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Vocal Jazz Group Recordings

The only thing better than sitting in a small, intimate club, listening to a smooth vocal jazz group deliver powerful music is taking that group's music away with you, sticking it into the CD player, and enjoying it in the privacy of your own home. With sounds so warm you can wrap yourselves in them like a comfy afghan, whether you're a fan of male groups, female groups or those who have the best of both worlds ˆ male and female voices - you'll find at least one group whose music you want to take home and cuddle up to here.

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Real Group : Unreal

Review: Whee! "The Flight Of The Foobirds" is chock full of delicious scat, "A Cappella In Acapulco" is not only alliteratively alluring but it will have your feet tapping for sure. "A Child Is Born" is nothing short of unreal! Hmm, there's a recording title there somewhere. The vocal trumpet on that one tune is plenty of reason enough to listen to Unreal! about a hundred times. It doesn't seem possible. What we have here is one of two cds released only for the Canadian and U.S. markets which includes some of the very finest of The Real Group. In addition to the dozen tunes sung in English, there are two Swedish folk songs. No, no, neither the Beatles nor Hoagy Carmichael is Swedish but Anders Edenroth is, and shares three originals with us including the aforementioned "A Cappella In Acapulco."

Songlist: Flight of the Foo-Brids, Walkin', A Cappella in Acapulco, A Child is Born, Come Together, Wait and See, Skylark, I've Found a New Baby, What Are You Doing for the Rest of Your Life?, It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing), Body and Soul, Kristallen Den Fina, Jag Vet En Dejlig Rosa, For the One I Love

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Real Group : Varfor Far Man Inte Bara Vara Som Man Ar?

Review: Again, we are behind in our Swedish lessons and must rely on our ears and hearts to enjoy this 1994 release. Do you realize that it's been ten years since the Real Group got together! It seems like only yesterday. Their horizons are continually expanding. That title track is rock 'n roll or my name isn't This Reviewer. Hey who slipped in the piano on that one track? That sounds suspiciously like Maurice Chevalier. Familiar to our ears are "Dancing Queen." The total scat and bass rendition of "The Flight Of The Foo-Birds" is extra special! "Boogie-Woogie Tango" in Swedish? Yes, right here!

Songlist: Monicas Vals, Varfor Far Man inte Bara Vara Som Man Ar?, Vanta Och Se, I En Tavla Utav Zorn, Underbart Ar Kort I, Underbart Ar Kort II, Flight of the Foo-Birds, Sa Skimrande Var Aldrig Havet, Sommar Och Vinter, Den Flinska Klochan, Ensam Hemma, Boogie Woogie Tango, Du Ar Det Vackra Jag Ser I Mitt Liv, Dancing Queen

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Riltons Vanner : Har ar Passion

Review: Oh, to be young, beautiful, and a member of the hottest Swedish a cappella ensemble since the Real Group, Rilton's Vanner (Rilton's Friends)! First formed five years ago in Stockholm by five high school friends (3 women, 2 men) merely "singing for fun," they are now one of the most well known groups in Sweden-and the rest of the world is quickly becoming aware because of excellent CDs like "Kompis." Their music ranges from jazz standards and pop covers, but their main focus is their own music. "Har ar passion" (Here is Passion) is their third album, 11 songs consisting solely of music and lyrics especially written for the group. Live performances at festivals in Sweden and Germany, a visit to Washington and New York, and a tour of Sweden with a newly produced show has gained the quintet a host of new fans. The songs, like "Langtar till sommarn," the title tune, "Poesi for snabbmatskultur," "Inga ord," "Schack matt" and "Brinner av langtan" are all in Swedish except for "Argument." Comparisons to the Real Group in sheer listening enjoyment are well-founded. Innovative, complex arrangements are effortlessly followed; and the group's precise, clean sound is as rewarding on first listen as on subsequent appreciative returns. "Kompis" was outstanding, "Har ar passion" is even better, and with "Vanner" like these, can international stardom be far off? One of the best CDs we've heard this year.

Songlist: Langtar till Sommarn, Har Ar Passion, Folket fran Ea, Kyss mig varm, Argument, Poesi for snabbmatskulur, Inga ord, Varldens Starkaste Man, Schack Matt, Brinner av Langtan, Nar du ler

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Riltons Vanner  : Kompis : 00  1 CD :  : VANCD 01

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Riltons Vanner : Kompis

Review: Riltons Vanner is an a cappella group of five good-looking 19 and 20-year-olds (3 women and 2 men), based in Stockholm, Sweden. They started singing together in November, 1999, are named after their soft-deep bass Sebastian Rilton, and "Kompis" (Friend), released in May, is their first CD. For a group so young, Riltons has had three sold-out concerts at the Swedish Musical Academy, performed on German television (representing the "choral Sweden" ) and given over 100 live performances. Two things amazed us listening to "Kompis:" first, the the clean, super-in-tune sound of the group; and second, the excellent new songs and arrangements by non-groupmember Peter Bjorklund. With wonderful harmonies and crisp leads that make the hairs on the back of your neck tingle, not unlike their compatriots The Real Group, "Kompis" is a stunning, impressive first CD. While eight of the ten songs are in Swedish, we especially liked the two in charmingly accented English, "Lucky" and "Cruise for a while." Leaving the Stockholm Music Gymnasium as virtuosos last spring, Riltons is climbing fast in the Swedish a cappella world, and we would like to do our part to help them climb in the rest of the a cappella world by absolutely recommending "Kompis!"

Songlist: Sprid din luft, Inte langre kallt, Bortom det bla, Vind i ogat, Lucky, Fylld av liv, O'boy, Cruise for a while, Varfor jag?, Nar man ar kara i varann

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Royal Bopsters Project : Royal Bopsters Project

Review: The Royal Bopsters Project is a multi-generational vocal summit on which the talents of Amy London, Darmon Meader, Holli Ross and Dylan Pramuk unite to pay tribute to the art of setting lyrics to melodies originally written as instrumental compositions or improvisations. Their homage to vocalese is made even more exceptional with the contributions of the legendary singers who make guest appearances on the album: NEA Jazz Masters (and Grammy Award-winners) Jon Hendricks and Annie Ross; NEA Jazz Master Sheila Jordan, Arkansas Hall of Famer and Schoolhouse Rock mastermind Bob Dorough and six-time Grammy nominee Mark Murphy.

Songlist: Music in the Air (Wildwood), On The Red Clay, Peace, Basheer, The Snake and The Mirror, Senor Blues, Invitation, Bird Chasin' (Chasin' the Bird), Music is Forever, Bebop Lives (Boplicity), Just Step Right Up, Nothing Like You Has Ever Been Seen Before, Let's Fly

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Sacramento State Vocal Jazz Singers : In The Winelight

Review: Jazz Singers/C-Sus (Cal State University, Sacramento) is a 13 member, mixed voice jazz ensemble who show us with "In the Winelight" that they are among the elite collegiate jazz ensembles in the world. The scattish "Sing a Song of Song," the bright, clean harmonies of "Beautiful Love," the moody "Midnight Voyage," the Swing Era classic "That Old Black Magic," the soaring title tune, the bluenote "Yesterdays," the funky "Walk With Me Lord" a jazzy arrangement of Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" and a surreal "Love is more thicker than forget"-these songs are all accompanied by a very good jazz group, and all are poised and excellent!

Songlist: Sing A Song of Song, Beautiful Love, Song For The Traveler, A Midnight Voyage, Talking To Myself, That Old Black Magic, In The Winelight, Yesterdays, Walk With Me, Lord, In Your Eyes, Love Is More Thicker Than Forget

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Sacramento State Vocal Jazz Singers : It's You

Review: Four different parts of Sacramento (CA) State's dynamic Jazz Studies program, all under the direction of Kerry Marsh, are represented on "It's You," C-Sus, Jazz Singers, Take 6 Repertory Ensemble and a 12-person Rhythm Section, which accompanies most of the 10 tunes. The student personnel of C-Sus changes as the recordings were made in 2004, 2005 and 2006. Favorites here include three written by Kerry Marsh (who also does all the arrangements), the electric "Lee's Summit," moody "Strange New World," and bluenote "So In Love;" the title tune by Kitty Margolis, and two a cappella songs, "Scarborough Fair" and upbeat "I've Got Life." We find ourselves continually impressed by the professionalism, poise and talent of the Sacramento State singers. And we have to credit Director Marsh for the great arrangements and striking original material to be found on these recordings-this is especially true for "It's You!"

Songlist: Lee's Summit, Scarborough Fair, I've Got Life, Strange New World, Never So In Love, It's You, Seven Steps to Heaven, I Want You Back, Please Come Back (To Stay), Travels (Travels On By)

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Sacramento State Vocal Jazz Singers : Pale Blue Dot

Review: Sacramento State's renowned, vibrant Collegiate Jazz program is directed by Kerry Marsh, whose presence is large on "Pale Blue Dot," Marsh's four-part suite for Jazz ensemble, and a tribute to Carl Sagan, astronomer, author and advocate of science and reason. The album features several different configurations of student Jazz vocalists from 2007 to 2008, accompanied by a large Jazz Rhythm Section on all cuts. The first seven tunes, all arranged by Marsh, are covers of standards like Duke Ellington's "In a Mellotone," Freddie Hubbard's "Little Sunflower," Irving Caesar's "Tea for Two," and incongruously but beautifully, a soaring, bluenote arrangement of "Silent Night." The final cuts, the four parts of "Pale Blue Dot," are very strong, particularly Part III, "When the Night is New"- spacy, delicate, moody and powerful.

Songlist: Little Sunflower, Esperanto, In a Mellotone, Tea For Two, Silent Night, Widow's Walk, But Beautiful, Pale Blue Dot (suite)- Part 1: You Are Here, Pale Blue Dot (suite)- Part 2; Sacred Black, Pale Blue Dot (suite)- Part 3; When the Night is New, Pale Blue Dot (suite)- Part 4; Wanderers

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Singers Unlimited : Feelings

Review: Happiness is listing to a Gene Puerling arrangement as sung by these maestros. Sit back and soak it in. Enough said!

Songlist: Sleep Loved, We Could Be Flying, I'm Shadowing You, Where and When, Feelings, Impossible, Wave, So Many Stars, Ecstasy, She Was Too Good To Me, Look Around, Invitation, You've Got A Friend, The Trouble with Hello is Goodbye, Laura, Where Is The Love?, Eventide, We've Only Just Begun

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Singers Unlimited with Oscar Peterson : In Tune

Review: A Classic Reissued! Legendary vocal group The Singers Unlimited, for their third album on Germany's MPS label, recorded a collaboration with the Oscar Peterson Trio. Grammy-winning arranger Gene Puerling wrote the charts and the musicians recorded this remarkable session in 1971 at the storied Villingen studios in the Black Forest. The then latest breakthroughs in studio technology, and the masterful engineer and MPS Records owner Hans Georg Brunner-Schwer, allowed the artists to overdub vocals creating the layered vocals the Singers Unlimited are famous for. Using a sixteen-track deck Brunner-Schwer had bought for the occasion, the group layered on chords, melody lines and solos which we often sung in four or eight part pieces that were later assembled almost magically. The CD sleeve includes rare photos from the session plus both the original LP liner notes and extensive new notes, including many new quotes from Puerling, by noted jazz musicologist James Gaven. A gem of a recording!

Songlist: Sesame Street, It Never Entered My Mind, Children's Game, The Gentle Rain, A Child Is Born, The Shadow of Your Smile, Catherine, Once Upon a Summertime, Here's That Rainy Day

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Sixth Wave : Happy Madness

Review: It was a quick jump for these 3 men and 3 women from Los Angeles from the founding of their Vocal Jazz group in 1999 to realizing their dream of appearing in the Harmony Sweepstakes competition. Sixth Wave won the 2001 L.A. Harmony Sweeps Regionals, and then they found themselves on the stage of the National Finals in San Rafael, where they performed an incredible set and were named Harmony Sweeps National Champions! A pair of excellent CDs followed, "Sixth Wave" and "It Will Come to You," and now we hold their long-awaited third album, "Happy Madness" in our hot little hands. Fourteen songs, and it's not easy to pick favorites. We'll start with the title tune, the New-York-jazzy "This Happy Madness," a bubbly, crazy, romantic delight; the surprising, joyful "Verlieben, Verlieren," sung in perfect German, a pair of nice original by group member Jennifer Barnes, "Life's Too Good to Sing the Blues" and the surprising, brilliant "Meet Us (Intro);" James Taylor's sublime "Another Grey Morning;" the moody "Kindred Souls (Cerebral Thoughts)," with lyrics by Jennifer, a scattish arrangement of "This Joint is Jumpin';" a pair of originals by group member Greg Jasperse, "Voice Dance IV" and "Oh How Beautiful This Finely Woven Earth;" and a wonderfully arranged cover of Stevie Wonder's "You Haven't Done Nothin'." "Happy Madness" is a joyous little jazz masterpiece from one of our favorite mixed-voice Vocal Jazz sextets!

Songlist: Headlock, Life's Too Good To Sing The Blues, Another Grey Morning, West Point, This Happy Madness, Verlieben Verlieren, Meet Us (intro), Love Will Keep Us Together, Nessun Dorma, This Joint Is Jumpin', Kindred Souls (Cerebral Thoughts), VoiceDance IV, You Haven't Done Nothin', Oh How Beautiful This Finely Woven Earth

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Sixth Wave : It Will Come To You

Review: The talented three men and three women from Los Angeles who call themselves Sixth Wave first got together in 1999 with the worthy goal of singing in the National Harmony Sweepstakes. To their surprise and our delight, they won the 2001 Finals, and they accomplished their second goal of recording their first excellent CD that same year. Appearing with the luminaries of the a cappella world, The Bobs, Rockapella, Swingle Singers, m-pact and The Perfect Gentlemen, they went to work on "It Will Come to You," their second CD, containing collaborations with Gabriel Mann, Joe Bob Finetti and Michelle Weir, as well as their first three original tunes, Gerald White's "You'll Always Remember the Song," Cindy Bourquin and Gerald's title tune, and a jazz tune by their friend Kent Carlson, "She's Been Around The Block." We have to say right off that "It Will Come" is the best jazz CD we have heard in a long time. From a stellar arrangement of Sting's "Fragile," a sweet cover of the manic jazz chestnut "Twisted," and absolutely nailing Aerosmith's rock anthem "Dream On," to incredibly arranged covers of "Strange Magic," Santana's "Oye Como Va" and a "William Tell Overture" cover that would make not only the Swingles but Rossini himself look over his shoulder, this CD is unbelievably good. The jazz classic "Jeannine," with vocal percussion by Joe Bob, totally soars, and an "Earth, Wind and Fire Medley" that incongruously includes Lennon/McCartney's "Got To Get You Into My Life," with the EWF disco hits "September," "After The Love Is Gone" and "Sing A Song," has to be heard to be believed. We loved Sixth Wave at the finals, and we love this CD!!

Songlist: It Will Come To You, Fragile, Twisted, Dream On, Oye Como Va, Strange Music, William Tell Overture, She's Been Around The Block, You Are There, Jeannine, Eart, Wind and Fire Medley, You'll Always Remember The Song

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Sixth Wave : Sixth Wave

Review: OK, so they didn't spend big bucks on the cover art. The bottom line is, Sixth Wave is great! First a sweet cover of the 5th Dimension's "Grazin' in the Grass." Listen to the scat singing on "Gimme That Wine," and you'll wonder why we didn't classify SW under Jazz (we're still on the fence on that one). Then we're treated to the soaring melodies of "Icarus," our favorite cut. Oingo Boingo's "Stay" will have you boogying to the rock-solid vocal percussion. Then a moody, Vox-One-ish "Vincent" features a stellar lead by soprano Cindy Bourquin. Boogie time again with "Pick Up the Pieces," with guest vocal percussionist vitamin g, and great scat by baritone Gary Rosen. 4 Beatles tunes: A jazzy "Blackbird" flies circles around everyone else who ever recorded the song. You'll see "Baby You Can Drive My Car," "Tell Me Why" and "Yesterday" in a whole new light. We loved "Cloudburst," the final tune. Not surprisingly they won the LA regional, and you can see them at the Finals May 5th. Fresh, surprising-you'll love this CD!

Songlist: Grazin' in the Grass, Gimme That Wine, IcarusGary Rosen, StayElin Carlson, Vincent, Pick Up the Pieces, Taki Rari, Blackbird, You Can't Use My Car, Tell Me Why, Yesterday, Cloudburst

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Soundsation : In My Life

Review: Kirk Marcy is one of the members of the vocal jazz foursome, "Just For Kicks." When not touring as a performer, he teaches, and directs the mixed voice jazz group, Souindsation, of which he was a former member himself. Standards, such as Gershwin's "Love Walked In" and Ellington's "Don't Get Around Much Anymore" are matched by the boppin' scat of "Lemon Drop" and the contemporary and sensual cool of "You're Everything," written by Corea/Potter, and arranged by Michele Weir. The enigmatic Pat Methany composition, "Minuano," beginning with long, open vowels, gradually increases intensity by clipping the note values and shifting the vowels forward. Yumiko Matsuoka Young's velvety "Danny Boy" and the "William Tell Overture" are a cappella (most of the cuts are accompanied).

Songlist: Don't Get Around Much Anymore, Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most, Stompin' at the Savoy, Firm Roots, Benny, Minuano, Danny Boy, I've Got No Springs, Lemon Drop, Love Walked In, Home at Last, William Tell Overture, You're Everything

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Soundsation : Sugar & Spice

Review: 1998 recording from Edmonds Community College vocal ensemble Soundsation, directed by Kirk Marcy. A fourteen-voice mixed group, with rhythm combo/piano accompaniment, Soundsation integrates progressive, swing and the occasional arrrangement of a pop chart into a forum for jazz exploration. Whether "Teach Me Tonight," with its extended intro, multi-bar piano solo and improvised melody in the verse, or the arcing "doyts" and charging pace of "Ticket To Ride," Soundsation utilizes all of the tools of the trade. Gene Puerling's "Just In Time" will raise your heart rate with its presto tempo. Ward Swingle's arrangements of "Blue Rondo a la Turk" and "Up A Lazy River" are a cappella (as is "Blame It On My Youth"). The cut-time of the "Battle Hymn Of The Republic" is dramatically revised, for a truly distinctive closer.

Songlist: Day In, Day Out, There Is No Greater Love, April In Paris, You're Nearer, Swingin' It Out, Ticket To Ride, Teach Me Tonight, Sugar, Spain, Just In Time, Early Autumn, Up A Lazy River, Blue Rondo A La Turk, Blame It On My Youth, Battle Hymn of the Republic

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SoVoSo : Bridges : 00  1 CD : 

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SoVoSo : Bridges onsale

Review: Serengeti rhythms, New Orleans style funk, Jamaican reggae dubs...SoVoSo's brand new release, entitled Bridges, spans the musical globe, transporting the listener across traditional cultures to a contemporary, one-village world of human harmony. You'll be dancing to a tribal beat one minute and closing your eyes to take in a soulful ballad the next. With titles like "Big Family," "Precious," "For I Am TheMoon," "New Groove," "Charity," "Build A Bridge," and "Say," (a remix),this all-original, genre-blending collection includes gospel-flavored R&B, rock and soul ballads, jazz riffs and spoken word poetry over African rhythms. SoVoSo forges thoughtful lyrical territory, from love songs to anthems calling us toward our universal humanity, all rendered in superlative musicianship through the fundamentally human instrument -the voice. Bridges clearly places SoVoSo on the map at the cutting edge of world-soul-beat music. Don't miss the latest from one of the most innovative a cappella groups on the planet.

Songlist: Boom Baby!, For I Am The Moon, Charity, New Groove, Build a Bridge, Big Family, Listen To The Rain, Say, We Will Rise, Precious

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SoVoSo : Then and Now

Review: The Bay Area's favorite soulful World/Jazz mixed quintet looks back on a career that began for some members with Bobby McFerrin in his Voicestra. A win at the '97 Harmony Sweeps, many memorable live performances and 5 excellent recordings brings this amazing group to their first independent release, a remarkable "best of" collection of 13 songs. They're all favorites, but Curtis Mayfield's "People Get Ready," the group originals "One Love," "With You," "Hurt So Bad," "Be Of Love," "For The Forest," "Life and Love" and the complex, surprising "Dirt" are especially sweet. Throughout we are continually reminded what a gift SoVoSo has been to us, Then and Now!

Songlist: One Love, Wanting Memories, One Planet, With You, People Get Ready, Hurt So Bad, Tu Para Mi, Precious, Be of Love, For The Forest, Life & Love, Thank You, Dirt

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SoVoSo : Truth And Other Stories : 00  1 CD : 

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Life & Love

SoVoSo : Truth And Other Stories onsale

Review: What happens when you get six lead singers to perform in one group? You get SoVoSo. Each of the individual musical personalities take their turns expressing themselves with the total support of the other singers. Unheard of! Amazing! And just plain wow! "Be Of Love" is David Worm's opening tune. I would pick Joey Blake's "Thank You For The Dream" as his representative composition but notice has to be taken of the fact that he wrote and arranged "Life and Love" which Sunshine Garcia has made her own. Melanie Rath's pure soprano swoops, dives and scats through Mongo Santamaria's "Afro Blue." Rhiannon presents her autobiographical, "In My Prime." And finally, Nicholas Bearde leaves us with a soulful, "Clear Winter Skies." In the vernacular, it don't get any better than this!

Songlist: Be of Love, Gift of Music, Thank You For The Dream, Afro Blue, Life & Love, For the Forest, In My Prime, With You, Clear Winter Skies

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SoVoSo : World Jazz A Cappella

Review: 1997 Harmony Sweepstakes Winners, SoVoSo alsowon the CARA that same year in the category Studio Album Of The Year. The majority of the six members had been singing together for ten years or so, since being members in Bobby McFerrin's Voicestra. In fact "Dirt" the six movement, twenty plus minute marvel of improvisation was written by McFerrin and SoVoSo as a dance score for the Oberlin Dance Co. of San Francisco. This reviewer particularly loves Melanie Rath's "Show Them Dance"; David Worm's "Say", Joey Blake's "Tu Para Mi" and Rhiannon's "Say A Prayer." Oh heck, all of them!

Songlist: First Words, Say, Show Them Dance, Thank You, People Get Ready, Tu Para Mi, Dirt, That Day, Wa Wa Wa, Home, Fop, U, Down By The Riverside, Say A Prayer

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Stripped : Breaking Boundaries onsale

Review: "Breaking" is the debut album of three-woman, two-man quintet Stripped, who have performed their dynamic original vocal jazz music throughout Chicago, receiving awards at the Chicago Cultural Center Cx2 competition and at the 2004 Harmony Sweeps Regionals. Of these seven original tunes, the breathless, scattish "Strip It Down," "Flavaday," the moody, mysterious "Lullaby Moon," the funny, manic "I Don't Want to be Kissed" and the bluesy "All Good That Ends Well" are all written and composed by group member Sean Archer; "Its Time" and "Bring It, Life!" are written and composed by group member Mariama Torruella. Stripped has a wonderfully sophisticated, smooth sound with complex, sometimes dissonant harmonies that are effortlessly nailed by these talented singers. "Breaking Boundaries" is a fine debut recording, some of the best vocal jazz and original material we have heard in a long time. If you love fresh, intense vocal jazz, put on Stripped, and your seatbelt!

Songlist: Strip It Down, Flavaday, Lullaby Moon, Bring It, Life!, I Don't Wanna Be Kissed, All Good That Ends Well

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Swingle Singers : Anyone For Mozart, Bach, Handel, Vivaldi?

Review: This is the second CD which, along with Jazz Sebastian Bach, are the rereleases of the early Les Swingle Singers who were a world renown phenomena. Ward Swingle's original intent had been to sing exact vocal versions of big band classics. All of the original octet had been classically trained musicians, most with perfect pitch. They sang Bach merely for practice to improve their sight reading and musicianship.The idea of 'swinging it' (jazzing it up) came later after the bass and drums were added. This fortuitous evolution leaves us with a wonderful compilation of "Swingleized" works by Mozart, Handel, Vivaldi and Bach, mostly Mozart's and Bach's work.

Songlist: Sonata No. 15 (Mozart), Ah! Vous Dirais-Je Maman (Mozart), Allegro (Sonata No.14, Mozart), Fugue (Sonata No. 37, Mozart), Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (Mozart), Badinerie (Bach), Air (Harpsichord Suite In E, Handel), Gigue (Cello Suite In C, Bach), Largo (Harpsichord Concerto In F, Bach), Prelude No. 19 (Well Tempered Clavier, Bach) , Preambule (Partitia No. 5 in G, Bach) , Fugue (Estro Harmonico, Op.3, No.11, Vivaldi), Prelude No. 7 (Well Tempered Clavier, Bach) , Solfeggietto (Bach), Der Fruhling (Bach), Prelude No. 24 (Well Tempered Clavier, Bach)

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Swingle Singers : Around the World Folk Songs

Review: Simply put, the early success of Ward Swingle's Singers in the world of jazz is a result of their applying scat singing (a vocal technique using nonsense syllables started by Louis Armstrong in 1926 when his songsheet with the words fell on the floor while recording) to incongruous well-known music, such as the orchestral and organ music of J.S. Bach. In "Around The World" the Swingles apply scat to folk songs from around the world with a result as fresh and surprising as their first hit, "Bach Hits Back." The instruments they scat in this generous, sumptious CD (over an hour, 20 songs) include flutes of the Andes on the lovely opening cut, "Cachapaya," the banjo in the American medley "Country Dances" and the didgeridoo in a lilting "Waltzing Matilda." The combination of words and vocal "instruments" create another winning, unique sound for the Swingles. Some other favorites: "Star of the County Down" from Ireland, Scotland's "Loch Lomond," "The Ash Grove" from Wales, "Joshua fought the battle of Jericho," England's haunting "Bushes and Briars"... actually, there's not a weak track here!

Songlist: Cachapaya (Peru), Star of the County Down (Ireland), El paisanito (Argentina), De punta y taco (Chile), The Ash Grove (Wales), David of the White Rock (Wales), The Drunken Sailor (England), Ciao bella ciao (Italy), L'Amour de moi (France), Country Dances (USA), Waltzing Matilda (Austrailia), Danny boy (Ireland), Charlie is My Darling (Scotland), Loch Lomond (Scotland), The Salley Gardens (England), Joshua Fit De Battle Of Jericho, Viel Freuden mit sich bringet (Germany), Bushes and Briers (England), Sakkijarven Polka( Finland), Vem kan segla (Sweden)

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Swingle Singers : Beauty and the Beatbox

Review: After 44 years of performing in concert and recording, the 2007 version of the Swingles are often asked how the group has changed. The answer is, slowly and naturally they have begun to add vocal percussion, which has made an exciting and indispensable impact on their live shows - and now on "Beauty and the Beatbox," the first Swingles disc where every track contains vocal percussion or human beatboxing. Shlomo, awe-inspiring beatboxer and a great friend of the group who was invited to join the group for an appearance at the London Jazz Festival in 2006, has a major and exciting presence on the album. Included in these 11 tracks are longtime Swingles favorites like "A Fifth of Beethoven, which segues into disco samples (LaBelle's "Lady Marmalade" and the BeeGees' "Stayin' Alive"), "Spain," "Adagio in G Minor," "Bolero," "Cielito Lindo," a hot cover of "Straighten Up and Fly Right" (which has some very fine faux horns), and "Piano Concerto No. 21, 2nd mvt." Besides adding a rich bass dimension to the sweet Swingles leads, Shlomo's beatboxing adds a fresh, irreverent, sassy note to this familiar material that we find very appealing-this is fun, sexy, jazzy, let-it-all-hang-out stuff. Listen to the Starsky & Hutch theme "Gotcha," Ward Swingle's arrangement of Lambert, Hendricks & Lewis's "It's Sand, Man!", and the final cut, the dynamic "Bachbeat," to get a taste of the funky, tasty new Swingles.

Songlist: A Fifth of Beethoven, Spain (I Can Recall), Dido's Lament, It's Sand, Man!, Adagio in G Minor, Bolero, Cielito Lindo, Straighten Up and Fly Right, Piano Concerto No 21, 2nd mvt, Gotcha (Theme from 'Starsky & Hutch'), Bachbeat

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Swingle Singers : Ferris Wheels onsale

Review: The Swingles, the mixed-voice world-class, multiple Grammy-winning, legendary a cappella octet from London and one of our favorite Vocal Jazz groups of all time, originally broke into the Jazz scene of 1963 because of Ward Swingle's innovation. He handed his group of session singers charts for an instrumental, Bach's "Well-Tempered Clavier," which led to their double Grammy hit album "Bach's Greatest Hits." There is this kind of innovation and artistry on "Ferris Wheels," which comes from the Joni Mitchell hit "Both Sides Now" ("Moons and Junes and Ferris Wheels, the dizzy, dancing way you feel"), the second of 12 wonderfully crafted songs on the album. The ethereal "Unravel," James Taylor's lazy-day, bluesy "On the 4th of July," the exquisite French adaption of the theme from "Summer of '42," "L'Ete 42," Nick Drake's stunning bluenote "River Man," Sting's powerful, waltzlike "Until," and a symphonic arrangement of Lennon/McCartney's "Eleanor Rigby" by group member Kevin Fox (who also sings lead on it). David Freeman and Joseph Hughs' "No More I Love Yous," Stevie Wonder's "Summer Soft," Billy Joel's "Goodnight My Angel" and Brian Wilson's "God Only Knows" are all beautifully arranged and performed. "Ferris Wheels" is a masterpiece by the Swingles that touches and satisfies on many levels. One of the best Jazz/Pop albums of the year and highly recommended!

Songlist: Unravel, Both Sides Now, On the 4th of July, L'ete 42, River Man, Until (A Matter of Moments), Elanor Rigby, No More "I Love You's", Flying High/ Wake Me Up When September Ends, Summer Soft, Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel), God Only Knows

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Swingle Singers : Going Baroque

Review: Ward Swingle's Swingle Singers were formed in 1962, and stepped into the vocal jazz spotlight bigtime with the success of their first album, which was based entirely on Ward's groundbreaking vocal scat interpretations of the works of Johann Sebastian Bach. On this their second album, seven of the 12 tunes are again by Johann - but to the Swingles, their homage could only be complete if they included by works of Johann's family and friends, composers who viewed Bach as their Master. Thus we are treated to the marvelous vocal gymnastics of the Swingles on pieces by Bach's two sons, Carl and Wilhelm, Handel (spelled "Haendel" in the liner notes) and Vivaldi. We are immediately drawn into the surprising power of Bach's "Badinerie" where the voices, accompanied by light, driving jazz snare drum, dance like frantic, harmonic dragonflies over the surface of a pond for a minute and 19 seconds and then are gone. Also fun and fast-moving are Bach's "Praeambulum," and "Solfegietto in C Minor," Handel's "Allegro" and Vivaldi's "Fugue." Particularly sweet and melodic are Bach's "Largo," based on his harpsichord concerto, and Wilhelm F. Bach's "Der Fruehling." It's easy to see why the Swingles created such a sensation with their voices-as-orchestra, push-the-envelope style, which sounds as fresh and revolutionary today. We would like to imagine Bach and friends in a heavenly music room, putting on headphones and grooving on this hip homage to their music!

Songlist: Badinerie - Johann Sebastian Bach, Aria And Variations: "The Harmonious Blacksmith" (Handel), Giga- Johann Sebastian Bach, Largo (Bach), Prelude No. 19 In A Major (Bach), Praeambulum (Bach), Fugue (Vivaldi), Allegro (Handel), Prelude No. 7 In E Flat Major (Bach), Solfegietto In C Minor (CPE Bach), Der Fruehling (Spring) WF Bach), Prelude No. 24 In B Minor (Bach)

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Swingle Singers : Jazz Sebastian Bach

Review: This is it! The original Les Swingle Singers, arranged and conducted by Ward Swingle. Half of this rerelease was from the l963 recording which won a Grammy for "Best Performance by a Chorus." The first Jazz Sebastian Bach was a 1968 album called Bach's Greatest Hits here in the US where Les Swingles won a Grammy in the category "Best New Artist." You'll find over sixty-five minutes of jazz/Bach sung with only the bass and drum (mostly snare) to accentuate rhythm. They became world renown because scat is an understandable language everywhere in it. None of Bach's work has been changed, not a note added or taken away! This is not improvisation (though two pieces were transposed to accommodate vocal range).

Songlist: Fugue En Re Minuer, Prelude Pour Choral D'Orgue No. 1, Aria, Prelude En Fa Majeur, Bourree, Fugue En Do Minuer Fugue En Re Majeur, Prelude No. 9, Sinfonia, Prelude En Do Majeur, Canon, Invention en Do Majeur, Fugue En Re Majeur, Vivace, Prelude Et Fugue En Mi Mineur, Choral De La Cantate, Gavotte, Prelude Et Fugue En Do Majeur, Fugue En Sol Majeur, Adagio, Prelude Et Fugue En Do Diese Majeu, Prelude Du Choral D'Orgue, Fugue No.21 Du Prelude Et Fugue En Si Bemol Majeur BWV 866

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Swingle Singers : Jazz Sebastian Bach Vol II

Review: This CD is a real treat for Swingles fans, as well as those just getting turned on to them, the original French Swingle Singers, featuring Ward himself doing all the arrangements and singing with the group! For those who are new to the Swingles, these are classic Bach pieces performed incredibly, unbelievably by voices only, singing in a seamless "scat-singing" style. Since their first record these 8 singers became, if possible, even more polished and refined in the years that separated the two volumes the Swingles were voted "Best Vocal Group in the World" several times. These are some of their best-known works: from the Fugue in G Major for organ, to the Concerto in D minor for 2 violins, the Choral from the Cantata BMV 147 to the Prelude in C major. Don't be misled by the names, this is all a cappella, with the exception of almost imperceptible drums. In the liner notes we find fascinating little odds and ends about the 10 pieces and such details as an "Ave Maria" being slipped into the score here or there. But know that this is marvelously original and inventive music and that the Swingles have remained true to the spirit that Bach instilled in his works, a profoundly human fervor and a joyously optimistic faith. As we know Johan Sebastian would, enjoy!

Songlist: Vivace, Prelude and Fugue No. 10 in E minor, Choral, Gavotte, Prelude and Fugue No. 1 in C major, Fugue in G major, Adagio, Prelude and Fugue No. 3 in C sharp major, Choral, Fugue No. 21 in B flat major

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Swingle Singers : Keyboard Classics : 00  1 CD : 

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Swingle Singers : Keyboard Classics

Review: A compilation recording featuring the best of Swingles' past and present. The Swingles are a top attraction at concert halls throughout the world, and their purely vocal arrangements of famous works from composers such as J.S. Bach, Handel, Mozart, Vivaldi, Brahms, Beethoven and Satie are a Swingles trademark. They were a sensation when the group first popularized the concept in the 1960's. Half of the arrangements on this CD are by founder Ward Swingle, including "Fugue In D Minor" and "Clair De Lune," with the remainder balanced between Ben Parry, Jonathan Rathbone, Mark Williams, Andrew Gray and current musical director, Joanna Forbes. The four male and four female voices that animate these hallmarks of European classical tradition have a modern grace and elegance, and the sound is spacious, open and fluid. These are new a cappella recorded versions of the classic repertoire.

Songlist: 'C Major Praeludium' , Prelude in F Minor, Largo, Three-Part Invention , Fugue in D Minor, Fugue in E Minor, 'Harmonious Blacksmith' Variations , Fugue (from the Estro Harmonico, op.3, no.11) , Rondo alla Turca, 'Moonlight Sonata' , Prelude (op.28, no.4 in E Minor), Etude (op.25, no.9) , Hungarian Dance No. 5 , Clair de Lune, Golliwog's Cake Walk , Gymnopedie No.1

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Swingle Singers : Live In Japan onsale

Review: The Swingle Singers, Ann De Renais, soprano 1, Joanna Forbes, soprano 2, Sarah Simmonds, Alto 1, Wendy Nieper, alto 2, Andrew Gray, Tenor 1, Richard Eteson, Tenor 2, Jeremy Sadler, Bass 1 and Patrick Ardagh-Walter, Bass 2, and this is another of their very popular live albums. We can feel ourselves in the audience in December 2000, the elusive "tingle factor" in the air, as the group takes 21 classic tunes and proceeds to nail them, as only the Swingles can, one by one: "September Song," "Alabama Song," "Mack The Knife," "Someone's Rocking My Dreamboat," "Largo," "Badinerie," "Air on the G String," "Ticket to Ride," Procul Harum's "Whiter Shade Of Pale," "Ave Maria," "The Fool on the Hill," Queen's amazing "Bohemian Rhapsody," "Little Drummer Boy," "Away in a Manger," "Christmas Medley," "Amazing Grace," "White Christmas," "Intro to 1812 Overture," "1812 Overture," "September Song," "Thank You" and "Theme from Mission Impossible." Great music, incomparable singing!

Songlist: September Song (Weil - Anderson), Alabama Song (Weil - Brecht), Mack The Knife (Weil - Brecht), Largo, Badinerie (Bach), Air On The G String (Bach), Ticket To Ride, A Whiter Shade Of Pale (Procul Harum), Ave Maria (Gounod - Bach), The Fool On The Hill, Bohemian Rhapsody (Mercury), Little Drummer Boy (Davis), Away In A Manger (Traditional), Christmas Medley (Smith - Gillespie), Amazing Grace (Traditional) , White Christmas, Introduction To 1812 Overture (, 1812 Overture (Tchaikovsky), Thank you , Theme From Mission Impossible (Schifrin), Someone's Rocking My Dreamboat

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Swingle Singers : Mood Swings

Review: The Swingles' discography boasts a stylistic diversity unmatched by any other a cappella group--from Mozart to madrigals, Bach to the Beatles, folk songs to fugues and film themes, but "Mood" focuses on their forte: jazz. These eight gifted singers have a symbiotic relationship with some of the best arrangers in the world, Ward Swingle, Bertrand Groeger, Alexander L'Estrange, Jonathan Rathbone and others. "Mood" begins with Miles Davis's "So What," which is followed by a brilliant selection of 1960s Latin jazz, "Surfboard," Jobim's "Insensatez" and "The Girl From Ipanema" (The best version we've heard), and "Milonga del Angel." Three moody jazz ballads, "A Time For Love," "The Peacocks" and "What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?" follow. Then three Richard Rodgers classics, "Have You Met Miss Jones?," "My Funny Valentine" and "The Lady Is A Tramp." Then come four classic 30s and 40s standards: "Just One of those Things," "My Foolish Heart," "All The Things You Are" and "It Don't Mean A Thing," finishing with Quincy Jones' 1966 hit, "Soul Bossa Nova" (from Austin Powers). Our favorite is the stunning 60s Latin Jazz section, which we hope they devote a whole CD to, but every song is a finely-crafted jewel. "Mood Swings" swings us into a jazz mood and never lets us go. Listen to the vocal trumpet solo on "The Lady Is a Tramp"--it's almost unnecessary, because the soprano voices are already doing soaring jazz trumpet riffs throughout the song. This is breathtaking proof of our contention that the Swingles are the best at whatever style they choose to sing - simply perfect! Highly recommended.

Songlist: So What , Surfboard, Insensatez , The Girl From Ipanema , Milonga del Angel , A Time For Love , A Timeless Place , What Are You Doing For The Rest Of Your Life? , Have You Met Miss Jones? , My Funny Valentine , The Lady is a Tramp, Just One Of Those Things, My Foolish Heart , All The Things You Are , It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing), Soul Bossa Nova

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Swingle Singers : Pretty Ring Time

Review: Pretty Ring Time is a repertoire chosen from many of the songs that the Swingle Singers knew and loved growing up. All the composers are English from the early 20th century with the exception of one song, "Sally In Our Alley," written by the group's director and second tenor, Jonathan Rathbone. Most of this music was meant to be performed by piano and voice but lends itself wonderfully well to the group's capacities. The composers are Peter Warlock, Ivor Gurney, George Butterworth, Gerald Finzi, Frank Bridge and John Ireland. The lyrics are from Shakespeare, Tennyson, Shelley, Masefield, A.E. Houseman, Thomas Hardy and other notables of English letters whom the composers had set to music.

Songlist: Pretty Ring Time (Warlock), Rest, Sweet Nymphs (Warlock), Fair And True (Warlock), The First Mercy (Warlock), Twelve Oxen (Warlock), Cradle Song (Warlock), The Salley Gardens (Gurney), I Will Go With My Father A-Ploughing (Gurney), Sleep (Gurney), Love Went A-Riding (Bridge), O That It Were So (Bridge), The Lads In Their Hundreds (Butterworth), Look Not In My Eyes (Butterworth), Sally In Our Valley , Sea Fever (Ireland), If There Were Dreams To Sell (Ireland), The Heart's Desire (Ireland), Rollicum-Rorum (Finzi), Fair House Of Joy (Quilter), Now Sleeps The Crimson Petal (Quilter), Love's Philosophy (Quilter), Come Away Death (Quilter), O Mistress Mine (Quilter), Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind (Quilter)

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Swingle Singers : Retrospective

Review: This recording is a celebration of forty years of arguably the world's most famous and longest-running a cappella group. The current mixed-voice octet has gone back to its roots, teaming up with a world-class jazz rhythm section for this live CD to recreate both the look and sound of the original Swingles as it performs the greatest hits of the 60s and 70s, beginning and ending, of course with the composer on whose music the group was founded, J.S. Bach. The first part of the program includes 4 Bach gems, then 4 from Mozart's "Ein Kleine Nachtmusik and 3 Spanish romantic pieces like J. Rodrigo's "En Aranjuez con tu amor." Marvelous arrangements of Cole Porter's "Just One of Those Things" and Gershwin's "Fascinating Rhythm" delight us and the crowd. We get a glimpse of the Swingle's future, "Dejeuner sur l'herbe" by Parisian composer Pascal Zavaro, who is currently writing an opera with the group. As always, breathtaking, brilliant stuff from the Swingles! Highly recommended.

Songlist: Fugue in D Minor (from 'The Art of Fugue' BWV 1080 by J.S. Bach), Air (from Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D major BWV 1068 by J.S. Bach), Largo (from Harpsichord Concerto in F minor BWV 1056 by J.S. Bach), Badinerie (from Orchestral Suite No. 2 in B minor BWV 1067 by J.S. Bach), Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Op. K.525 by W.A. Mozart:, -Allegro, -Romanze, -Menuetto, -Rondo, En Aranjuez con tu amor (based on mvt. 2 of 'Concierto de Aranjuez' by J. Rodrigo), Tango in D major (No. 2 from 'Espana' Op. 165 by I. Albeniz), Romanza Espanola, Just One Of Those Things, Fascinatin' Rhythm (by G. Gershwin / B. Russo / J. Hendricks), Sinfonia (from Partita No. 2 in C minor BWV 826 by J.S. Bach), Solfeggietto (Wq. 117/2 by C.P.E. Bach), Dejeuner sur l'herbe (by Pascal Zavaro)

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Swingle Singers : Ticket To Ride

Review: While the Swingles first won acclaim for their arrangements of Bach fugues, they have been performing Beatles songs as part of their live concerts for many years. Though Ward is no longer part of the eight-voice mixed ensemble, he acts as musical advisor, and the group continues on, revitalized by fresh new talent. A record of all-Beatles material is surely a natural! The aural landscape designed by the Beatles, with George Martin at the helm, is ably reproduced here, entirely a cappella, of course. Some adaptations swear almost complete allegiance to the originals, but others, such as "Norwegian Wood," embellish with subtle, yet distinct tonal flavors. The tempo of "Lady Madonna" is gently suppressed, with harmonic emphasis on the seventh. "All My Loving" is a sweetly earnest ballad. "Ticket To Ride" shows the Swingle Singers ready to meet the 21st century, with a winning mix of the old and the new.

Songlist: Ticket To Ride, Penny Lane, Revolution, Day Tripper, Norwegian Wood, Birthday, Lady Madonna, Yesterday, Strawberry Fields Forever, Drive My Car, Blackbird / I Will, When I'm Sixty-Four, The Fool On The Hill, All My Loving, I Am The Walrus, Goodnight

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Swingle Singers with The Modern Jazz Quartet : Place Vendome

Review: This is an absolute classic Swingle Singers recording and a must for every collector. Ward and his singers collaborated with the The Modern Jazz Quartet on this fabulous recording and was a big hit when it was released in 1966.j

Songlist: Sascha (Little David's Fugue), Aria , Vendome, Ricercare 2 to 6, Dido's Lament, Alexander's Fugue, Three Windows

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Syncopation : Wonderful You : 00  1 CD : 

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High and Dry

Syncopation : Wonderful You onsale

Review: Mixed Vocal Jazz quartet Syncopation represented Boston well at the recent Harmony Sweeps Finals in San Rafael, CA, winning a strong ovation from the sellout crowd for songs like the sweet, soaring "High and Dry," which is here on "Wonderful You." There are 9 songs here, our favorites are the a cappella songs, Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides Now" and the aforementioned "High and Dry." Of the others, "Invisible War," lightly piano-accompanied, is very nice, as are the more heavily accompanied songs "Breakout," "I Can Fly," the title tune (from The Big Chill), Lennon/McCartney's "Broken Wings" the Motown tune "Betcha By Golly, Wow" and "Getaway." Beautiful leads, harmonies and arrangements, but let us once again make it clear that "Wonderful You" is mostly an accompanied album.

Songlist: Breakout, I Can Fly, Wonderful You (Big Chill), High and Dry, Invisible War, Broken Wings, Betcha By Golly, Wow, Getaway, Both Sides Now

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The Gang : Urban Voices : 00  1 CD :  : 22112

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The Gang

The Gang : Urban Voices

Review: The Gang, three men and two women from Switzerland, have brought us a strikingly impressive debut jazz CD here. Much of the content is composed by members of the group and the arrangements, as intricate and complex as those of a state-of-the-art instrumental band, tailor-made to fit the singers. Among the vocal percussion sounds is the sharp sound of a hi hat, giving UV a trademark jazz sound, to go with some of the best vocal "horns" we've heard. 12 songs: "City Lights," "How Insensitive," the title tune, "When I Fall In Love," "On The Run," "The Sky so High," "En Eranjuez Con Tu Amor," "Lullaby," "Superheroes," "Almost There," "My Foolish Heart" and "WYSIWYG--DJ Micri Remix." "The Gang" shows Urban Voices to be, seemingly effortlessly, in the company of such greats as Manhattan Transfer, the NY Voices and Vox One. And like Vox One's "Chameleon," you'll find yourself listening to it again and again to truly appreciate what the singers are doing. Amazing and highly recommended!

Songlist: City Lights, How Insensitive, The Gang, When I Fall In Love, On The Run, The Sky So High, En Aranjuez Con Tu Amor, Lullaby, Superheroes, Almost There, My Foolish Heart, WYSIWYG

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Three Hits and A Miss : Mixing It Up

Review: Minnesota-based Swing/Pop/Jazz quartet 3 Hits and a Miss, founded in 1995, really come into their vocal power with "Mixing," their third excellent CD. Return with us now to the 1940s (covers of the Turtles' "Happy Together," the 5th Dimensions' "Up, Up and Away/Aquarius," the Mamas and the Papas' "California Dreamin'" and Lennon/McCartney's "Nowhere Man" and "Got to Get You Into My Life" notwithstanding)--this is wonderfully crafted "high-fidelity" harmony. The afore-mentioned covers fit in beautifully because they have the kind of beautiful melodies that could have been hits in the 40s. All accompanied, these 12 hits just keep on comin': "Bounce Me Brother with a Solid Four/Four," "Pop Goes the Weasel," "Goody Goody," "Glow Worm," "Dream" and bonus track, Woody Guthrie's "This Land is Your Land." This CD is big fun from start to finish, and 3 Hits and a Miss are having it--they prove that they can sing with the best of any musical period!

Songlist: Bounce Me Brother With A Solid Four (Raye, Prince/Davis), Nowhere Man (Lennon McCartney), Happy Together (Bonner, Gordon), Pop Goes the Weasel, Goody Goody (Malneck, Mercer), Glow Worm (Incke, Robinson, Mercer), Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, Psychadelic Flashback, Up, Up and Away / Aquarius (Webb/McDermott, Ragni, Rado), California Dreamin' (Phillips, Gilliam), Dream (Mercer), Got to Get You Into My Life, This Land Is Your Land (Guthrie)

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UNC Vocal Jazz Ensembles : Hot IX: United Jazz Artists

Review: Master director and educator Gene Aitken of the famed University of Northern Colorado's Jazz Studies Program shows off three of his best groups on "Hot IX," mixed-voice jazz quintet the Axidentals, who are accompanied by a hot jazz band on 8 songs like Duke Ellington's "Caravan," Paul Simon's "You Can Call Me Al" and Kurt Weil's "Mack the Knife," also perform one nice a cappella cut, "Quiet Now." 3-men, 3-women a cappella ensemble Et Cetera then gives us nice covers of "Singing In The Rain," Harold Arlen's "If I Only Had a Brain" and Randy Crenshaw's "Scat Blues in C." All woman jazz quartet Sus 4 finishes with a hot accompanied cover of Dizzy Gillespie's "A Night in Tunisia," a moody a cappella cover of "For All We Know," and accompanied covers of "We" and Gloria Estefan's "Get On Your Feet." This is another strong, spirited collection from these 3 great UNC jazz ensembles.

Songlist: Bam Bam Bam, Caravan, A Sleeping Bee, Quiet Now, You're Nobody, Got to Get You Into My Life, You Can Call Me Al, Mack the Knife, Ray Idea, Singin' In The Rain, If I Only Had A Brain, Scat Blues in C, A Night In Tunisia, For All We Know, We, Get On Your Feet

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UNC Vocal Jazz Ensembles : Hot V

Review: "Hot V" is a mostly accompanied collection of 10 tunes by the award-winning University of Northern Colorado's 2-man, 2-woman Jazz quartet, the Axidentals. Three very nice a cappella selections, Jeremy Lubbock's "Goodbye Love" and "Not Like This," and "How Do You Keep The Music Playing" are standouts. Accompanied favorites are Richie Cole's "New York Afternoon," Gene Puerling's "Gotcha," Duke Ellington's "I Got It Bad," Al Jarreau's "Easy" and a powerful live cover of "Waitin' For the Robert E. Lee." Every one of these Roman numeral-numbered collections from Aitken's UNC program has been a spirited, entertaining, beautifully-recorded winner, some of the best Collegiate Jazz we've heard!

Songlist: I Got It Bad (and That Ain't Good), Epainos, Goodbye Love, New York Afternoon, A Night in Tunisia, Gotcha, Not Like This, Easy, How Do You Keep the Music Playing?, Waitin For the Robert E. Lee

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7643c | 1 CD | $14.95 || Vocal Jazz CDs

UNC Vocal Jazz Ensembles : Hot XI: Signed, Sealed, & Delivered

Review: Renowned director Gene Aitken is considered one of the most exciting and energetic educators and clinicians today, and his Jazz Studies Program at the University of Northern Colorado has received a Grammy nomination and more Down Beat magazine awards and National Endowment for the Arts grants than any other institution. The 3-man, 2-women Axidentals perform with a very hot 5-piece jazz ensemble, but they also have several fine a cappella cuts on "Hot XI," including Rodgers & Hart's "My Heart Stood Still," Mark Murphy's "Gone," "It Don't Mean a Thing," and Duke Ellington's "Come Sunday." All woman jazz quartet Sus 4 also perform "Invitation" and "Love for Sale" with 5-piece jazz accompaniment. Two man, 3 woman a cappella jazz ensemble Et Cetera's "Paradise," "Old Man River" and a cover of the Average White Band's "Pick Up The Pieces" are other favorites. An excellent collection from some of the best Collegiate jazz groups in the country!

Songlist: Somethin's Coming, My Heart Stood Still, Gone, Lazy River, Signed, Sealed, Delivered, It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing), Yatra Ta, Teach Me Tonight, Come Sunday, Night and Day, Invitation, Love for Sale, Paradise, Old Man River, Pick Up the Pieces

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UNC Vocal Jazz Ensembles : Hot XII: Dancing Particles

Review: The University of North Colorado in Greeley's choice of renowned educator and clinician Gene Aitken as Director of their Jazz Studies Program was a very, very good move, leading to an unprecedented Grammy nomination and more Down Beat magazine awards and National Endowment for the Arts grants than any other institution. Featured here are his 3-man, 2-woman Axidentals, performing here with some jazz ensemble accompaniment on P. Winter's title tune (arranged by Randy Crenshaw), "Soul With a Capital "S," and Rodgers & Hammerstein's "My Favorite Things;" but also a cappella on the traditional "Shenandoah," Anders Edenroth's "Chile Con Carne" and the scattish "There'll Never Be Another You." Two man, 3 woman a cappella jazz ensemble Et Cetera's "For the Beauty of the Earth," which soars into surprising directions, and a cover of Sting's "Seven Days" follow. All woman jazz quartet Sus 4 close with B. Dorough's upbeat, accompanied "I've Got Just About Everything" and the moody, a cappella "You Don't Know What Love Is." "Hot XII" is everything we've come to expect fro the UNC Jazz Studies Program, top-quality, well-chosen, beautifully performed and directed, Collegiate Jazz!

Songlist: Dancing Particles, I'm Beginning to See the Light, Shenandoah, Chili Con Carne, There'll Never Be Another You, Soul With a Capital"S", My Favorite Things, For the Beauty of the Earth, Seven Days, I've Got Just About Everything, You Don't Know What Love is

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7641c | 1 CD | $14.95 || Vocal Jazz CDs

UNC Vocal Jazz Ensembles : Hot XIII: It Ain't Necessarily So

Review: The University of Northern Colorado is one of the most well respected educational centers for vocal jazz studies thanks to the efforts of Gene Aitken, the director of the program since 1976. You will not believe that these are all "students" for their singing is so good and the arrangements so sophisticated it doesn't seem possible, even though it is true. The bulk of the album, 14 of the 17 tracks, is sung by Et Cetera a mixed sextet. Though jazz predominates with such selections as "For The One I Love" and "As Rain" by Anders Edenroth of the Real Group or "One More Time Chuck Corea" by Gene Puerling, there is a strong rock 'n roll presence. The final three tunes were recorded live by a larger jazz chorus, Vocal Jazz I. Discover this one! It's a sleeper.

Songlist: It Ain't Necessarily So, Episode: Prelude, For The One I Love, Every Breath You Take, Kiss From A Rose, Kite, Out Of Town, Shambala, Gone With The Wind, I'll Be There For You, As Rain, Won't You Be My Neighbor, One More Time Chuck Corea, Unchained Melody, Vocal Jazz I, Brasilia, Move On Over, Harvest

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Various Artists : Amazing Voice 2007

Review: If you love a cappella vocal jazz then this CD is for you. These four groups from four countries are certainly some of the top vocal groups performing today and this compilation features some of their best songs. The Real Group (Sweden), Idea of North (Australia), M-Pact (US) and Rajaton (Finland) are highly regarded by aficionados and this recording is a great introduction to the genre.

Songlist: Amazing Voice Song, A Cappella in Acapulco, Singin' A Cappella, Fantasy, Butterfly, Words, Almost Like Being in Love, The Wild Song, Thou Shalt, You Need to Know, A Life for Me, Salty Water, Isn't She Lovely

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7638c | 1 CD | $16.95 |

Velvet Voices : Essence

Review: Founded in 2002, all-women Dutch Vocal Jazz quartet Velvet Voices has been appearing in some serious European and international events, like the 2003 Voice Mania in Vienna, the Jeunesse-the largest German a cappella festival in Munich), and they won the Jazz Gold at the international "Ward Swingle Awards." There are 11 finely-crafted tunes on "Essence," the group's 5th excellent album, some wonderful covers like Lennon/McCartney's "Come Together," Duke Ellington's "Don't Get Around Much Anymore," Cy Coleman's "With every breath I take," Freddie Mercury's "You take my breath away," Brown, Sutton and Brody's "Stop," a fine faux trumpet solo on Harold Arlen's "Somewhere over the rainbow," Jones and Wilder's "A child is born," and Paul Jabara and Paul Shaffer's "It's raining man." There's also a pair of very nice originals by group member Gerda, the moody "Try to remember" and "Quarter to five," and one original by group member Monika, the title tune. Each of these beautiful young women can easily sing perfect solos and leads, so even a difficult, dissonant piece like "A child is born" comes off as effortless, and the harmonies are clean, sharp and on perfect pitch. Even a powerful rocker like "It's raining man," which is reprised as a surprise bonus cut with amped-up vocal percussion, is cleanly nailed both times with no sweat. The voices here are so perfect, the sound so effortlessly clean, we had to listen to it again just to fully appreciate it. "Essence" is a gift for the ears by the Velvet Voices, who have, in a very short time, risen to a level attained by only a few elite Vocal Jazz groups, like the Real Group, Vox One and the Swingle Singers. Treat yourself to one of the best of the year!

Songlist: Come Together, Don't Get Around Much Anymore, With Every Breath I Take, Try to Remember, Quarter to Five, You Take my Breath Away, Stop, Somewhere over the Rainbow, A Child is Born, Essence, It's Raining Men, Surprise

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2507c | 1 CD | $15.95 | A Cappella || Vocal Jazz CDs

Vocalogy : Distilled

Review: Arising from an artist-in-residency program under Grammy-nominee Phil Mattson, who recorded their debut CD with them, "Is God a Three-Letter Word for Love?," and now self-directed, "Distilled" is Vocalogy's 3rd excellent CD. "Distilled" is an all jazz-band accompanied collection of 13 jazz standards and originals, some favorites: Charles Mingus/Joni Mitchell's tongue-in-cheek "Dry Cleaner from Des Moines," smoky-jazz arrangements of Lennon/McCartney's "Oh Darlin'," and Leonard Bernstein's "Some Other Time," a latin treatment of "Just Friends," two Jimmy Van Heusen classics, "It Could Happen to You" and "I Thought About You," Rachmaninoff's "Piano Concerto #2" turned into a bluenote lament, a sassy, upbeat "Groove Merchant," a stark arrangement of Paul Simon's "Old Friends," and, despite our interest in the local Giants, David Frishberg's "Dodger Blue." As we've noticed in a number of cases, Phil Mattson's musical progeny are unfailingly outstanding, and vocally, all accompaniment aside, Vocalogy is right up there with the best in jazz!

Songlist: Dry Cleaner From Des Moines, Black Orpheus, Oh Darlin', Nutville, Some Other Time, Just Friends, It Could Happen To You, I Thought About You, Theme From Piano Concerto #2, Groove Merchant, Old Friends, Time Is A Healer, Dodger Blue

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Vocation : Vocation onsale

Review: Three men, three women sextet Vocation was formed in 1999 at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Sweden,and were helped by conductor Lone Larsen in shaping their unique sound. Reviewers have compared them to a heady list - the Real Group, Take 6, Manhattan Transfer and the New York Voices. Playing regularily on Swedish radio and TV, Vocation won "Choice of the Audience Award" at the International Vocal Group Fest in Tilburg, Holland in 2002. Eleven songs, a few accompanied by jazz band, eight in English: Duke Ellington's "It Don't Mean a Thing," "Without a Song," Johnny Mercer's "I Remember You" and "Come Rain or Come Shine," "Gee Baby ain't I Good to You?," plus the a cappella "Almost Like Being in Love," "Not Like This" and "Nature Boy." There's also three very nice pieces in Swedish, particularly "Nar Charlie ar fudd," with music by Hoagy Carmichael, we would guess that "Charlie" refers to jazz great Charlie Parker. The sound is bright and hot, the English flawless, and Vocation swims easily in the company of MT, NY Voices, Real Group and other big fishes in the vocal jazz school. A very impressive and enjoyable debut CD!

Songlist: It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing), Without A Song, Regnets sang, Nar Charlie ar todd, I Remember You, Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You, Almost Like Being In Love, Imorron, Hot Like This, Nature Boy, Come Rain of Come Shine

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Voice Trek : An A Cappella Trek : 00  1 CD : 

Listen to
Take Five

Voice Trek : An A Cappella Trek

Review: St. Paul, MN-based 3-woman, 2-man jazz quintet Voice Trek has a rich, clean, poised sound, and arrangements that can turn very familiar tunes like the Beatles' "Ticket to Ride," Dave Brubeck's jazz anthem "Take Five," Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides Now" and Michel LeGrand's "Windmills of Your Mind" and turn them into new songs, unexpectedly tasty musical treats. There's a spirited, sassy cover of Rossini's "William Tell Overture" that would have the Swingles looking over their shoulders, Sinatra's "Fly Me To The Moon" becomes a (lightly accompanied) scattish, salsa romp, and Toto's "Rosanna" is a finger-snapping winner, as is Brazilian composer Manfredo Fest's energetic "That's What She Says." A bonus track, "America the Beautiful," was included "after the tremendous response from the a cappella community when they performed it at the West Coast Summit!" 11 songs, each a many-faceted gem. "An A cappella Trek," Voice Trek's 5th recording, is a joy from beginning to end, one of the best Vocal Jazz CDs we've heard this year!

Songlist: That's What She Says, Ticket To Ride, Take Five, Both Sides Now, The William Tell Overture, A Little Luck, Fly Me to the Moon, The Windmills of Your Mind, Rosanna, America, The Beautiful

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4646c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella || Vocal Jazz CDs

Voice Trek : At Last!

Review: Voice Trek established their reputation as one of the premiere vocal groups through the release of three seasonal albums (Christmas). For years they have been implored by fans to record a jazz record to which their lush harmonies are so suited. Thus, after 10 years of singing together, they recorded At Last. Three sisters, Shelley, Vicki, and Rae, are complemented by tenor Denis Alaire, and baritone Howard Hilde in this primarily accompanied selection of 9 songs which are each long enough for thorough expression.Though accompaniment includes a piano/bass/drum combo and midi, rich vocals toward the easy listening end of the jazz spectrum are substance of this recording.

Songlist: Yesterdays, Nina, Jamaica Farewell, Not Like This, La Fiesta, Mickey's Diner, You're Everything, Peace, At Last

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Voice Trek : Celestial Voices of Harmony


Songlist: To Be Sung Of A Summer Night On The Water, The Lords Prayer, Cavatina, Adoro Te Devote, An Angels Song, Sanctus, For The Beauty Of The Earth, Gymnopedie, Ubi Caritus, Clair De Lune, The Lord Bless You And Keep You

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4461c | 1 CD | $14.98 || Gospel Christmas

Voice Trek : Celestial Voices of Peace : 00  1 CD : 

Listen to
My Happiness

Voice Trek : Celestial Voices of Peace

Review: Twenty-strong, mixed-voice RSVP was founded in 2000 by Artistic Director Julie Adams, with the purpose of bringing people together through the arts and giving back to the community. They have presented uplifting and powerful live performances, donating all proceeds to to 15 local charities. RSVP's concerts have supported programs for the elderly, the abused, the neglected, the hungry, the poor, the illiterate and the homeless. We like the chosen purpose of this talented ensemble, and we love their music!

Songlist: The Swan, Ave Maria, Agnus Dei , In Paradisum, All Things Bright And Beautiful, Reverie, Pange Lingua (Chant), Tantum Ergo, Panis Angelicus, Beati Quorum Via, Pavane , Gaelic Blessing (Deep Peace)

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4462c | 1 CD | $14.98 || Vocal Jazz CDs

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