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John Jacobson


John Jacobson

John Jacobson has choreographed, directed and performed in hundreds of staged productions throughout the nation and the world including Grand Opening Ceremonies for Tokyo Disneyland in Japan, portions of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and served as choreographer for Reagan's Presidential Inauguration and The Singing Sergeants.

John received his Bachelor's Degree in Music Education (Choral) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he performed in, and eventually directed, The Wisconsin Singers. He has served as guest clinician at such events as the Showchoir Camps of America, The Brightleaf Music Festival and hundreds of festivals, workshops, camps and reading sessions throughout the country. The highly successful John Jacobson Workshops, which are one-day choreography sessions, are held each summer for directors and students and are sponsored by local music dealers and Hal Leonard Corporation.



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John Jacobson : A Place In The Choir : 01 Book : John Jacobson :  : 884088145071 : 1423427319 : 09971063

John Jacobson : A Place In The Choir

Review: With a world full of many conflicting voices, it's not always easy to find your own. When you do, you might feel that it is regularly lost in the din of the world. But this is not true. You do have a voice and your contribution is essential to creating a world of genuine harmony. One of America's best-loved musical personalities, John Jacobson brings you this collection of heartwarming essays and inspirational stories. Not just for music teachers, this book is full of life lessons for all of us, so we each can find our very own "place in the choir." Available in hard cover.

Songlist: Celebrate Music, Why I Love Music, It's About Respect, Family History Month, It's All About Me, 2001: A Choir Odyssey, I'll Make A Difference, Beacons Of Hope, There Is A Sound I Love, Things That Can't Be Taught In Music Class, A Day In The Life, The Sunday Night Syndrome, Teacher Appreciation Week, We Give Thee Thanks, Surviving December, The Thing With Feathers, Anyone Can Sing, This Is My Song, The Great Debate, To Climb A Mountain, Hope Gratitude, Together We Are Better, Music Makes The Difference

6379b 01 Book $16.95 Choral Singers Resources

John Jacobson : Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance: Basics of Choreography and Staging : 01 Book : John Jacobson :  : 073999458251 : 0793524644 : 08745825

John Jacobson : Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance: Basics of Choreography and Staging

Review: From the creator of the popular video series, John Jacobson has written a comprehensive resource book that covers the basics of choreography and staging. Featuring a step-by-step approach and dozens of helpful photos, this powerful teaching tool will help you and your groups develop the "know-how" to add professional "pizzazz" to your musical performance.

Songlist: The Basics Come First, Putting It All Together, Staging The Concert, Movement and Staging For The Young Choir

6402b 01 Book $19.95 Choreography and Movement

John Jacobson : Riser Choreography : 01 Book : John Jacobson :  : 073999458275 : 0793524652 : 08745827

John Jacobson : Riser Choreography

Review: Movement enhances even the simplest of musical settings. It can bring energy to a dynamic show choir number or simple elegance to a beautiful concert piece without your choir ever leaving the risers! John Jacobson's ideas for staging and choreography on choral risers have been compiled in this easy-to-use resource for the beginning or veteran choral director. Covering basic formations, visual effects, and simple gestures that enhance the lyrics, this practical guide will help you incorporate all kinds of staging into your performance. Watch the companion video for the complete visual effect.

Songlist: Where To Begin, Ok, You're There, Now What?, So What Kind Of Risers Are We Talking About, Now That We Made Our Formations, Universally Recognized Gestures, Simple And Obvious Gestures, Real Live Dances

6401b 01 Book $14.95 Choreography and Movement

John Jacobson : Kids Gotta Move! : 01 Book & DVD : John Jacobson :  : 073999495621 : 063408237X : 09970879

John Jacobson : Kids Gotta Move!

Review: 'Kids Gotta Move!' features over 100 choreography terms, defined and demonstrated with the young performers in mind. The movements are alphabetized for ease of use, with easy-to-follow definitions, diagrams and dezens of demonstration photos for further visual reference. The DVD features John Jacobson and two student dancers demonstrating each move and the submenus on the DVD will allow you to go directly to the move you desire without fast forwarding through an entire videotape! You'll never have to wonder what the Crocodile Smile looks like again. With 'Kids Gotta Move!.' all the moves you'll ever need are right here for you. So get moving with 'Kids Gotta Move!'

Songlist: A-Z Glossary

6403b 01 Book & DVD $34.95 Choreography and Movement

John Jacobson : Sign Language For Singers : 01 Book & DVD : John Jacobson :  : 073999257755 : 0634082388 : 09970880

John Jacobson : Sign Language For Singers

Review: Music is the universal language, reaching all races and all ages. Now you can enhance this universal language with the beautiful gestures of sign language. With Sign Language for Singers, you will learn over 160 beautiful movements most commonly used by singers. The gestures are alphabetized for ease of use, with easy-to-follow definitions and demonstration photos for further visual reference. The DVD features John Jacobson demonstrating each gesture and with the DVD submenus, you can go directly to the move you desire. Also included are 10 featured songs with John performing the sign language, so you can see first-hand how these beautiful hand movements add meaning and depth to any musical performance. Add another dimension to your performances by incorporating the beautiful art of sign language into your movements with Sign Language for Singers.


6271b 01 Book & DVD $34.95

John Jacobson : Patriotic Partners : 01 Songbook : John Jacobson :  : 884088479909 : 1423491750 : 09971405

John Jacobson : Patriotic Partners

Review: Let your patriotic pride shine and develop independent 2-part singing for a winning partnership! John Jacobson and Tom Anderson have partnered up new creative lyrics and singable melodies with patriotic favorites in this spirited collection you will use again and again. Young singers will learn each melody separately, and then sing them together for instant harmonic fun. Watch the excitement grow! The Teacher Edition offers piano/vocal arrangements with choreography, and, for added value, reproducible vocal sheets and teaching objectives linked to the National Standards for each song. Stretch your budget dollars further with the Classroom Kit and receive the Teacher Edition and an ENHANCED CD with performance and accompaniment song tracks, plus PDFs of singer songsheets for projection options! Don't miss this winning collection of spirited originals partnered with patriotic favorites 3-6.

Songlist: America, America For Me, America, The Beautiful, Down By The Riverside, Give Love, Have You Ever Seen A Yankee Doodle?, Hip Hop Hooray For The U.S.A., Home Sweet Home, I Love America, I Love That Grand Old Flag, Let Freedom Ring, Simple Gifts, There's A Light, Three Cheers For America, Yankee Doodle Boy, You're A Grand Old Flag

9679b 01 Songbook $19.95 Patriotic A Cappella Music

John Jacobson and Alan Billingsley : Choose Your Partner : 01 Songbook : John Jacobson :  : 073999702071 : 09970207

John Jacobson and Alan Billingsley : Choose Your Partner

Review: Partner a fresh new original song with an old favorite, add choreography by John Jacobson and you've got an exciting collection to introduce 2-part singing to your elementary students. Learn each tune separately, then put them together for instant harmonic fun! This all-in-one format comes complete with piano/vocal accompaniment, choreography and reproducible singer pages. So, choose your partner and let's go!

Songlist: All I Do is Work, The Best Choir in the World, City Life, Fifty Stars, Goodbye my Friends, Home, My America, Quiet!, A Rainbow of Peace, Snow Beautiful Snow, The Sun and Moon, Way Up High

6556b 01 Songbook $19.95 Partner Songs

John Jacobson, Alan Billingsley : Choose Your Holiday Partner  : 01 Songbook : John Jacobson :  : 073999703825 : 09970382

John Jacobson, Alan Billingsley : Choose Your Holiday Partner

Review: Holiday harmony in a snap! From Thanksgiving through New Year's, this delightful collection of partner songs provides a host of harmonic fun for young singers. And what's more, everything you need is under one cover - piano/vocal accompaniments, choreography and reproducible singer pages. You are sure to enjoy the fresh originals by John and Alan partnered with these holiday favorites.

Songlist: Auld Lang Syne, Away In A Manger, Deck The Hall, Fa La La Along, Great Big Party, A Happy Carol, Hey, You! (With Up On The Housetop), A Holiday Visit, Hush Little One, It's Over, Jolly Old St. Nicholas, Joy To The World, Latkes For Me, Peace, Put Up A Tree, Silent Night, Up On The Housetop, We Gather Together, We Give Thanks, We Wish You A Merry Christmas, Where Is The Child?

9675b 01 Songbook $19.95 Partner Songs

John Jacobson : Hello, Hello : 01 Songbook & 1 CD : John Jacobson :  : 884088141547 : 1423426045 : 09971057

John Jacobson : Hello, Hello

Review: Hello-oooo! Hello-oooo! Help young singers develop their listening and pitch matching skills while reinforcing basic music concepts .. and have fun doing it!! These 'educational echos' will motivate students to respond to common patters of sound that involve pitch direction, high/low. loud/soft, intervals, sequence, steady beat and more! Students will also develop motor skills and beat awareness with simple movement sequences for each song, and expand learning with fun extension activities. Includes 36 songs.

Songlist: Hello! Hello! Hello!, All the Kids Are Snoring, Barnyard Echoes, Be My Valentine, Bean Bag, Can You Feel the Beat?, Can You Sing Your Name?, Circus Parade, Climbing Up a Mountain, Days of the Week, Duck Duck Soup!, Echo Boat, Echo Game, Echo Pond, Echoes Add Up, Follow Me!, Going to the Zoo, Halloween Boo, Hey You!, High Five, I Like Trick or Treat, It's Turkey Day, Melody, Melody, Members of My Family, Red Rover, Say Hello Wherever You Go, Sing Howdy, Singing Train, Something in My Head, Spelling Bee, Time to Go, We Love Music Day, What's in Your Stocking?, Who Could It Be?, Who Will Be My Valentine?, Yodel With Me

6554b 01 Songbook & 1 CD $29.95 Teaching Kids To Sing

John Jacobson : Finding Your Song: Motivational Insights for Teens : DVD : John Jacobson :  : 884088158880 : 1423429915 : 09971103

John Jacobson : Finding Your Song: Motivational Insights for Teens

Review: Whether you've just started middle school or are at the end of your high school years, figuring out who you are and how you fit into this world is not easy. After spending decades with young musicians in schools, churches and communities, John Jacobson offers unique insights into what it means to be growing up in a 'choir of citizens' who are all 'singing' a different tune. He shares some of his stories and how he took risks, in order to pursue his dreams. There are many paths to pursue in life. Which path will you choose? You are valuable. We need your song!

Songlist: Who Is This Guy?, It's About Me, Three Little Words, Finding Your Song

6512dvd DVD $19.95 Children's Choir Development

John Jacobson : Get America Singing and Moving : DVD : John Jacobson :  : 09971081

John Jacobson : Get America Singing and Moving

Review: Move to America's music with this easy-to-follow DVD performance resource from the Master of Movement... John Jacobson! John takes you step-by-step through fresh new choralography routines for ten of your favorite Americana songs from volume 1 of the popular 'Get America Singing.. Again' series. An informational booklet is included with printed choreography for each song. Enhance your next patriotic performance and get America moving!

Songlist: America, The Beautiful, Down By The Riverside, Give My Regards To Broadway, He's Got The Whole World In His Hands, I've Been Working on the Railroad, Over My Head, Rock-a My Soul, She'll Be Coming 'Round The Mountain, Simple Gifts, This Little Light of Mine

6513dvd DVD $29.95 Choreography and Movement

John Jacobson : Kids on Risers : DVD : John Jacobson :  : 884088500139 : 1423492382 : 09971452

John Jacobson : Kids on Risers

Review: Add visual impact to concerts and programs with this helpful "how to" guide for music teachers and directors who find themselves with a stage full of KIDS ON RISERS! This instructional DVD is loaded with ideas to enhance the visual aspects of your performances, even in very limited space. From large groups to small, show choir to concert choir, your cast and choir will look as good as they sound! See how even a small move can make a big difference, as demonstrated by John Jacobson and a stage full of elementary and middle school students! DVD highlights include: creative formations and ways to move on to the risers, effective choralography and simple riser moves, period moves, 4 dance numbers - complete with costumes and props, and even a few movement lessons led by John for your students to join in!

Songlist: Introduction, Getting on the Risers, Standing Positions, Formations, Dance Steps, Simple Riser Moves, Novelty Formations, Decades of Moves, Dance Numbers

6277dvd DVD $34.95 Choreography and Movement

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