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Every year, 14 senior Yale men are selected to be in the Whiffenpoofs, the world's oldest and best-known collegiate a cappella group. Founded in 1909, the "Whiffs" began as a senior quartet that met for weekly concerts at Mory's Temple Bar, the famous Yale tavern. Today, the group has become one of Yale's most celebrated traditions.

More than 100 years ago, on a frosty January night in New Haven, Connecticut, five of the Yale Glee Club's best singers convened at Mory's Temple Bar to escape the cold. Louis Linder, the tavern's barkeep and a music aficionado, welcomed them in, beginning an institution that survives to this day.

Of those original five singers, four were members of the Glee Club's prestigious Varsity Quartet, a group that sang together regularly at various alumni events. Unwilling to restrict themselves to performances at public functions, the group began to meet on a weekly basis at Mory's, where they improvised harmonies to the songs they loved so well. These weekly meetings soon became a hallowed tradition amongst the singers.

As their fame on campus grew, the quintet began their search for a name. Denton 'Goat' Fowler, tickled by a joke featuring a mythical dragonfish named the Whiffenpoof, suggested the name to his companions, who found the name an apt reflection of the atmosphere of levity that accompanied the group's gatherings. The word quickly caught on with the group's admirers, and the name stuck.

In the years since, each generation of Whiffenpoofs have taken up the mantle of their forebears. For more than one century of songsters, the name, the song, and the weekly date at Mory's have remained inviolate traditions that continue to bind us together.


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Whiffenpoofs : Century

Review: CT, Yale campus, five of the Yale Glee Club's finest singers retreated to Mory's Temple Bar, where proprietor Lewis Linder, also a music lover, welcomed them in, and the Whiffenpoofs' legend began. Four of the men were in the Glee Club's Varsity Quartet, which sang at alumni functions. The fifth allowed them to improvise more complex harmonies for the old songs they loved, and this attracted appreciative customers. The group set a weekly date to meet, Mory's at six. The name came from a line in an obscure musical comedy, "Little Nemo," based on cartoonist Winsor McKay's sublime Sunday comic, "Little Nemo in Slumberland." The Whiffenpoof was a fabulous creature who lived in a frozen lake, who would rise through a hole cut in the ice lined with cheese, which he would sniff, squawk a loud "poof," and thus be caught. The group's anthem, "The Whiffenpoof Song," was composed by Glee Club member Todd Galloway, and given lyrics by Whiffenpoofs Meade Minnigerode and George Pomeroy, and the exclamations of all present led to the deathless lyric "We are poor little lambs who have lost our way, Baa, baa, baa..." being reverently sung, standing, at every subsequent Whiffenpoofs gathering. The "best of" songlist contains romantic classics from the 1909 version of the Whiffenpoofs' "Aj, Lucka Siroka" to the 2009 group's "Soon It's Gonna Rain." Other favorites are "September Song" (1950), "Minnie the Mermaid" (1940), "Little Pony" (1975), "The Girl From Ipanema" (1994), "I'll Be Seeing You" (1991), "Something Like The Blues" (1987), "Bye Bye Blackbird" (1994), "Have You Met Miss Jones?" (1962), "A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square" (1989) and "Saving Ourselves" (1949). In fact, every cut here is a nostalgic, harmonic gem. Treat yourself to this sumptuous musical banquet, one of our all-time favorite Collegiate groups, well, since 1907!

Songlist: Aj, Lucka, Lucka Siroka, September Song, Minnie the Mermaid, Little Pony, Down By the Salley Gardens, I Cover the Waterfront, The Girl from Ipanema, Bye Bye Blackbird, I'll Be Seeing You, Soon It's Gonna Rain, Everything, New Hymn, Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, Something Like the Blues, Have You Met, Midnight Train to Georgia, A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square, Saving Ourselves, The Whiffenpoof Song

1780c | 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella

Whiffenpoofs : We Meet Again Tonight : 1 CD : 

Listen to
Little Pony

Whiffenpoofs : We Meet Again Tonight

Review: The Whiffenpoofs, founded at Yale in 1909, are fast approaching their 100th anniversary, and the14 young men who comprise the 2008 version of the group is celebrating by releasing this sumptuous "best of" collection of 21 tunes. The oldest and best-known collegiate a cappella group in the US begins with a pair of Whiff standards, the Bohemian marching song "Aj, Lucka, Lucka, Siroka" and the title tune, which refers to a regular Monday night meeting of the group at Mory's Temple Bar, where the guys are the resident muses, going from table to table as the patrons join in the revelry. Other favorites are "Little Pony," "Midnight Train to Georgia," the traditional English tune "Down By the Salley Gardens," the foot-tapping "I've Been Everywhere." "Time after Time," "Steppin' Out With My Baby," "Bye Bye Blackbird," "The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room," "A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square," "My Cutie's Due," the heart-tugging "I'll Be Seeing You" and the classic "Whiffenpoof Song." This is all great, legendary stuff, perfectly harmonized by one of the great Collegiate groups of all time. Enjoy!

Songlist: Aj, Lucka, Lucka, Siroka, We Meet Again Tonight, Little Pony, Leaving Again/In the Wee Small Hours, Midnight Train to Georgia, Down By the Salley Gardens, I've Been Everwhere, Time After Time, Steppin' Out With My Baby, It's About Time, New Hymn, Bye Bye Blackbird, The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room, A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square, My Cutie's Due, Something Like the Blues, Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, I'll Be Seeing You, Waiting in Vain, MacNamara's Band, The Whiffenpoof Song

1776c | 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella Collegiate A Cappella

Whiffenpoofs : In The Studio

Review: The 14 fresh-faced young men in the photo on the back of the liner notes for "In The Studio" are Yale Seniors selected to be Whiffenpoofs, probably the best-known, and certainly the oldest, collegiate a cappella group in the U.S. These 19 songs, beginning of course with the Bohemian Marching Song "Aj, Lucka, Lucka, Siroka," which, along with the haunting "Whiffenpoof Song," has graced every Whiffenpoof recording, the guys nail "On Broadway," "Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair," "Steppin' Out With My Baby," the very hip and funny "Is This Any Way to Fall in Love," "Stay," the self-parodying "Daddy is a Yale Man," "Maryland," "Bye Bye, Blackbird," "Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea," and many more. The 'Poofs are (and always have been) one of the best collegiate groups we have reviewed, and the wonderful "In The Studio" shows how truly fine they can be!

Songlist: Aj, Lucka, Lucka Siroka , On Broadway , Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair , Steppin' Out With My Baby , A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square , Is This Any Way to Fall in Love , Time After Time Stay , Something Like the Blues , Daddy is a Yale Man , New Hymn , Waiting in Vain , Maryland , Midnight Train to Georgia , Bye Bye Blackbird , Down By the Salley Gardens , Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea , I'll Be Seeing You , Whiffenpoof Song

1763c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella Collegiate A Cappella

Whiffenpoofs : Songs of Yale

Review: Every year since their founding as a Senior Glee Club quintet that met for weekly concerts at Mory's Temple Bar at Yale University, 14 Senior men are selected to be the Whiffenpoofs, oldest collegiate a cappella group in the U.S. "Songs of Yale" is collection of 20 traditional Yale songs like "Wake, Freshmen, Wake," "Aj Lucka, Lucka, Siroka," "We Meet Again Tonight," "Eli Yale," "Full Cup," the haunting "Whiffenpoof Song," (which refers to Mory's), "Time After Time" and "Yale Football Medley." Others are written by written and/or arranged by former Whiffenpoofs, like "When I See All the Lovin' (That They Waste on Babies)," the spiritual "Ride The Chariot," "Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes," the very funny "Daddy is a Yale Man," "A Song for Old Yale," "'Neath The Elms," "Aura Lee," "My Cutie's Due," and "Bright College Years." Great, authentic stuff from these legends of collegiate a cappella!

Songlist: Wake, Freshmen, Wake, Aj Lucka Lucka Siroka, We Meet Again Tinight, A Song Of Mory's, When I See All The Lovin, Eli Yale, Shall I Wasting, Mavourneen, The Whiffenpoof Song, Ride The Chariot, Daddy Is A Yale Man, Drink To Me Only with Thine Eyes, Full Cup, A Song For Old Yale, "Neath The Elms, Yale Football Medley, Aura Lee, My Cutie's Due, Time After Time, Bright College Years

1762c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella Collegiate A Cappella

Whiffenpoofs : Subtly Different : 1 CD : 

Whiffenpoofs : Subtly Different    onsale

Review: The 14 Whiffenpoofs of 2004, all Senior men, present a strong collection of 20 tunes, including two live cuts: "Aj, Lucka, Lucka, Siroka," and their trademark "Whiffenpoofs Song." We really see and appreciate the group's harmonic power on the jazzy Count Basie tune "Little Pony," "Something Like The Blues," Bob Marley's "Waiting in Vain," "On Broadway," "14th Street," "Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most," "Midnight Train to Georgia," "Mad World," "Down By the Salley Gardens," Duke Ellington's "Cottontail," Yalie Cole Porter's "Too Darn Hot," and the WWII anthem "I'll Be Seeing You." "Subtly" proves that the oldest collegiate a cappella ensemble in the U.S. is also one of the best!

Songlist: Aj. Lucka Lucka Siroka, Little Pony, Something Like The Blues, Waiting In Vain, Eli's Comin, New Hymn, On Broadway, Bye Bye Blackbird, 14th St., Time After Time, Have A Little Faith In Me, Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most, My Cutie's Due, Midnight Train To Georgia, Mad World, Down By The Salley Gardens, Cottontail, Too Darn Hot, I'll Be Seeing You, The Whiffenpoof Song

1761c | 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella Collegiate A Cappella

Whiffenpoofs : Whiffs in Space!

Review: As one of the nation's oldest and most acclaimed collegiate a cappella groups the Whiffenpoofs have, during their 99 years of existence, sung all over the world. With their 100 year anniversary approaching the group decided that was not quite enough so now "The Whiffs" have taken off to explore the universe where "in space nobody can hear you sing". This recording reflects their long tradition by performing a selection of more traditional male glee club type songs along with a very healthy mix of contemporary a cappella songs. With such a long and proud tradition the Whiffenpoofs have always been one of the creams of the crop and this year's group more than hold their own on this fine recording. An added bonus is the printed insert which turns into a cool poster.

Songlist: Aj Lucka Lucka, Little Pony, New Hymn, On Broadway, Something Like The Blues, Steppin' Out With My Baby, Stay, Waiting in Vain, Sweet Baby James, Time After Time, Bye Bye Blackbird, Down By The Sally Gardens, Who Loves The Sun, Deep River, Midnight Train To Georgia, The Whiffenpoof Song

1768c | 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella

Whiffenpoofs : Whiffs of 1992 : 1 CD : 

Whiffenpoofs : Whiffs of 1992    onsale

Review: A collectors special.

Songlist: Aj Lucka Lucka, Too Darn Hot, September Song, Mack The Knife, When The Sun Comes Out, Twisted, Down By The Salley Gardens, On Broadway, Talk To Me, Time After Time, Toot-Toot Tootsie, Little Pony, I Cover The Waterfront, Whatever Lola Wants (Lola Gets), When Sunny Gets Blue, Everything Happens To Me, Home Cookin', Something Like The Blues, Midnight Train To Georgia, I'll Be Seeing You, Jingle Bell Rock, The Wiffenpoof Song

1092c | 1 CD | $12.95 | A Cappella Collegiate A Cappella

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