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Female World Trio from New York, NY

In Armenian, "Zulal" means "clear water." Zulal, the a cappella trio, aims to create music that is like clear water-fluid, clean, and unconfined. The group takes Armenia's village folk melodies and weaves intricate arrangements that pay tribute to the rural roots of the music while introducing a sophisticated lyricism and energy. Zulal's music connects listeners to a simpler past, evoking the colors and characters of Armenia's village life where the celebration of nature, love, and tradition are dominant themes.

Founded - 2002.  

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Traditional Armenian folk song

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Zulal : Zulal : 1 CD

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Armenian all-woman a cappella folk trio "Zulal," (meaning clarity) pays tribute to Armenia's folk roots while creating imaginative harmonies that add fresh energy to traditional repertoire. Writing its arrangements in an organic style and focusing on the simplicity of voice, Zulal captures the heart of Armenia's rural music. In less than 3 years, Zulal has had a successful coast-to-coast US tour, an audition for Cirque du Soleil and recently, nominations for "Best Folk/Wold Album at the 2005 CARA Awards, and winner of "Best Newcomer" and "Best Vocal Traditional Album" awards at the 2005 7th Annual Armenian Music Awards. 12 songs, filled with feeling, love, angst, longing, joy and celebration. All songs and song titles are in Armenian, but the English title translations and descriptions are in the liner notes. We particularly liked "Sari Siroon Yar" (Sweetheart of the Mountains), "Im Khorodig Yar" (My Sweet Beloved), "Gakav Tuhrav" (The Partridge Took Flight), the poignant "Sareri Hovin Mernem" (I'd Die for the Mountain Wind, the lilting "Vijag" (Fortune), the romantic, dreamy "Es Kisher" (This Night), the heart-tugging "Hars Em Gnoom" (I'm Going as a Bride), the spirited "Zinch oo Zinch Dam" (What Oh What Should I Give) and the lovely "Ororotsayin" (Lullaby).

Songlist: Sweetheart of the Mountains, My Sweet Beloved, Walking, Glistening, The Partridge Took Flight, I'd Die for the Mountain Wind, Fortune, Village of 1,001 Springs, Ghapama, A Squash Dish, This Night, I'm Going As A Bride, What Oh What Should I Give?, Lullaby (Come Hither, Nightingale)

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9871c | 1 CD | $14.95 ON SALE $4.95 | A Cappella

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