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Slammin All Body Band

Slammin All Body Band

Crosspulse is a non-profit arts organization dedicated to the creation, performance and recording of rhythm-based, intercultural music and dance..

Crosspulse has earned a unique niche in the vibrant artistic community of the San Francisco Bay Area. Founded in 1980 by Artistic Director Keith Terry, the organization has sponsored scores of projects, featuring outstanding artists from many cultural traditions..

All of the organization's programs involve the vital role that rhythm plays in performing arts throughout the world, and explore how this commonality of rhythm can connect us in unexpected ways.

PROJECTS: Under the Artistic Direction of Keith Terry, since 1979 Crosspulse has: Produced dance and music works ranging in size from solos and duos to ensembles of one hundred performers. In collaboration with a wide variety of artists representing a broad spectrum of styles and forms, the work often involves multi-national, multi-cultural and multi-lingual communication. Collaborations have included individuals and groups such as Gamelan Sekar Jaya, Rhythm In Shoes, Manhattan Tap, San Jose Taiko, I Wayan Dibia, Turtle Island String Quartet, Linda Tillery & the Cultural Heritage Choir, Geoff Hoyle, the Pickle Family Circus, and many more. Toured ambitious, logistically complex performances throughout the United States, and in Asia, Central America and Europe. Implemented educational and outreach programs for children and adults. Produced CD and Video recordings. All projects available on Crosspulse Media

MISSION STATEMENT: To develop a core group of performers to present body music and related music, dance and theater arts in live and recorded performances. To develop a curriculum, and teach body music and rhythmic skills, coordination, timing, and ensemble awareness in a variety of educational settings. Body music is that music and dance created via the sound and movement of the body -- clapping, slapping, snapping, stepping and vocalizing -- and its application to traditional and contemporary rhythms/movement.To encourage and produce, live and recorded intercultural performing arts works.


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Slammin All Body Band : Slammin All Body Band : 00  1 CD : 

Slammin All Body Band : Slammin All Body Band

Review: Oakland, CA-based mixed-voice sextet Slammin All Body Band, which we caught at a recent A Cappella Summit, is at its best live - as "Slammin," their debut CD proves. In fact the idea for the band came out of a raucous jam session at Jazz Camp/West, where the creation of a full and textured sound using no instruments outside the body "was just too happening to ignore." Slammin concerts were immediately rowdy, funky, humorous, vibrant and fresh. We particularly liked the opening cut, "Overjoyed/Cabra da Peste," riffs on the reggae anthem "Pressure Drop," "Thank You/Just Be Thankful/What Is Hip" medley and "Freedom Jazz Dance." Exciting, cutting edge stuff!

Songlist: Overjoyed / Cabra da Peste, Pressure Drop, The Way You Move, Can't Get It Right, Body Music: Slammed, Thank You/Just Be Thankful/What Is Hip, Gateway to Freedom, Freedom Jazz Dance, Where I Know My Name, All Blues / Ven Aca, Irene's Good Night

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