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Choral Arrangements from Georgia

Traditional and modern Georgian choral and folksongs arranged for harmony voices.

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Clayton Parr : Supra! A Feast of Georgian Song : SATB : 01 Songbook & 1 CD : 884088246198 : 1423440781 : 08748930

Clayton Parr : Supra! A Feast of Georgian Song

Traditional choirs, folk ensembles or any other group of singers will enjoy this collection of songs from the Republic of Georgia selected, notated and recorded by Clayton Parr and Carl Linich. Like folk songs from the rest of the world, Georgian songs are traditionally connected with events of daily life - work songs, laments, lullabies, songs about historical events or figures, ritual songs, healing songs, traveling songs, comic songs, and dance songs. Table songs are a particularly important genre, and the tradition of the supra (ritual banquet), with elaborate toasts and songs, occupies a central position in Georgian traditional culture. Traditionally, these songs are in three polyphonic voice parts, and the authors have provided many pedagogical tools for learning: recordings, pronunciation guides, lyric sheets, song backgrounds and recordings. Includes 18 songs, CD includes song demos, part-Learning tracks available online.

Songlist: Aghdgomasa Shensa, Alilo Imeruli, Aliluia, Aragvispiruli Lashkruli, Brdzana Soloman, Es Akvani, Kriste Aghsdga, Lashkrad Tsasvla, Lashkruli, Mamli Mukhasa, Mokle Shemodzahkili, Nanina, Patara Simonia, Patskha, Perad Shindi, Saokhunjo Perkhuli, Shen Khar Venakhi, Ts'Ints'Qaro, Mokle Mravalzhamieri

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Voicing: SATB | 4249b | Songbook & 1 CD | $39.95 | A Cappella

Mollie Stone & Patty Cuyler : Music From the Republic of Georgia : Treble : 01 Songbook & 1 DVD : RTB-G

Mollie Stone & Patty Cuyler : Music From the Republic of Georgia

Twelve traditional 3-part folk songs from the Republic of Georgia, for mixed, youth and adult choirs. Book with scores, pronunciation guide, performance guidelines and background information, and accompanying DVD with performance and pronunciation video. In addition to the book and teaching DVD is access to an online resource site with source recording downloads and video links.

Songlist: Aragvisp'iruli Lashkruli, Bail-betkil, Chela, Deda Mogik'vdesa, Imeruli Mgzavruli, Lemchil, Megruli Alilo, Rachuli Nana, Shari-shuri, Tselo Mousvi Balakhsa, Ts'mindeo Ghmerto, Uts'inares Mas Vadidebt

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Voicing: Treble | 7894b | Songbook & 1 DVD | $34.95 | A Cappella

Various Arrangers : Music from the Republic of Georgia for Male Voices : TTB : Sheet Music

Various Arrangers : Music from the Republic of Georgia for Male Voices

Tskhenosnuri is one of the most performed and popular Georgian folk songs, and has been recorded in different versions by the best-known folk choirs. Much of the text consists of nonsense syllables - think of them as the Georgian version of "fa la la. "Khatelishvili (1932-1988) wrote Khorumi in 1964. It is based on a unique 5/4 Adzharian folk dance rhythm and some melodic fragments which were common in the folk dance music of the Georgian province of Adzharia. This edition presents the piece in its original form. The text is a "Naduri" is a working song from the Imereti region in western Georgia; calls for unique Georgian yodeling technique known as krimanchuli.

Songlist: Tskhenosnuri, Shen khar venakhi, Naduri, Khorumi, Dachrilis Simghera

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Voicing: TTB | 4423b | Sheet Music | $8.25 | A Cappella

Various Arrangers : Georgian Folk Songs Vol 1 : SATB : 01 Songbook & 1 CD

Various Arrangers : Georgian Folk Songs Vol 1

The history of Georgian music is primarily that of folk song. Polyphonic singing has always had its place in Georgian social life. Genres include hunting songs, labor songs, ritual songs, laments, love songs, wedding songs, marching songs, and historical ballads. This unique collection of ten traditional three-part folk songs from the Caucasus Republic of Georgia provides a broad sampling of these genres, from several of Georgia's distinct regions.

Songlist: Alilo, Aralo, Ch'ich'e T'ura, Didavoi Nana, Gonja, Kash Kruli, Mival Guriashi, Odoia-naduri, Tskhenosnuri

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Voicing: SATB | 8412b | Songbook & 1 CD | $19.95

Various Arrangers : Georgian Sacred Chorales : SATB : 01 Songbook & 1 CD

Various Arrangers : Georgian Sacred Chorales

Georgia has one of the world's most ancient polyphonic singing traditions. Polyphony refers to music where each vocal line is equally important, sharing the melody among them; (as opposed to homophony, in which melodic interest is concentrated in a single line). The singing tradition in the Caucasus is unique in its harmonic and -- especially in western Georgia -- its extreme polyphonic approach. Many songs have distinct archaic traits dating from pre-Christian times, and in most traditional music the intervals are flexible and do not coincide with tempered scale intervals (with the exception of the fifth). The harmonies are unlike anything in European music, with untempered intervals and striking harmonic convergences.

Songlist: Ats Qovliturt Aghivso, Da Vitartsa Meupisa, Ghmerti Upali, Jvarsa Shensa, Kriste Aghsdga, Motsikuli Kristes'agan, Movedit Da Vsvat, Romenlni Kerubinta, Shen Khar Venakhi, Tsmindao Ghmerto

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Voicing: SATB | 8413b | Songbook & 1 CD | $19.95

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