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Maybe6ix is an a-cappella group from Italy, bringing the best italian and foreign songs into their shows in Italy and abroad. Their arrangements, provided by the some of the band members, blend pop and rock music with polyphony; they form the backbone of Maybe6ix educational projects, carried out in schools to bring young people closer to a-cappella singing. This is fully shown on their debut album issued in 2009, displaying a selection of famous italian pop songs, some of which have been chosen for the compilations "A-Cappella Made in Italy" and "Sing Six - Sunny side up"


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Review: This is the debut album of all male Contemporary a cappella Italian sextet Maybe6ix. Brought together in 2006 by a cappella devotees Fausto Caravati and Alessandro Cadario, Maybe6ix became kind of a supergroup with the addition of Luca Giugno, Tony Guerrieri, Tommaso Ferrandina and Krishna Nagaraga. The avowed purpose of the group was (and continues to be) to advance Italian pop music through creative new arrangements, using the voice as the only instrument. The group wants to bring classical and pop closer together and to bring a cappella music to every musical genre. They have an experimental sound that throws faux horns, 5-part fugues and other seemingly incongruous settings into their lovely, surprising compositions. All 9 songs are in Italian, some particularly fine ones are "Infinito," "lo per lei," "Ogni mio istante," "Oceano," "La terra dei Cachi" and "Baila." Maybe6ix has a sweet, unexpected sound that brings together a smorgasbord of musical styles in the same song, in a playful, spirited way that recalls Queen on "Bohemian Rhapsody" and '08 Harmony Sweeps Champs Vocaldente. Fun, eclectic a cappella stuff from Italy!

Songlist: Infinito, Giudizi Universali, Lo Per Lei, Cose in Comune, Ogni Mio Istante, Oceano, La Terra De Cachi, qualcosa che non ce, Baila

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