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Optina Pustyn Male Choir

Optina Pustyn Male Choir


The Optina Pustyn Male Choir was founded in 1996 by Alexander Semyonov with the blessing of hegumen Rostislav Yakubovsky the Abbot of the Priory of Optina Pustyn Monastery in St Petersburg. This liturgical choir has been called to revive the lost tradition of ancient monastic singing. Thus, a lot of ancient singing (liturgical music) manuscripts consigned to oblivion and kept in monasteries and academic libraries, have found a new life at the divine services in the Priory church and subsequently became the part of the concert repertoire of the choir.

The concert programmes such as 'Millennium of Russian ecclesiastical singing', 'Saintly love', 'Chants of the Russian monasteries', 'Early Russian Polyphonic Singing', 'Ancient Church Music' were performed during concerts tours in Russia, China, Colombia, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Montenegro, Norway, Serbia, Spain, Sweden and Ukraine.

The Optina Pustyn Male Choir has recorded 11 CDs. The choir has also participated in joint concerts and recordings with the chamber orchestra 'I Solisti Veneti' in Padua and Verona. In 2009 a recording of the new program 'Church Music of Russian Composers' is being planned.


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Optina Pustyn Male Choir : Orthodox Chants : 00  1 CD :  : EUCD1846

Optina Pustyn Male Choir : Orthodox Chants

Review: The male choir of the Optina Pustyn Monastery in St. Petersburg was established in 1996 and consists of 6-9 professional singers with impressive voices. Their main goal is the cultivation of the heritage of the old Russian Church polyphony in its different styles, such as: Znamenny, Bulgarian, Greek, Byzantine chants, etc. This recording is an impressive example of orthodox chants and shows the beauty of Russia's religious songs. Information in 4 languages.

Songlist: Psalm 104, The Great Litany (Znamenny chant (liturgical chant), arranged by elder Theodosius) , Blessed is the Man (Kiev chant, Psalm 1, 2, 3), Lord, I have cried unto Thee (Tune of the Optina Puostyn Monastery), Stichera (Tune of Kiev-Pechera Lavra), Glory, Stichera ("At God's beck"), Joyful Light, Vouchsafe, O Lord (Tune of the Optina Puostyn Monastery, arranged by Abbot Matthew), Stichera in the Litany (Znamenny chant), Stichera in the Versicles (Znamenny chant, arranged by Regent Alexander), Now Lettest Thou Depart (V. Kurbatov), Hail, O Virgin

8329c | 00 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella Men's Choirs CDs

Optina Pustyn Male Choir : Russia's Most Beautiful Songs

Review: The Optina Pustyn Male Choir consists of six to nine professional musicians trained at the St. Petersburg Conservatory. The choir tours and has produced five CDs to date, but they are also part of the regular monastic choir at the Optina Pustyn Monastery in St. Petersburg. Singing in the tradition of the world famous Don Cossack Chorus directed by Sergei Jaroff the choir sings Russian traditional songs including favourites such as the 'Volga Boat Men' and the 'Legend of the Twelve Robbers' and others. Information in English, German, French and Spanish, plus complete lyrics in Russian with English translations.

Songlist: On Flute I Play my Sad Verses, Vivat Suite, Saintly Love, This is not a White Birch, Hey, You, Wide Steppe, The Little Cuckoo, A Winter Road, The Waves Are Sleepy, My Lovely Rowan Tree, The Volga Boat Men, The Legend of the Twelve Robbers, Steppe, Endless Steppe , The Lovely Night, In a Dark Wood , The Little Bell , Dignity, Song of Cherubs

8328c | 00 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella Russian a cappella

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