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Trio Esperanca

Trio Esperanca

Female Semi-Pro Trio from Rio de Janeiro, BR, Brazil

The history goes way back. When small Correa, even if small, were a scene of a box and a stick a microphone in the back yard family in the neighborhood of Gavea in Rio, imitating their three older brothers, whose group " Golden Boys "beat the records of the public hearing of the" Jovem Guarda "version of Brazil yeyes. To so and so, the singer, Eva and Regina eventually blow an idea to Roberto, the eldest of the family: why do not they would form a group too. There was still a little brother available, Mario.

Thus was born the Trio Esperanca, in the 60s. Body and brush remaining available to the baby of the tribe, Mariza .... waiting for better days, she could barely speak but sang like a lark. The Trio's first album. "Menino do Amendoim" goes unnoticed, the second "Filme Triste" true compilation of Portuguese international hits of the time (Like a Bridge Over Trouble Water has, Down Town, Gorgy Girl ...) is a triumph. Trio Esperanca followed suit with "Golden Boys". Suddenly, Dad Correa decides it is time to take care of her smala and exchange office to the bank to that of manager.

A Cappella.  

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Trio Esperanca : A Capela Do Brasil : 1 CD : 292304

Trio Esperanca : A Capela Do Brasil

Again, another CD only available as an import, this Brazilian female Trio (accompanied by special guests) sings, we would presume, in Portugese, though it seems that at least one of the tracks is in Spanish, and "La Vie En Rose" is in French. Cosmopolitan, no? Employing reknowned Brazilian musicians and songwriters such as Gilberto Gil, Ivan Lins and Djavan (who also worked with the Manhattan Transfer on their "Brasil" CD), their sound melds adult contemporary pop and jazz. Occasionally accompanied ("Coisa Feita" has flamenco guitar, as an example), many of the nineteen songs are uptempo; when the pace slows, as it does on "Rua Ramalhate," with its reverberated vocal sound and dynamic shifts, the momentum only increases. Their intonation and blend is tight and in-the-pocket, without a hair out of place. This Trio will add a welcome zest to your collection.

Songlist: Aquarela do Brasil, Casaco Marrom, O Pato, Qualquer Coisa, Aquele Um, La Vie En Rose, Corcovado, Coisa Feita, Comecar de Novo, De Passagem, Gold Heranca, Watashi (sapporo 76), Rua Ramalhete, Expresso 2222, O Que Sera ( a Flor da pele), Conversa de Botequim, Toada, San Vicente, Deixa Isso Pra La

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4800c | 1 CD | $16.95 | A Cappella

Trio Esperanca : Preferidas : 1 CD : 632427795421

Trio Esperanca : Preferidas

Like finding a twenty in the pocket of the pastel jacket we last wore to Mardi Gras, this 4th CD from the unforgettable trio of Brazilian beauties is a welcome, unexpected, Latin-flavored joy! For three women who look so good, and so happy, in the pix in the liner notes to be blessed with their almost surreal voices and perfect intonation seems almost too much. We were blown away by their previous three CDs, and "Preferidas" is a "best of" CD, the only three titles not on the previous three being "Carinhoso," "Garota de Ipanema" and "La Femme," sung as a "duo avec Michel Fugain" (the liner notes are lovely, but all in Portuguese). Fair enough, but how would you pick the songs to leave out? There are 17 songs here, most in Portuguese; and your occasional tune in Spanish or French, like the amazing "La Vie en Rose," and "Watashi," sung in tight, perfect Japanese. A few songs are accompanied, like "Que Nem Gilo," which features a marvelous salsa band. Included are "Berimbau," "A Felicidade," "Aguas de Marco," one of our favorites, "Garota de Ipanema" (Girl from Ipanema), the accompanied French love song "O Femme"...listen, you just have to put this in the boombox, lie back and slap some headphones on, or put it in the really good sound system in your car and go for a long drive in the country. If you don't believe your ears, hit replay! Highly recommended.

Songlist: Aquarela do Brasil, O Pato, La Vie en Rose, Corcovado, Que Nem Gilo, Rua Ramalhete, Lanca Perfume, Carinhoso, Watashi, Aquas de Marco, O Femme (En Duo Avec Michel Fugain), Garota de Ipanema, Berimbau, A Felicidade, Agua de Beber, To Nem Ligando, De Passagem

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7374c | 1 CD | $19.98 | Primarily a cappella

Trio Esperanca : Segundo : 1 CD : 743284

Trio Esperanca : Segundo

Can we possibly stand more wonderful music from the three Brazilian sirens who call themselves Trio Esperanca? Segundo, we believe, means "Second", and as there are two excellent CDs already gracing our catalog, perhaps this one was released out of order. 17 songs, most sung in Portuguese, at least one, "Mar e Lua," in Spanish, one in French ("La Lune est Morte," and one, amazingly, in English, Stevie Wonder's lovely "Come Back as a Flower." There is some light percussion, piano and guitar accompaniment on a few songs, but they only add to the enjoyment. We have never heard such perfect intonation-these women truly sing as one, and their one song in (perfect) English left us breathless. Our second favorite is "Garote de Ipanema," "The Girl from Ipanema" in Portuguese-incredible. Too much good stuff. Import.

Songlist: Noitre, Lanca Perfume, Aguas de Marco, To Nem Ligando, Come Back as a Flower, Ponto de Macumba, Garota de I, Panema, Sebastiana, Mar e Lua, Samba de Uma Nota, So, La Lune est Morte, A Felicidade, Pra La, Pra Ca, Na Baixa do Sapateiro, Ponto de Macumba, Isso e Brasil, Rua Augusta

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4801c | 1 CD | $24.98 | A Cappella

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