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Timothy Brown


Timothy Brown

The English choral conductor, Timothy (Tim) Brown, received his initial musical training as a chorister at Westminster Abbey, and later as a member of the King's College Choir, Cambridge.

For many years Timothy Brown conducted the Cambridge University Chamber Choir and is now the director of the London-based professional chamber choir, English Voices. He has been Director of Music at Clare College and director of Choir of Clare College, Cambridge since 1979.

Timothy Brown is Director of Studies in Music at Clare and Pembroke Colleges, Cambridge.He has been guest chorus-master at the Berlin Staatsoper and at the Flanders Opera, and is a popular conductor at singing weeks, including Europa Cantat and the Berwang Holiday Music Course. In November 2002 he directed a project with the Berlin-based RIAS-Kammerchor, and in April 2005 conducted a series of concerts with RAM, the National Male Voice Choir of Estonia. He has edited a number of choral volumes for Faber Music and is a contributing editor to the complete edition of music by William Walton, published by Oxford University Press.



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Choir of Clare College : John Rutter - Mass of the Children : 00  1 CD : Timothy Brown : John Rutter : 8.557922

Choir of Clare College : John Rutter - Mass of the Children

Review: Bringing together the voices of adults and children, Rutter's Mass of the Children is scored for mixed choir, soprano and baritone soloists, orchestra, and the irresistible charm of a children's choir. Rutter's skilful writing for these forces together with his sensitive interweaving of both the Latin Mass texts and Thomas Ken's renowned morning and evening hymns for Winchester College, gives the whole work the framework of a complete day, from waking to sleeping. This has resulted in one of his finest and most moving works to date.

Songlist: Mass of the Children, Shadows, Wedding Canticle

8631c 00 1 CD $9.95 English Choral CDs

Choir of Clare College : John Rutter - Requiem : 00  1 CD : Timothy Brown : John Rutter : 8557130

Choir of Clare College : John Rutter - Requiem

Review: Rutter's Requiem, from 1985, is wildly popular among modern choirs, audiences, and record shoppers. It is offered here in the world premiere recording of its chamber version, making what is considered a concert piece more suitable for liturgical purposes or intimate venues. This, along with many of his other works, has a direct, uncluttered, almost folksy air to it, while hardly ever lapsing into banality. Just when you begin to think, "Ah, I've heard this kind of stuff before", up Rutter comes with some ingenious device or harmonic twist that grabs even the most jaded ear. And he knows how to hold such a comparatively larger-scale composition together, too. This is one of Rutter's finest and most convincing works. It consoles, implores, worships, affirms, reassures, and mystifies-everything that a good requiem is supposed to do. Instrumental accompaniment (single flute, oboe, cello, harp, and timpani, plus percussion) is spare, but expert and tasteful. Rutter has a long and fruitful history with the Clare College Choir, having led them himself in quite a few outstanding recordings. They perform here with their usual depth, sensitivity, technical finesse, and bright, clear sound.

Songlist: Requiem Aeternam Out Of The Deep, Pie Jesu, Sanctus, Agnus Dei , The Lord Is My Shepard, Lux aeterna, Advent Anthem, Anthem, Musicca Dei Donum, Two Blessings

8461c 00 1 CD $14.98 Mixed Choir Christmas CDs

Choir of Clare College : Lamentations : 00  1 CD : Timothy Brown :  : 93775

Choir of Clare College : Lamentations

Review: This recording brings together music composed in a variety of contrasting yet complementary forms, from Gregorian chant to more elaborate, polyphonic music, set to words that explore the rawest human emotions, death, sin and repentance. The death of a loved one is a particularly distressing experience, and over the centuries composers have channeled their grief into their most moving and emotional works. In the 1850s Brahms composed the German Requiem after he lost his mother, and Fauré's Requiem was also composed after his mother died. Britten produced the imposingly bleak and Mahlerian Sinfonia da Requiem after the death of his parents. In this recording, the grief of Mary, the mother of Christ, is portrayed in Palestrina's masterful setting of the Stabat Mater, composed for Pope Gregory XIV. Another moving portrayal of grief is Weelkes's intimate depiction of the pain of David upon learning of his son Absalom's death, When David heard. Allegri's Miserere concerns the belief in a higher power and the submission to it. Set to Psalm 51, the work was recognized by its composer and the Vatican as being of such beauty that its publishing was forbidden. No score was to leave the Papal Chapel. The child Mozart was famously shown the score, and he copied it from memory in the 1770s and in effect released this remarkable work to the wider world.

Songlist: Stabat mater, motet for 8 voices, Miserere mei Deus (Psalm 51), How Are the Mighty Fallen, When David heard (O my son Absalom),, Lamentations (of Jeremiah), O vos omnes, Nymphes des bois/Requiem aeternam/Deploration de la Mort de Jehan Ockeghem, O vos omnes, Super flumina Babylonis, Absalon, Fili Mi, Civitas sancti tui (also anthem 'Bow Thine ear, O Lord'), When David Heard That Absalom Was Slain,, Vox in Rama

6195c 00 1 CD $9.95 English Choral CDs

Choir of Clare College : Purcell Choral Works : 00  1 CD : Timothy Brown : Henry Purcell : RRC 1029

Choir of Clare College : Purcell Choral Works

Review: The choral works of Henry Purcell (1659 -95) are sung here with near perfection under the direction of Timothy Brown.

Songlist: Te Deum, Jubilate Deo, My Beloved Spake, O God, Thou Art My God, Lord, How Long Wilt Thou Be Angry, Remember Not, Lord Our Offences, Here My Prayer Oh Lord, Thou Knowest Lord, Funeral March , Man That Is Born Of Women, In The MIdst Of Life, Canzona

8435c 00 1 CD $15.95 English Choral CDs

Choir of Clare College : Reflection : 00  1 CD : Timothy Brown :  : 5019421881896 : 212

Choir of Clare College : Reflection

Review: Reflection celebrates 500 years of music-making in the English Parish Church. Over the centuries, on a daily basis, music has played an enormous role in enhancing the experience of Christian worship. The legacy is a vast body of music in many different styles to be enjoyed by Christians and non-Christians alike. Reflection focuses on those works of great beauty which provide spiritual nourishment and a place of sanctuary from today's busy lives. Reflection features familiar composers such as Byrd, Tallis, Bach, Mozart and Elgar giving over an hour's music to soothe the soul.

Songlist: Ave verum Corpus, In pace in idipsum, Come, Holy Ghost, O nata lux de lumine, Ave verum, Lord for thy tender mercies sake, Herz und Mund und Tat und Leben, Ave Maria for 5 voices , O Saviour of the World , Jesus decus angelicum, Thou know'st, Lord, If Ye Love Me, O Taste and See, Ave verum corpus, Panis angelicus, O Vos Omnes, Give alms of thy goods, Never Weather-Beaten Sail for voice, Momento, homo (O Lord, give ear)

6525c 00 1 CD $9.95

Choir of Clare College : Sweelinck - Cantiones Sacrae : 00  2 CDs : Timothy Brown : Jan Sweelinck : KTC 2025

Choir of Clare College : Sweelinck - Cantiones Sacrae

Review: Famous for his keyboard works Sweelinck was also a skilled composer for voices as well, and composed over 250 works for voice (chansons, madrigals, motets and Psalms). Some of Sweelinck's innovations were of profound musical importance, including the fugue-he was the first to write an organ fugue which began simply, with one subject, successively adding texture and complexity until a final climax and resolution, an idea which was perfected at the end of the Baroque era by Bach. This is a world premiere recording of the complete Latin Motets, including the Christmas motet Hodie Christus natus est.

Songlist: Gaudete Omnes, Ecce Virgo Concipet, Magnificat, Hodie Christus Natus Est, Angelius Ad Pastores Ait, Ab Oriente, In Illo Tempore, Hodie Beata Virgo Mariae, Regina Coeli, Omnes, Timor Domini, Non Omnis, Lusti Autem, Baeti Pauperes, Ecce Nunc Benedicte, Euge Serve Bone, Petite Et Accipietis, Vide Homo, Videte MAnus Meas, O Quam Beata Lancea, VEnire Exsultemus Domino, Ubi Duo Vel tres, O Scrum Convivium, Ecce Prandium, In Te Domine Speravi, Tanto Tempore, Viri Galilaei, CAntate Domino, Qui Vult enire Post Me, Diligam Te Domine, Paracletus Autem, Laudate Dominum, Domine Jesu Christe, De Profundis, Te Deum, Gaude Et Laetare

8421c 00 2 CDs $24.98 Mixed Choirs CDs

Choir of Clare College : Celebration of the Spirit : DVD : Timothy Brown :  : 6363

Choir of Clare College : Celebration of the Spirit

Review: This highly regarded chorus is considered to be one of the top university choirs in England and one can both see and hear why on this well-produced DVD. Filmed in the famous Clare Chapel, the fine performances by the choir makes this video a real treat. Features John Rutter's "Gloria", Britten's "Festival dec deum" and "Rejoice in the Lamb:, Bernstein's "Chichester Palms" with five negro spirituals by Sir Michael Tippet. With 68 tracks and a 2.45 hours running time this DVD is also well priced.

Songlist: Chichester Psalms, Psalm 108, v. 2; Psalm 100, Psalm 2, vv. 1-4; Psalm 23, vv. 1-6, Psalm 131; Psalm 133, v. 1, Gloria, Gloria in Excelesis Deo, Domine Deus, Rex caelestis, Quoniam tu solus sanctus, Festival Te Deum, Rejoice in the Lamb, Six negro Spirituals: Steal away, Nobody knows, Go Down Moses, By and By, Deep River

7762dvd DVD $15.95 Choral Performance DVDs

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