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Audrey Snyder
Sing on Sight - A Practical Choral Sight-Singing Course (for 2-Part / 3-Part Mixed Voices)

How to Use this Book and CD
Rhythm and Pitch Concepts
Teaching Sequences
Checklist for Success
Options for Enrichment and Motivation
The Beat: Quarter Note and Quarter Rest
Barline and Measure / Repeat Sign
Half Note and Half Rest
Time Signature: 4/4 Meter
The Staff / Treble Clef and Bass Clef / The Grand Staff
Introducing and Practicing with Do Re Mi
Song: Daydream
Eighth Notes
Introducing and Practicing with Fa and Sol
Beginning on Pitches other than Do
Sight-Singing in Parts
Song: Come on Everybody
Introducing and Practicing with La Ti and high Do
Dotted Half Note
Time Signature: 3/4 Meter
Down the Scale from Do - Lower Neighbors
Sight-singing in Two Parts
The F Major Tonic Chord / Sight-singing skips with the F Major Tonic Chord
The Scale / The Key / Key Signature
Mixing it Up - Sight-singing Skips and Steps in F Major
Song: In the Distance
Intervals: Whole and Half Step / Major and Minor Scale Patterns
Sight-singing in D Minor / D Minor Tonic Chord / Sight-singing Skips in D Minor
Song: This Winter Night
G Major Scale / Sight-singing in G Major / G Major Tonic Chord / Sight-singing skips in G major
Whole Note & Whole Rest
Ties / Ties with Eighth Notes
Dotted Quarter Notes
Song: Everybody Sing
F Major Review / F Major Dominant Chord
G Major Review / G Major Dominant Chord
Pick Up Note / Eighth Rest
Time Signature: 2/4 Meter / Sight-singing in 2/4 Meter
Song: Hey, Mister Fiddler
E Minor Scale, Tonic Chord, and Sight-singing
Sixteenth Notes
Major or Minor?
Song: Like a Hidden Treasure
Eighth & Sixteenth Note Combinations
D Minor Dominant Chord and Sight-singing
E Minor Dominant Chord and Sight-singing
Song: Storm!
Appendix: Rhythm Counting Methods
Appendix: Sight-Singing Method & Movable Do
Appendix: Numbers
Appendix: The Piano Keyboard and Staff

'Sing on Sight' is a comprehensive sight-singing method by Audrey Snyder. Volume One assumes no previous experience and begins with simple rhythm practice, and then proceeds step-by-step to full, choral sight-singing. Exercises are written so that two or more lines may be sung simultaneously, so students gain sight-singing independence and develop their part-singing skills. With just a few minutes a day, 'Sing on Sight' can help your choirs learn to read music and have fun in the process

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Instructional  | 3 Parts | 104 Pages | Softcover | 9 x 12
884088111595 | 1423420519 | 08745732

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