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Breck Alan
Lead Singer - Rock to Metal Level 2

Male and Female Vocal Ranges:
- Your Voice
- Comfort with Singing Full Range
- Major Scale - Gently working the Upper Range
- Major Scale Descending Arpeggios
- Singing Gently in the Upper Range
- Comfort with Distance
- Caruso's 1-5 Exercise with the Number Three Ratio
- Caruso's 1-5 Exercise with the Number One Ratio
- Singing with Distance and Mixed Ratios
- Star Spangled Banner with Mixed Ratios
- Resonance 3 Chambers 4 Positions
- Mouth Horn Explanation
- Open Nasal Explanation
- Ascending Mouth Horn
- Open Nasal Exercise
- Mixing Up Your Resonances
- Extreme Reverse Resonance with Arpeggios
- Connected Verses Released Tone
- Master Placement
- Throat Resonance
- Steps to Working Out Difficult Passages
- Demonstration of Connected Full Voice Singing
- Vocal Disorders
- A Quick Warm Up
- and many more!

This program designed for both men and women by renowned vocalist/instructor Breck Alan builds on the techniques learned in Heavy Rock to Metal beginner. With this three part learning system that includes DVD, Audio CD, and 24/7 online lesson support you'll learn to sing in your upper range, master placement of your throat resonance, develop full-voice singing and learn how to keep your voice healthy. Learn to develop key vocal techniques like direction and anchoring of resonance, reflex oriented breath support and Breck's famous warm-up routines.

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