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Lund University Male Choir

Lund University Male Choir


As the starting date of LSS is most often used November 20, 1831. This was the first time a male quartet appeared at a concert in Lund, although there had been more or less loosely organized exercises for a couple of years. In 1833, the name LSS is referred for the first time, although at this point in time it is an abbreviation of Lilla Sangsallskapet (The Small Song Society). Five years later, the constitution of Lunds Studentsangforening appeared.

From the beginning, Sven Loven was the conductor of the choir with Otto Lindblad as his right hand, and it seems as if Lindblad gained the role as the choir's leader from 1835. The early repertoire consisted mainly of German songs mixed with a few contributions of Lindblad. Over the years, he would provide more and more compositions.

During this time, the choir consisted of about 60 singers, with many of them also teaming up in various quartets. One of these was Lundakvartetten (the Lund Quartet) which consisted of Lindblad and three other singers. In 1846, this quartet embarked on the first tour made by a choir or quartet in Sweden, the purpose being to raise money to the building of a new home for Akademiska Foreningen (the Academic Society) in Lund. The journey was made on foot and reached as far as Stockholm and Goteborg and lasted from just after midsummer to early October. The money that had been raised was handed over to Akademiska Foreningen but since the amount was considered too small, Lindblad and his friends were accused of having had unnecessary expenses and were never thanked.

Angered by the accusations (the quartet had made the tour on their own initiative and without any funding), Lindblad left Lund for Mellby in 1847. During the autumn of 1846 (due to Lindblad being on tour with the quartet), the leadership of the choir had been assumed by Wilhelm Borg. Although not an exceptional talent like Lindblad, Borg is regarded as instrumental in the history of the choir simply for keeping it alive in the coming years. Borg was followed by a few short appearances of various conductors before C. G. von Sydow made his first appearance in 1856. He would come to lead LSS until 1875 with the exception of one year, and an attempt was made to put together an elite choir as a subset of the whole choir, to go to the 1867 World Fair in Paris, but the plans fell through.


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Lund University Male Choir : Lund Sjunger in Varen : 1 CD :  : 162

Lund University Male Choir : Lund Sjunger in Varen

Review: Founded in 1831 and one of Sweden's oldest and most respected all-male choirs, Lund's Student Choral Society sounds (and looks, from the photo on the cover of the singers in their uniforms and white caps) like a group you would see in concert in the early 19th century. With its roots in academia and the romantic movement in literature and art, passionate, dramatic Nordic men's choral singing has not lost any of its power. There's not really a weak cut here, but we'll tap Otto Lindblad's "Langtan till landet," "Ur Ossians dunkla sagovarld" and "Angbatssang," Jacob Josephson's rousing "Varsang," Herman Palm's nostalgic "Under ronn och syren," Henrik Moller's "Island," Joseph Hedar's stirring "Lundagard" and Axel Melander's gentle "Karlekens visa" as favorites. This music from 19th century romantic composers, sung by an all-male choir from that era, is like stepping into a vocal time machine. "Sjunger in Varen" is a rare treat, authentic sounds from the past that can still move and stir us today.

Songlist: Langtan till landet, Majsang, Glad sasom fageln, Till skogs en liten fagel flog, Folkvisa fran Gotland, Serenad, Varsang, Under ronn och stren, Studentsangen, Angbatssang, Orfeus sjong, Ur Ossians dunkla sagovarld, Sangfaglarne, Minnets tempelsang, Island, Im Herbst, Lundagard, Regnvisan, Karlekens visa, En Fjallfard, op. 6

7553c | 1 CD | $15.98 | Some a cappella Swedish Choral Music

Lund University Male Choir : Nordic Romance - Songs For Male Voices : 1 CD :  : 206

Lund University Male Choir : Nordic Romance - Songs For Male Voices

Review: Lund's Student Choral Society dates its origin from 1831 and is now one of Sweden's oldest choirs, directed since 1972 by the choir's artistic director, Folke Bohlin. Men's choral singing in the Nordic countries, like the romantic movement in art and literature, is a child of the early 19th century and has its roots in academic life. Thus it is no accident that these 20 songs are divided into the groups "Songs About Song," "Historical Romanticism," "Scenes from Peasant Life," "Nature and the Heart" and "Love Portraits." Particularly strong are Edvard Grieg's "Sangerhilsen" and "Min dejligste tanke," Jean Sibelius' "Venematka," Friedrich Reissiger's rousing "Olav Trygvason," Peter Heise's "Dans! ropte felen" and "I skoven," August Soderman's "Ett bondbrollop" and "O jeg vil ha'e mig en hjertenskjaer," Peter Lange-Muller's "Serenade," and Sten Broman's "Dolly." All in Swedish, extensive liner notes give info about the words, music and history. "Nordic Romance" is powerful, moving music from another culture and time.

Songlist: Sangerhilsen, Venematka, Tonen, Olav Trygvason, Jutta kommer till Folkungarna, Brudefaerd en I hardanger, "Dans!" ropte felen, Ett bondbrollop, Aftenstemning, Serenade, Rakastava, Vitt natt, Min dejligste tanke, O jeg vil ha'e mig en hjertenskjaer, Dolly, Stamma blod

7543c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella Swedish Choral Music

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