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Elizabeth Patterson


Elizabeth Patterson

Elizabeth C. Patterson has been director of Gloriae Dei Cantores since 1988, and under her inspired leadership, the choir has achieved musical expertise and international renown. In Tune commended her for "genius in selecting just the right tempos and dynamics...serious, winning and convincing." Commenting on her conducting, the New York Times noted "clear commitment to rigorous training by the choir's conductor, Elizabeth Patterson."

Elizabeth C. Patterson's extensive experience as a music educator, coupled with her gifts as an interpreter of great intelligence and depth, have contributed greatly to the choir's accomplishments over the past decade, and as stated by Musical Opinion, "the music's deeply spiritual quality comes across with great force." Patterson has also gained recognition for her extensive contribution in the interest of Gregorian chant, by performance of chant in concert with Gloriae Dei Cantores, and by authoring a book on chant, The Sound Eternal.

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Gloriae Dei Cantores : Chants of Christmas : 00  1 CD : Elizabeth Patterson : 

Gloriae Dei Cantores : Chants of Christmas

Review: Depicting the sacred mystery of Christmas in the ancient melodies of Gregorian chant, this recording will enrich anyone's experience of this holy season. The first Mass, the quietly joyful "Ad Missam in Vigilia," builds on the anticipation of the coming event, proclaiming the Good News of the salvation prepared for us by a loving God through the birth of His Son. The second Mass, the tender "Ad Missam in Nocte," is sung at the hour traditionally oberved as the time of Christ's birth. With exquisite beauty and strength, the Mass celebrated at dawn on Christmas Day, "Ad Missam in Aurora," expresses the coming of the Light into the world. The fourth Mass, "Ad Missam in Die," is a jubilant expression of the salvation and righteousness of God. This recording also includes special antiphons honoring the Virgin Mary.

Songlist: Introit: Hodie scietis, Gradual: Hodie scietis, Alleluia: Crastina die, Offertory: Tollite portas, Communion: Revelabitur, Introit: Dominus dixit, Gradual: Tecum principium, Alleluia: Dominus dixit, Offertory: Laetentur caeli, Communion: In splendoribus, Introit: Lux fulgebit, Gradual: Benedictus qui venit, Alleluia: Dominus regnavit, Offertory: Deus enim firmavit, Communion: Exsulta filia sion, Introit: Puer natus est nobis, Gradual: Viderunt omnes, Alleluia: Dies sanctificatus, Offertory: Tui sunt caeli, Communion: Viderunt omnes, Alma redemptoris mater, Ave regina caelorum, Regina Caeli, Salve Regina, Alma redemptoris mater, Ave regina caelorum, Regina Caeli, Salve Regina

8566c 00 1 CD $15.95 Early Music Christmas CDs

Gloriae Dei Cantores : Chants of Easter : 00  1 CD : Elizabeth Patterson :  : 15

Gloriae Dei Cantores : Chants of Easter

Review: This recording of Gregorian Chant from the Glorae Dei Cantores Schola celebrates the Feast of the Resurrection, which is rooted in the earliest centuries of Christian worship. This "celebration of celebrations" is a time for rebirth, and this recording reflects that sense of personal renewal and joy. The Chants of Easter includes the Propers of Easter Day and chants for the octave of Easter---daily services that are part of the week-long celebration of the Easter miracle. These chants are conveyed with careful attention to subtleties in the ancient Gregorian notation, inviting listeners to share the experience of Christ's resurrection in all its richness.

Songlist: Ad Missam in Die: Introit, Resurrexi, Ad Missam in Die: Gradual, Haec Dies, Ad Missam in Die: Alleluia, Pascha Nostrum, Ad Missam in Die: Sequence, Victimae Paschali, Ad Missam in Die: Offertory,Terra Tremuit, Ad Missam in Die: Communion: Pascha Nostrum, Feria Secunda: Introit, Introduxit vos, Feria Secunda: Alleluia, Angelus Domini, Feria Secunda: Offertory, Angelus Domini, Feria Secunda: Communion, Surrexit Dominus, Feria Tertia: Introit, Aqua Sapientia, Feria Tertia: Alleluia, Surrexit Dominus, Feria Tertia: Offertory, Intonuit de caelo, Feria Tertia: Communion, Si Consurrexistis, Feria Quarta: Introit, Venite Benedicti, Feria Quarta: Alleluia, Surrexit Dominus, Feria Quarta: Offertory, Portas Caeli, Feria Quarta: Communion, Christus Resurgens, Feria Quinta: Introit, Victricem Manum Tuam, Feria Quinta: Alleluia, Surrexit Christus, Feria Quinta: Offertory, In die eos Domminus, Feria Quinta: Communion, Populus Acquistionis, Feria Sexta: Introit, Eduxit Eos Dominus, Feria Sexta: Alleluia, Dicite In Gentibus, Feria Sexta: Offertory, Erit Vobis Hic, Feria Sexta: Communion, Data Est Mihi, Sabbato: Introit, Eduxit Dominus, Sabbato: Alleluia, Haec Dies, Sabbato: Alleluia, Laudate Pueri Dominum, Sabbato: Offertory, Benedictus Qui Venit, Sabbato: Communion, Omnes Qui in Christo

8564c 00 1 CD $15.95

Gloriae Dei Cantores : Esperanza - A Gift of Spanish Song : 00  1 CD : Elizabeth Patterson :  : 37

Gloriae Dei Cantores : Esperanza - A Gift of Spanish Song

Review: Gloriae Dei Cantores celebrates the rich contribution of Spanish music and culture to the world. This recording spans 500 years, from the golden age of the Spanish Renaissance, with works by Guerrero, Victoria and Morales to the 20th century, with music by Rodrigo. Also included are works of Mexican composers de Zumaya (a striking setting of the Miserere) and Carlos Chavez, and Latin-American composers such as Villa-Lobos, Casals, and Joaquin Nin. Esperanza will be a revelation to those unfamiliar with the riches of Spanish literature and a great discovery for all devotees of choral music.

Songlist: Manus tuae Domine Missa Beata Maria Virgine in Sabbato, Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus, Benedictus, Angus Dei Three Christmas Carols, Oyd, oyd, una cosa, Virgen Sancta, A un nino llorando, O sacrum convivium, Miserere, Tree of Sorrow, Villancico Gallego, Villancico Asturiano, Villancico Castellano, Villancico Andaluz, Duermete, Nino, O vos omnes, Psalm 150, Salmo 150, Magnificat-Alleluia

8888c 00 1 CD $15.95 Latin American Choral

Gloriae Dei Cantores : Eternal Light : 00  1 CD : Elizabeth Patterson : 

Gloriae Dei Cantores : Eternal Light

Review: For nearly thirty years, Glorae Dei Cantores has traveled extensively, performing in the world's finest concert halls-from London to Moscow, Belgium to Venice, and all over the United States-stirring the hearts of thousands of listeners, delighting classical music fans, and astounding critics with their versatility and interpretive sensitivity. In Eternal Light, Gloriae Dei Cantores presents a "collector's edition" of some of their most beloved meditative choral works. Ideal for playing at home, on a commute, at the office, or any place that would be enhanced by the lush choral melodies of Palestrina, Rachmaninoff, Brahms, Argento, and others.

Songlist: Bogoroditse Devo, My Shepherd Will Supply My Need, Meditabor, The Eyes of All Wait Upon Thee, Ad Te levavi oculos meos, Turn Thou to Thy God, Milost' Mira, Psalm of Woe and Joy: Chaneini Be Gracious to Me, Lord, The Lord is My Shepherd, Ach, arme Welt, du trugest mich, Requiem aeternam, Easter Day, Cherubic Hymn, Death 'tis a melancholy day, Miserere nostri, Domine, Eternal Light

8868c 00 1 CD $15.95

Gloriae Dei Cantores : I Am With You : 00  1 CD : Elizabeth Patterson :  : 34

Gloriae Dei Cantores : I Am With You

Review: Christ's passion, the ultimate sacrifice, is the subject of the third disc, I Am With You. This release includes one of two recordings of the chanted passion narrative according to the Gospel of John, featuring three cantors who assume the characters in the story of the passion. Part of a new series in Gregorian Chant, "A Celebration of Faith in His Name," this stirring music evokes the passion, mystery, and beauty of the life of Christ.

Songlist: The Passion According to St. John, Responsory: Plange, Responsory: Sepulto, Antiphon: Alleluia, Introit: Resurrexi, Gradual: Haec dies, Antiphon: Angelus autem Domini, Antiphon: Et ecce terraemotus, Antiphon: Erat Autem, Antiphon: Prae timore autem, Antiphon: Respondens autem Angelus, Invitatory: Surrexit Dominus, Antiphon: Maria stabat, Antiphon:Ardens est, Responsory: Christus resurgens, Offertory: Angelus Domini, Communion: Mitte manum tuam, Alleluia: Pascha nostrum, Antiphon: Ascendo ad Patrem, Communion: data est mihi, Offertory: Viri Galilaei, Communion: Non vos relinquam orphanos, Communion: Spiritus Sanctus docebit vos, Communion: Factus est repente, Trois Paraphrases Gregoriennes: Hymn d'actions de grace

8569c 00 1 CD $15.95 Early Music CDs

Gloriae Dei Cantores : Masters of the Renaissance : 00  1 CD : Elizabeth Patterson :  : 114

Gloriae Dei Cantores : Masters of the Renaissance

Review: This release from Gloriae Dei Cantores features sacred music from one of the most inspired periods in the arts: the Renaissance. Each of the European schools of composition (Italian, Flemish, German, Spanish, and English) is represented by a total of twenty composers, offering a fascinating cross-section of styles and influences. Great masters such as Lassus, Byrd, and Victoria are featured, as well as lesser-known composers such as Hassler, de Wert, and Nanino. The central work of this recording is the Missa super Bella Amfitrit' altera by Lassus, generally considered one of his finest works. Other selections include Anerio's tender and stirring Requiem aeternum and William Byrd's Terra tremuit, which has been described as "one of the most dramatic texts in the whole of music."

Songlist: Exsultate justi, Mirabile Mysterium, Adormus te, Christe, Voce Mea, Requiem Aeternam, Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, Benedictus, Angus Dei, Ave Maria, Jubilate Deo, Improperium, Peccavi Super Numerum, Eripe me de inimicis, Rorate Caeli, Dixit Maria, Verbum caro factum est, Duo seraphim, Ecce sic benedicertur, O Domine Jesu Christe, Ego sum panis vivus, O vos omnes, Rorate Caeli, O magnum mysterium, Terra tremuit, Laboravi in gemitu, Tibi Laus

8637c 00 1 CD $15.95 Early Music CDs

Gloriae Dei Cantores : Palestrina : 00  1 CD : Elizabeth Patterson : Giovanni Palestrina

Gloriae Dei Cantores : Palestrina

Review: Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, hailed through the centuries as "prince and father of music," wrote music of unsurpassed grace and beauty. Issued at the 400th anniversary of the master's death, this album contains the only existing recording of his Missa Descendit Angelus Domini and the Missa Beatae Mariae Virginis II, and six other motets.

Songlist: Missa "Descendit Angelus Domini": Kyrie , Missa "Descendit Angelus Domini": Gloria, Missa "Descendit Angelus Domini": Credo, Missa "Descendit Angelus Domini": Sanctus, Missa "Descendit Angelus Domini": Benedictus, Missa "Descendit Angelus Domini": Agnus Dei, Super Flumina Babylonis, Ad Te Levavi Oculos Meos, Meserere Nostri, Domine, Sicut Cervus, Sitivit Anima Mea, Missa Beatae Mariae Virginis II: Kyrie, Missa Beatae Mariae Virginis II: Gloria, Missa Beatae Mariae Virginis II: Credo, Missa Beatae Mariae Virginis II: Sanctus, Missa Beatae Mariae Virginis II: Benedictus, Missa Beatae Mariae Virginis II: Agnus Dei, Jubilate Deo

8866c 00 1 CD $15.95 Early Music CDs

Gloriae Dei Cantores : Paths of Grace : 00  1 CD : Elizabeth Patterson :  : 116

Gloriae Dei Cantores : Paths of Grace

Review: Seventeen of Gloriae Dei Cantores' finest recordings make their way onto Paths of Grace, the final companion volume to earlier anthologies Eternal Light and Joy and Gladness. The recording features works of Palestrina, Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Mathias, and many others. The pieces capture a reflective, peaceful spirit with music of graceful melody and flow. Gloriae Dei Cantores' expert renditions of these pieces have had critics reaching for superlatives for nearly two decades now. Their absorption of each composer's style produces interpretations of richness and depth. Experience the special sound of Gloriae Dei Cantores through this wonderful spectrum of choral music.

Songlist: Super Flumina Babylonis, Anima nostra Op. 133, Angel Vopiyashe, Es ist das Heil uns Kommen her Op. 29, O vos omnes, Come, Holy Ghost, Veni Sancte Spiritus, Mirablie Mysterium, The Best of Rooms, Crucifixus, Bogoroditse Devo, Liubov' Sviataya, Pokayanniy stih, Angelus, O Heiland reiss die Himmel auf Op. 74, Adoremus te, Christe, Otche Nash

8638c 00 1 CD $15.95

Gloriae Dei Cantores : Prism : 00  1 CD : Elizabeth Patterson : 

Gloriae Dei Cantores : Prism

Review: Prism features a diverse selection of works handpicked by the artists for the spirit of authenticity that Gloriae Dei Cantores imparts: whether in modern American styles, sacred Russian music, or the magnificence of Palestrina. An anthology of some of the choir's finest recordings with works of Palestrina, Brahms, Mathias, Argento, and others.

Songlist: Let All the World in Every Corner Sing, Super Flumina Babylonis, Hark, I Hear the Harps Eternal, Tristis est anima mea, I Will Set His Dominion in the Sea, The Eyes of All Wait Upon Thee, Missa Bervis: Gloria, Mass in E-Flat Major: Angus Dei, Psalms of Woe and Joy: Hodu, Heilig, Rex Gloriae: Victimae paschali, Rorate Caeli, Bogoroditse Devo, Foundation, My Shepherd Will Supply My Need, Liubov Sviataya, Es ist das heil uns Kommen her Op. 29, Eternal Light

8867c 00 1 CD $15.95

Gloriae Dei Cantores : Sacred Songs of Russia : 00  1 CD : Elizabeth Patterson :  : 100

Gloriae Dei Cantores : Sacred Songs of Russia

Review: Over the past thousand years, Russian composers have created an immensely rich and varied body of choral music and chant to express the sacred texts of the liturgy. Sacred Songs of Russia portrays the musical legacy of the Russian people, which comes as a response to the depth of their faith. Among the noteworthy works on this recording, which contains previously released material, are two stirring works by Rachmaninoff including Bogoroditse Devo (Rejoice, O Virgin) from his All Night Vigil, opus 37, and V molitvah (The Mother of God, ever-vigilant in prayer). Perhaps most significant are the Three Choruses of Georgy Sviridov (1915-1998), composed during a time when sacred music was still actively suppressed by the Soviet regime. The three works by Peter Tchaikovsky, Milost' mira (A Mercy of Peace), Angel Vopiyashe (The Angel cried), and Hymn in Honor of SS. Cyril and Methodius, are also strong statements of the Russian faith and expression through music.

Songlist: Hristos Voskrese, Blagoslovi, Dushe, Bogoroditse Devo, Three Choruses: Bogoroditse Devo, Three Choruses: Liubov' Sviataya, Three Choruses: Pkayanniy Stih, Ghospodi Vozzvah/Tsar' Nebesniy, Beznevestanya Devo, Slava Vo Vishnih Bogu, Chrubic Hymn, Milost' Mira, Angel Vopiyashe, Hymn in Honor of SS. Cyril and Methodius, O Tebe Raduyetsia, Svete Tihiy, Hvalite Imia Ghospodne, V Molitvah Neusipayushchuyu Bogoroditsu, Litany of Supplication, Otche Nash

8563c 00 1 CD $15.95 Russian a cappella

Gloriae Dei Cantores : The Coming of Christ : 00  1 CD : Elizabeth Patterson : 

Gloriae Dei Cantores : The Coming of Christ

Review: The Coming of Christ is the first of a series of three CDs using the exquisite music of Gregorian chant to describe and illuminate the life of Christ. Sung by the Gloriae Dei Cantores Schola and conducted by Dr. Mary Berry, CBE, these reknowned experts bring a wealth of experience to the interpretation of the chant. Well-known pieces alternate with numerous antiphons to bring us closer to the time of Christ's birth and early childhood. The prophetic announcements, the longing and anticipation of Christ's birth as well as the joy of the angels' message are all vividly portrayed in the chant. Chant-based organ works by French composers Alexandre Guilmant and Charles-Marie Widor frame this program celebrating the life of Christ. These are the first recordings to be made in the superb acoustics of the Church of the Transfiguration, a basilican church made of limestone, in a modern-day abbey.

Songlist: Offertoire Sur l'hymne, Responsory: Aspicens a longe, Rorate Caeli desuper, Antiphon: O Emmanuel, Communion: Ecce Virgo, Antiphon: Missus est Gabriel, Offertory: Ave Maria, Antiphon and Solemn Benedictus: Puer qui natus est, Invitatory: Christus natus est, Intoroit: Puer Natus est nobis, Alleluia: Dies sanctificatus, Antiphon: Quem vidistis, Antiphon: Genuit puerpera, Antiphon:Angelus ad pastores, Antiphon:Parvulus Filius, Hymn: Christe Redemptor, Verbum caro factum est, Hodie Christus natus est, Mirabile Mysterium, Responsum, Lumen ad revelationem gentium, Omnes de saba venient, Vidimus stellam, Admoniti Magi, Herodes iratus, Tolle Puerum, Ex AEgypto, Ibant parentes jesu, Non invenientes, Symphonie Gothique IV: Final

8887c 00 1 CD $15.95

Gloriae Dei Cantores : The Lord Is My Shepherd : 00  1 CD : Elizabeth Patterson :  : 30

Gloriae Dei Cantores : The Lord Is My Shepherd

Review: The Lord is My Shepherd is the third volume in the American Psalmody series, a distinguished series devoted to musical interpretations of the psalms by American composers. Of a previous recording in this series, Fanfare magazine raved, "This interesting collection of sacred music, American style, can hardly miss: God Himself seems to have placed His seal of approval on it." "The choir has a full, vibrant sound and sings with great fervor. . . Ned Rorem's Two Psalms and a Proverb is absolutely gorgeous. . . Bruce Neswick's stirring anthem I Will Set His Dominion in the Sea is also first-rate." Gramophone Magazine

Songlist: The God of Love My Shepherd Is, Psalm 100, Behold, how good and how pleasant it is, Wounds without Cause, How long wilt Thou forget me, O Lord?, Make Haste, The House of the Lord, Proverbs for a Son, The Twenty-Third Psalm, Who crieth: "Woe"?, The Women of Valour, By the Waters of Babylon, I Will Set His Dominion in the Sea

8568c 00 1 CD $15.95

Gloriae Dei Cantores : Unto Ages of Ages : 00  1 CD : Elizabeth Patterson : 

Gloriae Dei Cantores : Unto Ages of Ages

Review: Gloriae Dei Cantores releases a new Russian CD featuring the recorded premiere of Georgy Sviridov's Ineffable Mystery, a gorgeous sacred choral suite. In his memory, the choir sang this set of pieces in Moscow and the Golden Ring on their third tour of Russia in 1998. Georgy Sviridov was one of Shostakovich's favorite students, wrote the music for Moscow's leading television news program and became one of the leading composers during the Soviet regime. His vocal music has been championed by Dmitri Hvorostovsky, the great Russian baritone. Gloriae Dei Cantores, having already recorded "the best anthology of Russian music" (American Record Guide for Sacred Songs of Russia), now adds this rich collection of Russian sacred music to their discography. Also included are excerpts from the Tchaikovsky's Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom and the Rachmaninoff All-Night Vigil.

Songlist: Posle pervovo antifona, Heruvimskaya pesn, Molitva Ghospodnia, Prichastniy Stih, Priidite, poklonismsia, Blagoslovi, dushe moya, Nine otpushchayeshi, Blagosloven yesi, Slava v vishnih Bogu, i na zemli mir, Ghospodi spasi Blagochestiviye, Svyati Bozhe, Dostoyno yest, Rodestvenskaya pesn, Slava i Alliluya, Niezrechennoe Chudo

4242c 00 1 CD $15.95 Russian a cappella

Gloriae Dei Cantores : Mozart - Rare Choral Works : 00  2 CDs : Elizabeth Patterson : Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart : 39

Gloriae Dei Cantores : Mozart - Rare Choral Works

Review: The year 2006 marked a major musical anniversary with the 250th birthday of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The world has enjoyed the genius of Mozart through his symphonies, operas, chamber and piano music. In addition, his Requiem, left incomplete at his death, remains one of the most beloved of sacred choral works. Gloriae Dei Cantores presents a rare look at a side of Mozart that is not so well known: his contribution to music for the Church. Included in this recording are two rarely heard major works of great beauty and invention: Davide Penitente K. 469 and the Litaniae de venerabili altaris Sacramento K. 243. Also included are a further litany, several motets, and two of the famous church sonatas for small orchestra and organ, giving a rounded picture of Mozart, the sacred musician. Mozart: Rare Choral Works will be a profound experience for the classical music lover and for those who are interested in the sacred side of one of the best-loved composers of all time.

Songlist: Veni Sancte Spiritus, Del Pari Infeconda, Terribile d'aspetto, Misericordias Domini, Church Sonata, Kyrie, Panis Vivus, Verbum caro factum, Hostia Sancta, Tremendum , Dulcissimum Convivium, Pignus, Angus Dei, Venite Populi, DISC TWO, Regina coeli, Quia quem meruisti, Ora pro nobis, Alleluia, Kyrie, Sancta Maria, Salus infirmorum, Regina Angelorum, Angus Dei, Church Sonata, Coro: Alzai le flebili voci al Signor, Coro: Cantiam le glorie, Aria: Lungi le cure ingrate, Duetto: Sorgi, o Signore, Aria: A te, fra tanti affanni, Coro: se vuoi, puniscimi, Aria: Tra l'oscure, Terzetto: Tutte le mie, Coro: Chi in Dio sol

8570c 00 2 CDs $26.95

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