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The Perfect Gentlemen

Perfect Gentlemen

Male Barbershop Quartet from Los Angeles, CA.

The Perfect Gentlemen provide the perfect blend of harmony and humor harkening back to the days of Vaudeville. Preserving America's great vocal sounds from a time when music was music, The Perfect Gentlemen recreate the close harmonies of such legendary groups as The Ink Spots and the Pied Pipers, while including the era's great comic songs made famous by the likes of Louis Jordan and The Hoosier Hotshots.

A typical performance by The Perfect Gentlemen includes marvelous melodious music mingled with masterful mirth, mischief, and merry-making. The group's versatility allows for effortless shifts between vocal styles with an air of ease, whether singing a cappella or accompanied by guitar or ukulele. Their signature piece, Salute to the 20th Century, is a humorous take on the de-evolution of music over the last century, illustrated by singing the same song in the style of Barbershop, Dixieland, Blues, Big Band, Doo-Wop, Bluegrass, Disco, Techno Punk, and Rap, complete with visuals that delights audiences of all ages time and time again.

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2002 - Harmony Sweepstakes National Champions
2002 - Harmony Sweepstakes National Finals Best Arrangement - Salute to the 20th Century
2002 - Harmony Sweepstakes National Finals Audience Favorites
2000 - Los Angeles Harmony Sweepstakes Champions
2000 - Harmony Sweepstakes National Finals Best Arrangement - 20th Century Salute
2000 - Harmony Sweepstakes National Finals 2nd Place Winners

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Perfect Gentlemen : 4 Beers and 10 Tags : 1 CD

Perfect Gentlemen : 4 Beers and 10 Tags

2002 Harmony Sweeps winners Perfect Gentlemen's 3rd CD has 20 songs; some classic barbershop like "Blue Skies," "The Good Old Days" and "Diane," and some non-traditional stuff like "Gimme Some Skin," "Ukelele Lady," "If Ever I Would Leave You," "Java Jive," "Beware My Foolish Heart" and "Room Service," Some light guitar, piano and ukelele (but the emphasis remains on the rich harmonies) on songs like "Java Jive," "Gimme Some Skin" and "Room Service," which we heard when they hosted the Sweeps Finals, where their sound reminded us of groups like the Hi-Lo's and 4 Freshmen. The Gents can make a barbershop chord ring with the best of them, but we like their tendency to try different, even accompanied stuff, like jive, swing and 50s jazz/pop. These guys are funny, versatile, flat-out great entertainers!

Songlist: Blue Skies, If Ever I Would Leave You, "The Meanest Thing You Ever Did Was Kiss Me", My Foolish Heart, I Want You To Be My Baby, 'Taint No Sin to Take Off Your Skin and Dance Around In Your Bones", Newly Recorded Java Jive, Red, Red Robin, They Wrote 'em in the Good Ol' Days, Daddy Sang Bass, Ukelele Lady, "Word Salad", May Each Day, Gimme Some Skin

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5361c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella

Perfect Gentlemen : Style : 1 CD

Perfect Gentlemen : Style

Besides the expected great vocal harmony, there's some serious silliness on this CD. Lead Dan Jordan, tenor Tim Reeder, baritone Mike Economou and bass Jim Campbell take very little seriously, including barbershop, and that's what makes "In Style' a hoot! Take "Salute to the 20th Century" for instance. (Dramatic drumroll) "Ladies and Gents, the PG modestly present the entire 20th Century of popular music !" And they do it, singing "Shine On Harvest Moon" as Barbershop, Blues, Big Band, Doo-Wop,, Bluegrass, Disco and Rap - a tour-de-force that helped the PG take 1st place at this year's Harmony Sweepstakes. Standouts: "Style", "Turn Your Radio On" and "I Like Bananas". Very tasty.

Songlist: If I Were You, Style, Patty Cake, Patty Cake, Baker's Man, The River Of No Return, Mind If I Love You?, Turn Your Radio On, Smilin'Through, Anytime, Salute To The 20th Century, I Like Bananas

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5418c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella

Perfect Gentlemen : "Live" In Paradise : DVD

Perfect Gentlemen : "Live" In Paradise    onsale

The focus in the Barbershop world is excellence in live performance, and all of us in the audience of the 2002 Harmony Sweeps Finals were treated to one of the best, the set of LA's The Perfect Gentlemen. "Live" gives everyone else a chance to join the excited, appreciative audience enjoying the Gentlemen live in concert, at the historic Hawaii Theatre in Honolulu. (This would be a good time to warn purists that there is, not too surprisingly, some ukelele accompaniment in several of the songs). PG classics "Meanest Thing You Ever Did," "They Wrote 'Em in the Good Old Days," "Java Jive," "Room Service" and "I Want You to Be My Baby" all lead up to the Gents' hilarious masterpiece, "Salute to the 20th Century," with costumes, wigs, and musical renditions of "Shine On Harvest Moon" in everything from Barbershop and Dixieland to Blues, Big Band and Doo-Wop to Disco, Techno Punk and Rap. And believe us, you haven't lived until you've seen 4 kind of chubby barbershop guys in sunglasses, NFL jerseys and spats do a devastatingly funny takedown of Rap music. Great stuff!

Songlist: Meanest Thing You Ever Did, They Wrote 'Em In The Good Ol' Days, Java Jive, Room Service, I Want You To Be My Baby, Salute To The 20th Century, Ukulele Lady

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5711dvd | DVD | $9.95 ON SALE $2.95

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