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Down By The Sally Gardens

Music by William Butler Yeats

"Down by the Salley Gardens" (Irish: Gort na Saileán) is a poem by William Butler Yeats published in The Wanderings of Oisin and Other Poems in 1889. The verse was subsequently set to music by Herbert Hughes to the traditional air The Moorlough Shore (also known as "The Maids of Mourne Shore") in 1909. In the 1920s composer Rebecca Clarke (1886–1979) set the text to her own music. The composer John Ireland (1879–1962) set the words to an original melody in his song cycle Songs Sacred and Profane, written in 1929–31. There is also a vocal setting by the poet and composer Ivor Gurney, which was published in 1938. Benjamin Britten published a setting of the poem in 1943.

    Release Date: 1889

Songbooks, Arrangements and/or Media

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Alice Parker / Robert Shaw : Vive L'Amour - Love Songs For Men's Voices : TTBB : 01 Songbook : Robert Shaw : 038081274102  : 00-25561

Alice Parker / Robert Shaw : Vive L'Amour - Love Songs For Men's Voices

Love songs sung by men's voices have a unique poignancy and charm. Robert Shaw's understanding of this style, and the kind of tone which these settings evoke, have made them much loved by singers and listeners. These selections may be performed separately or as a program suite.

Songlist: Loch Lomond, Green Grow The Rushes, O, Stodole Pumpa, Down By The Sally Gardens, Vive L'Amour

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Voicing: TTBB | 8631b | Songbook | $6.95

Carsten Gerlitz : The Lullaby Choirbook : SATB : 01 Songbook : 49013528

Carsten Gerlitz : The Lullaby Choirbook

A collection of the most beautiful international evening songs and lullabies in atmospheric arrangements for mixed choir. Apart from classical pieces in German, the present new and modern arrangements comprise Spanish, Swedish, Scottish, French, and Indian tunes, among others. The pieces are suited for concerts, services, celebrations, or as encore pieces.

Songlist: A la nanita, Abend wird es wieder, Abends will ich schlafen geh'n, Ade nun zur guten Nacht, All Night, All Day, Au claire de la lune, Bajuschi Baju, Der Mond ist aufgegangen, Egening Rise, Guten Abend, gut' Nacht, Guter Mond, Hush, Little Baby, Hush-a-ba Birdie Croon, Irish Lullaby, Kein schoner Land, Limu, limu lima, Down By The Sally Gardens, Schlaf, Kindchen, schlaf, Schlaflied, Solvejgs Lied, Thula Thula, Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, Vierzehn Englein, Weibt du wieviel Sternlein stehen

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Voicing: SATB | 7379b | Songbook | $13.95

Carsten Gerlitz : The Celtic Choirbook : SATB : 01 Songbook : 841886004702 : 3795757746 : 49015702

Carsten Gerlitz : The Celtic Choirbook

Celtic music is enjoying a well-deserved revival. This revival may have been inspired by historical Hollywood epics, by popular dance acts such as "Riverdance", by Michael Flatley or purely by the emotional power of Celtic melodies. The songs all tell stories that have been passed down through successive generations, with more facets than any other kind of traditional music: some are melancholy dirges, some playful and lively dance tunes. This book brings together 20 of these traditional melodies in contemporary, modern arrangements for mixed chorus. In them you will find homophonic movements, sweeping melodic lines, vocal imitations of Celtic instruments and rousing rhythms. The irresistible charm of this music will leave no choral singer unmoved and is bound to find favour with audiences.

Songlist: Londonderry Air, Auld Lang Syne, Amazing Grace, Early One Morning, Lullaby, Dacw "Nghariad I Lawr Yn Y Berllan, Carrickfergus, Down By The Sally Gardens, Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go?, Whiskey In The Jar, An Irish Blessing, Riverdance, All Through The Night, Gin A Body, Believe Me, Scarbourough Fair, Greensleeves, The First Noel, Botany Bay, The Wild Rover

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Voicing: SATB | 9119b | Songbook | $13.95 | A Cappella

Edward Higginbottom : Three Folksongs : SATB : Sheet Music : Edward Higginbottom

Edward Higginbottom : Three Folksongs

Edward Higginbottom writes a highly accessible and mellifluous arrangement of "Down By the Sally Gardens". The delicate scoring, smooth vocal lines, and well-judged splashes of harmonic color allow the simple beauty of the tune to be heard. The traditional Somerset folksong "O Waly Waly" is given a delightful treatment and "Early One Morning" features both a solo baritone and solo soprano part that will make the singers shine!

Songlist: Down By The Sally Gardens, Early One Morning, O Waly, Waly

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Voicing: SATB | 9516b | Sheet Music | $4.50 | A Cappella

John Rutter : The Sprig of Thyme : SATB : 01 Songbook : John Rutter : 9780193380615

John Rutter : The Sprig of Thyme

Featured on the Cambridge Singers' album of the same name, 'The Sprig of Thyme' is a beautiful cycle of folk-song settings, each setting giving plenty of opportunity for different voices in your choir the opportunity to shine!

Songlist: The Bold Grenadier, The Keel Row, The Willow Tree, The Sprig Of Thyme, Down By The Sally Gardens, The Cuckoo, I Know Where I'm Going, Willow Song, O Can Ye Sew Cushions, Afton Water, The Miller Of Dee

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Voicing: SATB | 9362b | Songbook | $13.95 | Accompanied

Joan Frey Boytim : The First Book of Tenor Solos Part II : Solo : Songbook & CD : 073999837872 : 0634020528 : 50483787

Joan Frey Boytim : The First Book of Tenor Solos Part II

There has been widespread accceptance by teachers and students of 'The First Book Series,' so it was only natural that there would be a 'Part II' book compiled. The Part II books follow many of the same concepts which are covered in the Preface of the original volumes, including a comprehensive selection of between 34 and 37 songs from the Baroque through the 20th Century. The selections range from easy to moderate difficulty for both singer and accompanist. At the request of the students and teachers, there are more sacred songs, and two Christmas solos have been added to each book. Also included are two enhanced CDs, giving you the ability to not only play the accompaniments on both your CD player and computer, but they are also CD-ROMs that are capable of playing the tracks at different tempos and in different keys when played on the computer.

Songlist: Farewell , To The Beloved, Ave Maria , The Birthday Of The King , Good-Morning Sue , The Cloths Of Heaven, Tender Ties , Down By The Sally Gardens, Du Bist Wie Eine Blume , Everyday Is Ladies Day With Me , Fame's An Echo , Forget Me Not , The Fishermaiden , In A Foreign Land , Incline Thine Ear , It Was A Lover And His Lass , A Kingdom By The Sea , Linden Lea , Love Quickly Is Pall'd , My Lovely Celia , Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen , O Come O Come My Dearest, O Del Mio Amato Ben , On Richmond Hil There Lives A Lass , Panis Angelicus , Phillis Has Such Charming Graces, Russian Picnic , Sea Fever , Sonntag, Hark! How Still , and more

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Voicing: Solo | 8527b | Songbook & CD | $24.95 | Voice and Piano

Various Composers : Tenor Classical Contest Solos : Solo : Songbook & CD : 073999729504 : 0793578019 : 00740075

Various Composers : Tenor Classical Contest Solos

This outstanding series is an encouragement to young singers in preparing a vocal solo. Songs have been carefully chosen for each voice type, after consulting many official state contest repertoire lists. Each volume includes Five art songs in English, one African-American Spiritual, one art song in Spanish, one art song in German, two art songs in italian, new editions and engravings of all songs, historical notes on each composer represented, interpretive suggestions for each song, translations for study and a preface on 'learning a song.' Each enhanced CD includes beautiful performances of each song by talented professional artists, excellent recorded accompaniment tracks for practice, pronunciation lessons in German, Italian and Spanish. In addition to piano accompaniments playable on both your CD player and computer, the enhanced CD also includes tempo adjustment and transposition softward for CD-ROM compute use only. This edition is for Tenors.

Songlist: An Die Geliebte, Caro Mio Ben , Down By The Sally Gardens, Come Again Sweet Love , Sebben Crudele , Adela , Steal Away , Weep You No More , Have You Seen But A White Lily Grow, Wher E'er You Walk

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Voicing: Solo | 8525b | Songbook & CD | $15.95 | Voice and Piano

Cambridge Singers : Stillness and Sweet Harmony : 00  1 CD : John Rutter : 502

Cambridge Singers : Stillness and Sweet Harmony

This tranquil program is a selection of pieces from classic Cambridge Singers recordings. From Gregorian chant through the twentieth century this CD includes Allegri's "Miserere," "Draw on Sweet Night" by John Wilbye, "Tantum Ergo" by Gabriel Faure and "What Sweeter Music" by John Rutter. Most of these pieces are a cappella, with the others being accompanied by the City of London Sinfonia. This recording is a great addition to a peaceful moment.

Songlist: Adoro Te Devote, Pie Jesu, Visita, Quaesumus Domine, Draw On, Sweet Night, O Can Ye Sew Cushions, The Silver Swan, Down By The Sally Gardens, In Manus Tuas, Miserere, Tantum Ergo, Justorum Animae, O Quam Suavis, Laudi Alla Vergine Maria, Alma Redemptoris Mater, What Sweeter Music

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7124c | 1 CD | $12.95

Cambridge Singers : The Sprig of Thyme : 00  1 CD : John Rutter : 517

Cambridge Singers : The Sprig of Thyme

"For children growing up in postwar England as I did, traditional songs still form a common musical currency. These songs brought me delight and pleasure then, and they still do now, though pleasure has become tinged with nostalgia because, for the most part, they are forgotten and gone from our lives, perhaps forever. This album is an affectionate tribute to their composers and poets; a few were renowned, most were obscure or unknown, but the songs they created were famous, and I remember them fondly." - John Rutter

Songlist: The Bold Grenadier, The Keel Row, The Willow Tree, The Sprig Of Thyme, Down By The Sally Gardens, The Cuckoo, I Know Where I'm Going, Willow Song, O Can You Sew Cushions, The Miller Of Dee, Im Herbst, The Girl I Left Behind Me, O Waly, Waly, The British Grenadiers, Golden Slumbers, Dashing Away With The Smoothing Iron, The Lark In The Clear Air, She's Like The Swallow, Searching For The Lambs, The Dark Eyed Sailor, The Spring Time Of The Year, Just As The Tide Was Flowing, The Lover' Ghost, Wassail Song, She Moved Through The Fair

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7972c | 1 CD | $11.98

Hi-Lo's : Cherries And Other Delights : 00  1 CD : 603

Hi-Lo's : Cherries And Other Delights

The Hi-lo's were formed in April of l953 by bass singer and arranger Gene Puerling. Their tight, close, ringing harmonies are applied to an eclectic variety of music, barbershop, folk, bossa nova etc. etc. All the songs are accompanied by a three piece combo of piano, bass, and drums except for the extremely beautiful "Down By The Sally Gardens." Aside from the title track other well known tunes are "Lazy Afternoon," "Georgia On My Mind," "Fascinatin' Rhythm" and "You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby." On less well known tunes they rock, they jazz it up, they visit Hawaii. They are formidable!

Songlist: Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries, My Sugar Is So Refined, April Snow, The Lady in Red, Lulu's Back in Town, Lazy Afternoon, I Could Write A Book, Georgia On My Mind, (Ol') Rockin' Chair, Small Fry, (Back Home Again In) Indiana, You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby, Down By The Sally Gardens, My Little Grass Shack

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4204c | 1 CD | $10.95 | Some a cappella

King's Singers : Annie Laurie:  Folksongs of the British Isles : 00  1 CD : 54904A.2

King's Singers : Annie Laurie: Folksongs of the British Isles

Sparingly accompanied by Renaissance flute, piccolo and a guitar, these traditionals, and the descriptions that accompany them, are a charming introduction to the musical history of Britain. The famous "Danny Boy," (a cappella) somehow manages to summarize the grace and suffering of the Irish experience in its earnest melody; likewise, "Loch Lomond," (Scottish, also a cappella) brings the rough yet delicate beauty of Scotland to life. Several nineteenth century parlor songs are also included, such as "Home Sweet Home" and "Golden Slumbers." Also, the familiar "Scarborough Fair," "Greensleeves" and "What Shall We Do With A Drunken Sailor?"

Songlist: Scarborough Fair , Skye Boat Song, What Shall We Do with the Drunken Sailor? , Annie Laurie, Greensleeves, Danny Boy, The Lincolnshire Poacher, Loch Lomond , The Lass of Richmond Hill , Down By The Sally Gardens, The Ash Grove, Aiken Drum , Golden Slumbers , Ar Hyd Y Nos (All Through the Night) , Going to Town , Home Sweet Home, Eriskay Love Lilt, Mairi's Wedding

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Performed by King's Singers | 6112c | 1 CD | $16.98

Men of Melodious Accord  : My Love and I : 00  1 CD : Alice Parker : 49213

Men of Melodious Accord : My Love and I

Boston's Alice Parker, composer, conductor and teacher was first known for her arrangements and collaboration with the late Robert Shaw. She has built an international reputation composing, researching folk music and performing. In 1985 she formed Melodious Accord, a 16-voice professional chorus. "My Love and I" features the men of this group, singing 24 traditional folk songs from America, England and Scotland, France, Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Ireland and Sea Shanties. Some favorites: "Darling Nellie Gray," "Aura Lee," "When Love is Kind," "A-Roving," "Stodole Pumpa," "Al Olivo," "Has Sorrow Thy Young Days Shaded," "A Ballynure Ballad" and "To Ladies' Eyes." This is well-chosen music from another era, sometimes poignant and heart-tugging, sometimes rousing; always powerful. A generous collection, sung with tremendous feeling by Alice Parker's hand-picked men! All a cappella, nice liner notes with the complete lyrics.

Songlist: America:, Seeing Nellie Home, Stars of the Summer Night, Darling Nellie Gray, England and Scotland:, Passing By, Turn Ye to Me, When Love is Kind, Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes, Sea Shanties:, Haul Away, Joe!, Lowlands, A-Roving, France, Czech Republic, Germany:, L'Amour e Moy, Stodole Pumpa, Treue Liebe, Du, du liegst mir im Herzen, Spain:, La Tarara, Adois, Catedral de Burgos, Al Olivo, Ireland:, Has Sorrow Thy Young Days Shaded, A Ballynure Ballad, Down by the Sally Gardens, To Ladies' Eyes, America:, Aura Lee, My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean, and more

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6943c | 1 CD | $15.98 | Primarily a cappella

Minnesota Boychoir : How Can I Keep From Singing : 00  1 CD : Mark S. Johnson

Minnesota Boychoir : How Can I Keep From Singing

How Can I Keep From Singing features the Allegro Choir of the Minnesota Boychoir. This group of tenors and basses was formed in 1997 as a graduate program of the Boychoir. They sing sacred and folk song arrangements as well as some lighter pieces with arrangements by Kirby Shaw, Andrea Klause, John C. Philips and others. Lanell Lightfoot is the featured soloist for "I Love the Lord."

Songlist: Exultate justi in Domino, Blagoslovi, dushe moya, Ghospoda , Goin' Up to Glory , I Love the Lord , Media Vita , Listen to the Sounds in Heaven , Song of Peace , Prayer of the Children , Jingle Bells, Exultate Justi in Domino , Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel), La Carolina , Fergus an' Molly , Two Folk Songs for Male Voices , Down By The Sally Gardens, The Miller of Dee, What Shall We Do With the Drunken Sailor , How Can I Keep from Singing

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7192c | 1 CD | $15.98 | Some a cappella

Ohio State University Men's Glee : Brothers in Song : 00  1 CD : Robert J. Ward : 6689

Ohio State University Men's Glee : Brothers in Song

The Ohio State University Men's Glee Club was organized in 1875 and has created a long tradition of choral excellence. The 2006 incarnation of the group, conducted by Dr. Robert J. Ward, brings us a spirited collection of songs, mixing a cappella with accompanied material, as well as showing off the rich variety of their repertoire, from traditional tunes like "Down By The Riverside," "She Moved Through the Fair," the beautifully harmonic a cappella song "Blow the Candles Out" and "O Mistress Mine" to classical tunes like Franz Schubert's "Widerspruch," Richard Wagner's "Begluckt darf nun dich," Felix Mendelssohn's" Periti autem" and Z. Randall Stroope's "Dies Irae;" to popular music like Billy Joel's lovely "And so it goes," Michael Martin's "Send In the Clowns," and of course songs of OSU: "Carmen Ohio," "The Buckeye Battle Cry," "Campus Echoes" and "Hang on Sloopy." We also liked Sven-David Svenstrom's dramatic a cappella "Kyrie" and John Rutter's "Down By the Sally Gardens." A fine collection from one of America's oldest and most respected Collegiate groups!

Songlist: Carmen Ohio, Musica!, Kyrie , Widerspruch, Send In The Clowns, Dies Irae, "Begluckt darf nun dich", Blow the Candles Out, And So It Goes, She Moved Through the Fair, Landed, O Mistress Mine, Down By the Sally Gardens, Blagoslovi, Dushe Moya, Ghospoda, Periti Autem, Down By the Riverside, Songs of The Ohio State University:, The Buckeye Battle Cry, Campus Echoes, Hang on Sloopy

More details
8938c | 1 CD | $15.95 | Primarily a cappella

St Charles Singers : I Know Where I'm Going : 00  1 CD : Jeffrey Hunt : AFFM 4027

St Charles Singers : I Know Where I'm Going

Rarely heard works by English composer/conductor John Rutter are highlighted on this highly acclaimed disc by the St. Charles Singers. Fancies is a cycle of choral settings with small orchestra which uses texts from the 15th and 16th centuries including Shakespeare and Thomas Campion. This performance is only the second recording of this charming piece. Other Rutter pieces include, "The Keel Row," "Black Sheep," "Down By the Sally Garden" and "I Know Where I'm Goin'." All of the Rutter arrangements are accompanied by soloists from the Metropolis Chamber Orchestra. The remainder of the recording is an assortment of American and British folk song arrangements. "Flower of Beauty," is especially beautiful. This recording includes some great singing from a fine American choir.

Songlist: Tell Me Where is Fancy Breed, There Is a Garden in Her Face, The Urchins' Dance, Riddle Song, Midnight's Bell, The Bellman's Song, Flower of Beauty, The Keel Row, The Turtle Dove, Black Is the Color of My True Love's Hair, Lamorna, Black Sheep, Down By The Sally Gardens, He's Gone Away, Swansea Town, The Oak and The Ash , Early One Morning, I Know Where I'm Going, Londonderry Air, Shenandoah

More details
7286c | 1 CD | $15.98 | Primarily a cappella

St. Olaf Viking Chorus : In Concert : 00  1 CD : Robert Scholz : 29961

St. Olaf Viking Chorus : In Concert

A collection of Sacred Choral Classics, Songs of Christmas, Ethnic Songs and African American Spirituals conducted by Robert Scholz fills this wonderful recording by the Viking Chorus of St. Olaf College. These pieces have been taken from many of their concerts, including their participation in the Christmas festivals. The recording begins with the first and final sections of William Byrd's Mass for Three voices. Other selections include compositions by director Scholz, such as "Set Me as a Seal" with piano and oboe accompaniment and the a cappella "All this Night." They also sing two selections is Swedish. This recording is a well sung variety of repertoire for men's voices.

Songlist: Mass for 3 Voices, Qui tollis , Haec est dies, The Cherubic Hymn , Cantique de Jean Racine , Nunc dimittis in Bb , Set Me as a Seal , The Shepherd's Psalm , All This Night , O Holy Child, Midnight Clear , Carols and Lullabies , Pa fjallet i sol , Domaredansen , What Shall We Do With the Drunken Sailor , Down By The Sally Gardens, Savory, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme , Somebody's Calling My Name, Were You There?, In Dat Great Gittin' Up Mornin'

More details
7332c | 1 CD | $14.98 | Primarily a cappella

Washington Men's Camerata : Brothers Sing On! : 00  1 CD : Frank Albinder : 49250

Washington Men's Camerata : Brothers Sing On!

The ancient art of men's choral singing began early in the history of western music. From its roots in Jewish liturgical chant and the monastic chants of the early Christian church, through groups of troubadours in Medieval France and the male singing societies of nineteenth-century England and Germany, the male chorus has a rich and varied history, influenced by many of the world's most important cultures and religions. In modern times, male chorus traditions are carried on by collegiate and community choruses in dozens of countries around the world. With this program, the Washington Men's Camerata begins a series of recordings of some of the timeless gems of our repertoire, with the hope that this lasting testament to the power of men's voices raised in song will serve to inspire future generations of singers.

Songlist: Brothers, Sing On , Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes , The Pasture , De Animals A-Comin , Waitin' For The Dawn Of Peace , Down By The Sally Gardens, Ave Maria, If Ye Love Me, Spaseniye Sodelal , Song Of Peace , Ride The Chariot , The Long Day Closes, Vive L'Amour, Down In The Valley , What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor , Shenandoah , Battle Hymn Of The Republic

More details
8404c | 1 CD | $15.98

Whiffenpoofs : Whiffs in Space! : 00  1 CD

Whiffenpoofs : Whiffs in Space!

As one of the nation's oldest and most acclaimed collegiate a cappella groups the Whiffenpoofs have, during their 99 years of existence, sung all over the world. With their 100 year anniversary approaching the group decided that was not quite enough so now "The Whiffs" have taken off to explore the universe where "in space nobody can hear you sing". This recording reflects their long tradition by performing a selection of more traditional male glee club type songs along with a very healthy mix of contemporary a cappella songs. With such a long and proud tradition the Whiffenpoofs have always been one of the creams of the crop and this year's group more than hold their own on this fine recording. An added bonus is the printed insert which turns into a cool poster.

Songlist: Aj Lucka Lucka, Little Pony, New Hymn, On Broadway, Something Like The Blues, Steppin' Out With My Baby, Stay, Waiting in Vain, Sweet Baby James, Time After Time, Bye Bye Blackbird, Down By The Sally Gardens, Who Loves The Sun, Deep River, Midnight Train To Georgia, The Whiffenpoof Song

More details
1768c | 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella

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