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Christian Christmas Mini Musicals for kids

Christmas is the perfect time to put on a mini musical. Usually lasting between 10 and 20 minutes these fully scripted musicals include several songs, narrative, staging directions, singers editions and accompaniment CDs.

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Ali Carlson : Counting Down to Christmas - Choral Book : Unison/2-Part : Songbook : 080689577178 : 080689577178

Ali Carlson : Counting Down to Christmas - Choral Book

Caleb's mom has offered to host this year's Sunday School Christmas party at their home. Sounds great, but...

Caleb's mom, Mrs. Marlin, is a legendary, no-nonsense, "better get it right" math teacher who has had most of the kids from church in her math class at school. Convinced that his mom's penchant for turning everything into a math lesson will take the fun out of the evening, Caleb does his best to allay everyone's fears that the party might get hijacked by a math quiz! During the course of the evening, Mrs. Marlin shares the Christmas story as only a math teacher could; the songs tell the story..."Countdown," "What Sense Does a Census Make?", "Treegonometry," "He Can Count on Me," and "It All Adds Up with Joy to the World!." Christmas by the numbers never sounded so good!!

Songlist: It All Adds Up, Countdown, What Sense Does a Census Make?, Treegonomity, He Can Count on Me, It All Adds Up reprise

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Voicing: Unison/2-Part | 12222b | Songbook | $10.95 ON SALE $

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Anna Laura Page and Anne Jean Shafferman : Where's the Newborn King? - Choral book : Unison/2-Part : Songbook & 1 CD : 30/2715L

Anna Laura Page and Anne Jean Shafferman : Where's the Newborn King? - Choral book

From a simple, timeless child's game comes a meaningful Christmas worship experience for the young children in your congregation-just as you would expect from Anna Laura Page and Jean Anne Shafferman. Together, they have created a story of three little shepherds who are inspired by their grandfather's stories to go on a hide-and-seek search for the newborn King. They follow clues from the ancient prophets Isaiah and Micah, finding prophecies fulfilled along the way, as well as three kings who are also following clues. More importantly, they learn the importance of seeking King Jesus in all that they say and do, and in the inspiring finale, the cast challenges the congregation to do the same. "Where's the Newborn King?" offers six speaking and six non-speaking roles, and it comes complete with reproducible song sheets and narration. The unison songs feature limited, optional two-part writing. Learning is aided by both the fully supportive piano accompaniment and by familiar carols.

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Voicing: Unison/2-Part | 12208b | Songbook & 1 CD | $49.95

Anna Laura Page and Jean Anne Shafferman : A Christmas Carol: Scrooge in Bethlehem : Unison/2-Part : Director's Edition : 00-29224

Anna Laura Page and Jean Anne Shafferman : A Christmas Carol: Scrooge in Bethlehem

A Christmas Carol: Scrooge in Bethlehem is an adaptation of Charles Dickens' 19th-century English story, A Christmas Carol. In this creative adaptation, Scrooge is the Bethlehem Innkeeper who refuses shelter to Mary and Joseph on that first Christmas night. His front desk clerk, Bob Cratchit, comes to their aid while Scrooge sleeps alone in his dark room in the inn. When God sends an angel with the Light of Salvation to Scrooge, the wretched man is forced to search his soul. Gradually he realizes that he has traded his soul for money. His final redemption reflects the promise of salvation for all, both poor and rich, in the birth of Emmanuel, God with us.

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Voicing: Unison/2-Part | 12316b | Director's Edition | $24.95

Carter Robinson : The Christmas Puzzle : Unison/2-Part : Songbook : 9780834177840

Carter Robinson : The Christmas Puzzle

The setting is grandma's living room. Four cousins are snowed in and the power is out: no video games, no TV, no movies, no cell phones, and the list goes on the total bummer! And so begins The Christmas Puzzle from creative team Carter and Barny Robertson. The cousins discover God's picture perfect plan as they struggle to complete a jigsaw puzzle with nothing but clues from the Bible to guide them. This musical is designed for easy production and presentation, and easily adapts to any size stage, platform, or other performance space. The cast is made up of 4 children and 1 adult. Costuming is what children would normally wear in December, and the setting is a simple grandma's living room" decorated for Christmas. Performance time is approximately 23 minutes.

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Voicing: Unison/2-Part | 12244b | Songbook | $6.95

Other Voicings: Unison/2-Part

Celeste Clydesdale : The Little Drummer Boy - Choral Book : Unison/2-Part : Songbook : 080689707179 : 080689707179

Celeste Clydesdale : The Little Drummer Boy - Choral Book

From dynamic children's writer Celeste Clydesdale comes this upbeat, heartfelt musical, just in time for Christmas! Michael, "the little drummer boy," attends Calvary Christian School, where he plays in the band. The students are getting ready for the Christmas parade under the direction of their new music teacher, Mrs. Newman. Through her help, and the help of the school janitor, Mr. Jenkins, Michael realizes that he needs a "tune-up" and he learns that we are God's instruments of praise. When we surrender our lives to God and allow Him to be the song in our hearts, He will use us for His glory.

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Voicing: Unison/2-Part | 12105b | Songbook | $12.95

Other Voicings: Unison/2-Part, Unison/2-Part, Unison/2-Part

Celeste Clydesdale : Meet Me At The Manger - Choral Book : Unison/2-Part : Songbook : 080689712173 : 080689712173

Celeste Clydesdale : Meet Me At The Manger - Choral Book

Through energetic songs and a fun-filled story, Meet Me at the Manger creatively communicates how the gifts of the wise men are relevant today. Celeste Clydesdale's musical takes your children from a choir performance at Herod's Department Store to a Christmas party at the Lighthouse Mission. There the children discover that God's desire is for us to have a heart of gold and to give prayer and praise to God like sweet incense. By serving Him in the mission, the children learn what it means to lay down their wants, choosing instead to live for Jesus. A video is available which includes a complete demo performance, an accompaniment video and instructional choreography. The Teacher Resource Kit includes teaching helps and suggestions for performance, choreography and promotion within and outside of your church.

Songlist: Born to Shop, Celebrate the King of Kings, Christmas without Christ, Wise Guys (Walkin' in the Light, J.O.Y. (Jesus, Others, You), In Your Presence, Heart of Gold, Sweet, Sweet Gift, Dying to Live, Wise Men Still Follow You Today, Celebrate the King of Kings

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Voicing: Unison/2-Part | 12109b | Songbook | $12.95

Other Voicings: Unison/2-Part, Unison/2-Part, Unison/2-Part

Celeste Clydesdale : Miracle On Main Street - Choral Book : Unison/2-Part : Songbook : 080689727177 : 080689727177

Celeste Clydesdale : Miracle On Main Street - Choral Book

Today more and more communities are struggling with the word "Christmas." Where mangers once stood and carols were sung, Christ is continuing to be dropped in favor of "holiday" celebrations. This enlightening children's musical reaches directly to the heart of this matter, and from the voices of children comes the ultimate truth -- a Christmas without Jesus is like giving a present with no gift inside.

From best-selling children's creator Celeste Clydesdale and arranger David T. Clydesdale comes their latest children's Christmas musical, Miracle on Main Street, The Little Pageant That Wouldn't Give Up! An engaging script and upbeat blend of new songs with traditional carols chronicle the dilemma of a group of children who want to celebrate Christmas in public, but face opposition from the politically correct local townsfolk. Despite the challenges, the children stand up for their beliefs and joyfully proclaim their faith.

Songlist: Consider Yourself Invited, I Hate to Wait for Christmas, O Holy Night!, Glitz and Tinsel, O Little Town of Bethlehem, I Believe!, Away in a Manger, It's Very Clear to See, Go Light Your World, Birthday of the King, The Christmas Story, O Come, All Ye Faithful, Miracle of God

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Voicing: Unison/2-Part | 12111b | Songbook | $12.95

Other Voicings: Unison/2-Part, Unison/2-Part, Unison/2-Part

Celeste Clydesdale : The Mystery Of The Manger - Choral Book : Unison/2-Part : Songbook : 080689731174 : 080689731174

Celeste Clydesdale : The Mystery Of The Manger - Choral Book

In The Mystery of the Manger, Jane Blonde, an investigative reporter for The Morning Star newspaper wants the facts...just the facts! Her questions and searching make headline news on Christmas morning. As she observes rehearsal for the Christmas Eve pageant, the children teach her through their songs that "Like the Wise Men" we're all searching for the truth, and that the gospel accounts of Jesus' life are "The Gospel Truth." In examining these facts from Scripture, your children and congregation will discover the overwhelming proof that the baby born 2,000 years ago in that manger IS the Savior of the world. The Mystery of the Manger includes the popular Stephen Curtis Chapman song, "Facts Are Facts," as well as a Teacher Resource Kit with lesson plans, activities and pre-planning material available in digital and printed formats.

Songlist: It's the Day Before, The Mystery of the Manger, Like the Wise Men, The Gospel Truth, John 3:16, Facts Are Facts, Hallelujah! It Came True, The Mystery, Your Very First Christmas, Like the Wise Men

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Voicing: Unison/2-Part | 12115b | Songbook | $12.95

Other Voicings: Unison/2-Part, Unison/2-Part, Unison/2-Part

Celeste Clydesdale : The Great Christmas Giveaway - Choral Book : Unison/2-Part : Songbook : 080689746178 : 080689746178

Celeste Clydesdale : The Great Christmas Giveaway - Choral Book

Join Brody, Ashley and the rest of the class officers as they meet at the mall to search for the perfect present for their homeroom teacher. There are many temptations and detours along the way, but they come to learn that true joy is only found when we give to others in the same way Christ gave to us. Featuring the engaging songs, spiritual message, and sparkling arrangements you've come to expect from a Celeste Clydesdale musical, The Great Christmas Giveaway is sure to delight audiences of all ages.

Songlist: Shop 'Til You Drop, It's Better to Give, The Gift Goes On with Every Good, The Perfect Present, Gold, Incense and Myrrh, I Give You Me, Where's the Line to See Jesus?, Manger Song, The Gift of Joy!

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Voicing: Unison/2-Part | 12119b | Songbook | $12.95

Other Voicings: Unison/2-Part, Unison/2-Part, Unison/2-Part

Christy and Daniel Semens : Wrapping All The Way - Choral Book : Unison/2-Part : Songbook : 080689523175 : 080689523175

Christy and Daniel Semens : Wrapping All The Way - Choral Book

Dove Award-nominated creative team, Christy and Daniel Semsen, once again deliver a must-have children's musical for Christmas. Jam-packed full of fun, deliciously-rich dialogue, singable songs, jaw-dropping audio tracks, a touch of righteous rap, and a powerful, Christmas-themed Gospel message, the Semsens bring us their new Christmas creation, Wrapping All the Way! Based in Tuneville, where the townspeople are known as Tunies, and their leader, King Dazzlebaum, has declared that EVERY DAY is Christmas! The conversation is loaded with Christmas-isms and the air is merry and bright as the Christmas extravaganza -"Tinsel Mania"- is about to take place. You won't want to miss it!

Songlist: Wrapping All The Way, It's Christmas Everyday, Tinsel Mania, Mary's Song, A Light Has Dawned, He Will Be Called, Bethlehem Skies, Finale

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Voicing: Unison/2-Part | 12070b | Songbook | $12.95

Other Voicings: Unison/2-Part, Unison/2-Part, Unison/2-Part

Christy and Daniel Semens : Jingle Bell Beach - Choral Book : Unison/2-Part : Songbook : 080689586170 : 080689586170

Christy and Daniel Semens : Jingle Bell Beach - Choral Book

Once again it's that time of year, when aspiring young vocal groups from all around the country make their way to JINGLE BELL BEACH for the famous Jingle Sing competition. Hosts Sandy and Sonny Pepperminter welcome the final contestants for this year's competition: the Snowflakes, the Starfish, and the Electrons! When a storm ruins the contestants' plans for getting home in time for Christmas, things heat up to tidal wave proportions! The result? The announcement of a rare "Reindeer Rumble"...a spontaneous, on-the-spot song competition to determine the winner of this year's event. In their eagerness to win the contest, it becomes clear that one of the contestants is struggling with his understanding of the meaning of Christmas. As the others share the story of Jesus, the spirit of competition quickly transforms into the wonderful spirit of Christmas! We are reminded that Christmas is about Emmanuel - God with us - and the Good News that Jesus came to be our Savior.

Songlist: Jingle Bell Beach, Joy Has Come, Merry, Merry Christmas, Jesus is the Light, Silly Snowman, Reindeer Rumbles, Unto Us, Our Hearts We bow, Halleujah, Beachy Bows

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Voicing: Unison/2-Part | 12081b | Songbook | $12.95

Other Voicings: Unison/2-Part, Unison/2-Part, Unison/2-Part

Christy and Daniel Semens : Straight Outta Bethlehem - Choral Book : Unison/2-Part : Songbook : 080689610172 : 080689610172

Christy and Daniel Semens : Straight Outta Bethlehem - Choral Book

Here we are in the "sleepy" little village of Bethlehem. But in this tiny town something huge and miraculous is about to happen...the birth of the Messiah! Right in the midst of all the action is an irresistibly intrepid and indefatigable group of orphans who reside at the Inn of Bethlehem. Meet Starr, Zoolie, John Luke, Gertie, Magnus, and Blake (oh, and shepherds Zeke and Ziggy!). Along with Trixie, who runs the inn, this loveable ragamuffin group of characters will put a smile on your lips and a song in your heart as they unveil the story of Christmas and how God sent His only Son to be born, STRAIGHT OUTTA BETHLEHEM. As eyewitnesses to the holy, blessed event, their special re-telling of the story is sure to shine a bright new light on the importance of our Savior's birth!

Songlist: Straight Outta Bethlehem, Anything Can happen, Here in Bethlehem, Barnyard Boogie, The Dream, Blake's SDong, Disco Gloria, What Can I Give?, Orphans of God

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Voicing: Unison/2-Part | 12089b | Songbook | $12.95

Other Voicings: Unison/2-Part, Unison/2-Part, Unison/2-Part

Christy and Daniel Semens : The Little Drummer Dude - Choral Book : Unison/2-Part : Songbook : 080689633171 : 080689633171

Christy and Daniel Semens : The Little Drummer Dude - Choral Book

Meet the up-and-coming Persia's Traveling Band-or PTB, as their fans call them-who are out on "their biggest tour yet!" with their little "roadie" Abel. Along the way, they meet three Wise Men, who are following a star in search for a King who has just been born. With the possibility of playing for a Royal audience, PTB decides to join the Wise Men and make the journey to Bethlehem. After all, what better way for the band to be discovered and rise to the top the charts than playing for a King?

During this fantastic journey, the little dude named Abel, who is sort of a 'roadie' for PTB, unveils his passion for playing the drums. While the band does not take his playing seriously, the Wise Men notice his talent and encourage his efforts, knowing that he has a very special gift. One of the Wise Men expresses to Abel that perhaps he might even get to play his drum for the King...Will Abel get his wish??

To learn the outcome-and finally get to meet this King to be born in Bethlehem-you'll have to come along on the journey with Abel, Persia's Traveling Band, the three Wise Men, and Abel's fantastically whacky and fun camel, Hakim! Through The Little Drummer Dude, each and every kid in your children's ministry will learn that God can do amazing things through everyone, even if they are "just a little dude."

Songlist: The Little Drummer Dude, Persia's Traveling Band, That Star!, Search party, Not Too Little, Wise Men Processional, Worship the King, King of the World, Be Born in Me Today

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Voicing: Unison/2-Part | 12094b | Songbook | $12.95

Other Voicings: Unison/2-Part, Unison/2-Part, Unison/2-Part

Christy and Daniel Semens : Raad Tidings We Bring! - Choral Book : Unison/2-Part : Songbook : 080689659171 : 080689659171

Christy and Daniel Semens : Raad Tidings We Bring! - Choral Book

Ever wonder what it was like on that one starry night in Bethlehem long ago? That night when angels sang, shepherds rejoiced, and a young couple gazed at their precious, newborn baby boy. You may think you've heard it all before; that you know all there is to know about that night and that special baby's birth. But until you've heard the story told by the animals who were there with Mary and Joseph, you just might be missing an important perspective on all that happened that first Christmas night! Now you can hear all about it in Raad Tidings We Bring...The Animals' Christmas Story, new, from Christy and Daniel Semsen! The Animals' Christmas Story begins with two revered "old-timers"... two celebrated "senior citizens" of the animal community in Bethlehem. Meet Ruthie and Eleanor; one, a wise old donkey, the other, a shall we say, long-in-the-tooth, camel, both reminiscing about the night when Christ was born. Our two old friends are joined throughout the musical by others who all came together to experience this miraculous birth. You'll hear from birds on their way to Bethlehem for the census, meet theater mice and a thespian cat who entertain guests at the inn, and be introduced to a super-smart sheepdog and a super-chill flock of sheep- you know, those sheep who saw the angels on the hillside, outside of Bethlehem! Raad Tidings We Bring... The Animals' Christmas Story, is a paws-i-tively amazing, meow-fully wonderful, hee-haw-fully marvelous re-telling of God's love story...the story of a Savior, the story of redemption, the story of Christmas!

Songlist: Rad Tidings, O Tweet, All Ye Faithful, The Donkey's Song, Mousington Inn, Dude! Yo!, Unplowed Ground, Lullaby to the Lamb, The Animal's Anthem

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Voicing: Unison/2-Part | 12100b | Songbook | $12.95

Other Voicings: Unison/2-Part, Unison/2-Part, Unison/2-Part

Christy and Daniel Semsen : The Secret Of Snowflake County - Choral Book : Unison/2-Part : Songbook : 080689463174 : 080689463174

Christy and Daniel Semsen : The Secret Of Snowflake County - Choral Book

Take a rollicking ride to Snowflake County-a place where Christmas celebrations have become so extravagant they threaten to over shadow the simplicity of Christmas' true meaning. It seems the only one who understands the secret of Jesus' simple birth is little Suzy Hallmark-but no one is listening. It will take a series of crazy mishaps during the community's annual seasonal program before the noise stops and everyone realizes that Christmas isn't about how brightly lights and decorations shine-it's about Jesus, the light of the world. Christy Semsen has once again combined her tuneful songs and clever dialogue with a strong spiritual theme in this delightful musical that is as contemporary as today's headlines. Daniel Semsen's sparkling accompaniment tracks feature musical styles that range from pop to rock to rap and polka. (There are even country line dancing angels and tap dancing wise men!) A full-color Teacher's Resource Kit and a performance IVD are available, providing all the production help you'll need. In addition to long-sleeve and short-sleeve T-shirts, you can also purchase Fun Paks for your choir to use in performance and keep as a souvenir. Your children and congregation are going to love their visit to Snowflake County, where the secret is out: Christ is the center of Christmas!

Songlist: Christmas in Snowflake County with Jingle Bells, Our Extravaganza, This Is the Time, Glory to God, I Wanna Be Wise, The Crazy Christmas Medley, Silent Night, Hope Has Come

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Voicing: Unison/2-Part | 12054b | Songbook | $12.95

Other Voicings: Unison/2-Part, , Unison/2-Part

Christy and Daniel Semsen : Isaiah Jones and the Seekers of The Lost Christmas Treasure : Unison/2-Part : Songbook : 080689498176 : 080689498176

Christy and Daniel Semsen : Isaiah Jones and the Seekers of The Lost Christmas Treasure

Join in the excitement as our young hero, along with his friends and companions, search for the Lost Christmas Treasure, navigating levels of the video game as they go. Cheer them on through challenge after challenge as they follow the shooting star that guides their way on a suspense-filled journey, leading them to their greatest discovery...the real Treasure of Christmas is Jesus

Songlist: Isaiah Jones, Follow The Star, Road to Bethlehem, No Room, Emmanuel, Give It Away This Christmas, Hellelujah (Light Has Come)

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Voicing: Unison/2-Part | 12060b | Songbook | $12.95

Other Voicings: Unison/2-Part, Unison/2-Part, Unison/2-Part

Christy Semsen : We Three Spies - Choral Book : Unison/2-Part : Songbook : 080689478178 : 080689478178

Christy Semsen : We Three Spies - Choral Book

Sshh! Grab your dark shades and go undercover to join the exciting Christmas mission of WE THREE SPIES. Agents E, L and F are recruits with the CIK (Christmas Intelligence Kids), a covert group of spies who secretly bring Christmas cheer to the needy. But this year they're facing an especially difficult challenge: keeping Ms. Harriet (pronounced "Har-ret") King, a Scrooge-like landlord, from evicting them from their headquarters, confiscating donations, and cancelling their Christmas Nativity program. It takes a little expert espionage and a lot of God's unconditional love for Ms. King to change her tune as she finally joins the CIK and the entire town in a musical celebration of the true meaning of Jesus' birth. WE THREE SPIES is the latest creation from the acclaimed children's writer Christy Semsen as she once again combines delightful storytelling, clever songs, and spot-on spiritual truth. Daniel Semsen created dynamic accompaniment tracks that are worthy of the latest spy movie score! Invaluable information in the "all you can ask for" Teacher's Resource Kit, as well as demonstration performances, choreography, and more on the Instructional DVD, will guide you through every step of the production process with confidence. This Christmas, your classified mission - should you choose to accept it - is to join WE THREE SPIES as they blow their cover to proclaim joy to the world!

Songlist: Undercover, Spylent Night, I Don't Like Christmas, God with Us, Glory, Hope Was Born this Night, Be Still My Soul, Nativity Medley, I Love Christmas

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Voicing: Unison/2-Part | 12007b | Songbook | $12.95

Other Voicings: Unison/2-Part, Unison/2-Part, Unison/2-Part

Christy Semsen : All About That Baby - Choral Book : Unison/2-Part : Songbook : 080689558177 : 080689558177

Christy Semsen : All About That Baby - Choral Book

New from Christy and Daniel Semsen and WordKidz, ALL ABOUT THAT BABY is a delightfully fresh presentation of the blessed story of Jesus' birth. We know from Biblical accounts that Mary and Joseph had to find rest in a stable, where the baby Jesus was born. We're told of Wise Men traveling from the East in search of the newborn King, and of shepherds visited by angels and told of His coming. Our new Christmas musical version of the story introduces you to some entirely new, fictional characters, and wonders what it might have been like had they enjoyed a "front row seat" to the events of that holy night!

Angels and shepherds and...talking sheep? Oh, my!

Songlist: Morning in Bethlehem, Waiting for a Miracle, Sheep Stuff, Messiah, All About that Baby, Star in the Sky with We Three Kings, That Holy Night with O Holy Night, He Shall Reign Forevermore, Hope for a Broken World, Sheep Bows

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Voicing: Unison/2-Part | 12221b | Songbook | $12.95

Other Voicings: ,

Christy Semsen : Back To The Manger - Choral Book : Unison/2-Part : Songbook : 080689441172

Christy Semsen : Back To The Manger - Choral Book

Introducing a Christmas children's musical from husband and wife duo Christy and Daniel Semsen that is a blast-from-the-past to perform and delivers a life-changing message - BACK TO THE MANGER. During the annual Christmas Caroling Outreach at Midway Community Church, Jackson and his friends discover a time machine in the basement. After accidentally hitting a lever, they embark on an adventure throughout the twentieth century and learn how helping others changes lives. Seeing the caroling outreach effects over the decades, once-skeptical Jackson comes to know Christ better and discovers the true value of God's gift and why we celebrate His birth.

Songlist: Back to the Manger, Can You Hear the Bells?, Angels We Have Heard on High, Let Us Love, Come, Let Us All Adore Him, Ring, Ring-a-Ling, Song of the Sheep and the Goats, Peace on Earth, I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day, Ring the Bells

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Voicing: Unison/2-Part | 12278b | Songbook | $12.95

Other Voicings: ,

Daniel Semsen : Cool Yule 2 - Choral Book : SAB : Songbook : 080689653179 : 080689653179

Daniel Semsen : Cool Yule 2 - Choral Book

Discover completely epic and totally awesome new Christmas songs for your Youth Choir in this latest edition of the Kaleidoscope Youth Choir Series... COOL YULE 2, from triple-threat programmer, arranger, and producer, Daniel Semsen. COOL YULE 2 features six divergent, edgy, and fun Christmas songs intensified to deliver the most forward-leaning, bleeding-edge Youth Choir arrangements... especially designed for hip student choirs just like yours! The Kaleidoscope Youth Choir Series was created to provide life-changing ministry opportunities for the next generation through impactful, meaningful music. As a part of this series, COOL YULE 2 does just that... featuring the best and most current Christmas songs from chart-topping artists including Lauren Daigle, Unspoken, Francesca Battistelli, Danny Gokey, Love & the Outcome, and OBB. Your Youth Choir is guaran

Songlist: Lift Up Your Eyes, The King Is Here, Christmas Everyday, Light of the World, Feelin' Like Christmas, Messiah

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Voicing: SAB | 2088b | Songbook | $12.95

Other Voicings:

Dave Clark and Emily Mingledorff : Christmas in KidCity - Choral Book : Unison/2-Part : Songbook

Dave Clark and Emily Mingledorff : Christmas in KidCity - Choral Book

Simply WordKidz is home to our "easier" musicals. And while this one may be easy, it is also super fun, full of heart, and dares to proclaim from the beginning that THIS IS GONNA BE BIG! The action all takes place within a church's kids ministry room, dubbed "KidCity." With the timeline leading up to their annual Christmas celebration, this 26-minute musical for Kids Choir is nonstop fun, chock-full of cleverly written songs, all supported by an effortlessly effective, heartwarming script. Make your preparation time even easier when you utilize the Instructional DVD, recorded live at the inaugural performance of Christmas in KidCity. See how it was done, how it looked, and get ideas for your own production and more with the use of this video.

Songlist: This is Gonna Be Big, It's Still the Same Story, How Do You Say, Don't Major on the Minors, Angels We Have Heard on High, Redeemed, O Come, All Ye Faithful

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Voicing: Unison/2-Part | 12277b | Songbook | $9.95

Other Voicings: Unison/2-Part, Unison/2-Part

Donald F. Marsh : One Good Christmas : Unison/2-Part : Songbook : 5678

Donald F. Marsh : One Good Christmas

This great new musical for children tells the story of young people from a church who go Christmas caroling. They become dismayed when a gold locket is taken from a home they visit. Deeper Christmas themes of forgiveness and reconciliation then emerge. The story and songs are new, but familiar carols and a tableau based on the Nativity make this a Christmas presentation that everyone will enjoy! One Good Christmas includes roles for 17 young people (and three adults). Parts can be combined or divided as needed. A younger Cherub Choir could also be included in the first part of the show. Sure to be a production to remember, One Good Christmas offers not only entertainment, but also a wonderful seasonal message for all who take part. Duration: approx. 35-40 minutes. Overture - Let's Go Caroling - Come with Us to Bethlehem - Rock-a-Little Baby bye - One Good Christmas - Gimme This, Gimme That - A Pocketful of Christmas - I Took It! - Who Would Have Guessed - There's Forgiveness - Reprise: One Good Christmas - Christmas Benediction

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Voicing: Unison/2-Part | 12259b | Songbook | $14.95

Gina Boa : The Power of the KING - Choral Book : Unison/2-Part : Songbook : 080689559174 : 080689559174

Gina Boa : The Power of the KING - Choral Book

The Power of the KING is the latest Christmas musical from Simply WordKidz, the best-selling easy-learn, easy-sing series for children's choir from Word Music & Church Resources. The story behind The Power of the KING, written and created by Gina Boe and Barb Dorn, revolves around radio station K-I-N-G. A major winter storm is threatening to shut down the entire state. The power grid is failing all around, and highways are closing due to dangerous road conditions. A bus transporting a children's choir on their Christmas tour is stranded by the storm, so the choir takes refuge at the radio station. The timing of the winter storm couldn't be worse, as the station's power goes off just as they are about to broadcast the annual Christmas show. Unable to play any recorded music due to the limitations of the backup generator, the radio station staff hastily scrambles to put together a live radio broadcast telling the joyous Good News of the Christmas story, with the help of the stranded children's choir!

Songlist: K-I-N-G Christmas, The Power of the KING, Latin Hymn, This Thing That Has Happened, How Great our Joy!, The Power of the KING repise

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Voicing: Unison/2-Part | 12073b | Songbook | $10.95

Other Voicings: Unison/2-Part, Unison/2-Part

Gina Boa : Star Search - Choral Book : Unison/2-Part : Songbook : 080689608179 : 080689608179

Gina Boa : Star Search - Choral Book

Star Search, created by Gina Boe and Barb Dorn, is the newest release from Simply WordKidz, the best-selling, easy-learn-easy-sing children's series from Word Music & Church Resources. Simply WordKidz means no hassle, easy to learn, easy to sing, and easy for you to produce! Even more importantly, it will be easy for your church to fall in love with this fun and funny, warm and memorable Christmastime celebration for kids choir, teaching your kids that it's not about being the biggest and brightest, but about "being humble, and being kind, if you really wanna be a star!" With a performance time of about 25 minutes, along with a high-impact DVD Accompaniment Track to enhance your presentation, STAR SEARCH is sure to become a favorite part of your church's celebration of Christmas.

Songlist: Stars Gazing, Illumination Celebration, If You Wanna Be a Star, Time to Shine, Away in a Manger, Star Finale

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Voicing: Unison/2-Part | 12085b | Songbook | $10.95

Other Voicings: Unison/2-Part, Unison/2-Part

Gina Boa : Hotel Noel - Choral Book : Unison : Songbook : 080689656170 : 080689656170

Gina Boa : Hotel Noel - Choral Book

As our story's family begins their journey on Christmas Eve, they find themselves in an epic snowstorm that threatens their safe arrival at Grandma's house. Forced off the road by the storm, they miraculously come across an unexpected "this-didn't-show-up-on-anygps- maps" safe harbor... Hotel Noel! With a name like Hotel Noel, full of the promise of holiday festivities and decorations, the kids are severely disappointed as they discover it to be a plain, bland, not-a-decoration-in-sight hotel. Unknown to the family, however, the hotel is staffed by Christmas angels tasked to share the true meaning of Christmas with those in need of hearing their message of hope and salvation. These special, heavenly envoys - Gloria, Gabriel, Michael, and Angela - step in to share the origins and meaning of the hotel's name, Noel, explaining that Christmas is more about celebrating the birth of our Savior than about brightly wrapped gifts and shiny holiday decorations. This new Simply WordKidz Musical for a Christmas carries the hallmarks of the series - easy to learn, easy to sing, easy to produce - while featuring fun and powerful new songs of the season along with familiar carols. Celebrate the birth of Jesus this Christmas with Hotel Noel and let your kids choir share with the world what Christmas is really all about!

Songlist: On Our Way to Christmas, Welcome to Hotel Noel, The First Noel, What Makes Christmas, Waking Up to Christmas, Hotel Noel reprise

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Voicing: Unison | 12096b | Songbook | $10.95

Other Voicings: Unison/2-Part, Unison/2-Part

Gina Boe : Good News Ahead...The Signs of Christmas! - Choral Book : SATB : Songbook : 080689634178 : 080689634178

Gina Boe : Good News Ahead...The Signs of Christmas! - Choral Book

Come along on this adventurous tour to Bethlehem! Your tour guide, Mr. T, is geared up and ready to guide his group of students through the various parts of a living nativity...following the signs of Christmas along the way! Filled with scripture and songs of truth, Good News Ahead...The Signs of Christmas!, created by Gina Boe and Barb Dorn, will be the most exciting living nativity tour you've ever experienced, bringing Old Testament prophecies and the Christmas story to life through scripture-based songs your kids choir will love!

Songlist: Baby on Board, Good News Ahead!, What a Beautiful Name, The Sign of Christmas, One Way to Christmas

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Voicing: SATB | 12068b | Songbook | $10.95

Other Voicings: Unison/2-Part, Unison/2-Part

Jeff Slaughter : The Christmas Cross - Choral Book : Unison/2-Part : Songbook : 080689508172 : 080689508172

Jeff Slaughter : The Christmas Cross - Choral Book

Ginger Breadhouse, Carolyn Bells, Holly Branch, Candy Cane, Mary, and...Ned, Ted and Jed! These are a few of the names to be found among the cast of the new Simply WordKidz Christmas musical, The Christmas Cross! Created by Jeff Slaughter, with tracks produced and arranged by the team of Preston and Spencer Dalton, The Christmas Cross is a super-easy-to-learn, 27-minute musical designed to help you celebrate the season with the perfect setting for your kids choir!

Songlist: You Can't Have Christmas, with God Rest Ye Merry, Gentleman, Country Boys with Away In a Manger, The Christmas Cross, Tell Me The Story of Jesus, You Can't Have Christmas, God Rest Ye Merry, Gentleman

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Voicing: Unison/2-Part | 12063b | Songbook | $12.95

Other Voicings: Unison/2-Part, Unison/2-Part

Katie Combs : The Present Is the Future : Unison/2-Part : Songbook : 9780834177833

Katie Combs : The Present Is the Future

Inspired by the classic board game Clue, The Present Is the Future is a fun and clever musical created by Katie Combs. Follow six kids as they navigate a house of mysteries to find the answer to a Christmas riddle presented to them by a mysterious host. Filled with outlandish characters, clever wordplays, campy satire, and fun songs, The Present Is the Future helps kids learn that their fears, desires, and insecurities are similar to those from Biblical times. They also begin to understand that by accepting the present" of Jesus Christ they receive the gift of a hopeful future."

Songlist: Big Night in a Small Town, Mysterious Mystery, Let's Talk About Joy, What a Friend's Supposed to Be, The Light of Christmas, Hope of the Future, The Present Is the Future

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Voicing: Unison/2-Part | 12243b | Songbook | $7.95

Other Voicings: ,

Nick Robertson : Random Acts of Christmas : Unison/2-Part : Songbook : 9780834185777

Nick Robertson : Random Acts of Christmas

Sometimes the greatest blessings come when we least expect them! God gave us a baby as a gift for Christmas? That seems so random! Or does it? Follow along with Ms. Carol, Holly, Ben, Katie, Ella, and Bailey as they realize the true meaning of Christmas through random acts of kindness. They find out how it's not so random after all! This 28-minute, easy-to-perform kids musical includes 5 child characters and 1 adult character. The 6 fun and meaningful arrangements include new songs from Dove Award-winning children's writers Anna Lampe, Alisen Wells, and Nick Robertson, along with some of your favorite Christmas carols.

Songlist: Random Acts of Christmas, Give It All Away, That's Unexpected, They See Christmas, Silent Night Praise, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

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Voicing: Unison/2-Part | 12239b | Songbook | $6.95

Other Voicings: Unison/2-Part, Unison/2-Part

Nick Robertson : A Country Christmas with a City Twist-mas : Unison/2-Part : Songbook : 9780834185135

Nick Robertson : A Country Christmas with a City Twist-mas

It's that time of year when you need to put together a quality kids Christmas musical--and quick! A Country Christmas with a City Twist-mas has you covered. This humorous and heartfelt musical is brought to you by Nick Robertson, Anna Clark, and Alisen Wells, the same creative team responsible for Really, Really, Really Good News. Through five colorful songs and clever narration, you will follow siblings Hannah Grace and Will on a holiday adventure in which they leave the big city for a Christmas family reunion with their lovable--but strange--country cousins. Together, the two experience culture shock, mishap, laughter, and ultimately joy when they realize that God's love in the birth of Christ is what brings families together. A performance that will engage children and delight parents, this musical can be mastered in 4-5 rehearsals and includes video accompaniments made available below. This Christmas, show your congregation what it means to be united as a family of God!

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Voicing: Unison/2-Part | 12241b | Songbook | $7.95

Other Voicings: Unison/2-Part

Nick Robertson : Angels Say What?! : Unison/2-Part : Songbook : 9780834185395

Nick Robertson : Angels Say What?!

Dove Award winner in 2018 for Youth/Children's Musical of the Year! Follow the angels as they deliver the good news to Mary, Joseph, and the shepherds. Listen as they reflect on what it means to be part of the greatest story ever told! Your kids will love learning these five songs--from the up-tempo opener That's What Angels Say" to the boisterous finale "Can't Sing Loud Enough!"--and the messages of the songs will stay in their hearts for years to come.

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Voicing: Unison/2-Part | 12242b | Songbook | $7.95

Other Voicings: Unison/2-Part, Unison/2-Part

Nick Robertson and Anna Lampe : Do Not Be Afraid Parade : Unison/2-Part : Songbook : 9780834186101

Nick Robertson and Anna Lampe : Do Not Be Afraid Parade

Get your Christmas float ready and jump right into the Do Not Be Afraid Parade! Follow characters Claire, Luke, Rylie, Maddie, and David as they are part of the town's Christmas Parade, where they learn valuable lessons of what Christmas truly means. During their time on the float, they come to the realization of one of the most important lessons of all, one straight from the angels' mouth, "Do Not Be Afraid!" From award-winning children's writers Anna Lampe and Nick Robertson, this easy-to-learn, dramatic musical follows alongside spunky, funny, and dynamic characters that are on a journey to learn the true meaning of Christmas. This musical intertwines fun, insightful dialogue with Christmas songs that will have your kids eager and excited to sing about the true spirit of the season. Do Not Be Afraid Parade is a Christmas musical designed to bring the Christmas story to your kids' ministry in an interactive, fun, and easy-to-understand way. We hope you'll join us for the parade!

Songlist: Perfect Light, Street Talk, Do Not Be Afraid Parade, Every Step with O Come, All Ye Faithful, Marching to the Beat of the King, Build My Life

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Voicing: Unison/2-Part | 12237b | Songbook | $6.95

Other Voicings: Unison/2-Part, Unison/2-Part

Nick Robertson, Anna Lampe, Alisen Wells : Really, Really, Really Good News : Unison/2-Part : Songbook : 9780834184824

Nick Robertson, Anna Lampe, Alisen Wells : Really, Really, Really Good News

Looking for a great Christmas musical for kids that's tall on message and short on time? Look no further than Really, Really, Really GOOD NEWS, a fun, 20-minute musical created by Nick Robertson, Alisen Wells, and Anna Clark. Follow Ms. Oliver, a very patient director and her very curious and 5 distracted actors as they tell the Christmas story with questions, humor, and wonder at the really good news that God would really send His only Son-for us! With an easy-to-learn script, 5 delightful songs for your children's choir, and even lyric videos available, Really, Really, Really GOOD NEWS makes the Christmas musical experience enjoyable for both little and big people alike. And, if you're the Ms. Oliver at your church, that's some really good news!

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Voicing: Unison/2-Part | 12240b | Songbook | $7.95

Other Voicings: Unison/2-Part, Unison/2-Part

Ruth Elaine Schram :  : Unison/2-Part : Director's Edition : 00-42944

Ruth Elaine Schram : Miracle at the Christmas Cafˇ

Welcome to Bethlehem and the Christmas Cafe, where Polly Porkchop and Mac N. Cheese serve up some home cooking and tell The Greatest Story Ever Told that happened right up the street not long ago. Easily prepared and presented, this funny and touching 20-minute reproducible musical can be performed by large and small children's choirs alike.

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Voicing: Unison/2-Part | 12314b | Director's Edition | $69.99

Sue C. Smith and Dave Clark : The Amazing Christmas Maze : Unison/2-Part : Songbook : 9780834186552

Sue C. Smith and Dave Clark : The Amazing Christmas Maze

Follow five energetic, curious kids as they rhyme their way through a life-sized Christmas-themed maze. They are guided by the guy they usually call their Kids Pastor, but on this adventure, he's named himself their "Maze Master." Along the way they'll meet Mary and Joseph, the innkeeper, shepherds and angels. They'll even get a glimpse of the kings who discovered a bright new star in the sky and immediately start getting ready to worship. In the end, they'll discover that even though they know the facts of the Christmas story, seeing what the truth of that story can do in a heart is a whole different thing! The musical has 5 speaking parts for kids and one adult speaker. There are several other non-speaking roles for kids, and lot of opportunities for creative fun in set design, costuming, and props.

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Voicing: Unison/2-Part | 12238b | Songbook | $6.95

Other Voicings: ,

Various : The Incredible, Gigantic, Humongous Veggietales Christmas Show - Choral Book : Unison/2-Part : Songbook : 080689476174 : 080689476174

Various : The Incredible, Gigantic, Humongous Veggietales Christmas Show - Choral Book

And now...(drum roll)...introducing the world's first-ever VeggieTales Christmas musical! Easy-to-present, and even easier-to-prepare, this 20-minute program not only entertains, but clearly presents the true meaning of Christmas in an unforgettable one-of-a-kind presentation. Created for pre-K or early elementary voices by veteran children's author, Cherry Garasi, TIGHVTCS is scripted with an interactive DVD featuring Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber, and other delightful VeggieTales friends. Your children will join the VT cast in singing such seasonal and Veggie favorites, including Ring Little Bells, The Friendly Beasts, and other well known carols. The easy-to-stage script features one adult character and single-line parts for several children, culminating in a nativity scene.

Songlist: Veggie Tales Theme Song, I Can't Believe It's Christmas, Ring, Little Bells, Oh, Where Is My Tinsel?, The Friendly Beasts, Hark! The Herald Angels Sing, Joy to the World!

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Voicing: Unison/2-Part | 12056b | Songbook | $10.95

Other Voicings: Unison/2-Part, Unison/2-Part

Various : How to Have the Best Christmas Ever! - Choral Book : Unison/2-Part : Songbook : 080689581175 : 080689581175

Various : How to Have the Best Christmas Ever! - Choral Book

Through the razzle-dazzle, hustle-bustle of everyday life (which always seems to slip into hyperdrive during the holiday season!), we can easily be distracted from the true meaning of Christmas, and lose sight of the message that Christ came to be our Savior. We forget the King Who came to us so long ago in a humble manger. After all, in the midst of the craziness that seems to overtake the world around us during the holidays, we wonder, in the words of our main character, Carol, "what a manger has to do with me today?" Bring Christmas to life for your church and community with the presentation of HOW TO HAVE THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER...a compelling, funny, and moving dramatic musical, sure to challenge and delight your music and drama teams while bringing the beauty of the Christmas story to the world around you.

Songlist: The Best Christmas Ever, Christmas Isn't Christmas, The Ugly Christmas Sweater Song, What a Manger Has to Do with Me, Away in a Manger, To Hold the Savior, Christmas Come but Once a Year, Jesus Is Still the Answer, The Christmas Carol Medley

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Voicing: Unison/2-Part | 12076b | Songbook | $12.95

Other Voicings: Unison/2-Part, Unison/2-Part

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