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Neri Per Caso

Neri Per Caso


Neri per Caso (Black by Chance) are an Italian sextet from Salerno who sing a cappella, without the aid of instruments. The group began to sing a cappella in '91, but the members of the group have known each other since childhood. In fact, Domenico Pablo (a.k.a. Mimi') and Gonzalo are brothers and cousins of Ciro and Diego, who themselves are brothers, all of them having the surname Caravano. However, the Caravanos have known Mario (Crescenzo) and Massimo (de Divitiis), the other two members, since their days in middle school. Every member of the group can play one or more musical instruments, Ciro and Diego graduated from music schools, but none of the members has ever taken singing classes. Before fame came knocking on their door, Neri per Caso used to sing in local pubs, cruise ships and popular parties. In 1995, the six ragazzi from Salerno exploded onto the Italian pop music scene. Neri per Caso participated in the "Sanremo Festival", the most important music festival in Italy and won first place in the category of "New Talents" with the hit song "Le Ragazze" (girls), and right away they were requested on every radio and TV broadcast in Italy. Their musical style, previously almost unknown to the Italian pop scene, provoked great interest and success. Their first album "Le Ragazze", which contains covers of famous Italian songs and two new songs (Le ragazze & Sentimento Pentimento), sold 600,000 copies, taking the group to the top of the charts and leading to a long tour throughout the Italian peninsula.


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Neri Per Caso : La Raccolta : 00  1 CD :  : 821838025627

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Neri Per Caso : La Raccolta

Review: It has been some time since we received silky-smooth Contemporary Italian all-male sextet Neri Per Caso's first, self-titled CD. It blew us away like a warm Mediterranean breeze, and from the first few bars of "La Raccolta" we can hear that they've only gotten better--smoother, sexier, and the harmonies and vocal percussion richer and more effortless. As the liner notes are all in Italian we still don't understand a word (except for the final cut, a sumptuous cover of Lennon/McCartney's "Here, There and Everywhere), but then again, chocolate gelato melts in your mouth whether you understand the language or not! 17 songs, a lot of originals "Amore Psicologico," "La Ragazze," "Sentimento Pentimento," "Donne," "Quando," "Io Ci Saro"...these songs simply cook. Four tracks, "Quello Che Vuoi," "Fortuna," "Io Ci Saro" and "Centro Di Gravita Permanente," are also on the debut CD. Most of the second half of the CD, including "Mai Piu Sola," "Appena Un Po A Est," "Sara," "Che Cosa Sei" and "Un Angelo Blu," are intensely accompanied. In their a cappella tunes, NPC is like an Italian Rockapella, if you will--there's a tremendous amount of charisma and talent here, and all we can say is, "recommended!"

Songlist: Amore Psicologico, Tu Sei Per Me, Le Ragazze, Sentimento Pentimento, Donne, 'A Malatia 'E L'America, Quando, Mai Piu Sola, Appena Un Po' A Est, Quello Che Vuoi, Io Ci Saro, Centro de Gravita Permamente, Fortuna, Sara, Che Cosa Sei, Un Angelmo Blu, Here, There And Everywhere

7373c | 00 1 CD | $15.98 | Primarily a cappella Male Contemporary CDs

Neri Per Caso : Neri Per Caso : 00  1 CD :  : 7243 4931 320

Neri Per Caso : Neri Per Caso

Review: This male Italian sextet provides an infectious brand of contemporary a cappella. Though in Italian (the lyrics are therefore a mystery to us), our appetites are whetted by catchy melodies and sated by enthusiastic and charismatic delivery. The songs groove, with smooth syncopated bass lines. The harmonies are polished, but not too slick. We believe the compositions to be all originals, and they are sung without accompaniment, save for piano on "Un Po' Cosi" and "Volare Via." The group's work has been very hard to obtain in North America, and we were lucky indeed to arrange this special purchase. Neri Per Caso is a welcome infusion of Mediterranean heat!

Songlist: Quello Che Vuoi, Io Ci Saro, Centro Di Gravita Permanente, Un Po' Cosi, Fortuna, Sogno, Cosa C'e Tra Noi, In Un Bar, Canta Appress'a Nuje, Volare Via, Jamming, Quello Che Vuoi

2527c | 00 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella Male Contemporary CDs

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