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Gospel Groups A Cappella Recordings

An art form that has its origins in African-American music, including the call-and-response singing between preacher and congregation in churches, today gospel music is much loved by music fans of all backgrounds and religions around America. One of the most celebratory music forms, nothing expresses joy in a subject the way gospel music does. Some of the incredibly talented groups whose work we carry have been delivering their jubilant music for more than half a century. If you want to hear music that delivers love and happiness, this is the place for you!

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Singing Men : Gone The Last Mile out of print

Review: Pride of the Oakwood College Church in Huntsville, AL, the 16 Singing Men have been living their ministry, a commitment to "provide spiritual enrichment wherever needed" since 1977, at hospitals, churches, nursing homes and the homes of the sick. Their ministry has touched thousands, from the Huntsville-Madison area, across the nation, and internationally in England, France and Africa's Ivory Coast where they are building a medical clinic. "The Last Mile" is a powerful collection of 14 cuts, such as "Love Lifted Me," "Contented," "When the Roll is Called in Heaven," "Moses Smote the Water," the Spirituals "Steal Away" and "The Old Ship of Zion," "Amazing Grace" (with a new 3rd verse), "Trouble Don't Last Always" and the title tune, "Gone the Last Mile of the Way." This is heartfelt, sweetly harmonic Gospel, as good as any we've ever heard. Treat yourself to the feel-good, inspirational "Gone The Last Mile" by the remarkable Singing Men!

Songlist: Love Lifted Me, Contented, If My People, When the Roll is Called in Heaven, Moses Smote the Water, Dig a Little Deeper, Steal Away, Let Not Your Heart be Troubled, There are Days, Behold the Bridegroom, The Old Ship of Zion, Amazing Grace, Trouble Don't Last Always, Gone the Last Mile of the Way

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2493c | 1 CD | $9.95

Singing Men : One Day out of print

Review: Oakwood College Church of Huntsville, AL's 16-strong Singing Men, who have been performing their ministry of song to thousands of folks in need since forming in 1977, bring us another wonderful collection of 10 songs. "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus," "Saviour Like A Shepherd," the rousing Spiritual "Animals," "Oh Let Me Fly," the title tune, "Old Rugged Cross," "Jacob's Ladder," "Rock-A My Soul" and "Precious Lord" are a few favorites, but each of these heartfelt, richly harmonic tunes is a treat that touches, heals and inspires. "One Day" is a musical gift, as is the ongoing ministry of the amazing Singing Men!

Songlist: Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus, Saviour Like a Shepherd, Animals, Oh Let Me Fly, One Day, Old Rugged Cross, Jocob's Ladder, I Got a Robe, Rock-a My Soul, Precious Lord

More details2492c | 1 CD | $14.95

Singing Men : The Creation out of print

Review: The 16-strong Singing Men of Oakwood College Church, Hunstville, AL were a quartet called "Your Bible Speaks Men of Music" in 1977, providing the music for the weekly radio program "Your Bible Speaks," Realizing that they needed to broaden their ministry, they made a commitment to providing spiritual enrichment wherever needed. This mission has led them to perform in churches of all denominations around the area, to nursing homes, schools, colleges and to the homes of the sick and shut-in. Their most frequent ministry is their weekly program at the Huntsville Hospital. On a visit to Africa the group was given 100 acres of land, and they are actively raising money to build a much-needed medical clinic on it. Included on "The Creation" are 10 richly hamonied favorites, such as "Bless This House," "I Wanna Be Ready," "King Jesus Is A-Listening," "Jesus Lifted Me," "Wonderful," the title tune and "A Sweet Spirit In This Place," sung with the kind of feeling, belief and spirit that these wonderful men show every day in their lives and their ministry. A feel-good collection that touches us on many levels!

Songlist: Bless This House, If We Ever, I Wanna Be Ready, King Jesus is A-Listening, Perfection, Jesus Lifted Me, Great is Thy Faithfulness, Wonderful, Creation, A Sweet Spirit In This Place

More details2491c | 1 CD | $14.95

Sons of the Pioneers : Western Hymns and Spirituals out of print

Review: These 16 traditional hymns and spirituals are sung in the wonderful cowboy harmony sound of the Sons of the Pioneers and are accompanied by string bass, guitars and fiddles These songs were all recorded exclusively for radio airplay, not released on records to the public. "When They Ring Those Golden Bells," "You Must Come In At The Door," "Lord, You Made the Cowboy Happy," "The Touch of God's Hand," "What You Gonna Say To Peter," "Keep A-Inchin' Along," "Dem Golden Slippers," "Old Time Religion" and "Lead Me Gently Home, Father," these are wonderfully innocent, joyous and sincere songs of faith from the Depression years of 1935 through 1941. Great stuff!

Songlist: One More River to Cross, When They Ring Those Golden Bells, You Must Come In at the Door, Lord, You Made the Cowboy Happy, Leaning on the Everlasting Arm, Power in the Blood, The Touch of God's Hand, What You Gonna Saw to Peter?, Old Time Religion, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, Dem Golden Slippers, We Are Climbing Jacob's Ladder, Cowboy's Dream (Roll on)

More details9215c | 1 CD | $8.95

Soul Stirrers : Heaven Is My Home

Review: When Cooke left the Soul Stirrers for a pop career in 1957, Paul Foster tried to carry on alone but soon realized he was most effective as a foil to a high tenor. So he hired Kansas City's Johnnie Taylor, and the 19-year-old tenor soon assuaged the disappointment over Cooke's departure with a sweet tone that seemed to make the lyrics hum as he soared up and down through the octaves. The 24 tracks on this album, recorded from 1953 to '59, feature 10 Foster leads, nine Taylor leads, and five split leads. Only two of these takes have been previously released.

Songlist: Christ Is All, He's My Rock (Wait on Jesus), In a Few More Days, Golden Bells, Sinner Run to Jesus, Heaven is My Home, Until Then, Out on a Hill, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, Loved Ones are Waiting, The Love of God, When the Gates Swing Open, The Lord Laid His Hands on Me, That's All I Need to Know, My Life Belongs to Him, There's Not A Friend Like Jesus, Heaven is My Home

More details5217c | 1 CD | $11.95 || Black Vocal Groups

Soul Stirrers : Jesus Gave Me Water out of print

Review: Lots of previously unreleased material here including a gripping nearly four minute riff between Cooke and the awesome Julius Cheeks.

Songlist: Jesus Gave Me Water, Christ Is All, Come, Let Us Go Back to God, I'm on the Firing Line, How Far Am I From Canaan?, Jesus Done Just What He Said, He's My Rock, Joy, Joy to My Soul, I'm Gonna Build on That Shore, Until Jesus Calls Me Home, Jesus Will Lead Me to That Promised Land, It Won't Be Very Long, Let Me Go Home, Someday Somewhere, Jesus Paid the Debt, End of My Journey, He's My Friend Until the End, I Have a Friend Above All Others, I Gave Up Everything to Follow Him, Come and Go to That Land, I'm So Happy in the Service of the Lord, Any Day Now, Jesus, I'll Never Forget, All Right Now, Pray

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3013c | 1 CD | $10.95

Soul Stirrers : Shine On Me

Review: Extensive liner notes to this collection of classics compiled and produced by noted musicologist Opal Nations.

Songlist: By and By, I'm Still Living on Mother's Prayer, Feel Like My Time Ain't Long, Today, I Have a Right to the Tree of Life, In That Awful Hour, Jesus Hits Like the Atom Bomb, Shine on Me, Faith and Grace, Everybody Ought to Love Their Soul, Blessed Be the Name of the Lord, I'm Gonna Move in the Room With the Lord, My Loved Ones Are Waiting for Me, How Long, Who'll Be the One (There's a Vacant Room in Glory), The Lord Is My Shepherd, Christ Is All (The World to Me), By and By, I'm Still Living on Mother's Prayer, Feel Like My Time Ain't Long, I Have a Right to the Tree of Life, In That Awful Hour, Faith and Grace, My Loved Ones Are Waiting for Me

More details3016c | 1 CD | $12.95 || Black Vocal Groups

Soul Stirrers : The Last Mile of The Way : 1 CD :  : 7052

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Shine on Me

Soul Stirrers : The Last Mile of The Way

Review: It has been argued Sam Cooke made his most inspired recordings during the six years (1951 -1957) he spent as a member of the Souls Stirrers. This compact disc delves deep into the famous quarete's period with Cooke and includes some of his best-loved gospel songs. While Cooke solos on all but one of the twenty-eight tracks, also featured are the outstanding contributions of Paul Foster, J.J.Farley, Juliius Cheeks and in a rare vocal performance Souls Stirrer's guitarist Bob King.

Songlist: The Last Mile of the Way, Mean Old World, That's Heaven to Me, Were You There?, Lord Remember Me, Pilgrim of Sorrow, He's My Guide, The Last Mile of the Way, Pilgrim of Sorrow, All Right Now, He'll Make a Way, Jesus I'll Never Forget, Come and Go to That Land, Just as I Am, He'll Welcome Me, He's My Friend Until the End, Jesus Paid the Debt, Jesus Will Lead Me to That Promised Land, It Won't Be Very Long, How Far Am I from Canaan?, Let Me Go Home

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3014c | 1 CD | $11.95 || Black Vocal Groups

Soul Stirrers : The Soul Stirrers With Sam Cooke

Review: Sam Cooke was one of the most influential singers and songwriters of the latter half of the twentieth century. Between l957 and 1965 he had 29 top 40 hits on the pop charts and 34 on the R&B charts. This recording is about his real roots as a gospel singer. As a boy he sang with two brothers and two sisters in a gospel group called the Singing Children. At age 15 he became the lead singer of the Highway Q.C.'s (yes, they became famous) which were tutored by members of the nationally renown Soul Stirrers. In return, the Highway Q.C.'s became almost like a farm club of future singers. Sam was recruited to take the place of the great R.H. Harris when he retired at the end of 1950. He proceeded to put his own stamp on the group, not only because of his voice, but the fact that he was the most prolific writer in the group. His songs include classics such as 'Nearer To Thee,' 'Be With Me Jesus,' 'Touch The Hem Of His Garment' and 'That's Heaven To Me.' This recording traces his gospel career, both unaccompanied and accompanied by small bands.

Songlist: Peace in the Valley, It Won't Be Very Long, How Far Am I From Canaan?, Just Another Day, Come and Go to that Land, Any Day Now, He'll Make a Way, Nearer to Thee, Be With Me Jesus, One More River, I'm So Glad (Trouble Doesn't Last Always), Wonderful, Farther Along, Touch the Hem of His Garment, Jesus Wash Away My Troubles, Must Jesus Bear This Cross Alone?, That's Heaven to Me, Were You There?, Mean Old World, Lord Remember Me, Lovable, Forever, I'll Come Running Back to You, That's All I Need to Know, I Don't Want to Cry

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3345c | 1 CD | $11.95 || Black Vocal Groups

Soweto Gospel Choir : African Spirit

Review: South Africa's 26-strong, mixed-voice Soweto Gospel Choir draws their talented singers from the churches and communities around Soweto. Their exuberant sound is a blend of traditional music rooted in song and percussion, combined with the influence of 19th century missionary music, called African Gospel. The Choir continually tours the world to standing ovations and sold-out concerts, and has performed with artists from Bono, Peter Gabriel and Queen to Diana Ross, Jimmy Cliff and Johnny Clegg. They are famous for their bright costumes and spirited live performances, and for their fundraisers to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS in South Africa. 18 songs, some accompanied, are here. Traditional tunes "Setend Sediba," "Ke Na Le Modisa," "Izwi Lahlab'Inhiziyo Yami," "Africa," "Sefapano," "Modimo," "Somlandela" and "Shosholoza" are very fine, as is "Avulekile Amasango/Bob Marley's "One Love" medley, Bono's "One," Dylan's "I'll Remember You" and "Forever Young," and "Sitting in Limbo/This Little Light of Mine/M'Lilo Vutha Mathanjeni/If You Ever Needed the Lord" medley. Every cut on "Spirit" is a joy, as is looking at the pictures of these beautiful, powerful singers!

Songlist: Seteng Sediba, Avulekile Amasango/One Love, I'll Remember You, Ke Na le Modisa, Akahlulwa Lutho, Sitting in Limbo/This Little Light of Mine/M'Lilo Vutha Mathanjeni, Izwi Lahlab'inhiziyo Yami, Africa, One, Hlohonolofatsa, Hosanna, Sefapano, By the Rivers of Babylon, Modimo, Balm of Gilead, Forever Young, Somlandela, Shosholoza, World in Union

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9895c | 1 CD | $16.95 || African Choral Music

Soweto Gospel Choir : Blessed

Review: Soweto Gospel Choir is the most successful and exciting vocal group to emerge from South Africa Since Ladysmith Black Mambazo. "Blessed", a follow up to their number 1 Billboard World Charts debut album "Voices From Heaven," takes their irresistible blend of traditional South African music, gospel and inspirational pop one step further. With some awe-inspiring South African hymns and great versions of such classics as "Oh Happy Day," "The Lion Sleeps Tonight," and "Khumbaya." The Soweto Gospel Choir with their intricate harmonies and soulful singing will beckon all to reclaim their spirit.

Songlist: Shewane, Asimbonanga/Biko, Jiko Yahao, A Place In Heaven, Njalo, I Bid You Goodnight, LeLilungelo Ngelakho, Oh Happy Day, Noyana, Masigiyae'bo, Swing Down, Weeping, Thapelo, Woza Meli Wami, Mbube, Tshepa Thapelo, Khumbaya, South African National Anthem

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9873c | 1 CD | $15.98 || African Choral Music

Soweto Gospel Choir : Live at the Nelson Mandela Theater

Review: This multitalented group has exploded onto the world music scene, wowing audiences with its virtuosity and passion. Drawn primarily from the churches and communities of South Africa's most famous township, the choir mixes earthy rhythms, rich harmonies, drumming, dancing, and irrepressible charisma for an experience that lifts the soul and stuns the senses. Filmed live in concert on their Australian tour, they sing a blend of traditional gospel and contemporary standards in English as well as some of the 10 other official languages of South Africa. Constantly in motion and dressed in vibrantly colored robes and textiles, with one superb soloist after another taking the lead, they offer up such highlights as "Asimbonanga," Jonny Clegg's tribute to Nelson Mandela; Peter Gabriel's "Biko"; "Mbube," the South African song that became "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"; the traditional ballad "I Bid You Goodnight"; Bob Marley's classic "One Love"; and Nkosi Sikelel'iAfrika, the South African National Anthem.

Songlist: Jesu Ngowtthu, Seteng Sediba, Izwi Lahlab Inhliziyo Yami, Ke Na Le Modisa, Ziyamazi'umelusi, One Love, River Jordan, This Little Light of Mine, If You Ever Needed The Lord, Kammatia, I'll Remember You, Jerusalem, Woza Moyam, Hakeleje, Table Music, Woza Meli Wami, Amazing Grace, Bayete, World in Union, Sisazoyivuma Le Ngoma

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9929c | 1 CD | $17.95 || African Choral Music

Soweto Gospel Choir : Voices From Heaven

Review: The 25 mixed-voice Soweto Gospel Choir draws on the best talent from many churches and communities in and around Soweto, and is truly an "all-star" Gospel ensemble. Like Ladysmith Black Mambazo, the SGC has strong roots in traditional music and celebrates the vitality of South Africa with its powerful spiritual message. They've achieved breakthrough success in Europe (two sold-out shows at London's Royal Festival Hall!), Africa and Australia, and their sellout runs in 2003 and 2004 were the surprise hit of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. "Voices" is the SGC's debut recording, and it includes an irresistible mix of traditional South African secular and gospel songs, American gospel material such as "Amazing Grace," and stirring inspirational tunes such as "Many Rivers to Cross," sung in English as well as Zulu. Some tracks are breathtaking a cappella, while others are upbeat tracks with instrumental backing. A massive tour of the US is accompanying the launch of "Voices" in early 2005, most notably Carnegie Hall in NYC, Sanders Theatre in Boston and the Robert Frost Center in Atlanta. "Voices" is an impressive, powerful, joyous debut CD for the Soweto Gospel Choir!

Songlist: Jikela Emaweni, Vuma, Thina Simnqobile, Zanele, Paradise Road, Ahuna Ya Yswanag Le Jesu/Kammatia, Many Rivers to Cross/Going Down Jordan/Amen (Medley), Amazing Grace, Thula Baba, Sikulandile, Malaika, Hlanganani, Bayete, Jerusalem, Holy City/Bayete (Medley), African Dream

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9862c | 1 CD | $15.98 || African Choral Music

Staple Singers : Freedom Highway out of print

Review: The Staple Singers were an American gospel, soul, and R&B singing group. Roebuck "Pops" Staples (1914-2000), the patriarch of the family, formed the group with his children Cleotha), Pervis, Yvonne, and Mavis. The family began appearing in Chicago-area churches in 1948, and signed their first professional contract in 1952. During their early career they recorded in an acoustic gospel-folk style with various labels: United Records, Vee-Jay Records, Riverside Records, and then Epic Records in 1965. While the family surname is "Staples", the group used the singular form for its name, resulting in the group's name being "The Staple Singers". This is their 1965 release on Columbia Records now available at a budget price. Most tracks are accompanied.

Songlist: Will The Circle Be Unbroken, Move Along Train, Are You Sure, Wade In The Water, If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again, Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!, The Lord's Prayer, Jacob's Ladder, Why? (Am I Treated So Bad), Praying Time, For What It's Worth, Hammer And Nails, Freedom Highway, What You Gonna Do?, Samson And Delilah, Nobody's Fault But Mine, Be Careful Of Stones That You Throw, This Train

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2259c | 1 CD | $6.95

Swan Silvertones : Heavenly Light

Review: Prior to their debut recording session for Specialty Records in 1952, Label owner Art Rube advised the Swan Silvertones to "really shout and make everybody happier and make the old sisters fall out and really tear down the building!". The Swans, often regarded as a "smooth" quartet, were in a stylistic transition during the three years they spent at Specialty and the company succeeded in bringing out their harder, churchier edge. These 18 selections were never previously released. Eight were recorded in the studio and ten in front of a live audience, all capturing the famous group singing and testifying as it haven't before or since.

Songlist: Jesue Is All the World to Me, Love Lifted Me, I'm Sealed, How I Got Over, Have Thine Own Way, Lord, Shine on Me, Heavenly Light Shine on Me, Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross, He Won't Deny Me, Every Day and Every Hour, Four and Twenty Elders, Shine on Me, Medley: Shine on Me/I Came to Jesus, My Rock, The Lord's Prayer, Medley: Sit Down Servant/Amen, I'm Coming Home, After Awhile

More details3012c | 1 CD | $10.95 || Gospel Group Harmony CDs

Take 6 : Believe

Review: This album was produced by Ross Vannelli and includes a song written by Diane Warren and a guest appearance from Stevie Wonder. Take 6 is the most awarded a cappella group in history, with 10 Grammys, 10 Dove Awards, Best Jazz Vocal Group honors for seven consecutive years in Downbeat's prestigious Reader's and Critic's Poll, a Soul Train Music Award, BRE (Black Radio Exclusive) Vocal Group of the Year, two NAACP Image Award nominations, and induction into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame.

Songlist: Beautiful Day, Reset, You Know You're In Love, When Angels Cry, Here In L.A., Walk Away, Statistic, You Make Me Happy, On Your Side, Keep The Faith, You're All I Need, Song For You, 5 Minutes With God, When Angels Cry

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43115c | 1 CD | $12.95 |

Take 6 : Iconic

Review: Surely one of the most iconic a cappella groups in history Take 6 has been creating great vocal harmony for many decades. They are true masters of the art and this latest release continues the tradition of vocal excellence.

Songlist: Back in Love Again, Can't Stop the Feeling, Change the World, Sailing, Don't Know Why, Got to Get You Into My Life, All This Love, Could It Be I'm Falling in Love, Roof Garden, Nothing But the Blood

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3088c | 1 CD | $12.95 |

Take 6 : One : 1 CD :  : 5796

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Take 6 : One

Review: As winners of 10 Grammy Awards and 10 Dove Awards, the multi-platinum selling a cappella group, Take 6, is beloved throughout the musical universe. One sees them return to their roots. As with their breakthrough debut album, Take 6, which went to #1 on the Billboard Gospel and Jazz charts simultaneously and earned a Grammy in both categories, One features Take 6's unique arrangements of some of the world's most beloved gospel classics as well as their inspiring devotional originals. Highlights include a guest appearance by Stevie Wonder on the heartfelt "Can't Imagine Love Without You," exciting originals such as "One," and "Down Here I've Done My Best" and their brilliant re-harmonizations of such classics as "What A Friend We Have In Jesus" and "Farther Along".

Songlist: Down Here I've Done My Best, One, Can't Imagine Love Without You (feat. Stevie Wonder), What A Friend We Have In Jesus, In My Heart, Noah, Allelula, Glorious Day, You're Gonna Need Him, Farther Along, Noah Reprise

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2903c | 1 CD | $15.95 | A Cappella || Contemporary Christian CDs

Undivided Musical Group : Conectate onsale

Review: Released at the same time as "A capella from the Soul," "Conectate" includes many of those songs, sung in Spanish. "Dios tu Nombre Exaltare," for instance corresponds to the reggae Gospel tune "Lord I Lift Your Name On High," "Cuando Suene La Trompeta" is "When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder," "Oh, que amigo nos es Cristo" is "Oh, What a Friend We Have in Jesus," "Sublime Gracia" is "Amazing Grace," etc. "Jamappella," "Es Jesus" and "What's Going On" appear on both CDs. Two songs are new, the salsa romp "Dame una Sonrisa" and the breezy title tune. Undivided's pure vocal power and feeling is underscored on this wonderful, all-Spanish Contemporary Christian CD.

Songlist: Cuando Suene la Trompeta, Dame una Sonrisa, Junto a Cristo, Dios Tu Nombre Exaltare, No Hay Dios tan Grande Como Tu, Jamapella, Quiero Cambiar, Conectate, !Oh que Amigo Nos es Cristo, Sublime Gracia, Es Jesus, What's Going On?

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2897c | 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella || Contemporary Christian CDs

Various Artists : A Warrior on the Battlefield

Review: Leading up to the emergence of doo-wop was the tradition of black quartet singing. It is one of the major tributaries of our musical evolution which led to rock 'n roll and R&B which led to... But we digress. Let's go back to the quartets. Between the World Wars was a period during which this style evolved from the schoolyards and churches of the southern Atlantic seaboard to finally become the sophisticated sounds of groups like the Golden Gate Quartet and the Silver Leaf Quartet Of Norfolk. This recording traces that evolution with some early, raw recordings from quartets at the beginning of the movement and lots of the highly sophisticated groups of the later years. It is a historian's dream as well as a testament to the human spirit. The accompanying booklet has wonderful notes to leave you much richer for the experience.

Songlist: Daniel in the lions' den (Norfolk Juilee Quartette), I got a Home in that Rock (T.C.I. Women's Four), Jog a-long boys (Pullman Porters Quartette), So glad I've got the stone (Bethel Quartet), Jesus, the light of the world (Bethel Quartet), I am a Pilgrim (Silver Leaf Quartette Of Norfolk), Our Father (Silver Leaf Quartette Of Norfolk), My soul is a witness for my Lord (Silver Leaf Quartette Of Norfolk), You better let that Liar Alone (Silver Leaf Quartette Of Norfolk), Sleep on, Mother (Silver Leaf Quartette Of Norfolk), The ship is at the landing (Silver Leaf Quartette Of Norfolk), I'm Going Home on the Chickasaw train (I.C. Glee Quartet), Do you want to be a lover of the Lord (Davis Bible Singers), Daniel Saw the Stone (Davis Bible Singers), Light of the World (Davis Bible Singers), I'm leaning on the Lord (Famous Blue Jay Singers of Birmingham Alabama), New Dry Bones (Heavenly Gospel Singers), Going back with Jesus (Heavenly Gospel Singers), A Warrior on the Battlefield (Golden Eagle Gospel Singers), The Prodigal Son (Golden Eagle Gospel Singers), Jonah (Golden Gate Quartet), Found a wonderful Savior (Golden Gate Quartet), Blind Barnabus (Golden Gate Quartet), He Never said a Mumblin' Word (Golden Gate Quartet), Run On (Golden Gate Quartet)

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3358c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella || Gospel Group Harmony CDs

Various Artists : Black Vocal Groups Vol 1

Review: While students of American a cappella history can find many re-issues of gospel groups from the 1930's and beyond, this import from Austria is one of the few that captures the music from the roaring '20s. Of the four groups represented here, The Sunset Four were most productive with 13 of the 25 songs on CD They have snippets of future bass imitation on 'Jerusalem Morn' and barbershop - like chord ringing on 'Didn't He Ramble.' But perhaps 'Barnum's Steam Calliope' is most notable, for its unique vocal imitation of the famed circus instrument. The audio quality reflects the fact that old (and sometimes scratched) '78s were used to make the CD, but anyone interested in early 20th Century a cappella will happily overlook those flaws because of the unique performances captured here, all but two are a cappella.

Songlist: Sing On - Original Valentine Choral Club Quintette, Give Me That Old Time Religion - Original Valentine Choral Club Quintette, Jerusalem Morn - Sunset Four, Do You Call That Religion? - Sunset Four, Barnum's Steam Calliope - Sunset Four, Didn't He Ramble - Sunset Four, Walk in Jerusalem Just Like John - Sunset Four, You Must Have That True Religion - Sunset Four, Good News Chariots Coming - Sunset Four, Oh Lord What a Mourning - Sunset Four, Hand Me Down the Silver Trumpet, Gabriel - Sunset Four, Wade in the Water - Sunset Four, You Must Come in at the Door - Sunset Four, When I Came Out of the Wilderness - Sunset Four, Plantation Days - Grace Outlaw, I've Got a Home in That Rock - Grace Outlaw, In Some Lonesome Graveyard - Grace Outlaw, Sleep My Mother - Bessemer Melody Boys, Didn't They Crucify My Lord - Bessemer Melody Boys, Motherless Children - Bessemer Melody Boys, In My Father's House - Bessemer Melody Boys, When I Get Home - Bessemer Melody Boys, Sun Didn't Shine - Bessemer Singers

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3359c | 1 CD | $15.98 || Black Vocal Groups

Various Artists : Happy In The Service of The Lord

Review: Memphis has long been illustrious for its blues, jazz and soul roots. The essence of Memphis musical heritage is showcased in this collection of Gospel Quartets featuring: The Gospel Writers, Holy Ghost Spirituals, The Harmonizers, The Harps of Melody, The Pattersonaires, and the Spirit of Memphis Quartet. Reflecting on styles from the 30's through 80's, you will be taken on a historical and musical journey throughout the neighborhoods of Memphis.

Songlist: The Gospel Writers - Gospel Writer Boys Are We, Holy Ghost Spirituals - Old Landmark, The Gospel Writers - Oh My Lordy Lord, The Harmonizers - Roll, Jordan, Roll, Harps Of Melody - Blind Bartimus, The Harmonizers - Trampin', The Gospel Writers - New Born Soul, The Harmonizers - My Lord is Writing, The Pattersonaires - Why Not Try My God? , The Gospel Writers - Blind Barnabas, The Harmonizers - Leaning on The Everlasting Arms, Holy Ghost Spirituals - Talk To The Man Upstairs, Spirit of Memphis Quartet - Swing Down, Chariot, The Harmonizers - I'll Be Satisfied, Harps Of Melody - Sing and Make Melody Unto The Lord, The Gospel Writers - Up Above My Head I Hear Music In The Air, The Pattersonaires - He's Worthy, Holy Ghost Spirituals - Ninety-nine and A Half Won't Do, Spirit of Memphis Quartet - Just To Behold His Face

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2261c | 1 CD | $15.95 | A Cappella |

Various Artists : Hot Harmony Groups 1932-1951 - That's the Rhythm Volume 1

Review: "That's The Rhythm" is a delicious collection of 20 examples of Black vocal group harmony from the early 1930s to the early 1950s, all at least lightly accompanied. The watershed moment for these groups was the rise of network radio, which made immediate stars of the Mills Brothers and the Ink Spots. By 1945 there were three routes an aspiring group could take, the "jubilee" gospel style of the Golden Gate Quartet, which enjoyed a crossover appeal, the jump/jive stylings of the Four Vagabonds, which had an almost entirely Black following, or going into the pop crossover stylings of the Ink Spots/Mills Brothers, whose huge success was due to the support of a vast white audience. So many treats: The Three Keys' cartoon-like "Somebody Stole Gabriel's Horn," Three Sharps and a Flat's wonderful title tune, the raunchy, double-entendre "Garbage Man" by the Four Aces, the very funny "Wig Blues" by The Melody Masters, who also star on "Subway Cutie," The Four Vagabonds' swinging "Choo Choo," The Four Blues' boogie-woogie anthem "It Takes A Long Tall Brown Skinned Girl," the Four Knights' sweet "Wrapped Up In A Dream," The Three Riffs' silly "Cherry In My Lemon And Lime," The Beavers' torch song "I'd Rather Be Wrong Than Blue"-these are unknown musical treasures on many levels. Funny, poignant, hip, romantic-it's all here, and some of the sweetest leads and harmonies you could imagine. We love this collection!

Songlist: Somebody Stole Gabriel's Horn, Za Zu Swing, That's the Rhythm, Milk Shake Stand, Satchelmouth Baby, Garbage Man, Wig Blues, Hurry Home, Let's Be Sweethearts Again, (I Wonder) Where Is My Love, Nicholas, Subway Cutie, Choo Choo, It Takes A Long Tall Skinned Girl, Yesterday Rose's, Wrapped Up In A Dream Again, Cherry in My Lemon and Lime, I'd Rather Be Wrong that Blue, I Don't Mind Being All Alone, Yes Sir That's My Baby

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4543c | 1 CD | $12.98 || Black Vocal Groups

Various Artists : I Belong to This Band - 85 Years of Sacred Harp recordings out of print

Review: "I Belong to This Band" follows the practice of shape-note singing from 1922 through to the present, offering 30 distinct cuts, spanning a mess of geographies, years, and intentions. Shape-note singing, a church-based southern song system based in four notes (sung as fa, sol, la, and mi), was initially designed as an all-inclusive, participatory choral tradition - it's not necessary to know how to read music to sing shape notes, most songs are transposed a cappella, and each piece is specifically engineered for swarms of singers, meaning the whole always trumps the parts. Although there are several shape note songbooks, The Sacred Harp is the most celebrated collection (published in 1844, by Benjamin Franklin Wright and Elisha J. King, it contains over 250 songs), and somewhere along the way, it became the movement's lone manifesto and remains tucked under the pillows of dedicated shape-note singers everywhere - appropriately, each track included here was born from The Sacred Harp.

Songlist: The Christian Hope 134, Antioch 277, Christian Soldier 57, Jubilee 144, Save, Lord, Or We Perish 224, Cuba 401, Invocation 131B, The Christian Warfare 179, Concord 313T, Morning 163T, Reverential Anthem 234, The Morning Trumpet 85, New Morning Sun 436, The Child of Grace 77T, Ninety-Fifth 36B, Consecration 448T, Blooming Youth 176B, Marlborough 228, North Port 324, Farewell Anthem 260, The Good Old Way 213T, Weeping Mary 408, Ninety-Fifth 36B, Present Joys 318, Corinth 32T, White 288, Coronation 63, Sabbath Morning 283, Whitestown 211, Traveling Pilgrim 278B

More details
2346c | 1 CD | $14.95

Various Artists : Religion Is A Fortune

Review: An important collection of original recordings of some of the earliest Sacred Harp singing groups. Extensive liner notes makes this compilation a must have for people intested in the Shape Note tradition.

Songlist: Hallelujah (Daniels-Deason Sacred Harp Singers), Long Sought Home (Allison's Sacred Harp Singers), Long Sought Home (Allison's Sacred Harp Singers), Rocky Road (Alabama Sacerd Harp Singers), Calvary (Dye's Sacred Harp Singers), I'm on My Journey Home (Denson's Scare Harp Singers), Happy Land (Allison's Sacred Harp Singers), Relgion Is a Fortune (Alabama Sacred Harp Singers), Happy on the Way (Fa-So-La Singers), Land of Beulah (Dye's Sacred Harp Singers), Pleyel's Hymn (Daniels-Deason Sacred Harp Singers), Journey Home (Allison's Sacred Harp Singers), Edom (Okeh Atlanta Sacred Harp Singers), Relgion Is a Fortune (Wells, Lee Sacred Harp Singers), Not Made With Hands - 2:39 (Allison's Sacred Harp Singers), Odem (Roswell Sacred Harp Singers), Ragan (Denson-Parris Sacred Harp Singers), Ninety-Fifth (Okeh Atlanta Sacred Harp Singers), Promised Land (Prioneer Sacred Harp Singers)

More details3032c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella || Shapenote Music

Various Artists : Sacred Voices - An A Cappella Collection

Review: Bluegrass, a brand of music appreciated for its intricate musicianship and instrumental virtuosity, has always maintained a fresh appeal while staying true to the gospel roots inherent to the genre. Sacred Voices is a gathering of Bluegrass big shots who have put down their instruments and opened their voices, sounding out an integrated variety of Gospel songs and continuing a tradition that started with Bill Monroe and the Blue Grass Boys. Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver sing 'Climbing Up The Mountain' and 'That New Jerusalem'. Peter Rowan & The Rowan Brothers sing a haunting 'Lone Pilgrim' while also making an appearance with the Nashville Bluegrass Band on 'Jesus Made the Wine'. 'Father I Stretch My Hand To Thee' and 'Roll Jordan Roll' also feature the Nashville Bluegrass Band. Tim & Mollie O'Brien contribute 'Shut De Do' and Ricky Skaggs and Tony Rice 'Talk about Suffering'. New Grass Revival adds a touch of live performance to the mix with 'Walk In Jerusalem' while Robin & Linda Williams & Friends keep the faith with 'He's Coming Again So Soon' and 'Don't You Want To Go To Heaven'. Also featured are 'Vision Of A Golden Crown' by Don Rigsby and a whole cast of vocals, 'My Heavenly Home' by Front Range, and 'Feel Like My Time Ain't Long' by The Country Gentlemen. First published in 1855 is the oldest and most recognizable song 'What A Friend We Have In Jesus', a riveting solo performance given by Doc Watson. Bluegrass and Gospel music are both inspiring and timeless; strip down to the naked voice and the result is something sacred.

Songlist: Climbing Up the Mountain, Father I Stretch My Hand To Thee, Vision Of A Golden Crown, He's Coming Again So Soon, My Heavenly Home, Feel Like My Time Ain't Long, Lone Pilgrim, Shut De Do, Talk About Suffering, Didn't You Want To Go To Heaven, Jesus Made the Wine, Walk In Jerusalem, What A Friend We Have In Jesus, That New Jerusalem, Roll Jordan Roll

More details
2276c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella || Southern Gospel

Various Artists : Southern Gospel A Cappella

Review: A collection of some of today's top Southern Gospel artists get together to record an all a cappella recording. Artists include Reggie Smith, Mike Bowling, Jason Crabb, Kim Rubbe Lord, Ernie Haase, Jessica King and many others.

Songlist: Sheltered In The Arms Of God, Not Even A Stone, Yes I Know, Midnight Cry, He Made A Change, When He Was On the Cross, No Other Word For Grace But Amazing, Shouting Time, Grace, Daystar

More details
2787c | 1 CD | $7.95 | A Cappella || Gospel Group Harmony CDs

Various Artists : Swing Time Gospel Vol 1

Review: If you're a fan of a cappella gospel from the 1930s and '40s, you won't want to miss this CD! Best known of the five groups is the Soul Stirrers, who are credited with reshaping gospel and paving the way for modern R&B. Their historic first recordings are here and have never before been rereleased on CD.

Songlist: Home In The Sky, Let Me Ride The Chariot, Shelter In The Time Of Storm, Sorrow Valley, Dig A Little Deeper, Rough And Rocky Road, Standing By The Bedside Of A Neighbor, Stand By Me, Today, Where Shall I Be, Jesus Met The Woman At The Well, There Are Some Things, I Know The Lord, My Soul Is A Witness, I'm On My Way, Trouble All About My Soul, Walk Around, He's My Rock, Precious Lord, Freedom After A While

More details
3311c | 1 CD | $14.98 || Black Vocal Groups

Wade In The Water : African American Community Gospel

Review: A local perspective of sacred music from two regions: Alabama and Washington, D.C. Singers include The Gospel Harmonettes: Jesus Is on the Mainline; Donald Vails and the Celebration Delegation: Lead Me, Guide Me; and The Bible Way Temple Radio Choir: Yes, Lord.

Songlist: Stand by Me, We'll Understand It Better By and By, What Are They Doing in Heaven Today?, Something Within, He'll Understand and Say Well Done, Touch Me Lord Jesus, It's a Highway to Heaven, Little Wooden Church on a Hill, I Was Standing by the Bedside of a Neighbor (If You See My Savior), How I Got Over, Speak to Me Jesus, Does Jesus Care?, Just a Closer Walk With Thee, God Is Still on the Throne, God Specializes, Precious Lord

More details
3028c | 1 CD | $14.98 || Spirituals CDs

Wade In The Water : African American Spirituals

Review: This recording is the music originally performed by the Fisk Jubilee Singers. You no doubt have heard the term jubilee singing referring to quartet music coming out of the south in the thirties and forties. It all started on the day of Jubilee, the day the slaves were freed. Striving for education had been an underground pursuit during slavery. One school established for the freed, Fisk College of Nashville, TN, opened six months after the end of the Civil War. In the struggle to save the school from economic collapse, the school's treasurer and music teacher, George L. White, took a group of his students on the road to raise funds in the North. The original repertoire was ballads, arias and a few other popular and choral songs of the day. They went on faith, seemingly doomed to failure, until one day they performed some of their special songs, 'Steal Away' and 'Swing Low Sweet Chariot.' The response was overwhelming. Ultimately the school was saved and the Fisk Jubilee Singers went on to become the first Black international singing stars. This is their music, performed by five very special choral groups.

Songlist: There Is a Balm in Gilead/ The Florida A&M University Concert Choir, We Shall Walk through the Valley in Peace/ The Princely Players, Roll, Jordan Roll/ The Princely Players, I've Been Buked and I've Been Scorned/ The Florida A&M University, Concert Choir, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, Joshua Fit de Battle/ The Fisk Jubilee Singers, Wade in the Water/ The Fisk Jubilee Singers, Deep River/ The Howard University Chamber Choir, Listen to the Lambs/ The Howard University Chamber Choir, Ev'ry Time I Feel the Spirit, Oh Freedom/ The Princely Players, Gospel Train/ The Princely Players, I'm a-Rollin' through an Unfriendly World/ The Princely Players, Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child/ Kehembe Eichelberger, Steal Away/ The Princely Players, Go in the Wilderness/ The Princely Players, Ezekiel Saw the Wheel/ The Florida A&M University Concert Choir, Ain't Got Time to Die/ The Howard University Chamber Choir, Wade in the Water/ The Howard Univerity Chamber Choir

More details
3349c | 1 CD | $17.98 || Spirituals CDs

Wings Over Jordan : Trying to Get Ready

Review: Reverend Glynn T. Settle was the originator of the Wings over Jordan Choir (WOJC), which on the public scene in the late 1930s, the first full-time professional black choir in America. Proficient and versatile, during the period 1938 to 1949, the choir performed before sold-out, non-segregated audiences in over 40 American states, 5 European countries, Canada and Mexico. In 1937 the choir inaugurated a successful weekly "Negro Hour" on CBS Radio in Cleveland, reaching 40 million listeners. WOJC's segment of spirituals would be followed by the Southernaires Quartet, and then the Golden Gate Quartet. A songbook was published and over 50 recordings came from this program, performances with major symphonic orchestras and an invitation to sing at the White House. Reverend Settle narrates in this rare collection, saying things like "It's not because I'm a coward and afraid to defend myself that I smilingly take the many abuses forced upon me through life. The fact is, I pity and pray for those who despitefully mistreat me. You may wonder about my attitude. Well, the answer is very simple. I am busy trying to get ready to try on my long white robe." Gospel Friend records is releasing this wonderful collection of 25 authentic spirituals, accompanied by fascinating pictures and text in the liner notes (one of our favorites is several members of the group all dressed up in front of their spanking-new tour bus, "Wings Over Jordan" proudly on the front). There are several spirituals we are hearing for the first time, such as "The Old Ark's A-Movering," "My Lord's Gonna Move This Wicked Race," the joyous "I Just Got Over," "Meet You at the Judgement," "Trampin'," "Over My Head" and others. And then there are tunes we've heard many times, such as "Rock My Soul in the Bosom of Abraham," "Ezekiel Saw the Wheel," "Wade in the Water," "Old Ship of Zion" and "Sweet Little Jesus Boy," but it's as if we are hearing them for the first time. "Trying to Get Ready" is a treat on many levels, from beginning to end. Don't miss this one!

Songlist: Walk Together Children, Rock My Soul in the Bosom of Abraham, Don't Stay Away, I Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray, Trying to Get Ready, The Old Ark's A-Movering, Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child, Ezekiel Saw De Wheel, Wade In The Water, I Just Got Over, Meet You at the Judgement, Plenty Good Room, Trampin', Old Ship of Zion, I'm A-Rollin, When You Come out of the Wilderness, My Lord's Gonna Move This Wicked Race, Sweet Little Jesus Boy, Until I Found the Lord, I've Been 'Buked, I'm Going to Sit at the Welcome Table, Over My Head, Where Shall I Be When the First Trumpet Sounds, Amen, He's All and All to Me

More details
2526c | 1 CD | $16.95 | A Cappella || Gospel Group Harmony CDs

Wiregrass Sacred Harp Singers : Desire for Piety

Review: An invaluable document of a musical tradition stretching back to the Civil War that is on the verge of disappearing forever, Desire for Piety is a rare example of black Sacred Harp singing from rural southeast Alabama. The songs are from the B.F. White Sacred Harp, the hymn book primarily used by the seven million shape-note singers in this country. Liner notes by Henry Willett, an acknowledged authority on shape-note singing.

Songlist: The Happy Sailor, Blooming Youth, Weeping Pilgrim, There We Our Jesus Shall Adore, Bound for Canaan, Cuba, Firm Foundation, Florida, Desire for Piety, Ragan, Struggle On, Ninety-fifth Psalm, Fallen by the Way, Happy Home, Coronation, The Dying Boy, The Father's Boundless Love, The Christian's Flight, Give Me Just A Little More Time

More details
2836c | 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella || Shapenote Music

Wiregrass Sacred Harp Singers : The Colored Sacred Harp

Review: African American Sacred Harp singing conventions in southeastern Alabama began near the last third of the 19th century. While singing, for the most part, the same repertory of Sacred Harp music as their Anglo American counterparts, a vocal stylistic difference is clearly apparent. During a typical convention singing the participants arrange themselves in a square according to voice part, the basses facing the trebles, and the tenors facing the altos. A song leader stands in the middle of the square leading the singers first through the notes to the songs and then through the lyrics, a practice emanating from the traditional singing school classes, where singers are taught to sing the notes and then the words.

Songlist: Prayer/Come To Jesus Now, Alone, The Signs of The Judgement, Florida Storm, Shout and Sing, Jesus Lives In My Soul, My Friend, Call Upon The Lord, Welcome Address, My Mother's Gone, Rejoice and Sing, Prosperity, Am I a Soldier of The Cross, It Is Finished

More details
2837c | 1 CD | $17.95 | A Cappella || Shapenote Music

Fisk Jubilee Singers : Sacred Journey

Review: Nashville, TN's Fisk University's legendary Jubilee Singers, founded by school treasurer and music lover George White, led his group of former slaves on a tour that followed the Civil War's Underground Railroad in an effort to save the school, originally called the Fisk Free Colored School, from financial ruin. The group finally found some success in Ohio, then created a sensation with their spiritual "secret slave songs" in New York City, beginning a tour of Britain and Europe that saved the school and built beautiful new campus buildings. "Sacred Journey" is a 2-disk live CD recorded on the group's 2006-7 trip to Ghana, Africa, where they sang in the courtyard of notorious Elmina Castle, a key link in the slave trade. Robert Swope said of the concert, "This ensemble, through the sheer love of its' performance, brought the glory of His forgiveness to the walls of Elmina Castle and allowed His grace to forgive what, for hundreds of years, was a place torn by human degradation." Twelve powerful songs, recorded live and without overdub or re-record in any way: "I Thank You, Jesus," "Our Father," "Didn't My Lord," "Kekeli Tso Kekili Me," "We Shall Walk Through the Valley in Peace," "Here is On," "My Soul's Been Anchored in the Lord," "An' I Cry," "Mister Banjo," "Sweet Home," "Mawu nye lolo" and "Ride the Chariot." Don't miss this remarkable, profound concert, that brought joy and healing light to the heart of darkness!

Songlist: I Thank You Jesus, Our Father, Didn't My Lord, Kekeli Tso Kekeli Me, We Shall Walk Through The Valley In Peace, Here Is On, My Soul's Been Anchored in the Lord, An' I Cry, Mister Banjo, Sweet Home, Mawu Nye Lolo, Ride the Chariot

More details
5895c | 1 CD & 1 DVD | $17.95 | A Cappella || Gospel DVDs

Harry T. Burleigh : The Spirituals of Harry T. Burleigh - High Voice

Review: Harry Burleigh's music falls into three categories: secular, religious, and sacred. This 200-page collection is a treasure of history made usable in his fine arrangements. "Deep River" was published in 1917, the first of many to make Burleigh well-known as a composer.

Voicing: High

More details
10152b | 2 Accompaniment CDs | $27.95 || Harry Burleigh

Harry T. Burleigh : The Spirituals of Harry T. Burleigh - Low Voice

Review: Harry Burleigh's music falls into three categories: secular, religious, and sacred. This 200-page collection is a treasure of history made usable in his fine arrangements. "Deep River" was published in 1917, the first of many to make Burleigh well-known as a composer.

Voicing: Low

More details
10153b | 2 Accompaniment CDs | $27.95 || Harry Burleigh

Fairfield Four : Best Of 1946 - 1953

Review: This collection represents selected tracks from their singles released from the start of their recording career in 1946 through to 1953, when there was a significant change in the group's line up with the departure of Rev. Sam McCarary. This is a fine showcase for their distinctive style and represents some of the best and most popular gospel music of that era, which was a heyday for the genre, as with other groups the gospel groups paved the way for the doo wop boom of the 50's. This is classic stuff!

Songlist: Who Stole My Old Shoes, Better Leave That Liar Alone, Don't You Want to Join That Number, Where Shall I Go, Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around, Standing in the Safety Zone, When I Get Up in Heaven, Amazing Grace, Canaan Land, I'm Going to Live the Life I Sing About, You've Got to Move, Just One Moment in God's Kingdom, Dig a Little Deeper in God's Love, Just a Little Talk with Jesus, Lift Him Up, Three of Level, Jesus Met the Woman at the Well, Ezekiel, Roll All Burdens Away, Saviour Don't Pass Me By, In the Wilderness, Let Me Tell You About Jesus, In the Upper Room, I'll Tell the World, Don't Drive Your Children Away, Does Jesus Care, Nobody to Depend On, No Room at the Inn, On My Journey Now, Love Is Like a River, and more

More details
22145c | 2 CDs | $16.95 |

Swan Silvertones : 1946 - 1951

Review: Definitive 2 CD collection of the post-war material from these gospel legends. The beginnings of The Swan Silvertones, one of the most revered and respected Gospel vocal groups of all time, starts with the legendary high tenor, falsetto voice of the Reverend Claude Jeter. His influence over a generation of Soul singers to come is breathtakingly presented on this 2-CD collection of some of their greatest early recordings. You will hear echoes of Bobby Womack, Wilson Pickett and David Ruffin and indeed much of the early Temptations sound in these tracks many of which are making their first appearance on CD. Liner notes by noted musicologist Opal Nations.

Songlist: I Cried Holy, Will the Circle Be Unbroken, I Done Made It Up in My Mind, I'm Tired, My Time Done Come, I Want My Crown, These Bones Gwine Rise Again, Go Ahead, I Want to Rest, I'll Search Heaven, In That Upper Room, I Want to Dig a Little Deeper, Working on a Building, Down on My Knees, Standing in the Safety Zone, All Alone, I've Tried, What Could I Do, I Must Tell Jesus, Depending on Jesus, No, Not a One, I Got a Mother Done Gone, Use Me Lord, I'm Gonna Wait, My God's Getting Us Ready, Jesus Never Fails, Jesus Is God's Atomic Bomb, Mother's Name Lived in My Heart, Long Ago, Careless Soul, and more

More details
3011c | 2 CDs | $15.95 || Black Vocal Groups

Joseph Linn : Moving Up To Gloryland

Review: 75 favorite gospel songs overflowing with warmth and natural exuberance are the hallmark of this collection of 4-part, hymnal-style arrangements usable for choirs, ensembles, soloists or congregations. Dozens of southern gospel classics, along with newer songs are presented so in a flexible format, so they can be sung either individually or in a thematic medley. Introductions, modulations, and endings are provided.

More details
5206a | 2 Listening CDs | $24.95 | SATB || Gospel Arrangements

Jay Althouse : Ready to Sing... Spirituals

Review: A wonderful variety of 11 favorite spirituals are featured in this new songbook. Included are: Gospel Train * Ride the Chariot * Kum Ba Yah * Down by the Riverside * Wade in the Water * Yes, My Lord! * Amazing Grace * Go, Tell It on the Mountain * Joshua * Good News! * Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen.

More details
40723b | Accompaniment CD | $13.95 | Solo || Spirituals for Solo Voice | Ready to Sing

Keith Christopher : Everlasting God

Review: The lyrical assurance of an everlasting God is enhanced by the classic Luther lyric passages. Choirs or ensembles and congregations alike will enjoy this driving anthem of praise. Available separately: SAT(B), ChoirTrax CD. Duration: ca. 3:50.

More details
4716p | Choirtrax CD | $26.95 || Ken Riley | Gospel Choral Series

Keith Christopher : Goodbye, World, Goodbye

Review: A southern gospel evergreen is given new wings in this sensational new treatment. After a free-flowing opening featuring an optional solo, the song surrenders to a happy gallop espousing the glories of heaven. Leaving the world behind, the music soars adorned in Dixieland clothing and lifts the spirit to new heights. This one is sure to get lots of affirming Amens! Score and Parts (cl, tpt, tbn, tba, ac gtr/bjo, b, dm) available as a digital download.

Sheet Music Available: SATB,   TTBB,   SATB,   TTBB

More details
8461p | Choirtrax CD | $26.95 || Southern Gospel

Rollo Dilworth : I Want Jesus to Walk with Me

Review: Here is a dramatic setting of the classic spiritual that will uphold the traditions of the style and enrich the experience of the singers and listeners. Your choir will display the full range of their vocal skill, creating a powerful audience reaction. With optional clarinet or soprano sax, rhythm and horns. Available separately: SATB, ChoirTrax CD. Combo parts available digitally (cl/ssx, tpt, tbn, b, dm). Duration: ca. 4:15.

Sheet Music Available: SATB,   SATB

More details
4620p | Choirtrax CD | $24.95 || Traditional Spiritual | Music of Rollo Dilworth

Rollo Dilworth : Invocation

Review: Uses: General, Call to Worship, Introit, Concert Scripture: Psalm 17:5-7; Psalm 102; John 22:26-29 Here's a gospel-styled choral with a highly original voice. Parallel harmonic movement and earthy harmonies provide great impact as the choir sings, Send us Your love, let it rain from above. Dramatic and primal, this brief, yet effective song is a welcome call to worship in sanctuaries and an excellent opener in concert halls. Highly recommended! Instrumental parts (b, dm) available as a digital download. ScorePlay - click to view score with recording.

Sheet Music Available: SATB,   SATB

More details
4609p | Choirtrax CD | $26.95 || Rollo Dilworth | Music of Rollo Dilworth

Rollo Dilworth : Jesus Rose!

Review: An original rousing spiritual from Rollo Dilworth that proclaims the power of Christ's resurrection to save us all. Full of rhythmic drive, yet accessible, with an effective vocal stack-up before the final verse. This anthem may be used for Easter, Eastertide or Ascension Sunday (Jesus went up to Glory where He reigns). Performance Time: Approx. 3:10

Sheet Music Available: SATB

More details
4617p | Choirtrax CD | $22.95 || Rollo Dilworth

Rollo Dilworth : Soon and Very Soon

Review: Uses: General, Heaven Scripture: Revelation 21:4 No sitting still on this one! Rollo Dilworth has created a winner with his arrangement of this perennial favorite. Your choir and congregation will be captivated by the insistent and building rhythm of this rousing anthem. Parts for bass and drums available as a digital download.

Sheet Music Available: SSA,   SATB,   SAB

As Performed by: Andrať Crouch

More details

4608p | Choirtrax CD | $26.95 || Andrať Crouch | Gospel Choral Series

Rollo Dilworth : Thankful

Review: From Josh Groban's mega-album Noel, this inspiring song is a gift for all seasons! The positive message and full choral harmonies are especially appropriate for graduation and other special events. It's up to us, to be the change, and even though this world can still do so much more, there's so much to be thankful for.

Sheet Music Available: SATB,   SAB,   SSA

As Performed by: Josh Groban

More details

4619p | Choirtrax CD | $26.95 |

Tauren Wells : All My Hope

Review: This confident gospel ballad is instantly engaging! Lilting like a country waltz, the song of hope and promise is a throwback to earlier times and the simple but powerful truths of the Christian walk. Arranged for optimal success, this retro style is perfect for choral adaptation and especially effective when combined with praise bands.

Sheet Music Available: SATB,   SATB

As Performed by: Tauren Wells

More details

20002p | Choirtrax CD | $26.95 || Ed Cash

Anna Laura Page and Jean Anne Shafferman : The Gospel Sing-Along Songbook - CD

Review: The Gospel Sing-Along Songbook is the first collection in our new anthem series for 2-part mixed voices, The Sacred Sing-Along Series. The Gospel Sing-Along Songbook includes 12 gospel classics, arranged in five easily-prepared medleys. With reproducible congregational songsheets included in the book, these medleys are great for congregational hymn sings and for praise worship. OR, use them as emergency anthems during the summer or throughout the year! A full performance/accompaniment CD recording is available separately. Don't miss the money-saving Choir Kit!

More details
40805b | Listening CD | $12.95 |

Mosie Lister : Ladies Sing Gospel

Review: A dynamic compilation of 15 accessible arrangements for ladies' trios, ensembles, and choirs. This unique gathering of themes includes testimony, worship and praise, invitation, and Christian life. Arranged by Mosie Lister.

More details
7096ba | Listening CD | $16.95 | SSA || Southern Gospel | Mosie Lister

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