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up," written by their old friend Frank Zappa. Another unusual offering is "Oh, Heavenly Salvation" written by Kurt Weil, Bertol Brecht and Arnold Weinstein which is as classical as they have ever sounded and is the only religious music on the recording. You will also hear music by Percy Mayfield, The Five Royales and The Troggs. So who needs a band, anyway?

Songlist: Don't Leave Me Here To Cry, Little Red Rooster, The Good Ol' Days, That's Heaven to Me, Right Around the Corner, I'm With You, I Could Love You If You Let Me, Come On and Save Me, My Jug and I, Oh, Heavenly Salvation, Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up, I Want To (Do Everything For You), Love is All Around

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2109c | 1 CD | $13.98 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Persuasions : Sincerely

Review: They Still Ain't Got No Band! In this 1996 recording the same four original members, Jerry Lawson, Joe Russell, Jayotis Washington and Jimmy Hayes more than ever are the professors emeritus of a cappella music. They have introduced three generations of people to a cappella music and are still going strong. 32 years later we are given a wonderful recording full of the soul moving, toe tapping, spirit lifting music for which they are known around the world. Starting off with an inspiring call to faith with "Building A Home" they proceed toward the musical morality play "Life Is A Ballgame" which they heard sung over the closing credits of the movie Cobb. Alternately belting and beguiling, we are led though faith, love, chicken stealing and getting old on a great recording. The Persuasions are the best!

Songlist: Building a home, Members only, Life is a ballgame, Let's get married/sincerely, Change in my life, The same one/It's just a matter of time, Five hundred miles, Who stole the chicken, Can't do sixty no more, Drive it home

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2112c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Persuasions : Sing The Beatles

Review: Jerry Lawson, Jayotis Washington, Ray Sanders and Jim Hayes are the legendary Persuasions, and this is 14 of the Fab Four's most popular tunes, done as soulful a cappella doo-wop. The cover is a dramatic and somewhat ironic photo of a crowd of frenzied, screaming white English girls being held back by a wavering line of English bobbies-ironic because of the different receptions and rewards given to contemporary musicians, the veteran Persuasions and the young, white Beatles, both lovers of the same soulful black American R&B. The Persuasions survived, though, to become fathers of a burgeoning a cappella movement, and to bring us another juicy, deep-bassed doo-wop classic. 'Eight Days A Week,' 'Oh! Darling,' 'Come Together,' 'Rocky Raccoon,' 'Octopus's Garden,' 'Love Me Do,' 'With A Little Help From My Friends,' 'From Me To You,' 'Yesterday,' 'Ob La Di, Ob La Da,' 'Don't Let Me Down,' 'The Ballad Of John and Yoko,' 'Imagine' and 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.' This is the real 'Rubber Soul!'

Songlist: Eight Days A Week, Oh! Darling, Come Together, Rocky Raccoon, Octopus's Garden, Love Me Do, With A Little Help From My Friends, From Me To You, Yesterday, Ob La Di, Ob La Da, Don't Let Me Down, The Ballad Of John And Yoko, Imagine, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

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2585c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Persuasions : Sing U2

Review: A Cappella pioneers and legends The Persuasions, who headlined to standing O's at the A Cappella Summit in San Rafael a couple of years ago, have been one of the most prolific recording bands we know of, with 19 titles in the Primarily A Cappella catalog, 20 counting "Sing U2." In the past few years, the Persuasions have treated us to CDs covering the work of some of their (and our) favorite groups: The Beatles ("Sing The Beatles"), their patron and mentor Frank Zappa ("Frankly A Cappella"), The Grateful Dead ("Might As Well") and now "Sing U2." The Persuasions' soulful, deep-bass a cappella takes on these groups, some of the most influential musicians of our time, are just what the doctor ordered! 10 songs, some favorites are "Even Better Than the Real Thing," "Angel of Harlem," "The Wanderer," a marvelous cover of "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For," "Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of," "When Love Comes To Town," "Trying to Throw Your Arms Around The World," a surprising Doo-Wop interpretation of "Pride" (In The Name of Love), "One" and "Mysterious Ways." This is sweet, soulful stuff that we regard as the ultimate tribute to U2 and the other groups, and we can only hope that the series continues for as long as possible. Who could be next-Bob Dylan? Hendrix? The Stones? Led Zep? Ray Charles? Janis Joplin? Listen, guys, whoever you pick will be perfect, and a gift to their fans and yours everywhere!

Songlist: Even Better Than The Real Thing, Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own, Angel of Harlem, The Wanderer, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, Stuck In The Moment You Can't Get Out Of, When Love Comes To Town, Tryin' To Throw Your Arms Around The World, Pride (In The Name Of Love), One, Mysterious Ways

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8289c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Persuasions : Spread The Word

Review: Though time obscures the first recording of The Persuasions, it is definite that their first album was on Frank Zappa's Straight Records and distributed by Reprise. That was l968. In 1971, they signed with Capitol Records which released three albums. Spread The Word was the third and features gospel and inspirational tunes, not necessarily traditional ones, though. For the opener they perform a spoken piece with a melodic vocal backing which transforms to vocal fanfare. The piece, "Three Angels," was written by Bob Dylan. Songs of spiritual uplift but not specifically gospel are "Lean On Me," "Without A Song" and "Ten Commandments Of Love." Oh, yes, this is the album with "Without A Song" which is so definitive that all we can suggest to aspiring groups is, be safe, don't try!

Songlist: Three Angels, Lean On Me, T.A. Thompson, Hymn, Ten Commandments, The Lord's Prayer, When I Leave These Prison Walls, When Jesus Comes, Heaven Help Us All, Without A Song, Three Angels

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2111c | 1 CD | $13.98 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Persuasions : Street Corner Symphony

Review: With this recording The Persuasions flirted with the "big break." It actually made the charts. "Buffalo Soldier," "Temptations Jam," "People Get Ready" and "Christian's Automobile" are probably the most copied of the ten songs, but the whole album is a treasure. A little story told by Jimmy Hayes puts in perspective the difficulty The Persuasions faced in striving for popular acceptance. He tells of one record company president who signed them and in confusion admitted that he didn't know what to do with them or how to promote their music. He loved their singing but didn't even know what a cappella was! All of us who love a cappella music owe these guys a debt of gratitude, for they spent their lives keeping it alive. For a long time they were the only ones, and now it's thriving once again it's great to have them get the recognition they deserve.

Songlist: Buffalo Soldier, Good Times, I Could Never Love Another (After Loving You), Tempts Jam: Don't Look Back/Runaway Child, Running Wild/Cloud Nine, People Get Ready, Christian's Automobile, The Man in Me, Be Good to Me Baby, So Much in Love, He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother

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2105c | 1 CD | $13.98 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Persuasions : Sunday Morning Soul

Review: Year 2000 release by this prototypical and legendary vocal harmony group, now reinforced by new member B.J. Jones (replacing the late "Toubo" Rhoad). Though the Persuasions are cast in the doo-wop mold, "Sunday Morning Soul" borrows from the Southern gospel tradition that fashioned the Harmonizing Four, Soul Stirrers and Pilgrim Travelers, to name just a few. It's a blessed union, indeed, and the five sing with an intensity that smolders. Their fundamental harmonies are seasoned with grit and ballast, giving songs such as "That's My Desire" and "Cain's Blood" a condensed earthy depth. It's a sound borne of experience.

Songlist: Cain's Blood, Praise His Name, One Thing You Can't Take Away, Dry Bones, That's My Desire, Walk In Jerusalem, Deck of Cards, Tired And My Soul, Thank You For One More Day, The Storm Is Passing, Did You Stop To Pray?, Shine The Light

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2207c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Persuasions : We Came To Play

Review: This is one of your reviewers favorite albums, ever. Pretty strong opinion, but when this was released it was effectively the only a cappella music available with the exception of local East Coast groups. Their first album was actually produced by Frank Zappa, but this second one is one of the three on Capitol Records that established The Persuasions as the premiere a cappella group in the world. The voices are rich and vibrant. The music chosen established their repertoire of rhythm and blues, soul and gospel. They became adept at creating such spirited covers of Curtis Mayfield, Sam Cooke and The Temptations that it is almost impossible for anyone to sing "Persuasion's" songs and not sound wrong somehow. The original album cover, now reprinted on the CD, is a picture of the group on the basketball court where they first met and began singing together.

Songlist: Chain Gang, Man, Oh Man, It's You That I Need, The Sun, Don't It Make You Want to Go Home, Walk on the Wild Side, Another Night With the Boys, Gypsy Woman, Don't Know Why I Love You, Let it Be

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2104c | 1 CD | $13.98 | A Cappella |

Peter Hollens : Peter Hollens

Review: Peter Hollens is a bona fide a cappella internet star with over 750,000 YouTube subscribers with his videos having more than 100 million views. His creativity is prolific, releasing a new video every two weeks but this is his first release on physical CD. Picked up by Sony Classics this release has all of his most popular songs plus some special guests such as Jackie Evancho on "Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair" and Avi Kaplan from Pentatonix on "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For."

Songlist: I See Fire, The Parting Glass, Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair, Ashland's Song, Misty Mountains, Skyrim (Main Theme), I Won't Give Up, Les Miserables Medley, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, Shenandoah, She Moved Through the Fair, Hallelujah, Our Special Love

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22231c | 1 CD | $11.95 | A Cappella |

Return 2 Zero : 4 : 00  1 CD : 

Listen to
Smiling Face

Return 2 Zero : 4

Review: Orlando, Florida's (yes, you saw them at Disney World) favorite all-male Contemporary quartet brings us their fourth, and long-awaited, excellent collection of well-chosen, wonderfully-arranged and performed covers. "Play that Funky Music," "Green Eyed Lady," "Reminiscing" (with some unexpected scat singing), Stevie Wonder's "I Wish," "Pick Up The Pieces," "Fly Away," "Drift Away," the Gershwins' "They Can't Take That Away from Me," Chicago's "Saturday in the Park"... have fairly standard leads, but it's the cool stuff going on behind them that is Return2Zero's forte. Solid vocal percussion of course, but we also hear vocal bass, horns, unexpected tossed-in samples, scat, funny asides, silly noises and doo-woppy side-dishes of harmony all create a rich, tasty vocal stew that spells, well, entertainment. And in terms of pure entertainment, Return2Zero ranks with the best a cappella groups in the world. By the way, I feel the need to throw a few kudos in Walt's direction here-beginning with top-drawer Barbershop groups like the Dapper Dans on Main St., USA and progressing to stellar Doo-Wop groups like the Alley Cats, Contemporary groups like Toxic Audio and Return2Zero, and Choral groups like Derric Johnson's ReGeneration - you've turned a lot of people on to a cappella, bud. Thanks!

Songlist: Play That Funky Music, Green-eyed Lady, Reminscing, This Masquerade, I Wish, Pick Up The Pieces, Harlem Nocturne, Fly Away, Drift Away, Only Yesterday, Smiling Face, They Can't Take That Away From Me, Saturday In The Park

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2418c | 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Return 2 Zero : He's A Friend

Review: Orlando, Florida-based a cappella quartet Return to Zero have a repertoire of songs from the 1940s through the 1990s, adding their own dynamic arrangements to classic tunes. They've played for thousands at Disney's MGM Studio and Universal Studios. The new release "He's A Friend" is their third CD, following the excellent "Snowfall" and "Return to Zero;" the "he" refers to Jesus as the four men highlight their Christian spirituality. There are 12 songs, "Isn't It Good," "Inside Out," "John's Song," "Who Is Like the Lord Our God?" "Hold On," "I'm Coming Home," "Blessed Are Your Eyes," "Let Him In," "More Than Yesterday," "My Jesus I Love Thee," "Star Spangled Banner" and "Open Our Eyes Lord." Sung with great feeling and conviction, "He's A Friend" is a powerful, beautifully sung statement by 4 talented young men.

Songlist: He's a Friend, Isn't It Good, Inside Out, John's Song, Who Is Like The Lord Our God?, Hold On, I'm Coming Home?, Blessed Are Our Eyes, Let Him In, More Than Yesterday, My Jesus I Love Thee, Star Spangled Banner , Open Our Eyes

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7361c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Return 2 Zero : Return 2 Zero

Review: This contemporary/jazz quartet is from Florida, where they are part of the Disney entertainment complex (performing as "Four For A Dollar"). With arrangements by members Doug Teel and Marshall Webb, their material is proven Top 40 radio fare such as "Fly Like An Eagle," "How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You" and "Turn Your Love Around," with a couple of originals in like vein. That said, the highlight of this CD is Gene Puerling's "Georgia On My Mind," the definitive arrangement, performed with stunning accuracy and taste. Their own charts frequently use substitute chords and unexpected harmonies to open up these familiar songs, infusing them with new vitality. Rhythmically, they combine punch with fluid ease, adding a soulful feel to the mix.

Songlist: Return 2 Zero, Fly Like an Eagle, How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You), Steppin' Out, Happy Together, Georgia On My Mind, December 1963 (Oh What A Night), Spinning Wheel, Love Potion #9, On and On, Turn Your Love Around, Moondance, I'm Alright

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2713c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Richter Scales : We Hate A Cappella : 00  1 CD : 

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I Got Mail

Richter Scales : We Hate A Cappella

Review: The Scales are an all male, 18-strong Bay Area ensemble which first started singing a cappella together in 2000, and, according to their website, "We Hate A Cappella" is their debut CD. 12 manic, high-energy cuts, some favorites are Lennon/McCartney's "Can't Buy Me Love," "I Got Mail," the very funny original by group member Brian Rosen, (who also sings lead), "High Notes." "Stockholm Syndrome" (which focuses on love as a hostage situation), and "Pencil Boy" (where our hero and Crayon Girl are "drawn together") also Rosen originals, strong covers of Steely Dan's "Reelin' In The Years," the Doo-Wop standard "I Only Have Eyes For You" and the Disco hit "Love Machine;" and finally the oddly compelling, fairly silly title tune, also a Rosen original. "We Hate" is a strong, funny debut recording with an attitude by 18 very creative, talented guys - give it a listen!

Songlist: Can't Buy Me Love, I Got Mail, Hour Glass, High Notes, Stockholm Syndrome, Pure Imagination, Reelin' In The Years, Baby Got Back, I Only Have Eyes For You, Pencil Boy, Love Machine, I Hate A Cappella

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1219c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Rockapella : 2

Review: The release of a new Rockapella CD is an event, a happening, a momentous occasion! Riding high with the excitement generated from their Folger's commercials, these five gifted performers have readied a bumper crop of originals, and included their signature jingles as well. As the most popular and professional of contemporary a cappella groups, Rockapella's sound is readily identifiable, completely polished, and ever buoyant. Produced by Scott Leonard, who wrote or co-wrote most of the songs, each track will feel immediately familiar, due to the consistency of the Rockapella style. Whether the Latin groove of "Doorman Of My Heart," the classically pretty melody of "People Change" or the upbeat "This Isn't Love," the arrangements are saturated with thick harmonies, a luxuriant backdrop that, along with the pulse of vocal percussionist Jeff Thacher, are the quintet's trademark. "Tempted," the sultry rock/soul hit made famous by the English group Squeeze, is the CD's only cover, and it's an outstanding choice. Rockapella is bringing a cappella into the mainstream, and "2" can only further their reputation.

Songlist: That's The Way, People Change, Tempted, This Isn't Love, Is It In You?, Doorman Of My Heart, Bring Some Love, Where Would We Be?, One Day After Day, All That Comes To Mind, Blah Blah Blah, This Isn't Love (strut remix), This Isn't Love (slowgroove remix)

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2196c | 1 CD | $12.95 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Rockapella : Bang! : 00  1 CD :  : 1 84220 00007 8

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Rockapella : Bang!

Review: At last, a collection of mostly new tunes from prolific Contemporary a cappella pioneer, and one of our long-time favorites, Rockapella, swathed in sizzling cool James Bondish graphics by group member Jeff Thacher, who also produced "Bang." New member Steven Dorian joins the all male quintet, taking the place of Kevin Wright. 14 cuts: the fast paced title tune has a funny nod to "Shaft" and sets the table for this very hot album, "Hard Time" has a Dylanesque "get lost" attitude and a driving beat, "Nothin' But" is a classic r&b-type tune that features George Baldi making us believe with his killer bass, joined by John K. Brown's smooth tenor, "Tonight" finally includes on a recording this overtly risque song that the group has used to open their live shows, "Shemibos" is a driving, rhythmic dance gem with John doing a smoking lead, "Malibu Grand-Prix" is a fast-moving ode to the Beach Boys, with the patented Rockapella sense of humor and vocal faux motors revving, "Too Much" is another "get up and dance" winner with a husky lead by John, "Babygirl" again features George's sweet chocolaty bass and is so very fine, "The Shortest Path" is a yummy ballad with another great lead by John, "No Pressure" is an awesome audio-manipulated dance tune anchored by George's creamy bass, and bonus track "A-Punk" originally was released by Vampire Weekend and is simply delicious! Three songs that were first recorded on the album "1man1mike," "4u4now4life," "Tell Me What You Want" and "California Sad Eyed Girl"--all are better versions on "Bang," and all are excellent. Bottom line? "Bang" is one of the best of the year by one of a cappella's elite groups who just keep getting more amazing-don't miss this one!

Songlist: Bang, Hard Time, 4U4Now4Life, Tell Me What You Want, Nuthin' But, California Sad-Eyed Girl, Tonight, Shemibos, Malibu Grand-Prix, Too Much, Babygirl, The Shortest Path, No Pressure, A-Punk

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2985c | 1 CD | $11.95 | A Cappella |

Rockapella : Don't Tell Me You Do

Review: Tight. Exciting. Explosive. This is Rockapella, circa 1999: the freshest, most contemporary vocal band sound ever, and new tracks: "Hold Out For Christmas," and "Moments of You," (the latter song never before released in the U.S.) . The remaining songs were on their "Rockapella" self-titled CD, but have been given a new sheen and a boost in production values. Featuring the charismatic presence of Scott Leonard and the fiery vocal percussion of Jeff Thacher-providing the current that throws the switch on the Rockapella sound-the group has melded into a force that is undeniable. Their popularity owes much to solid songwriting: classic harmonic progressions that are new, yet familar at the same time, and arrangements that saturate the ear, as in "So Much Better," "I'll Hear Your Voice" and "I Am Your Man." Rockapella's notes stack up in perfect formation, creating a Spectoresque "wall-of-sound"; this precision, where each note is crafted and placed, performing its specific role in relation to the other, creates a brilliance of tone that soaks right into the skin. To listen to Rockapella is to be converted to their musical message, which has been impressing listeners throughout the world since they sprung to fame on the PBS children's program, "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?" We have consistently included them in our Hall of Fame; this new song, from their current CD is a mixture of old and new material. We are most definitely the converted! Their many live radio appearances-Rockapella are favored guests of the "Mark and Brian" show on KLOS, and the "Scott and Todd" program on WPLJ-have created a demand that is unheard of in a cappella, and is threatening to break free of earth's gravity. Don't miss this one!

Songlist: Moments Of You, So Much Better, Don't Tell Me You Do, I Am Your Man, I'll Hear Your Voice, Have a Little Faith, A Change in My Life, Song 9, Why, On the Last Night , Ellie My Love , Lift Up

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2514c | 1 CD | $9.95 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Rockapella : Motown and More

Review: How does an a cappella legend sound? Judging by Rockapella's "Motown & More," more sweet, tight, soulful and rockin' than ever! Having grown up 50 miles from the Motor City, this reviewer was weaned on the Motown sound, which dominated the top 40 airwaves with wonderful artists like the Temptations, the Supremes, the Jackson 5 and Stevie Wonder. So here come the hits on "Motown & More," and they are to the original tunes like little Michael Jackson was to himself on "Thriller." Tight Vocal Percussion replaces drum sets, of course, but Scott Leonard's arrangements of standards like "Brick House," "Papa Was A Rollin' Stone," "(Stop) The Love You Save," "My Cherie Amour," "Dancing In The Street," "Use Ta Be My Girl," "My Girl," "Ain't Too Proud To Beg" and "Just My Imagination" (which segues smoothly into a sample of John Lennon's 'Imagine'), is the "& More" here! Let's be frank, Scott, Jeff, George, John & Steven could sing rings around most of the early Motown vocalists, and we're hearing exactly how amazing so-called "covers" can be, when re-invented by one of our favorite, and still one of the premier a cappella bands in the world, Rockapella. We loved this album from start to finish, especially because we have loved Motown ever since we were big enough to reach the faux-chrome radio knob on our '64 Comet. Great stuff!

Songlist: Blame It On The Boogie, Brick House, Papa Was A Rollin' Stone, (Stop) That Love You Save, Dancing Machine, Pretty Much You, My Cherie Amour, Dancing in the Street, Use Ta Be My Girl, My Girl, Ain't To Proud to Beg, Just My Imagination

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2695c | 1 CD | $12.95 | A Cappella |

Rockapella : Smilin' : 00  1 CD :  : 33709

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Rockapella : Smilin'

Review: The title says it all - this is a cheerful and buoyant CD, one that speaks to the simple pleasures of summer. As chief writer Scott Leonard says in "Smile In My Heart": "no more dark days, only summer always." Rockapella's polished harmonies and solidly-crafted arrangements have always conveyed a fundamental stability - no unexpected dissonance, no gratuitous notes or an intonation falling short. Here, with the addition of new bass vocalist George Baldi, who takes over for the much loved Barry Carl (the two share the bass registers on this CD), the band consolidates their quintessential American appeal with songs such as "Shambala," "Dance With Me," "Summertime Blues" and "Surfin' Safari." Two slower numbers, "Lazy River" and Elliott Kerman's "No Doubt At All," conjure up reminiscences of lazy hot evenings, the relaxed swing feel a gentle reminder of generations past. So leave your cares behind with Rockapella and smile!

Songlist: Shambala, Flamingo Sing, Here Comes The Sun, Off My Mind, Summertime Blues, Lazy River, Smile in my Heart, Dance with Me, No Doubt at All, Millennial Lady, Jenny Come Away, Surfin' Safari

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6965c | 1 CD | $12.95 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Ron Feingold : Solo Effort

Review: We have enjoyed Ron Feingold as MC of the last two West Coast Summits, and saw him perform a number of the bits "live." The "live" is in quotes because Ron performs live with a recording of himself singing 4-part harmony. There are 11 songs here, "Oh What A Night," the masterful "A Day In The Life," which includes every ad jingle you or Ron could remember," "Good Old A Cappella," the Disco medley "Chickadow," "The Jim Croce Medley" (with great impressions, from Neil Diamond to Kermit the Frog), CSN&Y's"Seven Bridges Road," "Kosher Ham," "Scream," the hilarious "Home Depot Song," and "True Companion." Ron's act is unique in the a cappella world, as far as we know, and the man has few peers as an arranger, performer, singer, impressionist and comedian. "Solo Effort" is a rich, funny CD that makes us appreciate what we saw live all the more.

Songlist: Oh What A Night (December 1963), A Day In the Life, Good Old A Cappella, Chickadow, The Jim Croce Medley, The Impressions Medley, Seven Bridges Road, Kosher Ham, Scream, The Home Depot Song, True Companion

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2883c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Sam Rogers : 100% Organic Human Voice

Review: How exactly does he do it? Sam Rogers has, over relatively a few years, developed an impressive reputation as being one of the top vocal percussionist/beatboxer in the country. His unique talent, plus many years studying with some of the top vocal jazz coaches such as Phil Mattson and Michelle Weir, has developed his own unique style. Sam creates all kinds of sounds using just his voice without much use of electronic effects (unlike many others) but rather from his ability to create a whole array of fascinating sounds which he uses to great effect in these songs. Much creativity is displayed in this most interesting recording.

Songlist: 100% One Mouth Band, Tuvintro, Foxey Lady, Meter-ific, Rock & Roll, Part Two, Night and Day, Night In Tunisia, Can't Stop The Rain, I Wanna Take You Higher, It Was A Lie, Drum While I Bass, Hear Here, Breath 2 Band, World Of Music, You Got A Voice, Straight No Chaser

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1218c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella || Vocal Percussion

Sam Rogers : One Mouth Band

Review: If Bobby McFerrin were to look over his shoulder, he'd probably see Sam Rogers, One Mouth Jazz Band. Forest Knolls, CA-based Sam stands up in front of a microphone provides vocal (and physical, as in slaps, snaps and thumps with his hands) percussion, background vocals, fake horns and scat singing for a surprising demonstration of the capabilities and possibilities of the human voice. 12 tracks, all recorded live before appreciative audiences, some at San Rafael, CA's Belrose Theater and some at Sebastopol, CA's Powerhouse Brewing Co.: 'One Mouth Band,' Steve Miller's 'Fly Like An Eagle,' 'Another Dollar' (an original by Sam), 'Autumn Leaves,' 'Till There Was You,' 'Use Me,' 'I Can't Love You For Much Longer' (another Sam original), 'Angel Eyes,' 'Improv: First Time' (original), 'Walking In Your Footsteps,' 'Improv: Mental Drift' (original), and 'Moody's Mood for Love.' Jazzman Sam and his great set of lungs are pushing the a cappella envelope!

Songlist: One Mouth Band, Fly Like An Eagle, Another Dollar, Autumn Leaves, Till There Was You, Use Me , I Can't Love You for Much Longer, Angel Eyes, Improv: First Time, Walking in your Footsteps, Improv: Mental Drift, Moody's Mood for Love

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7366c | 1 CD | $12.98 | A Cappella || Vocal Percussion

Scott Leonard : 1 Man 1 Mike

Review: We have been a major fan for years of Rockapella's singer/songwriter/arranger/producer Scott Leonard, who puts his talent and versatility in the spotlight on this solo, all-a cappella recording, "1 man, 1 mike." We also have an admiration for artists who push the a cappella envelope enough to include an announcement like "This is an a cappella recording. All sounds were created vocally, or by Scott Leonard "slapping up gainst hisself," and wonder with the ultra-funky first cut, "Moneyman," how he came up with the rock-solid vocal percussion and faux synthesizer. The amazement continues with the smooth, rhythmic "Boomerang Monkey Love" and powerful, boogying "H'eau." There are a pair of wonderful renditions of songs Scott performed with Rockapella, "California Sad-Eyed Girl" and the driving "4U4Now4Life," only he's vocally accompanying and harmonizing with himself, instead of with one of the greatest a cappella bands in the world. Included are 11 songs that need to be listened to several times to appreciate how much of a star Leonard truly is. "Love Last," "Tell Me What You Want," "Sunset Strangler," "There Will Be Love"-this is all wonderful stuff. "Impressive" is not a strong enough word for this solo CD, so we'll go with "amazing." Thank you, Mr. Leonard, and more, please!

Songlist: Moneyman, Boomerang Monkey Of Love, H"Eau, California Sad Eyed Girl, Love Last, Tell Me What You Want, 4U4NOW4LIFE, Sunset Strangler, There Will Be Love, Carry Me Along

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2428c | 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella |

Shakapella : Shakapella onsale

Review: Put on your Hawaiian threads and prepare to get lei'd because Shakapella has arrived to the main 48. Shaka is island slang meaning "be cool", "take it easy ", and of course "hang loose". Not too hard to figure out the mission of this vocal sensation. Most of the guys met while singing with the Sounds of Aloha Chorus and the other guys were in the right bar at the right time. Rich harmonies, vocal excellence and a cool attitude make this debut a delicious one. "Move those hips a little with "Shakapella Groove" and "Shaka The Moon". Can you guess which song "Honolulu Girls" parodies? "The Way You Make Me Feel", "I Can See Clearly Now", "Sixty Minute Man" and "Down On The Corner" are all familiar tunes with a local flavor. No pitch pipe needed here, cuz these guys are right on key.

Songlist: Shakapella Groove, Shaka the Moon, The Way You Make Me Feel, God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You, Honolulu Girls, I Can See Clearly Now, Sixty Minute Man, Gone, Under the Boardwalk, Down on the Corner, I'll Hear Your Voice

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2724c | 1 CD | $3.95 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Six : Life Is A Highway : 00  1 CD : 

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Without You

Six : Life Is A Highway

Review: If there is ever to be an A Cappella Hall Of Fame then these talented brothers should surely be one of the first inductees. The Knudsens started singing when very young and got their first big break when in 1978 they first performed on the Donnie and Marie TV show where they went on to become regular guests. Now they must be one of the hardest working groups in a cappella as they recently completed their 7th year of performing six (usually sold out) shows a week in Branson, Missouri. This is their first CD is over 10 years and the wait was well worthwhile as they clearly demonstrate why they are so popular on this wonderful recording. With tight arrangements, fun song selection and some of the best sibling harmony in the business this is a recording you will be playing for years to come.

Songlist: Life Is A Highwaay, Don't Stop Believin', Jump, Rock Dream Medley, Beautiful Day, Boyfriend, Coldplay Medley, Without You, With or Without You, Carry On Wayward Son, Jessie's Girl, You Make Me Feel Brand New, Motown Medley, Beach Boy Medley, Frankie Valli Medley, Unchanied Melody

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22171c | 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella |

Six Appeal : Plan A : 00  1 CD : 

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On Your Love

Six Appeal : Plan A

Review: Jordan, Michael, Nathan, Trey, Reuben and Andrew, hard-working members of dynamic 2012 Harmony Sweeps National Champion Six Appeal Vocal Band, are all about entertainment. We were in the delighted 2013 Finals audience in San Rafael's Veterans Memorial Auditorium, after being blown away by the 7 Regional champs, wondering how hosts Six Appeal would measure up with their set while the Audience Favorite votes were counted. We needn't have worried-Six Appeal nailed it, reminding us as we stood and cheered how much we love these guys! "Plan A" is SA's debut album, and all 12 cuts are feel-good hits: Elton John & Tim Rice's magnificent "Circle of Life," the Doobie Bros.' rock anthem "Listen to the Music," Andy Grammer's "Keep Your Head Up," a pair of sweet, sexy originals by group members, Jordan's "Little Black Dress," and Trey's "Do I;" Gavin DeGraw & Ryan Tedder's "Not Over You," Andrew Berkowitz' "On Your Love" and Billy Joel's deathless hit "And So It Goes." These Six can sing and dance their butts off, and they leave it all onstage. Don't miss "Plan A," and if you are lucky enough to have a chance to see them, for God's sake don't miss their live show!

Songlist: Circle of Life, Listen to the Music, Keep Your Head Up, Little Black Dress, Not Over You, Ordinary People, Not Over You, Do I?, Your Man, On Your Love, I Will Survive, And So It Goes

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2215c | 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella |

Solfa : Solfa

Review: Solfa are a Norwegian male quintet who sprinkle their contemporary songs with jazzy chord nuggets. Mixing about half original songs (some of which are sung in Norwegian) with tasty covers, they can funk too, as they do on the Temptations/Smokey Robinson classic, "Get Ready," which features a shredding guitar solo. Two Beatles numbers, "Drive My Car" and "You Can't Do That," retain all the joie de vivre of the Fab Four's originals, subtly accessorized-the bass part of "You Can't Do That" gives it a kick at the end. The swinging "Vem Vet" has a first-rate horn passage. The group members have studied at the Hamar College of Music in Norway, and are great admirers of the Real Group; this debut CD shows that they have learned their lessons well.

Songlist: Get Ready, Benen I Kors, You Are The One, A Cappella, Drive My Car, Faith/ Fire, You Can't Do That, Hon Ar Sa Sot, Vem Vet, Eg Ser

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2991c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Standards : The Standards Collection

Review: We've been big fans of the Standards, five sweet-singing brothers from Idaho, twice when they nearly won the Harmony Sweepstakes Finals, and then there were their four excellent CDs. "Collection" is a sometimes accompanied, 16-song best-of album that may be better described as a "tour de force" album. Our favorites are of course the a cappella cuts, "I Got A Feelin'," "Put a Little Love in Your Heart," a kickin' vocal percussion arrangement of Van Morrison's "Brown Eyed Girl," a dreamy, soaring "In Absence," wonderful vocal "horns" on the Mamas and the Papas' hit "California Dreamin'," the rhythmic, powerful "I Can't Break Away," and live covers of Bill Withers' "Lean On Me," "Put a Little Love in Your Heart," the Motown hit "Just My Imagination," "Brown Eyed Girl," Smoky Robinson's hit "My Girl," the Doo-Wop anthem "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" and the jazzy, surprising "Single Grain of Sand." These last seven tunes remind us of why we loved The Standards, one of the best live shows in the business, wonderful harmonies, strong vocal percussion, leads to die for. "Collection" is big fun, don't miss it!

Songlist: Give Me Some More, I'm In A Hurry, I Got A Feelin', Dance of the Mamba, Put A Little Love in Your Heart, Brown Eyed Girl, In Absence, California Dreaming, I Can't Break Away, Lean On Me, Put A Little Love in Your Heart (Live), Just My Imagination, My Girl, Lion Sleeps Tonight, Single Grain of Sand

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2060c | 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

Straight No Chaser : Open Bar

Review: 2019 EP release features the group's trademark reworkings of some of pop culture's best loved bar-themed songs of the last few decades, including "Take Me Home Tonight" made famous by the late Eddie Money, "Tennessee Whiskey," recently covered by Chris Stapleton, Dan + Shay's "Tequila," and Smash Mouth's "All Star."

Songlist: Take Me Home Tonight, Tennessee Whiskey, Tequila, All Star, Closing Time

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4029c | 1 CD | $7.95 |

Straight No Chaser : Six Pack Vol 2 : 00  1 CD :  : 075678824913 : ATLM82491.2

Listen to
Get Ready

Straight No Chaser : Six Pack Vol 2

Review: They have become one of the most popular contemporary a cappella groups performing today and have an extremely busy tour schedule with dates throughout the country. This EP release handily demonstrates why they enjoy such popularity and shows a sophistication and maturity that comes from performing so steadily. This release will please all fans of contemporary a cappella and will have you singing (and perhaps dancing) along with the group.

Songlist: Get Ready, Like A Prayer, Billie Jean/Poison, Rhythm Of Love/ Can't Help Falling In Love, Buddy Holly, Let's Get It On

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2905c | 1 CD | $7.85 | A Cappella || Male Contemporary CDs

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