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Choral - Finland

Choral music from Finland

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Campanella Female Choir : Christmas with Campanella - Campanellan Joulu

Review: There is a distinctly female point of view on this record - and no wonder. Aino Loppela has built a repertoire in which the dimensions of Finnish Christmas become thoroughly illuminated. Mysterious silence at the dusk of Christmas Eve, anticipation, presents and many other things fill up a little girl's mind. The protagonist is, however, Maria Matala Neiti, Pyha Herran Piikanen (Mary the Humble Maiden, sacred Lord's Servant), whose experience about the deepest message of Christmas is performed here. The Campanella Female Choir is among the elite of Finnish choirs of female voices and and winners of numerous awards.

Songlist: Piika Pikkarainen, Jouluna Jumala Syntyi, Maria Matala Neiti, Syntyi Poika Polvillehen, Harka Olkia Levitti, Otabat Piti Iloa, De Radice Processerat, Angelus Emittitur, Psallat Scholarum Concio, Maria, Herran Piikanen, Aa, Aa, Jo Lapsi Nukahtaa, Kun Joulu Valkeneepi, Kautta Tyynen, Vienon Yon, Joulun Odotukesessa, Talvi-Iltana, Pimeaa, Lasten Joulu, Joulu Tullut On, Jouluaattona, Joululumi, Joululaulu, Hiljainen Joululaulu, Joulun Kellot, Tule Takkaus Ihmisrintaan, Tuikkikaa, Oi Joulun Tahtoset, Betlehemin Tahti

4231 00 1 CD $15.95 Female Choral Christmas CDs

Einojuhani Rautavaara : Suite de Lorca

Review: The Lorca suite is probably Rautavaara's most popular choral work. The combination of Lorca's poetry and the soaring melodic lines of the music make it a true pearl of contemporary choral literature. Rautavaara has injected each of the four movements of the suite with its own unmistakable character. Text: Federico Garcia Lorca (Spanish/Finnish), duration: 7 minutes.

Songlist: Suite de Lorca

7443 01 Songbook $5.95 Northern European Choral Arrangements

Einojuhani Rautavaara : The First Runo

Review: The First Runo is unusual in that it is a setting of part of the Kalevala, the Finnish national epic, in an English translation rather than the original Finnish. Rautavaara has chosen the very first poem of the Kalevala, which describes the creation of the world according to Finnish mythology. Rautavaara uses a shimmering vocal texture to paint an image of the primeval lake. Duration: 8 minutes.

Songlist: The First Runo

7444 01 Songbook $7.25 Northern European Choral Arrangements

EMO Ensemble : Of the Earth

Review: Emo Ensemble is a chamber choir, which consists of young music students and professional singers. The choir was founded at Espoo Music Institute, Finland in the autumn 2000 by its conductor, Pasi Hyokki. Three years later, it won the prize for best performance of a contemporary work at the Harald Andersen international chamber choir competition for 'Two Songs to Poems of Ann Jaderlund' composed by Esa-Pekka Salonen. Since then, the EMO Ensemble has concentrated on modern music and offering composers the services of a top-quality vocal instrument. In 2005, the choir released its first CD featuring works by leading Finnish composers like Esa-Pekka Salonen and Lotta Wennakoski. It received great reviews and was nominated for Choir CD of the Year by the Finnish Choirmasters Association. EMO Ensemble aims to be experimental, varied and innovative.

Songlist: Enkeli, Kuka Nukkuu Tuutussasi, Erlkonig, Vaggvisa, Mina nostan Vedesta, maailma Jonne Mina Tulin, Muistan Minne Paiva Painui, Mika Kannattaa Maailmassa, Ennen Vetta, Merenkavijat, Kyss min Mun, Djupt I Rummet, Jabberwocky, Ilo

3571 00 1 CD $15.95 Mixed Choirs CDs

Jubilate Choir : Jean Sibelius - Mixed Choir

Review: Astrid Riska founded Jubilate as a children's choir in 1967; it has since grown to a mixed-voice 35-strong adult choir, performing a repertoire from the sacred to the avant-garde. The group has been particularly interested in performing works by Finnish composers, both at home and internationally, and Jean Sibelius (1865-1957), was one of the best. Included are 24 songs, beginning with "Rakastava, Op. 14," the world premiere recording of "Soitapas, soria likka;" and two school songs from the mid-1920s, "Koulutie" and "Skolsang;" to the beautiful, familiar "Finlandia Hymn," finishing with the lovely "Six Songs from Op. 18." Perfectly performed, wonderfully composed choral music from one of Finland's best! Extensive liner notes with all lyrics translated.

Songlist: Rakastava, Op. 14, Soitapas, soria likka, Ensam i dunkla skogarnas famn, Aamusumussa, Till Therese Hahl, Den 25 Oktober 1902: Till Therese Hahl, Two Songs, Op. 65:, Man fran slatten och havet, Kellosavel Kallion kirkossa, Drommarna, Koulutie, Skolsang, Den hoga himlen, Op. 107, Joululaulu, Juhlamarssi, Tyokansan marssi, Uusmaalaisen laulu, Finlandia Hymn, Six Songs from Op. 18:, Isanmaalle, Saarella palaa, Min rastas raataa, Sydameni laulu, Sortunut aani, Venematka

7028 00 1 CD $15.98 Finnish Choral Music

Jubilate Choir : Nils-Eric Fougstedt

Review: Jubilate was founded as a children's choir by its conductor Astrid Riska in 1967. Developing rapidly, it is now a chamber choir of some 35 mixed adult voices, with a repertoire ranging from Gregorian chant to the avant-garde. It has always striven to perform Finnish music to both domestic and international audiences. Nils-Eric Fougstedt (1910-61), founded the Finnish Radio Choir in 1940 and conducted the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra. Here are 32 of Fougstedt's works, from "Bjorkarnas Valv" and "Three Songs to texts by Nils Ferlin," to "Two Traditional Songs" and "Silmien laulu." Lovely, soaring music, beautifully sung by one of Finland's finest choirs. Extensive liner notes with translated lyrics.

Songlist: Bjorkanas valv (Text: Kerstin Soderholm), Three Songs to texts by Nils Ferlin, Six Songs to texts by Arvid Morne, Two Songs to texts by Karin Mandelstam, Three Songs to texts by Bertel Gripenberg, Hjartats sommar (Text: Hjalmar Krokfors), Smultronbacken (Text: Karin Hofman), Sommarvisa (Jacob Tenengren), Skyn, blomman och n larka (Text: Hjalmar Gullberg), Three Songs to texts by Jarl Hemmer, Sanctus, Mot loftets strand (Text: Lina Sandell-Berg, I jorden gar dolda adror (Text: Ole Torvalds), Djaknevisa (arr. Nils Ferlin), Two Traditional Songs, Folj oss sang (Text: Joel Rundt), Silmien laulu (Text: Yrjo Kaijarvi)

7029 00 1 CD $15.98 Finnish Choral Music

Jubilate Choir : Sibelius - Music for Mixed and Female Choir


Songlist: Kor av vindarna, Sonens brud, Blomman, Ballad, Hoskvallen, Taanken, Carminalia, Kotikaipaus, Terve ruhtinarar, Nejden andas, Carmilalia, Kansakoululaisten marssi, Kantat till ord av W. von Konow, Giv mig ej glans, ej guld, ej prakt, Tree Songs for American Schools, Carminalia, Aamusumussa, Giv mig ej glans, ej guld, ej prakt, Soi kunniaksi Luojan, Partiolaisten marssi, The World Song of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, Lauluja sekakoorille vuoden 1897 promotioonikantaatista, Findlandia-hymni

7544 00 1 CD $15.98 Finnish Choral Music

Male Voice Choir of Helsinki : Hymns to Finland - Works for Male Voice Choir

Review: Born in Hamburg 200 years ago, Fredrik Pacius studied with Ludwig Spohr in Kassel, before serving as a violinist in the orchestra of the Royal Opera in Stockholm. When he arrived in Helsinki in 1835 it was in order to take up the post of music lecturer at the city's university. By the time of his death, almost six decades in the service of the musical life of his new country had earned him the epithet the father of Finnish music. He composed the first Finnish opera "Kung Karls jakt" and other works for the stage include The Princess of Cyprus and Loreley, both of which are available on BIS. But what he is mainly remembered for today is Vart land ('Our Land'), the national anthem of Finland, which he composed and conducted the first performance of in 1848. The choir at this occasion was Akademiska Sangforeningen (The Academic Male Voice Choir of Helsinki) which Pacius himself had founded in 1838. Some 160 years later the same choir performs the song here, together with other repertoire written or arranged for it by Pacius. The program is made up of songs in Swedish (including some of the emblematic patriotic songs of the evolving nation, as well as works in a lighter vein), Finnish (mainly arrangements of folk-songs) and German settings by Pacius of poems in his native language by writers such as Friedrich Ruckert. Following the choirs traditions some of the songs are here performed by a more intimate ensemble, i.e. quartet or octet.

Songlist: Varsang, Studensang, Sang For Nordiska Ynglingar, Det Var Da, Philomele, Den Sjuttonariga, Forgat Mig Ej, Till Jonas Peron, Fredmans Epistel N:o 14, Fredmans Epistel N:o 25, Fredmans Epistel N:o 13, Kreivin Sylissa Istunut, Folkvisa, Verinen Polka, Fantasi Over Ett Finskt Tema, Fruhlingsglaube, Ich Bin Nun Einmal So, Gesprache Der Irrlichter, Der Jager Auf Der Kirchweih, Wiegenlied, Die Abendgloke Auf Dem Berge, Lied An Die Schone Mullerin, A La Melancolie, Rheinweinlied, Schenkt Ein!, Trinkled, Bjorneborgarnas Marsch, Suomis Sang, Finlands Flagga, Hymn Till Finland, Vart Land

9127 00 1 CD $16.95

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Missa Brevis

Philomela Female Choir : in Dreams

Review: Internationally acclaimed Philomela charms with their release Philomela in Dreams. Included are "Ave Verum Corpus," by Francis Poulenc, "Suite de Lorca, by Einojuhani Rautavaara and "Dreams," by Erik Bergman. Like the title suggests, these pieces are very dreamlike in quality with floating sonorities that seem to melt together. With a variety of rarely heard works, this recordings further enhances the reputation that Finland has earned as a country with a wonderful choral tradition.

Songlist: Ave Verum Corpus, Missa Brevis (Nancy Telfer), Hanget soi (Heikki Sarmanto), "Suite" de Lorca (Einojuhani Rautavaara), Gamelan (R. Murray Schafer), Tapetenblume (Erik Bergman), Dreams (Erik Bergman), Two Nightingales (Witold Lutoslawski), Auf einem Baum ein Kuckuck sass (Alfred Koerppen)

7169 00 1 CD $15.98 Female Choral CDs

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Song of Mary

Philomela Female Choir : Midnight Christmas

Review: Renowned for its versatility, Philomela has, ever since it was formed in 1984, adopted an innovative approach to choral expression under its conductor Marjukka Riihimaki. Its many awards have included the Grand Prix in the Chorus Review of Tampere Vocal Music Festival, and in recent years it has regularly been invited to sing at international festivals. Recently Philomela decided to explore the potential for adding new songs to the Finnish stock of Christmas carols without violating the traditional Christmas spirit. It therefore commissioned songs on the Christmas theme from composers it had worked with before and were familiar with Philomela's style. They also included some more traditional Finnish Christmas music as well and this resulting recording is a true a cappella pleasure.

Songlist: The earth is beautiful, Hail to Thee, most blessed, The snowy cottages sleep, A prayer for Christmas night, The Christmas bells, Silence, On Christmas Night, God whispers Christmas, Mary, most lowly of maidens, The sauna seeker, Breathe, my good horse, For God was born, Jesus rocked in a cradle, Cast care aside, Silent night, holy night, Song of Mary

3173 00 1 CD $15.95 Female Choral Christmas CDs

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Philomela Female Choir : Mieli

Review: Finland is full of folk traditions and epic poems which are great sources for Finnish music. Philomela performs pieces that draw on their rich literary culture. From the folk poetry of the town of Ilomantsi and the epic poem Kanteletar to the modern poetry of Jukka Itkonen, Viljo Kojo and Unto Kupiainen, composers Anna-Mari Kahara, Liisa Matveinen and others have created striking new music which is infused with the flavor of the Baltic region.

Songlist: Sadelaulu, Kantajani, Lemmennosto, Mieli, Etsija, Samsara, Ikava omia maita, Armahan kulku, Laulu perunoiden kiehuessa, En ma tullut niinkuin ennen, Mykka ero, Minne kauneus katosi, Jo meista ero tulevi, Armaan laheisyys

7282 00 1 CD $15.98 Female Choral CDs

Tapiola Chamber Choir : Penderecki

Review: Avant-garde composer Krzysztof Penderecki, born in Poland in 1933, returned to more traditional musical forms by the early 1960s. The orchestration and scoring in his large vocal works is often highly adventurous, using dramatic devices such as shouting and speaking to great effect. The world-renowned Finnish Tapiola Chamber Choir performs 9 pieces of this dramatically beautiful sacred music: "Stabat Mater," "Two Choruses from the Passion According to St. Luke," "Sicut locutus est from Magnificat," "Agnus Dei," "Song of the Cherubim," "Veni creator," "Benedicamus Domino," and "Benedictus." Striking sacred choral works, made even more so by the clear, bell-like voices of the world-famous Tapiola Choir.

Songlist: Stabat Mater, Two Choruses from the Passion according to St. Luke , -Miserere, -In Pulverem Mortis, Sicut Locutus est from Magnificat, Agnus Dei , Song ofthe Cherubim, Veni Creator, Benedicamus Domino, Benedictus

6829 00 1 CD $12.98 Finnish Choral Music

Tapiola Children's Choir : Dreams

Review: Musicality has paved the way for the expansive project that has made the Tapiola Choir's career a unique one. All the way from the 1960s the choir has worked hand in hand with many of Finland's finest composers. This work has generated a quite new choral repertoire of very high quality and - most important - completely lacking all the stock "music for children" mannerisms.

Songlist: Dreams op 85, Pater Noster, Vintern var hard, Suita Grammaticale op. 28, Agnus Dei , Meditatio super Agnum Dei, Halleluja, A

6882 00 1 CD $15.98 Mixed Childrens Choirs

Tapiola Children's Choir : Joy! Best of the Tapiola Choir

Review: Four decades ago in Finland, music teacher Erkki Pohjola had a vision of what a children's choir should sound like, and many competition victories, recordings and great performances later, we have this best-of CD by the 35-strong Tapiola Choir as evidence of his brilliance. There are 11 songs here, sung in Finnish, (translated) "This Land, My Land, Finland," "Song of the Nation," "Song of the Wanting Land," "The Hills of Karelia," "Oh How Fair My Sweetheart Is," "The Shepherd Piper," "The Sky Is Blue," "Young Rascals From Harma Village," "An Orphan's Sigh," "Finlandia Hymn" and "Our Land." Variously accompanied, from harp to orchestra, the emphasis is on the startling, bell-like voices of the children and these beautiful Finnish songs. Incredible vocal clarity and range-lovely!

Songlist: This Land, My Land, Finland, Song of the Nation, Song of the Wanting Land, The Hills of Karelia, Oh How Fair My Sweetheart Is, The Shepherd Piper, The Sky Is Blue, Young Rascals from Harma Village, An Orphan's Sigh, Finlandia Hymn, Our Land, Finno-Ugric Landscapes, - Hunting song, - By the Riverside, - On Vespian Pathways, - The Oak Tree, - Herding Song, - On the Seashore, The Volcano of Aizu Bandai, Red Dragonfly, Siyahamba, Aglepta, Winter Was Hard, Die erste Deklination, Mary, Handmaiden of the Lord, At Christmas God Came on Earth, The Guardian Angel, Evening Prayer, Here Beneath a Northern Star, The Little Bird's Praise, My Kantele, A Finnish Prayer, Spring Hymn, Thanks to God

6779 00 1 CD $15.98 Mixed Childrens Choirs

Tapiola Children's Choir : Rainbow Sounds

Review: Rainbow Sounds illustrates in a real way the international dimensions of the Tapiola Choir's activities. The choir has made nearly 60 foreign tours to nearly thirty countries. Three times the tour has taken them literally around the world. Tens of foreign choirs have enjoyed a reciprocal welcome in Tapiola as a consequence. It will come as no surprise then that the choir has developed a substantial repertoire of songs from around the world, sung in the original languages. On this CD alone one can hear over half of the thirty-or-more languages in which the choir has sung. Special attention is always paid to accuracy of pronunciation.

Songlist: joko ruvennen runolle/ a kalevala introduction, hanget soi/ singing snow, suomalais-ugrilasia maisemia/ finno-ugric lanscapes: metsasyslaulu/ hunting song, yoen rannalla/ by the riverside, vepsan poluilla/ on vepsian pathways, tammipuu/ the oak tree, paimenessa/ herding song, meren rannalla/ on the sea shore, ba, ba, vita lamm/ baa, baa little lamb, stuff'n' nonsense, let it shine!, aizu bandaisan/ the volacno of aizu bandai, akatonbo/ Red dragonfly, tuira mai/ Stand in rows, danza negroide/ the dance of a negro boy , siyahamba, mina olen harman kankaapaasta/ young rascals form harma village, zai itxoiten/ waiting, nowl des enfants qui n'ont plus de maisons/ christmas carol for homeless children, aglepta/ three fiord skeches: two images, sun and moon, balance, revontulet/ northern lights, Agelpta

6881 00 1 CD $15.98 Mixed Childrens Choirs

Tapiola Children's Choir : Sounds Of Finland

Review: The Tapiola Children's Choir was founded as a school choir by Erkki Pohjola in 1963. It rapidly developed into one of Finland's leading choirs, touring Japan, Europe and the US and winning competitions. "Sounds" is a rich, varied collection of 19 songs by outstanding Finnish composers such as Jean Sibelius ("Finlandia Hymn," "Song of My Heart," "The Snow is Falling"), Pekka Hannikainen ("Summer Twilight," "Sleep, my Child, Sleep"), Fredrik Pacius ("Song of Finland," "Our Country"), Aulis Sallinen ("The Winter Was Hard"), Toivo Kuula ("Evening"), Jukka Koskinen ("To Us a Festival is Given"), Michael Praetorius ("Let Us Chant") and others. Other favorites are Bach's "A Son is Born in Bethlehem" and "Let Me Praise Jesus," Handel's "Rejoice, Daughter of Sion" and the lively traditional folk tune "Burro Matti, Lapin joiku." Light accompaniment on two songs. A beautiful, ringing collection by one of our favorite children's choirs!

Songlist: Finlandia hymn, Song of my Hear, Summer Twilight, Sleep, my Child, Sleep, Prayer, To Us a Festival is Given, Evening, Evening Song, Burro Matti, Song of Finland, Our Country, The Winter Was Hard, Hotaru koi, Sakura, Kompira-Fune-Fune, Maira, the Lord's Little Maiden, A Son Is Born in Bethlehem, Let Me Praise Jesus, Rejoice, Daughter of Sion, Let Us Chant, In the Hay by the Oxen's Trough, Oh Nightingale, Come!, The Snow is Falling, I Kneel Down at your Manger, Majatta, lowly Maiden, Finnish Mystery

7548 00 1 CD $15.98 Mixed Childrens Choirs

Tapiola Children's Choir : Tapiola Choir Christmas

Review: Over three decades have passed since the founding of the Tapiola Choir, then known as the Tapiola Children's Choir. Shortly after their founding, in 1973 they released "Tapiolan Joulu" ("Christmas With Tapiola"). If you have ever heard that classic album you can't help but be moved by the bell-like chime and purity of the children's voices. On this new Christmas recording the Tapiola Choir, long since recognized as an international treasure, creates a richer, more mature sound with the addition of a couple of dozen young adult voices belonging to the 'seniors.' The choir's founder, Prof. Erkki Pohjola wished to share the experience of creating this recording with former members because this is to be his last as conductor and director of the choir. Additionally, the breadth of the arrangements was enhanced by use of orchestration which never occludes the beauty of the choir and special guest Jorma Hynninen, the celebrated Finnish operatic baritone. The recording begins with an a cappella version of the Australian folk song, "Mary, Handmaiden of the Lord" which was the first three part song ever sung by the original "Choir of the Lower Forms of Tapiola Secondary School." Progressively the song list increases in festivity, youthful fun predominates, and then imperceptibly the feeling returns to the original spirit of Christmas until, finally the choir closes the recording with the a cappella "At Christmas, God Came on Earth." This beautiful recording is not only a testimonial to the young singers of Tapiola but a superb passing of the musical baton to the new conductor, Kari Ala-Pollanen.

Songlist: Maria, Herran piikanen, , God Rest You Merry Gentlemen, O Holy Night / Oi, jouluyo, The Joy of Giving, Kulkuset fantasia / Fantasy on Jingle Bells, Tonttujen joulukuusi / Elves around the Christmas Tree, Nigra sum / I Am Black, Noel des enfants qui n'ont plus de maisons, Kuului laulu enkelten, Go, Tell It on the Mountain, Foudu, satakiel, Katso, ihme taivainen, En etsi valtaa, Ioistoa, Maa on niin kaunis, Jouluna Jumala syntyi, Joulukranssi kuudella kielella, - Joulun kellot / Softly, Softly, - Nu tandas tusen juleljus / A Thousand Candles Burning Bright, - Tiliseb tiliseb aisakell / Jingling, Jingling Sleigh Bells Ring, - Leise rieselt der Schnee / Silent Sleeps the Singing Snow, - Mele kalikimaka, - Entre le boeuf.../There in the Hay of the Ox's Stall, - Arkihuolesi kaikki heita / Cast off Thy Everyday Cares

6413 00 1 CD $15.98 Childrens Choir Christmas

The Chrysostomos Chamber Choir : Panihida

Review: This recording will be enjoyed by listeners who are interested in new Orthodox music being composed around the world. Young Finnish composer Mikko Sidoroff's (b. 1985) setting of the Orthodox Memorial Service (Panikhida) is beautifully sung by the Chrysostomos Chamber Choir, conducted by the composer. As for the work itself, similar to Pavel Chesnokov's Panihida, opus 39, it seems to be more appropriate for a concert performance than a church service, although portions of it can certainly be sung in a liturgical context. More importantly, it captures a recognizably "Orthodox" musical spirit, which it seeks to express through new and original musical means. The booklet provides information in English and in Finnish about the service, the composer, and the performers, as well as the text translation.

Songlist: O Come, let us worship, Psalm 91, Great Litany, Troparia, Blessed art Thou, O Lord, Kathisma, Refrain of the Canon, Third Canticle of the Canon, Kathisma and Theotokion, Sixth Canticle of the Canon, Kontakion, Ikos, Refrain of the Canon and 9th Ode, Troparia after the Litany, Closing Prayers and Blessing, Eternal memory

3183 00 1 CD $15.95 Finnish Choral Music

The Musica Choir : Boy or Girl?

Review: Kostiainen conducts Kostiainen" discs was released in 2003. The Musica Choir recorded Kostiainen's suites for a mixed choir, partially based on Ingrian folklore lyrics (The Bridegroom's Arrival Songs 1- II and Mary's Story), some texts for the works are selected from the national epic Kalevala (The Tracing of Frost). On the disc there are also some humour Kostiainen likes to cultivate in his works i.e. The Satirical Suite to the lyrics by Lauri Viita.

Songlist: Greeting at the cross-roads, Boy or girl?, Mari's berries, Mari spoiled by the soldiers, What was it that me created?, Mourning for her birth, Greeting at the cross-roads, The groom's entourage sets off for the bridal manor, The groom's entourage arrives at the closed gate of the bridal manor, The groom will not alight until he has been greeted, The groom's entourage salutes the bride's home and asks after the bride, As the groom removes his gear, a choir of maidens salutes him and his entourage, The choir of maidens continues, asking how and by what way the groom's entourage found the bridal manor, The groom's entourage replies that they came along the Lord's highway, following the smell of beer from the bridal manor, The women in the groom's entourage tell the spokesman to purchase the groom the seat of honour at the table, The women sing a song of thanksgiving as the groom sits down at table, The choir of maidens wonders at what took the groom so long, The groom's spokesman, defending the groom, says the groom has visited his father's grave that morning, The Leader, The Service, The Wise, The Office, The Moral, The Collaboboration, The Tree of Knowledge, The Compasion, The Roundelay, Pakko, boy of wicked lineage, Would have frozen Ahti also, You have more than you can do, Go and do some magic freezing, And now I shall trace your lineage, Then you rode along the fences, Now that you have grown so big , To the way-back fields of Northland, In among the demon's coals, I'll take your mouth to summer's land, Let us make a firm agreement

3177 00 1 CD $15.95 Finnish Choral Music

The Musica Choir : I've Got a Sweetheart

Review: The Musica Choir recorded the 3rd part of Kostiainen conducts Kostiainen" series, I've Got a Sweetheart, in the year 2000. On disc you can hear among others the best known folklore based works for the mixed choir, such as the title song and the arrangement for choir of the Ostrobthnian folk song "Veret tuli mun silimihini" (I Got Tears in These Eyes of Mine). In addition there is maybe the most often performed piece of work by Kostiainen "Jaakobin (isot) pojat" (The (Grown-up) Sons of Jacob) and some new works composed into Kalevala texts. SULASOL (The Finnish Association of Choirs) and The Finnish Association of Choirmasters selected this disc as "A Choir Disc of The Year 2000". The Musica Choir had the honor to be the first choir receiving this award to outside the Capital City of Finland.

Songlist: Mull on heila ihana, Lankoiseni, lintuiseni, Ellos nyt hyva isoni, Siita paivan kiinni saapi, Yo alinomainen, Hiilella piirretyt puut, Rikasmies ja aarreaitta, Unberuhmter Ort, An meinen altesten Sohn, Viatonten valssi, Jaakobin isot pojat, Veret tuli mun silimihini, Hyvaa iltaa kultaseni

3176 00 1 CD $15.95 Finnish Choral Music

The Musica Choir : Oh Lord, Please Take my Hand

Review: On March 2007 was released the disc "Oh Lord, please take my hand" where the Musica Choir recorded Pekka Kostieinen's choral arrangements of the well known and also not so well known Finnish psalms and spiritual hymns. Psalm arr.s at the same time are a minor cross section about the career of the composer, the oldest are from 60s and the latest from 2000-tale. This is the 5th disc of the series "Kostiainen conducts Kostiainen"

Songlist: Guardian Angel, Now through the wilderness, This blessed summertime, Abide, my soul, by the will of the Lord, Whence shall I seek refuge?, Be prepared, people of the Lord, Hosanna, He cometh, The King on high, A star once in the sky, Rise up, ye vales and valleys, When you, oh Lord, are with me, A treasure beyond compare, Behold the Lamb of God, A path leads from the garden to Golgotha, Come all and behold, You rose from your grave, I praise and thank Thee, When our defence is in God, I bring you from your angels, Thanks be to Thee, Oh God, Awake, tardy souls, May your hand, oh Lord, protect, A stronghold safe, The coming of Christ, Before Thee, Jesus, once again, Evening has fallen, Creator, The traveller's thoughts return, The ways we once all travel, My kantele

3178 00 1 CD $15.95 Finnish Choral Music

The Musica Choir : Regina Angelorum

Review: This excellent recording features the most important church music Kostiainen composed for a cappella choir and here sung by The Musica Choir. The title work Regina Angelorum is one of best known work for the female choir by Kostiainen. Kostiainen was awarded the "Goldene Stimmgabel" prize of the European Association of Choirmasters in the year 1995.

Songlist: Kyrie, Gloria, In Deo salutare meum, Sanctus, Agnus Dei, Ave Maria, Regina angelorum, Laudate pueri, Te Deum

3174 00 1 CD $15.95 Finnish Choral Music

The Pirkanpojat BoysÕ Choir : The Door is Open

Review: Founded in 1970 The Pirkanpojat Boys' Choir is now one of the leading boy's choirs in Scandinavia. Emphasizing the education and training of the young male voices at the ages of 6 - 9 the boys enter the Perita choir from which they move after auditioning to Concentus and the A-Choir. They begin as sopranos or altos and later they join the male voices. Teaching score reading and voice training run parallel with choir work. Their present choirmaster Master of Music Jussi Kauranen began as a soprano singer in the choir in 1979 and became their Artistic Director in 1995. This recording features many works commissioned by the choir of contemporary Finnish composers and was recorded at their 35th anniversary concert at the Tampere Hall. Finnish lyric poetry is second to none and is expertly demonstrated both in the compositions and the boys singing on this fine recording.

Songlist: The Woodpecker, The Way of the Sword, Then the Aged Vainamoinen, A Blood-stanching Charm, The Origin of the Serpent, The Sky is Blue and White, On Tammerkoski Bridge, Maiden Fair, Wooing, From Kankaanpaa I Am, Saturday Evening, On a Rock, on a Hill , On a Rock, on a Hill, The Song of my Heart, I (How sweetly the squirrel), II (From its chamber up on high), III, IV (What a carefree life it leads), V (There the twitchy-tailed one slumbers), VI, The Forest Man , On the Highest Tree-Top, The Song of Finland, The Finlandia Hymn

4230 00 1 CD $15.95

Vox Aurea Choir : LoRuLaiLee: Works for Children's Choir

Review: The children in the Vox Aurea choir, one of the leading Finnish choral groups, are fortunate to be under the direction of Pekka Kostianinen, one of the finest choral composers, and one who likes to test his ideas on his choir before committing them to paper. Finnish folk tradition has been an inspiration for many of these works, the language providing a rhythmic undercurrent and the sound of the words music in itself. "LoRuLaiLee" is a cross-section of Pekka's main works for children's choir. 12 tunes, some favorites: the title tune, "Kiurun tie," "Satakieli," "Jaakobin pojat," and "Pah' on olla paimenessa I and II." This is ethereal, soaring, stunning material, especially for a children's choir.

Songlist: Pyhan Franciscus Assislaisen rukous, Lorulailee, Kiuren tie, Tikanpolkka, Satakieli, Menninkaisen kuutamotanssit, Hiihtojuustoa syonyt lehma tuli hieman levottomaksi, Jaakobin pojat, Revontulet, Pah' on olla paimenessa I, Pah' on olla paimenessa II

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Vox Aurea Choir : Tuhat Kertaa Tutat Vuotta

Review: Pekka Kostiainen (b.1944) is perhaps not known as well as other Finnish composers outside his native land. Although he wrote mainly instrumental music early in his career, he now concentrates on choral music. Pekka Kostiainen is the present conductor and composes extensively for them. Vox Aurea have excelled in performing his demanding but inspiring music, and taking it on their world tours. Tuhat kertaa tuhat vuotta (A thousand times a thousand years) is the most substantial a capella work on this 6th disc of Alba's "Kostiainen Conducts Kostiainen" series. It is a setting of a poem by Lauri Viita, one of the central characters of post-World War II literature in Finland, and narrates the origin of the world from an empty Cosmos, the building of mountains, ocean formation and the development of life. Softly vibrating tone-clusters suggest the void, magically expanding into the warm church acoustic, and a variety of eerie vocalisations including clicks, hisses and open-mouth tapping give way to firmer melodic lines. The altos, with more robust tone than the sweet sopranos, intone the verses in a modal runic chant style which derives from the Kalevala, the Finnish National epic, very close to the narrative style used by Sibelius in Kullervo and his epic tone poems. The choir are divided into four groups, two of sopranos and two altos, and the music moves antiphonally across the sound stage, suggesting the dynamic events at hand. This really is a tour-de-force of choral pictorialism, a miniature epic in its own right.

Songlist: 1000 x 1000 years (1991), To Finland's mothers (1998), There was a young lady, whose nose, There was an old man with a flute, There was an old lady of France, There was an old man of Cape Horn, There was a young lady, whose chin, There was an old person of Cromer, There was an old maid of Stroud, There was an old man in a tree, The roach, An eel is no adder, The perch, The salmon, The flounder waltz, The freshest fish, Glory be to God, Teach us to create, There they all sit in total silence, Why should I not sing?, If I should sing, I still have a song to sing, Dulce est, Nihil est perpetuum, Ut ameris, Ut fl atus venti, Acta est fabula, The country cat's secret fishy wish (2003), Lullaby, Vainamoinen's legacy (2006)

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